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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  January 27, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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a murder mystery. a woman from colorado found dead in her apartment halfway around the world. >> the 25-year-old was traveling the world mark we are hearing more on this? >> yes. >> she went to austria where a family depended on her as a nanny for three years. when she did not show up for work there was concern. -`>> reporter: a candle sits in front of a apartment building in memory of lauren mann. the police were forced to open her door and found her half- naked body on a mattress on the floor. an investigator saying a
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was found inside. >> reporter: the autopsy did not reveal gunshots or stab wounds adding it is treated as a murder because of the work of an out sider can not be ruled out. a former music student at university of colorado, she was working as they were worried and asked her to call her. >> i knew her from when she was born ... >> reporter: her death was shocking to her hometown. her family later posting this message on facebook saying they are heartbroken asking for thoughts and prayers. >> always seemed like a happy girl and had lots of friends. >> after news of her death was released her parents said her case was being sensationalized. now, they are asking for
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she may have been poisoned. >> thank you. >> it is crimes like this in austria, they are a 5th of the rate compared to here in the u.s. it is based on each country's population. a denver police officer is target of a lawsuit filed tonight. you might remember this video from outside of a bar on blake street. it shows the officer shoving a man in july oo 2014. he fell down a few steps and was injured. the officer was suspended over this for 30 days for excessive force. his suspension was overturned. it was not the first complaint of excessive force. today, he spoke to us about hii decision to sue. he is still surprised by what is happening. >> i could not believe it. honestly i could not believe it. i could not relate his actions on my career but i would not way he did. >> the officer says it does not
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he used a nonthreatening technique to get him to setel downism the man that confessed to the planned parent shooting is inmental hospital tonight. this week -- nonthreating technique to get him to settle `own. the man that contpeltszed to the planned parent shooting is in a mental hospital tonight. this week he will be evaluated. tonight, a boy says he was followed by this man, he was with two others near clark farms road. the police are not calling him a suspect they just want to talk to him. chronically homeless people are costing taxpayer dollars -- $7 million a year. many of them have been arrested more than 8 times, the city is trying to move them off of the streets. we are live at the places where some will be moving in soon, liz? to cost millions but the city
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save money in the long run. people will begin moving in this week. in is one of the buildings where some of first people in this program will live. >> good days and bad days. >> reporter: street out reach workers say they see the same homeless people over and over going through the system. >> we get somewhere with somebody, we get somewhere and then they get arrested and they are locked up and things we had going falls through. >> reporter: the city will provide housing for are 250 people who are chronically homeless. this week council approved an 8.6 million social impact bond. partnering with investors to provide mental health and addiction services. in addition to building new apartments for them. with caseworkers on site 24/7. our goal is to house them as
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>> city math. >> it is let's expensive to have them in a small apartment with services than it is having them rowtating through the courts and the jail. >> the hardest part is still -- rotating through the ccurts and the jail. having resources. >> no one believes it will end homelessness but it is a down payment to house up to 250 people. keep them housed, but to tkep straight the effectiveness of that approach. -- demonstration the effectiveness of that approach. >> reporter: federal funds will also be used. now, here is the catch with this program. the city willom pay those investors back based on the -- the city will only pay those investors back based on the institute. they will stud teand evaluate
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keeps people off of the streets. reporting live, back to you. >> a quiet night in colorado. radar screen is clean statewide. ona few high clouds out there. the temperatures not all that cold, either. 30 out there in denver. -`32 in colorado springs and 3 above 0 at gunnison. out to theepacific northwest there is rain and snow moving in the high tonight, the first part of the sepb day planner but then perhaps a big snowstorm. >> -- first part f the seven- day planner but then perhaps a big snowstorm. a sergeant has been charged with assault. it goes become to a traffic accident in december and a fight. a woman is in jail tonight -`after a search that lasted for hours in a neighborhood.
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woman that you see here. her father came into the home daughter. the neighbor talked to us but was too scared to show his face. >> barged in, did not evvn ask, you know, he just said call the kill me. he ran into the kitchen into the bedrooms. the second man involved in shooting a sheriff's deputy. one 16-year-old is under arrest for the shooting that happened in aurora last night. as for that deputy, off duty at the time. shot several times, after many surgeries he is now in stable condition. a boulder women known as the topless gardener is looking at 12 years behind bars. back in 2009. she fought the city to garden without a top on.
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her of taking advantage of an elderly man. she moved into his home with her husband and scammed him and evicted him from his own home. all right bronco fans, here is where it will happen. levi stadium getting ready for the super bowll the name is painted in the end zone. with the game more than a week out. this weekend it will be the big prep for the halftime show. 1 million fans are expected to flood the village. the fan experience opens this weekend. a free event for anyone in town. the not so great part. all of the street closures in the area of san francisco will be a bit of a nightmare. there will be far fewer tickets for fans for the broncos and that other team playing sending all of their team employees to the big game. interns and part time workers. and tickets are just getting more and more and more expensiveeevery day. denver 7 joins us now. so, molly what on earth is going on? >> it is the rich californians,
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today was the first day that broncos season techet holders that were picked in the lottery could go and buy their tickets they had these 3 sections to choose from. many of them are taking them and selling them for four times the face value. >> thank you for your patience this is candy. quit. as quick as they come in my friend. >> reporter: bronco fans -- >> i think we are pay $4,400 a ticket. >> reporter: snagging the seats. [dropped audio ] >> >> reporter: the cheapest ticket dollars 3700, the most expensive, a suite for $290,000. they are ranging in price. they have come down a little bit. again, they are super expensive.
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>> all right, thank you, molly. it is like guessing the number of jellybeans in a jar. how much do you think the load in this truck weighs. it is weighed down with the broncos gear for super bowl feast. all you have to do is go to denver channel and make your guess and win prizes like an apple tv. it is from the moving company. we did a little bit of the math. pads for 53 players weighs 1300 pounds. broncos pride is shining bright. the story on top of the rock is blue and orange. remember to continue to send us your fan pictures using the hash tag broncos pride. we have all of the coverage right here. starting on saturday with a live hourlong super sports special. we will have full coverage in california throughout the week. >> now, check your bank statement especially if you had a craving for a frosty recently.
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after closing it for so many days a school on the east coast had fun canceling the classes. >> definitely. terrifying moments as this
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not just the kids getting stir crazy in maryland. hear how one school told them classes were canceled. >> we are calling with a bit of a different sound than the messages you are receiving all week. [music] hello, its me. it's the voice you love to hear from and the face you do not see. and i've got. news for you. we will close for another day parents will cry. >> stop. >> apparently he is not the choir teacher. the spokesperson and his
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i wonder what adele thinks, a couple others written similar songs this winter. a fight is brewing on the campus over sidewalk chalk. the university says fraternities can not write on the sidewalks buy they are not affiliated with the university. the frats say they should be able to because they can communicate with classmates. a gun bill was heard today, allowing coloradans to carry a gun without a permit. today a committee passed it it. the next step will be to the finance committee. another bill getting first approval today would allow government vehicles to display fallen hero license plates. right now they can not have them on their patrol cars. this bill is being pushed by the family of a deputy ttat was killed back in 2010. his family wants all pat role carses to have the plates. you only have until sunday to sign up for health insurance. connect for health colorado at the marketplace they are waiting for a last-minute rush. this weekend well will be several events to get you
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to find out more about the times and the the places check out the story on our web site. denver handle take a look at this picture. your help is meadeed tonight to find this man. the police ay he was involved in -- needed tonight to find this man. the police say he was involved in a robbery. the man he was with was shot and killed. an arrest tonight on a dangerous driver. they tried to pull over a man in a parking lot this morning but he took off hitting the squad car injuring the officer. they ended up arresting him after a chase. new details tonight on the man hit and killed outside of a lakewood walmart. nelson died yesterday after he `as hit by a car near the store. the driver is now faces careless driving charges. the police are still investigating what caused the crash. check your bank statement if you have been to a wendy's lately. the company is looking into reports of unusual activities at some of its restaurants tonight. the reports suggest there were
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that were used at some locations. not cheer tonight which stores were impacted -- clear tonight which stores were impacted. soon, those w-2 forms are in the mail box. they are trying to stay ahead of the crocks making sure do you not get hit with mail fraud. they are asking for your troeufer's license and four teugits of your number -- asking for your driver's license and your last four social security number. >> i was submitting it. it popped up it was foiled and i just thought, no, this is definitely the first time i filed it. [ laughter ] >> well, the best way to make sure you are not a victim is to file them early. now, take a look at this. 16,000 counterfeit hover boards found in chicago. they are fake. the officials say these toys are dangerous because of the batteries. if they made it on the streets
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over $6 million. wow! >> here is another one. look at this beautiful sunset behind me along the front range. just great high clouds, the few jet contrails coming in there. we will have quiet weather in the next couple of days and a warming trend. here. right across the united states. the weather is quiet. not much happening, colorado, the radar screen it is clean. nothing going statewide. that is not going to last through the entire weekend. the numbers today. a pleasant high of 52 after starting out at 24. the normals are 44 and 17. the extremes are 76, 18, 88, minus 14 in 1897. % now the winds are southwest. across the front range, the
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colder around greeley and bennett. we have teams around the pass and the silverthorne area. nationwide, no real cold air anywhere across the lower 48. even in the upper 30s around bismarck and minneapolis. 50s down around l.a. time. it looks like it will stay the mild air coming in. the snow over the great lakes, tomorrow and early friday. here is the first part of a stormy weather pattern withing in the pacific northwest. let me show you the jet stream. the colors here endicate the stronger winds. as we fly out here you can see a strong band of jet stream winds coming in towards san francisco by the time we get into friday. here is hawaii. it will scoop up a lot of tropical moisture and bring in -- if they are playing the super bowl this weekend likely heavy rain in the is san francisco area. but this storm is eventually going to translate into
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bring us a round of heavy snow. tonight, low temperatures, not as cold as recent nights, 3 below in alamosa. tomorrow, 55 in denver. 60s over the southeastern part of the state. southwestern kansas. mountains, readings in the upper 30s and the 40s. we will see readings comfortable. middle to upper 50s at lower elevations. now, tonight, most he clear, low temperature, 29 degrees. tomorrow, high temperature, mostly sunny skies, 55 degrees, looking ahead in the 7 day planner, great for the first few days, 60s for friday, 62 on saturday. that storm starts to move in on sunday with snow developing, monday looks like snow and it could be heavy, folks. we are talking at least a foot in the mountains and looking at 6 inches to 12 inches here in
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we will keep an eye out. it heightened my attention. >> yes, you are getting excited about that. >> yes, brightly paying attention to that. >> yes, the white spot. >> yes. we like that. >> yes, especially shoveling. >> yes. >> okay. >> thank you, mike. not something you want to find in your home. we are learning how this
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, mac joined the team in missouri with the clydsdales. imagine waking up with this guy in your face. his name is banana. the animal was at her owner's brothers house when she got out of her cage. now she is back home. as for the woman, she is very lucky. if she was bitten she could have been hurt badly. welcome to 7 sports extra.
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super bowl 50 the last game? now, tonight, eli manning, giant's quarterback and peyton's brother says peyton %- has not told him if any future plans go beyond this game. >> mothing from him. he has not talk about it. he has not led me one way or the other. his focus is on, obviously, for awhile it is getting back healthy for this season and now he has done a good job doing that, getting back in the game and winning playoff games and now his focus and goal is winning a championship. so, look forward to that. it may be his last, may not. i don't know. if it is, it would be a good way to finish off an unbelievable career with a super bowl win. >> the pannhers practice today. he was talking about himself. he was called immature and his style of play and celebration and the dance and everything, he said today that
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he may be judged differently than any other quarterbacks. quarterback. it may scare a lot of people. they have not seen nothing -- [dropped audio ] >> i am twoing to say this, i will say that. i can not say i am can newton. i am not, i am living for you. stadium. site of the super boww. they are getting ready for the broncos and panthers. painting the super bowl logo there. the teams arrive in san jose and denver 7 will be with the broncos starting at 9:00 on saturday night with the broncos chase for the championship. an hourlong special. the broncos are back to practice tomorrow. then, they leave on sunday and we will be well with them. join us, 9:00, saturday night, after the nba on abc.
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boston garden taking on the celtics. galo got loose. they saw him. sipping on the juice. 23. 3rd quarter, now, nice passing. the assist now, getting his daily dose of iron. now, down 5. the celtics winning an 18-1 run. turner stuffed it. celtics, 111-10 lee. nuggets lost 4 tonight. >> now, christian could not help the cardinals tonight. now, underneath to josh scott. and 1. a 3-point play. then from the outside. george king. now, bust on the run. same from gordon. cu, 91-75, now, bucks now 16 and 5. also tonight, college, csu beats san jose 74-66.
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have a late nighter on (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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avalanche in l.a. tonight. wo*-0. 42 seconds into the second period. matt, magic from the -- 2-0. 42 seconds into the second period. matt,s magic from -- matt, magic from the start. now, it is 3-2. >> wow! somewhats -- well, like harry potter 72 now, take your 60s
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