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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  January 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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morning america." have a great friday and an even better wee donald trump wasn't there, but he was a big topic of conversation at last night's republican presidential candidate. >> as law enforcement prepares for super bowl l, fans here are preparing for an epic sendoff for the broncos. we're live with a look at that. i'm mitch jelniker. >> i'm kellie patterson. hopefully you've enjoyed these about to come to an end. not too bad there morning -- this morning. 40 degrees. >> we're going to get a lot of
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>> 285, 93, along i-70 the `uspect spots. winds 5 to 10. first round at this point light slope. we are still going to be dry across the plains. we're watching this storm closely. it could bring heavy snow to denver come sunday into monday. today and tomorrow we're still nice and mild. mostly sunny. 54 by noon and by 3:00 highs near 60 degrees. same story on saturday. sun not so much. we're going to talk about how cold it gets and when the snow develops in a few minutes. >> it is very windy. taking a look at the wind sensor along highway 93 and 72. last gust 44 miles per hour. temperatures near 50 degrees. i-70 and genesee, it's shaking around a bit.
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drive on 285, on i-70 and to the west side of town. otherwise, a lot of green out there. construction being picked up on i-25 both sides of the city. otherwise a pretty easy friday morning commute. jayson, thank you. %- breaking news, a driver could face charges after this car ended up wedgeed between a brick wall and tree. happened near clarkson and speer. the driver took off and police are still looking for the driver. du campus a search for at least one man assaulting women. three women have been attacked in the last week along, all forcibly fondleed. they're stepping up patrols around campus. students say there are things on campus that could be fixed. %- >> i think it's not very well lit on campus, so it's easy. >> du campus security is reminding students they do offer a student to walk
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they're not feeling safe. it's available any time of day. the victims have given similar descriptions of the attacker. the search is on for this man, held up a champion bank in douglas county yesterday morning. this man was armed with a gun, he ordered everyone to lay down on the floor as he ran off with money. several schools in the area were put on lockdown. the search came up empty. if you recognize this man call police. three more days until the iowa caucuses and last night the republican candidates had a chance to make their case. front-runner donald trump was not there. still, that didn't stop him from being a main topic of conversation. >> i'm a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly, and ben, you're a terrible surgeon. now that we've gotten the
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>> the seven candidates in the main debate talked about abortion and immigration. a short distance away trump had a rally to raise money for military veterans. meanwhile, president obama told his democratic lawmakers in the house they have a reason to be optimistic about the november election. during a retreat in baltimore the president told the group democrats will win because the economy is better than it was when he took office. and he took a dig at trump, saying the u.s. won't strengthen itself by "allowing politicians to insult muslims." this is the fatal confrontation between the
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police say robert finnicum reached nto his pocket where they say he had a loaded gun and they shot and killed him. no signs of gunshots or stab wounds on the colorado woman who was found dead in austria. officials hope toxicology tests might reveal more. details why a colorado springs police sergeant is behind bars. he was helping another officer with another arrest when the suspect started fighting back. according to arrest documents, he kicked the suspect while he was handcuffs and draged him by his leg chains into the car before punching him. big changes in store for the troubbed denver sheriff's department.
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split into two separate operations, operations and administration. for the first time since they pulled three boys from a parker pond the rescuers are talking. >> i believe that i did everything that i could have, but you'll always kind of think back and wish you could have done more. >> that is parkee police officer trey barnonzi, the first one there, pulling cole robinson to safety. the other two were already under water at that point. >> it's difficult to process. i mean, i'm extremely happy that cole made it out of the water. but your heart is broken for not being able to help the other two. >> he says patrick was trying %- to rescue max who couldn't swim. that's when they both went under the ice. both died. from now on parker police will have ropes in all of their
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the latest on the zika virus. large sporting events are at least partly to blame for spreading of the virus. brazil had a million cases last year. here at home the fda is working to keep people who donated the infected areas from -- visited the infected areas from donatedding blood. fbi is taking every precaution possible to protect the fans and athletes at super bowl l. their ggest concerns are a mass shooting or lone wolf patrol. the broncos will hit the field again today for their second three practices at home before leaving for california. they're going to leave sunday. everyone practiced yesterday, except for the safeties, stewart, ward, but the broncos say they will play in the big game of course.
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a sendoff from us in colorado. should be a packed event. >> the rally will happen sunday at denver civic center park. starts at 1:00. the mayor will be there channeling his days as broncos mascot. >> reporter: when you come out to celebrate sunday for this rally, be careful what you wear, because counterfeit gear is flooding the market, as it does every year. in fact, the nfl will hold a news conference during super bowl week in san fran to talk about it. if the price seems too good to be true, stay away. if you see misspellings on web sites selling nfl gear, that's a red flag. and your best bet, buy from reliable authorized dealers, because if you don't, your security is at risk, personal information going out to unreliable sources.
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the super bowl, u.s. immigration and customs enenforcement seized up to 200,000 pieces of fake gear, in millions of dollars. when you buy your manning like target. it's where i got this one. >> looks good, too. >> tar -- jay. >> lisa and eric will be heading to the super bowl this weekend. we begin super bowl coverage at 9:00 saturday night with a special from santa clara. >> we'll ave them on the set, fly them out every day -- no, we'll have them live out there. officials in new jersey still trying to figure out what caused a sonic boom startleed a lot of people. >> barbie getting a makeover. a look at her new shapes just ahead. >> it's 4:39.
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winter weather alerts issued for the mountains. we're going to see more of those over the next couple of days.
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welcome back. it's 4:42.
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advanced sonar is now joining the search for the missing malaysia flight that crashed in the indian ocean in march of 2014. the ship has a sonar that's more sensitive. now to the mystery of the sonic boom over southern new jersey yesterday. there were a total of nine separate booms and they were heard and felt as far away as long island, new york, even connecticut. many people thought there might have been an earthquake. >> started out like a freight train. like a tornado was coming. then all of a sudden everything was -- i thought my trailer was going to come off the fountion. >> it happens when an aircraft travels faster than the speed of sound. so far nobody has claimed responnibility. but the navy said it could have been coming from some of their aircraft. they were doing tests in maryland. it's a warm start out there. >> it's nice.
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winds temperatures all over the board, but pretty mild. tracking a storm, though. evergreen 33. city park now 444 we've got greeley just below freezing. it's a pretty mild start to our day. up into the mountains some teens and 20s there. `loser to 40 to the south near pueblo and trinidad. some of our gustiest winds in the foothills 30 to 40 miles per hour. we have a crew on it now. we'll have an update coming up. looking at satellite and radar you can see the clouds that have moved in over i-25 this morning and light snow now moving in on the western slope. you look at highs for today, very mild. mid- to upper 50s, close to 60. fort collins about 52. some spots 55. groom 49. -`denver, the springs, pueblo, close to 60. getting up into the mountains
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it will start to cool down here as the snow moves in. 3 i want to fast forward our morning. at that point most of our snow and even rain/snow mix is still well off to the west. by the afternoon and it looks like late saturday into early sunday, we will start to see a in over denver. this storm seems to be speeding up a bit. we are going to pick up a couple of inches sunday, but there's a better chance of into monday. our totals still, as we've been talking about, could be about the 6 to 12-inch rain monday. snow develops sunday and it gets heavier by monday. look at the temperature drop, from upper 50s to 30s. we'll almost cut these numbers in half as we get into the first of next week. 30. on tuesday we're at 22. heading into the middle of next week, skies clear out.
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come on, it's still winter. on this friday morning. typically fridays are lighter than normal. we'll see how that plays out. colfax and speer downtown, there goes the light rail moving along. i-25 and 84th avenue, we will have slowdowns here as we have that ight lane closed down. they're putting in these grates in these drainage areas and that's why we haae it coneed off and blocked off and why we're seeing slowdowns every morning on the southbound side of i-25. rest of drive even to dia looks nice. thank you. a renewed push for equal pay for women now in the nation's capital. a series of bills to ensure women get paid the same as men was introduced yesterday. one bill would prevent an
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made from a previous job. we are talking education. marshall zelinger and anne trujillo will be looking at our state education policies sunday at 4:00, we are talking to two local superintendents. so if you have a question, you can tweet us @denver7politics. 4:47. japan is trying out negative interest rates to try to get the economy back on track. that country's central bank is cutting the rate to negative .1%. that means lenders will be charged. in theory, negative rates encourage banks to lend more to consumers rather than saving. they would also be weakening the currencies. yesterday the dow gained more than 125 points, pushing it back over 16,000. now on the futures market it is in positive territory.
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barbie is getting a makeover. mattel is releasing barbies with three nee shapes. >> petite, tall and curvy. >> ken gets nothing? >> i guess ken is perfect the way he is. >> receding hairline, beer belly. >> he needs a dad bod. a homeless man is devestated after the prospect of losing his beloved dog hey, you forgot the milk! that's lactaid. right. 100% real milk, just without the lactose. so you can drink all you want... ...with no discomfort? exactly. here, try some... mmm, it is real milk. see? delicious. hoof bump! oh. right here girl, boom lactaid . 100% real milk. no discomfort and for a creamy and delicious treat, try lactaid
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we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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here a looking at other stories making news hot on the internet today. ever wonder what happens on the commercial breaks? we all tend to be silly. especially here. this is what happened at cbs l.a. when during a commercial break they put up on their big screen live video of one of their mobile units driving on an area highway. so the anchors there, the weather guy, driving around, looking around, having fun with the video for about 30 seconds. they spin around and start presenting the news again. now you know what we do during commercial breaks. don't you just hate it when the outfit you're wearing is the same as the outfit worn by the hotel. this happened to this woman. noticed her shirts, shorts, all matched the colors of the hallway molding and carpet.
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happen if you take a fancy dyson vacuum cleaners and fill it full of gun powder and soak up a lit cigarette? it would explode like this. i think it was a couple of guys in norway that did this. except now you'll need another vacuum cleaner. how do you finish half a basketball with flair? dribble up to half court, chuck it and it goes in. little guy in wisconsin, maybe he's channeling his inner aaron rodgers and doing that last- second heave. lisa, you've been asking me for the longest time to find a video of a couple of chinese water dragons relaxing on small purple chaise lounges. >> that's not real. >> it's real.
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see his throat moving. watch his throat moving. see, he's live. >> how do they keep their arms like that and legs up? >> very well trained i suppose. >> i'm impressed, you did find it. made my day. number of winter weather alerts, most tonight through early sunday morning. we could be talking a good 1 to 2 feet of snow in the mountains. heaviest west of the divide. at this point no alerts for denver. would not be shocked within the next 24, 36 hours if we see a weather advisory posted. decent snow sunday lasting through monday. temperatures will take a huge drop. enjoy today and tomorrow, upper 50s, 60 through saturday. with the storm speeding up, could get a light rain/snow mix as early as saturday night through sunday and heavier snow as the storm makes its move monday. i put the bright spot on saturday. 57 tomorrow. 38 sunday.
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building volume around town. overall, not too bad. 6th coming in at sheridan, slow traffic thrrugh sheridan and will start breaking free by federal side streets, tenth and sheridan look okay. quebec smith road the east side of town looking good, wide open if you want to travel from the rock to the springs or denver tech center. it was an exciting day for our flying spartan at the x games in aspen. special olympics athlete cody field snaged fifth place. denver7 introduced you to cody last weekend. once you meet him, you won't forget that, we promise that. to see his story see why he's called the flying spartan, head over to next friday morning we'll meet our next athlete.
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is out for the x games. shaun white won't be competing this year. apparently he wasn't invited to compete. whithas 23 x games medals, 15 are gold and a record. the x games not saying why he wasn't asked to compete. web site's camp not saying much either. very strange. >> yeah. what's the real story? >> we'll find out hopefully. >> it will come out. >> huge star. people love watching him. >> we'll find out. this next story is one of group of denver sheriff's deputies going beyond the call of duty. >> jeffrey mendez is homeless and was arrested earlier this month for having an illegal police officer. his dog was taken to the animal shelter. he was in jail30 days.
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to have bonnie held at a dog rescue. they're having her spayed and vaccinated and waiting forrhim to be released so they can be back together. >> that's nice. they found a good safe spot for her. >> 246 bucks, yeah. >> that's a lot. it's 4:56 now. as we head into our 5:00 a.m. hour on denver 7, chances are if you're awake, you probably have checked facebook. >> it's part of why the site is raking in the dough now. we'll tell you how much ahead. >> also, we're live with the latest on the assaults on the du campus. >> students are weighing in on what they think could keep them safer. we'll have more on that and on the investigation into the person that's fondleed three people in less than a week. and the snow that's headed our way. wouldn't know it now, it's 40 degrees out there. we'll be right back with denver
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