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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  February 4, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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5:00 a.m. thanks for joining us for denver 7 this morning. a lot to get to today. >> like how this guy is causing a lot of grief. why thousands of people could be walking around with deadly diseases and not know it. >> there are kids in our area that can wear a cam newton jersey to school, but not a peyton manning jersey. what's going on? >> lisa and eric out in san francisco again getting ready to share that nfl experience %- with us. >> before we get to all that we want to check in with jayson. >> unfortunately a big problem at a busy intersection of alameda and santa fe.
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it's here north of i-25. this area is restricted because of a water line problem. northbound side of santa fe is down to just one lane. the westbound side of alameda down to one lane. eastbound side is unaffected. we're going to have delays because of this work that continues here this morning. they say they're going to have all lanes open hopefully by 7:00. they just restored all the water to the 16 businesses they say had no water. right now we are going to have delays. again, they're hoping to get % all lanes open by 7:00. the rest of the ride around town, highways looks okay. but it's going to be probably several weeks before we see a good melt down of the neighborhood roads. >> there are thick spots of ice around my neighborhood. walking on the sidewalks can be extremely difficult. one factor we are dealing with, frigid cold temperatures. on the far eastern plains
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and this is why, because those temperatures are so cold. feels like 25 below zero in limon. 11 below in burlington. 15 below in sterling. up in the high country we have temperatures that feel like 20 below zero. here's the good news, this is the beginning of a warmup for very cold this morning. by 9:00 a.m. into the teens. we'll have sunshine toostart clouds will increase. temperatures will warm to just locations slightly above. off. overnight tonight it's not going to be as cold. chance for a little bit of snow. we'll show you that coming up in a little bit. this next story is disturbing. thousands of people here in our area ould be infected with hiv or hepatitis and not know it. >> this comes after a former surgical technician was accused of stealing drugs and needles from swedish medical center. jason? >> reporter: good morning.
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medical center say this could affect up to 3,000 people who had surgery here. specifically surgery during a five-month window from last summer into just this past january, who may have been exposed to hiv, hepatitis b or hepatitis c. former surgical technician rocky allen is accused of stealing pet enol and replacing the syringe. anyone who had surgery from august 2015 to january 2016 should get a blood test. the hospital is calling people and sending out a letter. >> it's going to be calling people up and making sure that whoever this person was wasn't
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in the surgery room that he was in. >> reporter: police say that they are investigating that surgery tech, rocky allen, as a person of interest in this case. but as of right now, he has not been arrested. sad news to pass along this morning, broncos' defensive lineman antonio smith's father passed away from heart surgery. he plans to fight through his grief and stay in california and play in the super bowl. this video shows police talking to ryan murphy, this is in san jose, caaifornia. the practice squad player is in handcuffs, he was questioned in that prostitution sting involving his brother. he was released. coach kubiak sent him back to denver tuesday night. the super bowl is three days away now. % the energy in denver through the roof. imagine what it feels liie in
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denver7's lisa hidalgo and eric lupher joining us live there. thee are getting that nfl experience. hey, guys. >> good morning, you guys. we're here where the super bowl rings should be. they clear them out every night for security. we're bumed. >> we kind of have them here on this big banner. >> how cool is this? >> i know. don't fall through. this is one of, like, four exhibits. think of it as the colorado convention center. that's what it's like. you go into one of those big rooms and it's full. yesterday? >> well, a little -- i'm hurting a little bit in the leg area. >> he's hurting and we're going to show you why. take a look. >> this is a famous spot in san francisco. this is step one and all these steps lead up to the tower. since denver 7 is a proud sponsor of the fight for air climb, i thought what better
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you know what, i'm taking this guy with me. one, two, three, four, five, six -- [ "rocky" theme music playing ] >> the legs are burning. >> is that a no? are we almost there? >> oh, wow, we're halfway. keep going. >> more out of shape than i thought. i think i'm going to finish up here. >> nope. >> how are you doing? >> how do you think i'm doing?
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>> last few stairs and yes! well, you guys, one of us made it to the top. check out the beautiful scenery. >> my guess is you're not going with me? >> perhaps after that practice run i'll be in better shape after the shin splints go away. >> do you know who is in really good shape? adams stephens our photographer. he had to shoot that thing. he probably did the stairs three or four times. >> wave to the camera from >> no one can see. we've been together way too much this past few days. >> very irritable this morning. >> oh, boy. >> you made him climb all those stairs, so i don't blame him.
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>> lug all the gear. adam has done an awesome job. unsung hero. we'll see you in the next hour. >> we live in high altitudes. >> come on. >> we want to see your broncos pride. keep sharing your pictures with us. take a look at this broncos snowman. >> yard art, kristin made the broncos logo on the snow. that's dead on, isn't it? good work, guys. keep sending in your pictures and videos to our facebook page, you can tweet them to us, use the #broncospride. love to share toes with -- those with everyone. kids in greeley ii a school district there can wear a cam newton jersey but not a peyton manning jersey. ttis is greeley. it goes back to gangs. >> it's a gang related thing. here's the front page, ban on manning jersey still in place, it says. this isn't new for students in the greeley evans school district 6. the ban started
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it's not just because the number 18 they can't well, they can't rock number 13. police say gangs use the number 18 and 13 to recruit gang members. that's the reason. this is pretty cool, last week we told you about a k-9 from denver heading out to the super bowl. >> she's there now, her name is randy. this is vvdeo we're watching of her. so cute. our crews in california met up with her while she was training to sniff out explosives. >> been searching a lot of vehicles and key areas in the city. we're making sure these delivery trucks are swept properly. >> they even helped make sure 3 everything was clear in the planned parenthood attack in colorado springs. friendly wagering in full swing. % even denver's mayor getting in on the action. >> mayor hancock is here
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charlotte. we're going to scroll down here. this is his tweet, got to chat with jen roberts, mayor in charlotte. who will have to wear whose jersey? that's a picture of him there. >> the denver roncos will win a tight one, by a score of 27- 24 in super bowl l. and when that happens i'm going to be proud to ship you a peyton manning jersey. >> she'll look good in orange i think. in the unlikely chance the broncos lose, the mayor will have to wear a cam newton jersey. we continue our super bowl coverage on air and online through unday. >> good looking tie he's got there. a couple on a crime free in westminster are in jail. the man they're accused of carjacking is telling his story only to us at denver 7. >> plus an american family
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comes down with the zika virus. >> you are going to feel those frigid temperatures. % in the single digits. however, the windchills, they are well below zero. bundle up. the sunshine will be nice. it's going to start a little bit more of that melting process. this afternoon temperatures will be in the 30s. increasing clouds however, because of a little bit of snow moving in tonight. >> major roads are dry, highways are dry. you can see that along i-76 near 270. that looks nice coming out of brighton. but in your neighborhood ice
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welcome back. 5:14now. taking a live look from our roof cam, it is cold out there. 13 degrees. lot of that snow we got earlier in the week is now ice, so just take it easy on the roadways
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a sad goodbye, a boy was laid to rest yesterday after falling through that icy pond % in parker. three teens fell through the ice and one survived. 16-year-old patrick lanz died as well. a couple in jail accused of going on a crime spree in westminster. police say they pointed a gun at a man and demanded his keys. that man described his experience to denver 7. >> didn't look like that was the first time they had done it. they knew what they were doing. >> it probably wasn't their first time. police say they've linked the couple to another stolen car and attempted carjacking. they say the attempted carjacking went wrong with the couple firing shots at a strip mall. that's when police arrested them and they haven't named this couple yet. rick sanatorium is out, no longer running for president.
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he is the third gop candidate caucuses. mike huckabee, rand paul both suspended their campaigns as well. democratic presidential `andidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders went head to head last night. they're doing whatever they can to take swings at each other to swing voters in new hampshire. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super pac and takes $15 million from wall street. >> senator sanders has set himself up to be the gate keeper on who is a progressive. get things down. >> new hampshire primary five days away. a kentucky family on a mission trip to haiti is trying to stay positive after contracting the zika virus. >> the whole family has been exposed. they've been in haiti the past
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time. >> like a headache behind my badly. >> i was broken out with a rash all over my body. so then the next day i felt -`like i got hit by a train. i hurt all over and didn't feel good. >> fortunately they were able to let the virus run its course. they say they feel better now. 3 but the virus is serious. it can cause paralysis in adults and birth defects in babies. >> amazing we're hearing so much about this. >> and spreading quickly. today we're in red, because tomorrow we're all going to be in orange. what other color can i wear? i've been wearing almost all my blue and orange. running out of options. i went with the red today. i love that you guys followed suit. >> i got the memo. >> outside it is nice and dry here in the metro area. but it is incredibly cold. i feel like i keep showing
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unfortunately there is no way to really explain just how cold it is without showing you this map. you will notice the feels like temperature anywhere from 5 to 25 below zero. that is so, so cold. look at alamosa, their feels like windchill, 35 below zero. there's no way to describe that cold. that 35 below zero will move into the other direction in denver, will take us to 35 above zero. we're going to be looking for warmer temperatures this afternoon. this will be the beginning of the warming trend and a little bit of melting. even with the high temperatures we'll still be in the 20s for the good portion of the morning. and then the melting will take a little bit more time. icy ruts,,we're going to need warmer temperatures than the 30s to really dry out. on the eastern plains we'll see some of them. 40 burlington, lamar and trinidad.
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still chilly in some of those locations. alamosa at 25 degrees. when we look at our futurecast, sunshine makes a big difference, at least when it comes to the melting and feels like temperature. this afternoon clouds moving in. light snow for the high country. we really are going to remain dry. late this evening, however, there's a chance you can see some of ttat, will move across the metro area. majority of you will be asleee when the snow moves through. tomorrow morning when you wake up, chance for some of it, southeast portion of the front range and on the eastern plains. mountains will continue to see just a little bit of light snow. no major accumulation for the mountains. few inches is possible. for the metro area, you're not going to notice anything, just a nice dusting. 30s for friday. as we get into this weekend, nice. temperatures in the 40s. as you're preparing for the super bowl, you can get outside throw that football around. >> no, i'll be watchiig batons get thrown around on sunday.
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>> that's good, because it's cold still. >> yes, it is. we have a good drive overall. however, there are still a lot of icy spots. 120th and sheridan looking to the north, they both look dry. but transitioning tt some of the parking lots and neighborhood roads, that will be tricky for you, because there is a lot of ice around. overall the big picture, still a lot of green, including getting out to dia. biggest issue on the roads is on the south side of downtown with this issue with the water line break. only one lane of northbound santa fe and one lane of westbound alameda is open now. it will be that way they say until about 7:00 this morning. you can see traffic backed up because of it. do be aware of it. no eastbound lane restrictions, but they think they'll be done
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5:23. we cannot wait until sunday. it's been forever now. >> we're all waiting for it. denver7 anchor jahmai webster with sombering news. >> you know the saying bad things happen in threes. bus crash, prostitution sting, and now broncos' defensive end antonio smith learned yesterday his father passed away. smith says his mom called him with the news in the morning. his father has been in prison more than 20 years and that
5:23 am
peyton manning continues to be the center of attention. broncos' qb had another press conference. telling us he's not talked to john elway about the possibility of retirement, saying again all he's worried about is the game. tte broncos owner won't make it to california for the super bowl, he's battling alzheimer's. >> i know he'll be on a lot of the players and coaches' minds and in our hearts and there's no way any of us would be in this position today without the support and the role that pat bowlen has done as an owner and we're trying to do our part to honor him. >> payton will take the podium one last time today before finally being all about football.
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ryan murphy sent home after being questioned in a prostitution sing -- sting. in the neck half hour we'll talk about getting back to the business of football. >> enough of microphones in their face. >> let's play football. >> what more could we ask at this point? enough already. >> how many times has payton been asked about retirement? >> 150 times, a day. they're so excited they're there and not here. they can practice outside. it's nice. here, look at these temperatures you're walking out the door to. in greeleyyyour temperature is 8 below zero. in boulder, it's 28. quite a bbt warmer there. but wow, look at the winds. out of the south now, 16 miles per hour. that takks this 13 and drops it
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by this afternoon we'll be into the mid-30s for most of the metro area. golden 38and erie about 34 degrees. let's check with jayson. >> pretty quiet. this is i-25, 92nd avenue, thornton parkway. southbound side. not seeing real serious congestion yet. last couple of weeks we had that extra lane on the right side after 84th blocked off. that's not the case. felt the reliefffrom that on the southbound side. drive on i-70 by havana, bridge project moving along just fine. one big issue is the intersection at alameda and santa fe, still restricted northbound and westbound for denver water line work that continues. thank you. it's 5:26. authorities confiscateed thousands of marijuana edibles here in colorado. now it looks like they're
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