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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  February 8, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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> we are beyond excited to say this the broncos are the champions. is peyton manning going to go out on top?
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i am very much at peace rrght >> good. >> i think however it works out it will work out in the way it's supposed to. i'm very grateful for this opportunity -- >> and we're grateful to have you this way -- >> his mom has an opinion, olivia manning says she would like to see her son retire. archie manning also agrees that it's probably time to hang up the cleats. >> delivered the second highest rating overnight behind only last year's big game. the rush to get the number 18 jersey, anything with broncos on it, right? >> yes, sports stores opened early this morning.
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sports authority for hours now. the super bowl gear is going fast? >> reporter: that's why i already shopped. since i have been here since 6:00, hundreds and hundreds of people have been out here. i want to give you some options that are available. you are going to see a few blank spaces on these tables. because it's been so busy, it might be difficult to get the shirt that you want in the size that you need. they say they are expecting throughout the day, unfortunately they don't know when they are coming. we have been seeing some great fans out this morning including one couple who was here bright and early and they were all decked out and this victory was
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thadfntionwussospecialanldgeswha, today is our 53rd anniversary. >> they did it for us. >> for sure, so go broncos. >> reporter: employees hearsay that kind of enthusiasm -- here say that kind of enthusiasm has been here all morning. we're live in denver lindsay watts. all decked outlooking good. sports reporter aaron anderson joins us.
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party has not stopped. he is looking to rejoining his teammates and quote going on tour. roger goodell called his performance one of the greatest of all times. had coach gary kubiak beaming. all that talk about the defense winning in spite of the offense, something miller time took issue with. he spread the credit around. >> i mean we carried each other. that's another well played campaign by the media again. trying to you know separate the team, but it was truly a team effort. if it wasn't for peyton making the decisions that he made to punt the ball and get the ball back, it was truly a team effort and everybody is used to seeing peyton go out there and
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year it was truly a team effort. we all had a percentage in the super bowl. >> to be the head coach of the denver broncos super bowl 50, represent pat bowlen, these players, these coaches our organization our city was the proudest moment of my career. >> reporter: yeah, that is called putting a big bow on everything. broncos are your super bowl world champions and that trophy headed back to denver. another look at last night's most impressive victory with jjhmai. >> reporter: thank you, you have done some excellent work in santa clara. now my mom, jacqueline, says
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today it's not jacque, but olivia making headlines. she told the l.a. times i would like him to retire. she didn't want him making any eeotional decision, but peyton come on, come on, come on, mama knows best. the entire world was watching last night with the panthers all time manning entered 1-3 in his career. it's cam newton's first. the broncos put three on the opening drive and never looked back. von miller sacks newton and malik jackson, his first touchdown of his career. not a better time to do it. denver ouu to a 10-0 lead. newton to olson with a little
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after a few penalties the panthers kept pounding. jordan norwood fair catch? huh-uh. before he's ffnally taken down after 61-yard return, longest in super bowl history. the defense shows up again. big boy micro tobert. broncos second turnover. peyton back in business or not? first interception in 164 post season possessions. demarcus ware, broncos headed into the locker room up 13-7. third quarter carolina moving
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kryptonite t.j. ward, happy feet, no harm no foul. fourth quarter where champions are made. von miller, two and a half sacks in the nfl, c... aaderson punches it in for the score and that would be the nail in the coffin. wow, what a ride. 24-10 final. manning 13-41. 141 yards in a pick. miller super bowl mvp. for this group the world championship has never been sweeter. >> it was a team effort and a
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ingly just want tt influence my guys to influence guys to be the best of their ability. today. >> so proud of the organization, so proud of mr. bowlen and his family, you know, life is fair, buddy. >> life is fair, just keep working and we saw that work pay off last night as they were super bowl champions for the third time in their career. and i know you guys can't wait for the parade. >> these are for von's vision. for charity. >> reporter: he's done some great work. >> i love them, man. seriously, it's a great look for you. >> do i need a cape? >> they're not prescription, but i can't see anything. >> last night denver police did % have to shut down some ramps
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out of control celebrations. we did find a huge crowd of fans trying to push over a jeep in logo, otherwise police say it was relatively calm. hopefully we can keep the celebration peaceful tomorrow. %- it start at 10:00 a.m. at the civic center park. the players will march town at noon. as soon as we get more information we will tell you all and it. no cost for the rally or the 3 parade. we will carry it if you don't want to go battle the crowdd out there. last week we asked the city what are the plans and they said don't, don't ask us, we don't want to jinx it. >> so that may be tonight before we have all the specifics.
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be out of school, how many people out of work? who cares, right? >> reporter: beautiful sttrt to oor monday.. 19-degrees righh nnw in denver and as you can see -- oh, that's not right. it's not 19 here. we'll get you the right temp. hold on one second. we have temperatures extremely mild. city park right now 42, the 24. estes park and it's really mild. 43 already. day. temperatures continue to climb not only today but through the week. we are expecting low 50s by this afternoon and 3:00 o'clock 51-degrees. a pretty warm one. denver 51, downtown, at the
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cooler in mid 40s and greeley near 40. we're going to break down what we are expecting for the parade and all the festivities coming up a little bit later in the show, guys. companies working over time to %- help pump out owl the merchandise. >> businesses have been working all night long to pump out the t-shirts. >> reporter: good morning. when it comes to the demand for the super bowl gear everybody is going to want one of these. the people behind me are the ones providing the supply here at kss print. they have been pumping out 3 these shirt at 300 an hour. we spoke to one of they will about what goes into this process. take a listen. >> they will throw the shirts on the press. it will go through about six
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heat the shirt so that the face dries and then the other colors dry pretty quickly. we have a speciallgold and silver ink because it is the 50th anniversary then they throw them onto the drier which cures the ink and then at the back there's boxing and sorting them for shipping. but most of ours are going to colorado stores and then the surrounding states. >> i think they like having the local businesses doing it because we take more pride in our work when it's local. -`we print a lot of the sport teams here but printing super bowl is just kind of epic. >> reporter: they have been doing non-stop throughout tonight. this is the second shift of employees, but they're happy, many of them, because they're
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one was set up to print panthers gear. but once they determined the broncos were winning it they gear. they anticipate to print 20,000 and over. %- bout one. >> jayson, you're going to need a bigger size. >> i was hoping they had one for babies, i bought this this morning -- >> that's a good looking shirt. >> maybe this would fit your little guy? >> maybe this or a little muscle tee. >> you don't want to see me in this. there you go. there you go,,he'll grow into it. >> the carolina fans are not happy today. they were clearly upset over the 24-10 loss. much did not feel like talking
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>> no, but there were some that had some choice words. >> i hope you're happy goodell, i hope you're happy goodell. >> the fourth turnover really did them in? >> most of the fans probably handled the situation better than cam newton last night. >> he lost two fumbles, sacked six times. in the post game press conference he walked off stage after one uncomfortable stage. >> i think you're disappointed for not yourself or your teammates because it's got to be real tough -- [indiscernible] --
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done, but newton could face a fine after getting up and % walking out like that. yoo might recall marshawn lynch was fined $50,000 for for the cooperating with reports as they are instructed to do. new york is getting in the celebration the lights on top of the empire state bbilding. the broncos colors remain that way until sunup. >> did you see who peyton manning first hugged after the big win? it's not who you would expect? >> who is that guy? >> who is that?
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welcome back, some breaking news the suspect wanted in the colorado nanny killed in austria was arrested. 25 year old lauren mann was killed last month. still no word on the cause of death. well you heard there was,"is" terrell davis was
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as well as john elway. crazy to think that was 17 years ago. special moment for all those mvps and the fans to see all those famous faces. we're still trying to piece together the clues for manning's possible retirement. >> he stops short of making any official announcement. >> i'm not making an emotional decision one way or the other. i thought that was good advice. it's been kind of an emotional week and night. and i look forward to celebrating with my friends and family and i think i'll take some time after that and like i said i'm going to kind of enjoy a time. >> there you go and a little later hh asked what he might do
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said he would be drinking beer, budweiser twice. >> budweiser wasn't the only one getting attention most people would probably seek out their wives and family, but john. >> he didn't give him a big old hug, but a big old kiss on the cheek. disney is offering a free night and room upgrade if you book two nights at regular price and have to wait until the 29th of this month and you have to wait until 2017 to go. >> he doesn't get much -- how much sleep do you think he got last night? >> none. >> how would you sleep after that? >> so fun, so cool. >> none of us slept either, right?
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of days are going to be gorgeous. we are well above normal through the weekend. first alert tracking as you can see a lot of sunshine. here is a look at our wireless camera. this is a good look at what we're seeing across most of the plains. icy conditions on most of the sides streets. of course because of all the snow and cold weather i missed last week. >> you like that stuff though. >> reporter: i do. some pretty good weather headlines for us here in denver. we do have a little high cloud cover rolling through. that's going to be it. dry otherwise. greeley you're closer to 40, fort collins today 45 and low to mid 30s for the mountains. but aa the temperatures climb the next couple of days we're going to see a lot more melting
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boulder is going to be close to 50. so clear, cool, a few breezes, wind speeds have picked up to 15-20 miles per hour. look how pretty it is on wednesday. 65. really warm. tomorrow for the festivities we should be close to about 50- degrees for the start at 10:00, then closer to mid to upper 50s by the time for the parade. 50s and 60s for saturday and forecast. enjoy it while it lasts because this is beautiful. broncos flying home in some >> 65. that is just creeping up more and more. bring it on. thanks.
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so kalib makes a graceful interview.
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welcome back, the panthers receiver during the game, slipped and fell on the set. they were a little worried about him. but he popped right back up. better. >> i like the reaction. %- so excited running over there and talking about the win. he handled it well. >> eli manning on the other hand, we're waiting to hear about this. he was in the back, that find
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the deal and everyone went crazy excepttfor eli. before yesterday he had more super bowl rings than his brother and some people that had something to do with it. >> i don't know. you know, there's like 30 seconds left on to clock, and so maybe he's not going to smile until it done. >> an archie manning, she can't even watch sometimes because he gets so nervous. >> it time the gear up for the big victory parade. the goodies are selling fast.
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the difference between possible and impossible? it's a person who believes they can, surrounded and supported by others-by us- who believe it, too. u.s. bank -- the
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now. [cheers and applause] sweet. the broncos officially super bowl champs. the final score broncos 24, carolina 10. back to the mile high city we are awaiting the players. you can catch the live parade right here on denver 7. and of course you are going to want
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and people are floodiig in downtown. >> lindsay watts is downtown. >> reporter: kellie, there were people lined up outside at 6:00 and the crowds will be consistent here ever since at sports authority. you can see there is still plenty of super bowl 50 hats and shirts, however some stiles are getting pretty picked over. this table is completely empty. employeion say they are expecting self more shipments they just -- several more shipments. it is going to be a surprise for when it is coming though. you really had to be here at 6:00 a.m. and i talked to a woman this morning about what she was feeling. >> i was just so happy that peyton manning and the team successfully won the super
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proud of my city. i'm a native of colorado, so i've been a big supporter of the broncos from day one. >> reporter: employees have been working long shifts and they love their customers' enthusiasm. it's helping them get through the day after these very long days for them working. >> got of the something to remember the game by. >> you've got a big crowd behind you there. right now a local shirt printing business busy making all the shirts. jayson gruenauer with is us. >> reporter: 300 t-shirts per hour turning this a source of super bowl pride. they started 15 minutes after
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stopped since working on two presses churning all these out using silver and gold ink. after they go through the boxed up in the back and get shipped to sports authorities and employees are working long shifts, but at least they're not printing seattle seahawks gear like they did two years ago or carolina panthers gear. this shop could have very well have been doing that as well. they have smiles on their faces printing the orange and blue. jayson gruenauer, denver 7. fans flooded downtown denver after the big win. for the most part it was pretty
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compared to back in 98 -- pretty peaceful. this go round they did arrest 12 people, but nobody got hurt, so that was good news. >> listen to reaction when the broncos scored the first touchdown. [cheers and applause cheers and applause] [horn honking] [horn honking] >> it's like a home game. all right. well the half time show was a mix of music from coldplay, bruno mars and beyonce. it'speople in the stadium to their feet, maybe you even at home.
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let's get this lady working. >> adies in formation jump on it. jump on it. >> as a matter of fact kellie and i dance just like bruno and beyonce. they brought some other super bowl acts from the past and some musicians that have passed away over the years. a lot of people were talking about that little trip-up with beyonce. she didn't miss a beat. % >> did you see the ads? the bizarre mountain dew
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talking about? puppy-monkey-baby, puppy-monkey- baby, puppy-monkey-baby puppy, monkey, baby. >> yeah, haven't you been saying that all day today? head. >> and even david miran talking about not drinking and driving. with those at least the panther about. if you go to chipotles around here you are going to have to find a different place. they won't open up until three this afternoon here is why they are holding a national food safety event after the outbreak
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four people were mauled affer a loose leopard was let loose. >> it was eventually tranquiiized. >> we saw on board that smallly jet liner, officials are sharing closed circuit video who shows two airport workers who say they were involved in the blast. you can see two workers handling the laptop computer, then it is given the passenger, when the bomb went off, it left a gaping hole. >> after about 20 minutes there was an explosion inside the plane. this was not a technical fault but a deliberate terror act.
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this attack was the suspected bomber. % somali authorities have aarested the workers. >> reporter: it is now 1139 a beautiful day. we are now looking at low to mid 40s.
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here is a look at stories making news. there are graceful fansswhen their team looses and then this guy. this grandpa rips the t.v. off the wall after the broncos scored that last touchdown then screen. it's gets worse because then he lifts up a couple tables aad spills food all over the floor. somehow i don't think he's parade tomorrow. to celebrate the broncos win. how about some breakfast broncos logo pancakes. all you have to do is put different colored batter in different bottles then you have to work fast or it won't come out right then do the all important flip and it's perfect. there was a lot of praise for
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did you see the slip. watching it right there she slips, during a dance move she slipped but her im prom tu moves helped her. and fans praised lady gaga for her performance of the national anthem, however the biggest question is did she or did she not hittthe unddr or over. the bet was under or over two %- minutes. she sang the last two words the drive twice. that put the total duration over two minutes, 20 seconds. not all betting outlets are seeing this this same way. some are paying and some are not.
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>> i think she did an awesome job singing that national anthem. >> she has a spectacular voice. >> i wasn't timing it. i was just enjoying it. >> people in vegas were. >> they bet on everything. >> thanks, jayson. so this week's seven every bugs. >> but things changed after he started her volunteer work. >> home to 1600 butterflies. pat tenant can name just and every one of them. >> the black and white is considered a paper kite. -`>> reporter: she has given her time for the last 27 years. >> i love the kids.
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yet myself, so i come here for my grandmother jollies. >> reporter: they are part of the 5,000 creatures they call this invertbra pavilion. >> i used to be terrified bout her. the more i learned about her, the less afraid i am of thee. >> repprter: she handles madagascar beetles like this. >> the best one here is a chilean tarantula named rosie. >> reporter: pat helps people
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and i do mean everyone. this bossal tarantula even seemed to enjoy our camera. >> reporter: we have a surprise for you for all of your hours of vomiting, seven news the independent insurance agents of cclorado want to honor you as seven's every day hero. go to our website on and you will see seven every day heros. >> it's rosie. >> reporter: i was letting her hang on me hand and she said well, if you do that, she might put her fangs out to hang onto you. >> oh. >> reporter: you are still going to see a llt of snow on
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nice. and we will get more melting as we get warmer through the middle of the week. right now already 42 at city park. a wide range of emperatures. still really cold up in fort collins and with greeley in some spots it's going to be slower to warm, castle rock right now 42. mainly mid to upper 20s in the mountains. to the south trinidad 40 and pueblo 39. over night tonight pretty clear skies across the state. high clouds will mainly be what we have to deal with over the next couple of days. really a lot of sunshine that's going to dominate as we move througg the end of the week. tomorrow, that means the parade should be beautiful. blue skies and dry conditiins. the temperatures today expected
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greeley and colder in north eastern parts of colorado, fort collins 45. denver 51 downtown. two different temps on our map when it comes to denver. at the airport that will beethe official number and that's where we're expecting 33-45- degrees this afternoon. parker 44, evergreen 42. as you head up on i-70, 20s and 30s. 51 today, 58 tomorrow. the bright spot is on wednesday. it is going to be even warmer 65-degrees. you will notice our overnight lows really mild, low to mid 30s really through the end of the week. by friday we're still talking temps near 60-degree. headed into the weekend it stays warm. not tracking a storm. next week, a different story. but we'll keep an eye on that, just enjoy this nice warm weather now.
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10:00 at the seven center park. temps near 48-degrees and by the time of the parade 55 or 56. the parade should start about noon and get back by 1:00 and that's when they'll have the rally. >> a good three hours of sun downn >> thanks for bringing the sunshineeback. >> you're welcome. >> wade phillips is lighhing up
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forpat. [cheers and applause] this one's for pat. that's a great win for pat bowlen. the broncos coming home lombardi trophy in hand. we haven't seen that kind of excitement in about 10 years. tomorrow the broncos parade down the street of denver. it's kickoff at 10:00 a.m. even invited to come out to the
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>> the super bowl win is a special moment for so many people including wade phillips. last year he didn't even have a job in the nfl. he went from unemployed to a super bowl champ in one season. isn't that great? phillips just sent this out. a little dab be do you, too much dab will undo you, he's -- a little dab will do you, too much dab will undo you. the president showed how they watched the big game this %- >> we have three ways that we
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we have the serious tchers in the treaty room. then the area where the kids are around the eating area, and then there's the area called the champagne room where you really don't know what's going on but there's champagne. >> michelle obama says they put the let's move campaign out of the way for 1 day. >> it's 1 day. you can celebrate later. >> i got back on the bicycle today trying to burn off all that stuff. >> i need to. >> reporter: we o have a big problem a closure of i-25 at i- %- 34. here are the latest pictures. here is the semi that flipped over.
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unfortunately the lanes closed down for some time. no estimate yet they're saying maybe 2-3 hours to get it up righted on highway 34. >> that's not good.
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