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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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friday. they are also calling people. at this point they say no patients have tested positive but they are being extra careful. he was a surgical technician who worked here in the or and is accused of stealing injectable narcotics from the hospital. according to his records, he was suspended for stealing a syringe of fentanyl. he then replaced it with another syringe. he hasn't been arrested at you can call the patient caroline if you need to find out if this affects you. the hospital is getting inundated. this only affects people who had surgery between august last year -- august of last year and january of this year. a dangerous stunt has gone viral online. now kids here are using their
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videos on the roads in the metro area. especially with all of the fresh snow, these stunts are illegal. >> reporter: you are being pulled by a car while snowboarding or sliding. you can face some serious charges if you are caught. the real dangers are if you hit a dry patch were parked car. >> start spreadin >> reporter: this video of a snowboarder being pulled by a car in new york city went viral. he navigates the streets of manhattan inches from cars and even the nypd. after our big snowstorm, colorado teens -- took to you to . this one is called snowboarding the neighborhoods. they passed both moving and parked cars. it all looks fun but -- >> this is extremely dangerous. you never know what is going to happen. you don't have control of it.>>
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says there are risks >> it is also against colorado state law. >> reporter: both the driver ticketed. >> you are not allowed to do this in any way because it is dangerous.>> reporter: apparent can face child abuse -- apparent can face -- a parent can face child abuse charges if they do this. someone was killed last year and the driver was charged with vehicular assaults. >> think about the risk that you are putting yourself just for 5 minutes of fun. >> reporter: douglas county says they received reports of someone pulling very young kids on flat yesterday. they weren't able to catch them in time. reporting live in denver, jennifer kovaleski, denver seven.
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the radar screen show some clouds. it is getting cold. single digits and teens in the mountains. across the state we are looking at cold readings, well below 0 `n the high country. another cold one. tomorrow starts with sunshine and tten snow moves into the mountains and flurries for the metro area on friday. said news for antonio smith, broncos defensive lineman. as he prepared for the super bowl this morning, he learned that his dad i. smith says his mom called in this morning. his father has been in prison for my than 20 years and died after getting hhart surgery. smith plans to play with the ttam for the big game. we are getting new video showing denver broncos player ryan murphy as police talked to him in san jose california. this video shows him in handcuffs. he was questioned and -- in a prostitution sting and then release. coach kubiak sent him back to denver last night.
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trujillo is today. you are taking fans through the experience. >> what an experience it is. this is one of two events set up for fans exclusively. there is the super bowl 50 which is out by the embarcadero. that one is free. the nfl experience here, this one you have to pay in order to get in. look at all the people. $25 for kids to get it. $35 for adults. once you're inside there is a lot to see and do with interactive games. you can kick field goals and toss hail marys and dodge defenders as you run through up the whole courses. there are plenty of broncos -- obstacle courses. there are plenty of broncos fans here. we met one family. they can't believe how many broncos fans are here. >> we have never seen as many broncos fans. seeing a broncos fan in california is rare. to seal of these people coming
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high-fiving people. >> this is fun. if you think about it, everyone is happy out here and having a great old time. as we get closer to gain day, we talked a lot about security. it is evident everywhere. we are seeing dogs and a lot of law enforcement out walking with high-powered rifles and other equipment. this is serious the. marshall ddllinger -- serious stuff. marshals dellinger has been reporting on it. >> we heard from jeh johnson, the secretary of department of homeland security. as many eyeballs as are on the super bowl, this is a specific theme similar to what was in new york and new jersey a few years ago. >> if you see something say >> if you see something say something. stay back if you see something you are going to say something
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>> if you see something, you are going to say something. >> reporter: this is almost like a state of the union address. this is the state of super bowl security. >> at this time we know of no specific credible threat directed at super bowl 50 or related events. >> reporter: that is not stopping the very visible law enforcement presence in san francisco in santa clara. the fbi is hoping someone will say something about a recent car break-in that resulted in an fbi agent having their badge and weapon stolen nine days before the super bowl. >> they know what guns had been stolen and what credentials have been aken. the identity of the person who lost those particular items is also no. we have pushed that information as far and wide as possible. >> reporter: we have blocks away from any of the public venues. there are san francisco police
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armed is whaa aane was talking about earlier. what is clear is that they want to be very visible and present. we are also seeing atf and k-9 activity -- k-9 activity. we will report more on that later. >> if you still want to go to the super bowl, it can be done. you just have to be prepared to pay the buc spirit i talked to a senior editor of a travel agency. she says they just updated the numbers. there are still -- big box. >> i talked to a senior officer of a travel agency. she says they just updated the numbers. they still have seats available but it's $550 for a round-trip ticket. >> this has gone up
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teams have been determined. coming into san francisco international is the cheapest option. >> that's as opposed to san jose. cars are still available at the issue here is parking. finding a parking spot in san francisco is tough to come by. >> i bet. there is a premium for those spots. helpfully -- hopefully a press pass will help you. we will check back in with you in a few minutes. las vegas is takinn that's already on every part of the suuer bowl. mayor hancock got in on the action today against the mayor of charlotte. >> the denver broncos will win a tight one by the score of 27- 24 and super bowl 50. when that happens i am going to be proud to ship you a peyton manning jersey. >> is very optimistic. in the unlikely chance that the
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optimistic. in the unlikely chance that the broncos lose, he will have to wear a cam newton jersey. we will keep you up-to-date all the way through sunday. is a difficult sunday -- subject. lawmakers are making decisions on end-of-life legislation, also known as right -- right to die. mark boyle was in one of those hearings today. these are emotional stories. >> reporter: that is right. this bill is emotionally charge. some people told stories of watching loved ones die horrible death and want to see this bill go through. others have reasons whether they be epic -- ethically or religiously related where they want this bill to die tonight. the bill would allow patients to order end-of-life medication in the case of terminal illness. this heated emotional issue continues.
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witness pain and depression far beyond the reach of medicine. >> ttere is no oversight of the deaf. two people could be there. want to be a life one could be that. hey dad, i have a special drink for you. >> reporter: the opposition is now getting a chance. those in favor took about to -- 2 to 2-1/2 hours. this is still going on. we will have the result of 10:00 tonight. where live at the state capital, mark boyle, denver7. is back to the field for
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approaches. this could help our unemployment rate. right now the rate is 4.2% which is under the national 5% range. denver7 reporter sally mann do has more on that -- mamdooh. >> reporter: this is all because denver keeps on growing. it used to be hhndling mail but now it is shipments at lakewood's home depot that 62- year-old art lucero gets to do.
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time for him to apply. this company has 80,000 openings in 1400 are here in denver. >> every spring is our busiest time. >> reporter: evvry spring home depots have been getting busier. it's because -- it's because the denver area is growing. the increase of sales for alll of our stores, we need to hire more associates. for the first time they are accepting applications from 16- year-old, teenagers that will be working alongside lucero who says he is glad he landed a job here because there aren't too many jobs for people his age. >> i think it is great. people need jobs. these are jobs thaa will be at 26 stores here ii the metro area. keep in mind last year they had about 12 keep in mind last year they had about 1200 -- 1200 job openings and they had 3000 people apply for those jobs. this is the place to apply if you need a job.
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lakewood, saaly mann do mamdooh-- denver7. we spoke to police this evening and they believe these criminals arlington to another carjackinn. ago by for the second teenager who died several days after falling to the eyes. he and 2 other friends fell through the ice last night. the first teenager died that evening in the third did not have any serious injuries. our snowpack is now doing great at 117%, slightly down from a couple of month ago. this means the spring runoff should be good. does, even if we only have the average amount of snowfall for the rest of the winter. how is that looking? >> i think we will see above check out this picture. this was shot earlier this morning near buena vista. that
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this is in the same area, spectacular. thank you because this was zero -- -18 at the time he took these pictures. the chilly low for this morning's 1. the normal is 45 and 17 is a normal low. the record high was 70 and the record low was -18. we have 53% humidity and are down to 10 degrees at the the skies are mostly clear across the state. the storm that we had earlier in the week is now out on the east coast causing rain from boston all the way to new orleans. high pressure between the two the west you saw some of the clouds in san francisco and there is rain in seattle. that's a minor system that will impact is late tomorrow into early monday. tomorrow will start off cold across the front change --
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-18 at gunnison, -10 leadville, tomorrow starts off with sunshine but as the western system comes in there will be an increase in cloud cover as the day goes on. light snow will develop in the mountains, flurries early friday for the denver area. thhighwille e ens an20s themotaind 30 lo 4 acrs thgrea plai -- rossthe plns. sing digs anmeea. the highs will be mostly in the 30s and maybe a 42 at highlands ranch tomorrow. tonight clear skies and a low of seven -- 7. temperatures are expected to be in the mid-30s e clouds, late. this is yoor extended forecast. it gets warmer after the flurries on friday. there are no 60s in the forecast. the bright spot is saturday with a high temperature of 45 and staying in the upper 30s to mid-40s into early next week. volunteers make things possible in colorado every
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them. jorge is a senior at colorado school of mines. he is benefiting from a scholarship program. he now volunteers with the group. he is setting up a mentor program for new recipients. >> as soon as i started to meet the donors a gave me money to go to school without even knowwng me, it inspired me to pay them back by showing them what i turned out to be in showing them but the money they invested in me wasn't wasted. >> any does that while he goes to school of mines. for in his hard work, u.s. bank gave jorge a $100 gift card. look on our website for more information, in the community sectionn we are heading back now to the super bowl sports selector
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the difference between possible and impossible? it's a person who believes they can, surrounded and supported by others-by us- who believe it, too. u.s. bank -- the
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welcome to santa clara in the chase for the championship. super bowl 50 is inching closer every day. i can't wait. after taking yesterday off, the broncos took to the practice field today. ryan murphy was sent home last night after being questioned in a prostitution wing -- ring. then we learned about the death of the father of antonio smith. the waiting is the hardest part, according to the players. >> we are ready to play.
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i would rather asked [ indiscernible ] going back to see my colleagues and family. i want to come go what we have to get done them play football. >> i can't wait. we have a few more days of preparation but i am ready to get going.>> reporter: you've got the panthers. you look at your teen. do you need that preparation? you have the number 1 scoring offense in a number 1 defense. it is a classic matchup. you need this time don't you? >> oh yes. we have sun banged up guys. we could use more rest as well as practice. >> i am looking forward to getting out to practice. dealing with the whole media thing, i was getting ready -- ready to get back to playing football and working on my craft. >> reporter: peyton manning, another press conference today, telling us he is not -- has not even talked to john elway about the possibility of retirement. all he is worried about is this game.
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about pat bowlen who was not going to make it here for the super bowl. he is battling alzheimer's disease. patent says mr. be -- peyton manning says mr. b is in everyone's hearts. >> he is in all of our minds and hearts. there is no way thht any of us would be in this position today without the support and the role that pat bowlen has played as owner go we are trying to do
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that site -- the site for super bowl 50. this is brandon stokely. the first thing you may notice is the jackets are back. the jackets are in full effect. well. >> it is actually bought and paid for. i own this one. >> two time super bowl champion former broncos receiver, here we are brandon, 4 days away from the big it. you have done this twice. to get the display, are you get here? >> yes. it feels like it has been a month. this weekend a half feels like one month. you cannot wait to play this football game, the biggest game of your life, the biggest game of your career. it is taking forever. >> guess who was the center of attention yet again? peyton manning.
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