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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  February 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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ba da ba ba ba , i would feel exactly the waa they did, i know i would. i know. >> right now at 6:00 a.m., a mother's agonizing story after learning her son will forever be remembered as a mass killer. >> we'll hear from one of the shooter. >> what one victim has to say to the family. >> the feds get involved after 3,000 patients find out they may have been exposed to hiv and hepatitis. >> taking a look at air
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thaa is a beautiful shot. >> widely scattereded dark. >> there it is. >> pretty shot. >> other gorgeous day in the middle of inter, lisa. >> we started off with the broncos sunrise and ending it with one, too. here's a live look from akron. a lot of orange and blue. nice start to our friday. beautiful day. not as warm as the past few days, but still mild. noon, 50. 4:00, 53. plenty of sunshine this mmrning. a few louds filter in, but you have low to mid-50s covering most of us around denver. if you get closer to freely or -`fort collins, it's -- greeley or fort collins it's a touch cooler. mountains could really use snow, but today sunssine and 40s. >> just look at them. >> would you look at them. >> go look at them. a good drive from airtracker 7 at highway 36, passing pecos, there's i-25 transitioning to the headlights here, that's i- 76.
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and you can see the dark areas on that west side of i-76. easy drive so far. overall map, i-76, i-25, 36, 270. little bit more traffic here and there. will start getting more congested. 15 to 20 minutes into downtown on i-25. south side super quiet. waiting for 225 to pick up down from parker road. thank you. july20, 1999, a traffic day in colorado -- tragic day in colorado's history. two colorado students opened fire killing two of their classmates and a teacher. >> tonight the mother of dylan klebold speaks out, 17 years that have followed that. denver7's eric lupher joins us from the memorial with a preview of the show. >> reporter: perhaps this will provide some answers or those who were directly affected by
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the sun is coming up over the memorial. brings bad sad memories, but a beautiful memorial. sue klebold talks about her relationship with her son, the victims and what happened inside her home leading up to the shooting in this special. diane sawyer examines teenage mental health and the possibility of preventing the next school shooting. of course, sue never stops thinking about the victims. listen. >> all these kids, and the teacher. and i keep thinking, constantly thought how i would feel if it were the other way around, one mine. i would feel exactly the way they did, i know i would. i know i would. >> reeorter: of course the finnl sentence on this placard, this memorial is dedicated to those innocent victims so that
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of course this special of 20/20 will air at 9:00 mountain time here on denver 7. i'm eric lupher, back to you. >> eric, thank you. that all happening in april of 1999. one of the survivors of that tragic day here in colorado, she posted a heart felt letter and sent it to sue ahead of tonight's interview. she remains paralyzed from the injuries she suffered. she said abc reached out to her aheaa of this interview and she talks about how much it means to her that the procceds from keeping. illness. she says her mother suffered from depression, even before the shooting and committed suicide six months after the attack. so at the end of this letter, this is at the end it says, bitterness is like swallowing a poison pill and expecting the
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it only harms yourself. i have forgiven you and only wish you the best. she says she wouldn't like to be judged by the sins of someone in her family anddholds the klebold family in that same regard. she showed a picture of what she received from sue and tom klebold a few monthh after the shooting. she says this note she felt was genuine and personal. she felt the sentence from the other family was cold and robotic, only four sentences long. the 6-year-old boy found stabbed to death, and the boy's father still in the hospital after self-inflicted stab wounds. the arapahoe county deputy seriously injured in that craah
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also remains in the hospital. 3 there's been a blood drive set up for deputy bill fund raising page hass surpassed $50,000. deputy geer ied yesterday following a shooting from monddy. there's a memorial growing there in grand junction, near the scene where he was guned down. deputies did arrest a 17-year- old accused in this fatal shooting. deputy geer's funeral is monday. he leaves behind a wife and two children. new this morning, federal investigators now getting involved in that drug theft case at swedish medical center. according "the denver post," the case forced nearly 3,000 patients to get tested for hiv `nd hepatitis b and c..the hospital asked patients to be tested out of an abundance of caution after a former employee
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syringe full of fentanyl before surgery. police have started a criminal investigation. following up, police say they've arrested the man who pushed another man off a chair lift last month. the paper reports he's been charged with felony charges and is now in a treatment facility in tennessee to be treated for serious mental illness. the snowboarder is okay. both hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be in colorado this weekend. the two met on stage last night for another debate. immigration came up. also the economy. although civil, it was a bit fiesty at times, especially when clinton pressed sanders for specifics on some of his policies. >> that's a promise that cannot be kept. >> secretary clinton, you're not in the white house yet. >> both presidential candidates will be at the democratic annual dinner this weekend in denver. during this weekend's visit sanders wiil also hold a rally.
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before. that one is at 3:00 in the afternoon at the colorado convention center. it's free, open to the public. you can go online and rsvp. with senior poverty is increasing, republicans and some democrats came up with an idea to cut social security. >> maybe you've seen thiss bernie sanders ad. marshall zelinger is putting the ads to the test. you can find the results of his fact checking now on you would think vegas gamblers are betting on -- `> i won't use foul language. i'm not going to do it. they're all saying do it, do no. i'm not. >> so he made the vow last night in louisiana, trump
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earlier this week for using a word when talking about senator ted cruz. the denver 7 team paying tribute to our investigator. 3 >> bat kid has help fighting crime. meet the newest super hero from half a world away. >> reporter: is this the place you want to take your first date for valentine's day? the valentine's day house of horrors. it's here in denver. we go inside coming up. >> bizarre, but true. tracking another beautiful day. it is going to be cooler than yesterday. we'll see a few clouds, sunshine dominates this morning.. warm again tomorrow. from 50s today to 60s saturday. >> friday light. we have some chools off on break. %- the teachers aren't off, but
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congested from the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by millions of contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages,
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public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future i'm bernie sanders,
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love birds, here's your reminder, valentine's day is sunday. one husband went above and beyond. his wife asked for a modest gift, so he got her a card, but not any card. it's on a giant billboard. >> when i was driving north on emerson avenue i saw hese billloards and thought, hmm, that would make a really nice big valentine card. >> i just started gasping and crying. like, oh my gosh, i can't believe it. >> pat surprised patty wwth a billboard that reads, pat and patty forever, 27 years and counting. you complete me. >> thanks, pat, for outdoing us all. >> outstaging everybody. how about ssaring your valentine into cuddling with you? >> jason gruenauer is doing this. >> he's live at the 13th floor this morning.
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think of to celebrate love. >> reporter: would be the last place i would think to celebrate valentine's day. one of the creepiest places i can think of. we're in one oo the many rooms of the 13th floor. one of the scariest haunted houses in the country and now one of the scariest valentine's day haunted houses ever. owner. valentine's day? you said it came from a first date? >> a first date, a friend of mine came through with a first date. came out and said that was the most incredible first date ever. i said, i think we can do day. >> reporter: this is a huge facility. you have room on room on room. but big is this? >> about 25,000 square feet. the actual attraction space. it will take the average person through. >> reporter: special for valentine's day. obviously blood is red, bbt
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you were telling me that people can actually find love here in the haunted house? >> they can. we had a couple during halloween last year thaa had come here, i believe it was on their first date, wanted to propose at the haunted house. he scheduled ahead with us. had one of the actors that had a ring and at a certain point he stopped his then girlfriend, went on his knees and the actor came out and he proposee. >> reporter: it's not that scary here. you can actually find love here at the 13th floor. this weekend, friday night and saturday night. 7:00to 10:00. the creepy crawlies have let us alone -- [ screaming ] hi, friend, what's your name? >> creepy.
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>> we need a screen grab of his face. >> he sounds like a 14-year-old girl. >> so great. i would sound like that, too. >> yeah. glad i'm not out there. gorgeous day today. clear skies, lots of sunshine this morning. temperatures in the 40s. 45 our normal high. we've been so far above it. today about 5 to 10 degrees above it. near freezing at city park. same thing in evergreen, your at 34 now. warmer knee allens park and estes pprk. in the mounttins it's pretty mild compared to yesterday. craig above zero. all week lonn been seeing temperatures below zero. a decent start there. our highs this afternoon, mountains mid- to upper 40s. it's really warm out west. as you're driving around denver you're going to find you can still roll down the windows.
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greeley, sterling, akron all in the low 40s this afternoon. but again, plenty of sunshine and more warm air tomorrow. there's a weak cold front sneaking in today. it will bring those temperatures down a bit. winds shift a little. clouds streaming in. otherwise, pretty dry. next few days we're expecting temps to rebound. low to mid-60s saturday. that's going to be the warmest day this weekend. for the mountains here's good news, come sunday into monday we're going to pick uppa few inches of snow, though on the plains it stays dry. our winds will pick up a little bit. back in the 60s by the middle of next week. 60 tuesday. and 65 on wednesday. there's a few spots that by the middle of next week could be near 70. >> great drive going on. lighter than normal. typical for a friday and for a day school systems closed or the kids. southbound side of i-25, 6th avenue, here's the south platte river, and down to alameda,
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university looking okay. northbound side moving along just fine. 270, 1 of our typical heavy spots, from york on that eastbound side, some congestion, not that tight stop and go, but congested from this point heading over to i-70. starting to see a little bit more traffic. south side of town, i-25, highway 85 looking really nice. c-470 looking nice. you can see the drive times from bailey, aspen park to c- 470, 15 minutes from aspen park through there. offfreeway issues, accident at simms, south of 285. % also one on simms at 285. might be oneein the same. i wouldn't be surprised if it's just one accident instead of two that's been reported. look what's happening in new jersey this morningg warehouse fire jumped from one warehouse to another. been burning almost 17 hours. hundreds of volunteers called
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it's at a warehouse park if you will. town of hillsborough. one firefighter injured. multiple warehouses on fire. seen for about 50 miles. power is shut off to people around there, schools closed. denver 7 investigator john is leaving at the end of the month and we're trying to shoes. our first contender, this is jayson luber. >> that looks good. >> scary. the caption reads, morning traffic could be a littlee hairier if jayson luber grew out his mustache. >> let's get a look at eric lupher. or mitch, first. what do you think? good look on you. >> facial hair would be a big change on the morning news, because i would be single, my wife would not approve.
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>> that looks good, kind of. >> he could ull it out. >> let's see darrl. oh, yeah. >> two different colors? >> we want to see who you would vote for. go to our facebook page. we're having a little fun. oddly enough someone suggested you could support one of these. what do you think? let's try it. >> i kind of have one right now. i need to get waxed.
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it's time to choose your alliance, batman or superman. this is a piece of the final trailer for batman versus superman. comes out next month. batman goes on a personal vendetta against superman. >> i don't like that we have to choose. >> i know. >> i like them both. batkid took america in 2013. australia has their own bat kid. >> make a wish called him into action yesterray and he got a call about the police commissioner. >> iron boy, we need your help. reporter hope joy has been kidnaped. >> dominick was transformed into iron boy and went to save the day. he united the damsel in
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showdown with his arch mem sis. >> robert downey junior called him. >> i'm making you an honorary member of the avengers. i dub thee. iron mmn loves you. >> awesome. >> that costume is cute. mini version of it. if you're flying out today, maybe heading up to the mountains, travel will be nice. not as windy this morning. our winds are shifting direction. nice sunrise, a few clouds. temperatures are near freezing now. you're going to find again dry conditions state-wide. we'll see a liitle snow in the mountains sunday into monnay. that will be a good change for the high country. this morning we're starting off with 20s in greeley. 30s in denver. in boulder and by this afternoon we'll be in the low to mid-50s in denver, fort collins and boulder. greeley you're going to be a
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low to mid-40s. it gets warmer tomorrow. this doesn't end, this nice weather. it continues. >> a beautiful sunrise, too. we have a little bit lighter than normal trrffic. airtracker 7, clear skies and you can see that here this morning. eastbounders will have to have those sunglasses. take a look at the camera over in east denver. colfax and yosemite so far moviig well along the side streets as well. looking pretty nice this mornnng. tonight on denver 7, the mother of one of the columbine shooters talks about the moment she found out about her son's fatal attacc. >> all these kids, and the teacher. `> what she has to say about
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>> fire nearly destroys it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by millions of small contributions. people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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this morning the oldest church in our state damaged by fire. members say it was protected by a sign from god. >> and neighbors want information about a dangerous dog that mauled three people. >> we remember the 13 people killed at columbine high school, as the mother's shooter breaks her silence. >> all these kids and the teacher. >> a preview of the exclusive interview airing tonight on denver 7. now let's send it over to first alert weather's lisa hidalgo for a look at our forecast. >> here's a live look, what a treat, all week lonn it's been unreal. 3 that will continue, though today will be a little cooler compared to yesterday. live look from akron, you can see how pretty it is. a lot of melting on the side streets. a lot of water running down some of the streets.. a few clouds today and our temperatures should be near about 50 degrees by noon. that's going to put us at 53 this afternoon. our winds shifting.
6:30 am
it's not going to be a big cool down, but 5 to 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. 40s northeastern colorado. % 40s in the mountains and it is still very warm and spring-like with 60s near pueblo and lamar. >> most of the neighborhoods have dried out by now. you might find a little bit of %- fantastic. park meadows mall is this way, and it's all looking nice here this morning. easy driving down to the south. overall picture, starting to see more traffic to the north side. show you that in just a second. accident at 8th and colorado boulevard. that's a very busy intersection, so we'll have delays there. you can see the heavy traffic in place. but better than average getting into downtown, maybe 20 minutes all the way from 104th into downtown now.
6:31 am
that everything was okay. >> the mother of one of the columbine shooters comes to terms with the fact he killed 13 people. >> eric lupherris looking ahead to this exclusive interview. >> reporter: when young people resort to such violence, youu think about their parents and you wonder about things. of course, many may blame the parents. this is why this is such a significant interview to hear from sue klebold for the first time. here's an excerpt of what you will see tonight on a special edition of 20/20. >> for all the parents who have said, i would have known something. i would have just known. >> very violent inside columbine today. >> before columbine, i would have been one of those parents. i remember thinking if he is really hurting people, i prayed he would dye. >> essential viewing for every family.
6:32 am
>> i feel the world is ready to hear a story like this now. >> reporter: sue klebold pened a book, and i'm on amazon now, and it will be released february 15th. so in just a few days and we'll continue to followwthis extensively on the denver 7 app and also on i've never been to this memorial, i grew up in colorado, i remember the day when this happened nearly 17 years ago, and i will say as the sun comes up what a beautiful tribute to those who died in that tragedy. eric lupher, denver 7. thank you. you may have noticed like we have that there have been several fires in the larkspur area. including this one where two dogs were rescued early yesterday. we checked with larkspur fire and there appears to be no connections. it's simply a coincidence they say they're happening in the same area.
6:33 am
intentionally and no one was hurt in yesterday's fire. some believe god may have been watching over the state's oldest catholic church during an electrical fire. notice the damage at the center of the portrait. you can see the ash mark crown. the church member believes it was a sign the church was under protection. if your preschooler has chickens at school they won't be there much longer. more than a dozen preschools across our state hhve chickens. now the department of health are banning the birds saying the infection is too high. you expect on halloween scary rooms and characters popping out at you. but on this valentine's day --
6:34 am
sound. here at 13th floor. normally this place is busy during october. but this weekend it's also going to be busy, because it's called valentine x. we're going to walk through and show you here, 13th floor, not that scary. pretty scary -- [ screaming ] -- okay, okay, you can bring a girl, a first date. hi, sweetheart. okay, fine. 3 we're going to keep going. thank you for coming. yep, it's a small and tight space here. we're going to go down the hallway. no, i don't want to hang out with you anymore. okay, okay, we're moving. two night event. friday tonight, saturday. 7:00to 10:00. tickets still available if you want to come out. worry going into this first room. it can't be that bad, right? can't be worse than that girl.
6:35 am
the chainsaw bandit is back. we're going to keep going. thank you, sir. i think this is valenttne's room here. this is a pg-13 haunted house, so you might not want to bring your kids or grandparents here. not too bad. then there's blood everywhere. of course. okay. this is the 13th floor. i can't talk anymore because the shovel guu is getting in my grill. if you want to come and enjoy screaming, my heart rate is up, my palms are sweaty, like my first date with this guy. >> let's just watch jason go through the haunted house. >> reporter: that's all i have. i'm sorry. >> oh, man. get the defibrillator for jjson. valentine's day, really?
6:36 am
i guess you'll hug after that. >> he needs a hug. `> show him some love. thank you.
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welcome back. 6:39. new photos in that you're going to love. shows pope francis wearing a sombrero. he's in mexico for a tour. a journalist there gave it to him, so he's been sporting it %- all morning. >> fancy. >> never seen a pope in a sombrero? >> not until now.
6:39 am
out in broncos gear with a some some brother o. this california man won a $1 million lottery. >> tte winnings couldn't have come at a better time. he was down to his last few dollars and was moving out of his apartment because he didn't have money to cover rent. >> by far one of the worst days. >> took home a lump sum of $696,000. that's before taxes. he says he plans to continue with college and invest wisely. >> congratulations to him. he also plans to keep the job as a pizza delivery driver he says. >> i love it when those people win. >> almost the perfect amount, too. 3 it's not enough to get you in trouble, but to get you on a different path. >> totally. >> change your life. >> exactly. we have a beautiful start to our day. a live look from yuma, just a few clouds in the sky. a lot of sunshine this morning. very bright drive in store. if your kids are still in
6:40 am
temperatures in the 50s by the time they're heading only. cooler today with a few breezes you're going to find more 40s to the northeast of us and jayson, 40s in the mountains. good news for the mountains, snow sunday into monday. spots. one accident at 8th and colorado boulevard. daryl orr is there now taking a look at the accident and daryl, see? colorado. colorado southbound, two-car minor iijury accident here. suburban was a little late at the gate going through the light and broadsided this vehicle here that you can see. let's moveethat camera back real quick. police are on scene. they're assessing this and we've got a new report of an accident at 3rd and broadway, and that one is blocking the intersection. police are en route to that.
6:41 am
>> you can see that right lane 3 blocked eightth aad colorado. 3rd and broadway with an accident the southbound side in the intersection will cause delays out of downtown. thank you. it's 6:41 now. marijuana citations in the in 2015 state patrol issued more than thousand driving citations involving pot. that compared to 2014, which is down 1.3%. increased training enforcement is credited for the drop. a dog is taken into custody after mauling 3 people in he last six months, including a toddler who had half surgery. terrified. >> he chased me down the street, chased me down and i away from him. >> denver animal control
6:42 am
about why it took so ong to take action. in two cases, the dog broke the other dogs' legs. the dog's owner is now charged with a feeony.
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45. remember this guy, he is that pharmaceutical executive who changed the price of a drug. >> he's offering kanye west $10 million not to release his up coming album to the pubbic but just to him. he posted the official letter on twitter. >> we don't know if kanye
6:45 am
the offer may have seemed like a stretch here, but this guy pulled off a similar one with another band last year. >> so strange. i'm really happy for you. i'm going to let you finish, but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. >> who can forget that video? now taylor swift is asking hii not to release one of his new songs on his albums. >> it's called famous, and we can't say the exact quote which leverages taylor -- references taylor in which he hopes to hook up with her one day and says he made her famous. >> no word if he'll release the
6:46 am
debut party last night. don't stop, can't stop, like a freight train >> "go" is going weightless and viral. it was shot on an airplane in zero gravity. looks like a lot of fun. this is tough work for some of these musicians. one of them recently passed >> it causes a lot of fear and panic. >> it made for great video shall though. shot over the course of 15 periods of weightlessness during 21 separate flights. when one weightless period ended, the musicians stayed in place until they could do the next one and continued shooting. >> wow. >> would you do it? >> oh, yeah. >> i think i would try that. cool. >> maybe we can do a newscast like that? >> not o much. >> short newscast.
6:47 am
sometimes it feels like that. >> cooler today. yesterday we had temps in the 60s. today first alert wwather tracking a minor cool down. not a major system on our seven- day forecast, that's still true. a few clouds today. warm again tomorrow. 60s on saturday. today you're starting off with temperatures just above freezing. 35 in denver. look at our normal lows, 18 degrees. we have been so far above normal not only in the afterroon, but also in the morning. broomfield 24. almost 40 at estes park. warmer west. teens and 20s in the mountains and a nice afternoon in store. we're going to ee mid- to upper 40s along i-70. leadville 45.. aspen 43. here in denver, 552 or three a high. just-- 53 for a high. here are a look at the clouds streaming in. will stay dry through today,
6:48 am
our mountains will start to pick up a little snow it looks like late saturday into sunday. ssnday into monday could get a coupll of inches. noon today, mostly sunny. beautiful at lunchtime. great weather. later this afternoon you're going to find, excuse me, `aturday afternoon you're going to find a few light snow showers moving in from the wyoming/colorado border. picks up more in intensity sunday. that will be a nice change, especially for those of you heading to the mountains for a long holiday weekend. 53 today. about 7 to 10 degrees warmer tomorrow. back in the mid-50s sunday. look at next week, i've put the bright spot on wednesday. why not, right?? 65, sunny, warm. i don't know, i'm ready for a good snow. march could be a good snowy one. >> perfect for free coffee next friday.
6:49 am
you can see this accident at and 8th. you can see theedamage, there's one vehicle thereeand the other one is here. southbound side of colorado boulevard, right lane is blocked getting pasttthe gas staaion. there. the other trouble spot we have not too far from there, 3rd and broadway, southbound side. daryl orr is trying to get there at break neck speeds, but seeing flashing lightt passing logan. starting to see a little bit of a delay out of downtown. we'll check in with him again in a little bit. drive up to the north side of town, heavy stop and go, typical stuff. little bit better than average. 20, 25 minutes on that north side. morning. thank you. get ready for cone zones on e-
6:50 am
dia. the company manages the highway says traffic is up 12% over 2014 and they plan to expand an 88highly stretch from parker to quincy. >> seeing the traffic increase, in addition to that they are developing neighborhoods along the road that were never there when the road was first built. there were not any neighborhoods and now there's a significant amount of population and housing along the corridor. >> officials believe the contributed. sheriif's office says there's a guy impersonating a police officer, calling people claiming they missed jury duty and owe money. the caller is asking people to wire him money at a king soopers. this is a scam.
6:51 am
now behind bars on federal charges. this is richard wyatt who once was on american guns on the discovery channel. he owns a store in wheat ridge.. authorities say he illegally sold firearms and hid $1.1 million in income. he surrendered yesterday we'll get you updated on the news in the morning sprint. >> a 6-year-old boy killed, an
6:52 am
rin the middle of a time when senior povertyt is increasing. republicans and some democratsp came up with a brilliant idea for cutting cost-of-living adjustments for social security. we said, "it will be over our dead bodies if you cut social security." as president, i will do everything i can to extend the solvency of social security and expand benefits for people who desperately need them. i'm bernie sanders,
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6:53. colorado will never forget the 13 people killed at columbine high school nearly 17 years ago. that shooting sent shock waves country. >> the mother of one of the students behind that shooting breaks her silence for the first time. denver7 reporter eric lupher begins our morning sprint live from that memorial. >> reporter: sue klebold will talk with diane sawyer, her first television interview since that tragedy 17 years ago. here's a sneak peek. >> i had all those illusions that everything was okay,
6:54 am
else, because my love for him was so strong. >> reporter: this will certainly be an intriguing interview for all to watch. it's a special 20/20 edition with diane sawyer at 9:00 here on ddnver 7. i'm live from the columbine memorial, eric lupher, denver 7. the coroner confirms a 6- year-old boy found dead in that arapahoe county apaatment this week was stabbed to death. ss far deputies have made no arrests and have not named a person of interest or suspect yet. the boy's father remains in the hospital from what appears to be self-inflicted stab wounds. a woman called saying she had been sexually assaulted. an arapahoe county deputy was homicide. deputy foreman is in critical
6:55 am
there's a blood drive going on for him . involved in this accident. bus lane as well as the right lane. traffic a little slow approaching, but getting by in the left lane. east of there, the accident at colorado and 8th avenue. southbound lanes are affected. slow coming down from 13th avenue. you can see significant damage to these vehicles. rest of the drive as you can see on the map heavy in the usual places, i-25, 270 and 225 from parker road. thank you. new this morning, two kids in weld county facing serious night. the boy and girl led authorities on a 100 miles per hour ccase down u.s. 85 before they were finally arrested. it began as an evans police officer tried to stop the vehicle and that's when the driver took off. the ages of the suspects 6:56. first alert weather with such a pretty start to our day. gorgeous sunrise.
6:56 am
into the istance. though a little cooler. weak cold front moving in not a lot of moisture associated with it. you're finding just a few 53 today. saturday. we have more 50s and 60s covering our entire seven-day forecast. it's spring in februury. >> reporter: if you're lloking for something new and interested this valentine's day, come to a haunted house. tomorrow. boyfriend, wife, even your ex if you want to get them scared. if you haven't seen the footagee,go on i got scared all morning long. i've had enough of these scary people and getting scared to death. it yourself. where is the camera going?
6:57 am
no, no, stop it. [ sound of chainsaw ] [ screaming ] >> reporter: okay, nope, nope, i'm done. come out if you want to. thanks for watching denver 7. >> oh, man. good thing he's married, because he would not get a girlfrienddafter that. >> came in this morning, you're going to the haunted house. no, i don't like haunted houses. perfect, we're sending you. >> if you haven't watched all morning, it's good stuff. >> hopefully we'll get clips so we can share the goodness wiih you. >> have a great day. llc. email:
6:58 am
6:59 am
good morning, america. bitter blast. record-breaking cold this valentine's day weekend. wind chills as low as 30 below. the threat of frostbite and hypothermia. 65 million people being warned to stay inside. fighting back. hillary clinton and bernie sanders going toe to toe overnight. >> that's a promise that cannot be kept. >> clinton trying to get back on track. but sanders not giving any ground. >> madame secretary, that is a low positive, already talking re-election. >> maybe i get an extra four years. maybe i don't. >> as his opponents try to derail his surging campaign.


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