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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 10, 2016 12:36am-1:07am MST

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our mardi gras menu. pull up a seat, right here, on
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welcome back. one of the best things about our show is that we get to celebrate chefs who have helped shape the culinary world as we know it. and leah chase is one of those people. she's a true pioneer in the african-american restaurant world. and since it's black history month, it's more important than ever that her incredible stories are passed on to the next generation. watch her in action at her legendary new orleans restaurant. [ cheers and applause ] >> we made gumbo for them, and we made shrimp for them. >> dooky chase's restaurant is a local restaurant where we serve the community creole. >> they call my mom the queen of creole. >> all right, good taste. good color.
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62 years. before i came in this kitchen, i worked in the french quarters as a waitress, and that's where i learned to love the industry. i loved waiting tables. if i had good legs, i could wait tables today. i would like that. i met my husband, dooky, and his people had this little shop. and they made sandwiches. and they started in 1939. black restaurants had nothing compared to what the other ones had. but we didn't know that, we couldn't go in them. so it was only people like me, who worked them, who knew what went on in those restaurants. what they cooked, how they served it. so when i came in, in '46, i wanted dooky chase's to be fine dining. and there was nothing like that in the black community. i started making things like stuffed chicken, shrimp creole and gumbos and that was going to work well. this was a hot spot.
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musician i've had the jackson 5, michael always liked his sweet potato pie. ray charles, he had to have those red beans. he liked that. but you had those people here, it was just fun. >> doing this in a white area, dooky chase's was a haven for people to come and plan civil rights strategy. >> dr. king, the way king was, wasn't a man to socialize a whole lot. he was a very special person. in my restaurant, i felt like we did change the course of america over a bowl of gumbo. it makes me feel good that these people came my way. i don't feel like i did anything special. if you can be a leader, and i can't be a leader, but i'm going to support you. so that was my job, i fed them. and that's what i liked to do every day.
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>> i would love my mother to be home, resting. but that kitchen keeps my mother alive. >> hello, darling. i have a lot of support from my children and my grandchildren. and sometimes you don't get that. i'm the luckiest woman in the world. people ask you, "what do you like in life?" i like living. and when you live, you've got to live with people. if you talk to people every day, you feel good. so that's me! [ cheers and applause ] >> i love her and she is such an institution. and she's actually been honored with the lifetime achievement award this year at the james beard award -- [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, wonderful! >> i'm actually hosting, so i can't wait to celebrate with her. and, yeah. >> this is fabulous. this is her gumbo? >> yes. delicious, right? >> it is so delicious. >> that is the key to life. she's 92 and she's that with it and that active. you do something you love every single day. [ cheers and applause ] >> with people! >> with people. >> she loves living! >> all right, you guys, we'll be
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welcome back. you know, guys, you know what really gets the two of us in the mardi gras spirit? >> beads? >> no. >> masks? >> no. >> fluffy feathers? >> geez louise, carla. guys, we're talking about two mardi gras masterpieces. jambalaya. [ applause ] >> and a gin fizz. [ cheers and applause ] >> so, first, i'm going to make a jambalaya that will make you want to party like you're in new orleans. one of the keys to all creole and cajun cookery is the trinity. >> ooh. >> the trinity is a sofrito made with celery, onions and green, maybe red if you were rich, but green peppers are the story. and what you do is you get them in extra virgin olive oil, or butter, or vegetable oil, and you cut them into small enough cubes that they almost end up disappearing, but you recognize them in their flavor.
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are these right here, ladies and gentlemen -- tomatoes. so, if you're in downtown new orleans, it's almost always going to have new orleans -- i mean, it's almost always going to have tomatoes. if you're out past one of the parishes into the country, maybe 20 to 30 miles outside of town, suddenly tomatoes aren't such a big part of it. >> oh, that's interesting. >> oh. >> why is that? >> tomatoes were part of the big culture of actual new orleans, but not part of the rural country. so now the other thing, when you think about what makes cajun food or creole food delicious and magnificent, is the use of spices. we're going to have cayenne, paprika, thyme, garlic and onion powder. and i'm going to take half that and mix it in with my sofrito of trinity. so i've got my onions going, and i've got celery and pepper going in. this is one of the dishes that of the three, that i consider the most emblematic of new orleans food. there's this, there's gumbo, which is a soup like we just
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and there's etouffee -- crawfish etouffee may be one of the finest things you'll ever eat. and if you can eat it at the hands of someone like emeril lagasse or donald link, then you're even better because they really know what's going on. [ applause ] now, really significant to the dishes, this magnificent smoky sausage called andouille. and then it's kind of anything you want. there could be seafood. in this case, we're going to do chicken and shrimp. we've dusted them with some of the spice, we've sauteed them before we add the trinity. then we add the trinity with a little bit of that spice. then we're going to take the tomatoes. we're going to stir that through. we're going to throw in these brown veg -- i mean brown meats. then we're going to take some chicken stock. we're going to wait -- not even wait until it boils, we're going to throw in three cloves of garlic, two bay leaves, and if you added two cups of chicken stock, you add one cup of rice, just like so. and symon judiciously prepared
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perhaps not traditional, but you're at my mardi gras right now, ladies and gentlemen. [ cheers and applause ] so we're going to put the jalapenos in like that. we're going to bring the whole thing up to a boil. we're going to hit it with two kinds of hot sauce. [ cheers and applause ] and what have you got going on, symon, anything? >> no, i'm just watching you do your hot sauce dance, and i'm in good shape. >> well, then, i'm going to keep going. >> a little bit of a hot sauce dance. >> we're going to finish up this jambalaya and michael's going to make his gin fizz to go with it. don't go away. [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: never fear, "the chew" crew is here. all week long, we're coming to the rescue to take your cooking from burnt up to turnt up. plus, timesaving tips and fabulous surprises you won't find anywhere else.
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you soon. welcome back. at mardi gras michael and mario come together, you have a triple "m" fest like no other. so we're just finishing up our cajun jambalaya, the ultimate new orleans spectacular sensation, here's what we've done so far. we browned our andouille and our chicken thighs in olive oil, we took them out we added our trinity. we added our spices, our paprika, our cayenne our thyme, our onion powder, our garlic powder, we added stock, we have tomatoes separating it from the rural version, that's right. exactly. now, i'm going to take the shrimp with the leftover dried spice mix, right? and you add the shrimp at the last second because over-cooked shrimp is actually against the law in new orleans. >> as it should be. >> then you go like this, and then you go like this. and all this time while you're cooking, because you're in new
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[ laughs ] >> you stir them through so that there is a little bit of the contact of the rust of the jambalaya, with each of those shrimp. then i put the lid on and in the symon to make us a drink this will be ready. >> perfect. make is -- i am going to make -- mardi gras is not complete without great cocktails, everybody knows, and one of the classics out there is a ramos gin fizz. so the traditional recipe has the lemon and the lime. i'm going to do a little spin on it with a little bit of pomegranate juice and a little bit of grenadine to make it a more festive color for the mardi gras trip. >> all right. >> what a surprise. >> what a surprise. i like things festive, batali. so the first thing in the shaker, a couple ice cubes. and the thing that i love about this drink is it has some egg whites in it and the egg whites really bring the whole thing together and it gives that fantastic malt feel. so first ingredient, clinton kelly, for you, one and a half ounces of gin. >> gin. >> there we go. there's your gin. >> for the record, this in new orleans is a breakfast drink.
12:55 am
champions. then, a quarter ounce of lemon juice, so a little splash of lemon juice. a half ounce of lime juice and then i take about a quarter ounce of pomegranate juice, which just gives a little bit more sweetness and a little bit of backbone. grenadine for that magical color, and then i put one egg white, one ounce of heavy cream, one whole egg white and just a splash of simple serve because i don't want it to be too sweet. now, when you see these getting made at the bar there, it is so fun and festive because i'm going to put a little more gin in because it's for clinton. >> that a boy. >> a lot of times, they say, you need to shake this a hundred times to make it thick. so you'll see i'm -- one bartender will start it off. don't worry, batali, he'll go about 20 times but he's got a lot of customers. so he passes it down to another bartender and takes the order.
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feel the burn. >> one, two, three, four, five, six. >> come on, carla. [ screams ] >> shake it like you mean it, carla. shake the butt off. >> batali, come on, give it to me. >> one last stop. >> come on anchorman. >> get it high. >> 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. i'm going to do one more shake. >> one more. now, all we're going to do is strain this out and finish it with some club soda. i have one here that is really shaken just in case we didn't shake ours enough. >> oh, we did our job. okay. [ laughs ] >> all right, so, we go in and then we take, and look at -- see that great consistency? >> like a strawberry milkshake. >> and then we put it with the soda and you get that beautiful
12:57 am
>> teamwork. >> that is gorgeous. >> so yeah, it's fun, it's festive, it's frothy. i know clinton likes a good sodaptain, tell me what you think. >> very exciting. >> and we have our virgin versions. >> it's perfect. [ cheers ] >> oh, it's so good, just the right amount of sweet, a little bit of bitterness in there from the acid. >> and the pomegranate just gives it a little bit of sweet backbone, makes it a little bit more fun and it customizes it, just for "the chew." it's a "chew" version. >> that's good. >> it's delicious. all right. pass these out. >> the small version. [ laughs ] >> it's like a little serving. >> this smells so good. >> if you need a little more hot sauce, i have a couple here. >> you know, batali, one thing that i know is whenever you
12:58 am
sauce. >> you never know. one of the keys to this dish is that the rice is just cooked through and you make sure that it's not dry. a lot of people make a mistake they think that rice dish should be dried like a pilaf or like something that chunks up. it should still move along the plate like it's floating across the mississippi. >> it is spectacular and has the perfect amount of heat. >> so many different layers of flavor in here too. >> fantastic. >> stick around. up next, carla's going to finish up here bananas foster buckle. >> i fort about that. >> announcer: tomorrow, things will never be the same because we're bringing you recipes that will change your life. carla is helping a viewer re-create a lost family favorite and mario is in the kitchen with the amazing katie holmes. that's tomorrow on "the chew." so how ya doing? enough pressure in here for ya? ugh. my sinuses are killing me. yeah...just wait 'til we hit ten thousand feet. i'm gonna take mucinex
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winter? cozy up with "the chew." check out our guide to planning any party, "a year of celebrations." or the book that finally answers the question, "what's for dinner?" and "the new york times" best-seller that started it all, "food. life. fun." the choice is yours at or wherever books are sold. [ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "the chew." my bananas foster buckle is hot out of the oven and it's time to serve it up. we have that -- >> oh, carla. >> all right, so, this is what i did earlier. so i caramelized my bananas. they didn't light up, but that was okay. it didn't affect the cake. and then i made the batter. and then i put it all together and i baked it in an oven at 350 degrees for about 50 minutes. and here, you guys. now this is so perfect, because you can do this in the morning. you can do it for breakfast. you can also do it for dessert. you can do it for snacks.
1:04 am
>> i think in new orleans, one of the things that you get to do pretty much anything you want whenever you want. >> that's it. [ cheers and applause ] that's exactly it. all right, so, you guys, tell me what you think. >> oh, i can tell what i'm going to think, carla. >> clinton, there's your baby. >> i want one more. you know what, one of my favorite teachers is here. my seventh grade social studies is in the audience. [ cheers and applause ] hi! >> so i have to give her a piece of this buckle. >> you look so young. >> carla, you are not playing around. >> oh, my god, carla hall. >> isn't it everything? >> it is everything. >> bananas foster on top of basically the most delicious moist cake ever. >> here you go, mrs. cane. [ applause ] >> aw. >> right? >> oh, we're going to find out some truths about you, clinton kelly. >> you're not leaving until we have something on him. >> all right, guys, it is our "chew" to the rescue week, and we're giving away more than just beads. we're giving away cold hard cash.
1:05 am
members of our studio audience brought their shopping receipts with them, and they're in this tumbler, and one lucky winner is going to go home with some cash. are you ready? all right, here we go. [ cheers and applause ] all right, i'm digging in. i'm not looking, i'm not looking. >> big money, big money! [ cheers and applause ] >> number five. who's number five? [ cheers and applause ] >> the fix is in! lindsey cane, mrs. cane's daughter! [ cheers and applause ] >> how much? >> $110.59. all right, guys, let's head to "the chew" float, shall we? [ cheers and applause ] all right, here we go. what a fun show it has been today. thank you so much for joining us. any final thoughts on mardi gras? >> throw some beads at them.
1:06 am
for fun and food. >> celebratory day in a celebratory town. all over the country today, so i think people should eat it up. >> do something fun. >> thank you kit hoover and billy bush for joining us today. tune in tomorrow for recipes that will change your life. katie holmes is going to be here, too. go to for all things "chew." [ speaking in french ] and have a fabulous day, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] surprise! the very best kind. so, what inspired this, uh, welcome visit? i missed you. at the floating rib. at my place. what? what happened? i don't know, a pipe burst at kelly's or something.


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