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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  August 5, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm MDT

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> the man accused of opening fire at a centennial neighborhood killing a well known doctor is back in court. both sides laying out their cases today. we'll tell you what's happening in the courtroom. plus, we are learning new details on what led to a deadly crash that knocked lakewood. >> reporter: also, colleges from across the country are here in denver. i'm eric lupher. a few hundred of them skipped the conference rooms for a conference here and they marched. i'll tell you why coming up. first let's get you the latest on kevin lyons. he's in court now. >> you may remember in april police say lyons shot and drkikenneth atkinson as the doctor was trying to help
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also shot by lyons. jason gruenauer haa an update. several witnesses are taking the stand. >> reporter: they are. thepoint of this is to determine if there's enough evidence to move this case forward, which would ultimately then gg to trial, which could mean that kevin lyons could face up to the rest of his life in prison. so far we've heard from some witnesses and also heard some evidence that we have not yet heard, including the 911 tapes from the day of that shooting. actually as that includes dr. ken atkinson, whose voice aapears talking to a 911 dispatcher saying "he's coming at me with a gun" and we hear shots fired and silence on the other end of that phone. there was also presented today by the prosecution a next day interview with lyons' wife. she said her husband had been acting weird and crazy and snapped and started shooting. lyons is facing 14 felony counties in this case,
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degree murder of dr. atkinson and several others of first degree attempted murder. he's had outbursts ii the court in the past, so far none today. there are several more witnesses we expect to hear from and more evidence to be presented, ultimately to decide if trial is the next step here. that will be decided by a judge. reporting live here in arapahoe county, i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. big headaches this morning for drivers as crashes knocked out power to hundreds. >> nicole is here with new information on a bizarre crash that led to a hour outage in lakewood. >> a crash at garrison and 10th, an hmarea that damaged a traffic pole and lights. this was a fatal accident. before midnight police got
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said they were arguing while driving and her husband jumped from the still moving car. not clear if he or she was driving but apparently she couldn't maintain control of the car when he jumped out and the car hit a power pole and traffic signal. the crash left 1700 customers without power in that area of 10th and garrison. took about five hours to get electricity restored. we don't know if there will charges yet. detectives are waiting on toxicology reports. that crash wasn't the only one affecting power. a driver hit an electrical box at speer and champa and knocked out power on the campus at speer and university. drivers had to take a detour . it's about 20 degrees cooler than it has been it feels like the last couple of
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it's nice outside. we are starting to see a few rain showers. with the cooldown we'll get heavy rain in spots and you'll notice on radar getting more active across the southwestern edge of the metro area. jayson was flipping through the cdot cameras along 285 and the roads still look dry, but more cloud cover and more scattered showers will start to develop soon. especially if you're across the southwestern cornerrof our state. montrose and telluride, quite a bit of lightning starting to pop up with in denver, low to mid-70s for highs today. we're only going to see about a 5 to 7-degree warmup between now and 4:00 and like mitch said, that is 20 degrees cooler than what we saw on wednesday. now, overnight tonight some upper 50s to low 60s. scattered storms and showers possible in denver by looks like the commute. mid-70s for highs today on the -?front range.
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seven-day forecast. i have friday night plans, it could mess with it. i'll show you what to expect coming up. today the black lives matter movement is holding protests across the u.k. protestors in fact blocked the main road to london's heathrow airport, the busiest airport across europe, causing major disruptions. >> police there have arrested several demonstrators. the british movement is based oo the one here in the u.s. organizers say too many black people are dying in police calling this a national day of action. >> people here in our state are taking a different approach when it comes to the black lives matter movement. there's a group of psychologists marching. >> eric lupher is live there now. this group has a unique approach when it comes to dealing with this issue. >> reporter: they are taking advantage of an event happening
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center downtown. it's the psychological association's conference going on this weekend. some of those attendees are skipping what's going on inside for a march outside. [ chanting ] >> reporter: the goal to all attention to the black lives matter matter movement. the group of psychologists marching because they believe the association should be doing more to support black lives. i asked jasmine jenkins what that means. >> we ne communities of color. we provide therapeutic services so we should be catering those services to people mourning. we need to be having summits and gatherings where we're having conversations about race and police brutality in general. >> reporter: the group is making the half mile trek to skyline mark as we speak, and
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where their demonstration will end. laura bennett saw a car locked in a hot car. but when the family came out, bennett started yelling at them, and the cameras started rolling. [bleep] want to get something for nothing, get your [bleep] up. [inaudible] >> speak english, [bleep]. it's america. put me on youtube, go for it. down with mexicans that don' world. >> bennett apparently assumed the other woman was undocumented and taking advantage of the system. bennett lost her job after her boss saw the video. last night she issued an apology. >> i totally have regrets. i don't regret helping the animal, because that was the whole initial thought process for me to ven get involved was to heep this dog.
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i used and my approach of how i handled the situation. >> several people took bennett's side on social media. a motorcyclist is dead after this crash at i-25 and 20th street in front of coors field. it happened in the wee hours of the morning. witnesses say the motorcyclist was speeding when he turned onto an onramp, crashed into the barricade. the riders, two of the men, landing on the highway below them. the driver died on scene. the female passenger is at thee hospital. denver police are trying to solve a sexual assault case. they say they're looking for a man who kidnapped and sexually assaulted someone. this happened saturday night in southwest denver. police say the suspect is a hispanic male in his 20s or early 30s. has long wavy black hair and
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more about this crime. parker police are asking everyone to be extra careful and vigilant after a man lured some kids to a secluded area and exposed himself. the kids ran away and got help. this happened yesterday at the parker hill top apartment complex. another fight on the 16th street mall caught on camera. this video taken wednesday night shows a brawl between two groups. there's a man, getting knocked out and being sucker punched while he's out cold on the pavement. terry darnell captured this video from his apartment. residents thhre believe the 16th street mall is out of control. >> it seems like when they have an actual officer on each block, it's a quiet night. but when the officers hang out together and take the strolls is when they see that all five
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of the mall, stuff breaks out. by the time police get here they've ot away with it. it's night after night. >> dpd hasn't identified anyone involved in the fight. the downtown denver partnership has no comment. marijuana grow houses hidden in residential neighborhood. the dea is warning about the potential of fires and explosions at these homes. many neighbors we've spoken with share those concerns. this thornton was an illegal grow condemned after a fire last week. investigators say overheated electrical system started this fire. parker subdivision the president of the hoa found a grow house and shut it down, but not before weeks of problems. >> immediately it was the odor. you could come within a block 3 or block and a half of the
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that allost nauseating. the mayor in one city is facing pretty shooking charges, accused of exchanging meth for sex. was a baby tossed across a room? that's what a mom wants to know as her baby fights for her life. we have the day care surveillance video.
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f0 we are learning more about an american woman killed in a knife attack in london. >> she is 64-year-old darlene horton, the wife of a florida state university professor. they were there where he was teaching a summer session. a 19-year-old norwegian national of somali origin is in police custody. authorities say the attack appears to have been "triggered by mental health issues." two other women and three men were injured. in ohio a day care is under investigation after an 11-month- old baby girl suffered a fractured skull and other severe injuries. the mother of the baby says it happened here at step to step day care. she was initially given an incident report from the day care saying her daughter fell
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she found out how serious it was when she got to the hospital. then the video. >> she was thrown across the room? >> i mean, she was kind of, the video was very, very dark. but to me, there's no way that she could have just been dropped. she was at least 2 to 3 feet away from the lady. it looked like she was kind of tossed. >> the day care's last state inspection is from march showing several violations. in me instances a virginia mayor has been arrested for distributing meth in exchange for sexual encounters. he was busted in an undercover operation. he also works a a substitute teacher. in georgia twin girls died after being found in a hot car. investigators are questioning the father. >> there's no reason for it.
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mean to do it, because this is something he's going to have to live with the rest of his life. the girls' mother was in the hospital at the timee in california crews battling with fires getting comfort from therapy dogs. some firefighters have spent nearly two weeks on the front line while missing their own pets back home. >> can'ttwait to dogs.. they'll probably jump all over me. >> when you see your guys smiling and, they're tire, they worked really hard yesterday, but have time to play with the dogs, it's kind of neat. >> firefighters will need to be out there a little while longer. now this california fire is only 27% contained. it's already burned 51,0 00 acres. >> such tough work, too.
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your family missing you, too. nice break from the heat. low 70s, and it's only going to probably warm another 5, 7 degrees. >> great. >> yeah, nice afternoon. more heavy rain possible. and threat for flash flooding. the plains including denver could get heavier rain tonight. now dry. it will stay unsettled through the weekend, especially tomorrow on saturday. at this point most of our showers, heavier rain is southwestern colorado. same spot as yesterray. it will gradually keep moving farther east and we're already starting to see a little activity to the south and west of denver. more rain on the way. akron you can see from our viera wireless camera lot of cloud cover. notice on futurecast by right around 2:30 to 3:00 that's when storms develop just to the west and to the southwest of denver. so our foothills and mountains
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see some rain, pockets of heavier rain and lightning. by 5:00 tonight looks like a wet drive for the friday evening commute. and then between about 7:00 and 9:00 a lot of those heavy showers move east of i-25. cross your fingers we could see it moving farther east for the start of tonight's rockies game. could still see a few light showers, but the heavier stuff by looks like the commute 5:00 to about 7:00. 2:00in the morning still havv a few showers out east. here in denver cloud cover early tomorrow morning we'll see a mix of sun and clouds, and then another round of storms and showers by tomorrow afternoon. that's what it looks like at 4:30 on saturday. so most of our flash flood watches again contain to the high country, to the mountains. but a few traveling east over colorado springs, heavier rain there. could be talking over an inch of rain n some spots by early tomorrow. mid- to upper 70s today.
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this is 15 degrees below normal. 20 degrees cooler than what we saw wednesday. and finally a break. some of the coolest air since the first of july. low 800 near pueblo and lamar. they had triple digit heat wednesday. so a nice break. today we're in the 70s. saturday and sunday it is a little warmer. closer to 80 saturday and 85 sunday. saturday likely our better chance for storms. sunday things dry bit more. most of those storms, a few of them, not as many. hot again by monday, tuesday, wednesday back in the low to mid-90s. that's when we're going to see likely more, again, red flag warnings popping up across the state. all right. and we are following breaking news right now. colorado authorities are looking for the suspects in a highway shooting that llft a man in critical condition.
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kansas, was going east on i-70 when a blue honda pulled up along side him and someone started shooting at him. he was shot several times and taken to a hospital in a chopper. as you can see in that picture there. he was still able to describe the suspects. driver a white man with curly blond hair wearing a black hoodie and khaki the other man also a white man. bra jillian soccer great pele won't be at the opening ceremony at the olympics tonight. he had surgery several years ago and says he's not physically able. russia's status in the
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the air since the anti-doping agency accused that country of wide scale drug use. >> the agency also -- instead, officials opting to hold a panel to determine which russians could compete. for those in rio, the zika virus is likely not far from their minds. the same goes for florida. but there is good news. planes are drrpping insecticides f they'll continue the next few weeks. the cdc says early results seem promising and authorities say they've been able to reduce the zika zone by about 10 blocks, at least the danger zone that's there. florida now has 15 confirmed cases. researchers are testing a zika vaccine on people. at least 80 volunteers will take part. they'll happen in maryland and atlanta. researchers will be looking at the safety of the vaccine.
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monkeys. results from the human trials should be ready by january. back here at home concerns are growing about west nile virus. we just learned a horse in broomfield has been diagnosed with the virus. earlier this morning we told you weld county confirmed its first human case this season. the patient is recovering at home. the health department is also looking into a second case in johns town. the other incidents happened at douglas, larimer and bent counties. a 4-year-old disappeared on his tricycle and you will not imagine how far he went.
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an oregon family wakes up to a shocking discovery. this there was a stranger in their home while they were
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surveillance camera. >> cringes my stomach. >> reporter: michelle phelps has watched this video muutiple times. >> it's scary to not know what's in the dark. she strolled around like she knew what was in the dark. >> reporter: images of a stranger making herself at home in her home are forever painted in her mind. >> by the time it comes really alive is at night when you close your eyes. any time you close your eyes, the video of her walking down the hallway is so un and her husband woke up monday morning to find their home ransacked. they checked their security video ann discovered their home had an unwelcomed visitor in the night. she says the stranger wearing face make-up made food for herself and tried on clothes, all while eight people slept inside the home. the douglas county sheriff's office has arrested a 24-year-
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case. she's charged with theft, trespass, and possession of methamphetamine. >> it's so violating in so many ways. this is your safe haven. you come home and this is where the world is done. this is your home. and then for the world, the messed up world to follow you in your home is really hard. a wisconsin 4-year-old went on quite the adventure. police say t child took his bike and rode 6 miles away from his home. >> he was on a bike ride with his brother and cousins and got separated from the group. it took hours to find him. >> pure hell, pure hell. it's like a bad dream. you can't imagine. you just can't imagine. >> after three hours he was found. his family says they are more thankful than ever for the people in their community that
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town for a conference speaking up for black lives matter. and donald trump's latest
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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it's 11:30 now. as we speak there's a judge
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centennial man accused of killing a local doctor should stand trial. >> we're talking kevin lyons. so far 911 tapes and testimony from two witnesses have been heard. jason gruenauer was in the courtroom and he has the latest. >> reporter: no outbursts so far today from kevin lyons, who is facing 14 felony counts from shooting his wife and shooting two of his neighbors and evidence today as to whether or not this case should go to trial. so far we've heard rivetting evidence on the side of the prosecution, including 911 tapes from the day, the moments of that shooting, including lyons' wife calling for help, and dr. atkinson, he was shot and killed here, saying, he's coming after me with a gun. you hear shots fired on that tape, and then therr is silence. also presented today taped
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describing her husband as snapping and starting to shoot. he is facing 14 felony counts, one first degree murder, the rest attempted murder. the defense isn't expected to call witnesses. i spoke to a lawyer today, and they said after hearing the evidence so far, the likelihood is this case will head to trial. that's ultimattly for a judge to decide. in arapahoe county, jason gruenauer, denver 7. today psychologists from across the country are in the downtown denver area for a conference. >> a few hundred of them are skipping the meetings and marching. here's denver 7 reporter eric lupher. >> reporter: a few hundred psychologists from different states, different parts of the country are marching on behalf of the black lives matter movement. they believe psychologists aren't doing enough to help the
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>> reporter: the group gathered outside the colorado convention center where the conference is happening this weekend. they skipped what's going on in the conference room and started marching a half mile trek to skyline park, again to bring attention to he black lives matter movement. >> we are seeing a civil rights movement happening now. apa, organizations care about people suffering, and they are doing things, but we would like them to be their support and forth coming, because lives are at risk. >> reporter: i talked to one man who marched this morning and he says there is an unrealized potential of psychology when it comes to black lives matter. eric lupr, denver 7. if you step outside now for lunch it almost looks and feels fall-like. >> it does. temperatures now 20 degrees cooler than this same time wednesday. nice change.
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>> we have rain. normal high is 89 degrees today. we'll be about 15 degrees bblow that. now we're near 70 and we have cloud cover from the plains to the mountains. a beautiful shot from loveland and you can see the clouds lying low in the valley. few showers in the central mountains. more of our rain now out west across the western slope and southwestern colorado. quick look at futurecast, within the next few hours around 1:30 to2:00, the divide and tunnel, you'll likely see showers. we'll get you through the rest of this plus your week forecast coming up. here's your first alert it will be warmer but pleasant. today we are learning more about a fake doctor accused of preying on an elderly couple. police have a warrant for her arrest and are trying find her. but she may now be as far away as louisiana they fear.
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mom is gone and she doesn't have to be. >> reporter: they call her dr. julie. into their home, even wrote herself in the will for 50%. >> why? you know, why do this? >> reporter: lafayette police say julie steenhoek took advantage of an elderly couple. she's wanted on a felony charge of at risk exploitation and nowhere to be found. >> it just felt really bizarre. >> reporter: a cousin close flags and contacted authorities. he explains how dr. jjlie prevented his loved ones from seeking proper medical care, taking them off meds, trying to treat the woman's cancer with holistic holistic methods. >> the longer it goes on, the worse the outcome.
11:36 am
point to problems. one person wrote diagnosis she took 7,000 dollars from me and destroyed my body in the meantime. relatives believe the fake doctor wrote this telling e- mail pretending to be their mom, saying, julie has been staying with me and caring for me without payment in order to preserve high future and my -- my future and preserve my health. i think it's incredibly important we get this woman so she stops doing this and save other of heartache. >> if you believe a loved one is a victim of elderly abuse call police or adult protective services. here in denver a foreclosure attorney is being fined $1.8 million. a judge says robert hopp junior and his company billed people
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the judge tried to fine him more, but state law puts a cap on it. donald trump will be stopping in grand junction and pueblo next tuesday. his pueblo experience is for the southwest motors event center. no word yet where he'll be speaking in grand junction. trump has a new supporter catching attention around the nation. and he is jjst 12 years old. this is weston imer and he started colorado kids for trump governor pence's town hall meeting wednesday. he says the group is in an effort to make kids are educated on politics and information is accessible to them. >> so i have about eight kids all in all in the group, and we're on facebook, so that's the easiest way to get to us. we'll be getting a twitter page. we're on instagram. >> he is all over the place.
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colorado kids for trump from the jefferson county trump office which opens monday. a denver police officer's quick actions saved a man's life. a fire broke out at a home near florida and kearny, and the homeowner who has disabilities and on oxygen couldn't get out. >> denver policeedid a fantastic job. had the roads open and informed us we had an adult male in the house which we were able to safely pull him out. >> when the police officer saw the smoke, he ru house. firefighters have not said what started that fire. a river turned orange. today marks exactly one year since the gold king mine spill turred the animas river this orange color. the water is mostly back to normal. silver ton is planning a party along the river called super fun days. the party will include beer the color of the spill apparently,
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a-basin is a step closer to expanding its back country terrain. forest officials approved plans for a new ski lift and zip line tour. the forest service is accepting public input. if you live in denver get ready for a big crowd this weekend. athletes are heading there for ironman boulder. the 140-mile course begins with swimming, then cycling and ends with amarathon distance run. this is a the race brings $5 million into the local economy. >> any time any city gets an ironman at their location, it's a huge deal. boulder is actually known as the mecca for our sport, and probably all the best professional triathletes in the world will come and train here at some point in time. >> don't worry, the race isn't going anywhere soon.
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extended through 2018. the larimer county fair kicks off today. all kinds of fun things to do, including a rodeo, and a trampoline show. it wraps up tuesday. several years ago this young denver girl gavv her birthday presents to homeless children. after seeing the need, it gave her the drive to start colorado kids for kids. the annual school drive just kicked off. >> we were giving kids in second grade hold a crayon maybe for the first time. >> the drive is to empower kids to let them pick the supplies they want. the drive ends tomorrow. it's on east evans area just east of monaco. if you've been struggling to afford to buy a home, we have good news, but it comes with a catch. if you drive a ford we have a recall. it's not the airbags this time,
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hello good people of pepsi center and welcome to hockey night in colorado. it's a great day for hockey, isn't it? >> you heard the new voice of mile high stadium. it's conor mcgahey. he'll take over duties for alan roach who left earlier this year. he's worked with the ava, mammoth and cu buffs for almost a decade.
11:44 am
he plans to keep his signature incomplete chant he does. >> hose are the best. they used to do the incomplete and that wau, wau. i think the nfl asked them to stop. >> really? >> if they don't do the wau, wau, the crowd gets into it. >> probably bad sportsmanship. >> if you're a bronco fan it's not. enjoy the next couple days. the heat returns. it's not going to last this cool for that long. a buildup of cloud cover, this is just east of the airport. nice start to our day. we started off with upper 50s to low 60s. we're now at 72 in denver. 68 in akron. and 73 n pueblo. 40s and 50s in the mountains right now. very cool state-wide. look at our highs this afternoon. we're only going to gain another 3 to about 5 degrees. denver id- to upper 70s.
11:45 am
77 in fort collins. and low 80s on the western slope. today is the coolest day on our seven-day forecast. it gets a t warmer from here. with the cooldown we get a chance for showers. we're already seeing south and west of denver a little more activity on radar. especially across southwestern colorado near montrose, telluride, durango, they're getting hit with rain as we speak. i wanted to zoom futurecast in to show you not only this afternoon but to afternoon. we've got storms and showers developing in the foothills by about 2:00. as the afternoon goes on, it's going to roll through town. so timing-wise, again, everybody trying to get home for their friday evening, you're going to find around 4:30 to 6:00 good chance for scattered storms and showers and heavy rain, plus quite a bit of lightning. by 11:30 tonight a lot of those storms will shift east of i-25. cloud cover three early tomorrow morning and another
11:46 am
afternoon. that's 3:30 saturday afternoon. it's going to be unsettled not only today, but tomorrow. we could be talking over an inch of rain in some spots here in denver. some spots could be looking at a good 2 to 4 inches within about three days from yesterday through tomorrow. that's where some of our flash flood watches are, all the counties in green under a watch this afternoon. 75 today. about 5 degrees warmer tomorrow. storms and showers are likely on saturday. sunday we are going to little bit more sunshine, but you'll get afternoon storms later in the day, 85 sunday. here's your first alert that it's hot again next week. low to mid-90s. tomorrow for the ironman, actual pretty good conditions for those athletes with cloud cover, temperatures a little bit lower. i'll tell you what, i've run a couple of marathons and you don't want what's going to happen wednesday when you're running, 90s. so pretty good for those racers early in the morning.
11:47 am
>> exactly. thank you. ford is recalling 830,000 vehicles and listen why. because the door can swing open while you're driving. your screen. models there on if you have one of these cars, contacyour local ford dealership. uber is expanding itss carpooling service to the denver tech center. it's called uber pool where you share rides with strangers which is cheaper than a solo trip. if you are house now, we have some encouraging news when it comes to denver's housing market at least. sale prices have dropped for the first time last month. the average home sold in the metro area went for $412,000. believe it or not thht is down 2% from june. the median sale price was $354,000. experts say this is now a seasonal plateau and prices
11:48 am
train store is here in denver and it's preparing to close its doors. caboose hobbies on south broadway has been here since 1938 and has everything you need in model railroading. unfortunately, the lease is up on the building and the landlord has decided to sell. >> this is really sad. >> it's just like old denver, part of old denver is going. >> most of us train nuts come to the store just to look at this stuff and pick feel it and whatever. you can't get the same thing on a web site. >> right now it's not clear if the store will move or become strictly an online business. but the business has to be out of that building by october. they're so knowledgeable. >> it's sad to see it go. >> yeah. >> sign of the times. there's a local dentist facing an unusual lawsuit,
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in california the stooy of a man with one leg. this story has gone viral.
11:52 am
others his life is changing. the 68-year-old has been working the fields picking oranges. when people found out he was doing sowith one leg, a gofundme leg was set up, and has raised $10,000. a clinic is giving him a prosthetic leg for free. >> great to see people helping out. here's an unusual story. this is out of aspen. sometimes where we get unusual stories. there's a dentist there accused of negligently pulling the wrong tooth. happened earlier this year. decide if that really happened. >> comes from the aspen times. the dentist said the tooth needed to be pulled. the victim says it didn't need to be pulled. no word on what damages the person is seeking. i bet this is a pair of teeth a doctor never wanted to come across, especially on vacation. >> he was diving and spear fishing when a bull shark bit
11:53 am
madison adams has his story. >> just kaboom, something hit me on the side of the face and i could not imagine what it was. i was in the middle of the ocean. ripped my mask off. you can see this is where it got me right in the nose and perfect claw marks on both sides of the mask. >> reporter: it was in that moment he caught a glimpse of his attacker. >> i look up without a mask and i can see right here this shark that shark was, i'm 6'1" and 190, and it's bigger than i am. >> reporter: the shark bit his face and then knee. >> it almost felt like we were dancing. isn't that an odd thing to say? it was just like dancing and he would separate and here we'd go again. >> reporter: he said he swam to the surface relatively calm.
11:54 am
it's just prehistoric dinosaur instinct. he's doing what he's doing, and i'm trying to not let him do what he wants to do. >> reporter: his son-in-law who shot the video remembers the moment his father-in-law surfaced out of the water. >> we ould see there was blood all down his face and dripping onto his shirt. >> reporter: once they figured out the injuries, they drove the boat to the nearest medical clinic, 45 minutes away. >> steve is a tough dude. i aside from serious cosmetic wounds. and first words out of his mouth were, cool. >> cool is what he said. wow, he's lucky. very fortunate. >> incredibly lucky. he's smiling he whole time as he's back in the boat. >> i could do without those images right now. showers developing to the south and west of denver. could get light rain through midday and more storms and showers by this afternoon.
11:55 am
telluride and dungra denver today highs in the 70s.
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