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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  February 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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>> hh'll start to growl at you and then he does start to bark. so once you know he's growling at you you know he's already on the attack. >> reporter: she said the dog's owner martin pena seen in this booking photo let his rottweiler roam the neighborhood for years. >> he chased me down the street and i tripped over the porch to get in the house away from him. >> reporter: outside pena's house signs warn of the dog, but that hasn'ttstopped loko from biting four people and a handful of pets. denver animal protection has `he dog now, but neighbors question why it took so long. >> that's four incidents too late. i think it should have been taken care of on the first iicident. >> reporter: records show back in 2011 the dog attacked an 11- year-old girl who was walking %- in this alley right behind the owner's house. after that the dog was impounded and deemed a dangerous dog. loco went back to its owner after he agreed to keep his dog confined to a crate, but in the last six months the dog has bitten three people.
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one of victims was a -- their legs. one of the victims was a 20- month-old baby who required surgery. we tried to talk to the owner, but no one answered. neighbors want the doggone for good. >> it's kind of horrific for a person to have their children out not knowing if they're going to be attacked. >> reporter: now denver animal protection tells us the dog ii now in their custody, but they wouldn't let us see the animal. it's unclear what will happen to the dog after the pending crimiial charges against its owner. >> unbelievable, thanks. this is what it takes for a dog to be ked dangerous in denver. if the dog is known to attack without being provoked or a dog that has attacked or bitten a person or another animal. we will continue to push for answers. we have distuubing details about the death of a 6-year-old boy in arapahoe county. that little boy was found inside these apartments after the woman living there called 911 to say she had been sexually assaulted.
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that little boy died from sharp force njury to his neck and the boy's father was found next to him with stab wounds. an arapahoe county deputy is still in critical condition tonight and the other driver of the accident was cited for causing a crash. bill fooeman, jr. was on his way to the call about the little 6-year-old boy. he was behind an ambulance and had his lights on when he was hit by a truck. that driver was ticketed for careless driver. % the arapahoe county sheriff's department says you can help foreman's family by donating blood. bonfils blood center set up a blood drive to. find out how you can donate on behalf of deputy foreman, check out the an outpouring of support in grand junction where deputy geer responded to his last call, this memorial taking shape where the deputy was shot. geer was taken off life support this morning. his funeral will be monday. before being taken off life support all of deppty geer's organs were donated. we checked aad found more than
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waitinn for that life saving organ donation. one person can have a major impact. >> a single organ donor can save up to eight lives through organ donation and save and heal more than 50 through tissue donations. >> there are no age restrictions when it comes to who can be an organ donor. anddea smith tells us the list of people in need of an organ transplant is on the rise. the clock ran out for the woman who accused bill cosby of sexual assault in colorado because of a state imposed denver7 reporter lance hernandez joins us. the alleged victims were at the capitol asking lawmakers to do limitations. >> reporter: there's a 10 -- statutes of limitations. >> reporter: there's a 10 year limit on prosecution and if victims do not come forward before then, charges cannot be filed. two colorado women say they wwre sexually assaulted their didn't come forward because believe them.
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now because other women have come forward accusing bill cosby of doing the same thing to thee, 58 women in all. >> i was too fearful to be able to go and report my sexual assault because of the power of bill cosby. >> no one would have elieved that mr. jell-oopudding pop, dr. huxtable was capable of rape and sexual assault. i would have been laughed off the planet. >> reporter: now a criminal defense attorney spoke out against channing the current statute. 3 she said it's possible that prosecutors might wait until the last minute tt file a case, perhaps after he strongest defense witness passed away, but a prosecutor said that it's more likely that victims would hang onto incriminating texts and e-mails that long and he said they shouldn't be denied justice. testimony continues in the house judiciary committee right -`now. at the state capitol lance hernandez, denver7.
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capitol a bill that would taped passed through committee vote. `mny agencies already tape interrogations across our state, but the supporters to `he bill want it to be more widely used to help prevent people from being wrongly % convicted. it feels more like spring than the second week of february. chief meteorologist mike nelson joins us. the trend is sticking around in the first alert forecast? >> it is for the most part. 50 degrees in the denver area currently, 55 in aurora but cooler tomorrow. there's cooler air off to the north of us that will slip in herr, 42 up at scott's bluff. we do have some spectacular color again in the skies. i'll show you this in time lapse in just a few minutes, more colorful clouds, a bit % cooler tomorrow, very cold conditions in the east united states, but overall you'll like the seven-day planner. tonight new light shed about who knew about the dangers of the gold kingman. -`this one is -- gold king mine.
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it spilled millions of gallons of toxins into the river. the mine knew a spill like this was probably possible. a small fire department with just two full time employees has its hands full. this is the fifth significant fire to burn in larkspur in just the last six weeks. no 1 was hurt here thankfflly. we went to larkspur to find out what's going on here. depaatment. >> reporter: absolutely. castle rock fire rescue is onee of the departments that helped larkspur with structure fires we've seen the past couple time. they've responded numerous times to larkspur which is something the chief tells meeis out of the norm. in the past six weeks larkspur fire department reported to five fires, one of which
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lot of stressson the fire rescue. >> we do have obviously limited personnel. whhn we have a structure fire, it requires the majority of our firefighters. >> now 40 irefighter personnel work at the larkspur fire protection district and the chief says he doesn't anticipate the fires to 3 continue at this right, but if they do, he says they'll just have to make do. live in castle rock, denver7. the oldest catholic church in our state survived an electrical fire, but take a look at thhs. our lady of guadalupe church, a member snapped this picture and a large black ash mark kind of looks like a crown. the woman who took this picture said it shows the southern colorado church was under protection. next week the trial of danielle lane ets uuderway, accused of attacking michelle wilkins last year attempting to steal her unborn baby. today jury selection began. wilkins survived the attack,
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once the trial gets underway it's expectedd o take up to two weeks. we wanted to know how rare cases like these are. in the last 10 years there have only been 14 fetal abductions in the u.s. compare that o the 4 million babies born each year. the national center for missing and exploited children says thattin most of those cases the mother doesn't survive, but the babies do. we know what happened inside the walls of columbine high school on april 20th, 1999, and the names oo the 13 killed that day, 12 students and one teacher. >> we will never forgettthem. for the first time in nearly 17 years we are hharing from one of the shooter's families. denver7 investigator tony kovaleski joins us now. >> reporter: columbine was the firsttsccool shooting and in nearly 17 years since that day in april school shootings have
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tomorrow night abc news and diane sawyer will spend an hour dissecting what happened and open the discussion about preventing others in the future, a discussion that centers on insight from suu klebold. >> i just emember sitting there and reading about them, all these kidss the teacher. and i keep thinking constantly about how i would feel if it were the other way around and mine. i would feel exactly the way they did. i know i would. i know i would. >> now in the past several days i have talked and communicated with several of the families victimized by the actions of eric harrison, dylan klebold. in general they are concerned motivation. here's what many told me.
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wanted to hear sue klebold say there were signs and concerns in the months before the shooting aad maybe she could have done something to prevent the columbine shootings and finally perhaps most important they wanted to hear her say she is sorry. % our reporting will continue. we'll have more insight from following tomorrow night's abc special. >> we will have those stories for you after 20/20 tomorrow night. see the full interview with sue klebold here on denver7 at 9:00. someone is not a broncos fan knocking out the orange and blue lights in castle rock and tonight we're finding out it will take a while before those lights are back on. >> here come the candidates, their way to our state, the first candidates to run commercials here in colorado. >> it's a first time this teen champ won't be ssowing in the den dog show. we're talking to her - denver
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rin the middle of a time when senior povertyt is increasing. republicans and some democratsp came up with a brilliant idea for cutting cost-of-living
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we said, "it will be over our dead bodies as president, i will do everything i can to extend the solvency and expand benefits for people who desperately need them. i'm bernie sanders,
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with election day creeping closer the presidential candidates are now focusing on this weekenn both bernie sanders and hillary clinton will be at the democratic dinner in denver and sanders will hold a rally in denver saturdayy clinton and her daughter chelsea will meet with supporters in boulder and denvvr later in the week. enough. today the first presidential political ad showed up here on denver7,,bernie sanders striking first. >> the son of a polish immigrant whoogrew up in a brooklyn tenament, he went to public schools, then college where the work of his life began, fighting injustice and inequality. >> be sure and join us tonight at 10:00 when political reporter marshall zelinger puts sanders' claims in this ad to the truth test. a commerce city police officer is not ready to enter his plea. you may remember kevin lord,
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shot in theeline of duty. then investigators say that never happened and he shot himself. he is out on bond and will be back in court next week. %- the castle rock star will be off tonight through the fall because of vandals. tonight police are looking for who knocked out half the lights of the star on top of the rock. it was lit up in orange and blue last week for the bboncos super bowl. now we all think our dogs are best in show, right? but now they have some competition. >> that's right. thhs week dog handlers from all over the country are bringing their canine competitors out to the denver dog shoo and we sat down with one jr. handler who recently. >> 14-year-old carissa groves has been showing dogs since she was only 9 years ld and earlier today she showed me her room filled with ribbons, dozens of awards she's won already. most years carissa would be preparing her 6-year-old
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show, but this year the stage just got a lot bigger. she's packing her bags for the 140th westminster kennel club dog show. >> i'm nervous and excited at the same time. going to new york is going to be a totally different thing. >> westminster is the dog show, world famous. think about this. it's been around 140 years. to put that in perspective, the >> right. it's huge. >> she is a little nervous. i would be. she has she has to stay calm because the dog can sense her nerves and her fear. he's a blood hound.. he can probably smell it, too. >> no kidding. a big stage for both of them. we know they will represent. >> our fingers crossed. we are so spoiled by these sunsets. another spectacular view from our camera that's out just east of dia. watch the color coming in here, gold, pink, oh, very nice indeed.
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state very nice as well. 74 at pueblo, trinidad, llmar 71 degrees. we were 64 in denver, about 20 degrees warmer than the normal for this time of year. as far as the conditions this morning, we started at 29, hit 64, nowhere near the record of 73 but well above normal of 45 degrees. right now as dusk settles in, 49 downtown, 44 at the airport, winds out of the southeast at 16 miles per hour. there is some cold air to the north and east of us, some of the coldest of the season dropping down from central canada into the greaa lakes and northeast over the course of the weekend. we're on the very edge of this front. in northeast colorado tomorrow, -`but most of the cold is going to slide off toothe east of us. for tonight low temperatures will be coldest innthe high 3 mountain valleys. %- gunnison at 7 below, 1 degree at craig, 8 above at alamosa. we'll do about 30 in denver. tomorrow notice the low clouds here.. we're actually going to have easterly winds swinging in,
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temperatures for the northeast corner of the state, but the rest of the state will be mild again, 60s over the southeast, 40s to the northeast and low 50s expected in the denver area. you'll notice the difference just in the 40s across weld county, morgan county into parts of arapahoe and adams county, milder as you get to higher elevations to the south and west. for tonight 28, high clouds, kind of cool. tomorrow we'll have only around 53, which is still well above normal this time of year, and looking ahead we bounce right back, 50s on the way for the weekend and then getting up into the 60s again early next week as more of this mild weather conninues. we will not see any wild weather around here for a while, still another week or so before the pattern is going to change. all this month denver7 and u.s. bank are honoring volunteers who keep area nonprofits working. the first thing many people notice when they walk into children's hospital in colorado
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on her vest all given to her by patients and their families to thank her for helping them the past 10 years. >> the opportunities here are unbelievable. so go home with a full heart every day when i'm here. >> for her hard work denver7 and u.s. bank gave donna a $100 gift card to. learn more about donna and including how her grandchildren got her involved with volunteering look for thh community section on the >> very nice. coming up peyton manning smashing a raw egg on his head? >> yup. that happened last night on national tv, lionel is next with 7 sports extra. the difference between
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believes they can, surrounded and supported by others-by us- who believe it, too. u.s. bank -- the
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welcome too7 sports extra and the world championship world tour continues for thee broncos. they're everywhere, bristol today. `j ward and bradley roby at espn talking football and fashion ann last nighttpeyton manning on the tonight show with jimmy fallon playing egg russian roulette with magic johnson. peyton smashed an egg on his forehead, anything for national tv. does he have an egg commercial coming up? magic, there's one for you and then peyton again. the loser was the first one to get two eggs smashed on their -`head anddoh, peyton, you're done. remember that eli face when the broncos scored the late touchdown, everybody going nuts but peyton said eli was strategizing. >> i can remember calling the night before the draft saying eli, guess what, the colts are going to draft me no.
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that was five years ago. eli, ashley and i are expecting twwns. you're going to be an uncle, -`yeah, and then like four years ago i was like eli, guess what, my neck is finally healed. i'm going to play football again. >> wow, all the bbg moments in your life. >> that's great stuff. got a rendering from the nhl on what coorr field will look like, the stadium game february 26th looks like it's going to be sweet, but too many red wings fans in this pic. we got to photoshop them out of there. must see soccer goal last night. u.s. women's national team in costa rica and olympic qualifying, the cross right there, spun around and banged home. it was beautiful. check this out again. oh, my. she's a magician. the u.s. won the match 5-0. avalanche up 1-0 on the senators right now. we'll have complete highlights coming up tonight at 10:00. >> they could use some more wins.
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maybe a little jacket tomorrow. we got spoiled by the 60s. >> what? `hat's that, a jacket? >> people are breaking out the spring wardrobe. it's going to be upper 20s in the morning and upper 40s to low 50s tomorrow afternoon and then very nice for the weekend and right back to the spring weather for early next week. >> we can handle that. >> definitely. flip-flops and shorts. >> i hope it gets colder efore that outdoor hockey game. >> they were showing snowflakes
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all kinds of people on all kinds of teams
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street
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of contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. gravitational pull, the list starts now. forward that are making you sleepy. >> and exercise routines that take half the time will give you awesome results. >> welcome to show, i'm theresa.
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let's start by counting down the three stories at the top of the list. >> thank you. the one person in your office who really annoys you, an image in your mind, they're at number three. >> this is for freedom. >> nails the a most annoying person in every office. >> these are mine. >> they help themselves to their food, come to work when they're sick. >> you should go home. >> and take personal phone calls right next to you. >> no, i did pay the rent. i did. >> are you sitting there thinking to yourself, oh, but i do that too. consider this a ghost of christmas future moment and change your ways. everyone will be thankful. >> i'm so relieved, i'm i'm not pregnant. >> an annoying coworker may not be the only thing from keeping you doing a great job. >> fresh snow everywhere. >> the winter weather across the
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but not so good for workers. >> too cold. >> that's because the winter might be affecting your ability to focus. according to a new study out of a university in belgium, your brain is the most focused in the summer and the least during the winter. so you're wondering why that report didn't get done on time, it's not jur fault. show your boss this study. if you can remember to show it. >> no matter how cold it is outside, valentine's day is coming, the billions spending on it is our number one story of the day. omg, hit that atm, valentine's day is only a few days away and a retail national, a record $19.7 billion on the holiday this year. that's an average of $146.84 per person. yes, that seems leak a lot. but when you include stuff like


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