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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  March 8, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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you're watching denver 7 at 11:00. violence in aurora after a person ends up stabbed. >> plus, tensions boiling in greeley after school administrators are put on leave. >> and the list is out. we finally know which celebrities will be on dancing with the stars. one of those is a familiar face we begin with breaking news. a motel fire in west colfax avenue sends two people to the hospital. >> right now eastbound colfax is closed at yates at this time.
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we'll have an update at denver 7 and on snow is on the way, but so are warmer temperatures. depends on where you are. >> there is a chance we might get a few showers across the plains later tonight. better chance in the mountains. a few could roll east. now all is quiet. a few clouds. a little unsettled still, after live look just east of dia, we've got beautiful clouds. should be in the mid- to upper 40s by noon. slight chance we might see a shower or two after sunset and potentially for that late commute tonight temperatures will top out in the low to mid- 50s today. calling for a high of 52 here in denver. 50 in greeley. more snow for the mountain us. really light. not expecting alerts, but could see a couple of inches. thank you, lisa.
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we brought you early this morning. a stabbing in aurora sending one person to the hospital. >> it happened at a house on east walsh drive. the victim was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. and our crews saw one person handcuffed but police saying nobody is arrested at this time. lakewood detectives investigating the death of a 3- month-old girl, she was having breathing problems was in the hospital four days before passing away sunday. -`detectives say she had "unexplained injuries." she was alone with her 20-year- old father before being hospitalized. detectives have interviewed he father, but so far no arrests. in pueblo police say this man seriously hurt two toddlers. jacob sandoval is friends with their mom. both were taken to the hospital, but police hhven't said how the toddlers were injured. we're learning more about a deadly plane crash near palmer lake last week.
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pilot from longmont was one of two people killed. 60-year-old jeff caplet also died and no word on what caused the crash. the woman accused of steallng denver's fire chief will undergo a mental evaluation. she's accused of getting into his vehicle and stabbing him. this happened in january near speer and colfax. she faces assault and attempted murder charges. anti-gun protesters taking their case to the state capitol. they are pushing against five gun bills. all five gun bills died in the democratic controlled house yesterday. now families in highlands ranch are conceened about an xcel energy project being built less than 40 yards awayyfrom a
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many paid premiums for homes here. soon there will be a natural gas regulator building. the company says there's no threat. parents are skeptical. >> it's kind of our biggest concern, safety for our kids and making sure that we look out for them. >> ultimately in 15 to 20 years between 35,000 and 45,000 people based on the number of different projects on the books now. so we have to be able to serve. >> we reached out to douglas county schools for comment and they say they're keeping an eye on the project. members of the community will be meeting with xcel hursday. michigan, mississippi, idaho and iowa holding primaries today. michigan the big prize, with 147 democratic delegates, 59
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in mississippi, 41 to democrats and 40 it the gop. feds are breaking down on church of the latter day saints, the polygamist sect -- in salt lake city one of -- now 14 people recovering after a train derails in california. people say he train hit a tree that fell on the tracks last a creek. here. officials say four people were critically injured, are expected to survive. we're hearing from some of those on board. >> i realizeed was something wrong so i held onto the rails and right then the train fliped over. >> i was thrown out of my seat. >> scary.
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but somebody was watching over us and everybody got out. >> rescue crews thought the creek's -- fought the creek's fast moving currents. alive. tragic news oot of boston, victoria mcgraph was killed in a car crash over the weekend. roommate. she was seriously injured in attack. a moment of silence in malaysia today, marking two years since flight mh370 went missing on its way to beijing with 239 on board. after two years of searching, families are till left with countless theories about what may have happened. experts say the plane is in the southern indian ocean after spotting a huge object underwater. but it's so deep there, finding the object is beyond difficult and costly.
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deadline tore the families to sue the airlines. a principal and vice principal put on leave. >> denver 7's lindsay watts is for us. >> reporter: i asked that district spokeswoman how long this investigation might take. until the investigation is over, greeleyywest high school is going to be without its principal. when we arrived earlier this morning, there was a hand made poster covering the sign that's over there. it's since been taken down. but it was addressed o principal shelli robins. some poor spelling, but says carmaa, not surprised, among other things. i talked to other students who say they like robins and assistant principal john
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it has to do with the parent evaluations and they weren't evaluated properly by the staff. we have reachee out to both robins and diebold for comment. we've gone to their homes, called them, but still no statement from either of them. the district is also refusing to comment for now, but we will continue to follow this story and bring you updates as we get them. live in greeley, lindsay watts, denver 7. >> thank you. "dancing with the stars" fans, you have to stick around. after the break we'll tell you who is hitting the dance floor. >> here's a hint, one of contestants showed off his dance moves with the broncos this season. >> a car, tree and a lot of explaining to do.
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welcome back. we have breaking news just in. natural gas leak has forced all schools and buildings east of the cherry creek reservoir to close. >> it's just outside the district, school district near smith road. the wind is blowing the gas towards the school, so all schools and buildings east of the cherry creek reservoir now because of this natural gas, they have their doors closed at that school to keep students and staff safe. the celebrity cast list for "dancing with the stars" is out, officially. the lineup includes the
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also is one of his rivals, steelers antonio brown. >> the new season premiers march 21st. you can watch it here on denver 7. for the full list go to we'll see ginger zee on there. >> now my wife will say, see, you have to watch this with me. >> you have to watch for von. >> yeah. i'll do that. peyton manning is done of course playing for the nfl. he gave the league 18 great years, 14 at indy, four in denver. what's next for the broncos? >> sports anchor arran andersen takes a look back. >> it was the right ttme. i've always had good timing. >> yes, and timing is everything. good morning, welcome to morning sports. i'm arran andersen. peyton manning picked the right time to hang them up. after 18 years, number 18 followed in john elway's footsteps, leaving the game of football on top with a walkoff world championship. tremendous scene yesterday at
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the entire manning family was there along with dozenssof peyton's former teammates. enough. needed an overflow room. manning able to hold things together fighting back tears. we know goodbyes are never easy. the hall of famer ended the prees conference with one word. omaha! his teammates thought he hit a homerun. >> this was all about for peyton. it's great and it's just that i think he could have went longer. so many things he's done, the type of influence he's had on the game, it's just so much, you couldn't pack it into a short speech. >> taught me how to be a pro. tte way to approach the game, how to be a good player and teammate on and off the field. he's taught me a lot. >> you're not going to think about the game without thinking about peytonnmanning from here on out. there's few players who make you think about that with football, and few players who make you think about that with basketball. to know peyton as a teammate, is one of the things i'm
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life. >> no sign of brock, and more importantly, no deal. the exclusive signing period now over. brock has hit the open market. broncos do have an offer. 3 according to, it could reach $15 million a year. at this point he is free to test the wattr. that does it for me and sports. go out there and have yourselves a great day. we've heard how peyton teammates reacted, but what about his fans. yesterday fans wanting to support peyton to the end stood out in the rain at dove valley. some of them had teers inntheir eyes. they tell us they like him for his football talent and he's a 3 good person. >> even in adversity, he never gave up. >> one of the greatest of all times. >> the people we spoke to hopes
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quarterback's coach. today we're all wondering what's next for brock osweiler. now a free agent. the broncos have reportedll offered him a deal worth up to $15 million a year. and "the denver post" reporting houston texans are talking to his agents. now there are questions about this video obtained by tmz. he was out getting pizza in arizona when e got heckleed. >> ggt the [bleep] out of here. >> a woman tries to confront brock's wife and he has to push her away, and brock turns his shoves him. osweiler didn't retaliate, but just left. nobody is facing charges, and this.
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check out this new video. pro golfer rickie fowler making million. everyone swarms in. he said he's just trying to have some fun. happen. 1million bucks for charity, >> that was cool. >> he's the young one, right? >> yeah. >> wouldn't you love to know what that feels like? >> just once. i'm going to try to play golf this summer on the nice short green grass in the middle. i always go to the sides. >> where the trees are? >> i'm going to try the middle thing. i'm going to give that a whirl. done. where's the beer cart? a nice day in store. could see a few showers across the plains later today. east. will be a lot warmer by thursday.
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forecast. right now we're in tte mid-40s. we're on your way to getting close to normal. winds coming in out of the north at about 10 to 15 miles per hour. not windy here in denver, but a little bit windier to the northeast at fort morgan. fort collins 45. conifer, evergreen, upper 30s, low 40s. cooler than this same time yesterday. pueblo 48 and 20s and 30s for the mountains. satellite radar is quuet now. but a few light mountain snow showers are starting to pop up west of the divide. we'll start to see a little more activity east of it here hours. we're expecting potentially a few showers to roll east later today. in fact, after sunset might get a few light rain showers maybe a light mix on the western edge of town. pretty quick if we get it. tonight, early tomorrow morning
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pretty nice day tomorrow. more sunshine. low to mid-50s for highs today. denver at 52. greeley you're looking at 50. parker today 48. 30s and 40s for the mountains. getting out west it's warmer on the western slope. grand junction a high of 52. farther south and east, lamar today at 60. today, tomorrow low mid-50s. we'll be a little warmer on wednesday. mostly sunny skies. gets warmmr from there. hard to believe it's march. march typically our snowiest month here in denver with over 11 inches of snow. so far it'' been dry. heading into the weekend we'll be in the 60s, even 70s on the seven-day forecast. potentially friday a few neighborhoods in the 70s and early next week on monday. the corner. sometimes a typical pattern where it will stay warm, we could get hit with snow. >> anything can happen. >> yes. >> thank you, lisa.
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the newscast. police and city officials taking action when it comes to homeless camps in downtown denver. >> this issue has been hotly debateed for a while. the biggest question seems to be where will all the people go now. jason gruenauer is live from where they've been protesting at broadway with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. people are still here actually at park and lawrence protesting the city's removal of many people camping on public streets and sidewalks. as of righh now, none of that clearing has happened from dpd. we did see one patrol car actually at a camp on the other side of park earlier. that's public, private space, rather. they asked them to leave because it's always been illegal to camp on private property. the enforcement of the ban is for public streets and sidewalks. many of the tents and tarps
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some remain. the city posted signs yesterday as a 24-hour notice it could start clearing the sidwalks starting today, but said there is no firm timetable when that would staat. % the city plans to take their belongings to another place to be picked up later. we spoke to one of the protestors today. >> sweeping them into the shadows and taking their things doesn't actually address the problem, it just moves people out of sight and out of mind, which doesn't actually bring any solutions. >> reporter: again we're talking about these camps, sort of like the one on the corner at brradway and awrence where people have large belongings, tents, things like that. enforcement of that will be a verbal warning, two a citation, and three possibly an arrest. we've been waiting all morning
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here and move out or clear the remaining camps, but as of this moment now, none of that has happened. live downtown, jason gruenauer, denver 7. as of january of last year, this were more than 6,000 homeless men, women and children in the greater denver metro area. the homeless population will cost taxpayers more than $40 million this year. >> unfortunately where we have some counties who maybe doo't have the available services, folks will seek out those services and i think sometimes it ends up that denver is the place where folks are coming. >> the metro denver homeless initiative tells us some counties don't have facilities to help the homeless. a bizarre chase has even first responders trying to hold back laughter. a run in about scooby doo's
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here's a look at other stories making news hot on the internet today. one thing you don't want to find in your engine is this, a massive python. but that's what you see here under the hood of a family car in zimbabwe.
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their hands. the best part, the five-year- old kid was inside the car, he was shouting, five-year-old in the back says, daddy, don't put that thing in the car. they tossed it into a nearby bush. pythons are protected in zimbabwe and it's a criminal offense to kill them. the family had to get it out of the engine and let it go. while ice fishing in northern ontario, canada, they don't just try to catch fish from above the water, they try to catch fish in the ice cold water. look at this guy coming in from unthe ice. yikes. that's a polar plunge. no fish for him, either. some people have truly terrifying jobs. this guy has one of those terrifying jobs. he's trying to remove an
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using an entire can of raid the wasps aren't too thrilled obviously. looks like hundreds buzzing around him and the camera trying to get him to stop. he was digging about 10 minutes before he could pull the whole nest from the ground. wasn't any information where it was relocated to. sometimes a ppank goes above and beyond the call of duty. this worker is about to round the corner and see a guy in a bear costume. it's just a guy in a bear costume. the worker thinks it's a real bear and takes off down the road at top speed. here comes the fake bear who scared him down to the ground. >> it looked real until the bear started waving his arms. >> i felt baddwhen he fell. >> doesn't look real, but when you see it for a split second it looks real. the bear goes down in a heap there. >> when you're turning a
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you don't know if it's real or not. >> yep. that's the kind of fun they can have wherever these people are working. wish we could do that here. >> might see a real one around these parts. >> yeah, you would. look at this video on social media now. it's a car with a 15-foot at all tree in its front grille. illinois police pulled over the driver who was also on the wrong side of the road. turns out the driver was drunk. >> how drunk do you have to be to be driving down the road like that? >> dangerous. a woman driving a van that looks like the mystery machine leads california police on a wild chase. >> the driver wasn't shaggy or fred, but a 51-year-old woman. the suspect decided to make a run for it. dispatch did find humor in the
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>> on a serious note, the chase did cause several accidents and police are still looking for her. my question is, why did she need that van? >> because this looks like cool, evidently. a colorado rancher spraying for mosquitos spending time in jail.
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you're watching denver 7 at 11:30. we have an update on the incident causing schools and buildings keeping their doors close. it's not a gas leak, but a broken line. >> this happened outside the cherry creek district. it smells like natural gas, but there is no hazard we're told, so crews say the situation is now under control. we continue to follow the shakeup at greeley west high school. the principaand assistant principal asked to leave the school yesterday. >> both on paid leave now. denver7 reporter lindsay watts has been following this for us today. >> reporter: both today and last night we have been trying to reach those two school administrators for comment, but so far we haven't gotten any
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the district says this issue is not about student safety, but rather parent surveys. there are allegations the surveys were somehow mishandled by school principal shelli robins and assistant principal john diebold. both are on paid administrative leave. the results of the surveys are used to evaluate the principal, so there's a benefit to top heres if scores are high, which they have been. some parenns say it's not consistent with their views. >> makes me concerned something isn't going right in the school. i've had a few issues with my daughter at the school with bullying and stuff and nothing 3 has been done yet. >> reporter: so far nobody from the greeley school district will go on camera to talk about this. i did talk to a district spokesperson by phone and she said she doesn't know how long the investigation will take, but until it's over this school will be without its principal and assistant principal. i was able to talk to students today. they say this is all anybody is
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that some kids are pretty upset. in greeley, lindsay watts, denver 7. thank you. police are still trying to track down one of the drivers involved in this three car crash at colfax near city park. happened around 8:00 last night. two cars in this video and police say that's because the third car left the scene after the crash. one person had to be taken to the hospit with serious injuries. here's a bizarre story, an 81-year-old colorado rancher is headed to jail for trying to kill mosquitos. james hopper violated the court order that protected his neighbors. he had a license to spray pesticides for mosquitos and this was after his wife was diagnosed with west nile virus. but his neighbors took him to court, claiming the pesticide were harmful to their cops and family member ith leukemia. hopper will spend two days in jail. our state dmv needs your help to find this man, saying
11:34 am
an employee and sold fake driver's licenses they say. police need your help to track down this volkswagen camper. they say it may be connected to a bank robbery in wyoming and hasscolorado plates. the robbery happened last monday around 11:00 a.m. police say the suspect is 6 feet tall, about 190 pounds. no word on how much money he got away with. we know the identity of a man found in a reservoir over the weekend. 49-year-old michael edlund of lakewood. his body was discovered by two fishermen saturday. detectives are investigating. they say so far they have no reason to suspect foul play. he had been missing for nearly a month before his body was found. starbucks is recalling one of its prepackaged breakfast sandwiches over fears of listeria. it's the sausage, egg and cheddar cheese on english muffin. >> they were sold in stores in
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so far, no one has reported being sick. but starbucks is pulling them just to be safe. listeria can cause serious bacterial infections and sometimes is fatal. these oranges have a will have people seeing red -- lot of people seeing red. this picture went viral quickly. it shows packages of prepeeled oranges sitting in plastic food containers at the store. after thousands of retweets and rants, whole foods tweeted it was a mistake and pulled the product. >> they already come wrapped. exactly. today voters in mississippi, idaho and hawaii and michigan will head to the polls. >> ted cruz is urging people against donald trump to vote for him, saying he's the only one that can defeat trump. bernie sanders and hillary
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michael bloomberg will not run for president after all. the former new york city mayor was considering an independent bid for the white house. but he changed his mind saying he clearly couldn't win. funeral arrangements for former first lady nancy reagan announced, laid to rest friday next to her husband. tomorrow there will be a visitation time at the reagan library. also there's a condolence book, people can leave their tributes. nancy reagan died on sunday at the age of 94. the legendary rock band acdc postponing future tour dates. >> we're hearing what maria sharapova has to say about the drug allegations against her. >> 11:36. mild start to our afternoon. hour.
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award the plaintiff erin andrews, $55 million. >> a nashville jury awarding erin andrews $55 million. the sports reporter went to court after michael barrett secretly recorded her naked in her hotel room and posted it online. the jury says her convicted stalker and hotel management are both at fault. barrett checked into the
11:40 am
to giver him the room next to hers. the hotel agreed so now both have to pay up. % tennis superstar maria sharapova failed a drug test. she said she was taking dicine for health issues. >> i made a huge mistake, and i let my fans down, i've let the sport down that i've been playing since the age of 4 that i love so deeply. i know that with this i face consequences and i don't want to end my career this way, and i really hope that i will be given another chance to play this game. >> the incident is already costing her. nike suspended their contract with her. she is the number 7th ranked
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many of us were touched by peyton manning's farewell speech. he officially retired from football yesterday. >> he had to fight off tears and quoted the bible. >> there's a scripture reading second timothy 4:7, i have fought the good fight and kept the faith. i have fought the good fight and finished my football race and after 18 years it's time. god bless all of you, and god bless football. >> john elway, gary kubiak, joe ellis all spoke. elway had nothing but great things to say for the quarterback. >> but peyton manning utilized every asset that god gave him to be the best football player that he could be. and that's the thing to me makes, what sets him apart from
11:42 am
every ounce of ability that he has. >> it wasnnt all smooth sailing for manning. after the speech one reporter asked hhm about the sexual assault allegation from his time at the university of tennessee. >> i think it is sad that some people don't understand the truth and the facts and i did not do what has been alleged, and i am not interested in relitigating something that happened when i was 19 years old. and kind of like my dad used to say when i was in trouble, i can't say it any plainer than that. >> peyton's jersey is a hot commodity now. two sports authorities stores we visited were nearly out of his jerseys. retailers expecting a boon in online sales. ac/dc says its front man, brian johnson, is at the risk of going deaf, so he's
11:43 am
u.s. doctors told him to stop touring right away. the band also says they'll probably make up the show with a guest volcanist -- vocalist. none of the tour dates include colorado. he's been with the band since 1980. >> unfortunate. >> sad. every night. >> takes its toll. >> this shot from sterliig is beautiful. almost looks fake, doesn't it? >> looks like a painting. >> it does. >> bob ross would say those are happy little clouds. beautiful in northeastern colorado, little breezyyin spots like sterling. winds picking up. light snow at this moment starting to develop in the northern and central mountains. you'll find a few light snow showers over the peaks and higher mountain passes. here in denver we may see a few showers roll east later tonight. now we're expecting pretty dry conditions.
11:44 am
we're expecting to get right around that normal of 52 by 3:00 this afternoon. fort collins you're now at 45. it's 41 in aurora. 44 city park. and low to mid-30s in the foothills. colder near conifer and evergreen. just above freezing in evergreen. 20s and 30s for the central mountains. more 40s to the south and southeast. our highs oday will be around normal. 52 in denver. 52 in fort collins. and low to mid-50s to the northeast along 76. getting on the wessern slope we have grand junction and montrose in the low 50s. for the most part your roads will be dry across the entire state. it's just over the higher mountain passes where we'll get light snow and potentially see wet roads there out west. closer in, parker 47. aurora low 50s. in boulder today a high of 49. watch our futurecast. some of that snow that's starting to develop will continue in the mountains.
11:45 am
it's not going to be heavy snow, but a few light scattered snow showers. later tonight it will be after sunset looks like by about 7:00 to 8:00 a few showers rolling over denver. it's about a 10 to 20% chance for a quick light rain/snow mix. won't last long. looks like our roads could get wet, maybe damp early tomorrow morning. then skies clearing out. 52 today. 55 wednesday. a touch warmer. few degrees warmer tomorrow. than back into the 60s thursday through the weekend. well above normal. talking 10, 15, even 20 degrees above where we're typically at by even early next week on monday. really no major storm on that seven-day forecast. another dry one. >> looks pretty, though. >> it does. we could really use -- yesterday was good, but we need more than that. >> thank you. kindergarten teacher in washington state fired for
11:46 am
officials say the teacher carl la bowman walked into a wall while leading kids down the hallway. when officials got to her room they found alcohol in her water bottle. she was given a last chance agreement also back in 2011. >> makes me scared knowing my child can leave one day and they won't notice. >> bowman had been with the district 8 years. it's being reported she'll appeal. here's scary video for any parent. 13-year-old middle school student trying to get away from a potential kidnapper. she did escape. police in florida say an suv pulled up next to her while she was walking home. called out to her. the driver jumped out and grabbed her. >> i was, like, pulling his wrist, like away from each other. that's when, like, i guess he gave up and i just kept running. he ran back to his car.
11:47 am
helped save her life. it was full of books. kept him from getting a good hold on her. police are looking for the man in this sketch and the girl trying to cope with what happened. the next day she was afraid to go outside. >> i don't blame her. this is cool, a dozen aspen high schoolers will take a trip to cuba. ten freshman and two sophomores will represent the school's cuba club. the club was created just last year and they will volunteer at they'll visit ernest hemingway's house and tour a cigar factory. >> maybe they need a chaperone. i'll go along. denver zoo has a new addition, a baby gorilla. >> plus a couple who just
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welcome back. a family's home goes up in flames. dad is stuck inside, can't get out. >> it's what the son does that has everybody calling him a hero. >> fine anything else? >> reporter: the edges are burnt to a crisp. >> i found what was left of mama's bible. >> reporter: a few shirts is all that's left.
11:51 am
i've been through. >> reporter: wednesday morning their mobile home caught fire. >> we have a pellet stove. that was our source of heat. it would always back up and release smoke. so we didn't think anything of it. >> reporter: this time the smoke didn't let up. >> my mom woke up and opened the door and the fire kicked in. >> reporter: inside was caleb, his parents, family friend and threeepets. they all made it out with the exception of caleb's dad, billy. >> called four or five times, billy. i heard billy say, i can't see. >> reporter: billy lost his sight in one of his eyes years ago. so the smoke made it more difficult. >> when he got to his door, the house was already filled with smoke. he didn't know which direction he was going. >> reporter: caleb ran back in. >> small, small chance to get him out. and i took it. >> reporter: he saved a life. >> i look at the pictures and look at this, and i still am
11:52 am
>> any small misstep and i wouldn't have a father now. >> reporter: but caleb insists he's no hero. just a son who loves his dad. >> i was afraid if we had lost our dad my family would have fallen apart. my family is the most important thing in my life. >> good son right there. >> absolutely. kansas couple has their hands full. 3 they just welcomed guadalupeitys. all are boys. >> they already had a 2-year- old son, hoping for just one more. but got more than they bargained for. the babies are in the hospital until they gain more weight. their arrival still has the family in shock. >> never had any idea we'd have five in that tiny house. >> we thought possible twins, because we were so sick with them. but when she found the third and then the fourth one came, it was just kind of like our faces were blank. >> i bet. >> she looks pretty good
11:53 am
>> they just kept on coming. >> can you imagine? >> four of them. denver zoo is celebrating the birth of an endangered gorilla. the baby gorilla was born to the mother february 25th. she is the first birth of the species at the zoo in 11 years and the fifth ever in the zoo's history. >> that's cool. >> the dad's name is jim. >> just jim. denver as apparently some of the worst cell phone service in the country. >> we're at the bottom of the list along with lancaster, pennsylvania, which is known for being at the heart of amish country. i was shocked to hear this. we're down there with amish country. >> the cities with the best service, atlanta, georgia, number one, and chicago, illinois number second. >> really? >> best cell service. >> that's surprising. >> i think it's funny when we do this. that little foot with a hand up
11:54 am
tower. >> you never know. >> whatever works, man. >> that's true. beautiful out right now. we have snow starting to develop in the mountains. you can see it just west of fort collins. up and through the mountains. northern front range mountains, parts of larimer county picking up a little bit of snow. we may see a few showers across east over i-25 later today. looks liie it will be tonight after sunset. farther west on i-70 a few light snow showers falling there. denver now in the 40s. we'll be at 52 by 3:00. overnight tonight back to near freezing. tomorrow morning it's another chilly start. mid-50s though on wednesday. gets better from there. we tack on a couple of degrees each day. thursday 64. friday near 70. and warm through the weekend. >> good golfing weather. >> it is. i've seen a lot of people out there now. ski resorts are probably like, come on.
11:55 am
>> jayson is mowing his grass. >> also has his christmas lights up, too. >> can't use that as a gauge. >> thanks for being here today. >> we'll see you back here caations by: caption colorado, llc. (800)775-7838.
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