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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  March 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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america this morning. >> have a great tuesday. it is 4:30. breaking news overnight. one person shot over a craigslist deal. now police are looking for the stolen vehicle. >> this is really a definition `f a craigslist ad or meet up gone wrong. at 8:30 it happened somewhere here between 24th and 26th near pure street. we are in edgewater where this actually happened. police said two suspects are still on the loose, after a shooting, a shooting of oo person they were allegedly meeting up with on craigslist then stealing their car.
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a 1998 green ford escort. they don't know what this meet up had to do with who was buying or selling, but it quote may have been over something illegal police say. two male suspects. ford escort. there are safe zones. if you are looking to buy or sell something on craigslist, and police departments are areas you can say hey, if you want to meet up to sell something, you can meet itch there to make sure something like this doesn't happen. more on those sites on our website. reporting live in edgewater, jayson luber, 7news. and in westminster around 8:15 last night two people had
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inhalation. investigators told our partners at the denver post they found high chemical levels coming from the garage and indicates this is a hash oil incident. we are work on a pedestrian accident that could with affecting the roads. jason? >> yes. fort collins out of prospect park. this is the camera view of the intersection. this is the closest carpal view i could get. we are looking south from
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the weak that moved through is now to the east of us leaving us with clearing skies 3 and a few high clouds. all week long this will be the pattern. we will get a series of weak fronts that bring our temperatures down briefly. by noon the breezes will be calmer and by this afternoon we will be at 57 degrees here in denver. both fort collins and greeley today at 55. a mild day today. a nice start to march. a warm, dry week. we will talk about it coming % up. it is 4:33. the biggest political night of the year. colorado is among the states holding a caucus or primary and
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fast growing segment offour population. >> 27.3 million hispanic voters arr eligible to vote nationwide. both bernie sanders and hillary clinton are spending a lot of money on commercials but both say it is the one-on-one contact that matters the most. >> when you go to the door they get to answer any question you want. it is personal. it is a conversation between two people that live in the same community. >> we have a full list of what you can expect on, including caucus locations here across our state. tonight's aweecause will be different. only democrat delegates will be pledged to the winner. republicans decided march 1st is not the time to lock in who they will support at the national convention in july.
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the colorado caucuses again. nicole brady is here on that. yes. we used to have a presidential primary. that changed in 2003 when the state legislature voted to cancel the primary to save the state $2 million. now the group "let colorado vote" wants to bring tte presidenttal primary back where the individual will go and cast a simple vote for a capitol rather than attending a caucus which can be more time consuming. fewer people are participating, where they think a primary would encourage more voters to get out. >> it is a little too soon to say in terms of what impact it could have. what i can tell you is that this primary elections, participation in colorado is dropping. so, 35% of active voters participated in the primary elections in 2010.
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years ago -- that number. >> there is another change. about a million eligible voters in colorado are independent. we will have more on how the primary would work for them coming up at 5:00. >> very good. it is 4:36. tonight at 6:15 we have a special politics up plugged program. we will break down the caucus and talk about what is next in the 2016 presidential race, tonight after the 10:00 news at 10:15. it is 4:36. a developing story in cherry creek where a custodian in west middle school has been fired over accusations of inappropriately touching a student. we are not identifying the custodian yet because he hasn't been arrested, but last night the school's principal started calling parents. take a listen... so, here is what we know. the cherry creek school
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january 29th that a student accused the custodian of inappropriate touching. the district says it immediately notified the greenwood village police and placed that employee on leave. after the district's own investigation they fired him last week for violating policy. the custodian has worked in the cherry creek school district since 1997. again, he hazard not been arrested. -- he has not been arrested. just last week a bus driver at the same school was arrested for drunk driving while transporting a bus full of kids. he was charged with why and child abuse after a school employee smelled alcohol on him. it was well below the legal limit. we are waiting to hear if anything else was in his ssstem. police tell us the woman that rolled her van on littleton may have been driving drunk. we also learned she had seven
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children with her at the time of the crash inside the van. all were seriously injured. charges are pending now, police say. the woman accused of hitting two motorcyclists over the weekend and killing them is accused of driving drunk and high. according to the arrest affidavit she looked at her text for two seconds. when she looked up she was on the wrong side of the road on highway 83 in franktown. she is expected back in court on tuesday. the littleton dmv offices will start issuing the new licenses today. this is what they will look like. >> there is more to it than just a little color change. there are security features, trying to cut down on fraud. your driver's license picture will now be in black and white with a laser overlay. this new design won't cost you anymore money than the old onn but not everyone is happy about it.
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i think from a cosmetic standpoint it is ugly. >> well, if you have your old license you don't have to get a any card yet. it is valid until it expires. 3 >> who sees it really. do you care? >> do you care about your driver's license picture? >> no. i probably should care more. i have a friend that gets her hair done for the driver's license. lisa, do you do that? >> no. >> she does! [ laughing ] all right. the world champion broncos have a lot of work ahead of them to `eep the team together. coming up, we will tell you one major move the team will take to move forward today and in the future. >> and here is the fire in denver. the fire danger is on the rise, lisa. >> i did. i did a big side tail and they
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because of my pony! >> oh, boy. >> well, you will find gusty winds, 10 to 30 miles per hour here in denver.
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welcome back. the bronx with having their deal done by 2:00 p.m. >> a move will prevent miller from talking to any other teams between now and july 15th. miller says he really doesn't care how the deal gets done. he just wants to be in denver. >> i have never been in franchise before. i can't really say hey, i don't really want to be in franchise, i can't do this. i want to be with the broncos. i tell you, i want to be with those guys for my whole career. whatever it takes to get it done, i am down for. >> there you go. if miller gets hit with the franchise tag, other teams will be able to talk to the broncos free agents, including the defenders, folks like
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marshal, for example. all of those players are under the age of 26. the full 18 mile biway from denver to boulder opens up today. they just opened up the second fades of the path. 11 miles opened up in august of 2015 part of the u.s. 26 express lanes project. wind a wildfire fueled a fast moving brush fire yesterday near dayton and alameda, shutting it down during rush hour. >> it is oo little unusual for this time of year but it is warm, dry and windy, which makes conditions favorable for a fire of this nature. >> still no word on what caused the fire but tomorrow a fire affect is being forecasted.
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and the humidity not a good combo. >> yes. the watch covers all of northeastern cooorado. >> we were lucky last year with the fire dangers. >> we were but with he had a lot of flooding. balance this out, right? >> something inbetween, yes. >> we will be watching the weather watch tomorrow, in affect on wednesday. today a little cooler, not as windy, but the winds will pick up again tomorrow. across the region pretty dry conditions. we had a few showers on the eastern plains yesterday. nice to get a little rain. not enough though. all that is moving off to the east. we are in for another dry day today. the sunshine will dominate. still a little gusty this morning but the winds will die down today, picking back up tomorrow. we have 50s and 60s expected all week long. very mild. walking out this morning to temperatures close to is 30. winds coming in out of the northwest. with he are ushering in cooler air with the passing of the cold front.
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send the kids out the door with a jacket. a chilly morning. estes park is 26. confer park is 16. city park is just above freeeing. statewide teens and 20s out west and upper 20s down south. 55 to 57 degrees across eastern colorado. you get up into the mountains and there are 30s and 40s in the central mountains and pretty mild out west. grand junction today a high of 53. we have allens park at 43. 60. wind this is morning up through the foothills a bit of a pain but by this afternoon it will tomorrow. tomorrow we are at 60 degrees. so, warmer as we head to the end of the week. we will see a series of weak fronts rolling through that will continue to pick up our humidity. try air with these storms. heading into the weekend, is bright spot there. i want to move it to saturday.
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i guess both days are good. low, mid 60s, a chance for a few showers next week. >> we need a bright, dry spot. wow! maybe we should have a vote! maybe with he should vote for saturday or sunday for the bright spot! [ laughing ] driving through the north side of town you can see the cones set up on the southbound side of i-25 coming from 120th. it isn't slowing down traffic terribly. you can see on the north side of town, take a look at the map, i-76, i-25 and highway 36 looks okay. it looks okay for 20 minutes or so coming from the north side through 84th avenue, i-70 and 4 minutes into downtown denver. the traffic time down that way, from colfax to 470 is about five minutes on each of those
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>> jason, thank you. congratulations, you made it through leap day, the extra day in february that comes along once every four years. now one little baby, poppy birthday. >> she was born at 9:23 a.m. only .07% of the population is born on february 29th. this display from the denver art museum was stolen from cambodia. the museum returned the statue. >> it is called the torso of ra in, a. -- ra in, a. the -- rama. new mexico officials say they had no idea it was stolen. -- museum firms say they had
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take a look at these pictures taken by our partners at the daily camera. there is the picture, the burn spot, the char there. the 21-year-old senior student told the carpal he was playing video games with his -- camera he was playing video games with his friends when he saw flames and sparks. fortunately no one was injured. in southwestern ohio a student opened fire. four students were injured, two shot and two others injure bid shrapnel. all are expected to survive. court, suing the national marriott for $75 million, saying she was secretly filmed while staying there. the video hit the internet and was viewed millions of times. andrews claimed the hotel moved the man to a room closer to her
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requested to stay in the adjacent room. she would have called police if she would have known. >> i saw this for two second it's and said oh, my god. i shut it down. >> she threw up the first time she saw the video online. the stalker is serving a 30 month sentence and is the defend in a civil suit. actor george kennedy has died. mitch may want to read this. >> he appeared in several popular movies like the "airport" series and "naked gun" series. he died sunday at the age of 91. today is super tuesday. a recent poll says the two front-runners, not georgia kennedy but donald trump and hillary clinton, have a 70% chance f being the eventual nominees. >> the current leaders have plenty of critiques on capitol hill, but one republican senator says if trump wins the nomination he will turn to a
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>> i will not vote for hillary clinton. given when we know about trump, i kilpatrick voteefor that guy either. -`those are the two major nominees.. i hope they are not. i would have to look for a third party option. >> can either of trump's challenger, marco rubio or ted
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gruenauer,. some birds are tough to scare away. this bird landed on this guy's wipers and didn't want to fly off, even when he turned them on. the bird is probably having a good laugh riding on those wipers.
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the video if the bird actually ever did fly off or what happened. and meet molly moore and her 6- month-old golden retriever, wesley. his adult teeth were coming in crooked. he could not close his mouth right so they did the natural thing. they gave wesley braces. this is wesley showing off his adorably cute brace face. the pictures have been up let loaded to facebook. they have gone viral. she only has to wear the braces for a few weeks. that is the good news. >> molly does not have kids, does she? >> no. >> if she did the doll would not have braces. that is expensive. that is nuts. temperature this is morning chilly and breezy, winds still an issue. afternoon. a beautiful day. by noon, 52, sunny skies. 3:00 we have highs in the mid
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future-cast shows a few clouds streaming in later today. the mountains may pick up a little light snow. no alerts, that is for sure. we will stay really dry. coming up a look at tomorrow's winds and it gets gustter on wednesday. there is a camera at lincoln avenue where they have been doing the road widening project. this is i-25 and dry creek. the entire northbound side has been reconfigured. the rest of the drive through the denver tech center looks nice. 6th avenue by wadsworth and sheridan moving along fine. a fun moment during the halftime l.a. clippers game during the nets last night. decided to get court side and tried to dunk. he did it. the team gave him a trampoline to slam the ball. he celebrated with the team's new mascot afterwards. it was awesome.
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the new mascot was trending on twitter overnight. his name is "jeff the condor." he was a pretty big hit. people weren't very impressed on twitter. one tweeted out... a company in fort collins tt2watv# -4 bt@qq
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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it is 5:00 a.m. we are flowing several -- following several breaking news stories. including this hit-and-run. the police took off after hitting the pedestrian. we are told the pedestrian was seriously hurt and taken to the hospital. we don't really have a description of the car. and in westminster a house caught fire overnight. our partners at the denver post said hash oil is to blame. no word on injuries. and in lakewood, this seems to be a deal gone bad that left a person shot and


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