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tv   7 News at 5 PM Saturday  ABC  August 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:49pm MDT

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through. a beautiful shot there. ?ere on the statewide map we have more shower activity through western colorado and back toward lamar. we have more intense thunderstorm activity. right here in denver it's been few and far between. flash flood watches of watches have been issued here today into southhestern montana. a flash flood warning thanks to heavy showers moving through. we're going to watch for the potential of flooding for tonight and for our region now it's pretty quiet. we still have showers coming in expecting some tonight. i'll let you know what the rest of the weekend looks like coming up. contracting west nile virus is more dangerous than ever this year. that's what we're learning from the department of public health. % denver 7 reporter eric is in the studio. tests are in. it's not looking good. >> no. the risk of human infection is at a record high. if you can believe that. what makes this disease so scary,80% of people don't know they have it.
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i talked with health officials about this year's threat. >> the incompetent defendant's exhibit is the highest it's ever been. >> wondering what a vector index is? that's the piece of equipment that tells us the human risk. >> when it goes above a number, there's greater risk for human health. right now we're getting zones testing in at 32.75. >> they're testing high. health officials want the public to know about the ri infection right now. >> there's no treatment for west nile. if you get it, you have to let your body run its course. what competitors t could put you in the hospital -- what's worse t could put you in the hospital and kill you. the best way is to prevent a mosquito bite. >> we don't want this to be taken too lightly. >> even though the greatest risk is coming out of weld county, people across the front
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for a bend lee reminder. the four d, drain standing water, avoid being outside at dusk and dawn, use deet, and dress in long sleeved and pants so mosquitoes have limited access to your skin. >> good advice. thank you. larimer county is taking precautions to keep it from spreading to people. they're spying for mosquitoes in three areas. they'll start monday and should permitting. in florida, it looks like a fire. planes going back and forth over miami dropping repellant over the city. they're spraying for mosquitoes. the cdc issued a travel warning because of the growing number of people infected with zika virus there. it's the first time in cdc's history a warning has been issued for a u.s. city. the medals are coming out
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rifle today. they did get off to a rocky start. look at this. a bomb squad did he tell made inned luggage -- detonated luggage today leaving long lines. overall, they're still impressed. >> they cleaned it up. it feels a lot safer and nicer. >> gymnastics is getting under way for the men and the american swim team dove in the pool with four athletes advancing. >> chaos in emergency emergency, a railing collapses during a injuring dozens of people. the entire thing caught on camera. you can see the railing that separated the fans from the stage in camden. then they cascade down almost like a wave. >> blood gushing. it was horrific. it was just bad. >> i literally fell six or seven feet and i luckily fell fell on top of someone. >> so scary. security quickly escorted the two music stars off the stage as crews rushed to help the
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most with minor cuts and bruises. some had broken bones. all new at 5:00, is itta baby alligator or another -- a family says they're not sure what they saw in the goldsmith gulch, we snapped this picture of it. amanda shows us how two young girls made the discovery. >> they say a picture s worth 1,000 words, but had this family came across a reptile across from their home, they only had one. >> if i could give i would say unusual. >> his stepdaughters were out playing pokemon go. they are calling this a gator of goldsmith gulch. >> about this big. the tale wws onger. the legs and arms about this big and, yeah, the snout was this long. >> this is the second reptile sighting in a week. last sunday, a robe a police --
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someone's yard. they aren't native to colorado, but they are often kept as pets. regardless -- regardless of what animal or pokemon pop up, the family is glad no one was hurt. >> it's not every day when the kids come running. as it a gator. >> they can grow up to five feet and full-grown alligators between 9 and 15. reporting on the goldsmith gulch, denver 7. pokemon unveiling discoveries. take a look at this photo. do this picturr. the sheriff's office wants to find him. they say he may have been involved in an auto prowl last night. deputies say they think -- they don't think he committed a crime involve this truck, but they thinn he was involved in a crime nearby. any information that leadd to an arrest could give you a $2,000 reward. a crash sent one driver to the hospital. police say a wrong-way driver in an suv crashed head on with
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this happened on 112th. crews used the jaws of life to free the driver from that suv. we've called to get an update, but we have not heard back. the driver of the semi is okay. did you know right now, there are more than 1300 missing people in the state of colorado? a new first of its kind event same at -- aimed at solve those cases ended an hour ago. the department of public -- missing in colorado event. family members searching for loved ones meted with investigators and submitted -- met with investigators and submitted dna evidence. >> we want to help them in their search efforts by gathering information and hopefully gathering information -- gathering information that will provide leads. >> one of the more high profile missing cases right now is the
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find her. she doesn't think her daughter ran away because of what they left behind like her phone charger. a grieving mother now in the middle of a battle to get her son's body home. we spoke to suzanne, the mother of levi. he's tte man who joined kurdish fighters in the fight against isis after he was unable to join the marines. she is working with the state department to get his body transferred to the u.s. take weekk and $7,000. a go fund me page has been set up to help with those costs. it's already raised more than $10,000. parker police are trying to helped the relationship between police and their community as part of the national night out effort across the u.s. they had their own event today. it started with a kick ball game between officers and kids. police introduced their k9 officer and added -- handed out trading cards.
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at the park. denver botanic gardens gets to experience it twice. we'll tell you about the newest flower to bloom and how long you have a chance to check it out, if you dare. plus, the iron man boulder happening this weekend, which means a lot of road closures out there. find out about the cone zones. a little bit later, black lives matter turns into black labs matter, the controversy unfolding in san francisco. across colorado, some of them coming toward denver. we'll talk about this coming
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hillary clinton is beefing up her campaign in colorado. the presidential nominee is opening two new offices in our state. one of them is in brighton and will work alongside morgan's campaign and the other in lakewood with congressman ed
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here in colorado. meanwhile, clinton and donald trump hit the campaign trail this past week, both made stops here in colorado. as denver 7 political reporter shows us in this fact check, not everything the presidential candidates are saying is based in fact. >> director comb even said my answers were truthful and what i said is consist erg with what i've told the american people. >> hillary clinton taking heat when clinton told fox news the fbi's director said she was truthful when she told the american people she never sent classified information from her personal e-mail, they found. >> she put words in the mouth of the fbi director saying he called her statements truthful. he have never said that and so i think we need to be clear about that. >> clinton said she did not have any classified information had her e-mail. after the federal
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the findings gets her worst rating of pants on fire. donald trump taking to twitter to voice his displeasure when the dates of this fall's general election debates were announced. he said as usual, they are trying to rig the debates to two are up against two major file games. trump is referring to the debates that will go head to head with monday night and sunddy night nfl games. >> he claimed this is righted somehow for the benefit of hillary clinton doesn't stand up to any scrutiny. commission that has no connection to either of the campaigns or the parties sets the debate schedule. in fact, the dates were chosen 7 months before the nfl schedule was even released, giving trump's claim of a rigged system against him as pants on fire. the debates continued to run into scheduling issues. the final debate between mitt romney and obama went head to head with monday fight football
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i'll see you sunday at 4:00 on politics unplugged. when you call 911, dispatchers are your first line of help in an emergency. one male dispatcher really lived up to the task on friday. she helped them deliver its baby on the side of the freeway. tina gave the woman's husband instructions over the phone and the two successfully delivered the baby boy before paramedics arrived. valley view hospital nurse says she likely saved mom and life. well-done. you can catch quite the show in larimer county tonight. the fair starts in about an hour at 6:00. the dog and pony show will get under wayy horses and dogs will take part in several acts like chuck wagon races and trick roping. tickets to the family friendly event are $10 for adults and $5 you may be smelling something foul around the denver gardens. % it just had another corpse flower boom.
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better hurry. it blooms for about 48 hours. officials at the gardens didn't expect this flower to bloom, but noticed it was changing in july. >> the bud that was set looked a little bit different than the one that lasttyear had a leaf bud. it looked different from that one. so we were wondering whether or not this was going to be a flower or not. then a week later, we realized this is going to be a flower. >> lucky us. now, this is the second corporation flower to bloom at the garden year. what are your plans this weekend? some brave athletes will tackle 140 miles of swimming, biking and running in boulder tomorrow. it's tuning but also for -- huge for them but also for our state. >> reporter: at this boulder reservoir, it's the calm before the competition. triathletes from around the world will soon be in boulder as the city hosts its own iron man race.
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>> reporter: jamie isn't a pro. yet, she drove from columbia, missouri, just to compete in sunday's race. >> i'm interested to see what the bike course is like. i've heard all kinds of different things. >> reporter: the distance is don'ting. it -- daunting. it starts with a swim, 112 miles on the bike, and then 26.2 miles for the run. that adds up to 140.6 miles on the move. it's a accomplishment for the ?thletes and the iron man sites in the world. >> any time any city gets an iron man at their location, it's a huge deal. >> reporter: she knows. she's coached some of the top iron man racers in the world and lives here. >> the athletes that are racing there are trying to qualify for the iron man world championship, which is the hawaii iron man. everybody sees it. >> reporter: this is the third time they have hosted an iron
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>> boulder is known as the mecca for our sport, and probably all the best professional triathletes in the world will train her at some point in time. >> reporter: a chance for the am tours to compete with the pros in this colorado treasure. >> everyone dreams of be here. i feel lucky to be someone that actually lives here. >> reporter: mark stewart, denver 7. >> incredible athletes out there. this is a community event. the iron man foundation will nothing further -- nonprofits in exchange for volunteers. the race contract is for two more years. if you're here tomorrow, get reedy for -- ready for road closures. from broadway to 17th closed by two hours ago. 13th street from canyon boulevard has been closed since yesterday afternoon. both will reopen monday morning at 10:00. for a full list of closures, you can check out the denver 7 app.
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meteorologist. stacy, how is the weather looking? >> our temperatures have dropped for that race. so afternoon highs won't be quite eyes warm and will start out cooler in the morning. great news as those racers get out there. outside now, we have partly to mostly cloudy skies here looking from our roof' to, definitely cloud cover. up toward sterling it's been a foggy murky look out there on the horizon as a lot of moisture companies to -- continues to build in we see clouds but not a lot of rainfall showing up at least through our area. some storms off in the distance here. for -- a lot of instability here, all that monsoon moisture pushing through. we're expecting more rain, not only tonight but in through tomorrow as well. it will be mild tomorrow afternoon, but then the hot returns as we go into next week. let's look at the satellite radar picture. you see how many spots of rain we do have across the state.
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southwest. this is that door is wide open for the monsoon moisture to continue streaming across colorado. as we go into tonight, we'll see more shower activity here, at least light to moderate rain here along the i25 corridor and stronger storms here that have will not occurring out toward burlington tonight. for southwestern colorado, it's been raining for days and days as these continue to come through. we have a flash flood watch in all the shaded areas for the third day in a row county, that's a flood warning and thanks to a strong thunderstorm over that area, we've had some flooding issues through the region. keep that in mind if you're travel or livering there. in denver, we have mostly cloudy skies. showers are trying to get going here off the hills coming this direction. so it looks like in through tonight, we'll see a wider coverage area of storms here across the eastern plains. here at this point, we have a
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lightning toward burlington. then up in the mountains, it's very spotty with the thunderstorms that have been popping up in the heat of the afternoon. these are moving to the east, but as you see, they're weaningening as well. -- weakening as well. lightning into extreme south colorado. the heat that's going to occur there, now, at this point, temperatures are in the low 80s here for the denver area. 60s and 70s up in the hills. we've been able to hang on to that nice, mild air for e last couple of days. tomorrow it will be 85. partly cloudy skies with a few thunderstorms in the afternoon. it should be fine in the morning and then we'll see showers laterrin the day. temperatures in the 60s tonight and sunshhne in the morning tomorrow. we'll get up into the mid-80s in the afternoon with a feww scattered showers. most of the thunderstorms will be down here into southeastern colorado and we'll just have those garden variety showers showing up across the front range and the plains. in through tonight, the strongest storms will be moving across the eastern plains.
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morning and then into the afternoon, you'll see a little more development here with the thunderstorm activity. here in denver, it looks like light to moderate rain. overnight lows tonight in the upper 50s. cloudy and cool with a few showers. tomorrow, highs in the mid-80s with scattered showers as well. and those highs generally in the mid to upper 80s here, parts north closer to 90 degrees and for the western slope, we'll have uppers -- 80s. on that 7-day forecast, we warm it up, dry it out for monday, tuesday, and wne another first alert weather day on friday with highs in the mid- 80s and good chances for storms showing up. >> i really have been enjoying the cooler temperatures especially in the morning. it almost feels ike fall out there. >> isn't it great? it makes your nervous system rest instead of the blazing heat. >> i'm glad we're going to heat it up. local companies are getting a boost from the presidential election. for one of those companies it's
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giving refugees another shot at success. a little bit later, the risk of catching west nile is high right now. a news alert at which areas are
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gettinnational teio th the presidenti aign. the big boost happening af hillary cln's spee at the dnc in philadelphia.
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erica first. llplea explain whaa of america firsleads hito maketrump es china, not codo. >> e two tie companies he icoloradoone in boulder one in denver. we talked to knotty tii company. they foundut they have vision to change the world. ? [ music ] ? >> reporter: even if you think u're not a tie person. >> wnever -- starte atttie people. we wanted to make something we wanted to wear. >> reporter: t
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-- knotty are giving them -- you can customize everything from fabric deand length. >> some ofy mvotes will that hilarious. n uff. >> reporte thismpany t just aut making unique neck wear. >> ion think we'd be here ife were just making ties. >> what th want tomake ffence. >> it wasn't necessarily an a fiitti the it was the desire to help resettle refugees. >> a desier his homeountry. >> i'momcoo. >> reporter: he was employ % a meaplanuntil he f this place. >> i fl like m me. >> reporter:we decided th would cate a company that would have fair compensation, befits, and flex i will hedules so they could workas litt or as much asthey ne. >> reporter: on a factory to, we see theye made fr sign to printing to producti space.
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the finishing happening onthis side >> reporte known for fast turn aroundand hi quality, sales ery year. le willing >> it gives us reason to exist >> reporter: never goes not really a tie on you're >> very cool. 7. thos organic cotton and environmentally conncious k. they're about $45 and most of the sales are ththeir website. e risk of we nile at an all-me high.. the tests are back. we'll tell you where you're the health officials were so concned by the resus. >>us, a bomb scare at the olympics. find out what happed peon manning was doin inrviewsoday on an
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hall of fame ceremony. meanwhile, broncos trying to day ten mp ement. another day for to ma
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this is ur first aler e in could lead to flh floodsin some areas. looking live athe radar. you can see st hwt part of the state. our meteorologgst is here and stacy, there are flash flood watches in place right now. >> tt'right. flash flood watches intohe southwes part of the state. we have storminess across colorado. an mail from our viewer nikki and eric said the same thing. where is the rain here in denver? well, we actually have been so stable and cool at as these storms come this direction, they just fall apt around denver. sprinkles for our area and
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it's warmer, we have some storminess now, very heavy rain has been anotheflash flood watch in efct and a flash flood rng re for montrose county whe it's been raining really hard roughout today. so keep in mind that flooding is still aotential. here as these showers try to get going alonthe foothill re they're coming this direction. we're expeinmore widespread rainfall herwe go in through the night. for theastern plains, we have hail and lightning this point. like strong stms and more coming in from the west. so we'll be talking more about whether or not we'll see more a few minutes. rough in just >> speakg of rain in just a few days, you'll beable to legally collect rainwater in your neidsghbo it's bn lel r years, but a new law taking ctef wednesday now allows it. there are me rus you have to flow. you can only ha two bears, 110 gallons total. that's about enough to water a
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the out lo doksn't look o to good especially in weld county. we're talkg about the west nivirus. wee learng the risk of high. eric is looking into this% >> reporter: moy, the vector index in weld county is the highest it's er been at determis the sk nclusion forever man infection for west nile. .75. allwhen it ove right now, ater risk. thtreatment it and in rare case yocan die. health officials are urging prevention. >> in the united stes, we have a seasonal epidemic every juand gust into september for west ile rus. again, the public heth message istake prevention, >> there you go. bymosqto. don't rget that mosquito repellant. officials are telling us it's
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sk to human th. soappear 3 to 14 days after being bi by an infectmosquito. molly. larimer county is taking precautions to keep it from spreading to people. officials are sprayingfor mosquitoes in rethe areas fort collins and adjacent county are. ey'll start on mondayand weather permitting. day, the u.s s. ialready bringing in the gold on e olympic games. a teenager won ten meter gymnastics is getting undeay omhefr menand the swim team dove in the pool th four agent let's advancing. the game got off to rocky sta bomb uad 3 detonated luggage today lein crowds stuck in lonlis. chaos in new jersey, a
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snoop gg concertjuring 40 pele. the ep -- entire thg caug on camera. you can e the railing hat separated the fans froo the stage, then fans cascade down almost likwave. haminocuts and new rsfiof its kind evenheld indenv todaaims new leads in the more than 1300 missing person cases open in colodo. e public safety departme partnered with the missing in colorado event the family members met with investigators, update the their case files d even itted parker picare trying to mend the relationship between police and their community. theyhad their own national night out t at o'brien park toy. it started with a kick baal ga between kids and officers. children met with a canine officer and e watching a movie this evening in the park ere. it was supposed to be a
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issue, but some say this photo referencing the black lives matterovement published in the august police journal is insensitive and wrong. you can e it shows a black dog wearing a at ads black labs matter nextto a lighcolod dog whose ssgn res all bs matter. e it's time we sit back and tone dn thrhetoric. many argue it's only fueling the fire. >> if you want to tone it down, let's >> this is a serious matter right now. don't play with is u know, lives being taken d familiesare mourning ill. now, the president of e police associationhanot the organization apologized to the naacp and will meeting with the group. tomorrow. oy and give ho a sign outside a store in castle rock a lot about this week's everyday hero.
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ove ques quesobwey'eef topped wh thcuring queu lo smuch and. you s.
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it's one of the best kept shopping secrets in douglas save money and help others. now, one of the ste's workers is this week's everyday hero. weearn why. sales? you on ourist for our >> reporter: the sign reads shop today and give hope tomorrow. >> we're a nonprit started almost 32 years ago. >> reporter: nd thinthat the task force stted in a rage.
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alst 16,000 people. >> reporter: the treasures thrift shop inside the task foe in castle rock is home bargains and all the money made here stays here to help who are struggling in doug county. >> we have a food bank, a thrift store. we help with siasance. >> i can't believe it usualsn't look like this. >> reporter: the linens section is tended to by volunteers. >> i just always enjoy it so much. >> reporter: joann has given r time here for more years. >> well, i live really close, so i might come ur or five timea s ek. >> this incredible. >>eporter: and she's very particular about how the home ods and linens sections look. >> this is the biggest mess i ever saw. >>eporter: joann knows that making the sections attractive to buyers hes the task force heep>>t just is a good feeling. makes you feel good all over. >> oh, dear.
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for this. not normal for you denver 7 entrusted choice the independent insurance agents of colorado wanted to recognize you as a 7 ydeveray hero for team here. s years giving your congratulations. >> oh, thank you. [ applause ] >> and the douglas task force is onpark street in castlee rock. to nomate someone as a 7 everyday hero, go to and quick on our and then 7 everyday heroes. how's it looking over there? >> atle showery in places. we have a lot of cloud cover and stronger storms across the
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i'm meteorologist stacy, a rainfall popping up here an there. you may run into asprinkle here in the last 24 hour but realot a whole lot of rain we are expecting more racovege but up sterlit's foggancldy. we have a t of moisture in the out monthsfear -- atmosphereut not much in the waof rainfall. is ialmost to the bored every of wyoming. lots of cloud cover there as
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tonight. afternoon highs in the an 80s today. s in the -- in thes tomorrow -- s tomorrow. mooomansjor continues to ce across color ado. ? lot of a in the southwestern part of the state are saturated from days to days of rain and this continued path here. we have a flass flood watch in effect for ny areas through southwtern colorado especially south of i-70. at this point here in erdenv, we really haven't seen a lot of moisture. i've heard that lot of today. where's the rain? it been stable here right over the denver area, so -- and also cool. as this rain is coming this direction, it's just kind of petering out asit gets close to denver. we have a few scattered showers here off to our westnd it looos like as thesshowers come down, we'll see some raingh. and we'll have to wait and see
5:44 pm
as it cos this direction. now, into southeastern colorado, it's been tter. we have the heat to build up the stor and we have lightning and hail with some of them as ty ve to the east. now, out to thwest here in some large storm cells up towardcraig and hail and lightning with these storms and coming over the border as well. it's feand far between down towards springfield into same situatioo. orado. temperatures in the 70s and 80s now here for the front range. we'll be in the mid-80s tomorrow. 85 degrees for our high tomorrow. partly cloudy skieand a few screatted showers. overnit, we'll have the lows in the 50s and 60s, but general temperatures here overnight in th60 en in the mid-80s tomorrow afternoon with a few afternoon thunderstos and it looks like our risk tomorrow for stronger storms is down into the southeastern part of our state. so most of of that rain moving through southern colorado. 'll have showers here across
5:45 pm
the front range. across the eastern plains it clears out tomorrow morning. los great at 10:30 in the morning. showers once againnd more d rain for the southwestern part the state. 59 degrees tonight. cloudy and cool with more showers. temperatures in the 80s and 90s tomorrow depending where you ar weetern slope upper 80s. we'll have 70s and 80s tort -- r e mountains and on the 7- into the beginning of next week. highs between 90 and 95. then another front comes through. that will affect us especial into friday and saturday. temperatures back dn into the 80s. we'll continue this ride til the snow shows up around hallow we're good to go. >> we mentioned earlier feels like fall out there a little you want to know what else makes it feel like fall? football. >> i love he smof pigskin in the rning. the bronchi training camp
5:46 pm
weather today. both fans and players. today another in the life of the quterbacks. mark sanchez might be number one fonow unofficially, but silarrian, we'll hear om
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at subway, you'll love oubbq collection... ed pork sawich made with applewood pulled-pork... with smoky swe b sauce onarm, toasty bread. try our delectable bbq coection today. subway. fresh is what we do. welcome to 7 sportextra all l locaall the time. it was a saturday morning coaches loving this weatr. ers feels like late september already. after setting the record for attendanceesterday, broncos country gain turned ouin full force today. over 5,000 fans to see the
5:49 pm
day off tomorrow. headline reads, trevor simeon -- ma great play on the movewhh made kuak smile. it's mark sanchez's job to lose and it will be decided preseason game action, but simeon is moving his way to fronttof thline. >> i think'm excited watching him ena player. he's nfident and knows what we're doing. he's really a first year player in a lot of him getting better. he had a good pracce today. but evor's just a nfident skidand caies m -- and carries himself confident. >> he you allowed yourselfo think about you could be the starter opening day nsagait the panthers taking over for peyton manning? >> yeah. absolutely. that's the goal. if that wasn't my mind set, i would be in trouble. that's mind set, somethg in
5:50 pm
we'll see what happens. >> well, kubiak said today he wants them -- wants them be aggressive. he's working with sanchez info look downffeld on extended plays and scrambles. w thursday? does it er. how muchill lynch play? we asked gary about that da over and over. he wouldn't crack. no depth cha >> i'm going one week at a time. i'll make a decision what we'll in chicago next week and i haven't d a chance to do that we'll ep goong. >> l right, gary. to defense, roby stepping up. he g hifirspiof camp tooay, a pick 6 off sanchez and he told us he wants to start. can't wait for the first preseason game, but rst of all, hewants this defense >> i want to worry out the team right now. gel. lly just want e team to we have a lot of doubters right now about how the defense is
5:51 pm
up and set a standard for how we should play. >> i'm tired of all the talking. i just want to get eat -- ready play. it ce amound st, but it's a


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