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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  January 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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police found her in an alleyway off mead street. denver7 the only station there for her arrest. >> first, kind of took me by surprise, showing up at the door like this. >>reporter: this man is too afraid to though shoe his face. -- show his face. the suspect's dad barged into his home early this morning. >> call the cops, my daughter is trying to kill me, and he ran into the kitchen. into the bedrooms. >>reporter: the neighbor also says the ffther told him his daughter had held his girlfriend hostage all night and torturing her. she got help from another neighbor. all over her. >>reporter: police would only say they were called to a lowell boulevard. one victim is in the hospital with minor injuries. the woman officers arrested will face charges. morning. >> this block is known for stuff like that. a lot of crime around here. >>reporter: now, dpd has not released the name of the woman
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charges that she may face. reporting live in denver tonight, jennifer kovaleski denver7. also, develooing tonight, good news about the jefferson county deputy who was shot three times during an attempted robbery in aurora last night. >> his condition has improved, he's in stable condition. denver7's brendaliss gonzalez is near the apartment complex. >>reporter: anne, multiple agencies are pitching in, making that reward $6,000 to help lead to the arrest of this suspect. another suspect, 16-year-old, was arrested last night after he was injured during all of this. we're told, we'reefeet aware from where this happened. now, aurora police are not releasing that deputy's name aa this time. as a precaution. as they can't to investigate. this all happened late last night when two men approached
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him. witnesses say they heard six or seven gunshots, the deputy was shot three types, but -- times, but he was able to fire back and hit one of the suspects. the deputy is in stable condition after several surgeries. we talked to his girlfriend who ran out as soon as she heard the shots fired. she told us a little bit about is. >> absolutely, without a doubt, beyond. he would do anything for anybody. whether he knows them or not. >>reporter: and the jefferson county sheriff echo's stra description of this dep -- that description of this deputy. this deputy has served on his department for more than a decade, and has two teenage boys. brendaliss gonzalez, denver7. authorities have just identified the sending suspect behind a robbery that ended in a deadly shooting in littleton. they say this man, david -- was in involved in the robbery on
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they say he's one of the men who is accused of causing the robbery. he and another man tide up the homeowner before trying to get away in the car. the homeowner was able to get free. new details today about this lakewood. `olice identified the man killed as 51-year-old franklin nelson of colorado springss, nelson was on the sidewalk at wadsworth near 4th when he was hit by a car. his car didn't stop until he hit the side of the walmart building, he was charged with careless driving. it's still unclear what caused this crash, but he told the police something was wrong with his car. a deadly mystery is unfolding overseas involving this colorado woman, 25-year-old lauren mann was found dead in her narment austria. her death is a homicide. mann's body was found after she did not show up at her job as a
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they found her in the bedroom. southeast of grand junction. new at 5:00, state lawmakers want more coloradoans to walk around with concealed guns without having a permit. in a committee hearing today and mark boyle was there, and mark, the testimony at times was very emottonal. >>reporter: that's right, even from a 12-year-old girl, who said do not pass this bill. `here were a lot of other people, testifying to the same thing. right now, how it works, you can carry a gun on your hip, but the minute you pull the jacket down over it, you have to have a permit. and now, some are also arguing that colorado should follow suut. >> i believe we should accept the black and whitee self-preservation as a natural right, as did our founding fathers. >> i don't think that it should be as easy as it already is. for people to be allowed to have guns in public places. >>reporter: senator -- would allow concealed carry of a firearm without the permit. >> especially with the situation
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terrorism in our country andd3 other things, the ability for people to defend themselves, without having to get a license, and pay tremendous dollars. >>reporter: dozens argued that this is a constitutional right, and mass shootings will be reduced if more people carried guns. jim testified that the permit process is discriminating against those fortunate. >> they have a right to vote, a poll tax is illegal. why tax these people. >>reporter: domestic violence groups among others argued that less restrictions on gun carry would lead to more criminals obtaining and carrying guns. those speaking out against the bill ranged from a 12-year-old evergreen student, to tte former cbi direct toshgs representing colorado chiefs of police. >> without that, law enforcement has virtually no prevention tool to prevent someone who shouldn't
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alone concealed from carrying that. >> i am already horrified that my fellow colorado citizens have ridiculously easy access to permits, allowing them to carry hidden loaded guns in public places. >>reporter: now, the bill passed the committee today, 3-2, which is voting along party lines, it heads to the finance committee because this bill, if passed, actually saves the state some money by removing the permit process. twice similar bill to this one has failed since 2011. we're live at the state capitoll mark boyle, denver7. >> we want to know. thank you. colorado education policies often get a lot of attention during the state legislature, well, in this week's politics unplugged, marshall zelinger and i are talking about our state's education policies, if you have a question, tweet us at denver7 politics or e-mail us. days before the first votes will be casted in the presidential race, democratic
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closing in on hillary clinton. sanders attended a private oval oofice meeting with president barack obama today. in the latest abc news washington post poll, clinton's lead is zinging on the republican side. donald trump is refusing to participate in the final gop debate before the iowa caucuses. trump is angry with fox news, for a press release that mocked him. the standoff between anti-government protesters and police in oregon turned deadly. occupying a federal wildlife refuge on their way to meeting when a shootout breek out during a task -- broke outduring a traffic stop. another person was hurt. 8 of the protesters were arrested, including the group's leader. the protesters argue that the land they are on belongss to the people, nottthe federal government. all right. let's get to mike nelson and your first alert forecast. >> mike, it is warming up. it felt like spring out there today. >> it about looks great out there. look at this beautiful sunset right now along the front range
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it's been a nice day and the ep temperatures even now are in the mid 40s in denver. a little bit of high cloud cover out there and there's not much until you get in the pacific northwest, this is the very beggnning of a big change coming up in our weather. it will take a little time. high clouds for now, 60s first in the 7-day planner and then possibly a big snowstorm. >> thanks, mike. developing on denver7, the nfl is now looking into claiming that peyton mmnning used human growth hormone in 2011. in an al jazeera documentary last month, an intern suggested that manning's wife that intern has take than back. no decision from the nfl is pt anded before the super bowl. -- expected before the super bowl.
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>> the denver broncos equipment is on the road headed to santa clara for the super bowl. crews with bailey's moving company spent the morning loading up the truck to make the 1200 mile journey, the truck will make multiple stops along the way. if you see it, use the #broncos truck. >> we'd like to get the fans to participate. we don't want anybody who wants to guess the weight, we're offering prizes for the fans. >> when you head to lucky broncos season ticket holders getting their hands on super bowl tickets today. all season ticket holder werr put into a lottery and only those chosen were able to get the tickets at face value, 1,000 or $1500. yeah, $1500. we caught up with one guy who has had season tickets in his family since 1961. and after years of being picked to get tickets, he decided to
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>> do we go, do we sell? just kind of came down to be like, no, we've been lucky four types in a row, we have to go this year. we have to go: yeah, you've got to go. that guy and his wife, they're going to be celebrating their 20th anniversary during the trip. what a fun outing for them. >> cool. >> we have all of your super bowl coverage here on denver7 with a whole crew of us headed west, saturddy, a live hour-long super bowl ports special from santa clara at 9:00 p.m. i'll be out there as well, we will have full coverage from california, throughout the week. all right. looking forward to that. tax season is here. >> yeah,s and a word of advice, you know this, file early. right now, the colorado department of revenue is taking mess. what it's doing to make sure that someone else doesn't claim
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an exciting time of year, it's tax season.
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mailbox any day now, but refund fraud is a real problem and many coloradoans learned that the hard way this year. >> this year, the people at the colorado department of revenue is trying to stay one step ahead of the crooks, and kristen skovira joins us now. >> every year, criminals think of new ways to trip us up, all in an effort to gain our personal information, my own little sister had to learn about tax fraud the hard way. tax season is looming, and so were the fears someone could steal our identity, and our refund. >> we and taxpayers have to be extra vigilant, and guard our information against those people who want to take state tax dollars, and refunds that do not belong to them. >>reporter: rose works for the department of revenue and says the state is doing even more this year to protect our information. >> we understand that someone is going to be very neshous, if they -- nervous if they find out, because they filed through
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return has been filed and they haven't filed yet. >>reporter: that's exactly what happened to melissa skovira, a local tennis pro, who did her taxes late. she used an online tax filing service. >> right as i tried to submit it with my social security number, it popped up saying that it had already been filed. >>reporter: the year, the revenue department is trying to a two -factor authentication, asking for both your driver's license and the last four dinthed of -- digits of your social, to verify your identity and asking the taxpayers to call the department of revenue if they have suspicious behavior. and melissa says the second she has her w 2's, in hand, she'll be filing her return before someone else does. >> there are a lot of tears, i definitely overreacted. but i felt like it was a legitimate reason to overreact.
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electronic filing services are going to help you with the return. >> a learning lesson for us all. new echnology is aimed at helping you at the atm's. thooes use -- thieves use skimmers to get your credit card information at the machines. we lose 1 billion dollar every j.p. morgan chase is replacing atm's and going card-free, they posted video on their website showing how this works, instead of using a car card, you -- card, you get your money by typing in a code from the mobile app. they start installing the new a the tm's later this year. happening tonight, you can a tepid a meeting -- attend a meeting. they want to discuss this proposal to expand i-70 between northeast denver and aurora, they want to talk about how it
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how the public can still comment on the project. it starts at 7:00 o'clock tonight. also, happening tonight, part of i-25 and the south metro area will be closed. so crews can install overhead signs above the freeway. northbound i-25 will be closed between lincoln and c-470, that starts at 11:00 o'clock tonight. and it will stay closed overnight for this construction work. and i-25 should reopen by 5:30 tomorrow morning, just in time for rush hour. a group wanting to raise awareness about illnesses that have beee recorded around the rocky flats area. the rocky flats downwinders group, and their supporters gathered an the steps of the capitol. people who live or haae lived near r nuclear testing sites like the former weapons plant at rocky flats. the group wants a community health survey, and medical monitoring to be done for those people who live near the plant between 1952 and 1989. well, the state says it's done extensive sampling to make sure
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four more days until the deadline the to enroll in health insurance. the fine for not having health insurance rose to a minimum of $695 this year. that is cheaper than most insurance premiums. so connect for health colorado, the insurance marketplace in the state is trying to inform people of saving the money is not worth the gamble. >> say you go out in this fine snow in colorado and you tear your ro tateer cuff. the penalty will be higher than what the insurance premium will be. >> through tax credits, you can be eligible for insurance that is cheaper overall, than that $695 fine. case. the denver zoo is setting records, more than 2 million people visited the zoo in 2015. and that's actually the second highest attendance in the zoo's 119 year history. the zoo aez says it's out reach
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up attendance last year. the first travelling exhibit. it's warming up here ii colorado. >> right, chief meteorologist fiist alert forecast. didn't even have to throw the jacket on today, mike. >> no, nor will we tomorrow or in the week. dia, let's take a look at the big picture, across the region, oh, we're wait out in space. not any flipt the denver area now or across any of colorado, we had the sweeps from the various doppler radars, showing us nothing happening for right now. that's going to stay that way for a while. nice today. 52 and 24. the normals are 44 and 17. the extremes are 76, and 1897. minus 14. we haven't had a record on this day for a while. right now, 49 degrees downtown. 41 at dia. 51% humidity, winds out of the southeast at 8 miles per hour. temperatures along the front range, ranging from the 20s, off
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most of the lower elevations. around the nation, some pretty warm weather coming our way for a while. we have nice warm air that will work its way up in here for the next couple of days. but it's not going to last all that long. i'm afraid. because there's a storm system coming in from the west coast. going to take a while to get here, you can see it on futurecast, through thursday, and even into friday. we stay dry and quiet. be some snow across the great lakes into the northeast, rain in the southeast, but this is the system that eventually will come in here and change things up. late in the weekend, into early next week. for tonight, low temperatures down to 8 below at gunnison, minus 3 at alamosa, 1 below at craig. 29 in denver. 18 expected up in greeley. tomorrow, the highs will be a little cooler northeast. 47 at greeley, 60s to the southeast. mid 50s expected in the denver area. and we're looking at temperatures to stay quite mild for riday and saturday as well. front range lows, looking like this. 19 at the pass.
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mostly 30s along the i-35 corridor. cooler to the north and east. tomorrow, for the high temperatures, primarily looking at 50s at lower elevations, 20s and 30s expected up towards the ski areas. tonight, 29. mostly clear, good air quality. for tomorrow, the high temperature expected to get up to 55 degrees. sunshine, a lovely day indeed. looking ahead, even warmer for friday. and saturday. but then things start to change. colder air starts to come in with snow developing on sunday. monday, snow may be heavy, looking at a significant storm for us. followed by cold weather for early next week, tuesday, into wednesday. put the bright spot on monday. because, hey, big snowstorm, it's fun. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> for the borders and skiers. >> not to drive in. but, yeah, skiing. i'm going to be bravinn the cold, the last two weeks of february, during the special olympics colorado polar plunge. >> is that you? >> no, i'm sure it's not going
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>> you can donate to my team or join me, just head over to my denver7 facebook page, and click on the link, this money goes to a great cause, folks. we'll be plunging in city park, also in aurora. the last two weekends of february. i've been training, anne. >> i'll be watching. and it's time to start thinking about valentine's day. for those of you who celebrate, we can show you thousand save money. >> broncos fans are getting
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this story i love, stores all around the metro area, they got a surprise, they weren't going to have to ppy for their purchases. >> just to let you know, this one is on us. here, we want you to pick out something for yourselves and maybe something for a friend or family member here, thissone is on u.s. bank. >> oh, that's great. >> thank you. >> come on, when does that happen? u.s. bank picked up the tab for these shoppers at the denver fashion truck and at five other locations today. the bank is paying it forward. how they are rewarding area nonprofit volunteers, pretty cool. valentine's day is coming up and if you're the type of couple who likes to celebrate, you might want to shop for gifts now, because you could save some money. flowers can cost an arm and a leg if you wait until l the big day. if you order by this sunday is, in some cases you can save up to 20%. and don't forget to check out those daily deal websites like living social. >> broncos fcreative when it comes to
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>> a group sent us a hip-hop music video dedicated to thh life of broncos fans. [ music ] i love the name of this group, called the maniacs, of broncos country, that applies to a lot of people, they put this video together, they post i had it to youtube, called united in orange. and the group wants this video to get people excited to cheer on the orange way to the super bowl. >> share you photos and videos with us on faccbook and twitter.
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