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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  August 5, 2016 5:30am-6:01am MDT

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extra traffic lights. not what you want on your friday morning commute, to see the barricades up here. the police left, but left behind these barricades blocking southbound speer. the yellow lights at speer and stout, that's where the accident happened. a driver took out one of those electrical boxes knocking out power to the traffic light. crews have been here on scene light. in the meantime, southbound speer is closed. they're diverts traffic onto calumet, then a left onto colfax and a right back to southbound speer. this area normally gets clogged up in the morning once rush hour hits. we don't have any expected time when they'll have this reopened. i have seen rtd moving in both directions. good news, it shouldn't affect light rail traffic.
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speer, give yourself a little bit of time or take an alternate route. that's the deal with traffic here. how is the ride around the rest of the city? denver7's jayson luber back in the studio. it's looking nice. it's a friday. that one big problem by the convention center. this is where you'll have to go to calumet, colfax and continue on. it's very similar to the detour we had about a month or so ago when we had the light rail. tracks had to be redone when they had to they do have that restriction in place here into downtown denver. the rest of the ride around town looks pretty nice. 3 however, there are wet areas up to the north and to the west. this is at c-470 and morrison road. i see damp roads here as well as along i-25 up through loveland and fort collins and greeley. lisa, looks like it will be a little damp forrus here on this morning's and afternoon's drive. morrison not so damp this
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spotty showers that jayson was just talking about near greeley, and across that southwestern edge of the metro area along c-470, along 285. find wet roads there. some f the heaviest rain today will be across the southwestern corner of our state. but it does gradually slide farther east. spott like the springs and trinidad under a flash flood watch later this is what it look like at 5:30. here's your first alert that we're going to see some pockets of heavy rain for the commute tonight and temperatures today only in the 70s. we're talking a high of just 75 in denver. right now we're tracking breaking news of a terror attack in india. armed militants fired shots and launched grenades in a busy market place. at least a dozen people are dead and many critically injured. you can see some of the smoke
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distance there. this is reportedly the work of a predominantly christian separatist group. lafayette police are looking for a woman accused of being a fake doctor and scamming an elderly couple. police are afraid julie steenhoek is already gone. court documents show she moved in with an elderly couple and tried to sell their house. the elderly woman later died anre doctor. >> i think it's incredibly important that we get this woman so that she stops doing this and save other families from this kind of heartache. because my mom is gone, my mom is gone, and she doesn't have to be. she just does not have to be gone. >> a cousin noticed something was just not right about the so- called doctor and contacted authorities. he thinks others should do the
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an elderly loved one. denver police need your help who kidnapped and sexually assaulted someone. it happened saturday night in southwest denver. the suspect is an hispanic male in late 20s or early 30s. castle rock now, where someone ssot at two geese. look, both of them had an arrow through their neck. they were found earlier this week. fortunately, they'll be okay. this, that person could face big fines and jail time. first it was this, you remember this video, the man attacking people on denver's 16th street mall using that pipe. he said it was self-defense. then there was another incident, a fight, someone knocks a guy out and eats him while on the ground in this cell phone video. then there's this incident, we saw a homeless man selling pot to tourists in plain sight.
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with a look at what's going on at 16th street mall. >> reporter: police and city leaders really don't have an answer. they just have to look at the trends. one, marijuana is legal in our state, so obviously there's going to be a rise in urban travelers. two, crime is obviously up along the mall here. police are just trying to figure out if there's a correlation between the two. video on the left, we never expected to capture this. that drug al homeless man selling weed to tourists. on the right, the video of a man being knocked unconscious. a woman who works down here links the problems to the homeless. she says she's harassed all the time. >> all the time. if i bring food foo him from my restaurant, if i'm holding it, yelling at you for your leftovers if you don't give it to them, say something smart. i always get pestered for cigarettes. people yelling obscene things
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from several people. there are plenty of police on the 16th street mall. they'll be on one end, the crime will happen on the other end and by the time police get there it's already over. eric lupher, denver 7. thank you. we apparently got a new issue in colorado, marijuana grow houses hidden in residential neighborhoods. the dea says they're especially dangerous because of fire and potential for explosions. a thornton home was an illegal grow condemned after a fire last week. investigators electrical system caught fire. now neighbors are trying to fight back. in this parker subdivision for example, the hoa board president says they started finding a grow house and shut it down. >> immediately it was the odor. you could come within a block, block and a half of the house and the odor was so bad that it was almost nauseating. it was really, really strong.
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bb fewer illegal grows if marijuana were legal across the country. willie nelson just bought a marijuana grow license. his brand of pot will be called willie's reserve. it might be the end of an era. you might not know this, but the world's largest model train store is here in denver. but perhaps not for longer. caboose hobbies is getting ready to close for good. it's been it really has everything you need to build a model train. unfortunately, the lease is up on their building and the landlord has decided to sell. something customers are pretty upset about. >> this is really sad. >> it's just like old denver, part of old denver is going. >> most of us train nuts come to this store just to look at the stuff and pick it up and feel it and whatever. you can't get the same thing on a web site.
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an online business. one thing is for sure, the business has to be out of the building by october. we've been talking a lot about the broncos' champ camp. but there's another camp in town that is helping kids get active. >> it goes beyond the basics of eating right and exercising right. nicole is in the studio with more on this. >> yeah. this one is called camp champions. little different. it's a summer program at children's hospital colorado. they've had sessions. this week about 20 kids participated. they cook their own food, exercise. but it goes beyond calories in, calories out. one of the lessons was about stress and allow that can -- how that can be unhealthy. so the kids do things like yoga to destress. >> we were talking yesterday about stress and how it can overwhelm you and it could make you stress eat, and make you
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from them, doing studio yoga. >> well, trying to. >> i didn't learn about stress until i was an adult. the fact these kids are doing this now and they're patits at children's hospital, so the doctors can follow up and see if this camp is helping them. >> give them tools to be healthier. nice. >> nice to see. president obama is now giving parenting advice. how it relates to feminism. i believe we must america great again. that is why i founded colorado kids for trump. >> that is a local preteen getting other kids to join him in his love for trump. hear more from him coming up. it is now 5:39. here is your first alert we are in for a few light showers this morning. few damp roads early on. by noon, mostly cloudy skies. 70 degrees. a high today of 75. we get another cool, well below normal day. but heavy rain possible later on. we'll talk about it coming up.
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is i-70 by morrison. you can see it's drying out in some spots.
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f0 5:42. as november gets closer, political ads are getting feistier, with a colorado republican taking on donald trump. >> people ask me, what do you
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much. and i certaiy don't trust hillary. >> congressman mike coffman is airing this ad. >> i'm not going to vote for hillary clinton.. the libertarian side, i wouldn't rule that out. the republican pick is getting from local children. that's weston imer. he wants donald trump to win so badly, lease started a group called colorado kids for trump. the 12-year-old got to speak before mike pence's speech. >> governor pence has given school choice to the children of indiana, and will give it to all the kids in this great country. >> he plans to run his group
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office, which opens on monday. >> eloquent kid. >> very eloquent there. trump could lose two-fold. >> seems his dream of being president is hurting his business. foot traffic to his golf courses, hotels and casinos has dropped since he's entered the race. keep in mind, many trump branded properties are not really owned by him. he just licenses his weighing in on feminism. as gender roles evolve, the president is urging men to take responsibility in fighting sexism to create truly equal relationships. some parents say it's inspiring. >> i think it's really important that we have a conversation about it, because i think thinking about my daughter growing up, i don't
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>> president obama's article is online, you can read it in the september issue of glamour magazine. it's fridayyand we've got rain in the forecast. >> we do. we've got a few showers this morning. might get rain in town within the next 20, 30 minutes or so. live look over denver. quite a bit of cloud cover. it's been a dry commute for us this morning so far. spots like greeley and across the southwestern corner of the metro area we've seen aafew showees. you can see a few of thooe rolling farther north this morning. light rain possible for the morning drive. heavier showers expected this afternoon. again, we have another round of flash flood watches that go in effect by midday today and cover areas like colorado springs and farther south, just south of pueblo. in denver we're expecting most of our heavy showers to roll through by tonight. right around 6:00 we've got a good chance for heavy rain. you're going to find mostly cloudy skies today. spotty light showers.
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overnight tonight more scattered storms and showers expected. that's what it looks likk just after midnight. into the early morning hours tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies. then another round by tomorrow afternoon. this is going to be another two days of cooler, well below normal days and a little soggy at times. normal high today is 89 degrees. we're expecting to still be a good 15 degrees below that. low to mid-70s by 3:00. greeley 76. here in deever 75. little cooler near castle rock, 72. up into the foothills, mountains, 60s, even upper 50s. state-wide we're feeling the effects of this wet weather and the cold front that's now stalled across eastern colorado. that's what's going to bring there more -- this more unsettled weather. tonight for the rockies game you'll want an umbrella.
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storms and showers. temperatures in the mid-70s, dropping to the upper 60s. one of the first games this summer where you could potentially need a sweatshirt. 80 saturday and mid-80s sunday of the of the two days this weekend, a few storms sunday. will be a little bit drier. also you'll notice a little bit warmer. mid- to upper 80s sunday. next week hot again. monday, tuesday back in the low to mid-90s. a lot of kids going back to school next week, which means i get to pull out the bus stop >> how fun is that? we have an open house deal -- >> tonight, huh? >> at 1:00. >> been hearing it all week. i have your schedule in the back of my mind. >> thanks. first day of school for my seconn grader issmonday. good drive into downtown as you're seeing from 20th and speer. or 20th and i-25. it's moving the camera over there. in golden at the operation center, hopefully they're watching. good morning. they're the ones that are
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it around here this morning. there's mile high stadium and i- 25 southbound, northbound. pretty good start into down denver. decent driving conditions, even though we do have still very wet weather here to the west and obviously to the north with wet roads there. downtown blake and broadway an accident there. still have this section of speer closed down where they''e talking to detouring all traffic to calumet and southbound broadway. they're trying to fix the lights. murder mystery unfolding in new york city. a young woman out for a jog found dead blocks from her home. >> reporter: in this morning's gma first look, the hunt for a killer. police continue scouring the jogging path where a young woman was sexually assaulted and then murdered tuesday. detectives describe what may
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rape and they're desperate to find any clues that could lead them to the person who attacked the 30-year-old in broad daylight. she went out for a run on this path around 5:00 tuesday and was found by her father, 15 feet off the trail, face down in the shoulder high grass, strangefuled to -- strangleed to death. >> my concern is if it's somebody that ives in the area he >> reporter: officials say dna evidence found at the scene may be their best answer. lindsay davis, abc news, new york. it is almost 5:50. our super bowl mvp champ is getting a new gig. how about train announcer? >> voo miller is the new voice at the dia train. take a listen. >> howdy. welcome to denver. this is von miller, mvp of your super bowl l champion, denver broncos.
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2016 season and compete foo another title. the team appreciates the support from all the fans across the nation and we're looking forward to another great year. go broncos! >> don't you know von uses the word howdy a lot? during the super bowl, demaryius thomas have recorded messages. and a ? and these are the lungs. (boy) sorry.
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that's why we got a subaru. (avo) love.
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breaking now, las vegas police are responding to a problem near the wind casino. we see a large number of officers on the scene. surrounding casinos are all closed. there are different reports coming out. we're trying to confirm information. people are being advised to steer clear of that area. here's horrible news out of georgia. police say twin toddlers are dead after car. it was 900 degrees outside. investigators say someone found them parked outside a duplex and rushed them to a baby pool to try to cool them off. neighbors say they ran to get ice packs but it was too late. their mother was out of town. police arrested their father. it is not clear why he left them alone. look at this, that was once a house in connecticut. hard to believe. police say seven people were inside when it exploded. this is yesterday afternoon.
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were taken to the hospital. a 7-year-old in serious condition. investigators still trying to figure out what sparked that explosion. this is disturbing. a woman is caught on camera sneaking around an oregon family's house. they saw this woman with a painted face creeping around their house while they were sleeping. she tried on their clothes. even made herself a hot dog bun all eight people in the house sleeping. deputies found her and arrested her. they say she was carrying meth with her. most people simply want to catch pokemon. now one company wants to get -?rid of them. a cyber security firm is helping make sure players don't press on private -- trespass on private property. the security company says it alters the app's code to keep
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in unwanted places. starbucks hoped a raise would make its workers happy. but that doesn't seem to be the case. those employees say starbucks cut back work hours so even with the pay increase, the workers were making less money. the cut in hours means some workers could lose their health insurance coverage. starbucks says these issues are isolated. looks like women may be closing the gender pay gap. now they make about every hour that men work. >> apple is making major steps. the company says men and women there are now being paid equally. this is for the first time ever. even with apple saying that it's closed the pay gap, the company is still dominated by white men, making up 68% of the workforce. here's another big change, how much did you make at your last job? that's a question pretty much on every job application.
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to ask that beginning in 2018. instead, they're going to have to tell you upfront what the position pays. massachusetts is now the nicer state to make that question illegal. a denver high school student made her dream come true. hannah golden buill this tiny house. yes, it is only 90 square feet. she used recycled materials from habitat from humanity's stores. the home only cost her $3,500. this weekend, though, go up to auction. it will raise money for habitat for humanity. 90 square feet. >> now they can help other people. >> fantastic. >> good story. we have a nice start to our day. cool. upper 50s. one of the coolest mornings we've seen and coolest of the week. highs today low to mid-70s. mostly cloudy skies in denver. a chance for heavier rain, more thunderstorms expected tonight. we're going to be in the low to
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degrees by 3:00. tomorrow it's a little warmer. more storms and showers are likely saturday afternoon more cloud cover again. sunday a little more sunshine. fewer storms. temperatures climb each day week. back to 95 by wednesday. grand junction woman in trouble this morning after her racist rant hit the web. this morning she's explaining herself. next time you go to a broncos game, you're going to hear something
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denver 7 beginning with breaking news near coors field. at least one person is dead after a motorcycle crash. >> this happened around 1:00 this morning. witnesses say the motorcyclist was speeding. he couldn't make the turn to i- 25, instead crashed into the barricade. the riders flew off the highway below. the driver died on the scene. a female rider rushed to the hospital. we're waiting on word on her condition. we have team coverage of a crash that is sure to be jayson luber is in the traffic - center. a crash knockeddout traffic lights overnight. first let's go to jason gruenauer live at speer and champa where this crash happened. >> reporter: not the news you


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