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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  February 8, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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we will, we will rock you, sing it. >> and the denver broncos have takee super bowl 50. >> man, i've just been honored and grateful to be a part of it so i was just thanking them for letting me be part of the journey. >> i'm so proud of my guys. it been every one of the last guys in the locker room that's gotten me right here. we are the champions, no time for losers, because we aree
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>> we call oorselves the grinders and we call ourselves the grinders one last time for the championship. >> such a great song. >> did you guys hear the firelike who are all these guys outside? >> you were one of them. >> hopefully you had your clothes on. >> we have a big parade tomorrow. you couldn't ask for a better morning. a gorgeous 7 day forecast. feels good to be in colorado this morning, doesn't it, or san francisco for that matter. >> reporter: we have temperatures here in defer and most of colorado in the teens to low 20s. dry across the state. temperatures will continue to get warmer as the week goes on
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by wednesday. the sweaterdresses not going to work so well jason, by midweek. denver fifty-one. >> reporter: just cut the sleeves off. idea -- nah. >> reporter: you can see we arr pretty much cleaned up whether it is in lo -- lodo or the ramps to get to downtown. you're still seeing a lot of green. but i'm getting a word of some sort of train accident at ske daily i can't at the train
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67 right there by bud's bar. >> he's looking good in that clip on tie puppy-money-baby. the broncos beat the panthers 24-10. >> some fans flipping some trash cans over acting a little crazy. the police had to pepper spray a few people. >> celebrations in california were exciting too. eric lupher you were there when they won, that had to be awesome when you were there. >> reporter: it was and i didn't kick over any trash cans when i was celebrating, but this is what i looked like when i celebrated out in the parking lot of the stadium. i want to show you something as well of pictures, the first
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the concourse and got to watch coldplay, then i had to run out of the stadium, jog a half mile out to the staff truck and this was the second half next to the staff truck so i started running around the whole parking lot and then i got the camera and started doing interviews. >> hey, i picked this jersey for a reason because of von miller and i was right. >> reporter: what was the atmosphere out there? >> you know, denver owned the stadium, certainly the denver fans were much louder and quite frankly i think that's why the defense had the support. they had the fans, we were loud and we were with them. >> reporter: check out this 50 outside the media hotel.
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super bowls then of course the 50th patch will go up on this next. a lot of people's goal was to find every 50 downtown. i'm really tired. >> it been a long week. >> reporter: but we're champions. >> yes, we are. >> all right. sir, we'll see you in a bit. where's he wheaties box? we've got to get that in. >> oh, yeah. a local t-shirt company is still going strong and jason >> reporter: when the orange tie just won't do it you have to get your hands on the
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country t-shirt. kayla luna joins us, what do we have going on right now? >> right now we are sporting all the kids' shirts for the sports authority stores ann air. we are printing about 3,000 plus shirt currently and they are going to have probably two more order before our shift is done and then another very large order in the afternoon is being picked up. >> reporter: you told me three minute after the game you started printing and you told me there's something special behind this shirt? >> the gold ink is something special and isn't something we usually keep in stock. >> reporter: all right. 300 an hour. how many t-shirts after you are
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>> after pickup, 20,000 shirts. >> reporter: i may just walk away with one of those so they will have 20,000 minus. but celebrate with this, of course it's just a child size, but celebrate with this, guys. >> we were commenting howwsoft the shirt are. they're really nice shirt. >> lisa was checking it out. it's been 17 years since the broncos tooo home the lombardi trophy. >> last night's 24-10 victory wasn't always pretty a lot like we saw or regular season at time, but hey, it's a win and we ave the super bowl under our belt. jahmai is with us.
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something completely different. the broncos went for the third world ship. peyton manning 1-3 career in the game. it's cam's first. driie. followed up with this, a meeting of the mind. von miller, recovered in the end zone and recovered by --- newton across the ffeld to greg olson. he's running for some big yards and after a few penalties the panthers kept pounding. stewart going airborne. jordan norwood, fair catch. no, it fools them all. down the sideline, daylight
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that was longest in super bowl history. mike tolburt. 18 back to pass and he's off the mark. that's manning's first interception in 164. cam sacked to close out the second half for the fourth time demarcus aware get to him to bring him down. 13-7 at half time. third quarter carolina moving. that's t.j. 3 ward. he's got happy feet. no harm, no foul. forth quarter, where champions are made, von miller you got to pay that man this off season. two and a half sacks in the
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the biggest game of his life, % and cj anderson nails it in for the win. broncos world champions, wow, what a ride. gary kubiak first in nfl history to win and coach in a super bowl victory. six tackles to go along with the fumbles for this group a world championship has never been suiter. >> chasing him down, stopping the run, getting the turnovers here tonnght. >> a lot of people expected us to go out and score 45 points, 50-point, but we made the right % plays, we did whaa we needed to do and now we're sitting here world champs. >> is there a reason why?
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>> his demeanor after the game -- i mean i get that you're disappointed. >> they had a great season, -`south carolina. >> reporter: exactly and for it to end like thht i'm sure was heaatbreaking. he did talk for about three and -`a half minutes, but -- >> what a rush? >> what a rush? >> check out the denver post. >> all right. big man, see you in a bit. >> do you know what cam still has? those versace pants. how much were those things eight or 900 bucks? >> reporter: i'm guaranteeing a broncos blue skies. >> reporter: we're going to have some streets closed down 3
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i'm going to say this and he would not want me to say
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[cheerssand applause] franchise. his wife annabelle was in california to enjoy that big win. that moment pumped the fans and helped everyone realize how important it is and how it's people. >> and now to celebrate the big 24-10 victory over the carolina panthers, it's time to get some gear. >> lindsay watts joins us live. >> reporter: since i'm here this morning, i just had to do someeshopping myself. we''e at the sports authority. there are so many selections. hundreds and hundreds of shirts. they just got done unpacking some boxes that just came in
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more commng in as customers start to come through. shawn here has been in it for a long haul. store? >> 13 hours. definitely a long day. feeling? >> honestly good. denver has the greatest fans in the country, so keeping me through a long night. >> reporter: i give you in sentences. tell me about the busiest stores last night. >> our park meadow store, but i mean every store was busy. you can get gear at any of your local sport authority. >> reporter: my last question, when can you get some sleep? >> right after this, so i'm going to cut you short.
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sport authority and dick's stores will be opening around 6:00 a.m. >> did you just hear andy, he goes i want that one, and goes you have enough. tsa went through my bag yesterday and they were like seriously woman, do you have anything other than orange aad blue? >> you guys looked so great. you really stood out. >> reporter: we did we got on san francisco's cast, i saw you on cnn -- >> reporter: yeah, it was great. here is a look at our temperatures in denver right now 19-degrees winds about 10- 15 miles per hour. highs this afternoon well above
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45 in fort collins, 40 in greeley. this afternoon sunshine, and it's really going to help warm us up. here is satellite radar. you can see not much of anything popping up. futurecast really very quiet the next 24 hours. by 12:00, by lunchtime mostly sunny at that point. still a lot of snow on the ground, but you are going to find as the week goes on a lot of melting. your north facing lawn, not so much. that's likely going to stay if it shady. you are going to find temperatures this afternoon near 50-degrees. 30s for the mountains. highlands ranch 50, aurora 44,
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low 50s today upper 50s tomorrow. i'm putting the bright spot on wednesday. look at the 7 day, a lot of sunshine covering it start to end. you are going to come saturday and sunday high 50s, low 60s. >> reporter: we're going to see so much melting. >> reporter: and talk about the tone of your orange is off,. >> reporter: what are you talking about? >> the orange versus the orange. >> reporter: this broncos tie is authat it says nfl on it, so you know it came from the nfl. >> reporter: yes. >> reporter: 16th and rap showdown arapaho. you can see on the overall map looking good rom dia.
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train -- it not really an incident -- it's where the crossing arms are not working properly right there in sedalia by bud's bar. >> crossing arms not working, the dabbin' arms not working well this morning either. the dab of course is you know a signature dance. thanks to honey for sharing this photograph. >> take a look at this kiddo. we're waking up champs. spend this video or pictures to
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here is a look at other stores making news. there are some graceful fans when their team looses and fans like this guy in carolina when their team looses. after the broncos score their last touchdown, he took their t.v. off the wall slams it on the ground, throws a couple of tables at it all because he is so mad at cam newton. i do not think he's going to make it to the broncos parade tomorrow. >> how about ssme broncos logo pancakes.
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colored batter in different squirt bottles and work really fast, then the flip, perfect. looks delicious. there was a lot of praise for beyonce right, during her fell. watch again during slow mo, her impromptu dance moves she pulled it off without a hitch. and fans praised lady gaga for anthem. there was a proposition about the song whether it would go
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here is the deal is it the under or over? >> over. >> who cares? >> she used the same word twice, so did she really go over or under? >> some friends crashed a popular money exchange site. >> it parentally crashed during the super bowl last night probably because of all the betting. >> it says we're working hard to fix it so hang tight. >> and it says yeah, it down because even is paying their bets. %- a lot of people are trying to pay bets. that could be the case. >> that's what everyone is talking and. give me some money. a win for the broncos is a win
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offering colorado residents a free night and automatic room upgrade. if you are looking for a family getaway, something you might consider, lisa. >> reporter: speaking of getaway, when i came back on the flight, we landed at like 4:30 when i went to get my bag, i think everybody went to a bar immediately after getting off the plane. for those of us who are still coming home may be tomorrow or wednesday from san francisco look at the 7 day forecast. 51 today, by wednesday jason, in is 80s. it is beautiful the next 5-7 days. >> reporter: no problems,
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you are flying with air tracker seven looking over highway 76. the warmer temperatures should help us out a whole lot for that. peyton manning really loves budweiser. people are questioning why he kept talking about budweiser beer yesterday. the last parade we had was 1998, and e're going to tell you when today's parade is going to be happening. we have all the details coming
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