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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  February 14, 2016 3:05am-3:35am MST

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to the supreme court session as thhy are handing down more and more decisions. you may end up with a 4-4 vote as opposed to having a majority one way or the other. >> reporter: one thing to consider is the senate may opt to wait to make a decision in case a republican is elected. the flag at the supreme court was lowered to half mast in honor of "keep colorado local" -- supreme court justice antonin scalia . he was 79. we will have much more on 1025 -- supreme court justice antonin scalia 's death tomorrow. there was an avalanche causing a closure on 550. cdottis not sure when it will reopen its. first alert weather is coming up.
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presidents' day weekend. >> absolutely but we do have some changes occurring. after highs in the 50s today, a cold front is coming through. it was a bit gussy. the winds hour across the eastern plains and denver. we're talking about a chance for snow in a higher elevations in the next couple of days. the news alert tonight, the arapahoe sheriff's county office -- arapahoe county sheriff's office is looking for the man who was hurt after a bullet went through his car window. the apparently went to the hospital on his own. happened, these guys had
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like real police officers.>> -`reporter: the man told police he stopped near this area after seeing flashing lights. one of the men even had a police uniform. thissis concerning. >> reporter: denver police say it is the red and blue flashing lights that got a man to stop near north sheridan and 38 street on friday night. two man ggt out number 1 in a police up -- two man got out, one in a police uniform. >> one was very well spoken and very calm but then they got aggressiie.>> reporter: a told him he was getting off with a warning. >> they left. they had taken $180 out of his wallet. >> reporter: one of the men is black about 6 feet tall, heavy set in baldwin brown eyes. the other is white, aaout 5'6", short blonde hair and blue
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they are also looking for this car would be flashing lights. police say if you have any concerns when yyu are being pulled over to call dispatch. make ssre there's an actual police officer in that area. also pull over in every you -- in an area as well it. >> -- this dangerous parolee is still on the lam tonight. dennis simonton is still at large and considered armed and dangerous. broncos free safety shiloh keo has been arrested. he recently tweeted that he would spend his off-season time
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a nasty question denver sent a woman to the hospital when her car was hit by a fire truck work this is wwat is left of the mini cooper she was driving -- truck. this is what is left of the mini cooper she was driving. the truck here had lights and sirens on and got out to help the woman who wws trapped in 3 -`the car. she's expected to be okay. the temperatures may be heating up here but they're getting icy in southern california -- southern colorado. the ice festival kicked off
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temperatures maybe i'm aa warmer side but things are a little icy in southern california -- colorado. the annual cripple creek ice festival started tonight -- today. this year's thhme is old west. the event will run through next sunday. the best part is it is totally free. i'm surprised the ice isn't melting. we actually have cooler air making its way into colorado. cold front is coming through the areaaas we speak.
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are getting. higher elevationss -`the ggsty winds will stick days. we will hang onto the sunshine but the snow will start to show through monday. we have a winterrweather advisory coming up. 63, the afternoon hiih today, well above where we should be for this time of year which is 46, 26 the overnight low when we should be around 18. we will be cooling down tomorrow but still above normal, mid-50s during the day. 43 degrees right now with the wind at about 14 miles an hour. it makes it feel like it's only 36 degrees outside. the winze been howling off and on today, especially in the foothills. these darker shades of red and purple are 42 to 60 mile an hour winds in the high relegate -- elevations.
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its way through and pulling up the wins and creating gusty conditions. for the next 24 hours we will drop down into the 30s for the overnight low, tomorrow afternoon mid-50s during the day. slightly cooler than what we had in the last 24 hourr thanks to this frontaa boundary. pretty quiet throughout the western united states. in colorado we have this front sinking to the south and bringing in colder air. we wwll get moisture moving into the high country in through tomorrow and mornay -- and monday. there's moisture coming into the frontal boundaay. it's not so much for denver. we could see a few scattered rain and snow showers in the northeastern -- in the nortteastern part of it state. continuing into monday in the afternoon and evening. we have a winter weather advisory in effect for the nnxt
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3 to 8 inches of snow. steamboat to aspen we are expecting the snow to move in. eagle to leadville in the teens, 30s arounn denver, highs ffr tomorrow in the mid-50s here along the front range and eastern plains. seven-day forecast, 60s -- 60s for the next couple of days. i am forecasting a lot of love for tomorrow. also gusty winds. [ laughter ] close to 70 degrees on thursday and maybe even warmer. there will be a cool off for friday. >> what a nice forecast for valentine's day. >> you have to love the love forecast. >> i ove the love forecast. although i'm not too crazy about that love day tomorrow.
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where is the love! welcome to "7sportsxtra". we have reach the midway point of the nba system -- season. % the nuggets had no all-stars but two as part of the saturday night at activities, first off the slam dunk competition. >> [ cheering and applause ] >> it is time to go home. >> just when you thought you have seen it all, he literally sits down in midair and slams it home. %- it is my pleasure to show you that again and again and again. wow! zach lavine looked like he was going to get beaten but he had
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wait. emmanuel mudiay leads the league. he has struggles with accuracy however. he might have had nerves. a balanced around one. thomas made ittto the finals where he faced timberwolves carl anthony townsend. he got game. it came doon to the 3-pointer. straight cash. he is the tallest to ever win at 7 feet tall. who else woulddwin but a goldenn state warrior. `hompson in his final round dropped 27 points and went off
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ball. switching gears to march madness, it's nearly upon us. the race is tightening up.. cu buffs were picked to finish seventh in the conference. they have showed us, what do we know. they are hosting washington. thh buffs were on a mission early to break it. rewarded for running the floor. that's two of the 13. he scored. cu buffs up 16. gordon had himself a day. he beat the buzzer at intermission. locker room, up 46-34. they were in a dogfight after that. on the money and of that alley- oop, finished with a team-high 18. was gordon did it all, bbock shots, layups, rebounds and recorded his first -- fifth %-
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rebounds. they mproved to 19-7. just one game out of first place and sole possession of fourth. the rams against the rebels, take it easy. it is just a game. jones flies out. he may two shots from the field in the first half. that was one of them. joe [ name indiscernible ] did it all by himself or goohe led them at 16 but the rebelssgot the w, 87-80. number 3 kansas at oklahoma, scoreless in the opening 20 minutes but he gets buckets. more threes please, a team-high 24.
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check -- [ name indiscernible ] seventh-ranked virginia was hosted by the [ indiscernible ] one-hhnded buzzer beater, 63-62 was the final. the cavaliers still haven't one in the indoor -- at cameron indoor in many years. there play speaks for itself, it is loud and clear, rams are writing an 18 game win streak. it serious business in fort
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the montee bbll. you got a get somebody on her. she hhd 14. more technique from the wing. bottom of the net, she led all scorers with 19 off the bench on seven of 11 shooting. 3 csu windsor 19th street, tying a school records. >> they know we had 117 in a row. -- we had won 17 in a row. they do take it one game t a time. >> i would like to win the -`conference. that would be awesome to say that we are undefeated. we always have this in the back of our minds. we don't want that to be ouu only concern. >> it is good to be a champion.
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first across national champion west of the mississippi. they were so good, laa bill was sent to a contract extension. pioneers ranked second in the countrr and had to deep -- deep to -- to prove themselves. the ffeshman was money in the bank finishing with 4 goals, the most by a du player since 2008, in his debut. they have scored in double digits. they are off to a good stop. 13 rank du is hosting north dakott. pioneerssscore first ann last and most importantly got ahead. 2nd period, [ name indiscernible ] made it 2-1. 4-1 was the finnl. we have reached our first
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up next spring cup straight chase which started off with a bang. we also talked with mmrtin
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welcome back, fourth-place. it is not gold, silver or bronze but it was the highest finish for denver's race team, furniture row. this season it is top spot work clunk. early this week they -- or clunk. early this week hey showed off a new sponsor, new paint job toyota. they started thh sprint unlimited exhibition. 2016 could be the year they bring the sprint cup to denver. >> everything that we have done, although the subset we that. >> i think we have a better chance. not only this year but for years to come. it was great last year.
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it was the best we had ever had, all of us. that makes you want more. >> we start with a better toolbox but it is the same key characters that we have here. if we continue to do what we do, we will havv a good year. >> let's see how good they are. evening. let's go to the good stuff. 3 to go, this is the big one, he pins the 78 against the barrier and now was a sixthh place. denny hamlin took the checkered flag. they have a new bass pro shops 78 ready for the daytona 500 qualifying. on the other side we get to
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beach pro-am. is bull -- bill murray. he signed his head. it looked great until he looked in the mirror. look at this trick shot. bend it. that shot of the day come from mark wahlberg. the
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all dream about. that was for eagle. it's a marathon [ name indiscernible ] the olympic marathon trials in los angeles. amy craig with her training partner -- flanigan was passed by desiree linden who finished third. the use -- [ name indiscernible
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right now on "beautiful homes and great estates," take a trip to the hollywood hills for a tour of le dome villa, an astonishing italian-style castle with some of the most spectacular architectural features in the world. >> the le dome villa is one of the most unique properties in the hollywood hills. what really makes this property architecture that went into building this house. really reminiscent of the old european royalty. but on the other hand, the updated. so we have the appeal of
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we really appeal to the young interior. >> find out what makes le dome villa a great place to entertain, whether it's an intimate gathering or a hollywood blowout. >> the house is definitely an entertainer's paradise. from the grand foyer when you first come into the property to the two-story theater with a balcony and the pool and grounds. >> and be amazed by an enormous master suite that occupies the entire top floor of the home while providing a backdrop of elegance and intimacy. view all this and more right now on "beautiful homes and great
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>> "beautiful homes and great estates." le dome villa is a landmark of southern california design. built in 1996, the 8,200 care sfoot home contains five bedrooms, 5 1/2 baths, three garages, and a host of high-end amenities. situated on a gated lot in the affluent los angeles area known as the hollywood hills, the property is an oasis of tranquility above the bustling city of angels. >> this estate is located in the hollywood hills. this is a celebrity enclave located directly above the sunset strip and just minutes away from beverly hills. this part of the hollywood hills is known as nichols canyon. and part of the allure of nichols canyon are the canyon views, city views, the privacy, but still having close proximity to the city. >> the striking architecture of
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impression with its impeccable style and bold european embellishments. recently remodeled to the highest international design standards, signature features like the wraparound al fresco terraces and the four-story bell tower make it apparent that this is not the average california mansion. >> the home is really reminiscent of old world italian royalty. the architect for the property was prominent italian architect luigi famocini. the estate was inspired by an italian castle. what really sets this home apart is the dramatic four-story italian bell tower. >> though the grandiose exteriors of the home exude a european quality, they were built with a contemporary lifestyle in mind. >> the exterior of the home is true old european architecture. all the construction is stone from the outside, and then you have authentic spanish roof
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>> the grounds of le dome villa extend to 3/4 of an acre, which is unheard of in this exclusive hollywood hills locale. the verdant park-like setting is awash in dynamic garden features and outdoor living spaces. >> the home is very private. it's fully gated. it's set in the canyon. and it's surrounded by lush greenery. >> the multitiered property affords panoramic canyon views while retaining an atmosphere of its lush rolling hillside borders. >> as you enter the iron gates of the property you'll be stepping down the steps into the front courtyard. the front courtyard is distinguished by privacy and architectural arches. >> high-quality craftsmanship is found in every aspect of the front courtyard, from the stone roman columns to the exquisite
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this magnificent feature. the tone has undoubtedly been set for this opulent italian villa with its variety of design. but nothing can prepare one for the true architectural wonders found within le dome villa. >> as you're opening the front door, one of the first things that you'll notice beyond the grand rotunda are the large french doors with the dramatic canyon view. a center point of the entry rotunda are the archways. the archways are signaled by large columns that will lead to you all different wings of the property. this estate is known as the le dome villa. and the reason it received its name is really because of the grand dome entry, which is a


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