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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  February 22, 2016 5:30am-5:59am MST

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team trying to get a man to come out. investigators say he shot at deputies. and the standoff has been going on since late last night. it happened at hampden and himalaya. jayson ge now joins us live. >> reporter: it has been going on for about nine hours now. here at the intersection it is shut down the home where the man is is just a few houses down towards e-470. this all started when deputies were called to the home for a welfare check of the man who was potentially suicidal. police say that man came out, fired one round in the direction of officers. he didn't hit anybody and no one was injured. deputies did not return fire. but then the man went back
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and officers have not been able to coax him out since hen. no hostages reported, but several homes in the area. the mayfair neighborhood were advised to take shelter or evacuate. a 9- hour standoff going on, aurora police is also here. we have seen a couple of police vehicles go in and out and at the same time they have been here all night. so some of them have been relieved of duty. we still don't have any update as to the stats of the individual in the house -- status of the individual in the house. we believe the man though is still inside. obviously a large police presence impacting traffic for more than that is jayson luber. >> reporter: it's pretty easy. we just have to go south to quincy. it's for one of the houses right in here.
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down to quincy. it is just west of e-470. it's going to add on about five extra minutes, you can easy use quincy. the rest of the drive doesn't look that bad. here is an accident on the northbound side of broadway. only the far right lane is getting through, lisa, but we are waiting for the snow to >> reporter: first alert weather tracking a storm that's going to move in tonight. at this point we're pretty close to freezing. upper 20s, to low freezing here if denver. an increase in clouds today. upper 40s by noon and a high in denver of 50 today. a few degrees above normal. we are tracking this next system starting to bring a of utah.
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accumulate today in the mountains and heavier tonight and moves into denver. we'll tell you how much to expect coming up. it is 5:32. closing arguments will begin for the trial of dynel lane today. her defense didn't call a single witness. michelle wilkins giving a very brave and emotional testimony describing the events that changed her life forever. lindsay watts has more. >> reporter: kellie, we have a really good idea of what we are going to be hearing from dynel's defense team during the closing arguments. their strategy has been to get a not guilty verdict for one of with.
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michelle wilkins and take her child. they want the jury to acquit herron the murder charge including unlawful termination of a pregnancy that her lawyers really haven't addressed. michelle wilkins was seven months pregnant when she responded to a craig's list ad and had her baby cut from her womb. >> she grabbed this bottle from in front of the window, i thought it was like oil and vinegar, i don't know she picked it up and smashed it up over my head and that's when i aid i don't know why you're doing this, i love you and she said if you love me you will let me do this and then she >> reporter: dynel was already a mother of two girls when this
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she had tried to convince her -- common law husband she was pregnant. it's 5:35 right now. you are asked to be on the look out for this man in douglas county who police say he sexually assaulted a woman. we are told he attacked the woman on thursday after her car broke down in east parker. he is described as a fit man about 6'3" between 20-30 years. and driving a white pickup truck. this is near canyon drive west of longmont.
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sedan in connection to a cyclist that was hit by a hit- and-run car. a man died after his car hit a pole. police say he might have been been on drugs or drinking when it happened. before thh crash. our public handsscan't to fill up. for those of you who love finishing and hunting, it is happening now. so some 4-h leaders are hoping some area can open up for kids to practice. >> we used to shoot at indian creek on a separate 40-acre lot, but it caused conflict with people ta lived in the area for the .22 noise. leaders in douglas, teller and park counties are beginning
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they will look for public opinion on it all. how about hat daytona 500 yesterday? colorado's driver almost made history. he lost to denny hamlin by less than a foot. this the closest in daytona 500 history. look at that. just nosed him out. even though furniture row had a great showing. >> wish we could have run, but just going to watch that on the highlight reel for the rest of my career i suppose. i remember when that happened to marc martin, poor guy and they still how that highlight. the picture of that race is in the tunnel when you come in tunnel number one. so it hurts a little bit but
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>> you hurt for him even though second is great. >> it is and he has a great perspective on it. his girlfriend battleddcancer, survived cancer, but he puts things a little differently now. >> yeah, but when our at that 00.10 is pretty tough. a man was supposed to be there because he had winning tickets. `ut he had to give them back because he had to get cancer treatments. >> when a local television station heard about it they gave him the next best thing. >> i want to let you know that we really appreciate you being a fan of ours so in the meantime go kick some butt.
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it's great to get a big driver like that to send you a personal message. a young dog is saved after falling through an icy pond. this is a 1 year old pit bull who apparently got scared away from some geese and got stuck in a icy pond. they called 911 and tried to keep lila from struggling. the dog was rescuedment popped into an ambulance. >> not often you see a dog getting scared by geese. we will hear from a hero who is making lives better for those here in denver.
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us here in colorado are used to seeing. >> reporter: and today dry weather is going to change. in fact today and tomorrow we're going to see a little rain, snow and then tomorrow morning it's probably going to be a tricky drive. >> reporter: i don't even remember how to drive in the snow. anyone?
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we are following breaking news from arapahoe. a standoff has been going off since last night. and looks like some things may be changing right now. >> reporter: for the first time all morning we actually `ave some activity. police had locked this down but just this the last 5-10 minutes ago heard about five loud bangs coming from west himalaya where the scene was unfoldiig. these were loud low bangs, actually just one just went off again. about five more you can actually see some sparks coming out down the sidewalk. we're not exactly sure what going on here. potentially gas or flash bang
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but now a total ovulen loud bangs going -- of 11 loud bangs going off. the police were called out to check on the welfare of a man last night. we actually have some activity here, so again 11 loud bangs they don't appear to be gunshot. we haven't seen a lot of police rushing or anything. this house is back here in the mayfair neighborhood. people have been told to shelter in place or be evacuated because of he potential danger of this situation. again, 11 or so loud bangs as police attempt to get his man out of the home. back to you in the studio.
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asking you the speculate here, but the sounds you heard, could you tell if it was a grenade or gunshot. >> reporter: well just as you mentioned that, there was another one that went off. they are not sharp noises but more like a flash bang grenade. again, we don't speculate exactly what it is, but from my history of hearing gunshots it did not appear to be the loud crack of a gunshot, much more of a low -- and here another background. >> and we can see the photographer trying to zoom in. how far away are you from this sound, jayson? >> reporter: i'm sorry i
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that last bang went out it appears there's a swat truck out in the distance and you the swat truck. >> i was just asking how far you think you are away from this noise you are hearing? >> reporter: we're about a block away we are at hampden and himalaya. this yard actually backs up to hampden so there's a little bit of a u-street that connects this off of himalaya, there appears to be law enforcement here on hampden, you can hear if you can hear it through my microphone as i'm talking, it's not jarring, rattling, but you can hear dogs starting to wake
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if we can hear that noise over your microphone, are you neighbors outside curious checking out what's going on? >> reporter: the houses are off of side street and there's a neighborhood off of himalaya, no real homes that i can tell. it's still very dark here along 3 hampden and there's spring creek park which is where we are located right now on the next side to himalaya, so not a lot we can see, there's a lot of trees and stuff like that. most of the neighborhood is it back behind here. this is where the home is that police were originally called to check on. he did fire that one shot at deputies. he didn't it or hurt anybody. we don't believe this person has any hostages, but now we are starting to see more movement on scene as paramedics
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move and from a distance we can see what appear leaving the scene. but we haven't heard any more of the loud low banging noises. that were pretty sttady from the last 5-15 minutes or so, so again another paramedic and fire truck on the scene. >> and remind us how long this has been going on, about eight hours? >> reporter: yeah, deputies came in about 9:00 last night. when the original deputies came in he did fire that one shot, but no one was hit, no one was hurt and so we haven't really seen that much activity until just within the last 15 minute or so as the area still remains closed here on hampden and himalaya. those about 12 or so low loud banging noises coming out and
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get a few more answers on exactly what's going on here. >> thanks, jayson for getting the job done on the situation going on in arapahoe on himalaya and hampden. >> really interesting that right now it just got quiet. >> we'll follow it. >> reporter: the mountains are going to pick up some snow by midday. it has now been 19 days that things have been dry. it is a long time for february. we picked up some good snow on the first and second of this month and since then it's been dry. wind out of the southwest at 5- 10 miles per hour. we're going to be in the upper 40s to near 50 by this afternoon, so we will get a good 20-30-degree in some spots. denver 50, parker 48 and in
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statewide mountains 30s and 40s until the snow starts to develop by midday today. for now clouds building in. boulder, greeley, more high cloud cover ahead of the storm. now, we will see more clouds and snow in the mountains by mid morning. by 12:00 t start to pick up and a couple of inches by early afternoon and through the evening the system will move east. between about four and 5:00 tomorrow we're expecting snow in an l-shape right around denver and jefferson county. we could see around 4-8 inches around the palmer divide. look at the afternoon thoughh by midday 12:00 to 5:00 skies are going to clear rapidly and we're actually going to see sunshine by tomorrow afternoon,
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mid afternoon today 3:30 we have a good 1-2 inches of snow and picks up overnight. this is the pocket we are watching over the cristos for over a foot of snow by tomorrow afternoon. denver looks to be around the 2- 4-inch rain and the darker blue, that will be the 4-8-inch snow in part of douglas and jefferson counties. 50 today, 37 tomorrow. quite a bit colder. this is a 1- day event. in fact only a few hours that we're going to deal with this, jayson, then back into he 50s and 60s by the weekend. >> reporter: right now we have some trouble traffic spots including the situation out there at hampden and himalaya, we still have that section closed down in one of these houses right here that police are concerned about because it backs up to hampden, so to get
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quincy, south to it. a couple of street can get you down there easily.. it's going to add five minute to your drive. a lot of decent conditions on the highways. darryl oris at one accident just now clearing up on broadway right at i-25. you can still see the flashing lights. but no significant delays as they are starting to get traffic through there as buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, buuck! bu-buck, buck, buuuck!! buck, buck, bu-buck, buck, buck, bu-buck! buck, buck! buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, buck! buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, buck! buck, buck, buck... foster farms chicken nuggets. 100% natural with no added
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president, we will. coming up on five minutes
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a live look at arapahoe county where there has been a swat situaaion going on inside a homm. police tell us it's a suicidal man near hampden and himalaya, you can still see a lot of police presence. we heard a explosion and a loud bang. so far police have not let us move in. we'll have the latest for you throughout the morning. it time the meet this week's seven every day hero. she shows no signs of stopping since 1979. >> reporter: they have a saying at the american legion auxiliary. >> i came to the conclusion that if it wouldn't be for all the veterans no matter how they become veterans we wouldn't
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>> reporter: so at the age of 45 beatrice started volunteering at the va hospital. >> ou give it to the newly admitted patients because some have no toiletries. >> she stand up for,"her" veterans. she wants to do the very best for them. >> where is your coin? where is your coin? >> we left our purses out in the van. >> reporter:: she like all the volunteers to carry a special coin. this volunteers saved the v.a. more than $4 million. in fact they give 9 million hours of service every year and at age 82, beatrice montoya is leading the way. >> she is an absolute joy.
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that day, a phone call from bee is always a gad distraction. % >> reporter: how are you doing today? >> i'm doing well. i've got a ball game this weekend. >> reporter: together we would like to honor you as a seven years of volunteering. congratulations. >> thank you. [cheers and applause] >> congratulations to her. well deserved. apple doesn't want to help the government crack into a terrorist's phone but the fbi tells why (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than
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electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best
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6:00 a.m. breaking news a man shoots at deputies beginning a 9- hour standoff in arapahoe county. let's send it out to jayson gruenauer. the scene has gotten a lot more active in the last 15 minutes or so? >> reporter: yeah, we were kind of monitoring what was going on and started hearing these loud low bangs, now the


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