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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  January 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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yes it does. it's 6:00 a.m. at its finest. could hit 60 today. but the snow is ccming. yes indeed. it's already snowing up in the high country. >> here's a look at this big system headed our way. still time for all the change, but we could be buried for a foot of snow at the start of the work week, is that true? >> been watching totals not change a lot. 6to 12 inches possible in denver. i think our heaviest accumulation will come sunday night into monday. our monday drive is the tough one. already as you saw seeing snow in the mountains. it will die down a bit by midday. over vail pass jayson had beautiful winter pictures from
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this morning here in denver sunny skies. we're right now looking at 40s. very mild. windy in the mountains. last check gusts upward of 30, 40, even 50 over berthoud pass. this afternoon mostly sunny. about 59. then tonight that's when that mountain snow turns a little bit heavier. we'll stay dry here on the plains through tomorrow. most of tomorrow. by tomorrow afternoon could get a little rain and snow. we'll talk about it. thepoint is, enjoy today. today and tomorrow we'll be in the upper 50s, near 60. a lot colder by sunday. >> enjoy the drive east of thee divide. west of the divide it's a little bit of a problem. this is silverthorne, snow packed roads and very snowy over vail pa now and into the town of vail. this side of the pass we're seeing a lot of strong winds and that will be an issue on 93, 470, and along i-70 and 288. drive up to the north side of
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110th. congested to 84th avenue. construction in place at 84th and it's slowing down traffic from the thornton parkway. a couple of problems on the side streets, including one an accident at colfax affecting mostly the eastbound side. other problem west side of town, lights malfunctioning sheridan at louisiana, a touch south of mississippi. thank you. breaking news from overnight. denverrpolice find this bmw wedgee between a brick wall and a treee when they came over they found no driver inside. the crash happened just before 2:00 a.m. on speer near clarkson. police say the driver ran off before they got there. du campus security wants us all to know they are available 24/7. you can see one of their tweets here. this is the number you can call escort. this is across the du campus, any time of day. women especially on alert after a third reported case of a fondling going on around
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live on campus this morning following up on this report. >> reporter: when walking around, especially during the dark, you want to be aware of your surroundings. this is why campus city officials are asking students not to be listening to music when they're walking around or even on their phooe texting, because these are all distractions that could really put them at risk. the campus safety officials have increased patrol, foot and car patrol, near the campus area as well as on campus to ensure they're being visible. `he sussect is described as 6- foot tall, college age. he's still on the loose, and they're asking people to report any suspicious activity. they also say when students need company to walk them two and from school, they're asking
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so far 150 students have utilized that line and that service, which goes to tell you it is dark out here and if we turn off the lights now you'll see how it is very dark, you can barely see me. it really is scary when you're around yyurself and a girl, i know what it feels like. when something like this has been happening, really puts the campus on edge. denver 7. >> sally, thank you. this new video showing a fire as it tore through a shelter for homeless people, we brought this to you at 24th nd wellon as breaking news yesterday. one person is seriously injured their home. police found lauren mann dead on tuesday in austria.
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suffocateed. but police re wondering why there was a considerable amount of blood in her apartment and homicide. u.s. official says north korea may have tried to test components of a hydrogen bomb earlier month. the official said the assessment comes after careful analysis of the test data. this is a shift from last month, or earlier in the month when the white house says the evidence was not consistent with a successful hydrogen bomb test. i believe that i did everything i could have, but you'll always kind of think back and wish you could have done more. >> those words coming from a parker police officer, one f the rescuers who tried to save the three teens who fell through an icy pond. two of the boys didn't survive and denver 7's lindsay watts is live with more from rescuers speaking about this for the
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happened here is still heavy on %- the pond where the boys went in is just beyond this fence. you can see this has become a memorial for those o boys who died. we can only imagine the frantic rescue effort here earlier this month, with first responders doing everything possible to save the boys. the first officer on scene used a tree branch to use cole robinson out of the water. he said he couldn't see the other two boy or he would have jumped in the water to try to save them. paarick lanz died that niiht. max died later. >> i'm extremely happy cole made it out of the water, but your heart is broken for not being able to help tte other two. >> reporter: parker police say moving forward they are going
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cars for situations just like this one and they are continuing to urge people to stay off of icy ponds. live in parker, lindsay watts, denver 7. countdown to super bowl l is on. broncos versus the panthers in santa clara, california. this is the official count down clock. nine days. the broncos leave in sunday. denver7 reporter eric lupher is live this morning where you can help send them off in style. eric. >> reporter: we ready, we ready -- remember that chant they used to do, sporrs authority fieed? maybe you don't. i'll just move on. but yes, the rally, it's on sunday and if last week's big -`rally downtown is any indication, it will be packed. larimer street was flooded withh orange last friday. the broncos pride must have worked pause the broncos went
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course we know the result, a ticket to super bowl l. ere are the details for this sunday. 1:00in the afternoon here. the mayor will be out to support. he has history, too, rooting on the broncos. huddles mascot costume. the wind starting to pick up a little bit here at civic center. my scarf is flying around a little bit. may have snow sunday, but that won't stop the supporters from coming out. >> heavens no. >> that's right. >> you're leaving in time for the snow. i'm leaving sunday, and i'm bumed, you know how much i love ssow. it's going to be so much fun. eric and i will be live theee every morning. we're also going to do the 11:00 and 4:00 show so we can bring you everything from the nfl experience. >> and you guys won't sleep. >> no.
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>> give me a caffeine drip, i'll be good. nice start to our day. things are changing looks like this weekend you'll find big snow sunday into monday. >> i kept thinking all the computer models you had would >> sometimes thee do. we have a warning as you gear up for super bowl l. the state says there are fake tickets popping up online. they recommend only buying from someone who is a member of a national associatio % ticket brokers. also, they say avoid craigslist. they say watch what you wear, counterfeit clothing flooding the market. look for that nfl sticker. peyton manning has had to answer a lot of questions about his future with the nfl and his past. he told reporters he's not thinking about the next season yet, he's focusing on the super bowl. he was also asked about the nfl's investigations into
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humane growth hormone. he said he welcomed that. let's check in with lisa. >> here's a look at those alerts. most going in effect late tonight through early sunday. we're going to get a good 1 to mountains. this will increase that. great snow ffr the ski resorts. >> still have delays on arapahoe road. the eastbound side at i-25 had causing delays. might affect a ramp. you can see some of the ramps
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6:13. a live look at vail pass. the snow is coming. it's coming down here, too. today will be nice. lisa has details on when that will roll into town. >> get ready for that. also, levi stadium grounds crew
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you have to look closely, accidently painted the broncos logo in the wrong end zone. >> they tried to erase it, oh, it's supposed to be down here. it's kind of faint. here's a closer look, obviously the crew caught this, fixed the error. maybe it's a good sign, huh? >> maybe. >> i don't know. let's check in with lionel. good morning, everybody. the chase for the championship. the stock show was just in town, so there was lots of talks about rodeos. including this guy, 18. peyton manning told patriots coach bill belichick this might be his last rodeo. so super bowl l his last game? we asked him that very question yesterday. >> i don't know in it's been confirmed or not. what happened to private conversations on the 50-yard line? they don't exist anymore. no confirmation on that whatsoever. we are oo to carolina.
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>> we're just excited about this. we wanted to make it to this, the big one. to have him starting, it's amazing. you never know, it might be his last. we're going to do our best to try to get the win. >> he hasn't said anything to me. playoffs and this opportunity with this football ttam. i can't speak for him. he'll have to answer those questions. i know it's special to have him back in the huddle leading the way and very proud of his work getting back to being in this position. >> the only players missing practice today were safeties darian stewart and tj ward. broncos practice two more times today and tomorrow and then they head sunday to santa clara. we'll be with them every step of the wayy the latest today on 7 sports xtra.
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broncos had a special visitor. the lombardi trophy. tiffany and company designed each trophy and came up with aa special design for this year. each number weighs 33 pounds, bringing the total weight to 73 pounds. pretty heavy. >> very heavy, 73 pounds. >> will be rough when the broncos are lifting it. >> i wouldn't want to be around it, bad luck. >> don't touch it. i had a deep ddscussion with this 19-year-old kid at king soopers yesterday, he's a cam newton fan. manning needs to win this one. cam has many years ahead of him. >> he's watching somebody else this morning. >> turning viewers away every day. we ave temperatures now in the northies -- 40s. very mild. in denver we're at 46. mid- to upper 40s early on. winds at about 10 to 15 miles
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it's a little breezy and will make for a -- look at city park, 50 degrees now. fort ollins you're at 43. farther eastt get off of i-25 where it's not as windy it will be colder there. greeley 28. 30s in the mountains. state-wide very cold in our high country. gunnison another morning where we're below zero. telluride just below freezing. in durango just 11 degrees. state-wide highs today are going to be very mild on the eastern half. western half 30s and 40s. craig you're at 34. grand junction 38. in denver today a high of 59. two more mild days. two more days where we've ggt 50s dominating eastern % colorado. you can see on satellite radar some of that snow we've been showing you over vail pass and west of the divide. some clouds that have moved in over i-25. you'll find a mix of sun and clouds early on. no alerts yet for denver. i'm guessing within the next 24 hours we should start to see some pop up.
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feet falling under this winter storm warning, west of the 3 divide, starting late tonight, through early sunday. futurecast is going to show a little of that cloud cover along i-25. clears up by midday. under mostly sunny conditions across the state this %- afternoon. by 1:30, still quiet in the mountains. overnight tonnght, that snow will reenergize. we'll get more of it overnight into tomorrow morning. on the plains tomorrow, with this system, we're going to stay dry for mosttof the day. there will be a slight chance in the afternoon and evening that we'll start to see a little light rain and snow in spots. sunday snow is going to be light. accumulations not crazy, sunday night into monday that's when we'll start to see heavy snow. early monday morning could be snow on the ground for that morning commmte, some of our totals around 6 to 12. still early to give you exact numbers in neighborhoods. but just keep ttis in mind,
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monday this storm looking like it could be a big one. 38 on ssnday. >> i demand numbers now. we have an awful drive to thh north side oo town, ll started with that construct project we have at 84th avenue. they sectioned off a section of highwayybetween 84th avenue and highway 36. that right lane that goes between the two, putting in these drains down there, so they had to cone it off and separate all thatttraffic away from there. when they did that, they caused this traffic jam. you can see it on the streaming camera now. take a look at it from i-25 at 104th, rock solid -- no, that's the other one. all right. well, we have, yeah, completely blank unfortunately. we'll go back to the map and take a look at the heavy ttaffic travel time. at least 20 minutes if not 25 `inutes.
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solid from 104th all the way down. traffic light issue at sheridan and louisiana at mississippi. also accident at airport and colfax. shouldn't affect your drive getting to dia. driie times downtown to the denver tech center 15 minutes. georgetown, the snow is happening up there. you can see the snow falling to the west. thank you. it's 6:20 now. new this morning, aspen has trash trouble. new report shows residents of the resort town produce twice as much garbage as the average american. average resident there puts out about 9 pounds of garbage a day. the city is planning a couple of public meetings in hopes of encouraging meme to recycle. colorado could lose money if it doesn't get mooe students in class for testing. of students walked out of class refusing to take the standardized teets. %
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says it may pull federal funding. 300 college students in denver need to come up with plan b. westwood college says it will close its doors in the next two months. this college has two campuses in denver. you can see the alert there. says thank you for your interest, westwood college no longer accepting new enrollments. they've come up with a partnership to help with students condition their education, but elsewhere. it comes after a $4.5 million settlement for misrepresenting job placement rates. the iowa caucuses start next week. last night the final republican debate before the big day. donald trump didn't take stage, but dominateed discussion. >> i'm a maniac and everybody on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly, and ben you're a terrible surgeon. now that we've gotten the donald trump out of tte way. >> it's not about donald trump.
6:21 am
the greatest show on earth. >> i kind of miss donald trump. he's a teddy bear to me. >> they turned to their next biggest rival, senator texas candidates who haven't had much time to debate in the past got a chance tt make their appeal to voters. >> there is no reason why you can't stand for principles, fight for them and be able also to get things done in gooernment. >> i don't think you have to give up your liberty for false `ense of security. >> there's the establishment lane, anti-establishment lane, and the kasich lane. the reason is, i've been a reformer all my career. >> donald trump spent the evening five minutes away from that debate hosting a fundraiser for veterans. his campaign says he raised $6 million last night, included $1 million of trump's own money. the two leading democrats in the presidential race will come to colorado next month. candidates bernie sanders and hillary clinton will speak at the colorado democratic party's
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that's happening february 13th. up to $10,000. about 6:23 now on this friday. with super bowl l nine days away, the fbi getting ready for threats. >> there's one visible security change that has people in
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good morning and happy friday. beautiful start to our day. another great sunrise. this is in akron, where you can see we've got a lot of sunshine to deal with this morning. as you're planning out your day, this morning we'll be windy through the foothills. reports at loveland where it's windy, nedderland, boulder. across the plains it's mild now. we'll be in the mid- to upper 30s do you to the winds -- due to the wind. highs near 60 this afternoon in denver. -`same tomorrow. sunday colder and snow develops.
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>> a heavy stop and go traffic from just before 104th to 84th. southbound side is crawling down to the 84th avenue road work. look at all the green out there, except for this area of i-25 to the north side. that's that spot that will be heavy and slow, 20 to 25
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good morning. 6:30. this is a sign of things cotom. this is a look at i-70 at silverthorne now. chain laws in place between eisenhower tunnel and vail pass. the snow is heading our way. jason is watch -- jayson is watching this. >> mother nature is playing games with us. today near 60 and then that stuff is coming. >> you said it best earlier, i think mother nature took the air out of our seven-day forecast. nice today and tomorrow. we're still looking at upper 50s, close to 60.
6:26 am
a lot can change and come sunday into monday this could lead to heavy snow. winter weather alerts go in effect tonight for the mountains. winter storm warnings, advisories, a winter storm watch. potentially upwards of 6 to 12 incces in denver leading to a good one to 2 feet potentially through the mountains. going to be a decent storm. snow already falling in the mountains. this is the first minor wave. clearing up by midday. sunshine in the high country by 12:00 with more snow toniggt. across the plains a mix of sun and clouds. 54 by noon. 59 by 3:00. jayson, a very warm day today. on sunday, highs drop into the 30s and a chance of snow here in town. we'll talk about this coming up. >> good time to get out to california, isn't it? we have a good drive for most of us. overall city-wide. i'll show you that in a second. 225 and parker road, heavier
6:27 am
northbound side looks okay. moving fine getting over to cherry creek high school. 6th avenue, i-70 bunching up a little bit. look at the red u-25 to the -- i-25 to the north. it's rock solid before 104th down there. that commute. it's going to creep up to 30 minutes before too long. thanks, jayson. the broncos are in the chase for the champiinship and denver wants to make sure the team knows we stand behind them. >> they leave for california sunday and denver hosting a big rally to cheer them on. it's happening sunday at 1:00 at civic center park. >> reporter: it's where we have eric lupher this morning with details on the big rally. >> reporter: it's going to be awesome. like you said, 1:00 sunday. we know what happened last week in downtown denver, it was an amazing turnout. we're expecting a lot of people. i have to say it was two years ago when i got these gloves for
6:28 am
went to the super bowl, after that, didn't do too well after that. i'm determined and convinced that these are the reason why. because these cool gloves. they're a lucky charm. going to the super bowl is a victory for not only the broncos but also unfortunately for scam artists. it's really a dream come true for them. they want to sell you those neighbor tickets, and -- fake tickets and it's kind of what we see every year and why the attorney general in colorado is saying be aware of this, because it is a dream come true for these scam artists. some of the tips, simple tips i want to talk about right now. mainly what you want to do, bottom line, buy from a seller that's a ember of the national association of ticket brokers and avoid trades lists.
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about sunday -- [ sound of wind ] -- expecting thousands of fans decked out like i am. >> gosh, that wind really picking up there. police in california training for the super bowl. they know, they say there is no known threat now against the game or any events leading up to it,,but they want to be prepared. fans can expect to see more officers than usual. >> we don't want to be overbearing. you're not going to see a police state where officers are over people are rifles, but we are going to be present and not too far away from large crowds or anything we consider could be threatening. >> the fbi has set up a joint separation enter in a secret location to monitor and respond to any threats. the plan also includes 90 k-9 units that will check for explosives. people in downtown san francisco are wondering about this box. you can see it there. it was installed as part of the homeland security's super bowl security preparations.
6:30 am
that can detect a biological attack. the department knows there's a lot of confusion about this. so they put up this amusing sign, it says do not unplug. it has flee ex clay -- me exclamationpoints. increass police presence on the du campus after a third case of fondliig. denver7 reporter sally mamdooh morning. >> reporter: these three incidents have terrified some of the female students i spoke with. one says she's carrying pepper spray and a taser as well. one of the incidents took place here. we spooe to a safety instructor and this is whattshe says you can do. >> scratching, biting, hitting, kicking, whatever it is. using yoor voice.
6:31 am
shows any kind of yelling or doinn something really helps in those instances to stop the assault from prooressing. >> reporter: the campus does offer escorts for those who want company when walking to and from class. that service is available 24/7. so far, we're told, 150 students have requested that service out here, which goes to show you how on edge some of the students out here are now because the suspect remains on the loose. for now we're in denver, sally mamdooh, denver 7. at 6:36, more developments about three teens who fell into that icy pond in mark -- parker. two died and one survived. >> we're hearing from the `escuer who was there first. denver7 reporter lindsay watts live with more on what they had to say. >> reporter: we talked to the first officer who got here
6:32 am
the pond and a neighbor called 911. that pond is just beyond this fence in parker. take a look at this, ithhs become a memorial for the two legend high school sophomores who didn't survive. people leaving stuffed animals, flowers, notes. the heartbreak of llsinn these two young men has been felt by many in the parker community and beyond. devastating also for the first responders who weren't able to save them. the first responding officer says he couldn't even see max or patrick when he got here. they were hidden under water, or he would have jumped in himself. he was ble to save the third boy. he said he grabbed a nearby tree branch and extended it to cole robinson. things i've ever seen is cole grabbing onto that branch, because he had no dexterity in his hands.
6:33 am
forearms and be pulled up onto shore. >> reporter: after what happened here, parker police say they'll be equipping their squad cars with ropes for situations like this one. lindsay watts, denver 7. want to give credit to denver sheriff's deputies who went above the call of duty. >> this is jeffrey mendez and his dog, bonnie. mendez was put into jail for 30 days for an illegal camp fire and fighting with police. his dog was put into a shelter and was worry abouted she would be dopted or euthanized. the officers paid $246 for bonnie' stay and vaccinated and spayed. >> he said he's never experienced kindness like this before.
6:34 am
6:38 now, we want to get you a live look outside. snow coming down in the high country and it's headed for us. an update on the (phone ringing)
6:35 am
by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
6:36 am
the broncos are in the chase for the championship and the twitter. they started smack talk after levi's stadium showed their error in painting their logo in the end zone. >> says you ruined it here, and everybody love everybody. my hero. >> so good. >> love it.
6:37 am
i think it might be. >> semi pro. >> okay. it is a game, and it will be a fun game. we're excited. most of us will be leaving our crew here on sunday for san francisco. we'll ave updates all next week. beautiful start this morning here in colorado. live look from our viera camera in akron. 50 in city park now. 48 at the airport. 41 in fort collins. it's a very mild start to the day here in town, because of the winds, gusty winds up and through the foothills. i apologize for those of you dealing with it this morning. gusty in denver, today. near 60 for your kids heading home. ground. >> one accident we have at arapahoe and himalaya. state patrol says they're about there on scene now, and you can see the heavy traffic on 225, 270, i-70 and the worst of it town.
6:38 am
it's really snowing up there. they have the traction laws. vail pass is open now, but they have the traction laws in place over the eisenhower tunnel as well as over vail pass, basically from georgetown through vail. it's very lick and tough driving conditions right now. jayson, thank you. the world health organization has called an emergency meeting to address the growing concerns over the zika virus. the director general went as far as saying thh virus linked to birth defects is now spreading explosively. there have been as many as 4 million cases in central and south america in the past year and most of the infected people don't report feeling ill as the virus silently strikes. the virus is spread by mosquitos and now there are no medications to treat and no vaccines. >> you can see those in purple there, areas of central and
6:39 am
popular tourist destinations, mexico, the virgin islands, puerto rico. so the fda is working to keep people who have visited those areas from donating blood. they want to make sure the u.s. blood supply is protected. outside.
6:40 am
6:46. taking a live look outside, this is a look at some of the snow out there. this is i-70 and silverthorne. chain laws in effect between eisenhower tunnel and vail pass. jayson will give you an update in just a moment. exciting update for one of our colorado athletes. cody field snaged fifth place in the unified snowboard races. we introduced you to cody last weekend. if you haven't watched the story, it's worth checking out at 6:46 now. the broncos have two more days of practice before they hit the road to travel to california for the super bowl.
6:41 am
school until highlands ranch made this sign. they loved it so much they hung it up in their training -`fality in dove valley. plenty of time to plan your celebrations and safe rides home. you need to be like bill, this is bill, bill is a dieehard broncos fan. bill will responsibly celebrate the broncos winning the super bowl. be smart, be like bill. you know there will be extra patrols. denver police also planning to increase patrols, including officers specifically looking for drunk drivers. please be careful and party responsible. you know that thing going around on facebook? i heard that was a security thing, like we shouldn't be posting it, because it gives people access to something. >> oh. >> i don't know. i'm obviously not well informed. i heard it was a click bait
6:42 am
i need to get more information. but i did hear that. sorry. >> debbie downer over here. i'' going to be the, what's the opposite? >> ray of sunshine. >> all right. i'm going to bel sally -- i got nothing. >> yeah, it's weather time. >> upper 40s now in denver. it is so warm out there. look at our winds coming in out of the west. 20 to 30 miles per hour. gotten gustier in denver this morning. take a look at the airport, you can see the clouds hugging i-25 now. we'll get more sunshine this afternoon. 30 in greeley. 48 now at the airport. 50 at city park. you've got temperatures near freezing in evergreen and conifer. mild across eastern colorado. colder in the mountains with gunnison at 2 below. steamboat 15. grand junction 24. highs today will be great.
6:43 am
here in denver. colorado springs at 57. upper 40s near sterling and in greeley. up into the mountains and it's 30s and 40s today. the snow hitting our mountains. most of it west of the divide and it is starting to peter out a bit. we'll see things calm down a bit by midday today. but they're going to ramp back up tonight. we've got winter weather alerts going in effect tonight, good one to 2 feet possible in the mountains west of the divide. here's what that looks like on futurecast. by midday early afternoon, skies clear across the state. we've got a really pretty day. overnight into tomorrow, 11:00 tonight, early tomorrow develop. a rain/snow mix on the western slope and might get a few light showers pushing over eastern colorado by the afternoon on saturday. saturday night into sunday we'll start to see some of that snow develop. any totals it looks like sunday will be fairly light. potentially a couple of inches.
6:44 am
monday that we get more accumulating snow. could get a good 6 to 12 inches monday in and around toww. this storm. 38 sunday. 30 monday. 22 on tuesday. % >> we do have a trouble spot now on that westbound side of i- 70. from the 270 camera that's switching around a little bit looking to the east, now traffic. this is the westbound side of i- 70 right before quebec. that's where we have a stalled vehicle that's causing these delays. traffic backed up now towards central park. extra five minntes from the east side heading west towards downtown. streaming camera we have there at highway 36 and wadsworth looking really nice, going west or east, back and forth to boulder or broomfield looking nice up that way. it's a little breezy, especially along highway 93. heavy stop and go traffic on i- 76, i-25.
6:45 am
that onstruction heading into downtown denver. drive on 225 busy as well. about 10 minutes from parker road. but no issues down there. off of parker road along arapahoe at himalaya off liverpool, an accident. it's out of traffic, but you'll
6:46 am
denver police and du campus
6:47 am
make sure students are ssfe. we're learning about this increased security after the third case of fondling reported late last night on campus. all three cases of sexual assault happened just in the past two weeks. the most recent happened wednesday night near iliff and josephine. happened wednesday. now denver police not taking part in this investigation because none of the student victims have filed a formal report. breaking news this morniig, denver police need to find a driver who drove this bmw between a brick wall and a tree. the driver ran off before police could talk to them about this crash. we found the scene at speer near clarkson before 2:00 this morning. start with the cdot camera on i-70 and 270. you can see the ssall in the left lane. it's on the westbound side of i- 70 by quebec. everybody is pushing over to the right aad unfortunately it's causing a huge delay back to about havana at this point. extra five if not 10 minutes
6:48 am
big map, you see heavy traffic on i-76, i-25, almost half an hour there. heavy traffic also on 225. one other accident arapahoe and himalaya near liver pool. we are alert-free in denver. not seeing alerts yet for this storm that will roll in. i say yet, because looks like we can get heavy snow sunday into monday. right now all of our snow in the mountains and this is a first minor wave. there's a lot more to come starting tonight through tomorrow in the mountains. enjoy today. it will be beautiful. 30s this morning. 54 by noon. by 3:00, 60. we almost cut these numbers in half sunday. colder with a chance of snow starting sunday. very good. one person in the hospital after a fire leaves a shelter in denver for the homeless badly damaged. we brought you this fire near 24th and welton this time yesterday. at least 10 people are out of their homes. the cause of the fire still
6:49 am
investigators say a cu grad who died in austria suffocateed but they won't say how. police found 25-year-old lauren mann's body tuesday inside her apartment. she was working overseas as an au pair. police say they found a considerable amount of blood inside that apartment. they're now treating her death ads a homicide. 3 for the first time we're hearing rescuers who came to this parker pond behind me after three teenagers fell through the ice. two of those boys both sophomores at legend high school did not survive. this has been devastating for the parker community, including those first responders who listen. >> i believe that i did everything that i could have, but you'll always kind of think done more. >> reporter: that officer was able to save the third boy into the water. ago now.
6:50 am
it's now been turned into a memorial for the two boys who didn't survive. lindsay watts, denver 7. thann you. nine days until the broncos take on the panthers in super bowl l. we have a warning about scammers. colorado's attorney general says there are not only fake tickets up for sale, but a lot of fake merchandise. if you're trying to find tickets to the game, buy from someone who is a member of the national association of ticket brokers. as for the clothing, look for nfl's hologram sticker before you buy it. denver broncos taking down to the field for this postgame celebration. you can move your mouse any way you want to go. you see the band, miles, ground. you can move it and manipulate it. neat. the camera even takes us well,
6:51 am
this guy manning the camera there. our eric lupher is live in denver civic center park, because that's where we celebrate the broncos heading >> reporter: broncos boulevard outlines civic center park and sunday this place will be rocking, full of wild people just like me, sunday rocking, full of wild people just like me, with the orange and blue. peyton manning jersey. as they rally for the denver broncos. of course they're heading to san francisco on sunday. it will be the last rally before things really kick into gear in san francisco. there. i got to say, lisa, we may be >> what? time. >> short suspension. >> i just didn't get paid for two years, but other than that. >> community service involved,
6:52 am
>> i don't want to get arrested or fired. now. we'll have a lot of fun. >> line will be rawn, will be crossed. >> make him go somm place else. stay away from him. >> we're starting early monday morning and we'll be live at the 11:00, 4:00. we have crews all week long. we're going to bring the experience to you. >> streaming on the web and facebook, right? >> all day long. no sleep, people. >> if you didn't get a ticket, hang here with us, because these guys will be everywhere, stadium, practices. >> i may be enjoying napa wine
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