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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  January 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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fence, after we're told that off duty deputy stepped outside. >> i hope we catch this guy. >>reporter: aurora police officers are on a manhunt tonight, searching for the suspect involved in shooting an off duty deputy. for the sheriff, this case is personal. he says the deputy has more than a decade working for the department. >> i know this deputy personally, a wonderful attitude. very engaging, very popular with other people. and a hard worker. >>reporter: it all happened tuesday night. police say the deputy was near his car when two men approached to rob him. witness heard several gunshots. >> we heard about 6 or 7 shots and the gentleman was shouting i'm an off duty officer, please help. >>reporter: the deputy had been shot several times, the girl friend was inside of her apartment, cooking at the time. >> absolutely without a doubt,
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would do anything for anybody. whether he knows them or not. >>reporter: police say deputy was able to fire back at the suspects, as they took off. he hit one. who was caught not far from the complex. >> these are serious crimes and people are going to get hurt in them. and we all need to work to stop -`it. >>reporter: the sheriff says the deputy is in stable condition tonight after several surgeries. >> it's just tragic that he has to go through this. >>reporter: sheriff shrader says he's especially grateful for the aurora police department for getting her so quickly, also, to people living here at this apartment complex who also rushed to help that deputy, last night. reporting live in aurora, brendaliss gonzalez, denver7. >> offering a reward up to $6,000, and the jeff co sheriff's office has added 2000 to that total. and "crime stoppers" has also pitched in 2000, making the reward $10,000. for information leading to the
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this woman you see here is in custody tonight, police put several schools on lockout while they looked for her near 15th and lowell this evening. she was arrested. and a neighbor tells us a very disturbing story about what led up to to all of this. he says the suspect's father ran into his home, telling him to call the police. he spoke with us, but was too afraid to show his face. serious threats. >> said his daughter was, i guess, trying to kill him, chasing him with a gun. >> besides threatening to kill him, he says the man told him his daughter held his girlfriend hostage all night, torturing her. colorado's legislative session is underway and several bills this week that are catching our attention. tomorrow, there will be a bill that will impact military retirement benefits, it will get rid of the limits veterans can claim for deductions.
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on the shoulders of u.s. 36.% and today there was a hearing on the concealed carry law, denver7 reporter mark boyle was listening in on the hearing and mark, this turned into a family affair for some. >>reporter: it did, there was a 12-year-old girl and her mother, who both testified against this bill. there were also joined by some supporters of those who have suffered from domestic violence. also, though, on the other side of f the t aurora theatre shooting that was brought up, one man saying there were people inside of that theatre with concealed carry weapons but didn't have a permit so they didn't shoot back, fearing prosecution. later on down the road. as you can tell, by just a couple of these instances very emotional testimony, inside that senate committee hearing today. this is a hot button issue. if passed into law, it would allow the concealed carry of a firearm without a permit thchlt is not the first time the lawmakers have seen this bill. similar bills have failed twice
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>> i think that passing this law would allow too many untrained people to carry guns and use them. please, don't pass this bill. >> this is something that needs to happen. 7 states, i believe, have already recognized that, this is a constitutional right. >>reporter: now, this bills passed through the committee, 3-2 along party line, it will go to the finance committee, the finance committee because it would actually save the state money by reducing some of that permitting process, we'll, of course, keep you updated as to how this bill moves along. live at the state capitol, mark boyle, denver7. >> i'm touched by the community he hos we have and -- heroess we have and he was as big as life, those heroes. she's talking about a bill that a house committee approved that would allow government vehicless to display the fallen hero license plate. hernandez.
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>> eric, ann, it's part of the grieving pos and a way to remember his sacrifice. sam brownly was killed when a fleeing suspect grabbed his gun and shot im three times. >> i don't think that the grieving ever stops, it just changes. >>reporter: heather says her life was shattered november 23rd, 2010. that's when her husband, was killed, while trying to apprehend a suspect threeing% from the authorities in morgan county. >> you get to a point in your journey where you twoopt give back, but you also want to find a way to remember them. >>reporter: working to ensure that other officers can use fallen officer license plates on their patrol cars. >> our department tried to do this two years ago until we ran -- stumbling block. >>reporter: his department auctioned off his car, and was going to use the money to purchase plates for all of their
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didn't allow it. perry buck is trying to change the law. >> these are those kind of bills that are carrying a legacy. and it's carrying a legacy of a hero. >>reporter: the house transportation and energy committee approved buck's bill today that still has a way to go, but heather says she's taking things one step at a way. we are talking toometro area superintendents about colorado education policies. if you have a question, you'd like us to ask, tweet us at denver7 politics or e-mail us. a traffic alert for drivers tonight, northbound i-25 will be closed at lincoln avenue between starting at 11:00. cdot tells us that the stretch of road will be reopened in time for the morning commute. the you have to drive through see some detours. a wild and dangerous chase
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it began before noon after a traffic stop in parker. where the driver decided to take off. the driver hit a squad car, leaving the deputy with minor injuries, the chase came to an end at e-470 after police used a taser. now, this man, aaron -- is in jail, facing a list of charges, including assault on a peace officer. and we're tracking several developing stories, this 34-year-old greeley man will face a trial in the death of laura. accused of killing that little boy last may. at the time, whoo it had just moved in with the little boy's mom. he is now being held at the weld county jail without bond. and we are following this story out of austria, police say %- a 25-year-old woman from colorado was found dead, in her apartment in vienna. lauren mann is from mesa county, she was working as a nanny and it was her employer who called the police when she didn't show up for work.
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force the door of her apartment. she was surrounded by a lot of blood. investigators have not said how they think lauren mann died. a driver who hit and killed a man standing on a sidewalk near walmart, has now been cited in the death. 51-year-old franklin nelson of colorado springs, was killed, he along wadsworth near 4th. he was waiting for a bus. when 81-year-old charles tapman hit him. the investigators don't think in that crash. well weather conditions pretty nice right now across the front range, and around the state, radar is clean, no precipitation showinn up. temperatures mild, even at this hour, 44 in denver. and the springs. 53 at pueblo. and down at lamar. even gunnison is above 0 in the 20s. and across the region, not much to show you, until you get way out to the west coast that is the next system that will have an impact on us. ahead of it, quiet, high clouds,
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and the potential for a big snowstorm. details coming up. . listen up, if you haven't signed up for health insurance, the deadline is sunday. the local marketplace for insurance connect for health colorado, is expecting a last-minute surge of people trying to sign up before the deadline. they're hosting several events this weekend, to help people for free. and are extending their customer service line because sunday is a hard deadline. >> unless you have some special circumstance, but, again, you don't want to gamble on that, act now before sunday and get it in place. and then you're not at risk. >> those special circumstances include getting married, having a child, or losing your current insurance plan. we are getting close to super bowl 50. the broncos gear is headed to santa clara. what do you need to do if you see the truck and what you can do to win. and peyton manning and human growth hormones. >> and if you're headed to the atm to get cash, you could see
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as we follow the chase for developments urrounding the allegations. the nfl is now saying they are conducting a comprehensive review of allegations that manning had human growth hormone delivered to his house. >> the outcome of the investigation isn't expected to come taf the super bowl on february 7th. the league spokesman says the inquiry started a few weeks ago, records, interview, and coordinatt with othering agencies. al jazeera firsttreported last ma move that manning's wife received hdh. you'll remember that manning denied the aels.
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crews from bailey's moving and storage loaded the equipment in the truck for the 1200 mile journey. take a look at the truck, you better make sure that you take a picture and use the #broncos truck. >> we get a lot of people that stop and want to take pictures. we get a lot of people when we're doing different thing, something like this, to stop and point and want to see different things. >> okay, but here's the most important part, you could win prizes if you guess the weight of the truck. we have details on how to do that on lucky broncos season ticket holders getting their hands on super bowl tickets. they were put in a lottery to see who would get tickets at $1,000 or $1500. one woman who went to the super bowl two years ago is getting the chance again this year. >> my heart was pounding. it's so exciting. just -- i can't believe it. i really am, i'm so excited.
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>> we can tell she's excited. two years ago, she bought brought her son for his a 5th birthday present and promised him every year they would go. >> that's a big promise. >> that's an expensive promise. how cute are these guys, mom, nicole sent us their picture, zack and nick, 3 and 5 years old and they clearly have a ton of broncos pride. >> love to see those photos. be sure to keep sending us your broncos pride pictures, you can post them on our denver7 facebook page, or tweet them to us with the #broncospride. we have all of your super bowl coverage, right here, on denver7, starting saturday, with a live hour-long super bowl sports special, from santa clara starting at 9:00. and we will have full coverage from california throughout the week. now, having your atm card compromised at a machine is a real concern, skimmers of course are the main culprit. we e checked with the better business bureau and they say we lose 1 billion dollars every
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now there is new technology that could protect you. chase is replacing atm's, and going card-free. they posted a video on the website of how it will work. instead of using the card, you get your money by typing in a code from a mobile app. the company says in the future, atm's will also let you use service like apple pay and samsung pay. they expect to start installing these new atm's later on this yyar. and if you have eaten at wendys lately, check your bank statement. they are investigating reports of unusual activity on cards used at some of the restaurants. -`they just have not said yet which stores were affected. according to the -- the company launched an investigation. gearing up to start growing pot, voters approved an ordnance during a special election yesterday to allow marijuana growing operations within town limits. according to the steamboat pilot, the measure passed with 52.4% of the vote.
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despite the ability to grow pot, retail and recreation and medical marijuana sales are still not allowed in the hayden. before we get to mike and the weather, head over to my denver7 facebook page now and participate in this special olympics colorado polar plunge, the last two weeks of february. several denver7 reporters and producers will be joining me. along with lisa hidalgo and her morning show team. you can join our team to make the plunge or donate to the cause. mike, too bad the plunge isn't this week, because it is there. something? >> jumping into the ice bin. >> there you go. >> end of the day here. along the front range, just a great looking shot, you can see that the clouds are looking beautiful as the sun was going down here and it looks like we're going to see more nice weather coming up hereeover the next couple of days. denver right now, our weather 52 and 24 for today. the highs and lows.
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the records are 76, 14 below. both of those back in the 1800s. currently, in denver, we're looking at the view from mile-high. kind of dark out there. downtown skyline. 44. 34 out at the airport. 64% humidity. winds are from the south-southeast at 10 miles per hour. the numbers along the front range, mostly 40s, over the metro area, getting colder, up in the mountains. 19 currently, and we have 40s out on the eastern plains as well. across the nation, milder air, coming in for the next couple of days for us. you can see the temperatures down around phoenix, the 60s, we're going to see 60s in colorado for tomorrow. as a matter of fact, that's going to be the best part of the forecast, if you like the warm, dry stuff. because then, we start to get this storm front, you see it on futurecast, moving in from the northwest. going to take a couple of days to get here. by sunday and monday and tuesday. has the potential to be a big winter storm for us, lows tonight, a cool night. especially if you're up in gunnison, 8 below, beeter than it's been lately there. 29 in denver.
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21 degrees at limonment for -- for tomorrow. in the 50s. in the mountains, 30s and 40s, colder once again in the gunnison valley. front range numbers look pretty good overnight tonight. the readings drop down in the 20s, to low 30s. %- 29 at dia, but 31 degrees 32 broomfield and boulder. and for tomorrow, the the 50s. aafew spots even getting close to 60 degrees under plenty of sunshine. mountains, wear your sunscreen rs a great day to do skiing. the denver area forecast tonight, mostly clear, 29 for a low temperature. sorm, sunny, 55 degrees. looking ahead, very nice for the next several days. and then things start to change on sunday. as snow develops, snow continues monday, possibly heavy. and then staying cold next week. we're going to put that bright spot on monday with a nice
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few kids will get an extra day off depending on how big this thing is: . >> that's a possibility. >> the field of levi stadium, getting a fresh coat [ scanner beeping ] sir, could you step aside? you know who i am. progressive insurance? uh, i save people an average of over $500 when they switch? did you pack your own bags?
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eye exams that can help because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. welcome to 7 sports extra, chase for the championship. and this is levi stadium today, site of super bowl 50 and getting ready for the broncos and panthers, painting the nfl symbol there and the end zone, orange and blue, with the broncos logo. the teams arrive in san jose saturday afternoon and denver7
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every step of the way, starting at 9:00 o'clock this saturday night with the broncos chase for the championship, hour-long special. the panthers practiced today in charlotte, cam newton met the media. didn't say much about the broncos or peyton manning. he was called immature early in his career. that is just who he is and he's not going to change for anybody. >> i'm an african-american quarterback that may scare a lot of people because they haven't seen nothing that they could compare me to. people are going to say whatever they want to say. this person going to say that, i can't look at myself and say i'm cameron newton to most people. because i'm not. i'm living for you. >> all right. nothing new from peytoo today, broncos were off, we'll hear from 18 tomorrow. quote, he has not said anything
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i think like everybody else, this is possibly the last game. eli, said i don't know if he knows himself. i hope he can win this game. he can go out on top. now the nuggets in boston tonight, a sneak peek, gallo, knocked down a jucher early, nuggets by 1 and then the rookie emanuel mood yea with a long ranger, third rock and 40-30, celtics in the leadful we'll have an update for you at 10:00. thank you for joining us this evening. we'll see you back here at 10:00. you can't deal with something, but that's how some seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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looking good. the list starts now. oprah loses 26 pounds, but is t is what she ate that is putting weight watches on the top. >> techs that will make anyone a better driver.
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a must for the car. plus, the coolest apps you've got to try this week. welcome to the show. i'm donna ruko. let's start by counting down. >> thanks, donna. we have coworkers that act a little childish, but at least not this much. number three, i'm tired. i want to go home. >> the break womb shows how business meetings would go if moms behaved like children. >> i want a snack. >> i can't help you right now. >> a nice reminder, our coworkers may not be perfect, but we should appreciate their adulthood. >> i'm the boss here. >> had is spot on. you know, you should show this video to your boss and they'll be grateful you don't act this way. >> may i please have five minutes.
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