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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  February 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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in fact, in that thanked her for the life experience. >> and good for them. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great monday. us for "good morn est test we begin with breaking news with law enforcement in rap row still on the scene of a standoff. >> jayson gruenauer is live on the scene >> reporter: there's still a lot of police aktism still a lot of flashing light. we are hat hampden avenue just a mile west of e-470. off of himalaya his backyard goes up to here on
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enforcement are really focusing this. swat is on the scene. when authorities first got here late last night it was originally the call oh off suicidal person. when police got here he fired 3 one shot in the direction of deputies. the man we want back inside the house and he's been in there ever since. aurora police have been assisting, right now they have been blocking off the intersection. according to our darryl orr who has been here basically all night watching the scene for us says that law enforcement has been plague prerecorded messages from the man's family urging him to comout. hampden avenue is actually closed here at himalaya and closed up about a block so it will affect you if you will be
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we will keep you updated with comes victim. >> reporter: you can take himalaya due south from the neighborhoods and get on the quincy. here is e-470 and here is the area closed down. here is quincy. this is the area that's closed down, so it's one of the houses that jayson was talking about. we do have all -- both sides of hampden closed right by himalaya, you can take that straight south to quincy to get around it. here is i-25 and 84th avenue. lisa they're are still doing work on the linen condrive. >> reporter: we have been liking at anything but moisture wise here.
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upper 20s to low 30s. right now 28-degrees. teens 20, 20s and even 30s on the western slopes. through the day increasing clouds. -`it is going to bring some know to the mountains by midday today. highs here near fifth in denver, but this looks like it's going to bring snow tomorrow. we'll talk about totals and futurecast coming up. last night a vigil for the six people killed during a string of random shootings. the suspected shooter was arrested. jayson dalton will be rainied later today. witnesses say he was working as an uber driver. witnesses say he picked up passengers between the
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>> we were driving through the medians speeding along and finally once he came to a stop i jumped out of the car and ran away, he kept looking at me like don't you want to get a ride to your friends house and i was like yeah, but i want to get there alive. >> this morning we continue to learn more about dolten. police say he wasn't on the radar prior to the shooting spree. closing arguments begin this morning for dynel lane accused of cutting a baby from a mother's womb. she said she cut the baby out to save the unborn child. >> she would stop and it seemed like every time i would kind of
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she would come at me again. >> when she -- [indiscernible] >> again lane is showing some emotion as she was listening to her own interview with police. >> the defense didn't call a single witness. >> well have updates on the demp channel app -- a mother of children were amauled by great danes where she was working. the owner of the breeding facility was cited -- mauled by great danes. police are asking for you
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black sports car with damaged side mirror. they say the car hit a bicyclist near boulder county. they sent us this shot of the accident. it was west of longmont. the biker is serious condition but should survive. a woman dead and quickly made an arrest from these apartments. police have not named a suspect but someone has been arrested. roads were closed for almost four hours while police investigated yesterday afternoon in a cash that hurt 12 people.
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was supposed to be induced today. today marks one week since i-70 and canyon has been closed. the highway will be closed from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. so during the day every day while cdot works to clear the road. we don't know how long the closures will be in effect. then from an hour p.m. through 9:00 a.m. eastbound traffic will take turns clearing. republicans and democrats will both hold caucus on march 1st. we're among 13 states holding caucuses or primaries on that day including texas, massachusetts and georgia. >> donald trump was the big winner. morning rube and ted cruz
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jeb bush, john carson and kasich ended up following and jeb bush has now dropped out of the race. >> jeb fought very hard. it wasn't his time. he's a very capable person. it's just wasn't his time. >> hillary clinton pick up a narrow win she walked away with 53% of the vote, sanders 47. latinos make up about 19% of voters and 14% here in colorado, that means they could be a deciding factor here in the caucus here. a lot of people took part in latino activities. >> we want to no longer be a sleeping giant. we want to wake up and make sure that when through our
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passengers people no longer can ignore us. >> so more than 100 latinos are expected to rally today. one of the hottest topics of this election. cominn up we'll introduce you to a group of kids looking to use their weapons responsibly. and the race finishing with a photo finish for the daytona 500. >> reporter: and tracking a
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a standoff in arapahoe county now in its 8 hour. police say a man is home. still no word on what led up to the standoff. causing some traffic problems out there so jayson gruenauer will join us with more at the top of the hour. .
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`he -- stadium. minnesota won 6-1. and the colorado college took on blake. blake won that one also. furniture row racing driver martin truex quickly caught up in the last lap of the daytona 500. here they come to the line. side by side. unbelievable. hamlin. oh my goodness. wow. i should have -- i probably should have -- >> some of the announcers had
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in fact it was less than a seeond. that's truex. less than a second. >> that's nuts. >> fits closest daytona 500 finish ever. it's less than a second. >> that's insane. >> but hats off to colorado's team. . a race to tell you about. more than 1,000 people tried to climb denver's tallest billing yesterday morning. the fight for air climb is held downtown every year at republic plaza, the top fisher made it up there in less than seven minutes. >> it's an amazing athletic challenge and like nothing else it uses your lungs so it really does remind you of people who may not have the full function of their lungs. >> more than $350,000 are expected to have been raised by this.
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documented with a gopro and lisa hidalgo m.c.ed the event. >> i've done the stair stepper, but i'm telling you by floor five your lungs are burning. >> so how do they do it? >> they go in sections, so -- >> not a lot of talking either i bet. >> yeah, it was fun though, a great day. all indoors, but a beautiful start yesterday morning. the polar plunge and saturday was a different story. first alert weather tracking what's goinggto be finally some snow for us here in town. right now temperatures are below freezing.
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full moon. 29-degrees at the airport downtown. so a chilly start for the kids this morning. they'll need a jacket. a little increase in cloud cover. and we are watching some rain and snow getting ready to set in and move into our mountains today. the temperatures are going to be in the upper 40s to near 50s. 20s and 30s in the mountains. closer to 60 near pueblo and lamar. mid to upper 40s on our western slopes so temperature wise very mild. a number of alerts going into effect starting this morning-we have a winter weather advisory
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winter storm warnings in and around douglas county. not much happening today it's really not until about 12:00 lunchtime that we'll start to see snow developpng into the mountains. it's not going to move east until early tomorrow morning. we could see a light rain-snow mix. timing wise not great. it does mean for the morning commute tomorrow we could be dealing with a good 2-4 inches of snow on the ground. a lot of it is going to melt on impact. but along the palmer divide and i-70, those coulddbe some tricky spots tomorrow morning. by 4:30 tomorrow afternoon we have clearing skies. 37 on tuesday, pretty cold day throughout the day, skies will
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>> reporter: it'ssreally will depend on how fast the snow falls and how old the air is on how much will stick.. we have the police situation over on east-470. go down to quincy and that will get you across through there without much of a delay. the rest of the ride around town looks pretty nice. there at sixth avenue and knox looking okay. quite the weekend at estes park.
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she says traffic is pretty heavy here. >> our plans continue ll up for the hunting and shooting sports. >> a group of 4-h kids are hoping state and county leaders can set some sort of land aside just for target practice. the shooting programs are the fastest growing group they have right now. so some parks are starting to form a partnership that would free up some land just for firearm use. >> we used to shoot at indian creek at a separate 40-acre lot but it caused conflict for people that lived in the area for the .22 noise. once the partnership is formed the counties will look
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meetings take place. take a look at this sketch. a woman's car broke down thursday on east parker, shh was approached by a man two tried to sexually assault her. >> colorado has turn into a tech giant. zillow is adding 150 new jobs for the centennial offiie. imagine getting box seats for free. all you have to do is hit a home run.
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hot on the internet today. thii video was shared a lot over the weekend. this is a natural phenomenon called ice tracking. it is happening in brighton beach, minnesota. sheet of ice covering the lake were pushed to shore as warmer water was passing through.
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glass like pieces. one enthusiastic cyclist, steven lund cycles over 3,000 miles over the streets of victoria, kansas. he routed out characters like that. it is summer in australia. this is how they're enjoying the warm weather. swing. and landed in that boat. well even has seen grumpy cat, now they are calling this one grumpier cat. 34,000 followers on twitter. her owner insists she isn't always grumpy it's just that
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when something is popular and you don't really know why you turn your head sideways like a confused dog. this is an old video but for some reason it's making a comeback. get ready for some chicken yodeling. now you know you want to download this to your i pad right. >> i've already downloaded it. that's pretty amazing. he's a happy guy with his chickens. thanks, jayson. >> reporter: we havee temperatures in the morning from 20 to near 30-degrees. an increasing clouds this afternoon, highs today near 50- degrees. watch our snowfall forecast really dry throughout the day.
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afternoon the snow is oing to startle faking -- falling. near fort collins and greeley and throughout the day we will get more snow throughout the south. >> reporter: we will have trouble spots. right now we have a trouble spot, this is live picture from hampden at himalaya where the road is closed down both eastbound and westbound. you will have to take quincy to get around it. the rest of the driving downtown looks really nice. it is 4:56. the texas rangers had a home run contest over the weekend. the deal is if you hit a home run, you win season tickets. get this.
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seats for the entire season. >> how sweet is that? >> great job. one woman lucky to be alived after getting swept up in a rushing river. coming up the moments when she was pulled out of the water. and an uber driver goes on a shooting rampage in michigan. at the top of the hour you will hear from the people that road suspect. stay with us.
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it 5:00 a.m. we are following breaking news out of arapahoe county. the s.w.a.t. out of a house. it's been happening since late last night. you can see this on the map right here. this has both directions of hampden shut downright now. jayson gruenauer joins us. >> reporter: several homes in the mayfield neighborhood have been advised to evacuate as a result of this standoff. police were first called out to


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