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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  February 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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100. >> good for you, larry. >> very cute story there. good for them. >> that's what's making news in test it's 4:30. one bronco has been sent home from the bay area after his brother got caught up in a prostitution ring. we'll tell you who it is. you can plan on the winter weather messing up the morning commute. plenty of kids enjoyed their day off from school and off.
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making sure the roads are okay, cdot is out there. >> reporter: we're here in southwest denver on acomaaand broadway, this is what many of you are waking up to. there's probably a full inch of ice under my feet right now and there are homes just down the street here. there are a few industrial businesses here, we are just one block off of broadway. just like dayle cedars told you yesterday as the temps drop, it is very cold out and this froze and became this icy sheen. you can actually see it reflecting from the traffic light on broadway back to where i am standing because it's simply so icy, so just because
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on them, you want to make sure you give extra distance between you and the car in front of you because if you try to stop on this right now, good luck. we were over at washington park earlier. those streets are much cleaner. but be careful, take extra time and also bundle up because it is cold. we're going to toss it over to dayle cedars. is it's going to get any warmer? >> reporter: no, not at all. the temperatures, that's the big story jason was talking about. it's not just the driveways, but also the sidewalks. we have pretty much from the northeast to the southeast of the united states the cold. look at the temperatures, it is
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we have the wind that brings the temperatures below zero when it comes to the feels like temperature. it is old statewide. the warmup today that i told jayson, about, this is the big one. upper 20s in the afternoon. we are going to see more sunshine which is going to take off the bitter edge, but jayson, it is cold and a lot of ice out there. >> reporter: even if we don't see the warmup. we will see the roads dry out. a tremendous dry out happened last night. you are looking at the i-25 denver tech center here. i was going at my regular speed here this morning, 65 miles an hour right through the denver tech center, at least for me.
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there, but overall not that bad. but i think the side streets are going to be a huge issue. not only in your neighbor, but also some of the side roads. darryl is out there right now. darryl. >> reporter: yeah, as you can, many residential areas have snow still on the ground, others don't. it's interesting to see what areas do and what don't. but when you get on the side streets, you've got to use some caution, not to mention the sidewalks and also that sun that poked through the clouds yesterday, there was some melting that came off the homes and apartments and businesses, and you have to be careful because those icicles are big and if they fall down, they could hit you in the head.
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>> i guess it's a hard hat kind of morning. police say a driver took off after hitting a car. the driver could face hit-and- run charges. another reason to give yourself a little extra space. this driver rear-ended the snowplow. it did cause some problems for drivers. de-icing took place at dia yesterday. more than 600 flights had to be grounded over the past couple of days because of the storm. this morning, some schools still not ready the reopen. denver public schools have closed some schools today.
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ll close listju to e denv annecom. >> ads , jeffco, have all had two days, cherry creek has had three. the entire district will make up 1 day. we spoke to one young lady who game a snow day entrepreneur. >> reporter: i thought it would be a good idea because i needed to make some money. cherry creek has had three snow days this year. before now, they haven't had any in the past three years. chief robert white is talking about using force. he met with other 30 law enforcement officials and they
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police should use force. >> they will use other skills and tools to do that and if it takes 10 hours to de-escalate that, they will spend the 10 hours to de-escalate that. >> he traveled to scotland to see how other officers there trained. tte vast majority of police are unarmed and rely on de- escalaaion ttchniques. denver police changed a policy after the controversial case involving jessica hernandez. she was shot and killed after police said she drove a car at them.
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murphy was sent home yesterday. there's a look at the hotel, he was visiting his brother who brought a young woman to the hotel. and his brother was cited for human trafficking. although practice squad safety ryan murphy was not sided by police, we decided we would continue super bowl preparation without him. lisa hidalgo and eric lupher are joining us from california. >> reporter: i feel amazing. 5 hours -- it's a wonder what
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we are down now at the embarcadero area. >> reporter: look at this moon. >> reporter: it is chilly when you have some of the wind coming off. it's been quiet. we took a nice little tour yesterday on my facebook live virgin islands take a look at -- video. take a look at this. >> reporter: if you haven't joined us, it's really cool. we walk around and try to show you the best experience. a lot of people love it because they actually get to experience what we are experiencing through our cell phone. it's just awesome, so we have been doing that all week, doing a lot of digital live streaming. we do it two hours every
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it's a different work flow for us, but it really allows us to -`show people large trucks and things that come by. >> reporter: here's the lineup today. we're going to go into the super bowl city. yesterday. but this is fun, man, i love the microphone today, it's like whack-a--mole, but it's like whack-a-lupher. [laughter] all right. guys, have some fun and get some breakfast. americans are going to bet $4.2 billion on the super bowl. we can find out how you can gamble on beyonce's fashion choices? police say they were open
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but it wasn't a gun or knife. we'll explain when we return. >> reporterr i have the bus stop planner up for you right now. it is cold. temperatures in the single digits. the sidewalks if any of the
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children's hospital colorado put together this special song. it was written by daniel a 15 year old patieet there. it was shot really well. good video. so if the broncos are going to win on sunday they will need to be on their a- game. >> this is back in 2012. the broncos were able to sack
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we were told last night that this presents a new challenge. >> demarcus said earlier, if we sack them it should count for two sacks, he's very very difficult to bring down, fast, strong, got like ben roth lessburger all of these. >> the panthers are currently favors by six points at most vegas casino. >> also people are taking bets on what color shoes beyonce is going to be wearing. you can also vote on gold, silver or white. >> what about lisa? >> i don't think she's going to have time to change in the -`super bowl performance.
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it's fast. mother nature can flip like that though, right? we see weather up and down 1 day and then here and there. >> reporter: we have some light flurries here in the metro area, it is nice and dry, so that is not going to be a factor for us. we are going to continue to see snow the mountains and then days. you can see right across the metro area, we get the clearer skies, nice sunshine out on the eastern plains through mid morning today. a little bit of snow in the northwest corner starting off to the day and then it's going to sink off to the southern half of the state as well. there are a few fllrries across
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temperatures are going to be frigid. sterling, you are at one of the warmer locations at 12-degrees. high country and many locations below zero. this is without any winds. factor in the windchill factor and things are really cold. we are going to warm, but it's going to take us a while. 27-degree is what we are looking to top out here in the denver area and overnight we're going to drop back down into the teens and single digits yet again tomorrow morning. high denver, 27, 24, greeley, 29 fort collins. trinidad and up in the high country, teens and 20s, especially the low lying valleys not even going to get out of the single digits.
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but here is that system. it's kind of a weak disturbance moving through. on friday, we have a chance of flurries in the early morning. i put the bright spot on saturday at 42. and sunday super bowl 41. >> reporter: jaylen's competition baton competition is going to be sunday, so we might have to dvr the super bowl. you can still see some of the icy spots here. but then turning on the neighborhood roads, it is going to be tough. be careful, they are still very
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university highway. the big picture shows yyu a lot of green nnrth, south, east and neighborhood roads and side roads transitioning maybe off to be tricky. a greeley man is killed as he's headed to give birth to her second son. he collided right near the wyoming border. lost control on the ice, drifted into on coming traffic. sadly, the crash came 30 minutes before baby caleb was morning. phillip salazar was holding a woman hostage with scissors. this guy came at them with
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went in and so they continued to fire. . >> reporter: good morning. chipotle pays the price. >> reporter: their earnings fell 44%. >> reporter: it faces a difficult and expensive year trying to restore public confidence in its food safety. >> reporter: and medical marijuana expected to reach $6.7 billion. >> reporter: food for thought at mcdonalds for the next two weeks they are serving up books with their happy meals. >> reporter: the classic paddington an others. `hey are expected to sell 17 million.
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with jimmy dean delights, good mornings lead to great days. news. driving in very thick fog, drivers are asked to slow down for good reason. that driver didn't stop, nor did that driver, nor did that
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few minutes later a fourth driver hit the pile. back in the days of the old movie theaters you could fit a few people into the trunk and sneak them into the theater. these jokessters fit into one pair of clothes. they recorded themselves carrying out this elaborate situation. they made a bulge resemble a huge belly. this is them going and buying the tickets. the clever getup fooled the
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making a brontsaurus suit is here. with this new trend going around the internet where people get these huge stuffed animals, rip out all the stuffing and claim inside to make it look like the bear is dancing. there are many different videos with different animals, though many of them are bears, there are many of these voice and i'm sure there will be more to come. >> reporter: what i love is that we're calling this a trend. `s it really that popular? >> reporter: yes. >> i'm going to find myself a bear and get inside. we'll get on amazon and pick one up and you can video me. >> reporter: okay. >> reporter: we do have very cold temperatures today.
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few locations where we have some teens. boulder, 14, you are one of the warmer locations. a few locations will top out in the 30s, but it really issjust going to be a very cold day across the front range and metro area. let's check back in to see what the areas are looking like. >> reporter: sixth avenue and knox court, it's really clear on some of the major roads, but it's the highways that are in remarkably good shape. don't be surprised if you find some side roads and neighborhood roads are very icy. the u.s. team won a winning sculpture from team vermont. this is showing an invention %-
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team's mining origins. you can still see the sculptures up in breckenridge there for you to enjoy. an emergency landing on the water in highway by a plane. the 68 year old pilot walked away without a scratch. the plane was not made the land on water. this could help your chance of getting on a private
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