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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  January 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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hour. crossed 6 lanes of traffic on tte pedestrian who was on the sidewalk, before running into walmart here. here's how one witness descriies it. >> it was flying, eastbound, on 4th avenue there, it was going really fast, doing probably about 60-70 miles per hour. i would say and it blew through sign, and striking a pedestrian at the bus stop. -`>>reporter: you're looking at the skid marks as the driver came up on to the grass here, right where the pedestrian was hit, sadly, that pedestrian died. tte driver told police he had some sort of mechanical issue with his car, so the police are looking into that. we'll continue to follow this and bring yyu updates, live in lakewood tonight, denver7. >> thanks, molly. indiana school principal has died and two kids hurt seriously in a crash there.
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forward, hitting the principal l and two students. the bus driver and 25 students on board, were not hurt. right now, the police are investigating the driver. and right now, firefighter crews are trying to figure out what caused this us fire that hurt three people, leaving three this serious condition. >> jenniier kovaleski is live. witnesses told you they saw big flames cominggfrom the home. >>reporter: witnesses say they heard an explosion, moments before the home went up in flames. going to step out the way so you can get a better look at the scene. this is all that's left of the mobile home. you can see, it is pretty much completely destroyed. fire investigators are inside right now, trying to figure out what started the fire. take a look at this cell phone he took it moments after the fire broke out. you can see massive flames engulfing the mobile home. off east 78th avenue. now, here's more cell phone
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fire crews say the call came in around 12:45 this afternoon. it took firefighters more than an hour to put out the flames. they pulled thrre people out of the home. and here's what neighbors had to say about what they saw. >> oh, they were huge, they looked like they were rolling, they were probably -- from the roof, at least 20 feet from the roof. out of both of the windows. >> they pulled a lady out, an elderly ladyyand they laid her on the ground in front of the house, and they were trying to resuscitate her. >>reporter: now, fire crews tell us that all three people who were inside were taken to the hospital. one is in serious condition. two others are in stable condition. reporting live in thornton tonight, jennifer kovaleski denver7. >> thankings jen. developing in adams county, a two-day sex trafficking sting lands ten men behind bars. denver7 reporter lance hernandez is live at the adams county justice center. lance, you've learnee one of the suspects is a schoolteacher.
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in denver. another suspect works at aurora public schools in a warehouse children. ` reached out to warren villagee3 for comment and was told that david hocker worked innan afternoon school program and he didn't come to work friday and can won't be coming back. the da says there are no victims at the school. authorities say it's very concerning that people who come into contact with kids may want three of the ten suspects were in court today, the other seven will be in court tomorrow, facing charges of criminal attempt to commit trafficking, soliciting for child prostitution, and criminal attempt to commit sexual assault against a child. i am told that if these people are convicted, they could face sentencing charging ranging from 4-16 years in the department of corrections. reporting live in adams county, lance hernandez, denver7. another reminder onnwhy you need to be careful when warring up your car in theemorning, denver police believe an early
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house on south depew near yale happened because of a puffer car theft. they say the suspects got the key to the home after stealing the vehicle a few days ago. the homeowners were able to detain one of the suspects yesterday. the other one ran off and is still wanted right now. thankfully, no one was hurt. right now, a major problem in deever is taking center stage. more than 100 people lined up overnight, for the chance to find a place to live. withen their budget. only to be turned away. denver7 reporter jason gruenauer is in the newsroom and jason, this is part of an ongoing issue in our city. eporter: afforrable housing shortage in denver, the reason why so many people lined up for a shot at a few spaces. those people who were still searching for a roof over their head s tonight. >> they say first come, first serve. >>reporter: that's why 70-year-old faye reece can and her family waited all night long in are freezing temps from for
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>> i would go stand and an hour, another go stand an hour, come back and warm up. >>reporter: more than a 100 people lined up. the event was cancelled without anyone getting an apartment. >> terrible, devastating, you know, to sit there all night long. we definitely need a place. >>reporrer: so do many other families, more than 20,000 families applied for housing vouchee last year in denver. only 231 of those families now in housing. >> we can't keep up with the demand right now. just given the growth in the community. >>reporter: city leaders say nearly a dozen new housing projects are currently under construction but blame the shortage on population boom and the decline in funding. >> is it possible to keep up? >> to keep up, we'll try our best to keep up. eporter: while faye reece's family and the rest of the people turned away this morning, now faxed in their applications and wait. >> hope and pray that we get our application sent through and
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>>reporter: now, i spoke to faye's family, they say the application was received but 47th on the list. now the problem with new housing construction is that it won't be finished for at least two years after it's started. that time, the population is growing faster, and so the gap between the supply of affordable housing and the demand, continues to grow. live in the newsroom, jason gruenauer, enver7. >> so frustrating, thank you. denver is not the only city that is working on the affordable housing, boulder county has been `orking on ways to provide housing, they're looking at making units targeted towards `eachers, firefighters, or police officers. thh prices. calling for coloradd state representative to resign. they gathered on the west steps of the capitol today to demand her resignation. they collected 62,000 signatures on an online petition, which they left at the capitol today. she made it controversial comments after the planned
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springs back in november. she posted on facebook planned parenthood was the true instigator of the shooting. >> is was appalled to hear her condone the murder of a policeman in an iraq war veteran and can a mother, in the name of right to life. i don't understand howwone can condone murder. >>reporter: she has deleted the post. she did not comment today. your first alert forecast is showing colorado warming up this week. >> chief meteorologist mike nelson here, how warm are we going to get, mike? >> in the 60s, at least here, beautiful shot in the denver area as the sun is setting, it's a pretty picture as well. up in gunnison. but boy, a different weather pattern up that way. look at the temperatures alonn the front range, 35, it's 7 degrees up in that high mountain valley. also 7 up at craigg there's some chilly temperatures in the mountains rrght now. but the main weather eadlines, chilly but dry, tonight and for
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degrees in the 7-day planner for denver but more snow as well. always snow. thank you, mike. new at 5:00, the boulder valley schooo district and a newly built erie neighborhood are taking on an oil and gas company, fighting over land use within the neighborhood. denver7 reporter mark boyle explains if an agreement isn't reached, plans foo a new elementary school could be abandoned. >> how about i help you did with your stuff? >>reporter: 7-year-old emma and hee five-year-old sister katie are hoping to walk right up the street to their new school. in august of 2017. >> so one, two, three. >>reporter: they moved here from florida because of this propooed school. which they would be able to see from their living room. >> we couldn't say no. as soon s we told the kids that there's a school l in their backyard, they were just ecstatic about it, very excited. >>reporter: the problem, the petroleum corporation holds mineral rights to the land. the elementary school has been in the planning stages since 2014.
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to build the school on, a t lot of work has got on to site the school on the property. >>reporter: but since she bought regulations have changed, it used to be 500 feet from wl construction, to homes and schools. but now, it's 1,000 feet. which means it's either oil and gas construction, or a school. >> now, it's not compatiile. we've got a beautiful campus to build a schhol on, we've got a school design ready to construct. so what we're trying to do is work out an agreement with all parties. >>reporter: that agreement could be a land swap between the district and the company. they an drill and the district can still build. for the austins, if they're going to have to live with construction noidz, they just hope it's something ttat will benefit their kids and their family. >> and they are currently working with the developer to find mutually acceptable locations for their operations. now, hile the school district and the homeowners
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another district is welcoming it. there's a hearing tonight in brighton to discuss the district's plans to lease schools, the schooos will be century middle school and horizon high school in the adams county district. denver7's mark boyle is there now as people head into the meeting, he'll be live at 6:00 with a preview. today, family members and friends came out to remember the life of patric lantz, he died after falling through an icy pont in pack -- pond in parker earlier this month. the members of the rugby team he was. >> he was a wonderful kid and a true honor to get to know him and to get to work with had imand that's what i would say is the thing i'll always remember about patric lantsz is he -- lantz is he always gave his all. >> yesterday, a second teen, max
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dozens of colorado inmates serving life sentences for crimes they committed as teenagers will be considered for release. the u.s. supreme court ruling this week paiss the way for 48 inmates sentenced between 1991 and 2006 to have the cases reviewed. von miller is in the spotlight, of sports illustrated. we'll tell you the inspiration behind this new regional cover, ccming up up.
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the broncos are getting more attention from sports illustrated. >> yeah, is that good or bad luck? i don't know. but the orange and blue, once again, being featured on the regional cover of the magazine. here's a look at it. thii time, linebacker von miller is in the spotlight. that cover line reads orange rush. peyton manning will be the super bowl narrative, but the broncos
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>> yeah, hopefully, they get his dance moves in there. in this cover story, the writer reports on how denver's defense limited tom brady in the patriots in the afc game. >> and broncos fans, a colorado church needs your help collecting food for the hungry, the highlands united methodist church is holding a united in orange food drive. the group in charlotte, north carolina has accepted the food. that church took part in the same challenge against seattle, and yes, we won. now, keeppall of your fan photos coming, we want to see your broncos pride as we count down to super bowll50. us this photo. her two twin granddaughters were born in november. they already have the broncos gear. your photos could make it on denver.
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#broncos pride. right now, we have new colorado job numbers to report. the state added nearly 11,000 jobs in december. it wrapped up 2015 with a low 3.5% jobless rate..3 that's according to state data, just released today. 10,000 jobs were added in the private sector and 700 government jobs were added. jobs gain for 2015. and it appears millennials their money. a new study done by price water house cooper and george washington university, shows millennials have an alarmingly low level of financial literacy. only 8% answered 5 out of 5 financial questions correctly in the survey. 24% answered 3 correctly, 30% have overdrawn their checking accounts and 4 out of 5 have major debts like student loans. colorado big band mu decision, glenn miller be joining a select few in the
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-`chattanooga choo choo and in the mood. he led the army air force band in world war ii. in 1944, he boarded a plane that disappeared and never heard from again. and did you know glenn miller -`went to, kr u boulder, miller will be inducted at cu-boulder's glenn miller ball room, named after him. he will name six other artists inducted. many republicans bblieve the over. in this new poll, 64% of republicans expect donald trump to win the party's nomination, that number up dramatically in the past two months. he landed another big endorsement from liberty university jerry fall well, abc news political analysts says the billionaire could take it all. >> donald trump is an opportunity to do something no gop candidate for president has ever done, win iowa and hamp
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incumbent president. >> bernie sanders told supporters he believes he has an excellent chance to win next turnout is large. on a local level, this week on politics unplugged, marshall zelinger are talking to area superintendents about colorado% education policies, if you have a question, tweet us, at denver7 politics or you can e-mail us at politics @ we have a denver7 news alert for you, recalling 400,000 trucks, because this driver's air bag could explode. serious stuff here, folks. this is what can happen. theeexploding air bags can send metal pieces flying in the car. this is the same issue that led to the massive takata air bag recall. 10 people have died. and more than 100 have been hurt by the takata air bags. this new recall is for ford ranger pickups made from 2004-2006. and avalanche experts want to make sure young adults with being safe on the mountains this
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you can see in the last ten days, ten people have died in avalanches. and that is just in the western states. the colorado avalanche information center says this january is the deadliest in nearly 20 years. the northwest avalanche center in seattte is gearing a third of young adults. the link to help you find tte courses is posted on our website pretty quiet right now, across colorado, it will stay that way for the next several days, before the next storm system comes in, radar screen is clean. but there's a lot of snow up in the mountains, and lot of broncos up there, too. check this out from the loveland ski area today, it's bronco mania, everybody having a good time. broncos are number one. absolutely. in denver, right now, we're 44 degrees. downtown. out at the airport, down to 35. high today was 42 at the airport. the morning low was at 18. the winds are light from the
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they'll stay mostly clear tonight, a few high, thin clouds, lows to 20. tomorrow, the high is 52 x. the normal high temperature of 44 degrees. not much to worry about over the next few evening, we'll have the clear sky, the cool temperatures, down to 20. the roads are dry. mountains are single digits and teens. tomorrow, temperatures are going to warm up nicely, because all we'll see is a little bit of high cloud cover and that's going to be about it. no precipitation expected across the state during the day on wednesday. temperatures should get back up in the low 50s for denver, and littleton. 53 down at parker, 54 castle rock. a little bit colder, mid 40s, greeley, fort morgan, upper 40s at fort collins and mainly 30s expected in the mountains. in the mountain valleys it's cold. 13 below tonight at gunnison. 9 below at alamosa, 6 below al craig. on the plains, generally teens and tomorrow, it will be 50s,
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mostly 30s in the mountains, still quite cold in gunnison valley. storm system to the west of uss will eventually get here. but eventually is the key word. a few light mountain snow showers. mild can dry for a while. until this storm arrives late sunday into monday. tonight, mostly clear, chill will w a low temperature of 20. -- chilly with a low temperature of 20. 60 is the forecast for friday. want to make sure i had the right thing there, sometimes i get those days wrong. but look at this, we're mixing it up this week, bright spot on the cold and snowy day. because it's not always the warm, dry day that's the bright spot. if you have plans to go skiing next monday, it would be in fresh powder with few clouds and crowds, and it will be a good thing. >> skiers appreciate you switching it up once in a while. >> that was all cindy's idea.
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doing the, too. >> they do. >> thanks, mike. a new warning about the zika virus, the new measures they are taking. >> plus, history could be made
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the denver7 first alert tough. there's a new warning out from the world health organization, the zika virus linked to birth defects in babies and paralysis in adults, could spread to almost all countries in the meshes.
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steps to stop the virus. in el salvador, women are encouraged to prevent getting pregnant for two years, interim fwied lines for evaluating and testing infants in the u.s., even though there's a handful of cases here. the summer olympics games, the international olympic committee is proposing a change. transgender athletes have been allowed in the olympics..3 the rule change is establishes hormone based criteria for men who became women, but no restrictions for women who became men. if you're a coors light drinker, this beer is getting a new look. >> yeah, it's ditching its old campaign for a more colorado feel. the latest marketing push, includes a born in the rockies symbol. meant to represent the brands heritage in our state.
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image the mountain range. >> the newest will debut during the x games, the mountains will turn blue to show the beer is as cold as the rockies. and we didn't believe the story, the mountains will be blue. >> it's important to a lot of folks. >> during the world news. just so we know. >> all right. >> nice weather for a while, have beautiful days coming up. probably if we can melt off enough snow, get golf in onn3 friday. but definitely good snow coming back in by early next week.
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