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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  August 5, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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denver 7 news starts right now. a man trying to expose himself to two young girls and tonight we are getting a new clue that could help keep the guy way from your kids. call a taxi cab politics. a local candidate -- >> you can see -- >> people beaten in some of the busiest tourist spots and it's easy to see why they are focusing their efforts here. don't forget about our neighborhoods, you might be saying. they just don't feel safe. >> jaclyn allen is in five points tonight and business owners say the crime there is scare you away customers and they don't feel like police are doing too much about it. >> reporter: they don't. a lot of them are afraid to talk to us that we could see firsthand to put it mildly -- this please no motor inside wasn't working -- no loitering sign wasn't working and they say police aren't responding. >> they sit around and drink date --
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when you think of five points, to mind. >> drugs, panhandling, trash -- but you don't have to look far to see five points is changing into a new hotspot. trendy coffee shops, breweries and new businesses. like urban herbs were natalie is concerned about alive -- large groups of loiterers in front of the store all day every day >> we rely heavily on foot traffic to come into our little shop here, and i think that it's driving a lot of people away. >> a few doors down say it's a difficult balancing act for business owners. >> we have to balance fitting in community and fitting in with the people on the block but also -- >> they tell us police don't patrol much here until things get violent and last month old
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during a shooting. they say neighbors are worried jennifer chait -- gentrification is taking over the culture and that the heart of the west is no longer theirs . >> for them not to be able to come around anymore -- they feel white people are pushing them out of their communities. >> this week business owners met with the police and city officials to work on a plan including extra patrols and they are also talking about closing down a r so that people won't congregate there and they plan on meeting again in a couple weeks. tonight people are -- police are talking about this video showing one of the beatings out on the 16th street mall. they told district 6 -- overall crime is down compared to last year and police also told us they didn't get there within three minutes of the call but made no arrests.
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arrested? what is the answer? >> we didn't have a victim that came forward. if we had both parties that were involved, there would've been an arrest made. 134 people were arrested on thh mall, 255 less than last remember this, the gunfight at 18th and market bigger than we originally thought. today they sent 200 rounds were fired -- said 200 rounds were fired from 18 different guns. one person was killed and they say it's gang related. >> flooding in durango covered the streets in inches of water and mud. neighbors graabed shuttle -- shovels, and the better stay ready because more rain is in
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a little bit of rain here in the metro. >> yes it's been evaporating pretty much as it's been coming -- toward denver but we do have the door wide open for this to continue through the southwestern part of the state, so we definitely still have the flow coming this direction. we've had a lot of this fall apart with just light to moderate rainfall showing up, but down through southwestern colorado it's been heavier rain and it just keeps training over itself, so we have saturated ground and a flash flood for the areas shaded in green. at this point though just light rain that's been popping up here and there around denver. we are expecting more to head our direction but as you see farther to the south it looks a little heavier just east of walsenburg and then down toward telluride and durango with another batch coming in the western slope. so we have a lot of interesting areas with moisture in the right now but we are going to be talking about whether or not this will
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new tonight, do us all a favor and take a look at this sketch. a say this is the man who tried to expose himself to two young girls yesterday at the parker hilltop apartments. if you know who he is, call police. the camps they set up have been moved by the city but a local attorney wants to put a stop to these so-called homeless sweeps. we have more on this brewing legal battle. >> you can see the garbage left behind, evidence of a former homeless camp in rhino. benjamin dunning cleared the city out last month and police handed him and $85 ticket. >> basically they just told us we were being required to move in my first thought was oh -- 3 here they come. time to leave. >> reporter: attorney jason floors williams is taking steps to file a suit and says at least 10 people are willing to sign on as plaintiffs. >> no probable cause to stop people or detain people.
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in march near several downtown shelters. the colorado coalition for the homeless s concerned about the long-term impact. >> it's really just disppacing people from one location to the next, which is not really solving the problem. >> rrporter: a staff member saw police arrest someone this week and see for yourself, the belongings we found unattended on the side of spilled -- spear boulevard. the city previously cited health and safety concerns as reasons for . >> i think these arguments about, there's a danger, it's unsanitary -- we need to move on past those things and regardless of if are willing to do that -- what we need to do is respect people's constitutional rights. >> they first try to connect people to services and treatment but when that doesn't work
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multiple opportunities before legal action is taken. they knocked over 10 headstones in the mountain view cemetery in longmonntearly this morning. police are taking an even closer look at surveillance video from local businesses and this is not the first time it has been vandalized. three years ago more than 150 headstones -- were damaged by six teenagers. montee ball today in domestic abuse cases as two of his former girlfriends claimed he built the -- he beats them up. he hasn't played for another team since he was cut from the broncos in 2013. he was cut off so he honked his horn but that wasn't the on -- the end of it. he spoke only to us about the terrifying ordeal. he honked at another driver but tten that driver followed him home. >> the moment i step forward to try to step -- speak with him,
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left turn and crashed into my right side. >> he now has a rod and six screws in his leg and months of recovery ahead. the man who did it is still out there, described as an african- american, partially bald, driving either a 2015 or 2016 navy blue tooota four runner with disabled -- veteran plates. trump finally threw his support behind paul rally in a risk -- in a -- behind paul ryan in a rally today but adam he's doing it even though they disagree on a couple of things. in his first can -- extensive campaign interview, michael bennet sat down to talk about a senate race. at one point the senate race was deemed the most winnable by a record -- republican. democrat faces -- bennett faces
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his race. >> does it bother you that people think you are a boring senator? >> my kids could say even worse things. all the time every week and i will say to them i've got to go talk, does anybody want to hear my speech and they each take turns saying, it depends. how boring is it going to be? >> [laughter] but what did he have to say about his opponent and why is he trying to end his summer vacation early? why did he cast a vote -- didn't he cast a vote for president of the dnc? that's coming up this weekend. one candidate in our state is trying something new to win
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>> he's a bit more involved. there's a chance if you requested a car -- uber car here in downtown denver, your driver could be a candidate for united states congress. it's a car ride with conversation and at times, -- political commentary. >> i talk about stuff, jobs -- >> casper is a republican running for the u.s. senate in denver, driving uber is how he helps to pay his bills and spread his message. >> there's doorknocking, there's the internet, there are commeecials but sharing her campaign vision in your car you reach people in a different way? >> there's no doubt about it. when i talk to them in the car, it's a very relaxed environment. >> he says he's driven hundreds of passengers and says only a few have asked him not to give a stump speech. >> are you respectful to those requests? >> yes, i never press the issue with them. if they want to talk about it, we do.
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don't. >> if the writer agrees he will take a video of the chat and use it on his website to create a dialogue about the issues. >> they tell us to never talk about politics but you'd be surprised how many people are interested, especially with this political season this year . >> he's facing representative diana to get this fall -- and says if he wins he hopes to drive his uber car on occasion. marc stewart denver 7. you may be seeing more motor vehicles on the roads -- motorcycles on the roads as one special group made their we through -- there way to the -- their way through the state. >> a loof us have been through similar situations so a lot of the guys are just self reflecting to see how other veterans go through things and how they can adapt and overcome certain situations. i think it's kind of a learning curve for everybody. >> they will be in sturgis for
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-- their way back home. what you need to toss out to make sure you don't get salmonella. and new video tonight, thief caught in the act. you must have really needed some lawn furniture. how this swing finally made its
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look at this brazen roobery
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kansas, rings the bell and then nobody answers so he grabs that huge lawn swing, puts it in his truck and then he's out of there. family was pretty upset about it but hii luck changed because somebody spotted it on the other side of town, they went and picked it up and now it's back where it belongs. boy. searching desperately for their daughters, both 17 years old who ran away to get from douglas county. alicia tibbett and another girl said they were gay and running away together. >> even if she decides to leave -- to lead a lesbian lifestyle we were -- we will always love her and want to have a relationship with her. >> one of the girls took $500 from firstbank in castle rock and withdrew it. they could be in a 1999 black honda accord kind of like this one. they are: -- their car would have didn't in the rear passsnger bumper.
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if you seen them, please call police. more than 100 workers from meat packing plant will be able to get unemployment benefits. you may remember they were let go after they wouldn't show up for work in protest for not being allowed to pray on the job. they were fired back in december and that will add up to about $1 million. denver 7 has a number you need to know about you need to know about tonight. i'll post -- alfalfa sprouts could be -- could haves salmonella. it was sold in 5 pound boxes so there's also a chance that some restaurants are using it. the campus of saint regis is now a movie set. the amateur phil got started today. it's about a 14-year-old basketball phenom being -- recruited by schools.
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basketball phenom being recruited by schools. we're seeing more and more films being shot in our state because of more incentives for filmmakers. remember when this happened. just today a lot of help coming from the epa. today they said they will pay $1.5 million to local governments affected by the gold king -- they've now spent $25 million on their enormous mistake. people were ticketed for collecting water but there are some rules. you can only have two barrels that hold 110 gallons total, about enough to water your vegetable garden. the city of philadelphia's trying to put a stop to this. this is becoming common. you get a big dumpster and fill it with water from the fire
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having is that the fire -- is the fire hydrant part because if a fire broke out there might not be enough water. >> it's actually kind of brilliant though. [laughter] you've got to do what you've got to do when it's hot outside and it's been hot for us over the last fee weeks. today highs were only in the 70s and we are expecting more rain to move through the area as we into the next 24 hours. there's some rain potential into the evening as well. and in the hot weather returned into next week but as you can see here we have rain still moving across the state. has those big patches of rain were coming our direction earlier tonight, they really fell apart as they came in through the metro so we really had just wrinkles here and the heavy rain has been pushing through the southern part of
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warning in effect through telluride, durango and even toward -- colorado springs. this is where we see most of the heavy showers. that's where we have the saturated ground but here in denver really falling apart and a little bit too much stability here so just a little bit of light rain here popping up throughout the evening. we are expecting more of this to continue to come our way, especially in through tomorrow but into tonight light to rate -- to moderate rainfall in telluride and durango. just over the border mooe showers are headed toward grand junction and then stronger thunderstorm activity has been occurring down in the southeastern quadrant of our state with lightning and heavy rain just now leaving colorado but today we only got up to 76 for the afternoon high, well below where we should be as that summertime afternoon high should be around 89 degrees with the record have 99 -- of 99 for today.
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overnight and then highs right around 80 degrees with thunderstooms throughout the afternoon tomorrow so this is the futurecast. by 7 am just cloud cover for the area and the eastern plains. rain for the eastern slope coming in from utah and pushing on through and then it becomes more widespread by around noon and we see these showers for western colorado eventually here for the front range. this will be by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon and then by 8:00 -- you see it starts to hit the eastern plains and we see strong showers eventually moving out of the state and then redevelopment again. we're not quite out of the woods yet with good soaking rains headed our way this weekend. overnight lows are in the upper 50s tonight, cloudy and cool with a few scattered showers possible. 80 degrees tomorrow with afternoon and evening thunderstorms for the area tomorrow. heizer mostly in the 70s and
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nice and mild in the high country and on the 7-day forecast we stay around 80 to 85 all weekend with scattered showers mostly in the afternoon and our bright spot is 90 degrees on monday with a high of 90 and mostly sunny skies and then he gets hot into tuesday and monday with highs in the low to mid-90s with chances of rain returning once again thursday into friday. down into the 80s again so we will start to see more of this happ the middle of an -- and end of
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welcome to 7 sports extra let's get right to the rockies and marlins. rookie david dall gets another base hit. it esttvez just blew it -- that's going to sting. this is a tough one to lose. he gave up four runs and the marlins won 5-3. terrible. broncos camp -- record breaking crowd, and storylines all over the field. herr's insider troy renck with the latest and greatest from camp. >> the cool weather brought out
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and they saw some young kids step up. the safety justin simmons just basically took the ball away from tight end garrett graham for a pic. he's had a nice training camp both in the seeondary and on special teams. >> it's either you get it done are you don't so while you are out there you learn to have fun with it. i'm just trying to make sure my effort is top notch and make sure i am and the argument for the receiver continues to impress. he had a big -- a big catch today and coaches taking notice. >> you start to say hey i can be a starter and i think that's what's going on with vinny. he sees himself at another level and he's willing to work for it's a very proud of him right now. >> just the transition -- and now with coach kubiak, it's all
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injuries to tyler sambrailo and max garcia the door remains open for some younger guys to get an opportunity. he is a mountain of a man because he's a tackle. the dry -- they are trying him inside along with michael schofield and james brick, the -- that's a wrap up for day eight. back to you in the studio, lionel. >> that's just the tip of the iceberg. these stories right on these little devices. i don't know what they call these things., facebook app -- everywhere. join me and troy and woody paige on seven sports extra. this is good stuff. from cu video.
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the coach told us today lots of optimism. this will be the year but it's the same old boulder bust for him. >> i've heard that since the year i got here really and when you haven't gone to a bowl in a while that's the first goal but our goal is tomorrow's practice and we want to win every game we play. we really do and i definitely feel like we have the opportunity to do that. >> and fort collins rams coming off the bowl game after their winning season last season.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- viggo mortensen. george lopez. jake byrd at the republican national convention. this week in unnecessary censorship. and music from colin hay. with cleto and the cletones. and now, by all means, here's [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: thank you for watching. thanks to all of you here for


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