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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 1, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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in two years good morning, america. millions of americans head to the polls on the biggest day of voting yet. >> now i'm going to be greedy for the united states. take. >> donald trump looks unstoppable with 11 states up for grabs for each party. his rivals hitting him harder than ever. >> and we are not going to allow a con artist to take control of >> one trump rally takes an ugly turn. a journalist roughed up. >> it matters what you say when really matters if you are president. >> and hillary clinton sets her
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donald trump here exclusively live this morning as we kick off super tuesday. also this morning, erin andrews breaks down on the stand. her emotional testimony about the stalker who filmed her. the "anthem of the seas" races home again. the giant cruise ship that survived a severe storm turned back by a new one as passengers battle a norovirus outbreak. and the twister miracle. the woman locked out as a terrible tornado destroyed everything around her. wait until you hear how she survived. and good morning, america. welcome to super tuesday. a pivotal day in the race for president. you're looking live at a polling station in georgia right now, voters already lining up this morning and we've got live coverage streaming in all across the country. there you see all the campaigns in action right now. they are hard at work this morning.
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of voting before november. >> because so much is at stake. republicans, 12 contests for the more than 1,600 delegates up for grabs. and you know our team is out you bringing you the latest all morning long and the crowd here in times square, yep, making their voices heard. >> a lot of signs out there. so, let's get right to it. it is "your voice, your vote." and abc's tom llamas is tracking the gop race in valdosta, georgia. good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning. voters sign an oath voting not to vote twice today. the lines are already long this morning and in here, this is where the voting actually happened. it's an open primary. you vote like this.
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way. if you asked the polls, it's over. >> it just came out, trump, 49%. little marco rubio, 16. lying ted cruz, 15. carson, 10, and kasich, 6. >> reporter: but the road into super tuesday took an ugly turn in virginia on monday. >> get out of here. get them out. get them out. >> reporter: several black student protesters disrupting trump's speech as they were marched out, watch, a photojournalist trying to get a shot is slammed to the ground by a secret service agent. look again, his hands around the photographer's neck. the secret service now looking into the matter. >> he grabbed me. he grabbed me. >> reporter: but that wasn't
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trump saying this to one demonstrator. >> are you from mexico? are you from mexico? right smack in the middle of my punch line. >> reporter: this just one day after trump dodged a question about getting support from david duke, a former kkk grand wizard. >> honestly i don't know david duke. i don't believe i've ever met him. >> reporter: but trump had disavowed him in the past. >> i disavow, okay. >> reporter: trump now trying to fend off attacks from all sides. senator marco rubio nearly losing his voice campaigning hard hitting trump even harder. >> and we are not going to allow a con artist to take control of the party of lincoln and reagan. >> reporter: and senator ted cruz looking for a big hometown victory in texas. >> super tuesday i believe is going to play an important part helping winnow the field and taking us more and more towards a two-man race. >> reporter: someone who plans on being there till the end, melania trump. >> i follow it from "a" to "z" and i know exactly what's going on.
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race is getting nasty but has thick skin and her husband's late-night tweeting doesn't bother her. >> he's an adult. he knows the consequences. >> reporter: now melania says she doesn't always agree with her husband especially when it come to his language. >> the cnn interview continues to make waves. you have seen that tweet from mitt romney, he called your response disqualifying and disgusting. your response. >> first of all, mitt romney is a failed candidate, should have won the race and he failed miserably. he was a terrible candidate for the republicans. secondly, david duke was disavowed. i disavowed him on friday. i disavowed him right after that because i thought if there was any question and you take a look at twitter, almost immediately after, on twitter and facebook, they were disavowed again. i disavowed him every time i speak to somebody virtually and they just keep it going.
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your twitter account. we never looked at facebook. i said take a look at facebook. it was totally disavowed. >> so, are you prepared right now to make a clear and unequivocal statement renouncing the support of all white supremacists? >> of course, i am. of course, i am. there's nobody that's done so much for equality as i have. you take a look at palm beach florida, i built a club, totally open to everybody that frankly sets a new standard in clubs and a new standard in palm beach and i've gotten great credit for it. that is totally open to everybody. so, of course, i am. >> how worried are you may split the party as you're doing better and better in the primaries, you have more and more republican voices say they won't support you and #nevertrump right now. prominent republicans like j.c. watts, mel martinez, the senator ben sass. are you worried you may make it harder to defeat the democrats in november? >> no, i think it's just the
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i've had tremendous calls from tremendous establishment people and nonestablishment people and the party is going to get bigger. if you look at any one of the primaries that i won, whether you go to new hampshire or south carolina or nevada, you take a look at how many people have come out. we're just absolutely the numbers that double and triple years ago, we're getting we're getting independents we're getting a lot of people coming in and i will tell you as very well also. they are very worried about it. we have tremendous numbers of people coming in and the republican party is growing larger and if it didn't it has no chance. it'll be like mitt romney four years ago, it has no chance of winning. we're getting people into the party that never had before. >> let me interrupt you. that brand-new cnn poll shows hillary clinton defeating you relatively handily by eight points but losing to marco rubio and ted cruz. >> well, they're not going to get the nomination. i haven't even focused on hillary clinton yet and i can
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hillary clinton doesn't want to run against is me and i have that on good knowledge. we have not focused -- i had one little skirmish with hillary three weeks ago and you saw what happened with that. i will defeat hillary and we're going to take a lot of democrats and a lot of independents away and we're going to possibly win places like michigan, new york, states that are not even in consideration and, by the way, these aren't things that have been taken advantage of in the poll. i will beat hillary clinton much more easily than anybody else. >> "the new york times" had a look inside the democrats' playbook this morning. it says the plan they're going major fronts. portray you as a heartless businessman, broadcast the degrading comments you made against women and highlight your brash and explosive temper. how will you respond? >> well, we'll respond the way we have to respond. again. our country has gotten soft and weak. by everybody, george, if you look at china, if you look at japan, if you look at mexico, if
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country we do business with, we lose. we've become -- we've become a debtor nation. we owe $19 trillion. we are going to make america great again. that's what my whole campaign is. we're going to make great deals and strengthen the military and take care of our vets. we'll do it right, george. >> mr. trump, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you very much. >> and, george, as you know super tuesday just as critical for the democratic race. hillary clinton and bernie sanders battling for crucial votes across the country. clinton looking for a sweep down south. abc's cecilia vega is in arlington, virginia, with the latest. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hey, robin, good morning to you. just me and a few friends hanging out this morning, right? [ cheers and applause ] we're at a diner here some of these people have voted. most promised me they're heading to the polls right after this. we got a pretty mixed group and this is the most important day of this primary so far.
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a super tuesday win. all of you. >> reporter: clinton swinging through this swing state feeling confident. tuesday prediction? >> just happy to be in virginia. every single vote. >> reporter: in the final hours before voting begins she's taking on one opponent after the >> america is and always has been great. [ cheers and applause ] what we need to do together is make america whole again. >> reporter: her husband piling on too. >> so they say all we need to do is build a lot of walls. she said, no, we don't. what we need to do is tear down barriers and build ladders of opportunity that everybody can climb. >> reporter: sanders hoping a northern push is his path to victory. >> your state led the american
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[ cheers and applause ] and now it's time for massachusetts to lead the political revolution! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: taking on not just hillary but his rival across the aisle. >> bing, bing, bing. >> reporter: who he hopes to survive long enough to face come november. >> we will defeat donald trump because we know that love trumps all. >> reporter: bernie sanders has raised some serious cash, more than $42 million in february alone for perspective that was more than hillary clinton raised in the entire month of jbio has raised so far this entire election, robin. a couple of bernie sanders supporters here in the crowd with me this morning. >> we have some out in times square, as well. after all the ad, all the rallies, still a lot of undecided voters out there, right, cecilia? >> reporter: there are, robin, about 30% nationally and a number of people here in this diner with me are undecided including this entire table right here.
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you were telling me you're split between two candidates right now, who are they? >> hillary clinton and john kasich. >> reporter: two different parties. that shows you what we're looking at today. >> this is interesting. we have asked this question in the last few weeks and every time we ask an undecided voter those are the two names that come up like that. it's interesting. all right, cecilia, thank you very much. george. >> i'm here with our political team -- matthew dowd, donna brazile and jon karl. a lot to talk about. you'll be here tonight as well. you heard donald trump confident about the nomination and said ted cruz and marco rubio not going to get it and their back is really up against the wall. >> no question. the danger for them super tuesday becomes trump tuesday. if he sweeps tonight, he goes from becoming the likely or the front-runner to becoming the likely republican nominee. what cruz and rubio have to do is find somewhere to beat him tonight and in the states he wins, he's going to win most of enough to keep getting delegates. >> and, of course, ted cruz still ahead in texas. matt dowd, you saw mr. trump dismiss the idea of dividing the republican party but the voices
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getting louder and louder. some for him but many against him as well. >> well, there's a huge argument going on within the establishment should they endorse or coalesce but the real division is between the leaders of the party and voters of the party. the voters are going one direction and the leaders want to go another. another thing that's interesting about tonight, bernie sanders will win more states than marco rubio, ted cruz and john kasich combined tonight. >> is this threat of a third party, a conservative party, a break from the republican party real? >> i think it's real. for the last month or a month and a half ago i said plan a is not working. after tonight it's certainly not working so have to go to plan b and the only thing plan b is conservative or republican party that runs not as the current gop. >> meanwhile, donna, democrats are drawing up their battle plans as well, "the new york times" article laying out the case against donald trump. the first time democrats seem to be taking it seriously. how worried are they? >> look, democrats are worried about enthusiasm. they are worried about making
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their voters. there is no question that we have to focus on the fall election but right now today is a big day for hillary clinton. she has to bank on the fact that a quarter of the delegates will be people of color. beyond that, can she break into bernie's stronghold in the northeast, massachusetts, that's the key today for her. >> okay, donna brazile, jon karl, matthew dowd, we'll see you tonight. abc news will be out in force all throughout the super tuesday. i'll be here with our whole political team usa for a prime time special at 10:00 eastern plus special editions of "world news tonight" and "gma" tomorrow morning. >> going to be a long day for you, thank you. new trouble for the "anthem of the seas" cruise ship. a powerful storm is cutting its trip short as passengers onboard blattle a norovirus outbreak. abc's gio benitez is here with the latest. here we go again, gio. >> reporter: just weeks ago the ship was tossed around like a toy in the water. the cruise line now hoping to prevent a repeat. this morning, the "anthem of the
7:15 am
facing yet another problem, less than a month after being caught in hurricane-force winds, royal caribbean's one-year-old cruise ship cutting its trip from the eastern caribbean two days short and heading back to new jersey, the company says hoping to beat a severe storm friday. the company also revealing the crew is battling the norovirus. ten guests per day reporting symptoms. >> you actually had to walk by the medical facility to get off the boat and the medical facility was jam-packed standing room only literally just full of people. and that's when we kind of went, whoa, this is not good. >> reporter: the company tweeting monday the norovirus cases didn't affect the decision to return. >> three people that i'm traveling with have shown some symptoms, so it's definitely going around. >> reporter: just three weeks ago the same ship was hit with massive 30-foot waves and 120-mile-per-hour winds. 4500 passengers onboard during the weather crisis. and in this latest case royal caribbean says the norovirus is affecting a small percentage of
7:16 am
that is not why it's ending the cruise early but no doubt passengers are still worried. >> no doubt about that. thank you. now amy is joining us with other top stories and a legal victory for apple. >> that's right, robin. a federal judge in new york ruled the fbi cannot force apple to unlock an iphone at the center of a drug case. the judge saying it would betray our constitutional heritage. but the ruling has no affect on apple's battle with the government over the san bernardino shooter's iphone. government officials are warning utility companies that the nation's power grid could be vulnerable to a sophisticated cyberattack like the one that caused a recent blackout in ukraine. u.s. investigators have now confirmed hackers compromised the system six months about of that outage. the malware was so destructive operations are still not back to normal. an ohio teenager is due in court today facing attempted murder charges. investigators say the 14-year-old opened fire in the cafeteria at madison high school hitting two students, police
7:17 am
motive. and some dramatic video of a tornado hitting this hardware store in louisiana last week. a fedex driver tried to take shelter inside. the door was locked so she hid behind a soda machine. it fell over. look at that. my goodness, when the tornado destroyed the entire store, incredibly she was not injured. she walked away without a scratch. and finally, an explanation for your constant craving for junk food. you're not getting enough sleep. scientific evidence now shows there is a link between lack of sleep and the munchies. it's because of a chemical in your brain which builds up when you don't get enough rest. that chemical makes your body crave rewards. for most of us that's fatty or salty foods. by the way, it is the same chemical in the brain that makes marijuana smokers get the munchies. >> that's a nice little twist. >> for your tuesday. >> munchies. you had us at munchies. >> yesterday morning.
7:18 am
sleep. >> thank you, amy. let's go over to rob right now. the severe weather today could affect the voting. >> that's true, pass the bacon but because of the lack of sleep. look at this. just southwest of oklahoma city. they don't call it the thunder for nothing. this is inside oklahoma city where hail and wind driving some severe weather there and that batch of severe weather is going to be rolling across some states that are in the hunt here as far as primary and super tuesdays. arkansas in through tennessee, alabama and northern parts of georgia, strong winds, maybe even a tornado as this front, little cluster of thunderstorms gets into more heated action. it's not quite as severe as what we saw last week but till going to be disruptive. a three-hour to five-hour period where you'll have to keep an eye on the weather if you're heading to the polls or maybe plan your day around that. getting snow from chicago south of -- parts of michigan. another two to, say, four inches
7:19 am
good tuesday morning. first alert weather with a gorgeous start with very bright drive this morning. temperatures just below freezing, winds out of the northeast at about five to 10 miles per hour. it is calmer this morning, going to stay calmer through the day but it gets windy tomorrow. now today highs are going to be in the upper 50s, close to 60 degrees here in denver, 40s and 50s for the foothills, evergreen a high of 51 this afternoon. tomorrow we are closer to 60, now we are going to stay pretty dry all weekend long but winds will be an coming up here on "gma," "dancing with the stars" host
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her emotional testimony about the video. a stalker posted it online at the center of her $75 million lawsuit. >> i felt so ashamed. i'm so embarrassed. >> dan and nancy will break down the case for us live. and oscars fallout. sam smith's speech sparks backlash and sylvester stallone's brother starts a what sly is saying about it now. is saying about it now. what a surprise! you know what else is a surprise? shingles. and how it can hit you out of nowhere. i know. i had it. that' s why i' m here. c' mon let' s sit down and talk about it. and did you know that one in three people will get shingles? i didn' t know that. i did. he' s on tv saying it. but have you done anything? (all) no. that' s why i' m reminding people like you to ask your doctor or pharmacist about your risk of getting shingles. because if you had chickenpox then the shingles virus is already inside you. (all) oooh. who' s had chickenpox?
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announcement: this storm promises to be the biggest of the decade. with total accumulation of up to three feet. roads will be shut down indefinitely. and schools are closed. campbell's soups go great with a cold and a nice red. made for real, real life. century colfax and -- near
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our linsday watts is on scene with the very latest. >> reporter: still eight lot of fire crews here cleaning off hot spots but huge flames, the smoke that we saw earlier are gone now. take a look at this mobile home that caught fire. major damage to it. want to show you some video from air tracker 7, our chopper was overhead right after this fire started this morning. the fire started in one home and then spread to a second damaging the exterior of the trailer next door. the good news, everybody is safe and accounted for. there is nobody home -- there was nobody home at the time when these fires started. smoke is visible for miles away when this was all happening around 6:00 this morning. firefighters still don't know what might have sparked this. we are live in aurora, linsday watts, denver 7. 7:25. and first alert weather with a look at a beautiful day. expecting temperatures in the mid to upper 50s today, denver 57, we will see more low to mid- 40s in the foothills, spots
7:26 am
today, tomorrow really all week long dry, unfortunately also windy. our winds are going to pick back up on wednesday, so high fire danger.
7:27 am
still have trouble spots out and around including out to the east side of town, out in aurora we have this this accident -- we have had this accident, still looking at extra time especially on that northbound side, southbound is no fun either from at least parker road. you can see one new accident on the side streets over there,
7:28 am
southbound side of i-25 is fairly busy for us, 25 minutes either side -- between downtown and the denver tech ccnter. c470, sixth avenue, i-70, all the usual suspects, an accident southbound wattsworth at
7:29 am
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good morning, america. it is super tuesday right now, and we have a look at bernie sanders. that is burlington, vermont, right there and bernie sanders is actually voting in his home state right now. that is 12 of 12 contests for the democrats today. i guess he's behind that screen right there. we have a good crowd here in times square, as well. 11 states voting for the republicans today. the biggest day of voting yet in this race for the white house. >> i love seeing everybody out in force in times square. president obama is expected to meet with senate leaders from both sides of the aisle today to discuss filling that supreme court seat now open after
7:31 am
and astronaut scott kelly is set to return to earth after spending a record-breaking 340 days in space. he says he could go another year if he had to. >> good for him. a lot of buzz about the oscars still this morning. now we're going to see bernie sanders right there. >> there he is. >> you know that white shock of hair anywhere and there's no mystery who he voted for or how that state is going to go. he'll have a big win in the state of vermont most likely today. all the coverage tonight but we're still talking about the oscars. chris rock's monologue still making headlines and new backlash over other stars who took the stage. sam smith got into hot water. what he said that's making headlines and sylvester stallone's brother starting a little bit of a fight. first, an emotional day in court for erin andrews as she sues a hotel and her stalker for $75 million. the "dancing with the stars" host breaking down on the stand telling the jury about the moment she first saw a nude
7:32 am
abc's eva pilgrim has the latest. joins us from nashville. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this morning erin andrews returns to the stand for more questioning. her side expected to rest after she finishes. erin andrews breaking down in court. >> you know your body. when i saw it for two seconds and i was like, oh, my god and i shut it down. >> reporter: reliving the moment she first saw a naked video of herself online. >> dad, i'm naked all over the internet and i don't know what it is. >> reporter: the popular sports caster and co-host of "dancing with the stars" suing the man who secretly recorded that video michael david barrett as well as the owners and managers of this nashville marriott for $75 million. claiming the hotel made it easy for him to film her in the nude. the hotel maintains barrett is a criminal who tricked them into gaining access. on monday barrett's testimony was played in court.
7:33 am
and i called the operator and asked can i have erin andrews' room. they connected me so then i knew what room she was in. >> reporter: saying he was having money problems when he came up with a plan, record video of andrews naked in her hotel room on his cell phone through a peephole and sell it for money. >> waited until the shower was turned off. pulled the plug out and waited for the opportunity. >> reporter: barrett pleaded guilty to stalking in 2010 and was sentenced to 30 months in prison. his video has been viewed nearly 17 million times. >> i feel so ashamed. i'm so embarrassed. >> reporter: andrews' mother paula described consoling her daughter. >> it's not your fault. you're a victim. you've been -- you've been assaulted. there was no calming her down. >> reporter: andrews admitting that her life now is far from normal saying she's filled with anxiety, grief, humiliation and horror.
7:34 am
this could have been stopped. the nashville marriott could have just called me. it could have stopped. >> reporter: now erin andrews wasn't the only woman michael barrett recorded in a hotel and posted at least ten more videos online. robin. >> at least ten more. eva, thank you very much. joining us now abc news chief legal analyst dan abrams in the studio with us and from atlanta, nancy grace, host of "nancy grace" on hln. let's discuss e rchlt r erin's how will that play with the jury, do you think? >> well, i believe the jury is going to empathize with her. i don't believe that they're going to buy into a theory that she's some opportunist peddling a naked video as many people have thought that she was in on this. i disagree with that. there are seven women on this jury.
7:35 am
genuine and the fact that her parents are there in court, i think, is a secret weapon for the plaintiff. i think that the jury will side with her and if they don't believe her, they'll definitely believe her mother. >> i don't think anyone is claiming now that she was out peddling this video. i mean, that had been a concern of hers early on, people were speculating about it. >> that's right. >> no one in that courtroom is now saying that she was out there peddling the video. the question here and why her testimony is so powerful and important goes to damages, right, because she hasn't really suffered professionally. when you're talking about damages in the case like this, typically you'll see someone say, look, i haven't been able to get another job. i've lost all of these opportunities. in this case she can't argue that really because her career has continued to soar and so what she has to say is these are emotional damages. look at how much i have suffered as a result of what he did to me and that's incredibly powerful. >> and the man is behind bars
7:36 am
we saw him, the video, nancy grace, grace, in the courtroom. he walked up to the front desk and asked for her is what some thought. he went to a house phone. how will his testimony -- how will that perhaps help the defense? >> well, i think that what they're trying to argue, the defense will ultimately argue is that the hotel really had nothing to do with it. that it's his fault. a criminal intraconvenienting ing ing that they wouldn't know anything about but his testimony via videotape and she left for that is very powerful. it shows anyone could get in. he would get in and go to a house phone and say, hey, i want to get in this room but he actually specific asked apparently to be near erin andrews. that is against all hotel protocol. >> here's the key to what may be the negligence. he goes into the restaurant, he asks for erin andrews' room.
7:37 am
shows up on the screen, he then goes up because he now knows what the room number is, sees that the room next door is being made up. goes back downstairs and asks for that room. so, he doesn't go and say, i hey, i want to be next to erin andrews but the negligence as the case may be may be in the fact that the hotel had this system where you could literally call from the restaurant, call to ask for anyone's room and the person's room number shows up on the screen. >> archaic phone system. >> you know what else, dan, it's really interesting, apparently was out in the hallway for almost five minutes and unscrewed the peephole and basically held a cell phone up and looked in and being in the room next to her he could hear the shower and he knew when she was getting out of the shower naked. thing off. >> she was the victim. the question is just going to be >> and how much. >> and who should pay. much. i appreciate it. coming up here, johnny manziel, you see him caught on camera partying in a new video
7:38 am
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will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president, we will. we are back with new trouble for johnny manziel. the cleveland browns quarterback is seen in that new video right there from a miami nightclub as a domestic violence case is on its way to i agrand jury. ryan smith is here with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, george. just three years ago johnny manziel was the toast of college football. now many see him as a cautionary tale and now he's been spotted where some say is the last place he should have been. this morning, johnny manziel once again under the microscope for his hard partying ways. tmz sports releasing this video of the cleveland browns quarterback reportedly in a miami nightclub thursday sporting a big hat and
7:43 am
bottle just hours earlier, dallas police announcing they sent a misdemeanor domestic violence case against the former heisman trophy winner to prosecutors. a grand jury now expected to decide if it he will face charges stemming from an altercation in january with his ex-girlfriend colleen crawley at a dallas hotel. according to her affidavit seeking an order of protection against manziel, crowley claiming an argument with the football star turned physical. manziel allegedly striking her repeatedly, crowley saying she became very scared and tried to fight him off and later telling a valet, please don't let him take me. i'm scared for my life. manziel's cleveland browns distancing themselves from the embattled quarterback expected to release him this month. new head coach hue jackson drawing a line at the recent nfl combine. >> that will not be tolerated as we move forward. our organization is going to
7:44 am
>> reporter: the quarterback dogged by issues vondzing his drinking since entering the nfl step ago way from the field early last year for treatment in a rehab facility. but his father saying his son twice refused to return to rehab telling "the dallas morning news" i truly believe if they can't get him help, he won't live to see his 24th birthday. >> now this new video will no doubt raise even more questions about manziel's future. again, manziel has not been charged with any crime. a grand jury would make that call and that could take weeks. manziel's publicist is not commenting on this latest video of the football star, george and robin. >> such a disturbing pattern. coming up anger over the oscars. sylvester stallone's brother is lashing out over sly not bringing home the prize. now. new concerns about the pill that promises to re-energize women's love lives. dr. jen ashton will have more coming up. e,
7:45 am
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7:49 am
and frank stallone lashing out over his brother's loss. abc's nick watt has both. >> is hollywood racist? you're damn right hollywood is. >> reporter: the spiceiest oscarness years, there was bound to be fall out that starts with sam smith backlash. he took home the statue. >> he said no openly gay man had ever won an oscar and if this is the case, even if it isn't the case, i want to dedicate this to the lgbt community all around the world. >> reporter: he is now eating his words. >> there is a long list of gay oscar winners. >> reporter: like screenwriter dustin lance black that won for "milk" 2009 and shamed smith on twitter. smith apologizing monday afternoon, my point was to shine some light on the lgbt community. apologies for the mix-up. but while he's apologizing, the defeated sylvester stallone's brother is now starting a fight. it's as clear as the nose on your face that sly won.
7:50 am
rylance, he knocked out sentimental favorite sly's supporting turn in "creed." sly instagrammed just hours ago, my brother is so emotional because he is just very protective. life is good. as for jada pinkett smith who was called out at the awards point blank -- >> jada says she's not coming. protesting. i'm like, isn't she on a tv show. >> we'll hear from jaden. we have not heard the last from her. >> reporter: so far, radio silence from her and hubby will. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, hollywood. toned it down a little and wrote i always defend what is right but i was wrong to put down mark rylance and i apologize. he is a fine actor but i thought sly deserved it. so did a lot of people. >> but that's well put how he did it. i actually watched "bridge of spies" on the flight back. >> it's good. >> it is good. >> but i was pulling for sly. i'm very happy for mark.
7:51 am
very happy. coming up an abc news exclusive. "modern family" star ariel winter speaking out, the pain that drove her to surgery. you know, meeting the residents and i had a gentleman stop me and ask me if i made his dinner. he had lost his wife recently, but i didn't know that. he made a remark to me about not sure he wanted to be there anymore, but he said something to me that has stuck with me to this day. after having your dinner, i think i want to stick around a while and that really meant something to me. i never had an experience like that and it just let me know that what i'm doing is much more important than just food. this is where i keep my meatballs.
7:52 am
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"good morning america" is insurance. 8:56 now. new information about the craigslist ad that led to a robbery and a shooting last night in lank -- lakewood. this was likely drug-related, happened around 8:30 p.m. around 21st and pierce. the victim should survive but the suspects got away in the victim's car, it is a 1998 green ford escort, here's the lookout, qkl-268. police described the suspects as hispanic males in their 20s, also a female, but didn't give any additional information just yet. we spent much of the morning following breaking news out of aurora. a trailer goes up in flames near colfax, i-225, it took firefighters about 20 minutes to get this one under control. firefighters tell us that no one was inside the trailer when
7:57 am
the cause of the fire still under investigation. weather forecast with lisa. >> a beautiful day. there are going to be problems tomorrow with winds, winds are going to pick up. mountains will pick up light snow today, couple more inches 10 to 15 miles per hour, the winds, in denver, not nearly as gusty as what we saw yesterday afternoon and it will be calmer pretty much statewide today, tomorrow a different story, our temperatures all week long, upper 50s to low 60s, very warm. that combined with low relative humidity out across eastern colorado is leading to a fire weather watch in effect tomorrow covering the eastern half of our state. 50s today, 60 tomorrow and jason warm and mild for first week of march. heavy stop-and-go traffic in a lot of spots including along santa fe. 225 drive looking better now that that accident is gone and the fire is out up there at colfax and 225. still seeing heavy traffic, especially in that southbound
7:58 am
road, heavy stop-and-go traffic in the denver tech center and on i-25. half hour either way. santa fe, the northbound side is rock solid from beforehand and up to the traffic light issue here in mississippi and that is causing some big time traffic delays. 42 minutes and most of that here, half an hour from hampden, i-25.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. super tuesday showdown. millions of americans headed to the polls right now on the biggest day of the election so far. 11 states up for grabs. we're live with the latest new developments. health alert. is a new passion pill for women even effective? the startling report calling it a fail. the side effects you should know about. dr. jen is here live. abc news exclusive interview this morning. "modern family" star ariel winter speaking out one-on-one for the very first time. >> i was in excruciating pain.
8:01 am
reduction, public body shaming and living life on her terpm. her revealing and honest interview right here. a "bachelor" bombshell. ben's in love and telling us this. >> right, yes, good morning, america. i am engaged. yes, finally. >> plus, one of our favorite bachelorettes, emily maynard opening up about her rocky road to love and how she finally found her happily ever after as we say -- >> good morning, america. and good morning, america. welcome back to times square on this super tuesday. a lot of political fans out there this morning. even though they're not voting in new york, they are voting in 11 states for the republicans and 12 contest for democrats. and there in valdosta, georgia, they're voting all day long. we will have a lot more ahead. also this morning, chrissy teigen, she made breakfast for us. this is her hubby's favorite. well, first of all, look how great she and john look
8:02 am
but she has a new book out and has a delicious breakfast dish, john's breakfast sandwiches from her new cookbook and -- >> she's a really good cook too. >> she is so good. >> on social media her pictures -- >> you know what, i'm not shy. >> listen, don't ask me twice. >> well, according to amy's report, according to amy's report, we have the munchies because -- >> i'm going to fend off amy's report. >> so am i. also coming up, we have an exclusive peek inside oprah's closet. she is doing some spring cleaning, and all of the items are up for grabs. they are for a good cause. look at that. >> want me to read this, lara? >> i'm good. i'm good. all good. shopping in oprah's closet. and excited to tell you about this, the american mom who is living a fairy tale life. i cannot wait to tell you guys
8:03 am
like "downton abbey." >> that's her house. >> that is -- >> or her castle, i should say. story. >> a good tease right there. first the latest on super tuesday. for president. as i said, 11 states voting on for the democrats. donald trump and hillary clinton poised for big wins that could set up an epic election matchup. abc's cecilia vega is on the trail in arlington, virginia. good morning, cecilia. i'll take that breakfast sandwich you were talking about and raise you a gigantic chocolate chip pancake they just brought me here. the polls are already open in virginia. i'm surrounded by people who are going to go vote after they tell me, i have some kasich supporters and cruz supporters, rubio and trump all at one table here. i'm pretty sure the only thing they agree on is it's time to eat breakfast. this morning, millions of voters heading to the polls for the biggest day before the general election. hillary clinton looking to sweep the south while taking aim at the gop front-runner. >> it matters what you say when you run for president, and it really matters if you are
8:04 am
>> reporter: and bernie sanders is not backing down, hopeful for a win in some northern states. >> stand together and say, loudly and clearly, enough is enough. >> reporter: tempers flaring with the treasure trove of delegates at stake. >> we are not going to allow a con artist to take control of the party of lincoln and reagan. >> you don't want to see donald trump as our nominee and you don't want to see hillary clinton win the general, then i ask for you to join us. >> reporter: this morning, donald trump speaking with george. >> we're getting people into the party they have never had before. i haven't even focused on hillary clinton yet and i can tell you the one person that hillary clinton doesn't want to run against is me. >> reporter: but in virginia at this trump rally, things looking more like a school yard brawl after a large group of student protesters was marched out. >> get them out of here, please. >> reporter: a "time" magazine reporter getting slammed to the ground by trump's secret service detail.
8:05 am
into the matter. and virginia is a swing state again, and it really is a bellwether for what could happen here come november. i want to show you guys just what is at stake in this election today. a quick show of hands, guys, who here is undecided still? so you can see, george, a lot of people still undecided as they head out to the polls here on super tuesday. >> that's right. as you say, virginia has become a real battleground in the general election. okay, cecilia, thanks very much. let's go to amy right now with the morning rundown. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with anger in the streets of raleigh, north carolina, after the police shooting of a young black man. hundreds of protesters demanding answers from police. the family of akiel denkins says he was shot in the back as he tried to run atay. the police chief is asking for patience during the investigation. well, the man charged with killing two college students in virginia has cut a deal to avoid the death penalty. jesse matthew is expected to plead guilty to the murders of uva sophomore hannah graham and virginia tech junior morgan harrington.
8:06 am
in a field in 2010 and graham was killed in 2014 after vanishing from a party. well, fbi director james comey and apple's top lawyer are testifying on capitol hill today arguing their cases in the legal battle over whether to hack into the san bernardino shooter's iphone. this all comes one day after a federal judge here in new york ruled in a separate case saying apple does not have to help the fbi unlock an iphone at the center of a drug case. well, there's new video of what appears to be a large meteor lighting up the sky over scotland. look at that. police have been flooded with calls. some people report hearing a loud boom and say the flash appeared as bright as daylight in some areas. well, in medical news the birth control implant essure will soon get the government's strongest warning label, but the fda is not pulling the device from the market. thousands of women have complained about pain and bleeding. the fda is requiring the manufacturer bayer to conduct more studies on the risks.
8:07 am
very hard way that celebrating too early, never a good idea. the chargers and broncos were fighting for the state title. the broncos were up 59-58 and threw the ball into the air thinking they had won. they pile on to the court to celebrate completely unaware that the chargers had called a time-out with one second left. you want to know what happened next? yeah, a quick pass from the sideline to the rim and the chargers score. look at that. to win 60-59. a tough lesson to learn. >> there is a lesson. huh? >> when you strut you stumble. that's what momma used to say. when you strut you stumble. that's what happened there. thank you. let's get over to lara. >> that is painful to see. thanks, robin. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." an abc news exclusive, "modern family" star ariel winter is opening up about her life-changing surgery. >> and then a "bachelor" bombshell. ben revealing he's engaged. the woman he sent home speaking out exclusively on "gma."
8:08 am
red carpet, babies and sharing her favorite dishes. i can confirm delish. >> all that and a little coat because it's kind of chilly. we've got a lot coming up on "good morning america" and a great crowd here in times square. don't go anywhere. we'll be back. brought to you by new centrum vitamints. a multivitamin you enjoy like a mint. vitamints. a multivitamin you enjoy like a
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8:12 am
someone like me. but only if you have a brain. we are back with an abc news exclusive. "modern family" star ariel winter is opening up about the procedure that changed her life and the troubling childhood she overcame. i sat down with her and she spoke candidly about having breast reduction surgery, her legal battle with her mom and
8:13 am
>> i'm not, but that's okay. i'm the smart one. >> reporter: we fell in love with her as alex dunphy. >> yes, i'll an an amazonian carnivorous fish. >> reporter: on "modern family." >> he's beating me in words with friends. how is that possible? >> reporter: over seven season s s we've watched ariel winter grow up on screen from an 11-year-old girl to an 18-year-old woman. you were thrust into the limelight at a very young age. were you prepared for what came with that? >> i don't think anyone is prepared to be so young and having everybody's eyes on you especially now, you know, as i've gone through some of my really -- some really big moments in my life being in front of the spotlight has been pretty difficult because you have everybody's opinions and so i think it was a little shocking for me in the beginning. >> reporter: part of that shock was from the public scrutiny, she experienced. >> walking down the red carpet and seeing the photos afterward and having every headline be
8:14 am
my talent, not about what i was really there for or anything i wanted to be put out there and i thought that was really disappointing. >> reporter: and just last year she decided to undergo breast reduction surgery going from a 32f to a 32d. why did you decide ultimately to get breast reduction surgery? >> i had wanted to get a breast reduction since i developed because i was in excruciating pain and i couldn't sit up straight. it was always super uncomfortable to sleep, uncomfortable to sit, it was uncomfortable to walk and i dressing rooms because i couldn't find a bathing suit would fit me. did it for myself. it was the best change i ever made in my life. >> and you wore a stunning gown to the s.a.g. awards and you were not afraid to show your scars. >> i'm not. it really astounded me when people said to put my i think that's just so
8:15 am
>> scars are cool. i have them too. >> we have stories from them. >> reporter: she's hoping her experience will help other girls and wishes for a day where women in hollywood are no longer scrutinized for their looks. but despite her success as an actress, she said it's a path she might never have chosen. >> i think that when i was born, it was kind of already decided what i was expected to be, and so i was kind of pushed into the industry. that's not to say i don't love it and it's not my passion now. i do love it, but i don't know if i hadn't had my own run to be able to decide what i wanted to do, if i would have. >> did you have what most people would say is a stage mom? >> she most definitely was. this is what she wanted me to do and pushed very hard for that and kind of put that in the forefront of her mind instead of what i wanted and needed and that was definitely hard but i don't think that was the only issue. >> reporter: winter went through several years of legal battles with her mom over allegations she emotionally and physically abused her and ultimately became emancipated from her mother.
8:16 am
your mom at this point? >> i don't. we haven't spoken in 3 1/2 years. it's really hard to have that kind of drama in your life and to be going through that court situation and have an open court case and have everybody look at it because it's already hard enough for abuse victims but it's harder in the public eye when everybody has an opinion. >> you refer to yourself as an abuse victim. what happened to you? >> well, the thing is it's really hard to talk about and the reason i haven't talked about it thus far is because it was really painful for me to watch my mom go on news outlets and go on "dr. phil" and kind of spread things everywhere when it's really just private family business, but at the end of the day i feel like for me i probably should take the high road and do something that i would have wished she would have done for me. >> reporter: and for now she's closing that chapter and doing normal 18-year-old things. she's applying to colleges with plans to become a social justice lawyer. >> i've had a lot of life
8:17 am
really helped me grow into the person i am today, and i think it's something that needed to happen for me to see what i needed to do in my future, and it kind of shaped what i wanted to be in my future. >> and as for ariel's relationship with her dad, she says it was, quote, turbulent in her younger years but she adds that he's been nothing but supportive and loving and she's grateful. what a wise, wonderful, open 18-year-old. see the wisdom she's gained. >> she's so grounded and so talented. >> absolutely. i'm so happy for her and happy she has her dad. >> yes and her sister too. her sister's been a huge help to her. robin, over to you. >> thank you for that. now to a health alert about the new pill promising to jump-start women's love lives, if you will. a new report is calling it a fail, and some doctors say, well, it virtually is ineffective and potentially dangerous. abc news jen ashton is here. i love it when you're here. i can just see you
8:18 am
>> thank you, robin. >> this particular pill, relatively new on the market. what does the report say? >> any time there is a study about women and sex you know people are going to be talking about it. this was a study that came out in jama, one of the most reputable journals that really wanted to look at all the available evidence on flibanserin or addyi, this medication. they asked did these studies use good quality methods and did the benefits outweigh the risks of this medication? that's always important. what they found benefitswise, women taking this medication every single day had 0.5 more satisfying sexual encounters per month. they had a significantly higher rate of side effects and overall the studies produced were found to be of low quality evidence. >> what about the side effects? >> this pill is not for everyone. can it help some women, yes, but side effects versus placebo or sugar pill, significant. dizziness four times greater, sleepiness, nausea, fatigue. there is an interaction with alcohol and hold on to
8:19 am
looking at this medication and how it interacts with alcohol, most of them done in men. >> what? >> right, right. >> okay. >> we have a lot of work to do. you know there are a lot of women that are watching us this morning and they are sexual desire. what are your recommendations? well-being and health so i would say doctors need to be asking about it. it, please have the courage to bring it up and speak with your doctor about it. look for possible physical, psychological or hormonal causes and, if possible, talk to a marriage counselor or a sex therapist. these professionals are well underutilized in my opinion. >> back to this particular pill because there was a lot of hope from women and thought, okay, maybe this is it. >> right. >> what is your bottom line about this? >> this is an example of gender discrimination. we shouldn't just be talking about a treatment for female low libido almost 20 years after viagra was brought to market. so, is it a right step, yes.
8:20 am
it needs to be looked at in gay women, in postmenopausal women. they deserve good sex too and i think the person who finds the cure to the low libido in women will probably win the nobel prize in medicine. >> especially and women who have gone through treatment and i hear from women all the time who have gone through various types of breast cancer treatment and other types of diseases and things like that. >> very important. >> we did hear from the maker of addyi, and they said in part, "in all three phase trials a significant increase was seen in the number of sexually satisfying events in premenopausal women." they added that the analysis omits context and downplays the importance of increased sexually satisfying events. i'm glad that we can have this kind of conversation. >> so important, robin. >> jen, thank you. >> george. >> thanks, guys. we switch to "the bachelor." ben usual leashed a bombschellas night saying he's in love with not one but two women. >> and engaged.
8:21 am
that story has a lot of reaction and the woman he sent home is speaking out and kayna whitworth has the story. >> reporter: bachelor ben is bending the rules. >> i've known i'm in love with you for awhile as well. >> i love you too. >> reporter: surprising everyone with his venture in uncharted territory. >> what? >> i do. >> reporter: ben admit ing ting to not one but two women that he's head over heels in love. >> do not tell two women at the same time you love them. it's not going to end well. >> no. "the bachelor" studios in los angeles unable to contain their surprise. oh, what did we just see? everyone, everyone in this room just freaked out. >> he just told lauren that he loves her. >> reporter: but one woman sent home heartbroken. >> i am in love with two women here. >> uh-huh. >> and i just couldn't say it back to you. >> reporter: 24-year-old caila opening up during their date in paradise. >> i'm in love with you. tells her it's over.
8:22 am
>> that sounds like a line. >> reporter: caila telling us about that heart-wrenching good-bye. do you have any regrets from all of this? >> i have no regrets whatsoever. i fell in love, and it really does hurt me that he didn't. but i can't help that. >> reporter: when i sat down with bachelor ben, he had big news. >> i am engaged. >> you're engaged. >> i can say that. i haven't said that in an interview yet. >> reporter: revealing to "good morning america" first he and his fiancee are happier than ever. >> you don't know how much stress and weight to carry for so long because -- >> i'm glad you can share that with "good morning america." >> "good morning america," i am engaged, yes, finally. >> reporter: for "good morning america," kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> we just don't know to whom. with two women. engaged to one. >> we'll find out. >> that equals good tv.
8:23 am
tell all episode airs monday night at 8:00, 7:00 central on abc. let's go to rob. >> all right. look, if you're going out to vote today, you only get one so make a decision. it is super tuesday. all sorts of supporters out here right now. we've got severe weather that's going to be breaking across some of the states that are holding primaries, so be aware of that from arkansas through alabama, georgia, atlanta, you'll be in later today. good morning, a beautiful start
8:24 am
pick up, not so much today >> all right. first day of meteorological spring and primary, get out there and vote. lara, back inside to you. >> thank you, rob. we'll start "pop news" with an assist today from jesse. >> hey. >> okay. the old oscars. we'll begin with this story, though. i got it. what's in a name? what's in a name, jess? >> what's in a name? >> well, if it's kylie, apparent minogue, jenner, fighting for that name. the teen and aussie pop star in the throes of a legal battle over the trademark of the name kylie. kylie jenner filed for a u.s. trademark application for the name kylie in an effort to protect it in connection with advertising. not so fast, though. minogue's team counteracted and took to twitter saying, hello, my name is kylie. jenner reportedly from dilution. the name longer. she also happens to own the domain >> because she's older. >> yeah.
8:25 am
>> can you trademark a name? >> i found out today you can, in fact, trademark your name. you just have to be the first one to do it. >> did not know that. >> did not know that either. >> breaking news here in "pop news." >> we remember kylie minogue, though, i mean that was like 2001. >> yeah, i know. can't get you out of my head >> thank you. >> you can't talk. i can sing this whole thing. >> this is important. will you do the next one? >> sure will. here we go. if raindrops keep falling on need the oombrella. it's a brand-new umbrella that and social data minutes before they fall. if you're prone to forgetting your umbrella at home in a calm before the storm, this high-tech rain repellant will send you an alert using built-in gps trackers that senses when you stray too far from your oombrella on a day when you need this month and available in stores and online in about six months.
8:26 am
inventions ever. everyone knows if you carry the umbrella, it's not going to rain. >> exactly. >> plus, it's going to put some of my friends out of business. >> i was going to say, it makes you wonder why you feed a meteorologist. >> i felt conflicted about doing the story. >> a great excuse to play a great song. >> thank you. sometimes on a tuesday that's what it's all about. finally i just want to give you a little smile. most kids would say wearing braces is for the birds. this morning i can confirm it's a cute pup with very crooked teeth. retriever. good news, they only have to be on for a couple of months. puppy prom in no time.
8:27 am
8:27 am in a developing story as a custodian at west middle school has been fired for inappropriately touching a student, not identifying the student yet because he hasn't been arrested but this is what we know. the cherry creek school district was notified on january 29 after an investigation they fired him last week for violating a policy, police have been notified of the suspect has yet to be let's check whether with lisa. beautiful, highs about 5 to 7 degrees above normal, calm winds and clear skies, denver 57, 30s and 40s for the
8:28 am
tamara winds will pick up so you can see all of eastern colorado under the 10 color with a fire and whether watch. relative humidity will drop below 15% and we will respect -- expect winds near 50 mph we stay warm to the end of the
8:29 am
8:30 am
over my head i'm out of my mind welcome back to "gma." nice crowd out there in times square on this march 1st. they're getting ready for super tuesday voting and chrissy teigen is here live. robin will talk to that soon-to-be mom. also this morning, an exclusive look at how you can shop oprah's closet. the superstar auctioning off some of her favorite things and they could be yours and it all goes for a good cause. >> that's great. and then the american woman who's living a fairy tale. her real-life "downton abbey" story that took her from new york city to a manor in england. that story is coming up.
8:31 am
she's here. she finally made it here. soon-to-be mom chrissy teigen one of our favorites, the "sports illustrated" swimsuit model, television personality living "the fablife" and social media superstar is also an avid chef. she's sharing mouthwatering recipes from her new cookbook "cravings." >> i wanted to be here for so long. so exciting. >> worth the wait. >> i know. it really was. >> you looked fantastic -- >> thank you. >> -- on the red carpet. >> i can't believe that was a couple of days ago. >> you and john were just adorable. >> feeling some pains walking down that carpet but it was -- it was very mellow this year. it was very calm. i liked it. >> yeah. you have also made some headlines. stacey dash came out there and it was a bit that kind of fell flat. you had an expression that went viral. >> the whole area was still talking about it well into the sarah silverman segment because we were so floored by the silence of it and it was so
8:32 am
both look at each other like, that was weird and so funny to us and i just -- i can't -- you know, i got to show my face. i can't hold it in. >> were you surprised how it went viral like that so quickly? >> i immediately started -- my phone was going insane. what have i done now? you can't tell when the camera is on. there's no red light. you have no idea so i can't believe i did it again. i still get sent the one from the globes so now i have another h year of this happening. >> that's because you're so expressive. that's what we adore about you. you don't hold back. if you feel something you just -- >> but it's so bad. i love seeing my instagrams right now though because people are turning it into all sorts of different memes. i love it. >> well, congratulations again. >> thank you, thank you so much. >> you've been so outspoken in talking about it in that -- >> too outspoken apparently. >> well, some people feel that way. you have said it's going to be a baby girl, that you wanted a baby girl. >> yes. >> some people were a little critical of that. >> i know.
8:33 am
in my world it is. because everyone i know has gone through this, so i said it so casually that i didn't anticipate all the people that had never heard of such a thing before, and then it's interesting to spark conversation and get people talking about it, and we're happy with our decision, and we're proud of it and we're glad that we're living in a time we could do such a thing but, yeah, it's weird. we definitely didn't anticipate any kind of backlash from it. >> you think that john, a little baby girl. >> he deserves a baby girl. look at him. he's so -- he's so good to me obviously and he's just going to be the most doting, amazing father to a baby girl. a baby boy too. but we all know boys love their mommy, so i'll give him this time first and then next time -- >> how about we walk over here. >> yes, let's go. >> are you having -- speaking of cravings, are you having any cravings? >> now i can -- i'm just fitting whatever i can in me. basically my stomach is here. it's this big. >> so what are you going to make for us? >> this is my chipotle chicken.
8:34 am
things in my cookbook. it was one of the first things on the block. thank you, everybody. we have a team here which i love. but it's really, really easy to throw together, and it's still one of john's favorite recipes for our barbecues. make a marinade and throw brown sugar, chipotle peppers and adobo here, lime juice, a ton of garlic, like 20 cloves of garlic. yes, i love this. this is great. and then a little whiskey or whatever alcohol you have laying around, which i don't really know why i personally love the smoky whiskey flavor, but now i'm just sad that i can't have it. >> how long does -- >> throw it in a ziploc bag with the marinade. food processor and get it all nice and melded together and toss it in a ziploc and do a shaky-shake and go overnight but four hours is fine too. >> and this is the result. >> lay it down, just drizzle a little more on the top there. we're going to put it in the oven for 35 interins. >> that's okay. >> not bad at all and drizzle honey on it, which is one of my favorite things on the planet.
8:35 am
it will burn and caramelize. >> good tip there. >> another ten minutes and you end up with this beautiful do it under the broiler for a bit and it's delicious and then i love pairing it with my mango salsa. >> this looks delicious. >> it makes me feel healthy, so what i do is i just toss a little mango here, some avocado. i love this group. this is fantastic. cilantro, people are very weird about cilantro. you don't have to do it. >> okay. >> some more lime. some lime zest. >> you guys want to come over and get a bite. you're going to be cheering for it. onion, a lot of salt. everything needs a lot of salt. toss it up. thank you, my sous chef. >> thank you. >> i love putting it with my coconut rice too. >> hello. >> i'm so excited to see you i've been wanting to come here forever. >> tell us about this. >> this is my sweet potato gnocchi with brown butter and sage. a little parmesan on top.
8:36 am
lot. i see it on instagram, all over my instagram. >> wow. that is amazing. >> i feel bad because i know what it's like to have to eat on tv now and you just have to pretend and it's really tough sometimes. >> does this look like pretending? >> and the cauliflower. >> and the cauliflower, roasted cauliflower and orzo salad. really easy to throw together, light and fresh and vibrant and i really -- putting pasta in your salad is one of my new favorite things. >> ooh. i like a touch like that. well, this is fabulous. >> thank you. >> so good to see your mom. >> oh, my god, mom is -- she's so funny. that camera turns on and she's just whoosh. you can't shut her up. i don't get it. >> she has some good recipes. >> she does. she has a whole chapter in the book too. >> thank you for making the time. >> thank you, of course. >> i love that and all the best to you and john. >> thank you so much. >> and "cravings" available now and you can get these recipes on our website and don't forget about "the fablife." >> amy, where are you? >> i'm over here. don't eat it all without me but in the meantime, now more from
8:37 am
former contestant emily maynard who got engaged on both "the bachelor" and "the bachelorette" is opening up in her new book "i said yes" about accepting proposals on the shows and then getting through the dark days after those relationships ended. abc's juju chang has her story. >> reporter: america first fell in love with emily maynard on "the bachelor" swooning as brad womack proposed. >> you make me happier than i've ever been in my life and marry me. >> reporter: when that ended in heartbreak, we rooted for the single mom on "the bachelorette" as she fell for jef. >> will you marry me? >> yes. >> reporter: but we watched that romance publicly collapse too. today after all the reality show drama, emily says she's moved on to a peaceful new chapter which she writes about in "i said yes." it's the story emily says of saying yes not only to new husband tyler but also to god after many difficult years. among the dark episodes emily
8:38 am
when lonely and depressed she downed a bottle of pills. >> i had a bad day. i just decided, you know what, i'm going to take some pills. i did and ended up in the hospital. i would call it a cry for help. >> reporter: emily also writes about the tragic death of her fiance, nascar driver ricky hendricks killed in a plane crash in 2004 just days before she discovered she was pregnant with their daughter, little ricki. >> after the accident i wished more than anything that i had been on the plane with him. bachelor" for putting a bounce back into her single mom step. still, she says she knew almost as soon as brad proposed, it felt forced. >> you see it on tv, and it just looks so romantic but when you're actually in the moment, it's not that way at all. quite awkward. >> reporter: less than two years later came jef's proposal. relationship was doomed the moment her daughter joined the
8:39 am
situation. you don't get engaged to somebody and then say, oh, hey, ricki, this is jef. but it just didn't feel right. nothing about it felt right. >> reporter: on social media emily was vilified as the relationship fell apart. that's when emily says she became more spiritual. she met tyler johnson at church. the two wed in 2014 and welcomed baby jennings last year. and now the big news. >> i am pregnant again. >> reporter: emily says she has no regets about her reality show past since it led to the happily ever after future she never dreamed possible. for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, new york. >> and our thanks to juju for that. "i said yes" is available now. let's go outside to rob now. >> all right, amy, beautiful day in new york city. great day to get out and vote if you got a primary in your state, have at it. meanwhile, they changed the pattern across the northwest. look at it. rain there and mountain snow and
8:40 am
enjoy the sunshine. >> all: hillary, hillary. >> this weathercast is brought to you by the university of phoenix. it is super tuesday. they are fired up. amy, back inside to you. >> all right, rob. thanks so much. here's something else to be fired up about. oprah's closet up for sale. all next.
8:41 am
8:42 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country. tt2w`tkfd* bt@qzj tt2w`tkfd* "a@qjfd tt2w`tkfd* bm@qamh tt4w`tkfd*" dztq =$h tt4w`tkfd*" entq m ( tt4w`tkfd*" gzt& t'p tt4w`tkfd*" hnt& d)< tt4w`tkfd*" iztq .@d
8:43 am
tt4w`tkfd*" lzt& $]x n you're so beautiful now to the sale to end all sales. and some of her favorite things are up for grabs. duds for a great cause and "o" magazine gives us a sneak peek exclusively. jesse palmer has details. hey, jess. >> hey, lara, that's right. anyone who wants a piece of oprah history can go online to 200 items of clothing, shoes, accessories, high-end designer
8:44 am
parting with, all proceeds going to a charity very close to her heart and we're about to see and show you how she selected what is going on sale. take a look. it's the ultimate closet cleanout for the latest edition of "o" magazine. oprah winfrey sifted through her coveted closet at harpo studios filled with hundreds of designer dresses, tops and shoes. >> whoo! >> reporter: oprah along with bff gayle king made piles of clothes to donate and those to keep. in the end she said the process was liberating. >> holding on to pieces that are a part of the dream you have for yourself that have nothing to do with the way you live now. >> reporter: more than 200 items are up for auction on ebay, all proceeds going to the oprah winfrey leadersip academy chiffon dress she wore on the cover of "o" magazine. >> to be able to categorize your life in such a way that it is most helpful and most useful to you. >> reporter: letting go of the past and giving back to help
8:45 am
and oprah's big sale live on ebay right now, and new items are going to be added through march 4th. now, get this, the starting bid on every item is only 99 cents but obviously with so many fans wanting a little piece of oprah memorabilia, their prices are sure to get higher which at the end of the day is good news for all the students that oprah wants to help. >> absolutely, and, by the way, really nice clothes and here with a look at some of oprah's actual pieces, vincent payen, head of selling for all of ebay. thanks for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> give us an idea of what we have here. >> yeah, so, i mean, first of all, ebay sellers donate like over $90 million every year to charity. this is a place where you get the most money for the thing you no longer need and at the same time are able to do a good deed so it was like a really, really natural partnership with oprah to raise as much money as possible. >> it feels very oprahesque. i love this idea. >> you brought a couple of iconic pieces.
8:46 am
>> the badgely mishka sequin dress, a really classic piece, so each was actually custom-made for oprah. >> wow. she looks great. >> this dress is right now going for over $1200 on ebay and the auction just started. >> and that was started at 99 cents. >> started at 99 cents. >> that if you bought it would be thousands of dollars and when you consider all the money is going to charity -- >> it's a good cause. >> that is great. >> how about this hat? >> this is my favorite, and i'm actually bidding on it and, jesse, if you want to go at it. >> really. >> men can wear the hat also. >> i think it's the only thing i could pull off. maybe you could do better. >> is it a unisex hat? >> yes. >> are we -- >> here we go. >> there you go, jesse. strangely amazing in that hat. >> is this really expensive? >> right now it's about $500. >> does it come with chaps? >> that's way above my pay grade, by the way. >> everything could be arranged but, no, this is again like a piece of tv history for a good cause.
8:47 am
>> she wore it in 2009 when she went touring the u.s. with gael. >> i love that when she did that cross country trip. >> absolutely. >> let me put this back. this is currently at what price? >> about $500. i'll have to bid when we're done. >> you have tips on spring cleaning that people can do. >> we can be inspired by oprah. she is doing spring cleaning, so we can too. >> like all of us should think about like cleaning a closet, be smart with what we own so really like quick tips, this accessory hanger on the door with jewelry, belts. >> find a little spot for everything. >> exactly, so really great to save space. the hangers for the ties, belts, again, super convenient. the double rods, you know, like that sounds like really simple but like you actually double the size of your closet. >> i love all of these ideas and just one last thing, why not decorate it? it is an important space in your house. you see it every day. we love you did that. i love this charity auction. jesse, don't bid against him.
8:48 am
that was mine. you already put it on my head. it's over. >> everybody, the new issue of "o" magazine on newsstands now. coming up, the woman living a real-life "downton abbey" fairy tale.
8:49 am
8:50 am
hey, america, do you know someone who is a real-life superhero fighting for what's right? ben and henry want to know. >> let us know who you consider your hometown hero and why. >> you both could win a trip to the premiere of "batman v superman" and more. >> we'd like to give them a proper hero's thank you. >> go to on yahoo for how to enter "gma's" real superhero contest. >> we are back now with a real-life fairy tale story. one woman living out that dream going from an apartment in greenwich village, new york, to a manor in england. dawn russell, well, she gets the royal treatment in the latest issue of "people" magazine and she talked to me about the
8:51 am
life. meet lady dawn russell, wife of english arrest co-contract lord james russell and mother of two boys who enjoy their time at this abbey living a fairy tale life. >> go. >> reporter: but once upon a time, dawn's story began as a girl growing up in the heart of new york city. you're dawn the new yorker. >> i'm just dawn. >> you're just dawn but over in england you're lady dawn. >> reporter: dawn's love story starting differently than most. at 25 she was diagnosed with stage 3 lymphatic cancer and on a quick break between hospitals she met her future husband. so here you are, fighting for your life. >> i was looking for nothing except health. i went to this family friend's house and jamie opened the door. >> reporter: fast forward five years and that friendship blossoming to marriage. >> everyone kind of has their own fairy tale. if you're married to the right person and you've got your kids and everyone is healthy. >> yours just happens to come
8:52 am
decorations. >> those decorations include the russell family home having its very own safari park. >> he must be really hungry. >> my son is literally like one with those animals. >> reporter: her new york city life transformed to "downton abbey" like hunting trips. shoots are still happening. >> oh, are they happening. yes, my husband has a very good shot so we do a lot of shooting. >> reporter: but even as a new member of one of england's oldest noble families she says >> it was tough at the beginning. that i know for sure. >> why? >> to move countries, to leave the safety net of my little west village with my friends and my family, i think it kind of rattle the my soul. >> were there a lot of eyes on you in the beginning? >> of course, of course. american? >> yeah. >> reporter: with her new life came new adjustments. >> these houses are seriously cold. i mean, one night i actually put the rug over my bid. it is so cold. >> reporter: one of dawn's
8:53 am
butler a kiss on the cheek. >> oh, roger the butler, i mean, i just love him so, yeah, i'm american. i'm super tactile. and definitely i'm a little too tactile. family known for their line of entrepreneurial women so with you're not just a lady, you're not a lady of leisure but a hard working woman and i love this a supplement tablet featuring eight greens for the body. >> my dream was, i know what greens do. i want to give to the mother what she doesn't even know she needs. >> reporter: with her thriving business, her steady health and her beautiful family, the american born dawn is now living happily ever after.
8:54 am
the difference between possible and impossible? it's a person who believes they can, surrounded and supported by others-by us- who believe it, too. u.s. bank -- the
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over my head "good morning america" is brought to you by rent-a-center. flexible payments, yeah, you can do that. >> thank god. >> happy super tuesday, everybody.
8:57 am
we've been following breaking news out of aurora, a mobile home goes up in flames, firefighters say no one was inside this trailer, good thing, look at the size of the flames. firefighters from near by trailer willing, this morning investigators still trying to figure out how thii fire started. overnight a house catches fire in westminster, this one right near 73rd and would known in a. this may have been a hash oil explosion, let's get your first alert wet we are isa. it is a beautiful start to our day, clear skies, look at all the sunshine, this near sterling, can you see how clear it is. it is going to be a warm afternoon, mid to upper 50s, denver 57, 60 near lamar. 30s and 40s for the mountains. today our winds have calmed down. tomorrow winds are going to pick back up, so it will be mostly sunny but windy on
8:58 am
as we head into the end of the week, we are not going to see much in the way of rain or snow until early next week. so tomorrow due to the warm, dry windy conditions fire weather watch has been issued and goes into effect onn wednesday. unfortunately we have a rollover crash on the east side of town, you can sse the vehicle, wheels over to the side, quebec and mlk, a busy intersection, we are going to have slow traffic because of it right there as they are going to have to roll it back on the wheels. you are starting to see a better traffic flow on 225, i 25 and santa fe, accident reported on northbound side of mississippi. still a couple minutes on the santa fe drive. the rest of the commute continues to wind down, still
8:59 am
also one at hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america
9:00 am
i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. all due respect, have several seats. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chaser. >> now, here's wendy!


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