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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  February 3, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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o, three, test test. now. well tell you which race. and a teen that was killed by the virginia tech students. the mother speaks out about her life before she was killed. we are dealing with some there. in a minute meteorologist dayle cedars will tell us how long it
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jayson gruenauer is auto checking the conditions. jayson the street are still pretty slick. >> reporter: yeah, the plows were deployed yesterday in the cities and counties, but this is on iowa and acoma here, and i've actuallyseen a couple of cars actually spinning they're wheels. it isn't bad as i menttoned, the residential plows were out last night, as the sun comes out the snow pacc will either melt into this ice or reveal this ice. these roads are not going to be treated by mag chloride or anything any time soon. just have to wait for mother nature to thaw it out.
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into the intersection or the careful. >> reporter: jayson, like you said we are going to have to and it could be a week or so drivable conditions. the highways though are nearly bone dry. right near broadway at i-25, and then look at sixth avenue, that is basically back to normal. all the eastern plains have reopened, which is good news, but there are still some problems. this is the westbound side, there's an accident between tunnel. you can see how slick it is up in parts of the high country, so take care up there. time to talk about the weather because it was such a combed start this mooning.
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>> what's sad is when you look at that, it's 20-degrees, it's a heatwave out there. >> well, compared to the single digits we were seeing this morning, it is nice and warm. >> reporter: we'll take you out eastt though, it looks pretty nice, quite a bit of sunshine. we had a few clouds earlier this morning. that has pretty much cleared out, but we are seeing some clouds off to the west and there are a few out on the eastern plains, but definitely the sunshine is making things feel a lot nicer. it's not necessarily helping with the temperatures, but it will. over the next couple of days we will slowly warm up. we are at 22-degrees. ledville and gun son, single digits, you may stay there today. fort collins one of the warmer locations at 25. here is really how the rest of the day is going to play out.
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in denver -- see us clime in denvee close to 27-degrees. then the cool down, just because our afternoon highs are going to be a bit warmer today doesn't mean our over night temperatures are. we will drop from the teens back into the single digits. however we are moving into a warming trend and i'll take you through that in just a bit. dia says flight operations are back to normal after the big snowstorm. the issues started sunday night and continued through yesterday. there were nearly 500 cancellations at one point. dia has not announced any delays or cancellations. but that could always change, so always check with your % airline. . this crash happened at federal and 32nd, a driver obviously knocked a light pole down. a man is killed hhaded to
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their second son. this is a photograph of him. he collided with a semi. right near the wyoming border, this happened monday, police say he lost control of his vehicle, and drifted into on coming traffic. the accident happened just before the baby was born. deputy marquez seen here, there's a reward out for the person's arrest who shot him. salazar was armed with scissors as he was holding a woman hostage over on north timer line, when the s.w.a.t.
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say he came at them with the scissors and that's when they open fire. the police chief met with other officials talking about how and when police should use force. -`>> they will use other skills and tools that they have to do that. and if it takes 10 hours to de- escalate that, they will spend the 10 hours to de-eecalate that. >> defer's deputy chief will travel to scotland to see how officers there train. the vast majority in scotland are dearmed and rely heavily on de-escalating. this comes of the a controversial case of jessica hernandez when police shot and killed her when police say she was using her car as a weapon driving toward them now.
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shoot at a moving vehicle if the suspect has a weapon. well rand paul officially dropped out of the presidential race. paul, a kentucky republican is expected to focus now on his senate re-election bid. colorado lawmakers debate whether doctorssshould be able to help dying patients. it will be heard in the senate today and then the house tomorrow. the prospects are pretty slim to make it through the senate. well, a broncos player has been sent home during a bust at this motel six in san jose. murphy was visiting his brother who brought a young woman to the motel. the brother was cited for human trafficking.
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we are live from santa clara. >> reporter: guys, we are live here in the media tent outside the team hotel in santa clara, and all broncos players and coaches met the media here today. and of course the hot top pick was safety squad practice player was murphy being sent home. does that affect the team getting ready for super bowl 50 in 5 days? % every player we talked to said, no, it won't. >> no, we're going to go out there and have fun today with the brothers we have here and try to win the championship on sunday.
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with this team at all? >> no, no distraction, kubiak said this is how we're going to address it and we are moving on. we have dealt with a lot of adversity this year, but what team hassant? now that it's over we're going to focus on the super bowl. >> reporter: peyton manning met the media tooay. a lot of questions an answers. he says he has not talked to john elway about anything past -`this game. obviously he is older but now wiser than he once was and said that he can still get it on. >> i use the baseball analogy, a guy that used to throw 95 plus, maybe he still can't play
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get the guy out. >> you guys talk about him retiring and this and that, but there's a lot of quarterbacks that can't take their team to the super bowl. if i was him i would take peyton manning as my quarterback. >> reporter: all right. that's here from santa clara, no distraction from the incident last night. this team is laser focused on super bowl 50. we'll have the latest for you on denver 7 news. we'll be on the web all day, facebook, periscope, and online. >> thank you, sir. so, as we get closer and closer to super bowl, the excitement keeps building.
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lisa and eric are out there in santa claaa and you guys have been to the golden gate bridge today? >> reporter: that's riggt, this is a pretty famous stop. we're in the teleggaph neighborhood. and on the top of this hill is coy tower, also there's eric. >> reporter: all i know is i'm -`going to be tired at about stair 50. i was out of breath when i got to here. >> reporter: it's been fun to not only watch him climb, but also learn the history of this. it was built back in this early 1900s, she was smoking cigarettes, wearing trousers. eric, talk about some of the places we were earlier this morning. >> reporter: right.
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-- we do facebook live because technology is so awesome now, we had cabby take us to the other side of the bridge near soslito we had a look at alcatraz and downtown san francisco. man, sometimes i just love my job. lisa got to experience it with me and now, i don't know that i'm going to enjoy this next trip up to coy tower. >> reporter: you are going to like it. we are going to shoot a story for the 4:00 newscast. denver 7 is a proud sponsor of the air fie fer. %- don't forget to tune in at 4:00 today as i take eric lupher on. >> reporter: in my jeans i
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>> not a chance he'll beat you. my money is on lisa. just throwing it out there. >> i'll pull for eric this time because he hadn't gotten any luck. >> eric, lisa's legs are pretty short, so that's an edge. also like lisa and eric on facebook, you can follow the crazy adventures and we'll have full coverage today and tonight. lay da gaga will be singing the national anthem. it's a big week for lady gaga. she will be singing a tribute to david bowie at the oscars. so apparently we're not
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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we have new details about the crash that happened off
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>> trace elements of dna have been found. one of the marines was from colorado springs. no other remains have been found since the search as suspended. for the first time we are getting a look at the shootout that happened in oregon. law enforcement says officers open fired when he reached for -`his waistband whhre he did have a gun. a 9 year old girl was forced to jump off a third floor balcony while firefighter had to catch her. % >> i just listened to them and just jumped because it was no chance. >> she was the most confident
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>> she was home alone when the fire happened. thankfully she is doing just fine this morning. >> how scary for a 9 year old. >> how scary for an adult. i can't even imagine to listen to those people like, catch me? i don't think so. >> reporter: theesunned to kind of helps kill the edge of the cold we're experiencing. take a look into burlington and you can see this guy right here, he's cleaning the roadways, trying to move all that snow. %- also with the cold temperatures, pretty icy in spot early on this morning. here in denver it looks nice. the roads are starting to dry out. still wet in spot, some of it with that mag chloride. the side roads, that's a
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your neighborhood. look at these temperatures though, oh, it is so nice to see. we started off at 9-degrees. 18 in greeley. we need a little bit more wind to get the cold air that's pooled in the lower values there out of the way. you are going to see the temperatures climb in the upper 20s you look at the 24-hour view. we are going to drop down into the teens a little bit later on this evening and then tomorrow morning we're going to drop back into the single digits. it is going to warm up quite a bit faster tomorrow.
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below where we should be this time of year. we will see the upper 20s out on the eastern plains. a few 30s in the southeast corner of the state. in the high country, most mountain towns will be in the teens except ledville and gunnison. most of it is low lying clouds out there today. but it can cause some problems on the roadways with a few flurries. the temperatures are going to be so cold early tomorrow morning. you will notice midday tomorrow morning the sun continues through the state, but look off to the west. that's when we will see some clouds and a little bit of snow. so the mountains could see some snow tomorrow afternoon and
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that some of this is going to roll out of into the front range. both thursday and friday we'll keep our high there in the 30s and then this weekend we're back into the 40s and the 40s are going to feel fantastic, but even more sew just the fact that -- so, just the fact that our temperatures g from the lows of teens to 20s, remember the kids need a lot of layers. >> it's darn cold. >> thank you. so ground hog day revealed more of an early spring hopefully, but in north carolina their ground hog went against their own state choosing the broncos. >> this is grady, he walked right out and walked over to the broncos corn cob. this is right in the heart of
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>> that's right. thank you, grady. also montana's bear also, the grizzly bear kicked the peanut butter cake with the banana frosting.
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here is a story making news hot on the internet today. well when driving through fog, we always recommend you slow downright? because you don't know what's up ahead. all these cars piled together. amazingly the truck driver was not hurt in this accident. remember when you could stuff a bunch of people in the trunk going to the movies. well these two people snuck
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they carried out the elaborate scheme by wrapping himself around his buddies chest and waste making it look like he has a large belly. well, they fooled the staff and both got in. well, wearing anopia tranasaurus costume. what's happening here? then where people get huge stuffed animals and people climb inside to make it look like its dancing. there are hundreds of videos, different animals, usually it's a bear, some people say it's a great way to get rid of a present and ex-
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i'm not kidding, i've seen hundreds of people on youtube and facebook and twitter doing this. thee're doing. >> reporter: no, they probably can't and this is probably the next hallogeen stunt. thank you. so a man in las angeles drawing attention for his `angster themed restaurant especially since one of the gangsters include el chapo. he decided to line the walls with photos of gangsters. if you are a fan of the fast and furious movies you're going to love this. the movie is going to have a ninth. two years after that fans will
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they did not release details about the titles or the plots. the investigation into the shooting and stabbing at the colorado expo heating up. and the 13 year old girl
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you're watching denver 7. now 11:30 the winter storm has come and gone, still, we're feeling the effects of this literally with the cold temperatures today. % >> we are still having some travel problems due to the left `ver ice, so dayle, please tell us there's a warmup coming. >> reporter: sure, we will have warmmr temperatures by july. it looks nice. >> reporter: yeah, temperatures are still in the 20s ann we are going to hang in the 20s. sometimes mother nature likes to take things slow and we are even talking about more snow, not necessarily in the metro area, but there's a possibility. that definitely is going to be an issue for us across the metro area as temperatures are just cold though.
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warm up much in denver. a little bit of a breeze out of the southwest. -- out of the northwest, it is 23-degrees, so as we get some of the down sloping winds, that helps, but we have big pockets of cold air that we need to get out of the way, but then of course the snow is on the ground hindering the warmup right now. the rest of the afternoon and evening looks like this, climbing into the upper 20s, some locations could see 30s, good news is tomorrow is our last really, really cold morning before at least our lows get back into the teens, so i'll show you that coming up in our 7- day and yes, we will
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and let's take it over to jayson gruenauer, looking at some of the side roads. >> yeah, jayson, some-the side roads still a little troublesome? >> reporter: yeah, this is because the residential plows came through yesterday, they shaved off all the snow, but this, again, is ice, the sun is doing a little melting but we have seen a will the of cars either slide through here or spin the tires, this is in southwest denver mainly the residential and neighborhood streets. as i get back on some safe pavement here -- just be careful out here, if you see anything shiny, drive safe because we don't want to see anybody lidiig this into the intersection. we'll send it back to you after
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it may take a couple of days. well the denver d.a. has joined in the investigation over the stabbing and killing of the motorcycle gangs. in the death of thomas flanagan last august, the man charged with killing him has pled guilty. also vip cannabis owner pleads guilty. one person still faces charges. two promising virginia tech students behind bars now charged with a middle schoolers murder. it appears that the 13 year old victim was stabbed to death. what's still unclear is a
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>> reporter: she had a passion for pandas, music, dancing, dreamed of being on american idol some day. her favorite color was blue. >> reporter: early on nicole lovell was plagued with medical problems, beating cancer and mersa. >> these two individuals took my daughter from this planet and i want to know why. i want all the information i can get. >> reporter: last week she was reported missing. after days of searching and vigils, police arrested david eisenhauer. i make my goals just out of the
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>> reporter: according to court documents ice -- set me free. also police say that natalie powers was also part of the scheme. >> nicole was a very lovable person. nicole touched many people 3 throughout her short life. >> reporter: i'm mary maloney reporting. eisenhower faces 20 years to life if convicted of murder, the same that keepers can face if she's convicted of accessory after the fact. the world officials are claiming the zika virus is a --
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virus by having sex with someone infected. 3 this includes the u.s., now. >> we have received confirmation of the zika case acquiring it locally spread otherwise through sexual activity. >> it has been linked to a birth disorder with babies born with severely abnormally small heads and could cause death. the president obama's veto would have been repealed. this means the affordable care act stays in place at least through president obama's term. right now president obama is visiting an american mosque at the islamic society of baltimore today. a senior administration official says the president
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contribution to the nation. he has visited mosques overseas but not here in the u.s. the state department says 3 john kerry used a private e- mail account to send hillary clinton to her server during secretary of state. the subject involved development between india, pakistan and afghanistan. he was chairman of the foreign relations committee at the time. the candidates are turning their attention to from iowa to new hampshire in the presidential race. trump admits skipping the last republican debate in iowa may have hurt him and senator cruz is in the celebration mode after what's being called a contentious battle. >> six weeks ago donald trump was saying i was his friend, that he loved me that i was
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nice, and now i'm an anchor baby. >> and hillary clinton pulled out a narrow victory. and declaring a win in sanders' own backyard will be tough. and when hillary clinton was announcing her win, someone behind her was making faces. >> a lot. >> there he is, the guy with the stickers on his face, that's 18 year old peter skitsdale. he says he really isn't passionate about any of the candidates. >> i noticed a lot of the cameras pointed at me and just
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>> he joked about selling his left over hillary stickers to help paying for college. now you have some good news for flying with your %- children. and a teen getting some good news. >> reporter: the main roads
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welcome back, a post office in new york pulls off a very special delivery for a boy battling leukemia. he is back home and that came with a lot of fanfare after receiving his treatments. >> oh, my gosh. >> there's a nice sash with your name on it. >> oh, look at this. >> this is so awesome. >> i'm your mail lady. i'm your mail lady, colleen, and you told me you were the mailman, remember? >> yes. >> you want to open it? >> how thrilled must he have been. he wants to be a mailman when
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>> you know, our mail folks have to be so excited to have at least the sunshine today. they're trumping through everyone's yard. the snow is deep in some locations. we have in some spots more than a foot to get through. so thank you, guys. >> reporter: today, we're not really going to see much melting in the yards. but you guys as long as you did shovel, it's starting to be good news otherwise you are going to have quite a bit of ice on your driveway. 22 in denver, 25 in collins. ledville, you're at 17. a little bit of a warmup, talking right at 27-degrees,
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evening in the teens. overnight into tomorrow mooning, single digits. give yourself extra time to get your kids bundled up and warm your much warm -- quicker warmup for us tomorrow than it was today. you are going to see some 30s in the southeast corner of the state. we are dealing with low lying clouds in mountains and even some flurries right now. we're going to see a little bit more of that through this evening and then it does clear out. there's a nice break completely statewide. we are going to start to see more clouds move in tomorrow. this is going to bring a little bit of snow to the mountains
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way across the metro area. at least we get out of the single digits when it comes to our lows. in the 30s. wish it was going to be a little bit more of a warmup. sunday we have another disturbance that's going to move back in. that's going to bring some snow to some areas. so, as we get a little bit closer to that we'll fine tune that. so we're in a warming trend, but it doesn't mean smooth accumulation. parent good news if you fly united airlines. families with small children get to board first. two or younger will be allowed
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with disabilities and the military. that's great. and there are complimentary snacks are going to be offered on american airlines. they are also expanding they're flights. they will have access now up to 40 movies, 60 t.v. shows and 300 albums to listen to. >> -- uber is doing a little bit of re-designing. the company says the an attempt to bring out the human side of uber. it will be used worldwide with a different color scheme. listen to this, americans
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year than on cheetos or doritos. pot topped it, that's more than all those combined. who calculated that? i don't know. straight ahead, we'll tell you about the baby sitting
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welcome back, right now there's a video of a utah police officer going viral. the officer was busy watching a toddler while dad was in traffic court. >> reporter: this little girl is on the move. >> these quite active. i have kids myself and boy, i know what it is of the rambunctious kids. it's hard to take them anywhere. >> reporter: in this case traffic court was anywhere. norris was waiting to testify and 2 year old abbey was with her father. >> i could see the dad corralling her and trying to keep her quiet and she's
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>> reporter: when it was time for her dad to go into the courtroom, the officer felt bad for him, so officer norris volunteered to baby sit. >> we walked around and got a drink, took giant steps and baby steps. >> i pulled out some videos on my phone and she was out before her dad came out to pick her up. >> reporter: josi her father was quite surprised. he may now be known as the big friendly baby sitter. he says he's okay with that. >> we're not out there just to arrest people. we're out there to make our community a better place. 6'6" he stand.
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that's a good job he did there. >> yes. there's and 11 year old girl who is serving as super bowl 50's correspond. she has put some tough questions to peyton manning. >> yes, she asked him what he meant by him saying this might be his last rodeo. >> reporter: what did you mean by that? >> no, no, you missed the point, i meant that i am going to participate in rodeos. could be the start of a t.v. career for her. so check out this little cutey, a baby giraffe. they are offering a chance to name the baby tt those who want
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>> having a hard time standing. >> think of how hard it is for our kids to learn to walk. >> and they do that right after they're born. >> immediately. but that poor girl has really, really long legs. absolutely adorable. so much fun. >> outside? >> it's pretty. >> reporter: it's pretty to see, but you would probably definitely enjoy it more with a lot of layers or from inside your house. our winds are 12 miles per hour here in denver out of the northwest. this is 23-degrees. we have a bit of the down sloping winds, but unfortunately it is just way too cold and the snow on the ground is not letting uu warm. we are just a few degrees more. dry at least in the metro area. in the high country it is a
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dealing with some snow moving through. so, highs in the metro 27, 33 there in longmott.
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