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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  August 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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denver 7 beginning with breaking news near coors field. at least one person is dead after a motorcycle crash. >> this happened around 1:00 this morning. witnesses say the motorcyclist was speeding. he couldn't make the turn to i- 25, instead crashed into the barricade. the riders flew off the highway below. the driver died on the scene. a female rider rushed to the hospital. we're waiting on word on her condition. we have team coverage of a crash that is sure to be jayson luber is in the traffic - center. a crash knockeddout traffic lights overnight. first let's go to jason gruenauer live at speer and champa where this crash happened. >> reporter: not the news you
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week. if you're heading to work on southbound speer, be prepared. barricades are up as they start potentially removing the barricades just as i speak. this has been closed down all morning because of a crash into an electrical box. workers have been working to fix that traffic light at southbound speer and stout. they had been diverting traffic and continue to on calumet to colfax and back. it appears just as we started going live that they picking up the barricades here. it appears the traffic light is working and they may be wrapping up this scene, which is good news, just as the rush hour gets here. we've seen traffic back up just about to this traffic light so far. barricades and looks like they're getting ready to reopen southbound speer. some good news for your morning commute. how is the rest of the commute going in back to the studio and jayson luber. that is good news.
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knocked out. they could be opening it. to see that it does reopen. him- other side of downtown, accident northbound broadway at blake, northbound side of broadway closed down at blake. you can use walnut to go up to 38th and come back around to get around it at brighton boulevard. rest of the drive building traffic in the usual spots. we still have damp areas to the west and as you can see on the camera at i-25 and highway 34, still damp areas to the north. it's friday, though. >> yep. >> that's good news. you're going to find radar clearing up. we had a few showers out west- southwest, along c-470. now that cell clearing up a little bit. some light showers possible for the morning drive. low lying cloud cover. some of our other rain, heavier rain, expected across southwestern colorado by midday today. beautiful start to our day. it's cool. upper 50s, low 60s. you can ee a little hint of
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this morning. quick look at futurecast. we have more storms, heavier rain expected this afternoon. here's your first alert your drive into work is dry. the drive home likely will be wet. these storms and showers last through tonight. could be looking at over an inch of rain for the metro area. 2to 4 inches up into the mountains over a good three-day period. highs today, low, mid-70s. denver 75 degrees. here's your first alert it is going get warmer this weekend. we'll talk about this coming right now breaking, part of the las vegas strip is shut down. police are responding to some kind of incident. we see a large number of officers on the scene there. several areas near the wynn and other casinos are closed down right now because of there response here. hearing different reports of what's going on. we'll keep you updated. people are being told to avoid
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people fed up with the violence on denver's 16th street mall, and that's before we got our hands on this new video. this is a brawl between a couple of groups. >> i'm going to move out of the way so you can really see it. if you look closer, there's a man who ends up getting knocked out. but his attackers continue to hit him even as he's unconscious on the pavement. >> a man who lives in the fourth story apartment sharing this video with us. he says these people come out looking -- aren't looking. >> all the time. i'll bring food home from my restaurant, they're yelling at you for your leftovers. i always get pestered for cigarettes. people yelling obscene things always. >> police haven't identified anyone involved in the attack here. the downtown denver partnership has no comment. denver's eric lupher is live on the 16th street mall for us this morning. >> eric, we've heard these %
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us, for the marijuana. now some homeless advocates are speaking out. >> reporter: absolutely. it comes with the territory, right, when you start selling marijuana legally, clearly people are going to come from out of state to get their hands on it, including homeless people. that man who attacked people with the pipe admitted in jail that's why he came here, for the weed. we didn't inte this. a homeless man selling weed to a group of tourists. one guy smells the weed, a woman pays for it. denver human services worried this is a growing problem. >> probably around 20 to 30% of people say they're coming here just because of the legalizeed marijuana. >> reporter: getting busy here. one woman says somebbdy tried
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you'll hear from her later. i'm eric lupher, denver 7. 606:00 now. a news alert. policeeare trying track down two stolen weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. two men bboke into an armored car early yesterday morning near i-25 and i-70 at the ramada plaza. police don't have a good description of the suspects. detectives are looking over the surveillance video. they may release pictures some time this week. alert going out across the metro area after a man lu exposed himself yesterday afternoon. this happened at the parker hill top apartment complex. the suspect is described in his 30s. about 5'8", with dark spiked hair. crimestoppers is offering a $2,000 reward if you have information leading to an arrest. we are still on fire aaert. larimer county deputies are
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fire. it was not very big, thankfulll and firefighters put it out quickly. wwtnesses say two white teens were seen leaving the scene. a grand junction woman's shocking rant is going viral. this one is a little tough to listen to. >> this started when laura bennett saw a car locked in a hot car. when the family came out, bennett started cameras started rolling. >> [bleep] want to get something for nothing. [inaudible] >> speak english, [bleep]. this is america. put that on youtube. go for it. down with mexicans that don't learn the language. >> bennett apparently assumed the other woman, yolanda chavez was undocumented and taking advantage of the system. bennett lost her job after her
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apology. >> i totally have regrets. i don't regret helping the animal, because that was the whole initial thought process for me to get involved was to help this dog. my only regret is the language i used and my approach of how i handled the situation. >> a lot of you have had strong reactions. some of you taking bennett's side. you can always join the conversation on our denv today marks one year since a mine waste spill turned the animas river orange. who could forget this video. ? the water is back to normal. the epa has spent $29 million. the federal government is now investigating and could be filing criminal charges. west nile has popped up in weld counny. this is the north colorado county where the virus --
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the health department is looking into another possible case in johns town. good news for anyone looking to dive into denver's housing market. sales prices have dropped for the first time in a long time. average home sold went for $412,000. down 2% from june. median sale price was $354,000. that's down 3%. not entirely clear if this means our housing bubble bursting. experts say it's a seasonal plateau and prices could be on the rise again soon. opening ceremonies for the rio games won't happen for a few hours but the games have opened up and one highlands ranch resident is a record
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fastest goal. she plays for team canada. and we're checking in with the broncos on day nine of camp. >> secret service jumps into action on the campaign trail. why they needed to step in to protect hillary clinton. you're walking out the door to cloud cover. not as much in the way of sun glare and it will be pretty cool. here's a look from our viera wireless camera. more showers expected this afternoon. we'll show you the timing of this coming up. yyu can see the accident in the middle of blake and broa here's the other one here. traffic is allowed to get traffic is allowed to get narrator: 2010. short-sighted budget cuts in washington threatened to close the colorado facility that oversees the nation's response to insect-spread diseases. but michael bennet steps in to keep the lab open. six years later... reporter: the global fight against zika begins here, at the cdc's research center in fort collins. narrator: now michael bennet's working to make sure we continue
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i'm michael bennet and i approve this message. (vo) maybe it was here, when you hit 300,000 miles. or here, when you walked away without a scratch. maybe it was the day your baby came home. or maybe the day you realized your baby was not a baby anymore. every subaru is built to earn your trust. because we know what you're trusting us with.
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at 6:13 we're continuing to follow this story where we have still work going on at the signal box here downtown at speer and champa. we have jason gruenauer live on
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?ood news is all lanes are now open on speer. >> reporter: yes, good morning to you, jayson. after being shut down about four hours, southbound speer has been reopened. utility crews mopping up here, finishing up. they had to fix that traffic light at speer and stout after somebody smacked into one of those electrical boxes that controls the traffic light. they had to close things down and divert traffic. just within the last five minutes they've picked up barricades and traffic is flowing on all lanes. if you're heading south on speer that was closed, don't worry, everything is back to normal. gruenauer, denver 7. wn, jason - from the first alert desk, black lives matter protestors are holding what they caal a shut down across the u.k. today. they blocked the road to heathrow airport, london's busiest and the busiest airport in europe of course. we've learned 10 demonstrators
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themselves to the road before police removed them from several cities. the british movement is based on one in the u.s. hello good people of pepsi center, and welcome to hockey night in colorado. it's a great day for hockey, ?sn't it? >> that is conor mcgahey, and he is the new voice of mile high stadium. the broncos announcing he'll take over the pa alan roach. he has worked with the av's, cu buffs. speaking of the broncos, the team is hoping to hear this chant quite a bit his year. unfortunately, coach kubiak hasn't figured out who will be the starting quarterback. he told us yesterday he plans to give all three quarterbacks plenty of opportunities to
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i'm really excited. we're looking -- we play a week from today, am i right? and i want to get them out there. i'm going to put a number of pros on each one of them. that will have a lot to do with a decision making time. >> one of the biggest surprises of training camp has been virgil green. he caught four ouchdown passes yesterday. they're back on the practice field at 9:30 this morning. >> i want to make sure he doesn't skills during training camp. nice and cool for these guys practicing. more showers, but likely not until this afternoon and early evening. low to mid-70s. mostly cloudy skies. heavier rain expected tonight. few spotty showers this morning left us with damp roads near greeley, along c-470. it's mainly just cloud cover from our viera wireless camera there in akron.
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from the southwest. that subtropical moisture spilling into colorado, bringing more heavy rain to southwestern colorado today. watch our futurecast. here in denver clood cover through midday today. that's what it looks like by 1:30. at that point we'll start to see some heavier showers right along i-70, if you're heading up into the mountains today, wet roads there. southwestern colorado, telluride and durango again we'll be watching the burn scar areas in the for potential flash flooding. by about 4:00 that's when we'll have to start watching radar a little bit closer here in denver. more scattered storms, showers and heavier rain expected through the evening. if you've got plans tonight, if maybe you are like me and have tickets to the rockies game, take an umbrella. 9:30tonight heavier rain along the palmer divide, stretching south into the springs. could be looking at over an inch in spots by early tomorrow morningg
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still pretty cloudy. we get another round of storms saturday afternoon. it's really unsettled both today and tomorrow. it's also pretty cool. we're in the low to mid-70s. >> by 4:00, denver 75. scattered storms and showers. threat for severe weather is lower. don't have the big time heat to build up stronger storms. so the threat is lower today. parker 74. 50s to mid-60s. where does that put us? a good 15 degrees below normal and one of the coolest days we have seen in about a month. record high 99. you know how jayson loves those records set back in the 1800's. 75 today. tomorrow closer to 80. saturday storms still likely. here's your first alert that on sunday we're going to see a little more sunshine. still a chance for a few afternoon storms.
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and next week summer returns. it's still summer. we typically get pretty hot days and we'll see a string of them next week. low to mid-90s expected through wednesday. a guy dressed in a wool coat going, it's really hot today. >> but in 100 years they'll probably laugh at how we're doing it. >> 6th and 19th the construction causing big delays. you can see folks are waiting to get through the traffic signals. overall drive out that way, looks nice on c-470. downtown we had the two issues, one accident northbound side of broadway at blake. actually both directions are affected. we had the traffic signal issue along speer at champa. now i'm hearing this just came into the ticker that regis university, northwest denver campus, that campus is closed
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do be aware of that. that's the regis northwest campus. rest of the drive to the north looks all right. i-70, i-76 in pretty nice shape. your voice your vote. a new poll shows hillary clinton with a 14-point lead on donald trump. clinton is at 45%. trump at 31%. libertarian gary johnson at 10%, and jill stein at 6%. trump is headed back to colorado. junction and in pueblo next tuesday. his pueblo americans -- protestors have been present at some of trump's most recent rallies, including one last night. some held up pocket sized copies of the constitution. it was the rowd booed the protestors as they were
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hillary clinton's rally yesterday in las vegas. a group of animal rights activists rushed towards the stage. the secret service jumped in. she was never really in any danger. she did tell the protestors that they were at the wrong rally. listen. >> apparently these people are here to protest trump, because trump and his kids have killed a lot f animals. so thank you for making that point. >> you remember clinton was in town earlier this week. no word when she's to colorado. a 12-year-old from colorado spear heading the youth movement for trump. we'll introduce you to this man 24 years before he plans to run for president. here's a look from airtracker7. we're looking at the village inn. i'm not sure exactly on the street location. police activity taking place
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a live look from our mile high camera. beautiful start to the day.
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this is well hit centerfield. really well hit. and gone! that's how well hit. >> that homerun was number three for robing rookie david dahl. he's only played nine major league games. unfortunately it was not enough. the dodgers won 4-2. miami comes to town tonight. first pitch is at 6:40 tonight. lisa will be there cheering on i'll be soaking wet. take a look at futurecast. at 6:00 tonight what we're expecting, so just before the game, threat for heavy rain. as we set this into motion you'll notice through the game chance for scattered storms and showers. let's hope there's not a big rain day or rainout. we're looking at tomorrow still a chance for a few late-day storms and showers. in some spots we could be at over an inch of rain. temperatures are going to be today in the 70s. 75 degrees by 4:00 with that
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your first alert it gets a lot hotter next week. i-70 looks okay with all that cloud cover it's giving us a break on some of the eastbound routes, passing the purina plant and colorado boulevard. take a look at the drive to dia, i-70 and airport, the ramp to pena boulevard is basically wide open. 15 minutes security wait on all the lines at dia. willie nelson is coming to colorado. it's not for a concert, though. how he plans to break into the marijuana business. plus, how safe is denver's 16th street mall?
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it is just about 6:30. we need to talk about crazy weather that's been wreaking a little bit of havoc across the
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ominous, kind of small. this touched down across the missouri river near omaha. >> it didn't cause a lot of damage. folks there are concerned about really flooding. the rain will affect us here in colorado as well. let's turn it over to lisa, she has the first alert on a chance of a rainy weekend. today and tomorrow best shot of rain. i had to start with this. coolest start of the day. take a look at the low lying clouds in the valley along i- 70. it is a pretty start to our friday. it's going to be soggy, especially across southwestern colorado. we have another round of flash flood watches going in effect this afternoon. it moves farther east, including spots along i-70 up to the north and also east along i-25 near the springs and trinidad. also going to be cooler. scattered storms and showers that will redevelop, turning heavy tonight, and our temperatures will only be in the low to mid-70s. here's your first alert that today is the coolest day on our seven-day forecast. it does get warmer and there is
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we'll detail all of that coming up in a few minutes. i just watched this poor guy had to push his truck off the highway. this is the eastbound side of i- 70 there going to exit havana. he had his pickup truck that was broken down here causing a delay in the right exist lane. this guy in the white car got out to help him push. they started getting it going and getting it off the ramp. they just cleared it moments ago. now that we're going to on eastbound i-70 by havana now that they've cleared out of that ramp and exit lane. overall map, fair amount of green. north, south, east, west. one accident at broadway and blake. little bit of building traffic i-76 and i-70. overall a decent ride. from the first alert desk we want to update you on a breaking situation we've been tracking in las vegas. a huge police presence at the wynn casino there. our abc affiliate reports a
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shot at a police car and then took off toward the wynn. police eventually found him and he was arrested and it looks like we're seeing video that they are reopening the strip in that area. it was shut down for a while. kevin lyons will appear in court, he is the man accused of shooting his wife then killing the doctor who rushed out to help her. initially his lawyers weren't convinced he was competent to face a judge. he went through an evaluation and a judge found that he is he could spend the rest of his life behind bars if found guilty. denver police need your help finding a man who kidnapped and sexually assaulted someone. happened saturday night in southwest denver. police say the suspect is a hispanic man in his late 20s oo early 30s. long hair and a bushy goatee. this video led to a lot of questions about safety on denver's 16th street mall.
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new video of a different fight. >> denver 7's eric lupher on the 16th street mall this morning. ressdents tell us the harassment really never stops. >> reporter: one woman who works down here, she gets off late, she says she's harassed all the time for the simple things like extra leftover food she has. violence. we've been talking about this. but let's be honest, police can't be everywhere at once. harassment can turn very dangerous. this video we're about you really shows you that. this was from the fourth story of an apartment showing a man knocked unconscious. then anooher man coming behind and sucker punching him. police have not told us if anyone was arresteddin this case or if anyone was charged. this is new for you. we talked with a woman who morning who walks the 16th street mall a lot. her boyfriend works at a restaurant, works late. she was almost robbed.
6:34 am
trying to jack my wallet and everything i had on it. i asked him, why are you doing this? he goes, well, just give me your stuff. he tried to swing on me. so i backed up and i socked him and i ran off. and there was no cops to be found or heard. >> reporter: there you go. that woman saying she had to protect herself. we know what's being put in place here on the 16th street mall. more pole early as mid-august, a private security team could be down here trying to protect people. eric lupher, denver 7. you might remember last week we were the only ones to ask the denver police chief about the security issues on the mall. he blamed the issues on a lack of staffing. >> you know, given the litany of details that we have, the demonstrations we've been having on a regular basis, the other details that go on. >> earlier this week we learned
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plans to hire private security to patrol the mall. that should be in place by the fall. mayor hancock blames the problem on urban travelers who come here for the pot. now the d.a. is concerned about illegal grow houses in neighborhoods. in thornton there was a home with an illegal grow. electrical system caught fire and the house had to be condemned. >> meth labs, dangers and risks. with grow houses, they have the same exact certain dangers and risks. >> in addition to those dangers, the report points out neighbors often deal with heavy track, noise from the industrial air conditioning units and of course the smell. marijuana advocacy group called normal lab down playing the report, saying it's a scare tactic by the federal government. country legend willie nelson is jumping into the marijuana industry. he announced yesterday he'll purchase a marijuana grow license from denver relief and
6:36 am
willie's reserve. no word when that will hit the market. a judge in aspen will rule whether a dentiss negligently pulled the wrong tooth earlier this year. >> his is >> the dentist said the tooth needed to be pulled, the victim said no. no word on what damages he is seeking. a ruling could come down next week, from the tooth fairy and judge. listen to this, parker police say leaf blower noise woke up a man from his nap. he ran outside, pointed a gun at the guy using the leaf blower. this happened yesterday at the ranch stone apartments. no one was harmed. this donation coming in the daughter of late actor and
6:37 am
freedom service dogs. she helped three organizations -?this year. freedom dogs says the donation will help them continue for years. the long month rod festival is coming to an end. a bunch of unruly characters ruined the festival this year they say, and the hassle. republican congressman mike coffman speaking out against donald trump in a political ad. >> people ask me what do you think about trump. honestly, i don't care for him much and i don't trust hillary. >> while he blasts trump in the ad, he doesn't say whether or not he'll vote for trump. we asked him, and he said he was "disappointed" when he met trump in private a few days
6:38 am
different behind closed doors. i thought it was a shtick. i found him to be the same person. >> he did say he spoke with a libertarian vice presidential candidate next week and implied he would consider a third party vote if trump won't change his tune. 12-year-old westin imer supports trump. he's the youngest man who started colorado kids for trump and he's trying to kids are educated about politics. now he is expecting a phone call from vice presidential candidate mike pence. >> told me him and mr. trump would be in contact with me as soon as possible and he's going to be with mr. trump friday. probably will talk to him sooner than that on the phone. hopefully i'll receive a call from him. >> he says his group is on twitter and instagram.
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denver 7 app. a fake doctor scamed a
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good morning. happy friday. today a cool start to our day. walking out the door to upper 50s, low sixies and a beautiful sunrise. ou be in the low to mid-77s. greeley a touch warmer. 78 there. aurora you'll be at 76. in boulder today 75. 60s, a few 50s expected in the mountains as well. quick look at futurecast. this morning it's pretty dry. we'll stay under cloud cover through midday and here's your first alert that we could get heavy rain tonight. could even see potential flash flooding, jayson, especially up into the mountains. take a look at this picture from airtracker7. this is at tenth and garrison
6:42 am
colfax, north of 6th avenue and between waddworth and kipling. you see a lot of xcel energy trucks closing down the intersection. report of somebody that hit the power pole and brought it down. that's why they brought out the xcel squad to bring the traffic lights back up and the power lines back up. they have work to do again at 10th and garrison. it's closed down now. you could easily get around it through the other roads in the neighborhood. thanks, jayson. the broncos are calling their camp. that's not the only champ camp in town. we're going to show you how the other camp is helping kids release some stress. as we head to break, let's give you a live look outside
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? and these are the lungs. (boy) sorry. (dad) don't worry about it. we need things that are built to last. that's why we got a subaru. (avo) love.
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xcel says they probably
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section of lakewood at tenth. we just got the jobs report in for july. 250,000 jobs added in july with unemployment staying at 4.9%. not as good as june, not as many added. but the "wall street journal" reporting this two-month period together marks the best two- month stretch of job growth for the u.s. economy since year. this could fuel more talk of the fed raising interest rates. we're only six days away from the start of the preseason. >> demaryius thomas one of the bright spots on the field. it's been emotional off the field. his grandmother's prison sentence was commuted a few days ago, which means she'll be getting out of jail soon. d.t. talked exclusively to denver 7 about his first phone call after that decision. >> first thing she told me, she
6:46 am
make sure your mama next time i call her answer the phone, because i need some clothes to wear out of here. she was so excited. i'm happy for her. >> this is the second time one of his relatives has been pardoned by president obama. his mom was also pardonnened last year. they were both put into prison when thomas was just 11 years old. ironman boulder is this weekend. it begins with swimming cycling and ends with a marathon distance run. for boulder, it's a chance to pump $5 million into the local economy. >> get ready for road closures that will happen near the reservoir, and downtown boulder sunday. the question now, will you need an umbrella? lisa is here with first alert on weekend weather. by the afternoon it might be perfect for the athletes. last thing you want are 90-
6:47 am
cloudy. and we'll likely see mooe storms in the afternoon. here's a look, today we're looking at more flash flood watches in the mountains. on the plains, some heavier rain tonight. that includes us here in town. unsettled weather expected through the weekend. % we have a cold front stalled out across the plains. a live look from our viera wireless camera in akron. upper 50s to low 60s this morning. you're going to find highs around 75 degrees this afternoon, with for storms and showers by the evening commute. we've got at the airport, 76. estes park today 64. and in highlands ranch a high of 77. it's about 15 degrees still below normal. and everyone state-wide feeling lamar and grand junction, all about 20 degrees cooler than where we were on wednesday with that near triple digit heat. it's been a nice break from the
6:48 am
mostly cloudy skies through 12:00 today. at that point more storms and showers in the mountains. they'll move closer into town by 3:00 this afternoon. then we have an unsettled evening. heavy rain expected in spots for the evening commute. you're going to find by 5:30 to even 9:00 some pretty active weather over denver, eastern plains, and down south along the palmer divide. could even get flooding rains. number of flash flood watches for the mountains and extends farther north yesterday. 7:00tommrrow morning we're under again a mostly cloudy sky. still a few lingering showers to the northeast. then another round of storms and showers by tomorrow afternoon. as you look ahead our temperatures will get warmer into the weekend. we're at 75 today. 80 tomorrow. by sunday 85, little warmer. of the two days this week we're going to -- weekend we're going to see more sunshine sunday. storms possible in the afternoon, though fewer than saturday.
6:49 am
low to mid-90s monday into tuesday. on wednesday the hottest day on our seven-day, 95 degrees. it's a bad day to be without power. >> yep. >> we have no power for 1700 customers in lakewood due to this accident. someone early this morning took out a power pole, so xcel has come out to replace the pole and lift the wires off the ground and get power restored. they think it will take couple of hours. 1700 customers out there near 10th and garrison remain without power. they're working hard to get it back up and working again. take a look at the area in lakewood. this is the intersection. i think you can take -- let me see if this will go back in there. this is the area here at 10th and garrison. this is that house you saw there where the accident happened. easily to get between kipling
6:50 am
garrison and 10th shouldn't be hugely traveled. one accident downtown at broadway and blake. you can see 225 getting busier from parker road. otherwise, pretty quiet on the highways. it is now 10 minutes before 7:00. a fake doctor named julie steenhoek is accused of stealing from an elderly couple. detectives are worried there could be more victims. >> she was called dr. julie by many in the community. court documents slow she moved -- show she moved in with an elderly couple and tried sell her house. the elderly woman later died. now lafayette police have put out a warning for her arrest. >> i think it's incredibly important that we get this woman so that she stops doing this and save other families from this kind of heartache. >> if you believe a loved one is a victim of elderly abuse, there are resources available.
6:51 am
we have those links on in denver a foreclosure attorney is being fined $1.8 million. a judge says the attorney and his firm billed thousands of clients for title insurance policies. but those policies didn't exist. to make things worse, the victims of the scam were all facing foreclosure. a judge tried to fine him more, but state law caps a payout in these cases. a physically disabled got trapped in a burning home near florida and kearny. this morning he's alive thanks to quick work by police officers there on the scene. >> denver police did a fantastic job here. had the roads open for us when we got here. weee able to inform us we had one party inside the house which we got inside and safely ?ull him out. >> the police officer saw some smoke coming out of the house. he rushed over there and helped the man out. that man should make a full recovery. firefighters aren't sure what caused the fire or how much it
6:52 am
hard to believe summer is almost over, which means the school year right around the corner. one12-year-old girl from denver wants to make sure everyone has the supplies they need. kalely started colorado kids for kids. >> by giving them school supplies we were givinn kids in second grade maybe a chance to hold a crayon for the first time. >> she said it's designed to empower children allo to pick the supplies they want. the drive ends tomorrow. as we prepare to celebrate our olympic athletes, it's a great time to encourage our kids to be more active. >> nicole brady joins us now. she's learned about a program that's helping denver area kids learn how to be healthy. >> yeah. this goes beyond eating and exercise, because child obesity but unhealthy living can also
6:53 am
as well. children's hospital's camp champions is about teaching a this week about 20 kids le. participated and they did focus on eating right and exercising. but they also learned about dealing with stress and they're taking those lessons home with them. >> i've told them about the yoga and yesterday me and my mom tried doing yoga downstairs. >> how fun is that? the kids in camp children's hospital, they're patients, so their doctors can follow up with them this year. if they notice positive changes, children's will share this program with other groups around denver. coming up, your morning sprint, including a deadly motorcycle crash near coors field, closed down i-25 several hours overnight. plus, donald trump tells a
6:54 am
6:55 am
five till 7:00. a story that broke overnight, at least one person is dead following a serious motorcycle crash happened near coors field. >> happened around 1:00 this morning. witnesses say the motorcyclist smashed into the barricade while trying to turn onto i-25 from 20th street. the rrders flew off the
6:56 am
female passenger was taken to the hospital. neither were wearing helmets. xcel energy crews now working to restore the power after an overnight accident caused the lines to come down and transformer to get messed up. xcel is now dealing with 1700 customers out in lakewood near 10th and garrison. that's the area we're talking about. 1700 customers without power now. they hope to get it on in the next couple of hours. overall map, a lot of traffic in the usual spots. friday we're making our way on this morning's commute. it is a beautiful start to our day. i was hoping to show you this great shot at loveland. nice cloud cover down and through the valley, and now it's starting to clear up. today cool with a good chance for showers, mainly this afternoon and evening. bad timing for tonight's rockies game. we're expecting temperatures to be looks like in the mid-70s for the start of the game. then dropping into the upper 60s. take an umbrella with you. tomorrow we're at 80. storms and showers likely again
6:57 am
and back in the 90s next week. >> reporter: i'm eric lupher. another brutal and vicious attack on the 16th street mall. this time it's 16th and stout. have you seen this viddo? it shows a man being knocked unconscious and sucker punched. the new attack is yet another black eye for the mall after a series of violent incidents in the area. the most talked about involving a homeless plan violently attacking others with broad daylight. many say there's a complete lack of law and order even with increased police presence. i'm eric lupher, denver 7. donald trump is headed back to colorado, according to "the "the denver post" he'll be stopping in pueblo next week and grand junction. >> now trump trails hillary clinton by about 14 points in the most recent poll.
6:58 am
getting a new gig. >> von miller is now the new voice at the dia train system. take a listen. >> howdy. welcome to denver. this is von miller, mvp of your super bowl l champion, denver broncos. we're excited to kick off the 2016 season and compete for another title. the team appreciates the support from fans across the nation and we're looking forward to another great year. go broncos! >> in the past we've had peyton manniig and john elway also the voice of it is friday, everyone.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. dangerous twisters hit the south. a tornado tearing through new orleans flattening buildings, residents rushing to the rescue. livestreaming the moment they pull someone from the rubble. and flooding on famous bourbon street. now more threats this morning. trump. the startling poll numbers showing he's in a free fall as the president lashing out on his latest allegations. >> of course the elections will not be rigged. what does that mean? >> now hillary clinton taking on donald trump's sons and these pictures. and a search for a serial killer. a shooter on the loose in phoenix now linked to nine attacks. this time a man and his 4-year-old child targeted. the urgent manhunt right now. and let the games begin.


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