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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  February 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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downtown's art keen is booming and because it is only open till april 30th it's one you don't want to miss. adrienne super bowl champs are back in the mile high city. broncos returning home with the trophy. >> denver 7 has team coverage with everything you need to know about the celebrations. good morning. i'm mitch jelniker. >> i'm kellie patterson. we also have developing stories to get to this morning. we know what's on your mind really. the super bowl champs back in town, time to party. >> time to celebrate. >> going to be a gorgeous day, too. let's go to lisa. >> i got goose bumping watching them get off the plane. we're in the 20s. expecting this afternoon about
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single digits and teens in the mountains. otherwise, a pretty mild start. for today, music starting this morning at 10:00 at civic center, expecting temperatures at that point mid- to upper 40s, mostly sunny. winds 5 to 10 miles per hour. a few breezes. women that parade starts at noon -- by the time that parade starts at noon, mild. greeley upper 40s. and fort collins 53. good looking day for the parade. >> it's a great looking day. already have street closures. we'll talk more about the parade route coming up. nice. camera at 225 at colfax, north and southbound side of i-225 by 17th avenue looking fantastic so far. take a look at the overall big picture, a lot of green, whether it's the denver tech we'll talk more about the parade route coming up in just
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>> the broncos are super bowl champs and this means it's time to celebrate. >> it's all set up and broncos fans are waking up ready for fun today. denver7 reporter jason gruenauer live in civic center park. >> reporter: good morning from a chilly but soon to be absolutely orange packed civic center park. believe it or not, there are a few broncos' fans about eight to 10 of thhm already here this morning. it's 4:30. they're here ahead of today's big celebration and parade. want to run through a quick schedule so you know, things are goinn to kick off here at civic center park at about 10:00 a.m. a few musical acts to get everybody pumped. the parade itself is set to start at noon, that's at 17th station. they'll make their way down
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should probably get here about 1:00. expected to wrap up around 2:30. fun fact here, we're hearing that the parade will be led by two of denver fire engines, number 7 and 18, ridden of course by broncos' number 7, john elway, and 18 peyton manning. he's back from disney ready to party. we'll be here all morning and share everything that we know that you need to know ahead of today's parade, including the road closures if you want to drive around denver. for more on that, back to you in the studio. >> bannock in front of the city county building closed up. the big parade route as we were talking about is going to go down 17th.
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17th and wincoop. streets will be closed down and impacting also the light rail system. all the downtown trains will be closed down because of the parade today. >> one of the other issues we might be dealing with on top of all that traffic, might have a little bit of trouble with your cell phone in downtown denver today. there are going to be thousands of people, same area sharing tweets, hotos, videos. those wireless networks could get overloaded. there's a lot of parents waking up and trying to decide whether you're going to take your kids out of school. schools in that area tell us it's all up to you. we talked to aurora, douglas county, cherry creek and jeffco school districts. they say school is still in session. parents have the option of pulling them out of school. all eyes are on our city now and this is a good thing for colorado's image.
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you're going to think denver, even in yeers to come. >> reporter: stteet lines orange and blue welcoming home the championship team. >> we proved them wrong. scoreboard, baby. >> reporter: even after the celebrations die down, denver and the state of colorado will be abll to leverage its title. experts with the colorado office of economic development say it is a great opportunity to tell the state's sttry and promote business. >> outlet tomorrow and it will extend into people's everyday activities and continue to elevate colorado as a state. >> reporter: team spirit and the city's image on display in a town where everyone is a peyton manning fan, even this buffalo. although the full impact of to be seen, it is hard to put a price tag on the sense of pride you can feel in the city right now. >> i think it's cool. i think it brings us all together.
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great feeling for all of us to celebrate together. >> reporter: a mile high celebration for long time bronco fans and the next generation. >> attack, sack that quarterback. >> denver 7 wants you to know if youout to the parade, we have you covered. we'll be live along the parade route. rally starts at 10:00. parade kicks off at noon. we'll kick off the festivities here at 11:00 a.m. on denver 7 and we'll continue with extended coverage throughout the parade. 4:36 now. time to talk about some of the other stories making news. a sheriff's deputy in mesa county fighting for his life after being shot in the line of duty. this is derek geer. he's been with the department ffr 15 years. now he's in critical condition. deputies say he was trying to arrest a 17-year-old when the teen took off. derek geer used his taser and the suspect pulled out a gun and shot multiple too manies.
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we'll continue to check on how this deputy is doing. %- the search is on for the driver of a brown pickup truck that may have run over a man in adams county, killing him. state patrol says a man was found lying in the middle of the street at pecos and 26th in adams county. police say the driver didn't see him. the debate over vaccinating your children is back in the spotlight at least in colorado. coming up why students at one school are being told to stay home if they aren't vaccinated. >> it's a broncos party s we gear up for super bowl champs parade. we'll tell you how the players had fun of their own. >> it's 4:37. great weather for the parade today. we'll talk about it coming up just a minute.
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wow. what a journey to super bowl l champions. good morning. i'm jahmaiiwebster. peyton manning's last rodeo. seems so long ago, but then mom told the l.a. times she'd like to see peyton retire. peyton spent his monday in disneyland at a parade before today's parade. his wife and kids joined him less than 24 hours after winning his second super bowl champion. he says it still hasn't set in. >> it's hard to pick a different word besides just special. having a chance to be a part of the super bowl team almost 10 years ago. i remember what a great feeling it was and to be able to celebrate it with your teammates and family members
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you for a long, long time, the game, the celebration after, being here today, all makes for a very special 24 hours. >> von miller's play spoke volumes in super bowl l. he became the tenth super bowl mvp and fourth linebacker ever to claim the honor. one man wrecking crew. flawlessly executing defensive coordinatary phillips' game plan. yesterday found himself in the company of commissioner roger goodell and coach kubiak. goodell presented him with his super bowl mvp trophy. but von says this is really a team award. >> the super bowl, the mvp is special, but the super bowl ring is something that i'll keep with me the rest of my life. i'll be able to be with my broohers for eternity. i'll be able to be with those guys for 100 years from now, and that's truly beautiful.
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actually starts at 12:00 to be exact. >> that's right. von looking good. all these names for him. he's like, i'm the champion now. >> that's true. >> he eaaned all this attention. >> he did. >> that was so good to watch. >> what a game he had. the whole defense. >> and we get to see him today in the flesh and blood. very cool. we have temperatures now in the 20s. perfect weather for the parade this afternoon. and for the rally. 4:43now. you can see at city park it's 28. at the airport just below freezing. fort collins 24. 20s and 30s. state-wide very cold out west. couple of spots below zero now. gunnison at 4 below. craig now at 7 below. chilly start there. pretty mild, though, out east. if your kids are going to school today, if you're sending them this morning, it will be cold at the bus stop. 3 clear skies across the region. we're not expecting that to change. will be a very sunny couple of days. clear today. a few high clouds.
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can see from 6:00 this morning pausing it at 12:00 for the we're still looking at sunshine state-wide through the afternoon, early evening. by 6:00, barely a cloud in the sky. we're going to have a lot of blue in the sky and a lot of orange on the ground at civic center park for theerally.. temperatures are going to be in the upper 50s. 58 in denver, 47 in greeley, and 54 in the springs. mild in denver, above normal. upper 30s to near 40 expected in the mountains today. broomfield you're at 57. parker 57. highlands ranch 55 and 30s and 40s in the mountains. tomorrow low to mid-60s on wednesday. thursday, jayson where do i put the bright spot? >> anywhere. >> chance for snow in the
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we'll talk about that coming up. >> there was a lot of snow i was shoveling. we have a good drive for most of us. wadsworth, wide open. big picture, a lot of green not only highway 36 but along 225 and getting out from dia. the big map shows us good driving conditions anywhere you want to goo accident at first and corona. we will have obviously the parade route affecting your drive for the lunchtime day. we do have not only the light rail affected, rtd buses affected. a lot of people in and around downtown. streets closed. our road wrangler daryl orr is already downtown. >> reporter: we're taking the parade route now, headed east on 17th through the ccty.
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already put up from win coop to about chap pa. barricade company adding more. if you head into town now, traffic not bad. but later this morning when the parade starts, things are going to get a little hairy. so get down here early, find a good parking area and leave that alcohol and big bags at home, because the city really doesn't want a lot of that clutter coming out here with you. out to union station where lindsay watts is. >> reporter: we are not too far awayyfrom where you are, in front of union station at 17th and win coop. you can see sop of the barriers set up as well. this is where the parade is going to be starting today. it's going to go down 17th, about a dozen city blocks to civic center park. that will be starting at noon. the parade is expected to end at the park around 1:00. but there is so much going on before that. starting at 10:00 at civic center park there is going to be live music, a lot of things
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it's going to be such a great day for the city of denver as we welcome back the broncos. hundreds of thousands of people this. everything is free. hopefully you can get the day started early. again, the parade will be starting right here at noon. live at union station, lindsay watts, denver 7. >> should be big crowds. tracking other stories, the planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs that became the scene of that mass shooting will reopen next week. three people were killed in % that shooting in november. it will reopen next monday, but only part of the building will be open to the public so construction can continue. the admmtted shooter robert dear, jr. says he did it because abortions are performed there. investigators have arrested a man suspected of murdering a colorado woman overseas. lauren mann was killed working as a nanny in austria. investigators say they tracked
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he was arrested in switzerland. police say mann was suffocateed. a local student is telling students -- local school is telling students to stay home if they don't have the middle school. chickenpox is very contagious -`and can take up to 21 days for someone to show the symptoms. >> the main concern now is the kids' health. we want to make sure ourrkids get educated, but we want them healthy as well. >> vaccine advocates say it's 3 `nfair. happening today, the first primary of the 2016 election season in new hampshire. it's kind of a make or break state for a lot of candidates
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>> in the votes are in in one city. all registered democrats in the town voted for bernie sanders. we'll bring you updates as we get them. a big decision is there. -`but it's paaty time here. we're celebrating our broncos all morning here on denver 7, keeping you informed. >> a guilty pleasure, talking about watching the bachelor. how abc's hit show is keeping -`their audien money." with advil, you' ll ask what backache? what sore wrist? what headache? what bad shoulder? advil makes pain a distant memory. nothing works faster stronger or longer than advil it' s the world' s #1 choice.
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-` here's a look at other stories making news hot on the internet today. caribou? through your car window. this family got up close and personal with that giant caribou. the little girl held a carrot to the caribou who took it from her hand. he pops in and out of the window, looking for more to eat before the family slowly drives away. sometimes you get clues of what might happen in the future. little bit hard to hear, but the lyrics to the music playing on his car radio keeps repeating, from the side, from the side, from the side, and
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comes and crashes nto his car. the motorcyclist was okay, but drove off. the slow motion guys did something you would never imagine doing, having a mousetrap slapped down on your tongue. they capturee the painful clamp in super slow mo. the camera could barely keep up with the fast action of the trap even in slow mo. not everyone suffers from arack in a phobia. the bug expert in germ in a intentionally provokes this spider into snipping his hand and eventually biting him. no, look, it doesn't look like it's a good time. he eventually piiks it up, bites him on the hand. apparently these whip spiders
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>> did you find this on bone >> this is the worst string of videos he's had. >> what is wrong with you? >> does it also do the nay nay? >> i think you have to call it a fwip spiders. >> it's going to be a beautiful one. greeley one of the cooler spots. you're about 10 degrees cooler than what we'll see er. again, mostly sunny skies. few high thin clouds, perfect weather for the parade. tomorrow warmer, we're at 63 wednesday. beautiful all week long. we head into the weekend and it's still really mild into the first of next week. tracking potentially a storm next week. >> pretty easy drive. you can see between downtown at the denver tech center traffic moving along fine. 225 drive blue.
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we'll talk more about the parade and how it will affect you coming up in just a minute. >> jayson, thank you. now we have to talk about the bachelor. for some it is a guilty pleasure. it gets such high ratings. since the bachelor is from denver, we've been following his quest. >> the final rose ceremony, the most dramatic ever, i don't know, is still fiie weeks away. that doesn't stop people from sitting down every monday night, like my wife. one fan from chicago has launched bachelor league. >> if you have a contestant who goes on now scoring points, you're kind of done. i could not agree with that
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all like trash tv. there's a reason the show has been on 20 seasons now. >> for fans it's too late to get in on the fantasy league. but the new season of the bachelorette is coming up. for information, go to >> we have a rose report blog and it follows ben and his search for the one. kelly. kelly is in that fantasy league and this year she recruited a new member, this one over here. we should mention you're in first place. >> i'm winning this thinn. >> how do you win? >> at the beginning of the season you pick your top three, and we have to pick another two. if you lose one, you don't have them on there. there's bonus points every week, ho is the craziest, who wiil kiss ben. >> why are you not in this? mitch, you're missing out. >> next season. %- >> do they have a wide receiver? i could do that.
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>> you got sucked in watching last night. >> i was. i turned it on. >> you didn't. >> 20 minutes later i got sucked in. now i'm like, oh, my god, lisa, is she really as bad as they say. oh, my god. it's fun. broncos party her at denvee fans are trying to kill our vibe. why they say the game was rigged. >> it's time for a big celebration. before heading back, one
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