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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  March 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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>> they just want their teacher to stay saying they have lost too many good ones. 7 news reporter mark koebrich is live. the district says it is trying to resolve it ahead of tomorrow. >> reporter: that is right, protest will be at ponderosa, you can see the athletic fields be. unclear how many students will fill up the field. the district says they tried to meet with the students organizing the protest to get it this. the students say they want to know what everybody has to say who attends before they meet with the district. >> it just came to the point where something needed to be done about it. when we saw jefferson county did it, we are like why can't we? >> grace and bailey say they are tired of their favorite teachers leaving ponderosa high school. >> get us engaged into a subject, we need those relationships with our teachers. >> kids are finally saying a simple question. >> ponderosa teacher rob graham
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year for another district. students say his departure after 16 years led them to launch this online protest petition. >> i honestly hope that it helps create open dialogue. i think the school board and the superintendent need to hear from teachers, where the teachers don't feel afraid to say what they are feeling. >> we spoke with superintendent, liz fagen, who says they work hard to keep the best teachers. >> want to hope with teachers and hope the empowerment we are giving teachers to what is bbst for students is a positive for the morale in district. >> superintendent fagen is at the center of the protest, many calling for her job saying her policies are driving teachers out. >> people call for your job, how does that set? >> i think every superintendent knows we have a large group of stake holders and some decisions you are required to make won't be aligned with everybody's hopes. >> we asked about turnover rate
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33 teachers left the school in that time. too many students say, and they are fighting back. >> reporter: the protest is expected to start here at 9:15 tomorrow on their phone, through e mail, parents and also students were warned any student not in class tomorrow and attends will be unexcused absence. still, students are encouraging other s to join in. we will be here with full coverage, i am live in parker, mark boil. a bb gun was found in a student's back pack after another student reported it as police were called in to investigate. the school was under lock down, always stressful, but everything returnd to normal before the last bell. today no comments from the principal and assistant principal at greeley west high school just a day after both were put on leave. surely robins and john debold are investigated by the greeley evidenceens district, it has something to dewith the handling
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parents, they play a part in the evaluation of the principal. we are getting $24 million, this federal grant money will go to 62 agencies across the state, denver is getting the bulk, $19.3, compare that to $1.9 in el paso county. the homeless in downtown denver have been given the boot. wasn't much resistance along lauren street. besides a few protesters. denver 7 reporter, jennifer kovaleski joins us, it was a welcome sight for business owners there. >> reporter: the businesses around here tell me they deal with the homeless on a daily basis, just take a look at this, they have actually broken into this abandoned building and people actually sleep down here, the manager of the garage next door tells me the problem has gotten worse, and he is glad to see the city taking action. >> we have a couple that are gathered over here. >> for shop owner, shaun,
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become a part of doing business. >> it is unnerving, because they are becoming destructive. >> he runs the master garage on the corner of arapahoe and 22nd. just a few bloccs away from the homeless camp on lawrence street. >> they interrupt our business flow, we can't have doors open as much as we like. >> he said they can't leave the doors open because they had peep steal tools or disrupt customers. >> now i have to police the whole area here inside our shop to make sure everything is going taeken. `3 >> he says not only do they leave trash, they create an unpleasant issue. >> they are using the alley ways to take care of business, whether it is drug related, or um, natural, if you will. >> he took us to the alley behind his shop where we saw the
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>> a lot of times this whole area over here is used as facilities for the homeless, if you will. >> a daily struggle that is ading to the cost of business. hassle. >> reporter: he says they deal with the homeless about a dozen times a day. he says he supports the city's plan to clear out the sidewalks and move people out but thinks more police patrols would go a long way during business hours. reporting live in denver tonight, jennifer kovaleski, 7 news. >> out of all the cities, boulder gives out the most law. sleeping outside covered by anything like a blanket or sleeping bag is illegal. were not ticketed for anything else. lock your doors, this is scary, a woman in boulder woke up to find a guy who looks like this sketch, look, sexually assaulting her at her home on 9th and grand view when she woke
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he took off grabbing a roommates keys and stealing her white subaru tribecca, police still looking for the car and the suspect the fbi named him the check yourself banded. ronald edglin-neidhardt is accused of stealing, he confessed to all the crimes that started in fen ware. a cleaning crew finds a body at the primrose motel, 54th and federal. police aren't saying much about this investigation saying they haven't rule out the man was murdered. air tracker save flying over 2 scenes in aurora, one person was stabed and taken to the hospital. you can see a lot of people at both locations near chambers and exposition and not too far away -`at chambers and 6th, both are connected to the same crime. the red red is coming to help people staying at this motel at colfax in the 8's. fires were able to get the flames out quickly but not before it did a lot of damage. 2 people were injured and taken to the hospital to be checked
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take a look at this, a site over southeast asia, i know it looks dark now but a solar eclipse is under way, this live picture coming from nasa. of course when we took it the clouds were moving across. when this total eclipse happens in 30 minuteatize only lasts-- minutes, it only lasts 4 minutes. the only people get to see it live for in southwest asia. the next time we see one in the u.s. is in august of next year. chief meteorologist mike nelson here with your first alert forecast. >> we won't see an eclippe any time soon, we will eclip a foothills. there isilateal band of light rain and snow. it doesn't amount to much but showers coming into the southern part of the metro area, probably mostly sprinkles towards the northeast across the metro %- between now and 9:00 and diminish later on this evening. so as far as ourrevennng plans, a few early flurries, or
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tonight, but a big warm up is on the way once again. another day of repairs closes i-70 through glenwood canyon, the interstate is now back open. crews used the time today to put more netting to hold rocks back from falling on the road. last month the road was closed for a week because of a large rockslide. officials from nevada spent the day in denver learning how the transit system works here. about 50 members from the southern nevada regional transportation commission got to tour rtd, union station, and other transit systems like the new rail line to dia, the general manager of the southern nevada rtc says denver is a model for cities across the u.s. when it comes to transtd. >> not just all about-- transit. >> not just all about the next 10-20 years, your community looks at the next hundred years and in doing so make very wise investments.
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the bill making it easier for small time chicken farmers to sell directly to customers, there were concerns over food safety. before moving to the house it needs to pass one more vote. the entire broncos football season we were entertained by von miller showing off dance skills on the field but now he brings it on the dance floor. >> we wish we had moves like him. we learned he will be dancing with pro-dancer whitney carson who just won 3 seasons ago. >> i am hoping i do well, but it will be tough. i am up for the challenge. >> yeah. he has a natural groove, so all the rhythm dances will be fun. >> there will be 3 other proathletes competing on dancing with the stars, we wish von the best of luck. >> hey, get it, von. you can watch dancing with the stars right here on denver 7 21st. speaking of the broncos, a lot of shake ups with the team
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free agency, 6:23, we have a look at all the moves made today. a huge frustration, you need to use your cell phone and can't get service, we get to the bottom of problems with our cell phones in the denver area. >> an app where anyone can rate what they thing about you, sounds terrifying, how this new app works. >> i don't like that. our zoo is getting busy,
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when you compare san antonio network speeds in denver with those in other big cities, denver is lacking according to root metrics, denver ranks 121st in overall mobile network performance, not good.
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>> it is amazing how slow the data is in comparison to just in phoenix, e have been in dv, we have sons and family in phoenix and dc. a lot all over the u.s. and this is one of the slowest. >> sometimes it is, you get a call, you don't get the voice mail message until half an hour later or you don't-- the phone doesn't ring but you get a ding that you got a voice mail message but you never-- the phone never rang. >> right? yes! we all agree. industry experts say it takes more investment in the networks for faster speeds. investment in cell phone towers, fiber optics and 4-g technology. in case you are wondering with which cities have the fasts, chicago. yelp is a great way to pick a place to eat based on reviews but there is a yelp app people can use to review you. >> ittallows about anyone to professionally, even
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looked into this, the critics say it is another way for online bullying to florish. >> it is creepy, judgment, and here, it was a way to vet employees and friends and they consider character a social currency, the world was introduced to the app last year, users can search for people and write a review. the back lash was swift, even before it launched people hated this idea. changevise been made. there is no more star rating system and you need to join the recommendations. still, the app has antibullying organizations like be a friend, make a friend, worried. >> why are we opening our selves to an emotional sort of-- not trauma but emotional sort of back plash? >> right now the app is-- lash? >> right now the app is free but a truth license will be added,
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allow you to see every review, back to you. % >> technology can be scary. a huge music festival in buena vista this summer, the special events permit was approved, expected to bring 20,000 people to the mountain town in august. the only change the county made is when it shuts down, 1:30 friday and saturday, midnight thursday and sunday. they are hoping it will be a yearly event. a rancher is facing jail time for spraying mosquitos. james hopper sparted spraying after his wife nearly died from west nile. the problem is it wafted on to his neighbor's organic farm, they have a court order to protect crops because the owner has leukemia. hopper has been ordered 2 jails in jail and a fine. look at this cutie you can
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is whimsie adepa, a wester lowland gorilla right now enjoying time at home with her mom and dad, born a few weeks ago. all right, beautiful day out today, mike nelson here with the first alert forecast. >> looks like a nice night tlchlt are clouds increasing a bit. this is our view from mile high off to the east. let me show you another view toward the west, a pretty shot, indeed, from our camera east of dia. there are some widely scattered light rain and snow showers starting to move in from the southwest. they will not amount to much. number today 51 the high, 26 the low, normals are 52 and 64. 2 below 1969 are the extremesism right now clouds increasing. winds are from the east-northeast at 7 miles an hour and those winds may bring us a few of those light showers between now and about 7:00, clouds will linger in the 8:00 hour, start to clear by 10:00 with temperatures down to about 32 degrees. there is the shower activity right now.
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is part of the energy with the system to the south of us that is pretty weak over new mexico, the strongest activity is in texas and missouri and arkansas and the northwest of us. with this minor little affair coming through tonight, we will get a few hours of light showers. now and 8:00 tonight, very light showers moving through and they will go away after midnighh. some patchy fog may develop to the north in weld and morgan county by morning, but not much. overnight lows will be chilly in the teens to near 20 in the mountains sh 20s across the northeast plains. tomorrow, sunny to partly cloudy, a bit cooler than some of the weather in recent days but not bad for march. 50s and 60s on the plains, 30s and 40s in the mountains. 37 frisco, 57 longmont platville 56. 55 highlands ranch and across the metro area, temperatures
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hawk, ever green idaho springs, 50s broomfield. early showers tonight and 27 the high temperature 55, a mix of sun and clouds, looking ahead it starts to warm up nicely on the extended forecast. by thursday, back to 63, friday that is going to be our bright spot with a high of 68, mostly sunny skies. not bad for the weekend, low 60s and even into early next week the mild pattern continues, although we are still seeing signs of a change by about thee3 middle of next week that could hopefully bring us back to some wet weather. we need the snow and the rain. >> stayiig optimisticc >> absolutely. coming up in sports, john elway was busy clearing cat space and malik jackson hit the
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welcome to 7 sports extra, the nafl free agent frenzy under way, no news on the osweiler front but malik johnson made a splash with one simple tweet "what a time to be alive." jackson headd to jacksonville and has 90 million reasons to smile. that is how much the jags offered in a 6-year deal with $42 million guaranteed. well beyond what the broncos bid to keep him in denver, when malik puts pen to paper he will be the second highest defensive end in the nfl. the this is the third straight year they bagged a bronco in free agency.
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louis vazquez, owen daniels who caught touchdowns in the championship and long snapper aaron brewers, saving $8.5 million. money john elway will move during the free agent signing period starting tomorrow. lionel was in vague frs the women's opener, rams struggled offensively as ellen gustafson took matters and drives in with over san diego state. she went left, a bucket in one, finish would game high 21, csu rolls into semi finals now 29 and 1 on the year. denver's furniture row racing team has with drawn its appeal for a pre-race infraction atlanta. turn serving his 1-race suspension this weekend in phoenix subing in race day is former crew chief todd barrier, and the good news here, 7 sports is heading down there, we will
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team-- great story with the why. >> he has a nose for it all. >> might be a little jealous. >> tony's voice. >> exactly. lets look at weather. >> sprinkle or flurry early but not much moisture. 55 for tomorrow and beautiful weather, not like low 80s like in phoenix but i will take 60s here in mar it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks
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>> it's called utopia for a reason. dad's the best, our list of entrepreneurs. let's count down the three stories. in the newsroom, here's bradley. >> thanks so much. friendship means companionship and loyalty. pushing those you love to be their best. life changing bond at number three. >> he is a good boy. >> a very good boy. seriously, this story from humane society might justin expire you to change your ways. >> i'm still here because a shelter dog saved my life. >> he isn't lying. he weighed 340 pounds. he had type two diabetes and his doctor told him he would be dead in five years unless he turned things around. they suggested he get a shelter
6:30 pm
to get outside. >> i would like an obese middle age dog so i would have something in common with him. >> that dog was petey and after one year of changing his eating habits and walking together for 30 men's a day, he lost 140 pounds. and eventually ran a marathon. >> everything improved. it was like a miracle. >> hi, pett nus,eropp 25 unds an got heahyto at a youaiti for. takeourog f a wk ot astive tm tmy b. >> i wak u everay,hank t petty, wanting to be the best person i can be. did i rescue him or did he rescue me. >> looks like a little bit of both. now from a man and his dog and his daughter and the very fun way they bond at number two. >> hey, guys. >> single father, phil and his daughter emma favorite online video stars. their dad's videos not only give girls some stellar styles, they


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