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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  February 29, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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crews are investigating a business fire. darryl orr joins us with the latest. darryl. mitch. right here at 4701 peoria street. the feed 999 restaurant had a pot on the stove that caught on fire, so arson investigators are out here right now trying to figure out why this was cooking. there's no structural damage inside and from what fire officials told me there were
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wished quickly. quickly. nothing else bad happened here. and fire crews have this under control. guys. thanks so much. >> reporter: we have 5:31 alert weather. we have been watching this storm through the week and in fizzle out. little bit of snow. temperatures are going to be well above normal. normal is high, we're going to 3 be closer to 60 here in town. 30s and 40s. jayson, winds will pick up and high fire danger, that we will talk about. >> reporter: not a big traffic impact that jayson was at. this is area just north of i-70 off of peoria. you can see on the cdot camera, there's no traffic impacted.
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take a look at the map again and you can see one other issue of concern. here at buckley and quincy. this intersection is going to remain closed because of some work that has to run late unfortunately and they are not going to get it reopened. hampden and buckley, you can use chambers, smoky hill, or tower road. it's 5:32. this morning. hollywood's a list. best picture winner was a surprise. spotlight did. it's beat out the revenant which a will the of people thought would win. >> even though it didn't, the revenant picked up best
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it was alijandro -- i can't pronounce the last name. >> speaking of the heavy 90. leonardo dicaprio finally won an oscar. you can watch chris rockies opening monologue and find out why it had so many people talking in case you missed it. -- chris rock's monologue. in aurora police are vagueing an accident saying a driver lost -- investigating an accident. this is ooer near first and havana. jayson gruenauer joins us with more on that.
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and we have driual that is now making up a pretty decent sized pile of the that car actually came through this parking lot hopped over this little concrete curb and actually ended up going into this apartment. judging by the one next door, this is actually a window. the floor of the apartment building is here. the other good news no one was injured. two people who live in this apartment were displaced. that car put a big hole. construction crews had to go out, make sure this was structurally sound. the red across is assisting those two people, but again the good news no injuries. this is a parking lot of a nursing and rehabilitation facility. police and fire who responded here said they didn't know specifically what the exact cause was. we don't want to speculate
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lot of a nursing and rehab facility. the car jumped the curb. construction crews are going to be out here this morning. they expect to fix it all up. but right now this is just a temporary fix. police n aurora want to know who would steal money from girl scouts? the girls were out selling cookies over the weekend when someone came up and stole all their money. the girls learned there are some good people still out there thanks to police officers. >> reporter: aurora police got the call about a robbery at chambers and cole fox. one of the officers -- colfax. he couldn't believe somebody would steal from the girl scouts. the girls lost all of their
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not only did the officers buy cookies, but also donated. we had about 20 officers or more come up with their own money and either donate it or buy a box of cookies. >> reporter: the officers came through to recoup the money lost but they also want to solve this case and catch the guy responsible. we have surveillance videos of the suspect. not the greatest, but you can get a sense of what he looks like. african, american man, late teens, early 20s. he was wearing a white bandanna. if you would like to share the officer's kindness you can kind the story on some cu students are headed to the state capitol trying to defend their invests.
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university could own most of what they invent. >> reporter: denver student caleb car watched rescue efforts like these ones and realized that the cables that lower down to reach someone who is hurt can be a problem itself because they can't control where the cables swing. he and other students came up with a problem. he found out if the students use any cu resources as they develop their ideas the university can claim all intellectual property rights leaving the students with nothing. >> cu is going to come in and say look, this is ours, we're going to turn around and say at least some of it is ours. >> eporter: how many of the university's resoorces were used and decide how many the students can keep.
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a committee this week. >> they have got to get something. >> i can't believe they could get anything. they came up with the idea using the facility. >> they would have neff had the idea if the students hand come up with it. let's talk about peyton manning. a reporter says he plans to retire by the end of the week. >> but a source close to him says he hadn't decided to do anything yet. both coach kubiak -- see osweiler to be the quarterback. >> it's going to come down to what peyton wants to do. if he wants to go through ttat grind. we'll have those discussions and peyton again led us to a world championship and shows
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quarterback thht he was -- that he is. i don't mean the leave it out there but peyton and i have talked and we said we will get back together in a week, 10 days and we'll go from there. denver's own racing team furniture row, the 78 car coming off the second place finish. at the daytona he came in second. at push truex to the outside. he got behind harvick. martin was pushed back to seventh place. jimmy johnson won the race. he is still in second place
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we have to give our -- hannah atkinson has won a silver and a bronze in the special ooympics. i like to show people what kids like me can do. >> this week's seven every day hero will make you (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president,
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ed to this navy seal will get a medal of honor. denver seven report ernie cole brady joins us. >> reporter: december 8th, 2012, it was a night that changed several lives, that's when edward dier saved a doctor from the -- nicholas check was killed. >> he was -- embodied the essence of an american hero.
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for the sack sacrifices he made. >> reporter: the magnitude of this honor that he has today. >> i told my mom -- i've got to love my mom. first question out of her mouth was do you think i'll be able to come to it. and i was like of course mom, i'm pretty sure you're going to be allowed to come. >> reporter: mom is going to be there in the audience today no doubt getting ready to give him a big hug. lets stend it back over the to to you the -- send it back over to you. >> a t.v. station only the kids at the hospital here can see. >> reporter: tell us what's going on, my friend. >> good morning. i'm jetson. >> reporter: inside children's hospital colorado.
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>> reporter: stars a young man who speaks from the heart. >> do you want to know why my voice is so strange? it's because i use this computer to talk. coming here every week let's me show kids and their families how some people with seven really policy can do all sorts of things. >> i think justin is a guy that can teach kids that people are different types of normal. and fun are welcome distraction for patients and their family. and justicen is a natural at it and makes it look easy. >> i would say it probably takes him 3-5 minutes for a sentence that's probably 5-6
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>> volunteering makes me happy and others happy. >> we are very proud of him. >> my mom and dad taught me to do my best. >> reporter: those words of encouragement are from the by example. >> i winter weather storm warning that people would always be kind to each other. i wish that no one would be in a wheelchair. >> reporter: i'm mitch from denver 7 news. we have a surprise. so denver 7 and end pend insurance agency want to congratulate you on your -- >> he's really funny. every once in a while the kids look around and say should we laugh?
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we were hanging out ith all our special olympics athletes and i was running with hannah. and i was like, we need to slow down a little bit. and she was like dad, we'reat atkinsons. they don't know how to slow down. >> reporter: as the storm roles through itt going to king up our winds. it's just too warm, too dry down to the south. we have a red flag warning going into effect later today. here is a live look from akroo here. we have some clouds filtering in and it will be a partly sunny afternoon. look at our temperatures.
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city park 46. aurora 37. broomfield 48. our no, ma'am high today is 50 and some neighborhood are already at it. 20s and 30s the mountains. temperatures reflecting pretty clothes where they were yesterday. you're going to be in the mid to upper 60s and 70s to the south. ft. collins 58. foothills high mid to upper 50s. a little gusty, fort collins a high of 58. by mid morning we'll start so see some snow in the northern and central mountains. we don't get much from the planes except for gustier winds. a few showers clipping the north eastern corner of our state. if you are headed up into wyoming you will see a light
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we will pick up an additional 2- 4 inches. skies will clear, tomorrow we're in for another beautiful day. more sunshine on tuesday and you're going to find temperatures in the low to mid 50s. a little cooler once this front roll through. back in the low seconds by the end of the week. saturday, gorgeous jayson. >> reporter: my backyard is this close to being green -- not green, but free of snow. you can see a few clouds up there on 36 and pecos. nee . york moving along ooay. five minutes from 120th down to
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the c-470, 225, looks pretty nice, however there's always a however in life, right? in this intersection of buckley and quincy will remain closed day. so we will need to use smoky hill, towers, or chambers. some folks are already frustrated and have had to turn around because of that closure. however that could change. [laughter] you don't need to go far away to meet your far away princess. what about being on a snow
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hot on the internet today. some people ask the delivery driver to leave their package in a special place to it won't be stolen. this one asked them to leave it under the doormat. even though it didn't fit. this guy reached almost 80 miles an hour being toed on a snow board behind a plane. he was going so fast it actually looked like he was actually about to start flying if he didn't let go. it was filmed last year, but
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however heard the term screaming train? -- have you ever heard the term,"screaming train." one guy added the screams of different trains. and the beef eater restaurant is offering this package if they want to pro-opposed to. he gets a steak with a message,"will you mary me." it comes in this man sized jewelry box with a steak and onion reading or writing and a box of tissues. i thought the proposal thing -- is that only in ireland? >> there's a restaurant there that's doing this for you.
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>> you know the way to a man's heart. carnival cruise ship rescued 15 cuban migrants. this was posted on an instagram page. the migrants were taken to the next port of call. some parents like to go above and beyond for their children's birthhay parties. turns out there's a woman here in our area that can do that. she can bring any character to life. we met princess elsaa she was helping the kiddo's there forget about their battle of illness. she actually came up from a nap and was on the run for downstairs.
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or whatever, the movies help her a lot -- the princesses. >> when not a princess there's a 25 year old marketing manager. she has spent a lot of money, like $15,000 on someevery elaborate costumes. 1 day she hopes to be an official princess with addition any. >> that's a lot of money for costumes. >> we have had a few of these princesses at parties though, and they do charge quite a bit. >> we have a live look from our vieira wireless camera. this is across parts of north eastern colorado. temperrtures are going to be in this 30s. some neighborhoods in the 40s. winds will pick up 56 by noon. 63 by 3:00. jayson, it does look like mountain snow.
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all a pretty decent drive. however there's a report a train that might be stopped that might be stopped up brighton road and that way. you can see from air tracker 70. that's the southbound side of i- 25. passing the thornton parkway all through thornton avenue. we have the lane restrictions at buckley intersection. we have more coming up. guns go missing from a local sheriff's office and you won't below how long it took them to realize this and who is behind it all.
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denver 7 news starts right now. >> and the oscar goes to. leonardo dicap. >> he finally did it. nearly a decade after he stole hearts, he's now walking away with an oscar. only took six nominations to get there. >> you are looking at some of the biggest moments in hollywood.


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