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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  January 27, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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now we have the outcome of a debate about oil drills in adams county. >> everyyne is saying the super bowl could be peyton manning's last game as a bronco. is it true? we're hearing ffom the quarterback himself. good morning. i'm kellie patterson. >> i'm mitch jelniker. jayson is keeping an eye on the roads and lisa has a look at the weather, much warmer this morning than this time yesterday. >> good 5, 10 degrees warmer. this afternoon that will translate to a nice day. 28 now in denver. winds south at five to 10. windchills an issue, but not like yesterday. yesterday it felt like single digits and teens. it's a better morning. fort collins, greeley still pretty cold. you have a windchill of 11 to 16 degrees. but not bad here in denver. also on the southern edge of town warmer there. as you're planning out your wednesday it will be a nice one. by noon, by lunch, heading out the door, 48 degrees. we're going to gain another 4 to 5 degrees between then and 3:00. that puts us at 52 here in denver. that is well above normal.
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55s covering most of the metro area today, even warmer tomorrow. dettils on this nice second half of the week coming up in just a minute. >> so far the second half of the commute i think will be tougher than the first half of the commute. quiee. only issue is loveland pass closed down. you can see we're starting to see building traffic. this is the southbound side of i-25, looking from the 88th avenue camera. to the 84th avenue bridge, you can see it there. the short merge for the folks coming from 84th avenue. you can see the congestion in there from that short merge getting onto southbound i-25. like we saw over the last than normal traffic. it's looking okay now to 84th. but plan on extra time. it will be like that at least another week. south side of town looking nice, through the denver tech center, 225, c-470. red showing up around santa fe. i'll look into that, see if
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maybe a slow moving truck or of some sort. a jefferson county deputy is in the hospital fighting for last night. the hunt is on to find one of the two shooters. denver7 reporter lindsay watts joins us from near rangeview happened. >> reporter: this is around the aurora. the partments are called the courtyard at buckley. this is where police have been all night long. the shooting happened right behind me and there are several officers now continuing to keep an eye on this crime scene. we'll show you video from soon after this happened last night around 7:30. aurora police say this started as a random robbery. two men tried to rob that off- duty jefferson county deputy and then shots were fired. police say the deputy was shot multiple times in the chest, stomach. even after that he was able to return fire. he shot one of the two robbers in the leg. police say it was a juvenile
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he is now in the hospital expected to recover. meantime the second suspect got away and police still have not been able to find him this morning. he is described as a black man wearing a brown coat at the time of the shooting. witnesses say after the deputy was shot he called out that hh was an off-duty officer and people here immediately rushed out to help. a resident was telling me people came out as shots were still beinn fired. they called 911 and offered comfort to that deputy. listen. >> i just told him he was going to be okay. just a gut shot and going to burn, that's why it hurt so much. >> reporter: we were just noticing that it appears there were at least two vehicles that may have had windows shot out as all of this was going on last night.. again, that off-duty jefferson county deputy is now in the hospital, in very critical condition as investigators continue to search for one of two shooters who hurt him last night.
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thank you. patrick lance only 16 is now laid to rest. one of two legend high school teens who died after falling through an icy pond earlier this month. his funeral was yesterday and members of his rugby team spoke. >> he was a wonderful kid, and it was a true honor to get to know him and work with him. and that's what i would say is the thinn i'll always remember about patrick is he just always gave his all. >> just monday a seconn teen died from his injuries. his funeral plans haven't been announced. a third teen was released from the hospital more than a week ago. the roads can be a dangerous place, with more than 500 people dying on them last year in colorado alone. something's got to change. cdot is implementing a new plan to make drives more aware. denver7 reporter sally mamdooh
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doing. >> reporter: kellie, a sobering reminder might be an effective way to encourage drivers to % drive safely, signs here who say how many people have died in colorado in one week. last year, 545 people died in crashes on colorado roads, which was about a 12% increase from the year before. cdot was behind this, hoping this will drop the number of car crash fatalities, as well as send a clear message that there is a problem with how people are driving out here in colorado. this is a campaign and as you can see on the sign, 13 traffic deaths just this year and we're just still in january. it's a vital message and they're hoping that message is strong and drivers get that message when they're out there driving on the road. guys, back to you. >> thanks, sally. 5:35 now. a heated debate that stretched on well into the early morning
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they came out to talk about oil and gas act, drilling in adams county. the future of all this. residents voiced concerns about proposed drilling sites that could be located maybe near homes or schools. industry leaders were therr as well and answered many commissioners. adams county say six drilling sites are approved, and six more on the waitiig list for approval. >> i worry tremendously, because both of their schools are close to what is anticipated fracking sites. >> the board decided to schedule a study session next week and will likely vote in two weeks. this is a look at he planned parenthood supporters, gathered outside the steps of the capitol yesterday and they're asking state rest
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the representative posted controversial comments online afterrthe colorado springs planned parenthood shooting in november. in that it said in part "the true instigator of this violence and all violence at any planned parenthood facility is planned parenthood themselves." something the petitioners say is unacceptable. >> if he's unwilling to resign from ffice, i think that retracting her words would be a wonderful place to start. >> other supporters say if she does not resign within 30 days they'll hold ner rally. less than two weeks broncos fans will huddle around the tv cheering them on. it could be the last time we see peyton manning throwing for our team. lionel bienvenu joins us with a look at the big game. >> welcome to the chase for the championship. you might have seen this video already and heard the pootgame exchange between peyton manning and bill belichick. peyton saying it might be his
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it might be in denver, but he hasn't made plans for after the season, which has one more game, super bowl l. listen to peyton after. does he sound like he was saying thank you and goodbye? >> it's been a special four years playing here in denver for these great fans for this great organization, and to be going to our second super bowl -`in four years is very special. moment, taking it one week at a time, not assuming this is how it's going to be, this is a final, nine decision here one way or the other. try to take it one week at a time, stay patient and i think that's well. >> stay tuned. von miller on the cover of "sports illustrated" this week, sacking tom brady. it reads, orange rush. peyton manning will be the narrative, but broncos' soul crushing d is the story. got that right.
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in 2012. the panthers and von stole cam's super bowl celebration. but now a few years later, cam has developed into the biggest threat in the nfl. >> i've never seen anything that size, you look like typical nfl quarterback, sit in the pocket and throw it, and run with it. probably could play any position in the nfl that you wanted to. he's definitely a unique player. probably the most dangerous quarterback in the nfllright now. >> the uniforms just about ready to go. they'll wear white. they're off today and practice thursday and off to santa clara sunday and we'll be with them every step of the way, denver 7 sports extra chase for the championship. >> ffr weeks we've been asking you to shaae your bronnoo pride pictures. we've found one of our
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>> got a little dance, this video of herself busting move. she's excited. >> great. >> that's the only way we can describe it is just to say, we should all be dancing like that. >> got pretty good moves there. `> share your photographs, videos if you can, on our denver 7 facebook page. >> her moves are a little bit of a throw back, but this story is. how you can get your lands on a delorean. >> and the laaest on the the affluenza teen. >> this afternoon low to mid- 50s. mostly sunny and mild. no indoor burning restrictions and air quality today moderate. >> so far so good across the freeways. i'm keeping an eye on this southbound side of i-25 from the 88th camera.
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% 5:43. new developments in the oregon land standoffs now over. ends with one perron dead, and seven othhrs in custody. this is after a violent confrontation happened last night. law enforcement including fbi agents stopped the group on the way to a community meeting.
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the group's leader, amon bundy was killed. the affluenza's lawyer says it's not up to mexico to decide when he'll return to the u.s. he and his mother fled to mexico after a video surfaceed showing him possibly breaking probation. his mom is back in the u.s. millionaire real estate heir robert durst plans to plead guilty on a weapons charge. he was charged last year with murdering his long time friend, she was killed in 2000 before she was to talk to investigators about the disappearance of durst's first wife. the founder of hot yoga is ordered to pay $6.4 million after he was found guilt of sexual harassment.
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former lawyer who says he %- she is one of seven minutes who filed harassment claims in recent years. a blast from the past, a car from back to the future. >> the delorean is coming back. it will be made here on american soil. the owner hopes to have enough supplies to build 300 replicas. he plans to build one a week, sell them for less than $100,000 a piece. get two, they're light. he hopes to have the first rool- off tte production line early next year. >> wow. my fear, being 5 feet tall, was ever getting the doors down. >> being able to reach. >> do they not go down automatically? >> maybe in this version they do. my other fear is it's $100,000. >> kind of pricey. >> we've got a polar plunge team. denver7 a proud sponsor of the polar plunge that benefits
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you two are on my team. >> look at this. >> i was training in steamboat. >> do we have to do that too? >> no. i'll make you do it that day. viewers, you can join our team or donate to the cause. we're in competition with the night side crew with eric conner. boo, exactly. you can go to my facebook page, find details there. you can find the link or go to special olympics colorado, their web site. it's coming up in member -- february. single digits in the mountains. up alonggi--0 a cold morning, but really pretty mild across the plains. teens and 20s out across the plains. normal high today is 44. we're expecting to be above normal from today, really through saturday. then we'll start to see ore of a dropoff. you're going to find along i- 25, fort collins 48.
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we'll see these highs by about 2:00 to 3:00 this afternoon. in the mountains close to freezing. eagle, 32. leadville 36. futurecast is quiet. we'll get a few high clouds rolling in, similar to yesterday. but blue skies will dominate state-wide today. we're going to see dry conditions through thursday. next chance for snow in the mountains not until friday. heading into the weekend we could get decent snow for those of you heading up this weekend toohit the slopes. 52 today. tomorrow, 55. really very warm. 50s and 60s through saturday. by sunday we'll be watching another cold front roll in and this next system will bring with it a chance for snow, and timing wise not the best. by early next week we could be looking at decent accumulation for the morning commute. stay tuned. a we'll be watching -- we'll be
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until then, break out the t- shirts. >> we're looking at a nice drive. that forecast at least on tuesday doesn't look that nice. but it does look nice across the freeway. you can see that from our road wrangler. ramps are supposed to be tooget tt highway speed and then you can join the highway. we're looking at a nice drive on that overall southbound side of i-25, south santa fe, 285, c- 470 all looking nice. a quiet start to the morning commute. however, there's one spot that's not so quiet. take a look at the cdot camera. already the congestion early because of that merge, that short merge there at 84th avenue. that's causing this extra heavy traffic extra early and we are seeing congestion already in place. 84th avenue and the side streets you'll have to fight through some of that congestion, if you go farther south, then you'll wait through the traffic lights, at least
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avoiding this traffic jam which will be in place to the thornton parkway in the next couple of minutes. >> like the i-25/santa fe thing. i can't wait until they get that done. sure you'd like to have a cheaper cell phone bill, but are you willing to get ads on your phone to do that? one company believes you won't mind it. cell phone bill? >> a new boost mobile app will show you ads on your screen sometimes when you unlock the phone. in return, customers will get five dollars credit each month. it's only available for android so far. there's a new way to share your go pro videos. users caa live stream their app. >> it's expected to debut on this week's coverage of the x games.
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with drunk driver's. >> some drivers have left the toy bop it on the back seat, as a way to distract drivers. >> i thought they were being nice. >> that works. >> those are your tech bytes. a cat trying to find its owner who is deployed goes missing and now years later a happy reunion. >> never too early to learn to do chores.
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here's a look at other % stories making news hot on the internet today. this is one way to get your dog from point a to point b.
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that dog is a great passenger. he's a great pal, too. it's hard to see but the dog has an umbrelll in its mouth. amazing. see that dog riding there and holding that umbrella. there he goes. there are some machines that are too powerful for kids to use. this leaf blower is one of those machines. the child starts to spin around a little bit, but dad quickly jumps in to help, but now the kid breaks free and around and around he goes. thankfully he goes down. he is helped out by dad before he is completely out of control. if you like grilling and love star wars, then you need the steel star wars barbecue grill. it has the power to cook rebel chicken and burgers. currently available at $150 some dogs are good at jumping. -`this one is not. this bulldog puppy is going to either do some more growing or jumping up on a shorter couch, because he's not doing it
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art of jumping up on the couch. or maybe not. the poor guy doesn't make it. this video is all over facebook now. this is little zeke andrews, just before his second birthday. he's almost two years old this kid. i guess he's almost a master. he's rock solid on that board.. can even do a spin turn up and over small bumps. changes direction. on the video they say he snowboards at appalachian north carolina. he's been here in colorado at copper mountain. maybe he'll be the next shaun white. he does need a little help to get up on the chair lift, though. >> oh, my gosh. i'm amazeed. >> like the dog. needs to hop up higher. that's incredible. >> not even 2? >> yeah, 2 months, basically -- 23 months, basically 2. >> except for lisa, she did
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>> thanks, guys. >> we're prrud of you. whole foods is not having a good year on wall street. shares lost 5% monday and gained only slightly yesterday. this was after the company was downgraded to underperformed. for many that means they'll sell that stock. down 15% for the year. it's only january 27th. they've lost half of its market as a rule. on the other side of the spectrum, apple is having a will fall in the current quarter for the first time in 13 years. >> more saturated with iphones. a cat missing four years find its way back to its owner. >> it left four years ago looking for its marine owner who had been deployed. they searched for months but
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they found out he was at a shelter in north carolina not far from their old home. he was supposed to be on the plane to his new home, but the snowstorm canceled the flight. so robert drove thousands of miles. >> the only thing i could cat. never knew a cat would get attached to me. i got attached to him. >> the collins say they finally feel like the family is complete again. >> i love those stories. >> i love that name, hemi. better than rack and pinon. >> all kinds of neat names. pretty clear skies. wind speeds 10 to 15 miles per hour on the plains. this is in peetz, colorado, to the northeast, you can see the wind turbines shaking around. but it's not gusty, not bad.
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nice start to the day. 20s, mid- to upper 20s for your kids early on. they'll still need a jacket and hat. this afternoon likely not wearing a jacket. 52, couple of warm days ahead of us. >> accident-free, which is great news. airtracker 7 is up, we'll get a look at the drive from their vantage point as they're heading from 120th to i-25. the overall drive looks pretty nice. however, i-25 is heavy down to 84th, the worst of the drive so far. driving while lie obviously is illegal, but hard to prove.
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new detection
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