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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  January 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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it is 6:00 a.m. we have several breaking stories going on. families waking up to smoke and run outside to escape the flames. >> du campus on edge after someone fondles again. we want to start with eric lupher live at 24th and welton at that fire. eric. >> reporter: firefighters are having trouble getting a handle on this. we're not seeing as much smoke coming out of the building here. we're being told this is a homeless shelter that was about 10 units in it. we're not seeing nearly as much smoke.
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most of the fire to the back of the building and second floor. this is video when we were here earlier. we were the first on seen when you could really see that smoke barreling out. a lot of people had to rush out of their home. some barefoot. a pregnant woman got out okay. one man is taken to the hospital, though, in serious condition. we talked to one man who barely got out. listen. >> me and my wife were asleep and heard a commotion. we weren't sure what was going on. sounded like something hit the building, actually. then somebody started yelling fire, and i smelled smoke. we hurryed up and got dressed best we could and went to feel the door and it was hot. it was warm, not really hot, but you could tell. >> reporter: certainly are traffic impacts here. several fire trucks still on welton here.
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jayson luber is back in the studio covering that. >> welton street is closed and the light rail runs along welton up to 30th and downing. there's a bus bridge in place now from rtd from the 30th and downing station down to 18th and california. you'll be getting on a bus and they'll bus you to 18 and california and you'll get on the train there. northbound side, get on a train, and the bus and to 30th and downing. that's the way they'll get around it until they can get that cleared up. this camera at c-470 and i-25, northbound side of i-25, you can see how traffic is barrel moving. a motorcycle accident between here and dry creek. barely any traffic is getting by. other travel spot to the north southbound side of i-25, where we have that huge traffic jam already developing heading to the constructioo at 84th avenue, already looking at 25 minutes from the north side to downtown. thank you.
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overnight a third case of a man fondling someone on the du campus. >> this latest case happened near iliff and josephine. that's where we have denver 7 reporter sally mamdooh joining us live with the latest. sally. >> reporter: yeah, mitch, talk about a campus on edge. when you walk around this area near the campus, it's very, very dark and not well lit. we want to show you how dark it can get out here. once we turn the lights off you can barely see me. makes it easy for suspects like this person to target anybody walking by themselves, which is why the campus did mention on their web site that when, after this happened, when people are walking out here to travel in groups and of course, if they need an escort to call a number that they left on their web site under campus safety link. in the meantime, this is not the first time something like this happened. we've reported on this twice last week. take a look at this map.
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incidents took place. not very far from each other. we don't know how the latest fondling incident happened. we do know the last two involved the suspect walking near the victims and grabbing them. seems like the description is the same. he's described as 6 feet tall, light skin and this time wearing a black sweatshirt. the suspect in today's incident was not found, so police are still searching for that person. right now du is asking for students to remain vigilant and always travel in groups at night and report any suspicious immediately. mamdooh, denver 7. first alert weather is % tracking a beautiful day. a lot of sunshine. live look from our viera wireless camera. this is in akron. 30s. satellite radar very clear across the state.
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if if filter in today. will be gorgeous. by noon, 53. by $3 we''e at 58. upper 50s to near 60 today. same thing tomorrow. enjoy this, because a lot will change starting sunday. minutes. thank you. overnight. take a look, a man and his dog managed to escape a home in evergreen that caught fire. this is on forest estes road. the fire started around midnight. firefighters have not determined a cause. fortunately, no one injured in this fire. a driver is rushed to the hospital overnight after crashing on southbound i-25. you see the damage to the car there involved in the crash at colfax. happened about 2:30 this morning. denver police had to block a couple of lanes of traffic. we've learned the identity of a colorado woman killed while working in austria.
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cu boulder and was working as an au pair. police found her dead in her apartment and say there was a considerable amount of blood. so far they say there was no evidence of gunshots or stab wounds. the denver police officer seen in this surveillance video here outside a bar is now the target of a lawsuit. the video shot in july of 2014 shows the officer here, choice johnson, he shoves brandon schreiber. schreiber was injured after falling down steps. the office suspended the officer, but that was later overturned. schreiber spoke to us about his decision now to sue. >> i couldn't believe, honestly i couldn't believe it. i thought it was a joke. i couldn't relate his actions to my career, but i wouldn't expect to have a job acting the way he did. >> johnson says the video doesn't show schreiber acting out before the shove. the man who confessed in
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shooting is in the state mental hospital. robert dear, jr. will undergo a mental health evaluation. he's charged with killing three people inside that colorado springs clinic the day after thanksgiving. 6:07 now. today marks 30 years since the %- space shuttle challenger tragedy. nasa is holding a day of remembrance for the seven crew members killed on this day in 1986. it broke apart just 73 seconds after it launched, leaving everyone in shock. >> looking very carefully at the situation. obviously a major malfunction. >> along the crew members killed, a graduate from the -`university of colorado. the university is planning to remember him on saturday. along with all victims of other space tragedies.
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space. >> a school will gather outside to lower the flag to half staff challenger launched. onald trump says he will not change his mind. he is skipping tonight's fox debate. instead he is planning a fundraiser for veterans 2 miles away. he decided to boycott the ddbate because of the ongoing moderating. this is the exchange in august that started everything. >> one of the things people love about you is you speak your mind and don't use a politician's filter. however, that is not without its down sides, in particular when it comes to women. you've called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. >> only rosie o'donnell. >> fox news says it will not leave an empty podium center stage for donald trump.
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trump out -- cruz is calling trump out for being a no show. he challengeed trump for a one- on-one debate. trump responded on twitter, okay, can we do it ii canada? you have until tomorrow to pay for your tickets, if you won the lottery as a season ticket holder. here's one at stubhub, $3,700. tickets have done down a couple of hundred bucks, fluctuates a little bit. we talked to the folks at bucks. it's higher than when the before. back then tickets averaged the game. the nfl has announced the seven-person crew who will
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combined, they have 97 years of experience and officiateed 62 games. we have a special saturday at 9:00 p.m.. we'll have full coverage thought the week as well -- throughout the week as well. our eric lupher and lisa hidalgo will be there. >> we chose them by height. that's why they goo to go. want to get back to that breaking news in denver. active scene. you can see the ground shot on the left. on the righh, fire crews on scene, where there was a lot of smoke, this is 24th and welttn. >> we have a big problem to the south. this is the cammra at i-25 and c-470. sounds like we might have all traffic being diverted temporarily at counny line road for a motorcycle accident that happened across from park
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basic closure of i-25 25 coming
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about 6:14. we continue to follow breaking news in denver. you're looking at a live shot from airtracker 7. a fire at 24th and welton. ten people have been displaced by this fire in the residential building. the d line is impacted, so % commuters will be using a bus to get around this for now. a lot of hoses are crossing the rtd line. >> you can see there, so rtd is using that bus. broncos gear is on the road to super bowl l now, and that means the team wants ou to weighs.
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could win an apple tv or go pro. the pads alone for 53 players weigh more than 1300 pounds. >> there's a start. you can also follow along as the broncos truck makes its way to california. the crew has been tweeting out using the #broncostruck. now over to lionel. >> good morning, everybody. and the last rodeo. is it for peyton manning? is super bowl l his last game as he may have told bill belichick after the afc championship? last night eli, peyton's him future plans. >> nothing from him. he has not talked about it. hasn't led one way or the other. his focus is obviously on, for a while getting back healthy for this season, and he's done a good job doing that, getting back in the game and winning playoff games and now his only focus and goal is winning a championship. look forward to that. it may be his last, it may not. i don't know.
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good way to finish off an unbelievable career with the super owl win. >> you're not kidding, eli. this is levi stadium yysterday, the site of super bowl l. getting ready for the broncos and panthers. they're painting the end zone orange and blue and with the broncos logo. the teams arrive in san jose sunday afternoon. denver 7 will be with the broncos every step of the way. 9:00 saturday night, a broncos chase for the championship hour long special. broncos go back to practice from dove valley and we'll hear from peyton manning. so join us then. until then, have a great morning. [ rapping ] jayson and i sing like this every morning. some broncos fans have come up
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they're called maniacs of broncos country. they put together this rap song and music video for the orange and blue. >> maybe you notice orange vvder and some of the super fans we had on the show last week. they want to get people pumped up about the super bowl. keep sending us your broncos pride photos as well. we'll share them with you. much better than the panthers song, i think. >> oh, yeah. we have all kinds of people in this one. panthers guy is like all by himself. >> yeah, exactly. >> that says a lot. there is a challenge rap song from the carolina panthers. it's different, to say the least.
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[ rapping ] [ growling ] >> the growl is the best part. >> the production value on the two is a little different. he was trying to get the moon in that shot, too, apparently. >> pretty brave putting it out there. >> if it's between those two, we've already won, people. >> it's over. >> it's done. nice day in store. 20s this morning. no mint of our sunrise quite yet. but it will be a bright drive in. wind out of the southwest at 5 to 20 miles per hourr 32 at the airport now. same aurora. denver. still cold in the mountains. more single digits and teens there. south. now. we're expecting a lot of sunshine state-wide today. any drive on i-25, i-70 is going to be a dry one. next 24 hours really not much to show you on futurecast. you're going to see by 4:30 today heading home blue skies. temperatures at that point in the upper 50s. it's not until early tomorrow
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we'll start to see snow develop across northern colorado. spots like craig, steamboat springs could see light snow. here in denver dry through tomorrow. mostly sunny at 2:00. our mountains will continue to pick up a little light mix it looks like throughout the day, which picks up in intensity friday night into saturday. more snow for the mountains. your drive along i-70 should be really fine through most of tomorrow. chance for snow in denver, but not until sunday into monday. highs today upper 50s for denver. in the springs 55. southeast. today. you're going to find estes park at 43 today.. evergreen, bailey, conifer near 50 degrees this afternoon. really very warm. same story next three ays. today through saturday all is pretty nice. few increasing clouds saturday. but it's really not until sunday that we'll start to see
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snow will develop, light snow sunday. looks like our accumulating snow is going to fall monday. then lighten up by tuesday. i think our toughest commute is monday morning and potentially monday afternoon. 40 sunday. 32 monday. and colder, jayson through tuesday, really into wednesday. >> down to i-255by park meadows mall and county line road from airtracker 7, all northbound traffic was being diverted. just let one car go through. reported as a motorcycle accident. rtd bus as well. you're looking at it the first time as i am as well. looks like they're taking the traffic trapped between county line road, because the exit is by the c-470 bridges, so they're letting people ddive in the grass there up to that ramp. this is the loop ramp that would come from county line road to go north on i-25, where the bus is stopped.
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involved in the accident, or maybe it's just stopped and they got there on the grass as they were trying to get folks off the highway. they're starting to let folks go on that left lane. it's changing by the moment here on northbound i-25 and county line road. everything is off to the right. we'll have to figure out if the bus is involved and how the motorcycle is doing. they are just now opening some lanes on i-25, which is the welcome news. jayson, thank you. we have a live look over denver and this is a live shot. beautiful out there. we should all feel pretty ggod about living here in colorado. our state ranks fourth in the u.s. in terms of sense of well- being. >> here's fact we have. if you look closely, colorado is in dark green, so that means we're toward the top. only states ahead of us, hawaii, alaska and montana. >> this index is put together through surveys.
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saturday for the fourth an new year new you expo at colorado mills 10:00 to 4:00 p.m. saturday. it's free, fun, a great way to find help to achieve those new year's resolutions you made. >> come by and say hi to us. 6:22. this is at 24th and welton. fire crews on scene of a fire, there. lots of smoke involved. this. and the d line of rtd in that area of 24th and welton, that is impacted. rtd has a bus detour for you, if you will.
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good thursday morning. we've had every day this week of blue and orange sunrise.
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between 8:00 and 9:00 we'll be 40 degrees. low to mid, even upper 50s this afternoon. by 2:00 we're at 56 with a high in denver today at 58. upper 50s to even low 60s across eastern colorado. >> the big highway crash is on northbound i-25 county line across from the park meadows lane. just opened three lanes to the left. blocked. motorcycle here. i haven't seen the rider, so i'm hoping he or she has been taken to the hospital and being treated there. you can see this bus, i'm noo sure if the bus was involved or it just got stuck on the grass. they were allowing, had the highway shut down, traffic to get to this county line ramp and the bus might be stuck and not part of the accident. i hope that's the case. we have a huge backup coming off e and c-470 and northbound 25 before lincoln avenue. i'll have more updates on this and the other problem spots coming up in a bit.
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have you eaten at wendy's recently? wendys looks into claims of credit card data breach. comes about after unusual activity on cards at some wendy's. they say they're not sure how far reaching this may be. a top credit card money wants you to do more to keep your money safe. j.p. morgan chase will replace atm's that uses your smartphone. the better business bureau says we lose $1 billion every year from card skimming. we have our live coverage of not one, but two breaking news stories in denver. several people rush out of a denver dwelling after it goes up in flames. denver7 reporter eric lupher is talking with residents, also fire investigators.
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it's 6:30. denver7 has live coverage of two breaking news stories. a denver home goes up in flames. heavy smoke shooting out of the roof around 4:30 this morning. >> for the third time a man found fondling someone on the du campus. >> also, big traffic backup i- 25 near county line. this is affecting the northbound traffic in that area? >> that's right. northbound across from park meadows mall. right there by the county line area. that's why we have this huge traffic jam here this morning. as we just saw from airtracker 7. i saw the rtd bus and another car and the motorcycle. i'm not sure the bus was involved. they were at one time allowing traffic to go off into the grass to get off at the ramp there. i think he just got stuck.
6:25 am
there's the motorcycle. here's another vehicle that's been down there as well. you can see how heavy that traffic is coming in from ridge gate. affecting c and e-4 70. at least more lanes are open. other trouble spot, north side i-25 heading to downtown. >> reporter: a fire at a transitional home. we have firefighters starting to wrap up. looks like they got this fire under control. rolling up the hoses. there's been a bit of confusion on what ttis houses. a woman tells us she's lived there 38 years and this is a transitional home for the homeless. abbut 10 units, that's what we're being told. one person taken to a hospital in serious condition. we were the first news crew on scene this morning when this fire first broke out. heavy smoke was billowing out of one of the windows, also from the roof.
6:26 am
in the back of the building near cardboard boxes. we talked with one man who tried to get his family out and barely got out in time. >> when i opened our door, that's when all the smoke and heat come in. before then, because you know the back draft and all that. >> reporter: that man even still had smoke on his face. you could see it on his face there, on his skin. he had a wife who is pregnant, 4-year-old kid, they got out. his wife had to run out barefoot. there's an rtd bus that finally arrived to give them shelter, because all these peoppe are displaced. total destruction on second floor. 24th and welton still jammed up with fire trucks. light rail stopped in this area because of all the traffic. eric lupher, denver 7. >> reporter: du reported
6:27 am
fondling that happened here in iliff and josephine. this isn't the first one. two other cases happened just a couple of weeks, a couple of days ago. this is how, we don't know how this case went down, but we know the other two involved a man walking next to the victim and hen grabbing them, probably when it's this dark out here. right now take look at this map, it shows all three incidents and seems like the suspect description is the same in all three. 6feet tall, light skined and in this incident wearing a black sweater. campus police are asking students travel in groups, report anything suspicious. if a student is walking alone by themselves at night and needs to be escorted, they can contact the campus safety line
6:28 am
here to escort that person. for now the campus security saying they're staffed 24/7 and ready to assist. for now their biggest message is to remain vigilant when you're walking out here, when you can see how dark it can get out here when you're alone at night. in denver, sally mamdooh, denver 7. thank you. taking a live look outside, just stop and enjoy the sunrise. isn't that beautiful? >> another, well, we say it all the time, broncos sunrise. but it's true. >> did the sunrise come before the broncos got their colors? maybe said that should be our team's color? >> we do it to irritate all the other teams. >> do you think the panthers have a black and blue sunrise? what color are they? >> black and blue. >> bobby just said they'll be black and blue at the super
6:29 am
that's right, bobby. a beautiful sunrise. winds out of the southwest 5 to 10 -- i'm usiig the wrong clicker. there we go. a beautiful day today. early on upper 20s toolow 30s. by 3:00 we're at 58 degrees. warm day. if anything, we get a little high cloud cover. otherwise, really dry and warm. mid, upper 50s most of the metro area. with this new system we've got new cities on the board. you can see bailey you're at 47 todayy allens park 40. we're hoping to hit more of the metro area. back to you. lisa, thank you. parker police have released a sketth of a man after a boy says he followed him to the bus stop friday morning. police say the man is not a suspect at this point, jjst a they want to talk to him to figure out what happened. the boy says the man pulled up with two other people in a truck.
6:30 am
started walking towards them. eventually the boy says he got back in the truck and took off. promising news for an off- duty jefferson county deputy shot during a robbery in aurora. doctors say he's now in stable condition expected to recover. he was robbed by two people, shot several times tuesday night. also shot were the suspect, just 16 years old. the second suspect got away. police offering a $6,000 reward. take a look at these pictures. this is david mascarenas, wanted after a robbery on taft court in littleton. happened over the weekend. this started over that craigslist ad. a homeowner says the robbers tied him up. police say this guy broke free, then chased these guys down. shot and killed one of the men as they tried to get away in his car. mailbox. soon.
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to make sure you don't fall victim to tax fraud. they're trying out a new method. they'll be asking for both your driver's licenseeand last four digits of your social. the best way to prevent tax fraud is to file early. 6:38. the broncos are in the chase for the championship of course. some of the players are going back to the classroom before they head out to california for super bowl l. demarcus ware got quite the surprise when he dropped his son off for school. this is in the dallas area. even the folks in texas, they probably root for the cowboys some time, but says there, broncos rock. broncos runningback c.j. anderson stopped by willow creek in centennial aftee getting a special delivery. >> i was reading it, initial letter from the teachers the students in their class, had beautiful drawings and i read all 41 letters.
6:32 am
>> dear c.j., we are your biggest fans. do you want to come to kindergarten? we would have so much fun. >> you are the best runningback. you can play football with me at recess. please come. that's all. >> i remember when i was in stories. >> recess. that was the best part, right? the teacher had her students write anderson letters. she delivered them and wasn't sure if she'd hear back. you might imagine her excitement when she got the call he not only got the letters, wanted to come by during story time. >> those letters probably made his day as much as making their day. awesome. >> fun. >> we have all your super bowl coverage starting saturday with a live hour long super bowl sports special from santa clara starts at 9:00. we have full coverage from california throughout the week as well. following that breaking news in
6:33 am
a live picture here. fire crews still on ssene of a building. big fire started there. ten people displaced. rtd line that runs down welton is closed in that section. commuters are being bused around that spot. that's the best way you're getting around it now. let's check your other drive around town. >> speaking of getting bused around, this is the accident northbound side of i-25, county line road. had a motorcycle involved. this rtd bus somehow was involved. the passengers on that bus are now walking to a new bus, and they'll be driving off in a little bit. have a couple of lanes open,
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sunrise, the blue and orange turning more purplely pink. it's beautiful. kids this morning not nearly as cold as yesterday. upper 20s to near 30. you'll stilllneed your jacket. afternoon, heading home, you might want to stop at the park. upper 50s, near 60 today. same story tomorrow and again on saturday. second half of our weekend, so much colder with a chance of snow. details in a few minutes. >> traffic jam coming in from the south side of town. this is northbound i-25. this is the ramp from 470 to go north on i-25. e-4 70 is over here. it's because of this accident involving a motorcyclist there at county line road. the folks on the bus got stuck and they put them on this bus and the tow truck is hooking up the motorcycle. will be open hopefully in the next 20 minutes. most of the heavy traffic we have is on i-70, i-76 and i-25 is horrible now with that
6:37 am
this afternoon the best in the biz hit aspen for the winter x games. kicks off at 1:00 this afternoon through the weekend. first event the unified snowboarding races. denver7 introduced you to one of the 10 special olympics athletes competing. this is the second year cody field is racing. he is nicknameed the flying spartan. >> i love being noticed baby, yea! i always have fun, and everyone in the special olympics all adore me and i adore them. >> his enthusiasm is over the top. he also is really great with trying to help out some of the other boarders. he's taken boarding lessons and will bring that back to the team. >> cody has participated in the special olympics more than 10 years. aside from all that enthusiasm, he plays soccer, basketball, and volleyball. >> good thing he has energy. to do all that you need it,
6:38 am
>> he is a full on rock star. i love keeping my awesomeness up. love him. high clouds that will filter in and out. snow not until tomorrow in the mountains. dry until then. high clouds across the state. 60s to end the week. this next storm, sunday into monday, will it be a big one? models indicating it could bring decent snow, upward of 6 to 12 inches in some spots. we'll keep a close eye on it. still too early to give you totals. stay tuned. we'll keep you up-to-date. 23. windchills teens and low 20s. evergreen you're 10 degrees cooler and fort collins 27.. stepping out the door to mainly 20s and 30s. the mountains. aspen 14 this morning. but mild this fternoon with
6:39 am
satellite radar is all clear. not seen a lot to track. this next couple of days we're not going to see much either. today througg the afternoon, 12:00 to 5:00, clear skies, sunshine. few high clouds. by tomorrow morning, though, 4:00, 4:30 friday we're going to start watching the northwestern corner of our state. light snow will begin to fall in spots like steamboat springs. they'll add to their totals, over 200 inches so far this season. 2:30tomorrow afternoon, more snow. by that point if you're heading up to the mountains friday afternoon, most everything will be west of the divide. it's going to be pretty light. it will pick up in intensity by saturday. saturday across eastern colorado still a dry one. clouds. temperature-wise, upper 50s, a few upper 40s like greeley, closer to 60 in pueblo. mountains. boulder, 53. castle rock 53.
6:40 am
next three days well above normal. ten, 15 degrees above it. by day four things cool down. sunday into monday that storm will bring snow to the plains. we'll see temperatures drop to near 40 sunday. into the first of next week, monday i think will be our trickiest day when it omes to travel. accumulating snow monday and lightens up tuesday. stay tuned for totals. we'll get a much better idea the next couple of days. >> airtracker 7 over northbound ii25. motorcycle accident we had right by county line road, most of it off to the right shoulder. looks like they just pulled away, the motorcyclist pulled away. the rtd bus remains. all lanes open on northbound i- 25 at county line road, which is great news. however, as you can see, we have pretty hefty backups. i-25, you can see coming up from lincoln avenue and from c- 470, but it will get better in just a minute. other trouble spot, southbound
6:41 am
crash at yosemite. that's adding extra time. about 15 minutes on this jam. the other big traffic jam on the map, heavy stop and go on the north side of town. southbound i-25, rock solid in here. cdot is trying to accelerate that work by 84th avenue, which had the lane restricted to highway 36. over half an hour's drive and avenue. jayson, thank you. state lawmakers give initial approval to a law that will allow local law enforcement to pay tribute to fallen heros. a fallen officer's family wants them to use the license plates status. similar bills have failed
6:42 am
this bill has passed first committee test yesterday. it's now 6:50. this is the member shot and killed in oregon. officers say this 55-year-old rancher led authorities on a high speed chase, got out and reached for his gun they say. officers arrested a group of protestors, including the leader, ammon bundy. his attorney read a statement -- >> please stand down. please stand down. let us take this fight from here. go home and hug your families. this fight is ours for now. in the courts. >> bundy's father supports protestors who have refused to back down. we'll take you through the toms coming up in the morning sprint. several people rush out of a denver building after it goes up in flames.
6:43 am
talking with residents and investigators.
6:44 am
special breaking news. du on alert after a man fondles someone on campus. the third time in about a week. flames and smoke pour out of a building. we want to start with eric
6:45 am
>> reporter: firefighters are starting to ssowly clear the scene. welton still has four fire trucks. an ambulance. then the house involved. this is a transitional home for the homeless. about 10 units, 11 people displaced after this fire. take a look at video. we were the first news crew on scene when smoke was billowing out of the second floor window. firefighters are saying the fire started out in the back of the building, then spread to the second floor, just destroyed the second floor. one man taken to the hospital in serious condition. for everyone else, they're now staying in an rtd buu for now just to stay warm. now no place to stay. no word on a cause. i'm eric lupher, denver 7. >> reporter: the latest fondling incident happened here on iliff and josephine. there were two other incidents that went down last week. now we don't know how this one happened, but we know the other two that happened last week
6:46 am
next to the victim and grabbing them. it happened at night. take a look at this map, it shows you where all three incidents took place. the suspect is similar here in description. described as 6 feet tall, light skined and this time wearing a black sweatshirt. the suspect was not apprehended and still on the loose. now du is asking students and anybody walking near the campus to remain vigilant, to walk in groups, especially at night, and report any suspicious activity to both police and the campus. for now we're in denver, sally mamdooh, denver 7. breaking news from overnight. a man and his dog escape their home after a fire in evergreen. started around midnight. firefighters haven't determined what started it. no one was hurt. additional tests will be
6:47 am
colorado woman died in austria. -`laura mann was working as an au pair in austria. they say there's no evidence or gunshots or stab wound. as you look from airtracker 7, accident in the backups from the earlier crashh significant damage to some of these cars. this is the traffic from ridge gate, lincoln avenue to c-470. all lanes are open. take a look at the map. heavy stop and go traffic there and also 225, you can even see from the parker road camera the heavy traffic. that's because of a new accident down by yosemite. that's in lanes of traffic. it's rock solid here and the map shows it's the other heavy, super heavy spot up to the north side of town, i-25 into downtown, over half an hour to 84th. today marks 30 years since the space shuttle challenger tragedy. nasa is holding a day of remembrance for the seven crew members who died that day in
6:48 am
the space shuttle broke apart 73 seconds after it launched. >> among the crew members killed was ellison onizuka who graduateed from the university of colorado. high school teacher christa mcauliffe, the first american civilian to go into space also died. >> she lived in new hampshire but has left a legacy in colorado and across the country. in greeley there's a mcauliffe elementary school. the school will lower their morning. it's now 6:57. first alert weather tracking beautiful morning. very bright drive. you'll find 50s this afternoon. tomorrow will be even a couple of degrees warmer. maybe 2, 4 degrees warmer. near 60s through saturday. we're watching this next storm sunday. sunday into monday temperatures will drop. looks like it could bring decent snow to the metro area. we're going to keep a close eye on it. cold monday and tuesday. %- watch for a tough commute for the first of next week.
6:49 am
super bowl l on track to becoming the most expensive ever in terms of ticket prices. 7500 bucks. >> the cheapest on the third matter sites start at $3,700. as a reminder, any broncos season ticket holders selected in the lottery, you have until tickets. >> and guess the weight of the broncos gear headed in this truck to super bowl l. we have pro. we'll get you started with guessing, the pads alone for than 1300 pounds. you're guessing the weight of the gear, not the truck. >> hard to do.
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