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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  August 5, 2016 5:00am-5:31am MDT

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it is 5:00. a motorcycle driver is dead and a rider clinging for life after this crash at i-25 and 20th street. this is right in front of coors field. happened overnight. witnesses say the motorcycle was speeding, then tried turning onto the onramp. it ended up crashing into the barricade. the riders highway below. the driver died on the scene. the rider was rushed to the hospital. someone drove into an electrical box at speer and champa, knocking out the traffic lights. our two jasons are working this. jason gruenauer live on scene, and jayson luber monitoring the situation from the studio. but we need to talk about your weather. your drive to work in some spots will be a wwt one. >> let's get over to lisa.
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this morning already seeing a few pockets of it. in denver downtown things are pretty dry. along 285 we're seeing light showers heading up into the foothills towards conifer. near greeley, wet roads along 34. so there is some spotty rain early this morning. more to come this afternoon. we're walking out the door to upper 50s, low 60s. another very cool day. here's your first alert we're going to be in the mid-70s this afternoon, storms and showers. threat for heavier rain here along i-25. from mid-70s today to 60s tonight as those showers roll through. that's what it looks like at 5:00. storms and showers set to roll through town. we're going to take you through the rest of this futurecast coming up in a few minutes. here are the wet roads, i- 25, highway 34. you can see how damp it is. we'll look at the c-470 cameras in a little bit. it will slow down traffic
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gook that gets built up and can make it slick when we have a little bit of water. no significant slowdowns yet on this friday morning. at least outside of downtown. in downtown denver there's a big problem. if you drive downtown and use speer near the convention center you'lllbe delayed. you can see the red on southbound speer trying to get around this problem. denver7 reporter jason gruenauer is live at speer and was hit overnight and this will frustrate rate many drivers this morning. >> reporter: my morning drive comes through here. this intersection normally is a little bit troublesome anyway. behind me as the rtd goes by there are flashing yellow lights. it's where they're trying to fix that electrical box that was hit overnight. that box operating the power to
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track light you can have traffic. they have diverted it. at champa is where southbound speer is closed. they have to go to calumet. this is justify that one intersection -- just that one intersection. they've been on scene here working on it. couple of different utility crews. here diverting traffic. you'll have to get around it, so pick an alternate or give yourself a little bit of time to work around it. reporting downtown, jason gruenauer, denver 7. from the first alert desk now, we're tracking breaking news overseas. the black lives matter movement is protesting all across the u.k. and causing some big disruptions. protestors blocked the main
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busiest airport in europe. traffic stopped. lanes have been reopened as police have gone in to arrest demonstrators. this british movement is based on the one here in the u.s. organizers say too many black people die in police custody in britain and they are calling today a shutdown. right now you're asked to be on the lookout for anyyne suspicious in parker. this comes after police say there was a man to a secludeed area and tried to expose himself. police say the man was about5'8" in his 30s with dark spikey hair. denver police looking for the people who broke into an armored car and got away with shotguns and ammo. this happened early yesterday morning at a ramada inn.
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from his nap, he ran outside and pointed a gun at a guy using a leaf blower. this happened yesterday at the ranch stone apartments. police took him into custody and in the end no one was hurt. this is not what people want to see. another vicious attack on the 16th street mall. the video you're looking at here, it's dark, but look closely, it was taken wednesday night and it shows a brawl between two groups. a man ends up getting knocked out and when he's on the ground and punched a few more times. this is from a man's fourth story apartment above the mall. it shows the latest incident, danger at the 16th street mall. residents say it's out of control now. >> it seems like when they have an actual officer on each block, it's a quiet night. but when the officers hang out together and take the strolls is when they see all five of
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time police get here, they've gotten away with it. it's night after night after night. >> the denver police department has yet to identify anyone involved in that attack. the downtown denver partnership has no comment. fighting is just one of the problems on the 16th street mall. the other one is drugs. our cameras were rolling as a homeless man sold weed to a tourist. denver7 reporter eric lupher joins us live from downtown with more. >> repte right, people coming to colorado simply for the weed. the proof is in the pudding. remember the man with the pipe attacking people, caught on camera? he said in jail admitted that's why he came to colorado, for the weed. denver human services believes a lot of people are following suit. you'll hear from them in a sec. take a look at video again of that weed transaction. we aren't expecting to shoot this yesterday. you can see a homeless man selling weed to a group of
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pays for it. denver human services worries this is a growing problem. >> probably 20 to 30% of people say they're coming here just because of the legalizeed marijuana. >> reporter: back here live, what are we talking about here? more security? private security is supposed to be along the 16th street mall as early as mid-august. so later this month. and denver police have already mandated having police officers manning this area every night. i'm eric lupher, denver 7. today marks one year since that gold king mine spill that turned the animas river orange. water is now back to normal for the most part. to celebrate, silverton is having a party. it will include beer the color of the spill as well as environmental pork agency sandwiches.
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its back country terrain. "the denver post" says forest officials approved a ew zip line. boulder is going to be a lot more active than usual this week. athletes from around the world are headdng there for ironman boulder. it begins with swimming, then cycling and ends with a marathon distance run. this is a big deal for boulder. the race pumps $5 mill the local economy. >> any time any city gets an ironman at their location, it's a huge deal. boulder is actually known as the mecca for our sport. probably all the best professional triathletes in the world will train here at some point. >> the contract has been extended through 2018. here's a fun thing to do this weekend, the larimer county fair kicks off today.
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of fun things to do. they have a rodeo, and a trampoline sloand it wrap -- show and it wraps up tuesday. a 12-year-old girl from denver is going out of her way to help others. the group's unanimously school drive just kicked off. >> by giving them school supplies we were giving kids in second grade maybe a chance to hold a crayon maybe for the first time. >> empowering kids to let them pick the supplies they need. the driver ends tomorrow -- drive ends tomorrow. today is the today the 2016 summer olympics opening ceremony is happening in rio. we're looking at what makes this year a bit different. before you hop in your car, watch out, you could risk falling out of it while driving. we have details on a new recall.
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in denver this morning. could see a few light showers. last night weather conditions pretty perfect for the rockies game. maybe not tonight. better chance for rain for the start of that game. i've seen wet roadways to the north and even to the west. c-470 by morrison road, you're seeing damp roadways and some wet areas here this morning. it's going to slow down thank you. imagine if the things you bought every day earned you miles
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5:13 now. we're learning more about the teenager chicago police shot and killed last week. officers say he had been driving a car that was stolen from a home hours before the shooting. we have a look at the teenager this morning. that's paul o'neal. police say he led them on a chase, crashed into two police cruisers, and hopped out and
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he didn't have a weapon. here's new video out of baltimore. the fbi releasing this surveillance video of a protest following freddie gray's death. it waa recorded with a drone. the aclu has asked for the video after asking the fbi had flown at least 10 surveillance flights over baltimore. 3 billion people around the world are expecting to the opening ceremony for the olympics tonight. this would be the first transgender person to have a major role at an olympic opening ceremony. don't expect the big budget shows at past olympics. rio organizers say their budget is just about $56 million. that sounds like a lot, but it's 12 times less than what london had to spend and 20
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march, including a first ever refugee team. >> we are not only refugees, we are like everyone in the world, we can do something, we can achieve something. >> that swimmer you heard from, she escaped om the war in syria. she pushed a sinking boat while swimming for more than three hours in order to survive. ten athletes will compete on the refugee team. >> big opening ceremonies. >> always fun to i'll be at the rockies game getting wet. i'll tivo that. >> you guarantee that? >> yeah, any time i go to a game it rains. watches and warnings popping up across southwestern colorado. quite a bit of heavy rain yesterday. more flash flood watches today. now it includes spots like the springs and pueblo. heavy rain expected there tonight. this morning we are seeing a few spotty showers, some wet roads. had wet roads there in greeley,
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along c-470, and along 285 you're going to find damp conditions this mornnng. light spotty showers expected for the morning commute. then you'll notice mostly cloudy skies through midday. by 12:30 still could see a few light showers. commute late afternoon, early evening that we'll get another shot at heavy rain. that's what it looks like at 5:30. then fast forward to about 10:00, 10:30, some of our heaviest showers denver, but also south of it along the palmer divide into colorado springs, and spots like the springs and trinidad could be looking at over an inch of rain in a very short amount of time. our mountains within two, three day period, 2 to 4 inches of rain. it's helping. was pretty dry in spots. we'll see wet weather and unfortunately, muddy and potentially flash flood conditions in the mountains. tomorrow afternoon you can see a little clearing. we're expecting a little
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through the afternoon on saturday. sunday does look drier. of the two days this weekend, you're going to find more sunshine and fewer storms on sunday. temperatures today low to mid- 70s through the afternoon. overnight tonight more 60s, even upper 50s by early saturday morning. denver today 75. aurora you're at 76. we've got low to mid-60s in the foothills today, bailey a high of 66. definitely does not feel like summer. normal and state-wide everybody feeling a cooldown from pueblo to grand junction. about 20 degrees cooler than where we were wednesday. a nice change. good break from the heat. it does come back. every day as you look at our seven-day forecast it gets a little bit warmer. storms and showers likely saturday. fewer storms sunday. also warmer. 85 on sunday. then hot again. monday we're at 90. low to mid-90 through the middle of next week.
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missing summer. he was teary eyed yesterday. i was. i was almost teary eyed when i hit this thing. >> i almost hit this as well. there are two road work ahead signs, the big ones with the metal legs. i needed to pay more attention, i almost nailed it. >> i almost hit this cone in late number two, three. >> hopefully it's cleared up now. >> it should be. it's on the right side. i almost hit it. maybe it was a bag in the road, and i had to swerve to get around it. this is from i-25 down the road at colorado boulevard, north and southbound side getting a little bit more congested. but overall a smooth drive. 15 minutes downtown to the denver tech center. c-470, 225 checking clear on the north side of town. we have a big issue downtown for southbound speer is closed down at champa.
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hopefully it will be fixed in a couple of hours. we'll get more details from jason gruenauer live from the scene in a little bit. wanted to show you new video of this dhl cargo plane that overshot a runway in italy and crashed onto a road there. it slid through the guard rails. we can see in daylight now better images of this. this happened northeast of milan on a busy road. there were reports of bad weather in time. fortunately the pilot and other crew member were not injured. 5:19. before you hop in your ford this morning, be careful. the company is recalling 830,000 vehicles because the doors can swing open while you're driving. the affected models you can see on your screen. various years and models. if you have one of these, call your ford dealership immediately. uber pool is expanding to
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it is 5:22. the fight against zika in florida is taking a turn. it's now going up. planes dropping insecticides from the sky. cdc says the early results seem
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zone by 10 blocks there. florida now has 15 cases. we are closer to possibility a reality. researchers are testing the zika advisor on people. they'll be -- virus on people. they expect to have results by january. in colorado, we need to worry about west nile. weld county confirmed its first the 32-year-old patient lives in greeley. we're told they're not at home recovering. the health department is looking into a second possible case in johns town. other counties are douglas, layerment, and -- larimer and bent counties. a quick thinking police officer jumped into action when
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>> they did a great job. >> the man who lived near florida and kearny has disabilities, on oxygen. when the police officer saw the smoke, he rushed into the house and helped pull the man out. firefighters haven't said what started the fire. crews fighting a large wildfire in california are getting relief from these two therapy dogs. they usually visit hospitals, but now their owner decided to bring them to the base camp nearly two weeks on the front lines, missing their own pets at home. >> i can't wait to get home to my dogs. >> when you see your guys smiling and, you know, they're tired, they worked really hard yesterday. but they got time to come over and play with the dogs, it's kind of neat. >> firefighters will need to be out there longer. now this california fire is only 27% contained. it's burned 51,000 acres.
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unbelievable out in california. >> pretty high. we're seeing a lot of that monsoon moisture, so they had flooding in the desert southwest. we're getting more of that in colorado. not only the mountains but in denver. by tonight likely lane. heavy rain. live look from limon, and you can see how much cloud cover. mostly cloudy skies and temperatures far below normal. 89 the normal high. we'll be in the low to mid-70s this afternoon. nice break. denver 75. we'll see some 50s and 60s in the mountains today and that threat for heavy rain. jayson, coming up in just a minute i'll show you what that looks like tonight on our planner in a few minutes. i think this camera needs another cup of coffee. it's a little blurry here on i- 25. there it cleared up. pretty good drive, even though there are wet conditions farther to the north. the drive at i-70 going out to
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out there for now. it's an easy drive with 20 minutes security wait times at dia. this next story is horrible. a woman claiming to be a doctor scams an elderly couple and runs. a denver staple could be leaving town. when caboose hobbies could be
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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it is 5:30. here's a warning, the area near speer and charm ma is blocked off -- champa is blocked off. >> it's where we have jason gruenauer arriving right after that accident. >> how can drivers get around this?
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extra traffic lights. not what you want on your friday morning commute, to see the barricades up here. the police left, but left behind these barricades blocking southbound speer. the yellow lights at speer and stout, that's where the accident happened. a driver took out one of those electrical boxes knocking out power to the traffic light. crews have been here on scene light. in the meantime, southbound speer is closed. they're diverts traffic onto calumet, then a left onto colfax and a right back to southbound speer. this area normally gets clogged up in the morning once rush hour hits. we don't have any expected time when they'll have this reopened. i have seen rtd moving in both directions. good news, it shouldn't affect light rail traffic.


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