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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  February 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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your body politic and do what they will. that's what's making news in america. i had all those illusions more than anything else,, because my love for him was so strong. >> sue klebold breaking nearly 17 years of silence after her son attacked columbine highh school leaving 13 dead. >> hhar the comments from hillary clinton that made bernie sanders furious. good morning and thank you for joining us. i'm kellie patterson. >> i'm mitch jelniker. happy friday. let's check the forecast as we head into the weekend. here's our first alert weather with lisa. >> it's going to be gorgeous, though a little different today. cooler than yesterday. we have a weak cold front.
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being a touch cooler. few clouds today. you'll find a mix of sun and clouds. tomorrow back into the 60s in most spots. satellite radar showing clear skies. if anything we'll get a few clouds across the plains today. our mountains could pick up snow this weekend. highs today, 40s out west. east you're going to find % denver at about 53. upper 40s to the northeast and low 50s here in denver. it's cooler, but still above normal this afternoon. >> still a good day for a walk or run or bike, because the drive is very dry. roads are dry, sidewalks are dry, everything is looking fantastic. % i-25 near broadway, north and southbound as lisa is taking a jog through the studio. overall map you can see a lot of green, north, south, east to dia. accident at colfax and holly
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other one is north at 130th and corona. i-25 otherwise looks nice on the north side. tonight we're going to hear from the mother of columbine shooter dylan klebold. >> sue klebold sat down for her first interview since the shooting with diane sawyer. eric lupher joins us with a look at what we can expect. >> reporter: a lot of this brings back many memories, even being here at the columbine %- i was 15 when it happened, i was a high school ssudent and will never forget it. sue says not a day goes by she doesn't think of the 13 victims and their families. >> all these kids and the teacher, and constantly thought how i would feel if it were the other way around, one of their
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i would feel exactly the way i did, i know i would. i know i would. >> reporter: so much emotion there. sue talks about her relationship with her son and some of what happened at home leading up to the shooting. the interview airs tonight in a special edition of 20/20 at 9:00. we'll carry it on tv and also online and our denver 7 app. eric lupher, denver 7. thea, eric. funeral arrangements being made geer. he died late wednesday night after his organs were donated. this memorial is growing. his funeral is monday. he leaves behind a wife and two children. he may be saving a few lives.
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than 2700 people waiting for organ transplants. through his donation, he could be saving up to 8 lives. it's been a deadly three days for law enforcement. across the country at least including our deputy geer. yesterday morning a police officer was killed in georgia while serving a warrann. two sheriff's deputies killed wednesday night in maryland. that same night a police north dakota. hillary clinton and bernie sanders got fiesty during last night's democratic debate. they butted heads a couple of days after sanders' investigatory in new hampshire, and hillary clinton attacked sanders for being a single issue candidate. >> the kind of critiiism we've heard from senator sanders i expect from the republicans,
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party to cceed president obama. >> madam secretary, that is a low blow. one of us ran against barack obama. i was not that candidate. >> the democrats' next primary issin south carolina, february 27th. republicans in south carolina will hit the polls a week -`earlier february 20th. the gop candidates will be on the debate stage in south carolina tomorrow night. today democratic presidential candidate sanders is in your living room. ads have started in colorado. one s a biography and the other a commercial about social security. we're fact checking some of his claims. >> living wages, equal pay and tuition free public colleges. >> in july he entered a bill to
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he's supported legislation that would help women fight pay discrimination and he has response areed a iil to have the feds and states offer $70 billion to help create tuition free colleges and taxes on wall street investment to offset some of the costs. for a deeper analysis, go to our web site, %- we're getting live pictures into the newsroom out of new jersey. check this out, this is a masssve five alarm fire. the fire started after 3:00 yesterday afternoon. the smoke can be seen for miles. >> it's burning at a complex of warehouses so many buildings there. it's delaying traffic nearby. all the schools in that area fire. injured. no word on any other injuries. again, this is right now in hillsborough in new jersey. the clock ran out for the
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sexual assault in colorado. they waited more than 10 years to come forward, so now they want to get rid of the statute of limitations on felony sexual assault. we are waiting to hear from them. a bill was given preliminary approval in house committee last night. that bill would double the current statute of limitations from 10 to 20 years. it's headed for the full house vote. we have new video of that house fire in larkspur we were live as irefiggters were battling this yesterday morning. the douglas county sheriff facebooked this videooof the home, on south perry parkway. this is the fifth building this catch fire there in six weeks. no one was hurt. >> i've been here a total of 18 years. in my 18 years here, i've never seen us have this many fires in this short amount of time. >> the fire chief told us none of the fires were set
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only on denver 7 you've heard of the gold rush, but now there's something new. it's called the green rush. >> this came to light for officials after investigation `nto the planned parenthood shooting in colorado springs. the admitted shooter moved here to colorado for access to marijuana, to be left alone. when park county detectives searched they noticed there were rv's everywhere. they're leaving with no sewer, water or power. >> the draw is the cheap land, lack of regulation in park county. but numbers have grown. at last count, 287 nonconforming homes in one fire district. they could really face a crisis if a bad storm runs through. >> you can see the chimney from here and over there. >> reporter: what's the danger? >> they'll die of carbbn monoxide poisoning.
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rush. you can find the full report now at a dangerous dog injures three people in the span of six months and neighbors want to sooner. >> denver 7 is digging deeper into this story. we found out this dog has been five years. >> it's now almost 4:40. we end the week above normal but cooler than yesterday. some clouds today. mix of sun and clouds. about 53 by 3:00. >> reporter: what better to celebrated valentine's day weekend than to get scared out of your brain. i'm jason gruenauer live at the
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welcome back. we're still looking at live pictures coming out of new jersey this morninn. this massive five alarm fire burning in hillsborough. started just after 3:00 yesterday afternoon. you can see it's still going strong. >> those flames have leaped from one warehouse to another. there's a string, kinddof a complex, light industrial area in this town in new jersey. because of the flames the fact they can't get this under down streets and schools in that area. so far, only one injury, that was a firefighter. might have been.
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in the town of hillsborough working hard to try to get this warehouse complex fire out. not too far outside new york city either. here at home it's 4:42. typically think chocolates or roses when you think of valentine's day. we're goinn to introduce you to a group that wants inject halloween terror into your romantic holiday. >> it's true. jason gruenauer joins us from a haunted house. you have some explaining to do. >> reporter: i'm not going to lie, i'm already scared myself. i don't really like haunted houses that much. we're here at the 13th floor, normally known for a haaloween destination. always makes the top 10 list scariest in the country. they've decided to open up for valentine's day. will e open friday and saturday night.
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and red bloody things that scare you. if you want to get your heart rate pumping i guess is one way to put it, they'll be open. coming up we're going to go inside, we're going to talk to the owner. they even brought out some of the creepy crawlies, so we're going to show you what you can expect, if you want to come here with your significant other, loved onn and grab them tight and scream your lunns out, i guess this is the place for you this valentine's day. >> or ex, maybe. >> that, too. you get scared and you got to protect each other and snuggle. >> i can smuggle with my significant other without going to a haunted house. >> it's true. >> i don't like them on halloween, i'm a wimp. >> i agree. stayysafe. >> i wonder if he's going to touuh any of those creepy crawlies. >> i'm nervous for him. >> cooler today. this week we're expecting temperatures to bounce up and down. today will be one of the
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even then still above normal. >> nice stuff. >> low 50s this afternoon. now we're in the 30s. a touch cooler than yesterday. the airport just above freezing. downtown currently 35. that's a live look at dia. you can see few clouds. 34 now at the airport. 34 in aurora. and 43 in fort collins. most of us along i-25 around freezing. warmer in castle rock. toons in the mountain -- teens %- really dry conditions along i- 70 and the mountains will be pretty warm this afternoon. mid- to upper 40s by 3:00. steamboat springs you're at 41. fort collins today 50. to mid-60s. today puts us about 5 to 10 degrees below where we were yesterday. 53 in denver. colorado.
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the front is not going to bring really any moisture at all. if anything, a few clouds. `t the airport this afternoon highs near 50. highlands ranch mid- to upper -`50s. in greeley today a high of 34. mid- to upper 50s through the foothills. here's a look at futurecast, and you can see cloud cover over northeastern colorado. dry the next 24 hours, but late saturday into sunday that's llttle light snow move in across our northern and central mountains. on sunday slight chance you're going to find a little snow there. not going to be much, but enough to get fresh powder for the high country. tomorrow back in the low to mid- 60s. sunday, 55. then into the middle of next week there's more 60s, mmybe even some 70s, jayson in a few neighborhoods by wednesday. -`yet again, nothing major on at that seven-day. >> nothing major on the roads.
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it's not really that dark out now. it is pretty dark, though. good drive southbound side of i- 25 into downtown. even though you're starting to see a little bit of yellow, a few slow areas, but really nothing to worry about. cleaniig up the accident in east denver at colfax and hollyy the other one was up north around 130th anddcorona. no big deals around town. 4:47. plans to widen e-4 70. officials say it's because more officials are using the highway. 8million more people since 2014. now the plan is to expand an 8- mile stretch. >> seeing the traffic increase,, in addition to that they are developing neighborhoods along the road that were ever there. when the road was first built
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and now there's a significant amount of population and >> officials believe the state's population growth, airport and traffic and low gas prices contribute to more people using the road. new developments in the aurora. we know the boy was stabbed to death. this came from the autopsy report yesterday. deputies found the 6-year-old's body wednesday while responding to a call of sexual assault at that apartment complex, and a woman assaulted has now been released from the hospital. the boy's father was found next to him with self-inflicted stab hospital. the arapahoe county deputy seriously hurt on his way to this scene is still recovering as well. truck. injured. he has been ticketed for careless driving. and there's a blood drive been
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all that information is at there's demand for answers after a dangerous dog in denver has mauled three people in the last six months. >> court documents show this dog has attacked four people and a handful of pets since 2011, including a 20-month-old toddler whooneeded surgery. a neighbor tells us she's terrified. >> he chased me down the street, and i triped getting away from him. >> denver animal control has the dog, but hasn't answered questions about how it's taken so long. we're learning new details about who was aware of the dangers of the gold king mine. it spilled millions of gallons of toxic water into the river
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the official at the epa knew about the dangers and it was possible. now there's an investigation. dinosaur fans have got to see what's on display in woodland park. one of only three fossils of dinosaur era fish is there. it was discovered in southeastern -- this local treatment team has earned a trip to new york. melissa gross has been showing dogs since she was 9 years old. >> i'm nervous and excited at the same time. going to new york, it's going to be a totally different thing, total new. >> karissa said it's important to stay confident. she said her dog can smell near
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one of the state's most historic churches catches fire. >> one woman says she has a picture proving there was divine intervention soup and sandwich and somewhere to go, and clean and real and nowhere to be, and warmth and looking good, and sandwich and soup and inside jokes, and dan is back! good, clean food pairs well with anything. the clean pairings menu. 500 calories or less. at panera. food as it should be. male penguins show their love with... a pebble. some males, however... are smarter than others. save up to 30% on select diamonds in rhythm. at kay, the number one jewelry store in america... every kiss begins with kay. guys, kay jewelers would like to remind you...'s engagement season. and, all engagement and
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here's a look at other stories making news hot on the internet today. there's a small town planning to build a fountain that spurts out drinkable beer.
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euros for drinks in a commemorative mug. tourism. i'm sure your freezer like mine is full of girl scout thin mint cookies by now. these are drag alongs, dusted with liit and cat hair. the asbestos delight, and radioactive mints, gluten free with glowing uranium core. if you want to take your hair to the more mystical level, you need a unicorn horn. it's hair piled high typically in a braid to make it look like a horn. there are youtube instructional videos. some people are now mixing the horn with the magical rainbow coloring of their hair to take the style to a new my littll there you go. i think this is one of the neatest ideas i've seen in a
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these things here are called sled legs. they're a unique pair of snow sleds that attach to the front of your legs so you can slide downhill and stand up and run with them still attached to your legs. the inventors are currently raising money to produce these. the inventors say with sled llgs you run up the hill, take a few quick steps, slide and enjoy the ride. look at that, how fun is that? >> that's brilliant, really. i ee things like this that somebody created and think, why didn't i think of that. >> looks like it's super fun. >> got to be hard on the knees.. >> old men like you, i don't know. temperatures in the 30s. close to freezing by 6:00. we'll warm a good 20 degrees by this afternoon. it's cooler than yesterday. it's not going to be as wwndy. we saw a few breezy spots yesterday. today 55 by 2:00. another very mild couple of days ahead of us.
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this holds strong through the middle of, i almost feel guilty we have such a great forecast. have you seen what they're dealing with on the east coast, in the west it's frigid. >> frigid isn't too far away. >> we're not out of the woods completely. >> you're right. jayson. >> you forgoo about me. i want to show you this, road wrangler daryl orr near colfax and tower, that vehicle hit the 7-eleven sign. looks like it's off the roadway, but obviously will be an issue. we'll get more details coming up in just a few minutes, we'll get a live report from him. otherwise, a decent ride around town, except for that situation. thank you. it's 4:56. the oldest catholic church in our state survived an electrical fire. but a parishioner snapped this
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large ash crown above the portrait saying the church was under protection. a dangerous encounter over a haircut, happened in florida. a woman wasn't happy and went back to the barbershop looking for revenge. >> an interview you'll only see on abc. dylan klebold's mother sits down with diane sawyer for the first time. hear what she has to say about
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, hearing from the mother whose son carried out one of the worst mass shootings in our country's history in columbine. >> a dog terrorizing a neighborhood for months. why it took so long to get the dog out of there. >> we'll tell you what happened in this colorado church. we want tt gettto breakiig news oot of new jersey where we continue to follow this warehouse fire. it broke out yesterday afternoon around 3:00.


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