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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  January 29, 2016 5:30am-5:59am MST

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will join us with more on the search. >> super bowl security no joke. authorities in california using all kinds of devices, including ones called sniffer testers. >> reporter: broncos boulevard, well, it will be flooded with fans come sunday here at civic center park for a big rally. thank you for waking up with us on this friday morning. i'' kellie patterson. >> i'm not completely up, i'm going to admit it. >> it's okay. >> i'm mitch jelniker. jayson is keeping an eye on the traffic and lisa, the weather is changing a lot. >> i'm kind of glad i'm leaving for california on sunday. i'm also sad i'm missing the snow. you know how much i love snow. sunday and monday could be 6 to 12 inches. >> we have your cell phone number. we'll publish that and call you. >> snnw falling now in the mountains. jayson had great pictures over vail pass of the snow coming down. will lighten up the next couple of hours. we'll see sunshine in the mountains by midday. across the plains, this morning we are in the 30s and 40s to start.
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clouds early on. nice temperatures by this afternoon. a high in denver of 59. then tonight heavier mountain snow and here in denver temperatures are going to drop here's our highs. upper 40s near greeley. close to 50 in sterling. denver the springs close to 60. 30s and 40s in the mountains. two more days of this. today and tomorrow. drop. jayson, watching this storm it looks like it's speeding up a bit. so we'll start to see moisture by saturday afternoon. >> take a look at thh snow. >> so pretty. >> falling hard over vail pass and even into the town of vail. fresh powder this weekend copper mountain and heading to vail. a tough drive as well. snow blowing through here. it is really going to make -`driving tough. take a look at i-70 genesee. no snow, but the camera is bouncing around because of the winds, that's ahead of the storm. very windy conditions along
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be aware of that. no official advisories. i-25 okay for now. slowdown there at 84th, drive getting up to dia also looks okay, but could be a bumpy ride out. thank you. police are looking for the man who keeps fondling women at du. it's happened three times in just a week. denver7 reporter sally mamdooh joins us with reaction from the >> reporter: kellie, these incidents have terrified students out here. now thee're doing whatever they can to protect themselves from this fondling suspect. i spoke to one student who tells me she's now carrying a taser and pepper spray. we also spoke to personal safety instructor and here are things she says women can do. >> scratching, biiing, hitting, your voice. we know we have great evidence
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or doing something really helps assault from progressing. >> reporter: also campus safety officials say they do offer escorts for those who want company to and from class. those services are available 24/7. so far, 150 students have used those services just this month. goes to show you how on edge some of these students are because of this suspect who is still on the loose. we're learning more about this colorado woman killed while working in austria. laurrn mann, only 25, was suffocateed to death, this was inside her apartment there. she grew up in western colorado, attended cu boulder. her death is being treated as a murder. police say they have questioned her friends and investigating any leads they find. so far, no suspects and no arrests. this man, thomas moore, a former nurse is facing more inappropriately touching patients.
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weld county. so far, five more victims have come forward, saying he assaulted them. some of them are in larimer county. equal pay for equal work. that's what state lawmakers say it's time for. they just unveiled a series of bills to get women at the same pay scale as men. one bill would prevent potential employers to ask how many you made at -- how much you made at your previous job. >> in my case, if my employer had not known about my previous >> a colorado women's organization did research that shows colorado women make 20% less th men. hundreds of students, parents and teachers were at the capitol yesterday. choice week. it's a time dedicated to helping parents and students find the resources available for academic success, regardless if a student can
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two more officers are patrolling the streets in douglas county. the deputies tell us k-9 officers you see here working around the clock. it's paying off. they say altogether six dogs have helped confiscate 50 pounds of marijuana. it was being sold illegally. they're used in everything from traffic stops to helping out at bank robberies. >> i think in september we took money. >> by the way, a local kennel donated these k-9 officers. keeping people safe at the importance this year. this is like an old fashioned train whistle, but turns out this is an air sampling unit that can detect a biological attack. people are calllng this a sniffer tester. the program is costing
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our own eric lupher is headed to the super bowl. broncos pride. he's live at denver civic center park previewing the rally set for this sunday. he's got details. eric. >> reporter: got my gloves. you knew these were coming on. these will be going to san francisco, by the way, when i go to the super bowl. not sure about the scarf. might be too warm in san fran for this. i bring this, too, along with my peyton manning jersey. speaking of, wearing this garb when you come to the rally sunday, starts at 1:00, you'll want to be prepared because there's also the worrr about counterfeit goods. take a look at this, this is actually from two years ago. bowl u.s. immigration and customs enforcement teams seized more than 200,000
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this is video of some of that merchandise the nfl displayed. quick tips to protect yourself, if the price seems too good to be true, stay away. if you see misspellings on web sites selling the gear, that's a red flag. your best bee, buy from reliable authorized dealers. if you don't it's your own security at risk, peesonal information going out to unreliable sources. broncos boulevard here at civic center, it's kind of just vacant now. there's nobody here except for me and my bright orange. on sunday this place will be full. i'm sure there will be thousands. let's hope there will be thousands as we send off our broncos to super bowl l. i'm eric lupher, denver 7. >> mantiies people are wondering what eric is doing. throw that out there. >> but if they watch denver 7 they'll know what you're doing. we have our crews headed to california, so we'll begin live
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our one-hour show begins at 9:00 before the news at 10:00. we have exciting news for one of our special olympics colorado athletes. >> cody field came in fifth place, part of a unified event at the x games in aspen yesterday. our two special colorado reporters introduced you to cody last weekend. if you'd like to see that interview, head to our web site, also it's on the denver 7 app. he's got a lot of enthusiasm. it's fun, you'll like it. >> such a great personality. there are plenty of places where you're not allowed to smoke. should your carb one of them -- %- caa be one of them? >> like a freight train. like a tornado was coming. >> a mysterious boom rattles a community. happened. >> it's now 5:38. upper 50s. the biggest issue for us along the front rangg will be winds. i've had reports in nedderland where it's gusty.
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per hour. look at our highs today, greeley 48. boulder 53. 50s to near 60, big change this weekend. details coming up. >> one accident to the east side of town along airport at colfax, souuh of i-70. if you'll be using i-70 or airport getting out to dia,
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happy friday. check out this live picture from our nation's capital. beautiful sunrise and snow on the ground, remnants of that big storm they had last week. new video showing a deadly confrontation between the oregon militia members and fbi. this is from a plane piloted by the fbi agents. they're looking after this suv. it gets stuck in a snow bank. but the investigators say the person in the car, robert finicum, reached towards his pocket and they say he was carrying a loaded 9-millimeter pistol and that's why they say the fbi opened fire on him ann killed him. the so-called affluenza jail. he's waiting to learn if he'll be moved to an adult system. a judge is expected to decide today if he should be tried as a justify on adult. he killed four people in a drunk driving accident when he was 16.
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mexico when it looked like he brokk probation. lawsuit against caitlyn jenner is over. remember this car accident from last year? jenner rear-ended a car. one of the cars was pushed into an intersection that killed a driver. jenner settled a civil lawsuit. it's not clear how much money was involved. but jenner was never charged criminally for this accident. new this morning, smoking in cars where a child is present could become illegal. that's if connecticut lawmakers get their way. a republican representative is pushing this bill saying it's important to keep kids from second hand smoke. but keeping people from smoking in their own cars won't be an easy fight. >> i just think the role of the government is not to regulate our personal lives to that extreme extent. it's not going to workk there's probably no way to enforce it. >> i think it's a health issue, because you have to look the aspect when the kids get sick
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costs the taxpayers a lot of money as far as health care. first it was the blizzard, and then residents thought it was an earthquake. >> peeple in new jersey and new york are feeling all shook up. the area was hit with nine separate booms. earthquake at first, but the government says the booms are caused by fighter jets training nearby. still left a lot f people scared. >> house started shaking, dogs started barking. like. >> started out like a freight coming. was rattling. the wiidows. i thought my trailer was going to come off the foundation. >> best beard ever. the government says the booms happen when their planes broke flight. i've experienced it, it's scary, what is it? >> no warning, really. >> out of nowhere. >> whoa. >> i've never been in one. >> i remember them a lot when i
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happened more often. maybe it was the cold war or something. who knows. haven't heard one in a long time. interesting. we have an interesting couple of days weather-wise. we're going to be all over the place. sunday snow, monday heavy snow. today and tomorrow enjoy it. winds south-southwest. they are pretty gusty up and through the foothills. not bad here across the plains. we have a little cloud cover at the airport. temperatures from 27 in greeley to 42 at the airport. 42 at city park and 34 in fort collins. due to that westerly wind we're seeing a much warmer afternoon here in town. closer to 50 now in pueblo. heading west, gunnison another morning where we're below zero. eagle at 18. we are seeing snow. it moved in overnight. it is pretty heavy in spots, especially as you get west of the divide. east of it nice and dry. over vail pass good snow this morning.
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we're expecting drier conditions through midday. looks like mid-30s to low 40s in spots. eastern colorado look at thiss denver 59 today. fort collins, greeley a touch cooler, upper 40s to mid-50s. 53 in akron. 59 in the springs. another warm well bove normal day. here's what we're watching, a number of alerts that go in effect most late tonight and stay in effect through early sunday. heavy snow for the mountains and a good 1 to 2 feet in spots above 10,000 feet. east of the divide we have a winter storm watch in effect. but nothing yet here in denver. i'm guessing likely we'll see something pop up here within the next 24 hours, at least winter weather advisory. at 6:00 this morning, some of that snow we're getting in through the central mountains will clear out a bit by midday. we're going to stay under a mostly sunny sky in denver this afternoon. beautiful friday afternoon. tonight by about 10:00 that snow starts to pick up. if you are heading to the
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drive doesn't look bad. by early friday morning it will be icier. that's when it looks like at 8:30 saturday. tomorrow morning, buttby the afternoon a slight chance we'll pick up a few light rain and 3 snow showers, saturday night into sunday morning could see that. heavier snow sunday night into monday. big ccange temperature-wise. upper 50s friday, saturday. by sunday we're in the upper 30s. we're in the low 30s on monday. our accumulations i think throughout the day monday could we've been talking these numbers all week long and they're still holding strong at about 6 to 12 in town. we'll watch it closely. temperatures in the 20s and 30s for the start of next week, and sunshine returns by wednesday. great. >> good driving, yep. >> good driving conditions. we don't have great driving conditions in the mountains and southbound side of i-25 already bunching up.
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down there and trying to accelerate the work. but it's not done yet. we'll see this backup here on that north side of down. one accident, airport and colfax. sounds like most of the slowing is on the eastbound side of colfax. but not a huge delay where you would need an alternate route. going to be a hazard in that intersection. the denver tech center, i-25 and arapahoe, that looks pretty good. somebody called in and said there's a garbage truck broken down on arapahoe road near i-25 causing delays trying to get onto the highway. it's 5:48. ford celebrating, net income of $7.4 billion. fourth quarter earnings alone nearly doubled from the previous year. they expect high sales to continue and say this year could be more profitable than
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been a while since i was on the dating scene, but i hear things are changing. >> tindr is adding a feature that will let users see more of each other before meeting up. >> facebook's live stream now available for everyone. >> it allows users to broadcast video on their phone in real time directly to their news feed. >> previously it was only for journalists and celebrities. >> there's a new way to communicate on tindr. -`>> users can share short looped videos with their matches. uber is going up against amazon, launching what it calls uber ruuh. >> customers wanting instant shhpping gratification can use the delivery app the same way they use uber to call for a car. of course, they will have to pay an extra fee for that service.
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biils adding up. >> yes. your husband wonnt like that. >> those are your tech bytes. have a great day. they're known for rocking out on stage and now showing their skills in the kitchen. how you can taste some of the food from the band kiss. >> don't follow this guy's example. jayson will show you why vacuuming up gun powder and a lit cigarette is a terrible idea. >> hello. that is the broncos chase to the championship. check out this family. they have their broncos pride on and crazy hat included. >> and another name decked out in broncos gear. we love the sign, manning for president. keep ending your pictures in,
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound)
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social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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here's a looking at other stories making news hot on the internet today. ever wonder what happens on the commercial breaks? we all tend to be silly. this is what happened at cbs l.a. when during a commercial break they put up on their big screen liie video of one of their mobile units driving on an area highway. so the anchors there, the weather guy, driving around, looking around, having fun with the video for about 30 seconds. they spin around ann start presenting the news again. now you know. don't you just hate it when the outfit you're wearing is the same as the outfit worn by the hotel? it happened to this woman. noticed her shirts, shorts, all matched the colors of the
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what do you think would happen if you take a fancy dyson vacuum cleaner and fill `t full of gun powder and soak up a lit cigarette? this is wwat would happen. yep, it would explode like this. i think it looks kind of cool. i think it was a couple of guys in norway that did this. except now you'll need another vacuum cleaner. how do you finish a half a basketball in style with flair. go up to half court, cluck it at the buzzer and it goes in. little guy in wisconsin, maybe he's channeling is inner aaron rodgers. lisa, you've beennasking me for the longest time to find a video of a couple of chinese water dragons relaxing on small purple chaise lounges. you think it's fake. look, you can see the big guy here, look at his throat. he's swallowing. he's moving. >> llsa is getting very
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but you find it always. >> i'm always efforting. >> alwwys efforting. that's what you're doing. >> thank you, jayson. new developments out of michigan. the owner of the detroit pistons vows to raise $10 million to fix that toxic water crisis in flint. he's from flint and is worth more than $3 billion. he says he'll donate some of his money, not saying how much at this point. but he plans to help a network of business owners to help. don't you want somebody to love don't you need somebody to love sad news in the music world. original jefferson airplane away. he was 74. not only was founding member of jefferson airplane, but went on to lead another popplar band, jefferson starship. five minutes to 6:00. two founders of kiss are trading in their face paint and
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they opened up a new restaurant in oklahoma city. >> it's probably not the case they're actually doing the cooking. it's a rock themeed restaurant in oklahoma city. they did more than just promote themselves, they helped a local veterans' group with a $20,000 check. >> if i were president, i would demand the first order of business before orders and beforr anything else, an amendment to the constitution that if you volunteer in the military, you're at least guaranteeed a job when you come home. >> simmons and stanley came up with the idea for the restaurant back stage after a concert one day back in 2010. i saw them in concert in the old mcnichols arena years and years ago, and my ears just have stopped ringing. very loud. >> you're bringing back good
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from 45 in city park to 28 in we're all over the place. 32 evergreen. 22 leadville and 1 in alamosa. mid- to upper 30s at the bus. windy in the foothills. a warm day, mostly sunny, with a high of 59. >> we have a lot of snow falling in the high country now. it's really messing over vail pass. you can see how much snow is falling there now. we also have as you see a good drive on the denver tech center.
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