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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  March 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MST

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the news is creating shock waves across the country today. tonight, we're hearing from his broncos teammates, his former team, the colts, and even you the fans. let's begin our coverage. >> the sheriff is riding off into the sunset. peyton manning is closing the book on a hall of fame career and one of the greatest chapters in broncos history. next stop for number 18, the pro football hall of fame. his four years with the broncos one of the all-time greats. four division tightals, two af thrch championships and a victory in his final game, super bowl l. along the way, he broke nearly every passing record, including most wins by a quarterback. manning also notched a 5th ranked mvp. david routen jr. says peyton
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this is a day to celebrate % number 18. you. >> you can sell operate his career for sure. you celebrate everything he's done, ot just on the field, but off the field. he's continued to do so much for such a long career. you've got to celebrate that. you've got to celebrate your record, your achievements. playing that long. `aving two super bowl championships under your belt. >> that's right, two super bowls. he leaves a champion. >> tomorrow denver 7 will carry peyton manning's big announcement live. manning will host a news conference tomorrow morning at 11:00, and you can count on denver 7 to bring you live coverage right here on nfl commissar roger goodell is sounding off on the big
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he released a statement saying in part, peyton's competitive fire and love of the game thrilled fans. we know that his success will continue. fans are also reacting tonight. some wish peyton would not retire, and others are glad to see him go out with a world championship. denver 7's kyle horan went to sports authority field where many came out in honor of the qb. >> reporter: you don't have to go far to find true fans. >> it's historic, him going out on top, just like elway. >> i think it was the right move for him, because he should go out a winner. >> reporter: some would be here even if peyton wasn't planning to retire. though some came here just for peyton. >> i am a colts fan.
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heeis obviously one of the greatest of all-time. >> reporter: they think the future hall of famer should spend one more year here. >> double back it. >> yeah, go back-to-back wins. >> he says no. >> reporter: even other teams have to give their respect. >> i'm a cowboys fan, but i used to hate when we played cowboys. you know what i'm saying. last minute. `ust always that last minute. he'd bring it out for the win. >> reporter: all agree the sheriff is going out on top. >> i'm happy for him ending it with us. peyton manning, you're the 1. >> even denver mayor michael hancock is saying thanks to peyton today. at one point, the mayor was a bronco himself. suiting up as the team's mascot. in a statement, he says thank you peyton for the memories, and for leading our team back to championship ways. the indianapolis colts shared these images on twitter, saying
5:04 pm we have a link to the colts tribute viee, the team put together for manning. so what happens next? there are $19 million set aside because of manning's decision. that money will likely be used to sign brock osweiler on board. the exclusive negotiation period ends tomorrow, and brock could be a free agent, if there is no agreement. we have reaction from the broncos and a slide show of manning from the first day he joined the broncos up to his super bowl win last month. turning to your first alert forecast now, you can see it right now on our radar, rain, and snow is already falling in parts of our state. this is only the beginning, folks. stacy donaldson is tracking just how much we can expect. the cold front still outside colorado. we had beautiful weather around denver and the front range today. afternoon highs in the upper 60s. with some cloudiness that's
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once again, the highs in the 60s and 70s for the easternn half of the state. for the west, we have snow that's been showing up, and a winter weather advisory in effect through tonight for our mountains. i just want to show you how much snow we already have showing up. here's the location of that winter weather advisory here for the mountaiis. everything shaded in red here for the southeast. that's a red flag warning in effect for high fire danger tomorrow. and we'll be talking more about our chances for line here in the denver area, coming in the next 24 hours innthe next few minutes. we're on top of another big story across the country today. former first lady, nancy reagan has died from congestive heart failure. she was 94. she was always by president
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their love story spanned a half century, and was well documented on film. this couple went on to win the white house. the former chief of staff reflects on the woman who was so beloved. >> she was his closest adviser. she was his constant protecter. and of course, she was the love of his life. >> many give nancy credit to her crusade against drug and alcohol abuse. she later became an advocate for research into alzheimer's after president reagan battled it for nearly a decade. right now on with, very % a slide show remembering theii time together in the white house. in less than an hour, hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off in another debate. tonight's debate will be in flint, michigan. flint's water crisis is expected to be among the topics both candidates will address. here in colorado, leaders are again considering whether to hold primaries instead of
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this comes after hundreds of democrats were turned away from the caucus because of long lines on super tuesday. republicans were left angered by the fact they didn't vote at all. leader high school started looking to create a primary last year, but what happened on super tuesday is now increasing that urgency. colorado held primaries for three presidential elections starting in 1992, but ended for the 2004 electton because of cost. in east denver, three dogs were rescued after this condo complex cauggt fire. the fire was sparked in the attic, but everybody got out safely. it's not clear what led up to %- all of this. a deadly crash stalls traffic near castle pines. one person was killed. it happened in the northbound lanes this morning. it's still not clear what led up to this crash. plans are in place to evict people from homeless camps near homeless shelters in denver. tomorrow, the city will ppt up
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but tuesday, it will begin enforcing that rule. even tearing down tarps. any belongings will be put in a warehouse, where the city can still pick them up. the city says it's all in an effort to cut down on the health and safety risks stemming from these camps. take a look at this. our colorado avalanche players hit the fashion catwalk with a few kidd who may have just stolen the show there. they've all overcome a health challenge. brunch. proceeds from this event go to sports charities. it's something we wish we never had to think about. how to respond to an active shooter situation. next, we take you inside a class, teaching people simple tips to keep them safe. and a homeowner shot multiple westminster. investigation tonight. and we all know it wassa dry
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shouldn't be too worried just yet. >> we do have lots of warm weather, and dryyconditions for the eastern half of colorado, with red flag warnings in effect for the next 24 hours, and snow expected for the higher elevations. we'll talk more about the
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welcome back. it's something we shouldn't have to think about, but unfortunately, we do. how to survive an active shooter situation. a martial arts studio spend the day on how to defend themselves using only their bare hands. >> how do you fight back against someone looking to do maximum harm to the public. it's do maximum harm to the attacker. >> redirect.
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comes are you okay? >> yes. % >> you have saved lives just by doing this. >> reporter: learning how to react to defend themselves and others in case something horrible happens. >> once those attacks start. even if the police are called that minute, it's going to take them time to respond. in the 3 to 5 minutes, or even longer that it takes them to get there, a lot of people can be injured or killed. >> reporter: what if every day people fault back? >> when someone starts wrestling that gun away from them. they have to change what they think. they have to change what they're doing. >> reporter: here's a simple move that i was just statute. you grab the gun, point it away from myself, and control it while attacking the attacker. >> whether or not there's an attack happening, it's teaching you situational awareness. >> reporter: the trainers hope
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lives the next time a mass attack happens. >> trainers say even if the attacker is held for a few minutes, it could be enough time for police to get there and take over, there's more of this training happening right now. a news alert out of westminster now. there's a $2,000 award if you can help catch the men behind a home invasion. it may be related to a pot grow. police say two armed men barged into a home last night, and shot the homeowner. the homeowner was seriously hurt. there cculd be a cap on the in denver. city leaders are looking for alternatives to the current moratorium. getting feedback. the plan would limit pot businesses within a defined boundary. a denver 7 report last week showed how those businesses are concentrated in a poor hispanic neighborhood.
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councilmembers seem that's an appropriate situation, opposed to a moratorium. we're going to continue that conversation and assure we have the neighborhoods first and foremost. >> the economy plans to have additional hearings before any measure goes to the full council. in aspen, dispensaries are %- making big bucks off pot. the city's 7 dispensaries sold more than $8.3 million worth of medical, and recreational pot in 2015. thht's according to statistics from the city's finance department. emotion $200,000 in taxes are going into city coffers. there were two months when pot sales actually topped alcohol sales. the usda found the western part of the state was the dryest. across our state, mountain precipitation was about half of what we normally get. researchers say this could make for a big imppct on our snowpack.
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weather service say it's just yet. >> i wouldn't say too concerning. we still have quite a bit more precipitation. as we are still in the el nino phase, we can still see some pretty good snow systems from this. >> she says march and april will be very important in telling how much snowpack will be affected. denver 7 meteorologist stacey donaldson join us now. we're already getting a little help with this. >> reporter: we do have some moisture coming in from the west, but i wholeheartedly aggee. i wanted to show yyu some stats. because our average snowfall is around 10 to 11 inches here in denver for the month of march. the most know snow we've ever seen, 35. the least amount, a trace. we do have snow coming in from the west. actually moisture. it will be rain here in the denver area.
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we've seen a mix of rain and snow. it will turn over to all snow well. if you're traveling up in the mmuntains through tomorrow, it will be cold, it will be snowy, with temperatures in the 30s, then we'll have 30s on tuesday. here inndenver, 69 degrees for our hiih today. absolutely gorgeous weather. 52 is normal. ss we're well ahead where we should be this time of the year. night. us. rain in the metro area. mountain snow showing up, and it will be warrer by the end of 3 the week once again. we'll have those 60s and 70s right back until the seven-day forecast. already, we have moisture coming in across western colorado. in the meantime, it's still very dry for the 80s and 70s. the last couple of days. so we have high fire danger. the bulk is down into utah and parrs of arizona. we still have a lot of rain in
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but that cold front will be headed in our direction. a lot of watchee and warnings % associated with this storm system. high winds here from utah into nevada and arizona. a high fire danger all the way up into colorado, nd parts of the central plains. but we're focusing here on the snowfall. a winter weather advisory that starts tonight, lasts through tomorrow night for about 3 to 8 inches of snow. but i wanted to show you the track of this cold front. by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, we are going to see that front into western colorado. then right over denver by noon time. that's when we have our best chance for rainfall. if you live in tte eastern part of the state, that's when you'll see most of your rainfall showing up. our future cast, pulling that moisture into the higher elevations through tomorrow afternoon. rainfalllhere for the northeastern part of the state. then it clears out pretty quickly. we will have a few scattered showers on tuesday, as with winds back through. as for the front range.
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there's really not a lot going on. by the time we hit noon time. we'll get that moisture pushing on through, and snow in the higher elevations, and then it clears out pretty quickly. i want to break it down for you. temperatures in the 40s. mostly cloudy skies to start your day. by noon time, temperatures in the 50s, with sooe rain. then we'll have that rain into the evening as well. temperatures in the low 50s tomorrow for us here around 60s and 70s in tte southeastern part of the state. here on the seven-day forecast, we turn it right back around. we're in the 60s and 70s to go all the way into the end of the week. i love that friday forecast, 70 and mild, with sunny skies. >> just gorgeous. we've been so dry in februury, but really shouldn't worry too much yet. march is so snowy typically. >> it is, and we have a ways to go. >> and we'll be begging for the 70s to come on back.
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7, we'll take you inside the lab and show you the new technology that could change some lives.
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welcome back. `ou'll only see this on denver 7. just as easy as printing on a piece of paper. now machines can make body parts, and its technology is denver. lindsey watts got an up close look at the work being done at the university of denver. >> the benefits of 3d printing are astounding. >> 3d printers can build just about everything from the ground up, with incredible detail. >> i just need to make sure that i have the pressure exactly right. >> reporter: at this denver university lab, what they're your life. >> these can come straight from a hospital, or ct scan, or an mri. >> reporter: using doctor's pictures from inside your body, researchers are able to make an
5:23 pm
in this case, a heart valve. we watched as something that took nature millions of years to perfect, printed exactly for us. >> this exactly matches the shape of a patient's heart valve. >> reporter: it would go from a bioprinter to a bioreactor with cells. it would take on its shape, then this would dissolve. >> those native fibers and native cells, they replace the entire scaffolding you see here, leaving nothing but natural, real blood vessel cells. >> reporter: the lab still has a ways to go before its heart valves reach a real beating heart. but that's the goal. >> some of the people that i know have said, this would change my niece's life. or this would change my friend's life.
5:24 pm
cofounder of denver's 3d printing store. it's in use elsewhere too, and printed this replica of a human ear. ground breaking developments. >> it's not like there's been this huge body of research out there, that we can go and learn from. we are writing that book, and they're writing important chapters here at du. >> reporter: advanced tools, and thinking. >> use it to create something that will benefit all people. >> reporter: that could be coming to a body near you. lindsey watts, denver 7. >> pretty interesting. later this year, du expects to start putting the synthetic heart valves through a bioreactor with human cells. from there, there could be an animal testing. one of the biggest %- advertisers unveils its new cell phone tracking program tomorrow. it collects information about where you're going, and is passed along to advertisers to
5:25 pm
billboard is in reaching a target audience. >> whether i go to the grocery store, it's none of anybody's business. it's my thing. >> it was actually rather horrifying to think that our privacy is being invaded once more. >> we're moving down the slippery slope. this is evolutionary. at some point, holy cow, what have we allowed throughout time, and it's a lot of information. >> the radar program will begin in 11 major markets including new york and los angeles. there are plans to unveil more of those billboard trackers in other cities by the end of the year. denver 7 took center stage at the cooorado eagles game last night. they dropped the puck to start the game off, and even got a ride on the zamboni. today, the eagles played their family and faith game. right now, we're following big stories this afternoon.
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with prism essential tv plus up to 12 megs of internet speed. just $55 a month for a year. only from centurylink. call and switch today. we're on top of a big developing story now. after 18 years in the nfl, our very own number 18 will retire.
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official announcement tomorrow morning. the news has set off a big reaction around the country, with manning's teammates, past and present, weighing in on the announcement, and ww're hearing from you, the fans. >> i have watched peyton manning like from tennessee all the way up to here. the man is awesome. >> it's kind of sad to see peyton manning go. >> we hate to see him leave. >> i got to see him get a ring with the colts. got to see him get a ring with the broncos. it's pretty cool. >> he'll be at the ucf training center. we'll have a livv at 11 tomorrow morning. tonight, we're hearing from broncos general manager john elway, and head coach gary kubiak. elway hired manning backkin 2012, and in a statement he says peyton was everything that we thought he was, and even more. not only for the football team, but in the community. and head coach, gary kubiak just took over that role in the
5:30 pm
he says it was a blessing to coach pattedden manning. nobody worked harder at the game, and nobody prepared harder than peyton. coming up on denver 7 sports extra at 5:52, breaking down manning's record breaking career, and tell us what's next after this big announcement, and right now on, we have a slide show of manning's career, from the time he join the team, to last month's super bowl win. former first lady, nancy reagan has died at her home in california from congestive heart failure. her marriage to ronald reagan lasted 52 years until his death in 2004. nancy reagan was 94. the race for the white house taking a turn this weekend. today, democrats in maine, and republicans in puerto rico, casting their ballots. marco rubio is projected to win that vote. tonight, hillary clinton and
5:31 pm
debate stage. michigan. >> our next president of these >> reporter: hillary clinton making the rounds just hours before the debate. >> a community that has been literally poisoned because of government indifference and neglect. >> reporter: the former secretary of state, addressing the water crisis in flint. polls giving the front runner a commanding lead in michigan. >> we have come a very long way. >> reporter: clinton still netted more delegates. still, the senator says he can win the nomination nd the presidency. >> sanders vs. trump. clinton vs. trump? you know who's doing better
5:32 pm
>> reporter: for now trump is focused on his fellow republicans. cruz split super saturday with ted cruz. now he's calling on the rest to drop out. >> marco rubio had a very bad nnght. i'm calling for him to drop out was race. i want ted, one-on-one. >> reporter: john kasich claimed a big support tonight. arnold schwartzenegger. >> heegave me this jacket, but i'm officially the governator too. >> reporter: several crucial contests in the days ahead. ryan burrow, abc news, flint, much. turning now to your first alert forecast. this is what some people in california will see for the next day. a strong storm moved into the northern part of the state this weekend. other parts of the state saw rain too. this is the same storm system moving right into colorado
5:33 pm
with more on what we can expect, let's get right over to first alert meteorologist stacy donovan. >> we're already seeing more rain and snow move in. at this point, we have scattered showers here near colorado springs down towards sow ladda, even into telluride. a mix of snow in the western slope as well. a winter weather advisory -`tonight through tomorrow for our northern, central, even southern mountains. on the other side of the coin, we're still too dry in the southeastern part of the state. a red flag warning in effect tomorrow night for high winds, low humidity levels and a fire danger. how about this weather today? temperatures in the 60s, and 70s across the eastern part of the state, and it looks like we will change things up dramatically tomorrow with the passage of this cold front. we'll talk more about the full forecast in just a few minutes. >> hopefully enjoy that sunshine today.
5:34 pm
good for your waist line. a university of houston study suggests they may be key to preventing obesity. it found junior high students who ate peanuts as snacks had a lower bmi index, and the numbers continued to shrink after the 12 week study. -` crawing mixed feelings from
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take a look at this. it's the latest proposal to add
5:37 pm
this is called curtis park. there are 56 units at 320 square feet each. but there's no parking. the developer says it's designed to be affordable, minimalistic, and perfect for those who don't have a car. it's just a block from a light rail, and bus station. people who live in the area have mixed feeliigs about the project. >> some days i have a park a block away or something. i might be one of the few, but yes, i'm willing to see how it goes. >> this isn't the only car free microplex proposed. chances are, you've noticed the argo mine once or twice. now a group of business partners have bought the old mine and mill, and plans to redevelopment. these are two of the partners in the denver post. the group plans to revamp the mill and do tours. they've haded a hotel, in restaurants, and a river walk. the plan will cost around $70
5:38 pm
some beautiful weather across the front range, and all of colorado for that matter. but now we have some rain and some snow moving in through the higher elevations. and that will eventually reach the metro area, we'll talk timeline, and the seven-day forecast, coming up. you wouldn't waste money buying a snow blower in miami. so why waste your money on overpriced meals? instead, for just six dollars at subway, get a simple six meal: pick from six of our six-inch subs, chips and a drink, for six dollars, every day. subway. fresh is what we do.
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you wouldn't waste money buying a snow blower in miami. so why waste your money on overpriced meals? instead, for just six dollars at subway, get a simple six meal: pick from six of our six-inch subs, chips and a drink, for six dollars, every day. subway. fresh is what we do. hi there, i'm meteorologist
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temperatures were in the 60s, even the 70s across eastern colorado. this is a live picture looking across denver. -`in the mountains, it really hasn't been too bad. we had moisture moving acrrss the mountains. first starting with rain, mixing to a little snow. wet roadways in places. so keep that in mind if you're traveling. looks like that will change all over to snow through tonight, and especially tomorrow. 69degrees our afternoon high today. well above where we should be, which is our normal high of 32. our record high, 75 degrees. our humidity level at 29%, and our winds at 14 miles an hour. as you see on our weather headlines it will be much cooler tomorrow, even cooler than it is outside. we'll have highs in the low 50s. rain will be moving in. we have mountain snow, and it will actually be warmer by the end of the week. those 60s and 70s will return on the seven-day forrcast. already, we have moisture coming in from the west. this is just a precursor of things to come.
5:42 pm
colorado. we've had very heavy rain and snowfall off to the west here, even into parts of united states, out into alifornia. still more rain and snow. we're expecting about 2 to 4 feet in the sierras. the cold ront is still thinning over utah. this is going to make its way into western colorado by the morning. in the meantime, he expect snowfall for unit, wiih a high winter weather advisory. still winter storm warnings for the sierras. then dealing with red flag warnings for high fire danger. quite a difference in what we have going on as this storm approaches. a winter weather advisory from eagle and aspen, down toward telluride, and durango. as this cold front approaches, i wanted to show you that by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, it will be in % westernncolorado. by noon time near the front range. for the eastern plains it will be there by 7:00 p.m. in the evening.
5:43 pm
for rain by about noon tomorrow, and then it moves across to the plains into the evening. as the storm system wraps through, we'll have snowfall here into the afternoon and evening for the high country, and then we'll have rain for the northeastern part of the state monday night, it clears out pretty quickly as we go into tuesday. for us tomorrow morning, you're driving to work. just cloudy skies across the area. by noon time, we'll have rains showing up for the front range, and moving out for the plains. we'll still have the snow in the higher elevations, by tuesday, most of it clears right on ouu. we'll have cloudy skies. temperatures in the 40s, rain by midday, a few showers into the evening, as our temperatures drop. highs tomorrow will be in the 50s. a cool down on the front range. on the seven-day forecast, we just stay cool for a couple of days. we'll be in the 60s and 70s by thursday and friday. friday, a spectacular day. you may be making plans for a longer wwekend. this is the time to do it.
5:44 pm
the sun today? >> yeah. there was some cloud cover. did you? >> no, i watched tv all morning. i knew, i knew, it was terrible. >> i should be out there enjoying it. >> i know, but i will have more chances. peyton maaning, the big story across the country today. >> yes, denver is the center of the universe. also the home of the defending super bowl champions. %- peyton's last rodeo, it's the stuff movies are made of. we're going to relive some of peyton's mile high magic, and tell you what's left for the
5:45 pm
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lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month
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that was a great thing to championship. two trips there, and multiple afc west titles. it's a true testament of having a great guy back there at quarterback. peyton manning. john fox once said he raises all boats. tomorrow, peyton will officially retire, and sail off
5:48 pm
it's actually great timing. four years ago today, manning was released by the indianapolis colts. john elway scooped him up. the biggest free agent signing in nfl history. four years later, the broncos are on top of the football world. there's another lombardi trophy. peyton cemented his standing as one of the all-time greats. he was so good, he re defined tte quarterback position. >> he's a guy that's not just only a student of the game. towards the end of his career, they're saying he created his own offense. think offthat. a quarterback, has tried to mesh what he does with another coach. >> peyton manning was thh %- smartest guy on the football field. could out smart any coach. was an offensive coordinator at the line of scrimmage, but became even more accentuated the later he got on in his career. >> some said he was the head
5:49 pm
this was a day that we all knew was coming. the problem isn't necessarily saying goodbye, it's trying to put peyton manning in some sort of perspective. this man is larger than life. >> it's hard to really put this intoowords what he's meant to the sports world for years. when i took this profession, he's always treated me with respect. his legacy written before he went to denver, but it was cemented during his time as belongs signal caller. [ music ] what defines a career? is it the numbers? >> it's going do be caught by demaryius ttomas! his 6th touchdown pass of the game. >> you make sure you bend it %- in. first play of the game. i'm talking about the first play of the whole season.
5:50 pm
i forget to bend it around the back. the safety lights me up. i'm thinking, that's how well peyton knows the game. after the play, he said you got that? yeah, i got that. >> reporter: the championships. the greatness. >> bounces around, and throws, touchdown demaryius thomas. move over brett favre, and make room for the new king. of quarterback is played from the line of scrimmage in pro football. when you think about what he's been able to do. an ambassador for the game. first ballot hall of famer. he's a guy that young quarterbacks along the with tom bradies, and those guys want to emulate. >> disregard the audible. >> reporter: after 18 seasons,
5:51 pm
peyton williams manning, two time super bowl champion, five time mvp. all-time career touchdowns, all- time career passing. 14 10 win seasons. but what defines a career is >> listen. this might be my last rodeo. >> two of the most important things to me would be that my teammate. that's important to me. that's somethinn my dad always told me to strive for. iran the respect of your teammates. earn the represent of your coaches that you play for and against. that would be the most important from my standpoint. >> i don't think there's a quarterback that has played the position at a higher level than peyton manning. >> i truly have enjoyed being your quarterback. >> wow. that is a good piece. by our count and this is loose math. peytoo manning owns or shares 21 nfl records.
5:52 pm
ones according to us. most wins by a quarterback. that includes playoff victories. >> that's right, and he's thrown the rock around too. career passing yards and touchdowns, not pictured, the single season mark, for yards and td's. 45 comeback victories, and 5mvp's, they're already clearing a face for him in can'ten. peyton is a shoe in. >> we're going to see him there in five years. peyton's decision clears $19 million for peeton manning. time is of the essence, the exclusive negotiating period, it ends tomorrow. >> it's an important date, if the broncos can't get a deal done. rockets the open market. john elway, he doesn't want that to happen. if things are kosher, there could be another press conference at dove valley very soon. >> we're going to have much more. believe it or not. there were other sports going on.
5:53 pm
stopping that man was critical. head. the quakes win it 1- 0. high wind in las vegas led to a dust storm. furniture row started 10th. them. the 78 able to speed away. but elliott, that poor guy never had a chance. here's the finish. that's braa keselowski who took
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[ thunder crashing ] [ wind whistling, wood creaking ] father, father! it's all right, son. i'm here. see? there's nothing to be afraid of. now... remember, whenever you feel scared, all you have to do is look inside. we're all braver than we think


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