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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  March 8, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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>> some people are rallying now on behalf of the homeless. denver7 reporter jason gruenauer joins us live from downtown at the rally. >> reporter: good morning. about a dozen people or so have started to gather on corner to protest that potential clearing. there's at least one or two signs here. and this is what they are protesting against, they want people to be able to stay here on the streets in these homeless camps with tents and tarps and things like that. i'm joined, excuse me here as i scooted over, reverend amanda henderson. tell me what your position is on all of this. >> my position is heartbreak, that this is the state of affairs. i'm here to be present with the people who are living on the street and to ask questions as to why this is happening, why we as a community and a city aren't coming together to more creative solutions. honestly, no one wants to be living on the sidewalk. people would like to be living
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they have a sense of belonging. this is not a long-term solution, but sweeping people into the shadows out of sight and out of mind does nothing to work for real solutions for our community. >> reporter: the city has said this is unclean, inhumane, it's on a public sidewalk. really not against the people there, but the camps there specifically and the main argument. city, to play devil's advocate, there are enough shelter beds. your counter to that. >> there just aren't. they can say there's enough beds but the numbers show there are about twice as many people as there are bedsswho are living on the street. so there are so many needs. the needs are deep from mental health care to real housing and community. and those needs aren't met. in my work as a pastor, when i work with people, it takes months to get into a caseworker, months on the list
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we are not doing enough as a community. and we need to be asking questions why this is the state of affairs and sweeping people off the streets, where are they going to go? >> reporter: thank you so much. the city has not said they have set a firm time line. they did put that 24 hour notice sign up yesterday. they may or could come through and clear these camps today. but again, they said there iss no firm time line. live downtown, jason gruenauer, denver 7. >> jason, thank you. homelessness is a big problem in our area and something city leaders have been working on for a while. >> last january researchers found there were more than 6100 homeless men, women and children in the denver metro area. >> where we have counties that don't have the available services, folks will seek out the services and i think sometimes it ends up denver is
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>> not all counties in the metro have facilities to help the homeless he says. nice to have rain yesterday. a little bit of snow. lisa joins us with our first alert forecast. >> definitely wasn't enough. we could use a lot more. another dry five to seven days, starting today, at least across eastern colorado. this morning things have cleared up. little hint of our sunrise and it ill be a clear one. bright drive into work. the roads drying out nicely. clear and coldd our temperatures in the 20s and 30s this morning. more sunshine by noon. 48 with a high this afternoon of 52. you'll still want a light jacket later today. low to mid-50s covering northeastern colorado. 30s, 40s and even light snow in the mountains later today. that way. weird conditions yesterday between rain and sleet and snow and all kinds of different things in between.
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working on the new bridge. will take several more months to go. otherwise, a nice drive. through stapleton it's okay. however, we have this one stall near quebec and north field. rest of the drive to that east side of town, anywhere you want to go actually looks okay. thank you. it's 5:34. people want answers after the principal and ice principal at a greeley school were both put on list. >> a district investigation is under way. lindsay watts trying tooget to the bottom of it all. >> reporter: this is a major shakeup here at greeley west high school. both the principal and assistant principal told to get out yesterday. shelli robins and john diebold are both on paid administrative leave. the district says this has to do with surveys that parents 3 fill out every year. evaluations of the school and its staff. the district says there was something off about how those were conducted and that's what this investigation is focused
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we know the results of those surveys are used to evaluate the principals, so there's a benefit to leaders if scores are high, which it has been. parents say it's not consistent with their views. makes me concerned something isn't right in the school. i've had a few issues with my daughter at thh school with bullying and stuff and nothing has been done yet. >> reporter: we have put in an open record request to take a look at the surveys and get a better sense of what the scores were. as we pulled up to the school this morning the first thing i -`noticed was it poster board put up over the school's sign. seemed to have been left here by students and not supportive of the principal. in part it says, not surprised and there is new hope for west high school. we're live in greeley, lindsay watts, denver 7. thank you. it's 5:35. a sad story in lakewood.
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death of a 3-month-old girl. she's been having breathing problems and was in the hospital four days before passing away sunday. detectives say she had, "unexplained injuries." detectives have interviewed the father, but so far no arrests. we're learning more about this deadly plane crash near palmer lake last week. the pilot was from longmont, one of two people killed. our state dmv needs your help. this say this mann michael hopkins, pretended to be a dmv employee and sold fake driver's licenses investigators say. if you know anything about him, call the dmv hot line. they paid a premium to live near this beautiful open space. some families in highlands ranch are worried about what is going into that space.
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regulator building behind their homes and school. they say there's no safety hazard for those who live ttere or the students. the company says this project is necessary to continue serving customers in a booming douglas county area. >> it's kind of our biggest concern is the safety for our kids and making sure that we look out for them. >> this is going to be designed tooless than people you can hear from an outdoor conversation. we have more sound from the road behind us right now. >> we reached out to the schools for comment and we were told the district is keeping an eye on this project to make sure student safety isn'' jeoparrizeed. people are still talking about peyton mmnning's emotional goodbye yesterday. we had the speech live on denver 7. >> even people who aren't necessarily die hard manning fans got chokeed up listening to him. it was heart felt and genuine.
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is a good number. and today iiretire from pro football. i revere football. i love the game. so you don't have to wonder if i'll miss it. absolutely, absolutely i will. >> in five years he'll become eligible for the hall of fame. is there any doubt he'll be inducted? even though he says he won't play for the nfl anymore, doesn't mean he may not be working in another capacity. some fans hoping he'll become a quarterback coach. >> some people flocked to the stores to get some of that peyton manning merchandise. >> most of the stock was nearly sold out.. retailers are expecting a boom online. be warned, it may be more expensive than other nfl merchandise. >> like going to be a urge in demand. %- when an athlete retires or wins a championship like manning has done several times, or they pass away, always seems like there's a big boon. >> when we checked yesterday,
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were nearly out of manning jerseys and they were sold after the big super bowl win. new that peyton manning has stepped down, the focus is on brock osweiler. so far, there's no deal yet. >> they made him an offer up to $15 million a year. but because he didn't sign it, he's now in the open market, could potentially leave the broncos. tmz releasing this video, people heckling him while he was in scottsdale, arizona over the weekend. he was getting late night pizza when they confronted his wife. brock pushes him away. osweiler didn't retaliate, instead got his wife and himself in a car and they took off. scottsdale police say no criminal charges are filed. you can watch the whole video on our web site, and our app. a young girl escapes her kidnappers.
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5:42. we're learning more about a story out of idaho. the man behind us, this is a pastor, he's in the hospital, recovering from six gunshot wounds. parking lot. >> police now say this is the man that's responsible here. they say he sat in the church
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service was over, went into the parking lot and shot pastor remington. now the congregation is thankful for people keeping their pastor in their prayers. >> your heart hurts, yet leaps with joy because of the amount of joy and support from all over. >> despite being shot six times, he is expected to make a full recovery. a tragic story we've learned this woman, 23-year-old victoria mcgraph died in a car crash over the weekend in dubai. she receiveed the boston marathon bomb -- survived the boston marathon bombing. her roommate died in the crash. a 13-year-old middle school student escaping a kidnapper. her backpack might have saved her life. police in florida say an suv pulled up next to her. they called to her, she ignored him. the driver jumped out and tried to grab her.
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that's i guess he gave up and i kept running. he ran back to his car. >> her backpack was full of books, kept him from getting a good grip on her. she ran all the way home. police are looking for the man and the girl is trying to cope with what happened to her. scary for anyone, especially whennyou're 13. at 5:44, if you are waking up early with us, you're in good company. group on is out with the best cities for morning people and denver came in number three after minneapolis and austin. the web site looked at which cities had the most people buying early morning deals like coffee or breakfast deals. denver did not make top 10 list of night owl cities, though. probably a little surprising for some of you, if you stay up late. that was measured based on how many people bought deals related to alcohol, which i would have thought the beer deals here would have been flowing, but apparently not.
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>> people need to wake up. >> yeah, we're awake, yeah. join us. >> the trick is finding that breakfast spot to get in between cut ins. a nine minute window. >> a couple of spots around here that are pretty good. nice start to the day. 20s and 30s. we'll climb nicely in the 50s by this afternoon. and more sunshine. city park 31. fort collins 36. in boulder right now 28. single digits and teens in the mountains this morning. leadville just 11. montrose 23. state-wide skies have cleared. you'll find a lot of sunshine, especially out east. beautiful look from our viera wireless camera in akron. sunshine will dominate across eastern colorado. but we are expecting snow to develop in the mountains by midday today. light to moderate snow in through the northern and central mountains, also south
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cristos and southern front range mountains will pick up a little snow. that's 4:30. at that point we are still dry across the plains, though we may see a few light showers, maabe a light mix through the foothills. jefferson county, boulder counties could see that later today through the early evening. overnight skies clear and another beautiful day tomorrow. highs in the low to mid-50s today. denver at 52. greeley 52. 30s and 40s for the mountains and closer to 60 to the southeast. foothills locations, estes park evergreen today 43. we're about 10 degrees warmer near denver and highlands ranch, so close to normal. little warmer tomorrow. few degrees more on wednesday. 50s tomorrow. lots warmer by the end of the week. thursday and friday look gorgeous. bright spot on friday, 66. lots of sunshine. heading into the weekend it
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even a 70 on the board monday. >> you should have a special bright coffee spot for free coffee friday. >> that's why i put the bright spot there. >> exactly. it is free coffee friday. we'll be out in wheat ridge this friday. this is the look at the beautifullskies here, highway 36 at pecos. you can see the steam coming off the public service power plant. east and westbound side looks fantastic. nice driving conditions here, northwest parkway, 287. easy driving on highway 93. commute times along 36, 20 minutes between boulder and denver. easy driving. c-470, 285 no issues. maybe a little bit damp especially around 285 getting up into the hills and might find snow up that way, but not too bad. travel times overall, about 15 east side of town looking nice, including getting out to dia. thank you. speaking of traffic messes,
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semi truck carries hundreds of thousands of bees crashed in rural tennessee. the bees made it tough to get to the driver. bee keepers were called in. nobody was injured in all that. imagine being called to that scene. >> no. when it comes to texts, smaller is better. >> corvette just debuted the fastest street legal electric car. we have the answer for you in this morning's tech bytes. >> big bidding war for the right to stream nfl games on thursday night. >> facebook, amazon, verizon and other streaming video out fits are interested. nbc and abc are paying about $900 million combined for two years of thursday night football on tv. >> sony has unveiled the
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it features an 18 megapixel sensor, and retractable view finder. >> it's available next month. price tag $350. >> take a look at the all electric car. >> this modified corvette hit a top speed of more than 186 miles per hour at the kennedy space center in florida. price tag for this ccr if you want it, 330 grand. sounds like a steal. >> those are your tech bytes. >> have a great day. >> $330,000? >> that's all. >> for a car? >> why not. >> aaa batteries. peyton manning now officially retired and fans will remember him for being more than just a great quarterback. they'll remember his giving spirit. >> he called a cancer patient in need, sent a personal letter to the family of a child who was killed by a drunk driver. >> as a grandmotherri felt like
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know how much this young man idolizeed him. >> manning's charity makes contributions to charities in colorado, indiana, kentucky and louisiana. while we here in denver love eyton certainly, so to the fans in indianapolis where he played for the colts. they lit up a building with blue lights and it formed his number 18. that's cool. >> it is cool. >> took some work. having one baby is tough enough, try having four at the same time, all oys. yeah, the new parents probably exhausted, are speaking out. >> this guy might be a prank master. see that bear there?
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with a 100% electric nissan leaf... what will you do? how far will you go? how much will you see? electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best
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here's a look at other stories making news hot on the internet today. can you see that thing? one thing you don't want to find in your engine is this, a massive python. this is what happened in zimbabwe. the men had to pull it off with their hands. the five-year-old in the back says, daddy, don't put that thing in the car. they tossed it into a nearby bush. pythons are protected in zimbabwe and it's a criminal offense to kill them. the family had to get it out of the engine and let it go. while ice fishing in northern ontario, canada, they don't just try to catch fish from above the water, they try to catch fish in the ice cold
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talk about a polar plunge. i'm glad we didn't have to do that. no fish for that guy either, some people have truly terrifying jobs. this guy has one of those terrifying jobs. he's trying to remove an underground waap never without like i would. obviously. looks like hundreds buzzing around him and the camera trying to get him to stop. before he could pull the whole nest from the ground. wasn't any information where it was relocated to. sometimes a prank goes above and beyond the call of duty. watch this guy. this worker is about to round the corner and see a guy in a bear costume. the worker thinks it's a real bear and takes off ddwn the road at top speed. he goes even faster when the fake bear stands up and
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down he goes. >> oh, no! >> yep. obviously it's not a bear. it's a guy waving his arms around there. how great is that? >> poor guy. >> he had no clue this was happening to him. >> it looks real when he's squating like that. >> and everybody around was in on it, so they knew what was going on, except for this guy. off he goes. >> he's so going to get them back. >> want to see the payback. >> there's been things happening in this building, but nothing quite this bad. don't get ideas. >> yet. >> yet, key word. >> thank you, jayson. you're visited to go to ihop for a free short stack. they'd like you to donate, they're trying to raise $3.5 million to hesick children at shriners hospitals. they're offering the pancakes from 7:00 this morning until
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one couple is waking up a little frazzleed this morning i would imagine. they're parents of quadruplets and all boys. >> already have a 2-year-old son. they were hoping for a second. all four boys were born a little early and they're in the hospital until they gain more weight. the big brother gets to visit them every weekend. >> i think he's just ready to go home. he keeps asking me when we can go back. he understands, i think he's just ready to go home. >> mom is doing well after get there, a natural childbirth. >> four oo them. >> wow. >> amazing they're all doing pretty well. >> hurts to listen to. i like the way we put asterisks hats off to that mama. morning. drier roads.
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the storm that rolled through yesterday brought a little rain and snow to the metro area. we'll see sunshine. the mountains will pick up snow and by about 9:30 tonight get a light mix. >> loveland pass drive, you can light we're seeing. the time change this weekend, so we're going change the way we drive with more light obviously in the night than in the morning. it's going to change how we're going to see the morning commute, especially for the sun glare. colfax and monaco to the east side of town looking pretty nice. thank you, jayson. >> rumors swirling about presidential candidate marco rubio.
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good morning. homeless advocates rallying downtown now after the city threatened an escalated cleanup of the streets. >> jason gruenauer live with the latest. >> reporter: the city simply doesn't want the large scale homeless camps you see, especially in this area. is upset. they're holding up signs like this, move along to where? this says, house keys not handcuffs. this group about a dozen or maybe two dozen people, some people have come and gone here early this morning. they simply say a lot of these people don't have any place else to go.


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