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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  February 22, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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it 5:00 a.m. we are following breaking news out of arapahoe county. the s.w.a.t. out of a house. it's been happening since late last night. you can see this on the map right here. this has both directions of hampden shut downright now. jayson gruenauer joins us. >> reporter: several homes in the mayfield neighborhood have been advised to evacuate as a result of this standoff. police were first called out to
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down past this intersection at hampden and himalaya. the man's backyard actually goes right up to hampden avenue. they were called out for a suicide or possible welfare check. deputies came to the home and the man fired one shot to the direction of the deputies. nobody was hit. but he went back in the home and has been inside ever since. darryl orr says they were playing a prerecorded message from a family member trying to get the man to come out. they are trying to keep some shelter in place and evacuations. we do not have any updates as far as the condition of the suspect. as soon as we hear something we will bring it more to you. how to get around all of this we're going to send it to
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>> reporter: we don't know how long this is going to last. police are there. they have the section on both the eastbound and westbound side of e-470. one of the houses is one that backs up to hampden. that'sswhy they haae it closed in both directions. it's easy to get around it just go south to quincy and that will get you around that closure pretty easily. a look across town right near mile highway and 19th avenue, construction has been just about all picked up. >> reporter: dry roads. first alert weather tracking what's potentially going to be a rough drive tomorrow. look at our forecast 7700 tomorrow morning. you will find a good 2-4 inches of snow here in denver. heading up into the mountains we could get over a foot. today dry, increase in clouds
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temperatures in the upper 40s by noon. by 3:00. increasing clouds, 50-degrees and by that point our mountains will start to see some snow. good news from our high country with over a foot in some spots. jayson dalton is going to face a judge in kalamazoo, michigan. he is accused of a shooting rampage that left sick people dead. he randomly shot eight people. at a plat, a car dealership and a cracker barrel restaurant. one of the victims just 17 years old was killed along with dealership. the suspect is and you knower driver. someone he picked up before the driver.
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started drive irradically. we were driving through the medians, through the lawn and finally once he came to a stop i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> that man says he called 911 to get dalton taken off the road. that didn't happen. police are still trying to figure out what motivated the shooter saying the victims do not appear to be connected. a woman in her 20s pregnant is in critical condition. it happened near buckley and denver yesterday. 12 peoole were hurt in a car crash. the woman was supposed to be induced today. >> it was upsetting when i got the call then when i came over the hill here and i saw all the commotion, you know, my heart you know -- i was pretty upset. >> he tells us she's okay. police are looking for a witness who wasn't involved in crash to help them try to
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a deadly crash in westminster involving that police officer. this happened thursday at federal and west 88th avenue. travis wood jr. was killed in that wreck. families and family came out to remember him last night. police saa the officer was responding to a call with lights and sirens on and is okay. dynel lane's trial is reaching closing arguments. lane's defense rested without calling a single witness. lindsay watts joins us with what we can expect in court today. >> reporter: this case will be in the hands of the jury today. dynel could spend the rest of her life in prison. lane's defense team argues the
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advance and say that is why jurors should find lane not guilty of attempted murder. lane is a mother of two girls who was trying to convince her claw husband that she was pregnant again. >> she came at me and i just kind of reacted. >> what happened to the baby? >> she cut -- [indiscernible] i had the knife. >> reporter: lane never took the stand during her trial but wilkins did. she was describing how she responded to a craig's list ad. she told jurors she didn't
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anymore until she woke up later at the hospital. as closing arguments get underway this morning we will have live updates for you on the denver as well as our app. it 5:06 now. four children recovering after being mauled by four great danes. it happened in the small town of rush just east of colorado springs. the mother was working there and checking on animals when the kids were attacked. one has been released from the hospital so far. the owner has been cited. the dogs are now at the humane society. a man is in jail in denver woman dead. they are trying to figure out how she died.
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member of a white supremacist gang escaped earlier this month with two other inmates. i-70 will be closing again this morning. cdot is still working to clean it up after that rock problem. jayson joins us with what cdot is getting through all of that. >> reporter: they are allowing pilot cars, and theyyare working overnight and some during the day. this is the area we're talking about. the pilot car operation is going to be in place where you will beewaiting in a queue they the other way.
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and then at 9:00 you will have to use the alternate through about a three and a half to 4 hour delay. you either wait to the pilot car operations or wait till later. %- that remind me of the long % delays when they were putting that in. >> the polar plunge is getting ready take place at the denver zoo. >> nice and refreshing, huh? >> yeah. this year's polar plunge happens at the denver zoo.
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-- called freezing for a reason. >> reporter: there was this huge ice shelf on top of the water that they had to have the fire department break it up. it will be fun. you can still register, so for those of you that want to do it go online and register for thii weekend. weather advisory, a good 6-12 inches of snow possible.
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following breaking news out of arapahoe county this morning.
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hampden and him maya. investigators-- himalaya. there's been a standoff going on since late last night. there will be someetraffic delays, jayson luber will give you an alternate route to take. moms are meeting with lawmakers to work on a proposed gun law. and trump and clinton were the winners over the weekend. >> you can start casting your vote for presidential candidates next month. the colorado democratic and
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can you believe it's already going to be march 1st? john kasich plans on signing a bill that will ban any planned parenthood that's performing abortions. and the pope wants the death penalty to stop. president obama says he will pick a nominated replacement for the late justice scalia. it's not every day you get to meet tte president and when a 106 year old got the opportunity, she didn't hesitate. it's a video going viral now.
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>> hi, how are you? >> fine. >> nice to see you. >> you want to say hi to michelle? >> yes. yes. [indiscernible] >> oh, my goodness. >> i want to be like you -- [indiscernible] >> come on. what's the secret of dancing at 106? >> listen to her. that is so cute. >> she's doing her dance. lots of energy. >> i want to be like that, too. >> i can't move like that now. what are you talking about. >> she was so excited. >> reporter: snow on the way. we need this here in town.
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tough drive, but we need it. 29-degrees downtown.. just below freezing from the wireless camera out at the airport. a little bit of cloud cover ahead of our storm. right now we have the temps near freezing. by this afternoon upper 40s to around 50-degrees. `ighlanns ranch 51. estes park 41 and mid to upper 40s near evergreen and conifer. temperatures will drop though this afternoon in the mountains as tte snow starts to develop. not much of what we are seeing %- right now. a little rain-snow mix in utah, so by about 12 and 1:00 snow developing in the mountains. we are still dry across the plains this afternoon. it's not going to impact our morning or afternoon drive.
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by about three to 4:00, we should start so see snow stick to go the ground definitely to the grass and rooftops. you will notice the darker blue up through the palmer divide and we could see in parts of %- jefferson and douglas county 4-8 inches. fast moving storm, it's going to bring more sunshine by the afternoon and things will dry out by looks like wednesday into thursday. our snowfall forecast puts our mountains with a couple of inches by this afternoon. you can see most of the metro areas in this shade of blue 2-4 inches, darker blue 4-8, and a good 12 inches closer to pueblo and trinidad. 30s tomorrow. one of the coldest days we have
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37 tuesday, back in the 40s and 50s though and jayson it is very spring like to see your temperatures rebound this much. accident this morning. it's on the northbound side of enter i-25. it is kentucky which is the road behind us. ohio would be just up ahead. there's the accident on the northbound side of bro. not a lot of folks on there right now, but looks like they're trying to get around it some way, looks like they might `ave at least partially the roadblocked off. >> a little bit of yellow showing up on the construction on the north side of town and about 10 minute from brighton to bridge street. not that bad of a drive for us into the i-76 area. a pretty easy drive for us. the rest of the drive looks fine north, east or west this morning.
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our road wrangler darryl oris out oris out there and also is jayson. lee tart was killed in a shooting. he's police officer. a domestic situation turned into a standoff. officer tart and a woman were killed. camele cosby will have to give a deposition today. women are suing him for ddfamation saying he called -- he is suing them now calling them liars after suing them for
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a bus catches on fire in lake forest illinois. >> i was first in the bathroom and i couldn't hardly get off the bus because it was full of black smoke. as i started walking down the highway the plus blue up again and fire came out everywhere. fortunately no one was hurt. in this next story it could be a coincidence or we'll let you decide. % a man happens to have a headachier, his heart stopped beating, and he would have died if it had not been from a thinking teenager who started ccr. michael's face was covered with a guard for cpr. own father. >> i took over with
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asked me if it was all right and then it dawned on me that this is dad. >> all i can say is thank you to those people from the beginning. i mean cannot express how much i appreciate it. >> wow, once he realized it was his dad he let other first responders take over. >> that's one reason to teach your kid, right? >> yeah. no doubt. >> reporter: we have some winter storm warnings and into mexico and new mexico we are expecting heavy snow. we are going to see about 2-4 inches of snow tomorrow
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>> tomorrow only in the 30s. >> reporter: we have the police situation over at himalaya. one lane here at brown and kentucky is getting past a bad crash, this is northbound broadway right under i-25 in that right far lane. 4-h provides a lot of life experiences for kids of
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team trying to get a man to come out. investigators say he shot at deputies. and the standoff has been going on since late last night. it happened at hampden and himalaya. jayson ge now joins us live. >> reporter: it has been going on for about nine hours now. here at the intersection it is shut down the home where the man is is just a few houses down towards e-470. this all started when deputies were called to the home for a welfare check of the man who was potentially suicidal. police say that man came out, fired one round in the direction of officers. he didn't hit anybody and no one was injured. deputies did not return fire. but then the man went back


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