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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  March 2, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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i am a unifier, i would love to see the republican party an everybody get together and unify, and there's nobody that's going to beat us. >> soloing as the field remains divided donald trump's lane re- maybes likely. %- and remains likely. >> this moves forward to the crescent city, the motor city and beyond. >> wall street may be against us and the super pac s may be against us, but you know why we are going to win? because your message is resonating and the people when we stand together will be victorious. [cheers and applause] well, it's the morning
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all the results. donald trump leading the gop while hillary clinton leads democrat. >> hillary clinton won in our state. here in colorado there are two big stories the lack of republican straw pole on presidential preference and also the massive crowds. this is a message showing extremely long lines. people from all over our area describe having to move meetings and votes outside. >> the line was wrapped all the way around east high school the entire block. i would think a lot of people would be showing up, so apparently there have more people than they were expecting. >> but that wasn't the only place they had crowds. some in boulder county had to be turned away. >> eric lupher joins us. >> reporter: thousands of
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for hours to vote and then they never did, so clearly they were very upset. they want their voice heard as well. we're being told expectations should by a lot even before president obama. take a look at some pictures taken from our partners, there were 22 caucus sights spread out across boulder county yesterday and according to the newspaper, 23,568 people voted. that's a number that came in early this morning. bernie sanders received a huge chunk of that. hillary received 6,265 votes. now let's say you're a voter for hillary clinton and you
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people are wondering if if this skewed this turnout. you can understand the eric. thank you. this year, the republicans did vote. they selected the delegates from the counting conventions. >> this year i feee dis- enfranchised because there's no chance to vote for any of the republican candidates. >> they got rid of the straw pole that would have forced colorado gop to bind them to the results. don't forget we'll have another 10:15.
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been accomplished this legislative session and what still needs to be done. it's the morning after super tuesday. in colorado chose bernie sanders which is different than the rest of the country. most of the other states went for hillary clinton. she won seven states bringing the delegate count to 1,001. bernie sanders has 371 delegates. now the republican side. trump the big winner took six states, that brings his delegate total to 285. delegates thus far. to see a further breakdown you can read it over on now let's send it over the lisa for our forecast.
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aboutt15-30 miles per hour. it's going to be a huge issue for parts of eastern colorado even through the foothills and mountains. bertha pass recent gusts about 30-40 miles per hour. eastern colorado is going to feel it combined with the dry weather prompting a red flag warning. we do have high fire danger. some watches and warnings to the north and up near nebraska. because of the wind that down sloping wind, a very mild start. 40s and 50s as you walk out the door this morning. 56 by noon and highs in mid to low 60s. there are week. we'll talk more about that coming up, jayson. >> reporter: you can sse more of the streaming camera at floyd hill, it is moving and
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better dancer than i am. highway 93, castle rock, windy conditions there. somebody is getting a cdot camera down there is getting a visit from the state patrol officer. take a look at the overall map. still a lot of green out there getting out the dia a pretty decent drive. we did have a report of horses on the road near 56 and tower. everything else around is pretty much okay shape. 5:36 breaking overnight. a big search for a car hitting a pedestrian. this happened at treemont place and park avenue. police have issued a medina alert. they got a plate number here. qki-285 lincoln gray sedan. if you know anything about this you are urged to call 911.
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yesterday morning. police in lakewood are looking for a man who shot someone during a drug deal. investigators say a man and woman drove up and forced another man ut of his car, shotthim and stole his vehicle. he's okay right now. no word what the suspects look like. and another breaking news we brought you yesterday morning. the fire at the green acres mobile home park in aurora went up just after six in the morning. investigators say it was caused by something cooking on the stove. a man does live there but he was not at home at the time. developing now the dreaded zika virus is now here in colorado. the health department says there are two confirmed cases in our state. >> reporter: these are the first confirmed cases in colorado. health officials say expect to see more. there are now over 100 cases of zika across the u.s. all of them are travel related including the two patients who
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the health department says they have already recovered. most people with it don't even see any symptoms. they can include rash and joint pain. health officials say it the unlikely we will ever see an outbreak in colorado because it lives in tropical regions. we talk today a denver health doctor about it. >> i think right now the numbers are very small. i think it will be a minor concern, but we'll have to wait and see how things unfolded. >> reporter: the biggest concern for zika is for pregnant women. it can cause infants to be born with unusually small heads and brain damage. the cdc is recommending women not travel to zika areas.
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providing tests if they do upon return. 110 days away. parents, if you haven't signed your kids up for camp you could be running out of time. depending on what you're looking for, some camps can cost upwards of $500 a week. there are camps devoted specifically to science and math, sports or the outdoors. but if you can find a way to do it, it's great for the kids. says getting kids involved over the summer is very important. >> when you think about what summer has to offer and the amount of experience young people get to be engaged with the community, they're peers and have their brains challenged. >> reporter: they offer camped for around $200 a week.
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workers undergo a background check and weekly searches are performed. >> the y camp up in rocky mounten national park is gorgeous. mountain national park. >> we need an adult camp. >> you know, they are starting to do that. these days it's mostly %- used as a rave drug but it turns out ecstasy can help soldiers returning from battle.
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south carolina's governor transgender students. the governor says each school or district should decide what's best for its students. proposed. a school in north carolina is addressing the similar code. it doesn't allow girls to wear dresses or skirts. >> when it's 19-degrees out and
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that she doesn't want to put on a skirt while boys can wear long underwear under their pants -- >> two of the parents are suing the school with the help of the aclu. the columbine shootings enforced it to preserve shivalry and respect among young men. franchise tag was put on von miller yesterday. >> it means the players like malik jackson won't be tagged. sam bradford was signed to a new $18 million a year deal.
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to tag -- right now he's the top qb. >> epsn says that peyton would like to play next year. sources close to him say he hadn't really decided yet and probably won't until early next week. now to baseball who says it just for people. maybe your dog wants to get in on all this. now the diamond backs are about to let that happen. they are going to be the first dog friendly park. there will be doggy ice crram with kibble toppings. >> i think it's a brilliant idea. >> can you imagine, it would be more dogs than people. >> it's a cool idea. >> it is. >> we have a beautiful day baseball like wert.
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tracking what is going to be a very gusty afternoon. as a weak disturbance rolls through we are expecting light snow, tomorrow a little calmer. the storm ith moving through as we speak. you can see the clouds increasing over eastern colorado, you are going to find a mix of sun and clouds this morning. more cllud cover looks like a break from the sun gray, normal temperatures high is 50- degrees. we have already hit that. temperatures are going to sore well above normal. fort collins 52. castle rock right now 49 and 40 in parker, so 30s and forpets, covering western colorado and a very mild to our wednesday. fort collins, 63 for a high today, so most of north eastern kol constitutional is going
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be about 60, 65. the futurecast, the snow is showing the mountains right now. some of the clouds getting across eastern colorado will clear up by midday today so we have got more sunshine along i- 25 by 12:00. a few storms could pop up, and % we could get a little lightning and thunder across the plains %- this afternoon. we are already talking about the chance of it as we inch a little closer to spring. tomorrow, a little calmer, still very warm, we're talking 60s from today through the first oo next week, warm and dry, the bright spot you could put it on either day this weekend, beautiful closer to 70 on sundaa, chance for some storms and showers. let cross our fingers by accuse, jayson of next week. >> reporter: overall not a bad drive. traffic here and there, but pretty decent.
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120th. north 40 coming in, to fort collins from 120th, longmont another 15 minutes coming down 3 120th avenue. waiting for some of the sunshine to slow us down, but right now want to remind you we have really all four lanes up to the county line exit. on northbound,-25. you loose one of the lanes, you pick it up at c-470. right now no delays, maybe 25 25. to wadsworth about 25 minutes. medical exerts in the u.s.
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the drug ectasy also known as mdma have gotten permission to try the drug as a legitimate treatment for pstd. veteran james casey is one of the test subjects. >> patients like casey underro three separate treatments. if phase three is as successful as one and two, the fda could approve it for use in less than five years. there's a popular fast food chain to reward you for putting your phone down during dinner. >> reporter: in today tech bytes direct t.v. ditching the dish? at and t has announced streaming bundles. the new plans will allow them
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programs without dishes, boxes or annual contracts. chick-fil-a is offering customers to ditch their cell phone during meals. they will be given a free ice cream cone. brita teaming up to make sure you never run out of water filters. >> it's reorders its own filters. then the pitcher is on auto pilot ordering new ones through amazon. if your pet runs away, your cat or dog, you might get
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hot on the internet today two bikers in russia had a bear run right in front of them. one of the riders instinctively puts on his brake. the other guy nearly hits the bear. just about every kid wants to be like daddy, right? this kid shaved the front part of his head with his daddy's razor. didn't get hurt but he certainly looks funny. mcdonalds is now serving the cad bury cream egg mack
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here in the united states. a japanese online retailer has created this detachable mop heads that looks like the commodor dog. it's something to be used for cleaning and a play thing. that's weird. gi mo lives in south korea and he has thousands of instagram followers say he has the most adorable eyes ever. he has 156,000 followers. skittish doesn't he. >> he doesn't really look like a cat.
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>> we have a consumer alert for %- you at 5:54. whole foods recalling some of it's blue cheese because it macon train listeria. the plu numbers beginning with 2933and throw 08. and sell buy january 20th and march 31st. you can return it and get a full refund. a peacock named handsome heezel is back where he belongs. beccuse he's so pretty and stand out people on facebook would post a picture whenever they saw him, but actually wrangling him was pretty tough. i'm just not able to contain him because there's only one of me and he's pretty quick.
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interview -- everything weet dark, no they were able to catch him. >> i'm sure the neighbors were like get this thing away. >> reporter: we have a beautiful start. some cloud cover out on the plains, there from the vie area wireless camera, you can see -- vieira wireless camera, our mountains will continue to pick up light snow, a fee inches at besttand more sunshine here in denver this afternoon. 62, windy and dry, tomorrow 65, warm through the first of next week. >> reporter: we have the wind to deal with in the foothills. i've been watching the cameras bounce around so hold on the steering wheel tight over on 93.
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including getting out to dia this morning. 5:56. >> right now kids are getting decked out in their favorite dr. sues book. it's read across america day. >> it's also the morning after super tuesday. a lot of people are talking about chris christie. no locker a candidate but what he did last night has as a lot of people talking abdomen laughing. >> and soon some local researchers will begin studying
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with a 100% electric nissan leaf... what will you do? how far will you go? how much will you see? electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best
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what a super tuesday. >> when we unify, there's nobody, nobody, that's going to beat us. >> it's 6:00 a.m. and hillary clinton and donald trump claimed victory on super tuesday. there were huge lines to get into the caucuses. >> reporter: if there was fear of donald trump nomination in the republican nomination before super tuesday, this is all out panic today.


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