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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  January 28, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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good morning. breaking new details on the colorado woman killed whilee working in austria. investigators say 25-year-old laura mann was suffocateed to death. she grew up in western colorado, attended cu boulder. she was working as an au pair. her death being treated as a murder. investigators say she was in a safe area. >> surprising. something you would never expect. >> her friends are being investigated.
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police telling everyone to be on the lookout after the third case of forcible fondling on the campus of cu. sally. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with du and they say campus safety will increase foot and car patrol. du campus on edge after fondling suspect strikes again. >> i was up at 2:00 and i got the text. >> reporter: that text was from campus safety, alerting student kate patterson of another forcible fondling incident took place here where she lives. for kate, it's a text she constantly dreads. >> i don't want to be that person and i want all of my fellow classmates to feel safe as well. >> reporter: this map shows where all three incidents took place. with the latest one happening on iliff and josephine by sorority row.
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-`and a dark shirt at the time fondleed a at the female student walking at night. >> i have to walk to my dork at night. >> reporter: she said after hearing about the two other incidents, she isn't walking empty handed. she is now carrying this pepper spray for self-defense. aside from increasing patrol in the area, du is asking students to be vigilant, to walk in groups, especially at night and to report any suspicious activity so the campus safety line. if you're walking out here by yourself at night and need somebodyyto escort you, you can call the campus safety line. in denver, sally mamdooh, denver 7. thank you. alarming new developments about the zika virus. the world health organization says there could be 4 million cases in the next year. the virus is spread by mosquitos. there have been cases in 11
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but health experts said today this virus is spreading explosively. they'll decide whether to issue a global health alert next week. a lot of headlines today. but we want to talk about the weather, because we have a couple of nice days before it changes. >> the next three enjoy them. sunday and monday talking pretty good amount of snow. so far we've beee tracking the storm. might lead to quite a few inches for the commute. enjoy the 50s. 43 in denver. about a degree off from our normal high for today. winds out of the south 5 to 10 miles per hour. lots of clear skies. we're expecting temperatures to climb nicely. upper 40s to low 50s and in some spots already city park coming in at 49. bouuder 48. greeley you're still in the mid- to upper 30s. and aurora, almost at 50. we should see another 5, degrees on top of this by this afternoon. trinidad 54.
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most of our mountain towns will be in the 40s this afternoon.. here's a look at a couple of cities up and doon the front range. denver today mostly sunny. 58. fort collins in the low to mid- 50s. in boulder, 53. beautiful today. even warmer tomorrow. just as warm on saturday. it's sunday that we're tracking that next storm. we're going to show you when the mountains will pick up more snow in a minute. thank you. breaking news out of maris, where -- paris are police say a man was arrested at the entrance of disneyland paris with two guns. the woman who was traveling with the man was not taken into custody, but police are still looking for her. we'll bring you more information as we get it. at least 10 people have to find a new place to sleep tonight after a fire breaks out at their residential building at 24th and welton. one person was taken to the hospital in serious condition. this building is a ransitional
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to be homeless. one person we spoke to said he was thankful to get out alive. >> me and my wife were sleeping, heard a commotion. we ran down the stairs. sounded like something hit the building, actually. somebody started yylling fire and i smelled some smoke. we hurryed up and got dressed. i felt through the door and it was hot. warm. not really hot, but you could -`tell. >> it shut down light service in the area for a few hours because the fire hoses were blocking the rail lines. service back to normal now. a man and his dog escape a `ire overnight in evergreen. these are phhtos showing the heavy damage to the house on forest estates road. fire started around midnight but it's not been determined how.
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the affluenza teen is being put on a flight to return back to the u.s. today. it appears he violated his probation late last year when cell phone video came out showing him playing beer pong at a party. activists want him in jail. >> killed four people and never held accountable and we want to make sure he doesn't have the opportunity to create more victims. >> he and his mother fled to mexico city after the video came out. both were arrested last month. his mother is already in the states out on bond. couch could face ssgnificant jail time for leaving the country. deputies in arapahoe county are hoping somebody recognizes this men. police are looking to him in connection with a kidnapping and assault investigation.
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if you see him, do not approach him, call police. new developments for an off- duty jefferson county deputy shot in aurora. doctors say he is in stable condition and expected to recover. police say he was robbed by two people and shot several types tuesday night. also shot, one of the suspects who was just 16 years old. the second suspect got away and police are now offering a $6,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. right now police are searching for the man you see here. this is david mascarenas.. police say he was involved in a robbery in littleton ooer the weekend aad say the obbers contacted the victim over a craigslist ad. tied him up. he broke free and shot and killed one of the men as he tried to get away in his vehicle. if you've seen this man call %- police. a bill allowing coloradians to carry a concealed firearm without a permit is making its way through committees now. this issue brought out passionate debate on both sides. similar bills have already
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pass its first committee test yesterday. on the campaign trail, everyone still talking about donald trump and his plan to skip tonight's republican debate on fox news. while his no show actually help him in the polls? >> i get on the stage like a number of months ago, and i got somebody. >> reporter: instead, the gop front-runner talked about it on -`the network he's in a bitter public feud with, taking on bill o'reilly. >> i have zero respect for >> reporter: donald trump ants megyn kelly out. o'reilly suggest trump turn to his christian values. >> eye for an eye, you can look at it that way. >> no, no, that's old testment. >> you're takinn it out of context. >> reporter: ed cruz is demanding trump debate him one- on-one saturday. >> i don't think he's afraid of megyn kelly.
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i think he's afraid of the people of iowa. >> reporter: for the democrats, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in a statistical tie in a new "wall street journal" poll. sanders is back this iowa after his visit with president obama. >> the energy, enthusiasm, momentum is with us. >> reporter: the signs of momentum for sanders can be seen throughout iowa. the clinton campaign is watching. >> if they let sanders wwn iowa, he'll win new hampshire and this resets. >> reporter: as for trump, our political analyst says his supporters are sticking with him on this debate boycott. trump has an event in iowa tonight, a fundraiser to help veterans. we are 10 days away from super bowl 50. the broncos season ticket holders who scored a ticket have until tomorrow to pay for them. many are turning around and reselling the tickets for a lot
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they're only $1,500 a piece for season ticket holders. now the average ticket is going for aboot $7,500 on stubhub and that's a $6,000 profit. prices are way higher than they -`were when the broncos played the seahawks in 2014. then tickets averaged around 3900 bucks 10 days before the game. we have all your super bowl coverage here on denver 7. the excitement starts saturday with a live hour-long super bowl % sports special. it starts at 9:00 that night. then full coverage from our lisa hidalgo and eric lupher will be making the trip ffr live coverage every morning in the week ledding up to the big game -- heading up to the big game. broncos playing the panthers' quarterback cam newton in the headlines for remmrks about race. >> the fighting spartan will be tt0wlq=[@u^!t& >-0
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breaking news just in about the denver sheriff's department. the sheriffs announcing next week the department will be organized in two divisions. one will focus on operations, the other on administration. the sheriff says it will recognize the roles people play and will help better define their duties. he's been on the job about
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on the recommendation of that consultant hired to look into problems within the department. the broncos chase for the championship. the team's gear on the way to california. crews loaded it up for the journey yesterday. you can follow the journey if you want to using #broncostruck. bailey's offering fans a chance to win broncos gear. >> like to get the fans to participate. we want anybody who wants to guess the weight we're offering neat prizes. >> go to the web site we have a link with all the information. the nfl announced the %- referees for the big game and could be good news for broncos' fans. head ref cleat blakeman. broncos have never lost with him as ref. he was the referee who couldn't toss the coin properly.
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>> that was the coin's fault, not his.. >> exactly. >> i like the stats, though. can we send him cookies or something wrapped up? >> i don't know if we can, but we should. we're going to see temperatures that will rival what they'll see in santa clara. >> getting you ready. >> acclimateed for the trip. i'm so excited. i leave sunday. eric sunday, too. most of our crew wiil be out there at that point. lots of sunshine. 60s througg saturday. snow loves in sunday. we are in for a beautiful couple of days. temperatures well above normal. clouds. that's been all we've been deaaing with. already in some spots city park now at 50. dia at the airport we're at 47. estes park now 43.
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degrees above normal in most towns around denver. get to pueblo, 48. trinidad, 54. mountain towns in the 20s and 30s now. you're going to find a pretty mild drive if you're heading up to the mountains and dry roads along i-70. not mmch to show you. satellite and radar has been very quiet. just high clouds filtering in. that's what we'll see the next couple of days. watch our futurecast from today through tonight into early tomorrow morning. not much to show you. it's really not until midday friday that we'll sttrt to see more snow develop in the mmuntains. most of it will be west of the divide. east of it and across the plains mainly dry conditions and some sunshine tomorrow. by late friday into saturday that's when the snow will start to pick up in our mountain towns. steamboat, craig, rain/snow mix. near graad junction expected by early saturday. we're going to stay dry on the plains here in denver saturdayy
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today highs anywhere from 58 in denver to near 60 from ppeblo to lamar. really pleasant afternoon today. erie, 54. at the airport about 57. parker 53. 20s and 30s in the mountains. next few days perfect. upper 50s, around 60 friday into saturday. and then a change. come sunday our temperatures start to drop. snow will develop sunday. it's going to be light the second half of our weekend and monday could get most of our accumulation. closely. most of our recent models have amount of snow, upwards to 6 to 12 inches along some innthe front range, depending where the snow moves, we'll get a better idea what we'll see in town closer to it. tuesday snows lightening up and wednesday. we're watching this storm closely. could bring heavy snow monday. lisa, thank you. coming up this saturday, denver 7 is once again proud to
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expo at colorado mills in lakewood. this is a chance to learn about organizations and companies -`that can help you make the new year's resolutions stick. a big sponsor is csu's global campus. we have the president here. tell us about csu global, what you do. >> csu global was uniquely created to meet the needs of adult learners. we offer bachelor and master's degrees. it's 100% online, so it's developed to meet the schedules of busy parents, working professionals, to help themmget to their degree successfully. >> we're all so busy, so you can do it online. >> 100% online. >> amazing. >> we have faculty and student advisors that help our students who have busy lives navigate
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degree or certificate of completion. >> never too late. tell us what you'll be doing. >> we'll be sharing what we do, talkinn to potential students and telling them what that environment looks like. online learning is new to some people, so they need to know what that looks like and how does it feel and what are some challenges and how they can be it's an important conversation. >> for people that would do something like this, the online schooling,,do you have to be really disciplined on your own to go to a classroom? >> so we have a regimented schedule where students have to submit work. there's live interaction with faculty should they want there. there are deliverables and lots of peer to peer communication that happens so that in fact they can move along in lockstep. so there is support and we have the student advisors that chat to students to help them stay
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>> little bit of accountability. >> yes. >> are you seeing more of this type of learning? >> we have over 15,000 students since we've opened the last five or six years. they continue to come in and look for a way they can manage their work, manage theirr family, community obligations and still get education to either finish a degree or move up in a job. it could be life long learning skills they need. yes, we continuu to see very high demand in the flexible online schedules we have. >> very cool. one of the many things you can check out at the expo. this is going to be at he colorado mmlls this saturday from 10:00 to 4:00. 3 we'll all be out there. we'll have health, beauty, finance, education specialists.
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here are other stories today. a garbage truck in new jersey, it caught on fire.
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ruptured, t blew up, shooting like a rocket in someone's house. three other homes were damaged. two truck operators in the cab got out just fine. no one was hurt. after having four dauggters, a father in new york said, well, he'd all but given up on having a son. when his wife became pregnant again, he was expecting another girl. he cut into this special cake, pink for girl, blue for boy. it's a boy. watch him, the shock was so great he got a sudden head down he went. trying to ride a bike with one hand can be difficult, right? how about this guy riding a bike holding a couple of goats. the goats looking around, seem fine on the bike there. two of the best online comments were, it's actually two sheep
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and thissone, he's in charge of entertainment at the bachelor party. we have devoted fans in bronco country. apparently they have devoted fans in carolina country, too. [ rapping ] [ growling ] our offense and defense so intense, your team will be the losers if you got a lick of sense [ rapping ] >> those are some fly hip-hop lines. >> they are pretty fly. >> really fly. and that guy is the guy i want to have telling me he's fly. >> super fly. the broncos' rap is way better. we'll have that later in the thank you. end. look at this face here.
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7-month-old ila. lisa's daughter is spelled the same way. she is from troy, michigan. winner for the gerber contest. she'll get $50,000 prize from gerber and you'll see her picture being shared on instagram, facebook throughout the year. she may appear in some adss such a cutie. this afternoon aspen is welcoming the top winter athletes for the x games. kicks off at 1:00 p.m. goes through the weekend. the first event is unified snowboard races. we introduced you to one of the 10 special athletes competing, cody field. >> i always keep my awesomeness up. everybody i know in special olympics, they all adore me and i adore them. >> i feel so ageless, yeah! >> his enthusiasm is over the
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to help out the other boarders. he's taken boarding lesson nd he'll bring that back to the %- team. >> cody has participated in the special olympics more than 10 years. he also plays soccer, basketball and volleyball. very active guy. tax time around the corner. scam artists are trying to steal your refund. >> time is running out to get health insurance. >> denver officer facing a lawsuii over this surveillance video.
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good morning. if you're just joining us we have you covered. we are gathering all the top stories today, including the frantic search for a fondler on the du campus. there was another incident overnight. this is the third in the past few days. denver7 sally mamdooh has been talking to people on campus all morning. >> reporter: this incident took place here on josephinn and iliff avenue. a woman was walking by herself late at night out here when she was grabbed by a suspect. the description matches the description of the suspect that attacked as wwll two other ago. du tells me because of this, campus safety will now increase
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near the campus area. they're asking students to be vigilant and report suspicious activity. and they have an escort service, you can call the safety line, they're open 24/7. one of the personnel out there will assist the student and escort them to where they need to go. denver 7. breaking new details on the colorado woman killed while investigators now say 25-year- old laura mann was suffocateed to death in her apartment. she grew up in western colorado, attended cu boulder. she was working as an au pair and her death is being treated as murder. her neighbors say she lived in a safe area. her friends have been questioned and police are invvstigating new leads. so far, no suspects and no arrests have been made at this point. at least 10 people have to find a new place to sleep
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at a residential building near 24th and welton in the five points area. light rail was shut down near that area for little while this morning. service is back to normal. officials are trying to figure out how this started. right now the denver police officer seen in this surveillance video outside a bar is the target of a lawsuit. the video shot in 2014 of july shows officer choice johnson shoving brennnn schreiber. sccreiber was injured after falling down steps. initially the department suspended officer johnson for excessive force, buu that was later overturned. schreiber spoke to us about that decision. >> honestly i couldn't believe it. %- i thought it was a joke. i couldn't relate his actions to my career, but i wouldn't way he did. >> officer johnson says the video doesn't show schreiber agenting out and appeals
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to get the man to sit down. here's a live look from the state capitol. about 500 students, parents and teachers skipping chool to rally for national school choice week. the goal is to make sure parents know about the options they have and also to show how school choice can impact the students' life. this really e will be going on the next hour or so. group of democratic lawmakers making their push for equal pay for equal work this afternoon. they'll announce several bills, that will happen around 12:30. we'll keep you posted on that. city raalying around the this is cool here. people who work for the broncos and panthers get to go to the super bowl. both team owners are sending all employees, even interns, to the coaches say success wouldn't have been possible without all the staff. here in denver we spend a lot of time talking about our
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but this morning cam newton can be a lightning rod for controversy. in a press conference he said it might have something to do with his race. abc's ryan smith has the story. >> reporter::he's been called everything from a show boat -- >> that's an extended celebration if you're an opponent. >> reporter: to mmature. this morning, cam newton of the super bowl bound carolina pantters is saying the reason behind some of that criticism is the color of his skin. >> i'm african-american quarterback that may scare a lot of people because they haven't seen nothing that they can compare me to. >> skipping along, takes a bow. >> reporter: newton saying wednesday his onfield exuberance is nothing new and he's staying true to himself. >> i'm doing exactly what i want to do, how i want to do it, and when i look in the miiror, it's me.
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lighting up the internet. some claiming hippocras. >> someeody wants to tag me as a hispanic head coach, i want to be a head coach. i don't think he wants to be known as an african-american quarterback, but as a quarterback, and a great one at that. >> reporter: for newton, he ssys there's another reason his critics have him in his cross hairs. >> the only thing that's changed is we're winning. >> we have all your super bowl coverage here on denver 7. the excitement starts saturday with ` live hour-long special from santa clara starting at 9:00 p.m. and we'll have full coverage from california throughout the week. lisa hidalgo and eric lupher will be making the trip. they'll give us live coverage every morning. it's a lot of work.
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w-2 in the mail yet, you probably will by monday. scammers are ready to steal your iiformation. this year the governnent is avoid tax fraud. 3 you'll need your driver's license and the last four digits of your social. >> right as i tried to submit it with my social security number, it popped up saying it had already beennfiled and i thought, no, this is definitely the first time i've filed. >> the best way to make sure you're not a victim, they say file our taxes early. another deadline is quickly approaching if you haven't `igned up for health insurance yoo ave until sunday. the local market place for insurrnce connect for health colorado is expecting a last- minute surge of people. if you choose not to get coverage, you'll be on the hook for a fine of about $700.
11:32 am
is not insureed and said it's worth the risk. >> i cannot afford it now. the penalty is cheaper than the total for the entire yeaa. >> you get nothing in return. with the health insurance you get financial security to protect you from that catastrophic financial loss. >> an expert says before you decide to take the fine, check for tax credits that could save you money. a driver hospitalized after a crash on southbound i-25, happened near colfax around 2:30 in the morning. no role if drugs -- no idea if drugssor lcohol played a role. robert dear, jr. will undergo a monthal evaluation, charged with the killings at a colorado springs planned parenthood last year. police say this man is not
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interest at this point in following a boy. denver is using a new funding model to provide housing to 25000 chronically homeless. some will start moving in this week. officials say it could save the city up to $7 million. a social impact bond was approved, which will pull from private investors and federal fund. >> no one believes this is going to end homelessness, but it's a down payment to both immediately house up to 250 people, keep them housed, but to demonstrate the effectiveness of that approach. investors, or pay back investors based on the program's success. today marks 30 years since the space shuttle challenger tragedy. remembrance for the seven crew 3 1986. it protect apart -- broke apart 73 seconds after lauuch, `eaving everyone in shock.
11:34 am
the situation. >> among the crew members killed was ellison onizuka who graduateed from the university of colorado. the university is planning to remember him on saturday, along with other victims of space tragedies. one ride sharing driver got the surprise of a lifetime when he found out the woman in the back of his seat was going into labor. hear him describe how he jumped into action. >> before the broncos head to % california, they're heading back to school. we'll tell you where c.j. annerson went for story time. >> almost 11:40 and temperatures above normal. 50 in denver. southwesterly wind 5 to 15. clear. lots of sunshine. it's on oor seven-day forecast. we're going to talk more about
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[ rapping ] told you it was better than the panthers' song. local broncos fans have come up with a tribute to the team ahead of super bowl 50. maniacs of broncos country put together this rap song and music video. keep sharing your pictures with us. we've gotten so many great ones. check out this familyy love the crazy hat, by the way. we wanted to show you this family decked out in broncos gear here. we love the sign, manning for president.
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you can post your pictures on our facebook page or on twitter using #broncospride. some of the players are heading back to the classroom. demarcus ware got quite the surprise when he dropped his son off in the dallas aaea. the kids made signs saying broncos rock. this story is awesome. broncos runningback c.j. anderson stopped by willow creek in centennial after getting a special delivery. >> i was reading it, initial letter from the teachers the 3 students in their class, ad beautiful drawings and i read all 41 letters. that kind of got me to come up here. >> dear c.j., we are your biggest fans. do you want to come to kindergarten? we would have so much fun. >> you are the best runningback.
11:37 am
please come. that's all. `> i remember when i was in third grade we used to write stories. >> how cute is that handwriting? the teacher had her students write anderson the letters. she delivered them and wasn't sure if she would hear back. you can imagine her excitement when she gottthe call he wanted to come lead story time. >> so cool. i'm sure it meant the world to them. my daughter now in first grade, she comes home with stuff she's written. in ouu heads we know how to spell it, but if you read it phonetically, they got it. so funny. >> okay, recess, r-e-s-e-s. >> makes more sense than with the c. >> maybe they know more than us. >> nice day in store. beautiful weather for the broncos' practice. first alert weather tracking gorgeous weather. by midday, 53.
11:38 am
highs around 60 and tonight about 45. no complaints. it will be a nice day. another live look from our wireless camera. eastern colorado a few clouds, that's it. lots of sunshine today. our temperatures it looks like well above normal. i'm not sure what i id here with this graphic. it's a new system i'm learning. i'm getting it. 53 in city park now. at the airport 47. in greeley 37. here's the good news with this new system, we have added more cities so we're going to try to get to your neighborhood. deer trail, 54. castle rock 50. conifer, 43. state-wide to the southwest, 20s and 30s there. we're watching our western slope closely. it looks like we could be in for heavy snow. today not so much. clear skies. the entire state looking at sunshine. few high clouds. no big change.
11:39 am
tomorrow morninn we'll start to see a little more cloud cover. by 9:30 friday morning we are `till really dry tomorrow. your drive in denver will be a nice one. if you're headinn off to work tomorrow, no big problem. sun the biggest problem. 5:30tomorrow night, that's when we will start to see snow, mainly west of the divide. no alerts have been posted yet. but i would expect within the next 24 hours we'll start to see a few issued for the weekend. early saturday morning, 4:00 in the morning, we are still dry across the plains. %- it will pick up in intensity within the next couple of days. then we'll see a chance for it monday. until then,,enjoy the 50s, 60s. denver 58 today. you're going to find upper 40s to low 50s covering northeastern colorado. closer to 60 across the ssuth. today. steamboat springs, 31.
11:40 am
nice through evergreen and bailey. we have so many cities on there. seven-day forecast, first three days of it gorgeous. close to 60 through saturday. beautiful the first half of our weekend. sunday we'll get an increase in clouds and chhnce for snow. that snow will develop. it wwll be light sunday. there might be enough on the ground monday morning to make for a messy commute and we'll get more accumulation throughout the day on monday. into the middle of next week, skies will gradually clear. it will be a lot colder with temperatures half of what we're seeing now. i have to give a shoutout to these kids. these are the second graders in stapleton. i was at a school visit earlier this morning after we did cut ins for good morning america. they are some of the smartest kids i've met. that. i almost brought a few of them to do the forecast midday. i had a lot of fun. i think they're watching now in their classroom. >> hey, guys. hi.
11:41 am
questions? >> they do. i love the funny questions like, who are you married to? where did you get your clothes? but i didn't gettany of those. all educated questions. >> fantastic. barbie getting a makeover. mattel is rolling out a new line of dolls that come in three different body types. tall, petite and curvy. they'll be on shelves in march. the company says they're a better reflection of what girls see in the world around them. the leader of the protest in oregon is telling his comrades to stand down. >> reporter: three more protestors under arrest and each facing one federal felony count. to those still occupying the federal land in oregon, a message from the group's leader, ammon bundy speaking out from jail through his attorney. >> i love you. let us take this fight from here. please ssand down.
11:42 am
others were taken into custody yesterday. another member was shot and killed by law enforcement following a traffic stop. >> didn't have to happen. we all make choices in life. sometimes our choices go bad. >> reporter: authorities so far giving no details about the deadly shooting, but this morning conflicts amounts are emerging how he died. >> they murdered him. had his hands in the air. they shot him. >> he was not on his knees. >> rrporter: with remaining militants surrounded by federal to o home. >> i wished they had listened when we said, go home.
11:43 am
shooting, police say a full investigation is underway. elizabeth hur abc news new york it's a ride a lyft driver in kentucky will never forgee. he said he picked up a couple who asked them to take hem to the er because the baby was on the way. >> she started off in the passenger seat behind me. down in the bench, the third row bench seat. >> he ended up making it to the hospital, but there was no time to get mom out. so dad ran inside and got nurses. >> it already started happening. she had already started delivering the baby at that point. they finished the delivery in -`my car. >> the mother gave birth to a healthy 6.5-pound baby girl. her name is rose. congratulations. what a moment. a new study that will make you proud to live in colorado, as if you need another reason.
11:44 am
taking a live look over denver now, a gorgeous day. get out and enjoy the sunshine if you can. you shoulddfeel good about
11:45 am
our state is the fourth in the nation in terms of well-being. the survey was based on social life, financial opportunity, -`sense of purpose and community, and level of physical activity. the only states ahead of us, hawaii, alaska and montana. the same survey has good news for casual drinkers. people who have between one and 14 drinks per week -- >> amen! >> -- report the llwest levels of depression. about 7%. people who drink more than that have a slightly higher rate of depression. listen to this, people who don't drink at all, believe it or not, according to this study, are the most likely to identify as depressed. >> really? >> what they say. >> i'm embarrassed when you're at the doctor and you have to `ill out how many drinks you've had in the past ssven days. i trim it down a little. >> they say one or two a day is fine. >> yeah. when you're mother of two, definitely fine. >> all moms are going, yes. we have a nice couple of days in store. i think i left a picture of the
11:46 am
upper 50s to low 60s today through saturday. just keep watching us this next will change with this storm. looks like at least a few sections across our state will get heavier snow, depending where that snow moves, we'll have a beeter idea. >> when lisa leavessfor california, we get a massive snowstorm.
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