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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  January 30, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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that's what i'm there. on care about. you're there to win a football game. it's business. that's it. strictly business. >> the ring is a thing. guys, come on up. my two boys here. i'm going to miss them for eight days, but -- >> you have two super bowl rings and they won their 10- year-old -- and they got super bowl rings too. hard to compete against those. >> three super bowl champions. fantastic, guys. look. that's it for the chase for the championship. great job, everybody. we'rr coming up next with the 7
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now. right now on denver7, excitement over super bowl 50 is growing in california tonight. we are live in san francisco, as the broncos prepare to hit the road tomorrow. >> and some snow is moving into the metro area right now, as we prepare for the first major storm of 2016. we're live at with the very latest coming up. >> but p going tonight -- developing tonight, police may be closer to finding the shooter at the kol national expo. an update on the victims. but we start with denver7's sally man doo. >> molly, police are still trying to figure out what started this fight, they do tell us now that they have a person of interest here, but they have not made any arrests yet when it
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>> lookings like we've got a shooting at the coliseum. >> a motorcycle gang fighting. >>reporter: they exchanged fire at the motorcycle expo in the midst of a packed western national complex. >> there's two shootings and a stabbing. >>reporter: one is dead, 7 other injuries. >> four individuals were shot. one fatally. one individual was stabbed. and three lesser injuries. >>reporter: right now, the police aren't releasing the name of the two clubs, and are not labeling the shooting as gang related. >> rather it was motorcycle gang related, motorcycle club related, that is yet to be determined. >>reporter: what is now determined that the motorcycle expo has been cancelled and instead of bikers, an iitense police presence now fills the area where the shooting took place and will continue to be present for the next several hours. >> out of the interest of safety for our citizens is. >>reporter: to protect that safety and prevent another
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of safety might pull the plug for good on the expo that brings in biker clubs from all around the country. >> we're going to have to really assess how this event, if at all, will be held again. in our city. and that's part of the consideration that we talkee about today. >>reporter: now, police plans to have a large number of officers out here. partially because this is still on ongoing investigation, but also in case a retaliation happened, they want to be prepared for it. but they don't think that will take place out here. >> sally, do people have to go through any type of security to get in this event? >>reporter: yeah, we did ask today if there are any metal detect rs or get checked for weapons, there's no metal detectors inside and nobody gets checked in when coming in.
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has been taaing place for over 30 years. and if the department of safety does not pull the plug on it for next year, well, security will definitely be heightened out here. that's one thing for sure, because today, during this shooting, when it happened, 10,000 people in the complex mreer. >> brendaliss gonzalez continues the team coverage from denver health. 7 people are recovering tonight. doing? >>reporter: wwll, molly at last check, four people inside here remain in critical condition. let me say that again, three people remain in critical condition. a total of four who were shot and including the person who passed away earlier this afternoon. we talked to a woman who was at the expo center and says she was just feet away from where she says the shooting happened. inside of the denver motorcycle expo.
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much as they can be, from ours before. >> quite chaotic. >>reporter: she was at her jewelry stand, when she heard two gunshots, ust feet away. >> all of a sudden we saw a bunch of people fighting there about 15-20 guys. >>reporter: outside, the denver police blocked off the entrance as the crowds headed out. one witness took this picture of two men helping another man shot in the leg. >> i don't think he was okay. >>reporter: the police blocked off this entrance, where a few items were left behind, the shooting left one person dead. >> it was really bad. still like your adrenaline is still going, you know,,after this whole thing. >>reporter: now, vendors are just learning that tomorrow's event is now cancelled. >> we don't even want to be here with that over our heads. not knowing what's going on. >> you want to pack this stuff up tonight. >>reporter: after 21 years of
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>> we'll pack it up and pick it up tomorrow. >>reporter: this is a first. >> they want to keep everybody safe, so that's the bottom line, i'd rather have everybody safe. than go through something like this. >>reporttr: many of the vendors i talked to drove from out of state from this event, it's part of their livelihood. they're disappointed and sad that it ended early in this way a, but they understand why security and police decided to do this. reporting live inndenver, brendaliss gonzalez, denver7. you may remember back in may, rival bike gangs opened fire on each other in a restaurant in waco, texas, nine people were killed rths another 18 were injured. the bikers were attending a meeting in the area. of course, you can find the very latest information on the shooting at the motorcycle xpo, when you visit or when you download the denver7 app. taking a live look outside, right now, at our cdot camera at u.s. 6th and sheridan in denver, roads are wet, you can see the snowflakes out there.
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tonight and how much snow is falling? >>reporter: well, a lot of snow is falling in a short amount of time. this has been an inch. if you look over here, i went snow shopping, and look what i found in my cart, about this much snow that's fallen, not sure how much that is, inch and a half? if you look over there, look at the car, you can see the cumulation, it lnt been snowing that long here -- it hadn't been snowing that long here. and the flakes are huge now. they think this snow is good for making snow balls, let's test that out quickly. yeah, that's pretty good. throw it at you. all right. that's what the snow looks like in golden, colorado. back to you. nothing like good snow ball making snow. thanks, kyle. we do have a batch of snow moving through the area now, and this is kind of a prep for the bigger snowstorm that's going to be coming in for tomorrow night and into monday.
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batch of snow, pushing through the metro area, and across the plains. big fat flakes with a lot of moisture in them. it's all of that pacific moisture pushing right on into colorado. we have winter weather advisories, watches and warnings state. how much more know we can expect coming up. covering the chase for the championship, now, super bowl city is up and ready to go in san francisco. getting ready for super bowl 50. denver7's marshall zelinger is live and the excitement is building out there. >>reporter: and it's partly because there's a concert going on right now, not sure if you can hear it. on the stage to my right here, chris isaac is performing. this is the super bowl venue that is opee to the public. the events for anyone to take part in, the nfl network has their stage here.
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other activities. along the way to get here, there's really neat things with video monitors, and i want to tell -- someone is behind me, cheering for the wrong team, i want to show you one of the things i saw earlier today. >> diving inside of the 5 yardline. >>reporter: these video screens are set up along market street as you walk towards super bowl city, each one showing highlights, this one had both broncos victorys. super bowl city and through security, you have to wind your way through thousands of people. and even though the broncos will be seen by the largest tv audience, playing in the super bowl might have little financial impact back home in denver. >> we probably got more from the exposure, from the people who visited heee, from the people who came from boston, new england, we got more out of that, we got more out of the
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before that. and the game itself. than we're goinggto get for the entire super bowl. >>reporter: and this is why darren was saying that,,you're going to see lots of shots like this, that's a lit up bay bridge here at night in san francisco. and during the super bowl itself, you'll likely see shots like that, and you won't see the shots of people skiing, in the mountains, or i was going to say enjoying warm day in january/february back in denver because a lot of you are going to shovelling out tomorrow. and i do feel sorry for you. reporting live in san francisco, marshall zelinger, denver7. >> that doesn't feel very genuine, marshall. tomorrow, you can send off the broncos in style, a rally in civic center park at miles and the broncos cheerleaders will be there along with the mayor michael hancock. marshall is already, we'll have live coverage throughout the week on denver7 and
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the broncos defense has to stop cam newton, we'll hear from von
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welcome back, i'm meteorologist stacey donaldson. we're expecting 1-2 inches per hour through the overnight hour, winter storm warning in effect through our higher elevations, but is it hard to believe that we were up around 60 degrees for our afternoon high today her in
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i have a time lapse from what happened today. a few high clouds pushing through the area, and it's snowing outside right now. so what a difference a cold front can make, we've cooled things down, temperatures are in the 20 asks 30s right now throughout the front range sxrgs we have snow coming down all throughout the metro area. the temperature officially at dia, our wind chill at 24. that's what it feels like outside and the high today, 58 degrees. our normal high is 44. our low last night, 32 degrees. and we'll only be in the 30s for the highs tomorrow. so snow continues tonight, we'll get a little bit of a break tomorrow and heavy snow shows up and early tuesday. kind of a long winded event here. but our temperatures are going to stay pretty cool here. in the upper 20s, low 30s, and into sunday afternoon. and then we will have that snow returning with a vengeance through tomorrow night.
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snow is going to be heavy through tomorrow and monday as well. be aware of your travel times to and from work on monday, it will be an issue. all of this moisture coming in from the west through california `nd into nevada, arizona, colorado, and we're going to see a lot of tw up in the next few days, from the front range across the eastern plains, 6-12 inches of snow for us and 12-24 through higher elevations, 1-2 feet is possible here. this warning will expire into tomorrow morning. however, our winter storm watch here from sunday night into tuesday morning, is going to remain in efshth as the snow pushess -- in effect as the snow pushes through our area. this is the next batch of snow from the south. we'll have a little break tomorrow afternoon and evening lg. and then we'll have that snow moving on in and then it will push across the front range, and into across the northeastern part of our state. keep that in mind, especially travel wise, we are going to actually see quite a few inches
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and then in through the next couple of day as, we are going to experience some heavy know at times and a long-winded event here. definitely going to have the snowfall accumulation being substantial here around denver and the eastern plains and really kind of in the middle through the denver area. so our lows tonight are going to be in the 20s and as you see here, 20s across the eastern plains as well. highs tomorrow, in the 30s. and in denver. snow, the next few days, temperatures in the 20s, and then we'll have those 20s and 30s even some 40s showing up by the end of next week. guys. all right, thank you, stacey. stick around, spx starts right now. right now. that way. . this is 7 sports extra. .
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good evening, welcome to the show. 7 sports extraa chase for the championship. i'm lionel bienvenu, this is jahmai webster, 8 days until super bowl 50, cam and the panthers, does not get better than this. >> chase defined in the dictionary or google for some of the ung youer kids, you know -- younger kids, you know, pursuit or to catch up to. 17 years, could this be a super bowl 50 omen. the grounds crew painted both of the end zones at levi stadium with the broncos logo. >> oh, no. >> that could be problematic, right? >> i could see now, broncos gallops into both end zones, scoring at well. it's since been rectifying, a huge mistake or a serious broncos fan. >> the key will be the defense here, peyton is th in the league, in passing in the post-season. yet, the broncos are in the
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the broncos afz scored 3 points against the patriots, they are averaging 20.5 points. peyton manning said it this week, the broncos afz has to get better in the -- offense has to get better in the super bowl to help out the number one defense. >> we have to do our part in the offense to help our team win with. like i've said from the get-go, our defense has gotten us to this point, llt's make that clear. we want to do our part and contribute and we are facing an outstanding team, in all three phases, in a couple of weeks, and so, every phase of our team has to do their part. and so, all of the offensive guys, we certainly want to try to carry our weight, and not take our defense for granted. and we are wooking hard, this week, to have a good week of practice, and try to prepare, but we have a tremendous challenge in front of us. facing the panthers defense. >> yep, today was the last practice at dove valley,
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12:45 at dove valley. the fans are invited out. >> i can see it now. >> like a convoy, headed to dia. >> we won't hear from the team again until monday night for for media day. the broncos say this is the game of of their lives, hoping for a taking off for northern california, this was the last chance to talk to the guys before the super bowl week commences. broncos president joe ellis spoke to the team post practice, no question that he shared his thoughts on broncos owner, mr. b. gary kubiak said he's one of tus, he was brought in here to get them the third world championship. as the curtain falls in denver, and we inch closer to kickoff, of this magnitude, the game won't be left, the magna tuesday of this game world series be lost on the players. >> this is a big game on a lot
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highly doubt anybody who is battling anything, anybody who is battling anything, will misss3 this game. you know, they're going to do everything they can to be ut there. who doesn't want to go to with war with a warrior like that. >> the opportunity be going back to a suppr bowl, that can certainly attest that winning is a lot better than losing. >> it's a big deal. it's a big deal. it's the biggest stage and the reason why we play this game is to get here. we're here. so we just have to take the ownership, and just stay together. like we have been doing. >> we're here to play in a game, this is like the -- probably the highlight of our life. you know, this is why we play the game. so we have to just be cognizant of these thingss and go there to win a ball game. >> all right. well, there's the practice field at stanford university in palo alto where
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week, where john elway used to practice when he was in college. that was a long time ago. elway has a homecoming in pal l lo -- palo alto. >> arran, they've got a huge task to stop a big quarterback in cam newton. stanford. season. big reason why he's the odds on favorite next saturday to take home the nfl mvp. stopping him, priority number one. for the broncos d. so how do you repare for something you've never seen? now, that's the charge for broncos defensive coordinator wade phillips, got to figure out a way to stall that 6.5, 245 pounder, phillips says he agrees he will be the league's mvp. carolina's top offensive in this
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17-1 on the season, head intoog this one. the defense installed the third down package, stopping newton. key, but figuring out how has been equally challenging. >> they asked me if i had seen a quarterback like cam newton, and there isn't one like him. so i haven't seen one like him, authorsburg, to tom brady. >> broncos haven't seen anything like the top ranked defense. 8 days from now, the old unp stopable force meetinggan immovable object. i can't wait for super bowl sunday. that will be awesome. that's all i have for now,
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>> bring the limo, if you don't mind. >> arran, thanks. cam newton and von miller. number one to the panther, von went number two to the broncos and now they meet on the biggest stage. >> and both guys have big personalities, they share all of the commonalitys that you mentioned. l.b., plus they've got style, man. >> yeah. >> they love to dance, which i'm a fan of. so s von miller and cam. von a dancing machine, check him out. plenty to boogie about. swallowing up quarterbacks. panthers signal caller cam newton has a propensity to get down. the top scoring offense, plenty to celebrate. von hopes he won't be doing too much at super bowl 50, but says he, too, can relate to for the need to jig. >> one of my favorite quarterback, you know, peyton is hi favorite quarterback, other than that, it's cam. i don't think there's another quarterback that's ever played a game the way he does, the
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making big plays, i'd do the same thing. i mean, if i was a quarterback, i'd probably be doing the exact same thing he's doing. >> after every big show. >> nice. >> there you go. >> i think the key is going to be dancing to this super bowl. >> may be. >> if von miller is dancing, cam is dancing, bad news for us. so the dancing, that's it. the first break, when we come back, the nuthed pushed overtime. >> plus, all-star weekend in full swing in nashville. matt duchene, playing the part.
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0001 nuggets and indiana taking on the pacers, gary harris, jr., cllse all the way through, fourth quarter, gary straight to the ten. throws down two of his 18 in 36 minutes, we need to play an extra five in overtime. mudiay, 16 points, pacers outscored them 10-6 in ot. ellis, slashes to the cup for two of the game high 32s, 109. to college, colorado state was looking to gain ground, in the mountain west this afternoon, raps 3.5 games out of first place in the nwc, 4-3 in conference play.
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looking for a third straight on the road in laramie today. josh add p ts standing in the rams -- adams standing in the rams way. off the bench, antwan scott, hit for a team high, 19 t the boy can stroke it, taking all three of those. adams averages 25. guess what? hit for 28. cashes in on the jump shot. 83-76 final. rams now 12-9. to the ice, or rodeo, avs matt duchene n. the skills competition in nashville, watch what he does on the break away challenge. this is a omg. wild man. >> that's crazy. >> this goal, l.b., trending topic on twitter, that ridiculous, got to show you that once again, he won twtwo o coconeneysys o or r twtwo o buburgrgerers,s, anand d twtwo o tototsts anand d twtwo o drdrininksks.. -y-yeaeah.h.
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stomping grounds in texas, corsicana in lindale, game-winning shot here, chris beech ham, saves the best for last. buckets, he should try out for the circus, that is the game winner, he got it done. circus? >> yeah.
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