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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  February 1, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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you're watching denver seven. the winter storm is here. and blanketing our area with snow. it has been falling for several hours now. the team is out checking the area. first, we have dayle cedars keeping a watch on it. jayson lupher will help you avoid some offthe traffic headaches. in some areas it can be a
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and lindsay watts is out where there were two accidents at the at the same time. >> reporter: that's right. this is one of those areas that didn't look bad, but underneath the area of snow, there was a sheet of of ice. earlier a school bus was stopped at a stop sign, there were students on the bus, but nobody was injured after a car rear-ended it. a short time later just a few feet away there was another crash. this time a driver slammed into the back of a parked denver police cruiser. there was no one in there, it was just parked along side of the road. the driver was cited for not only driving too fast for conditions, but also not having
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as i mentioned since those accident happened around 8:00 this morning, i have seen a plow go through, also a city employee putting sand out in this area. but as continues to fall, the roads are getting worse. this will continue throughout the day, right? >> reporter: yeah, we're going to be getting the snow that's quickly. the evening commute is going to be an issue. and the snow is going to continue overnight. let me show you where we are seeing some of the snow right now. it's along the foothills and as you push off east. radar doesn't necessarily show earlier this morning you will remember when we looked at the radar, we had lot of little pockets. that's because the snow had not filled in. but there's fort collins and
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akron, you are kind of on the right edge of the snow. burlington you have some snow as well. some pockets where it might be coming down. outside. this is what it's going to look like. pretty much today and through midday tomorrow until we start to see the changes. kellie mentioned the temperatures, yeah, it's cold. it's chilly in some high `ountry towns, ledville at 15, a little bit warmer in the east and southeast as the temperatures not being affected from what is yet to come our way. as you look at how the rest of the day is going to play out you can see that we kind of drop from there hang in those low 20s through the overnight hours and then we're going to
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that way you can plan out your evening commute, but first we'll get to jason. >> reporter: the snow is falling, but not a lot of accumulation yet on the roadways. you can see the snow falling at where you can start to see the accumulation on the roadway, so that's university and that's i- 25 up that way. down here at the denver tech center, a little bit more slush. whether it's here, lookout mountain or eisenhower tunnel, it's not that bad, but tonight it's going to be worse and tomorrow morning i think is
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is joining us. >> reporter: yeah, the flakes are thickening, but not as much as they were hoping for. very limited closings around the area. just a little bit slushy as the snow continues to fall, but people are having a good time, we saw a couple of joggers. one with goggles on. we shot an american bald eagle soaring through the snow. it's actually drew a little bit of crowd around it right on one of the trees right next to the lake here at washington park. one of the visitors if you will actually told us that this bald eagle is only going to be here for a week, so if you want to
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time to enjoy the beautiful nature out here. roads not too bad here, but as the temperatures continue to drop, you may not want to be like that guy or at least take your tame on the roads because they can be slick at times. reporting live at washington park, jayson gruenauer. right now about one-third of total flights are canceled for today. cdot now has a way for you to keep up with the plowing conditions out there. it shows where each plow is on the road. right now cdoo has its crews on 12- hour shifts. some breaking news just into the news room about the deadly shooting and stabbing at the motorcycle expo.
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got shot in the chest. we also know one of the men worked for the correctional center. a swat team shot and killed phillip salsar. it's lasted for hours, but we are told the woman should be okay. >> reporter: [cheers and applause] broncos mania is in full swing. you can check out the fans as they arrived there in santa clara. eric lupher and lisa hidalgo, they're out there in san francisco and you guys are
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>> reporter: we did the live stream this morning and our poor viewers had to watch us eating our breakfast. >> reporter: we were hungry. >> reporter: this is $35 for adults to get in the nfl center. we have barely made it outside of the hall nd we have seen so much stuff, look at what's on here. >> reporter: too much to do for 35 bucks. if you are lucky enough to come out here before the big game. >> reporter: they have a ig cam -- hmm, yeah, we don't talk that much about that guy, and manning here. there are fans not only here obviously from san francisco, but all around the world, all around the country. >> repooter: how about arizona? take a look at this video from
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there are so many fans in scottsdale an arizona that the broncos have officially sponsored them as an official broncos fan club and i talked to the leader of the social media aspect of this and here is what she had the say about the game last week. >> it was to the point of standing room only. standing on the tables, they were in the bathroom watching it. everywhere. >> reporter: yes, they had to open up another bar. there are only about a dozen fan groups or so. >> reporter: we met a lot of them coming here. but we have san francisco families that used to live in colorado and they thought that was really cool of the the super bowl in their backyard. it's awesome.
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oh, boy, she's going to the manican thing. >> even with all that hair. join us here at 7:00. we have a special live from santa clara, california and we kickoff with a primetime media day event. we also have it at denver channel and teachers think a student was killed by another student.
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welcome back, isis is -`claiming responsibility for a triple bombing that left more than 100 wounded. died. 11 million have fled their homes and almost five years now, a civil war going on in syria. and dozens dead in nigeria this is near the largest
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displaced by the terror group. it's hows about 20,000 eople. right now a second virginia tech student is facing charges of a 13 year old girl. her remains were found. now police say this man had an accomplice. >> 19 year old natalie marie ke ef ers has been charged with accessory after the fact and a commission of a felony. they say they planned her death, but haven't said ow she was killed or why. so right now people are talking about how brave actress vanessa hutchinson took the stage of grease just after her father died.
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circumstances she was going through. >> she was phenomenal last night. a win in iowa doesn't guarantee the presidential party combination, but a pole shows donald trump five-points ahead of ted cruz, and hillary clinton three-points over bernie sanders. tickets go on sale today for a former nsa edward snowden boulder. tickets for this $20 for the public, students will pay $2. some issues in california from the storms. a lot of intense wind in the -`southern part of the state. the wind snapped some trees, even one of them fell on a driver, killing that person.
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causing a 30-car pileup in nevada. still no word on injuries there. this is a live look at downtown. awful gray and cold looking, but 28-degrees right now in denver. the cold still keeps on falling, nnt terribly heavy, but steady. >> reporter: we are going to get moderate to heavy snow at times but it is going to continue through the afternoon and evening an overnight hours and with the temperatures it's going to slowly add up just a bit. the main roads are doing a pretty good job at keeping them dry, but off to to west you can see it is wwt. but let's take you through the futurecast and show you exactly how the rest of the snow will play out. right here at about 11:00 you
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the northeast corner of the state. wrapping around that low, hitting the metro area, the foothhlls and on the eastern plains. it is going to continue through this evening as you can see even by tomorrow morning. by 7:00 a.m. as you may be get ready to take the kids to school or maybe, there's still a chance for the snow to stick around. the heaviest will be off to the east, kansas, nebraska kicking `p with this activity. we will still see some snow throughout the early day tomorrow, you can see ii starting to break apart by about 5:00, a little more clearing in the northern half of the state as well as the southeast corner and by wednesday, we say hello to the sunshine again. luckily here in colorado we don't have the dray days very often -- gray days very often. we have the upper 20s on the
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southeast corners and teens and 20s in the mountains. -`we're going to go from 28- degrees and decrease quite a bit and staying chilly overnight. teens, about 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. so as you get the kids ready for school. i know a lot of them are ready for a snow day, there's a chance on the eastern plains. i'll show you the snow totals in a little bit, but for those of you going to school, make sure you bundle up. on the eastern plains a little warmer, and mostly 20s in the high country. right there the central mountains is where we are looking for decent snnw to move on and the western edges of boulder and larimer counties, and a foot of snow.
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right down i-25, find of a little gap between the system where we're looking for the snow not to be as heavy. so off to the west and the foothills could pick up about a foot of snow. up to greeley and fort morgan, probably about 3-6 inches. the snow as imentioned will start to clear -- as i mentioned will start to clear, it's not until thursday that we get back to the upper 20s. but 41 is never going to feel so good. >> does bear hesitate to go outside? your dog? >> he actually hikes the snow. he will take off. the snow sticks to him so you have to get the hairdrier. that's probably why he does
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hairdrier. coming up after the break our ssper bowl 50 coverage continues. we'll tell you about some very interesting bettings going on
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here is a look at other stories making news. background investigator tony, the el paso county sheriff's office he opted not the calmly walk away from his job after 29 years of service, instead he inspired some moves to the whip and the nae nae. two people pretended to set up a monitor and pretended it was not working. then this officer gets in the elevator and joins in with her dance moves, they quickly straighten up when the chief walks in. it has had over 45 million views since saturday. try cyclists nothing new in
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credit underneath what looks like an enormous mountain of wooden creates. the stack of boxes appears to just trundle down all by itself making the right at the light. probably wouldn't see anything like that on broadway, without we? and last week i showed you a kid on his snow board just shy of his first birthday. this 114 months went snow boarding for the first time at park city park. however watch thii, there's no at the tether. either way, mitch and kellie, i think this is going to be your new x-game award winner. she's 14 months.
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that's amazing. we have the super bowl opening night. it's a primetime version of media day. >> we have a look at all the action. >> reporter: that's right, guys. anticipation continues to build with each passing day and night it's the only opportunity to talk to every and any player of coaches and players alike. the media day has been changed from tuesday to a monday. though it's the jackets and they are back tonight. be on the lookout for those when our chase for the championship special at nine p.m. in 2017 they were top gnomons
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18th in the league and passing in post season, the broncos earn the super bowl, manning missed six weeks, but told espn he had something special. >> our defense has been special. they have been great ffom the get go. i new they could take us to a special place. for mm it's been a unique season. the best thing i've done, chris, is just staying in the moment and just take it as the old cliche says, 1 day at a time. and hope to do it for another week. >> reporter: and hopefully for
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>> do you recognize this dude? he would like to mention that he worked with peyton on his passes. l.b. has known the mannings for nearly 30 years. >> look at that baby face. >> reporter: you can see they love the jackets with the jeans. it's a nice little featurer back in the 90s, i'm -- feature back in the 90s. plenty more memories to come for those guys out there at super bowl 50. >> i think they need some rhinestones on their jackets.
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denver and north carolina have a wager. if the broncos win, there will be broncos flags draped on the fire trucks, if the panthers win, they will be draped on our fire trucks. why doctors are saying
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denver 7 news starts right now. the snowstorm got off to a slow start, but it's hanging around. in just a couple of minutes we'll tell you what to expect. the snow starts to build up a bit. earlier we saw a couple of crashes just within feet of each other. and lindsay watts is with us. >> reporter: there have been a lot of snowplows out. they have out all morning long. but with all the snow picking up, there are ineffably slick spots.
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slammed into the back of a denver police cruiser. there was no one inside the police car at the time, it was just parked there along the roadway, police cited the driver for driving too fast and also for not having a valued license. in that same timeframe just a few feet away, there was another crash. a denver public school bus was stopped at a stop sign and a driver approaching the stop sign slid on some i didn't say and crashed some ice and slam into the back of the bus. the city has sent someone down dayton way, and i also saw someone putting sand down on the road. before we got here the road
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there's a layer of snow with a sheet of ice under there. so just remember to keep it safe as the snow keeps on coming down. it sure is pretty. i'm looking at her going, she needs a hat. >> yeah, and the kids, you know there are a lot of kids going i'm not taking my gloves or my hat, because it not snowing. we warned you so when you come pick them up at 3:00 you might have some wet kids. not all the schools are going to be recess because the snow is picking up in intensity and it's just going to keep going on. you can see just how big this band of moisture is. it's kind of just wrapping right around into the northeast corner of the state and when it moves it's going to gain a lot of strength and a chance of
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we put the radar on pause and this is where you will notice the snow. there are a few locations with pockets, that is going to fill in a little bit more as we go through the evening and we are looking for this to really begin tt accumulate not only hough in the metro area -- here eastern plains. this afternoon as you head home around 24-degrees, the streets will be snow packed and icy. tomorrow morning it will be real cold and in the teens, so i do believe tomorrow's commute wiil be much more difficult, jayson. >> reporter: yeah, you recollect see all the green out there, still a little icy, but take a look at the cdot cameras, you can see i-70 not
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speaking of good morning town, there -- georgetown, there's some icy conditions up there. we do have chain laws and park. but here in denver it's basically wet, although you can see the snow that's falling across most of metro denver, but depending on the snowfall rate and how quickly it falls that's how much we will see on the side street and the highways for tomorrow morning's commute. jayson gruenauer is on the east side of town by washington park. what does it look like where you are, jayson? >> in the last half our things have thicken up. of 45-degree angle. this is kind of the packing kind of snow. snowballs. the kids aren't necessarily
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school, but they can have some snowball fights. as the snow picks up in intensity we can see it creeping on the median or sides oo roads, it want to get up there, it just depends on how the cars come through document the bald eagle is still here enjoying the snow and you guys drive slow when you're out here in denver. >> thanks jayson. this is new video of breckenridge ski resort. they have recorded a foot of new snow in the past 48 hours. remember the download the snow cast app. that way you can monitor the radar app. you can see snow totals and alerts that will go right to your phone. ed to the world health
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meeting on the zika virus. there could be as many as 4 million new infections this year. there is no treatment for this right now. even researchers are admitting they haven't done enough ahead of the virus. it was discovered almost 70 years ago in uganda. and the cdc as officially declared the e. coli outbreak is over at chipotle. they are now facing a criminal investigation. the cause of the outbreak is % still unknown. she a reminder to be -- here is a reminder to be careful of social media. men met a woman waiting for two armed people waiting to rob them. in fort collins police are
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the vandal torched a car, a trash can and people also wokee up to find their windows of their cars smashed out. . and a video of a cop being pulled over by a driver. we'll at the you why. and a wipe out you won't believe, in a big way. % and -- >> a lot of moms don't have any furniture, they're sitting on the floor nursing their children. >> you are going to meet this week's seven every day hero. >> reporter: here is a look from sports authority field. downtown ithe
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so the countdown has officially gun. hundreds of fans came out to cheer on the broncos yesterday as they flew out to california. there in denver, the lieutenant governor com.c.ed 3 this rally to bring the best of the broncos together. >> you can't play one wrong record. >> i want them to bring home the super bowl. >> i want them to win and crush the panthers. >> i do believe that we have the experience that will over take all the hype. the players will be ready. the broncos as you know in california already where they
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days before they face the panthers and beat them in the super bowl. so check out cam newton's attire. tiger and zebra print pants. turns out versace made the pants. >> are they lucky pants? >> the last time i checked, they were still out of stock. 850 bucks? >> well, you know cam newton can afford 850 bucks. aim ain't no thing. we'll bring you coverage here at live at denver seven also on the free denver seven app. check out this massive wave.
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the big wave competition in maui. this is known as jaws, there's a shocker. -`he is now up for wipeout of the year. he says he felt like he was falling off a cliff. he sort of was. it is sointimidating -- so intimidating. >> wow, i do a boogie board. ed to it is definitely a gray day -- today is a gray day. you can see the snow across the front range. it is starting to pick up in
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and we're going to continue to see that. and we could see some rates about an inch an hour and then taper and pick back up. as we start this year, you will note it continues to be socked in. the darker purple that that's the heavierr and the white is a little bit of lighter activity, but it doessfill in later specially on the eastern plains. this evening this is what it looks like at 5:30 it's going to be a factor for you, so give yourself some extra time as you are going to have some slower traffic. places are going to be icy in spots and snow packed in others. you can see the snow tomorrow breaking apart. it's not going to be too bad but the roads are still going
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nice clearing skies, that's not before all-this seems to fall. we are watching heavier accumulations out on the far eastern plains. make sure you catch up with us tomorrow. because we will update the road conditions on the eastern plains, and either some schools closing early or shutting down. we are not going to get the snow we originally anticipated, off to the west though, doesn't mean we're not going to get some snow. because it is coming down and picking up in intensity, maybe a little bit closer to 3-6 inches of snow in the metro area and then about a foot of snow farther west.
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the temperatures, we're going to hang out in the 20s through the afternoon and drop down into the teens overnight. 29-degrees not even going to see freezing. we will see the 30s out on the eastern plains. we're going to have the wait for that until thursday. good news is on wednesday we do get the sunshine and as we all know eve-- even if the temperatures aren't that warm, it helps with the sun. we do still see some melting, `e have some of the sidewalks the noothern facing driveways, sidewalks, just kind of still crumby. >> i haven't seen the front lawn in a long time. imagine never being rocked
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it's important for a mother and %- child. >> this morning's every day here reis re--- heros is helping mothers. >> it's a wonderful thing to do with your child. >> reporter: she likes rocking shares so much, she gives them away. >> the moms are referred through agencies that work with moms in need. >> reporter: her non-profit is called mommy rocks. >> a lot of the moms that we see have no furniture. they have maybe a kitchen chair. >> reporrer: deb believes a rocker is a must for a new mom like leah. >> i love it. and he loves it. he likes to rock to sleep. >> so this gives them an actual place of their own to nurse their baby, bond with their
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floor trying to rock or soothe their baby. >> reporter: a church provides a space for deb so she can invite new moms to come and choose a new or used rocker. >> she has a veey loving heart and wants to be there for young mothers. >> reporter: she has provided more than 760 rocking chairs to new moms and then she surprises tte moms with a bag filled with clothing, bottles and books. we tried to surprise her, but she was onto us. >> what are you doing? >> reporter: so you know what's happening. >> you know what channel i watch. >> reporter: we have the
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insurance of colorado would like to thank you for your service. >> thank you. still ahead a teen gets pulled over by a cop after
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welcome back, a motorist and police officer had something of a role reversal the other day. a patrol officer said she was speeding. so it frightened her so much that she did something most of us probably shouldn't do. she chased down the officer. a friday afternoon on the dolphin express way taking and interesting turn for one miami police officer is -- >> i saw you since miller drive since you were first jumping onto the palmetto and you were pushing 90 miles an hour. >> really. >> yes. >> reporter: turning into citizen officer castillo.
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errands when all of the sudden a squad car flew by her so fast it shook her car. >> it's scared the daylights out of me. she decided to follow the officer. the officer getting out of his car thinking she had an emergency until she started the questioning. >> i was going 8 miles an hour and i just wanted to know what's the emergency. >> i don't know how fast i was going, but i can tell you this i'm on the way to work right now. i don't believe i was speeding. >> reporter: she said she also sped up but only for a few moments. her cell phone rigged up as she started video taping the chase. she said she didn't do this to cast a shadow on the officer or law enforcement. >> they're not bad guys, but they are held to certain principals. >> reporter: the video which
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>> well, i guess it's done. >> well, you got the idea. >> i can't believe he actually stopped. so getting and unusual surprise when a cop pulls this girl over. >> yes, the girl was turning sweet 16. officer has something else for her. >> i got bad good and bad news for you. >> okay. >> bad news is you're getting a ticket for justin bieber. [laughter] did you hear his laugh? that was wicked. >> yeah, he pulled it off. >> she'll get him back 1 day, i'm sure.
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>> reporter: okay. look at our 7- day, the snow is going to continue today and through tomorrow morning. so that means tonight's commute and tomorrow morning's commute
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