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tv   7 News Now Sunday at 9 AM  ABC  August 7, 2016 9:00am-9:59am MDT

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>denver 7news starts right now. >> we start with a micide investigation underway right now. four people shot, two people are dead, and we have the latest from the scene. >> plus a highlandranch man so angry with some of donald ump's comments on muslim soldiers he's now planning a special event this morning. what he's doing to not only prove a point fallen soldiers. >> how bad is west nile virus getting colorado. the latest test results are back. four people shot adams county, two people are dead. >> let's go straight to amanda del castillo who's live on the scene. >> reporter: in the last 30 minutes, sheriff's deputies have actually consolidatee the perimeter of the entire investigation, and we can see that it's an entire block that they stillhave cornered off. now, they were called out here
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that'swhen they found two people shot and lled, another two who were shot and taken to the hospal. right now we've already put calls to the sheriff's department asking what is going on with the suspect. is the suspect in custody. is a suspect shot or is a suspect killed. itst because the community members are asking those questions that are concerned about their safety of course, and we still have not heard back about a possible suspt here. again, they have consolidated th they're actually investigating ght now. it is still being considered a homicide investigation, obviously, because two adult men were shot and killed re in the berkey village mobile home park here in adam coty. reporting live, i'm amanda del castillo denver 7. also breaking this morning, a building that houses garbage trucks catches fire. it happened just after 10 last nighin parker. someone iving by saw smoke
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builng, and when crews got there they found a garbage truck on fire inside. south metro fire tells us they aren't sure how this started but they did say there's significandat ge inside the building, and they are still investigating. it is sunday morning, 9:00. i'm eric lupher. >> and i'm katie lasalle. this weekend seeing that very unsettled weather pattern, and we'll continue to see the chance for showers and storms -?throughout the afternoon and evening. let's take a look at the satellite and radar composite mostly dry. the big storthis morning, dense fog. we have a dense fog advisory that will remain in effect unti100 this morning. so if you are driving out on the roads, just be aware that visibility in some spots is a quarteof a leor less, so just please practice caution and leave plenty of room between you and the person you're following. this is the live view right now as you can see, very, very foggy. we're seeing misty conditions and low level clouds. it's a beautiful day to be in
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ouin the mountains. ?e do have the chance of storms in the forecast for later on this afternoon into the early evening. downtown denver right now as you n see, we're getting that fog here in town. 62 degrees, 62 as well out at the airport, and humidity with that fog 96% right now. we'll continue to see me gradual clearing, partly cloudy skies by this afternoon. increasing cloud coverage and a slight chance for seeing some storms. i'll have the full forecast of when you n expect any moisture in your area in just a few 9:03. a big scare in rio this morning. a fire breaks out near the olympic stadiu. flames close up, tirhe fe was about a mile and a half away from the olympic park. it start in rio. crews were able to get it unr control quickly. vestigators say they don't think this was criminal. this comes after the bomb squad had to detonate a piece of abandoned luggage at the men's cycling race yesterday large crowds of people were stuck in long lines waiting out the security iss.
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alarm. nobody was rt. usa already coming out on top winning gold yesterday, coming up later we'll have highlights from the olympics sfar. today trooper jamie injured vvck will be hoped at the douglas county fair. members of the county property -- the car will have pictures jamie's badge. the 33-year-old was killed by a drunk driver in 2013. members of tte community are vited write meages to the family. she was standing there. shhad nothing to say, probably maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. >> those words created a firestorm for donald trp. he was responding to the participants of armm captain, khan who was killed in iraq. they shot back at trump during
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a highlands springs man says he was so dust gusted by trump's comment -- disgusted by trump's comments he cided to go do something hielf. >> mike sexton says he'll place flowers on the someone who is different from him. thidea here is to honor all americs who have serv their country. here's denver 7's lance hernandez. >> captain khan gave his life for this ountry, and that needs to be honored. >> mike sexton says he was home watching saving private ryan, the night nald trump comments about captain khan's mother. he specifically mentioned a scene where general marshal read a tter from abraham >> the solemn pride that must have been yours to havla such a sacrifice. >>exton says the families of the servicemen and women buried reheid the same thing, whether there is a cross,star of david, crescent or any ther syol on the gravestone. facebook and said come if you would like, and i think i touched a nerve.
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is different somehow than you. >> you know, for me itmight be a latino since i'm raised ish. if you have find the grave of a muslim american decorate that grave. >> sexton hasn't served in the armed forces but his brother is serving. he says he'd want others to honor him if he were in one of ese gres. >> kind of issue a challenge for anyoneunning for political office, any party from dogcatcher president of the united states that ey do the same. the welcome center at the main sheridan boulevard at 10:00 this morning. he says if no one else showup he'll do it himself. donald trump is waking up to not such great news. a new abc news poll shows hospital -- hillary clinton with siificant lead. back in our state, the risk of west nile viruu is at an all- ti high in colorado. state health officials say test results are back, and the
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in weld county. the vect index, which a ey calculation that determinee the risk for human infection, is more than three times higher than what's alrey considered a great risk. >> typically when it goes above 0.75 there's greater risk for human health. right now we're gettinzones testing in at 2.75. >> officials urge you to make sure you use that insect reeellant, and it needs to have deet in it. a quick nnte, symptoms usually appear 3 to 14 days after a mosquito bites you. in larimer county health officials will bspraying for mosquitoes in several areas of fort collins and along the county line to help prevent the read of west nile. they say they'll start tomorrow. should be done by wednesday, weather permitting. weld county sheriff's office wts to know if you deputies believe he may have be involved inan auto need. while they don't think he
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have been involv in a crime nearby. there are more than 1300 people missing in colorado. investigators hope a new event held in denver will unver new ?eads in those missing persons casss. the longmont department of public safety partnered th the colorado bureau of investation for the missing in colorado event this weekend. family mbers of ssing people met with investigats, updated their case files, and even submitted dna evidce. officials plan on making this an annual event. d one of the more high profile missing caaes in the for 16-year-old lhiya stein. there is a $2000 reward to help find her. her mother told denver 7 exclusively she doesn't think her daughter ran away because of what she left behind at home, like her phone charger. still to come, outrage this morning from residents in san francisco after black livess matter turns into black labs matter. coming up, find out who posted the ad that has a lot of people
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we've been invaded by fog. >> yep. >> in the downtown area. a lot of low lying clouds this morning. but the traffic is running anywhere youugo on this sunday morning. fog will clear once it gets a little bit hotter, and the summer temps are back. iran says it haexecuted a nuclear scientist who intelligence about the country's nuclear prram. u.s. officials in 2010 said 3 they paid sharam amiri $5 million to tect information amiri claimed he d been abducted byu.s. aggnts while on a pilgrimage in saudi arabia. . developing now, two police officers in belgium were attacked yesterday by a man with a machete.
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minister says this do appear to ban act of terrorism. the man attaed the officers while shouting ala akbar. belgium officials are still investigating. officials in south america say oscar pistorius was eated for injuries at a hospital yesterday. pistorius is serving a six-year sentence for killing girlfrie reeva stncamp. he had injuries to his wrists but no other details we concerns. pistorius has denied t idea he has attempted suicide. he said he sufferedthe injury after falling out of bed. the former track star is back in his prison cell this morning, and an investigation is underway. >>a pair of tandem parachute sky divers died yesterday this california after their parachute just didn't open. the victims were both men in their 20s. one was a skydiving instructor. their bodies were found in a vineyard, and the faa is n investigating this deadly incid >> that's scary. it was supposed to be a
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issue,but some say this photo % referencing the black lives matter matter vement published in the august issue a san francisco police jourl is insensitive and ong. and you can see it. it shows a black dog wearing a sign that reads blk labs matter next to a light colored dog whose sign reads all labs matter. next to the picture it reads maybe it's time we all just sit back andone down the rhetoric. fueling the fire. t is >> if you want to tone it down, let's not have images thatdo the opposite. don't play with this because you know lives are being ruined. lives are being taken, and families are mourning still. >> the president of the police association has not commented, but another leader with the organization apologized to the naacand expects to meet with that group. the aerial fight coinues this morning in florida spraying pesticides to rid the city of mosquitoes carrying the zika virus before they bite. the planes will be spraying
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next severaa weeks, and on the ground crrwtripling the inspectors going door to door spraying. contracted zzka virus from mosquitoes in uth florida. now every pregnant woman, whether they have symptoms or not, are being tested. >> you don't see that every day. the obama administration has released its previously secret policy explaining how potential drone targets are chosen and approved. the policy was made public as american civil liberties union. the policy states a plan to go first undergo a lel review. it then is presented to the president. if that person is a u.s. citizen, the justice department determines if the decision is lawful and constitutional. coming up, a group of young girls enjoying the day playing pokemon go, well, they made a very interesting discovery. >> people keep discovering stuff while they're playing that game. >> when you think of owers you ually think of great smelling aromas. once again, a smly flower has
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>> it's a great day to get out and smell the flowers. weere going to be seeing
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? ? ee-e-e-omum-oh-weh ? ? hush my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoin] ?ush my darling... ? [snoring.] ? don't fear my darling... ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [soring.] take the roar out of snore.
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hey, we're back. it's 9:17. this is is a liveook from the olympic village in rio all the activity going on there, and the u.s. already has a gold medal under theibelt. i think they're gointo win a lot more. it'sice out there right now. winter time in rio. it doesn't matter what time of year it is in rio. it's always nice. >> looks great. >> the olympics underway. we have a lot more to go, 15 days left, something like that. >> cmuting to watch. when you -- exciting to watch. when you call 9-1-1 the
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in the case of an emergency. one dispatcher in vail lived up to the tass on friday. she helped a couple deliver their baby on the side of i-70. tina moser gave the woman's husband instructions over the phone so the two successfully delivered the couple's baby boy before any paramedics arrived. a valley view spital nurse said moser likely saved mom and baby's liv. time to take a look at your screen. what is this, alligator maybe. that's the question a family on tamarack drive is asking after smith gulch. thr two girls were aying pokemon go, obviously, when they made the scovery. >> about this big. the tail was a little bit longer. like, the legs and armm about this big, and, yeah, and the snout was like this long. >> that's not supposed to be there. last sunday aurora police captured a canaan on someone's
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>> makes sense. > this is a rare event, but the nver botanic gardens is lucky enough to experience it twice, if you want to call it luck. two corpse flowers have officially bloomed aa the gardens.3 the latest one bloomed on friday night. if you wwnt to check it out, maybe get a whiff of this inky flower, hurry up. it only blooms for about 48 hours. >> alys so popular. you wake up, you have plans, want to go sml a flower. >> i'm very curious as to i haven't been there yet. >> like a corpse apparently. >> yep, burnt flesh, lovely. so the fog, is it going to lift at some point here? it's kind of been -- it'ssout east and now it's developing downwn a little bit. >> today wehave dense fog viadry. it remains in effectntil 10:00. for the next hour do anticipate areas of very dense fog, about a quartee of a mile or less visibility in places. if you're driving, just be careful. we do vehe chance for seeing some storms this afternoon, scattered showers,
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by monday. so we'll continue to see that summer heat stick with us after this cooldown. so what's been happening. a lot of monsoonal moisture has enterein the state from the southwest. that's whht's kept us very unsettled. here's where's dense fog advisory encompasses. much of the front range through greeley, eastern boulder county, denver metro area and keensburg, so just be aware that we will see fog sticking around until at least 10:00 this mornincng oe the sun comes our risk for severe weather today encompasses ch of the front range d down to the southeast. if you are in th area this afternn and evening, just be prepared to see some isolated storms. they'll be very scattered in nature, similar to yestday. looking at our futurecast as we roll through hour by hour. gradual clearing still places like julesburg will be under a lot of low lying clouds throughout the morning hours, but we'll start to pick up a little activity in the mountains after about noontime.
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foothills do he the chances for picking up scattered storms and showers. eventually, we could be seeing a few passing storms in denver by about 4:00. for the most part we're looking at a lot of the activity south of i-7today and then making its way off tohe southeast by tonight. so we'll continue to keep an eye on that. the esbiggt threat with these storms will really be avy ra. but by monday we'll wake back up to a lot more sunshine and then high pressure builds back into the state which will keep % us nice and warm and dry for a couple his today 88 degre in grand junction. warmer than yesterday. still a few degrees below where temperatures should be for this time of the year. assen at 79. sterling 83, and greeley today pecting a high near 88. so tonight in denver we'll see partly cloudy skies. a chance for storms, 62 degrees is our overnight low. we'll start tomorrow, plenty more sunshine. forecast. it will be warm, slight 10% chance of seeing a passing storm, nothing severe in nature,,though for tomorrow. so today is our first alert
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weather pattern. monday, tuesday, wednesday we are back in the 90s. itill be warm once again. by the end of next weekoving in- that's our next first alert weather day th a chance for seeing a few more strong thunderstorms by next weekend. this wk, if you missed the 90s they're still with us. >> plenty of summer left. day 10 of training camp is in the books. we'll get you caught up on
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good morning everybody, broncos training camp day 10 no practice so get back gether tomorrow morning. look, it w a big day yesterday for trevor simeon, the quarterback movi up in the quarterback derby for sure. had the best day of al quarterbacks. the rookie paxton lynch, look, we know this, mark sanchez is probably the starter.
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lynch the future of the franchise will get some reps in the game coming this thursday night, maybe not as much with the 1s as mark or trevor but it doesn't matter. paxton just has to show he has a grasp of the offense, command of the huddle, can make the plays. all he knows is he wants the job. >> i mean, i guess we're going to have to see, obviously, like i said as a competitor you want to be the guy that goes out therand plays, but at the end 3 of the day, if you can't go out there and move the team down the field and win games for th be playing. but i think that we have good between e three of us, so now that's good for all of us. rockies got back on track in a big way against the marrins. chuck nasty lead off with a blast like walking in the door screamg inhello, i'm here. leadf ofmer. it was tied 2-2 in the 4th when carlos stanton withhn the man on bettis.
9:26 am
feet. ?ho knows. the marlinssup 3-2. marlins didn't know what hit them in the 6th. d. j. lemay hue hit them. and then cargo hit them, ripped into the corner. d. j. is going to go a long way, scored all the way from 1st. after that rookie david dahl playing in only his 12th game of his career, amazing stuff chuck nasty got one later. 6-3. the final got a hit to ose, but the rocks got the win, still three games behind miami for that second national league wild card spots. rapids against vancouver, matt byrne on the wing in the middle to maon hairston for the left foot sweep. then in minute 60, hairston in the mmx agn, chase it had down, one timer pass to dominick bodji.
9:27 am
in the we behind fc dallas. a lot coming up later tonight on 7 sports extra at 10:35. troy rank will be here to talk about the first ten days of camp and woody page will join the denver 7 team tonight. join us then. until then, have great sunday. we are still monitoring th breaking news out of adams county aft multiple people were shot at a mobile home complex there. >> plus an arvada man dies fighting isis in syria, and now his mother trying to get her son back home. how you can help coming up. >> and donald trump and hillary clinton if full forceeon the
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breaking now, a homicide investigation underw this morning in adams county. fo people wereshot, two killed. >> let's go straight to denver 7's amanda del castillo live on scene. >> reporter: it happened just
9:30 am
berkeley village mobile home park. and as you can see, they still everything is -- allthe and activity is going on along this stretch of the mobile home park this morning. we know that four people were shot, two of them were killed, and deputies found the men. they were adult men who were shot and killed. the other two were taken to the hospital. we have spoken with neighbors all throughout the morning. they didn't want to go on they tell us when the sun goes down thas when they like to stay inside of their home when they're here in the berkeley llage mobile home park, and that's because of their concerns about their safety. they're concerned about things that go on in this neighborhood. we still don't know what led to this shooting. we're still working to gather those details. still recovering in the s are hospital at th moment. we'll be sure to bring you any updates that we have. reporting live from the berkeley village mobile home
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amanda del castillo denver 7. weekend storms picked up last night around the metro area. not everybody got it, but check this out. one of our denver 7 photographers captured this video of the lightning in elizabeth own in albert county. i saw that from my window in parker no. rain where we were. >> where you were. >> but east of parker road, they got slammed pretty good too last night with that late night storm. >> it's beautifully haunting wouldn't you say when you get to see those lightning orms at night. >> especially if there's no damage done. today we have the chance once again in the forecast for a few more storms, isolated in nature. maybe not ite as strong. we are picking up that monsoonal moisture. you see heading through kansas a very strong storm system made its way through. colorado mostly dry. temperatures right now outside feeling very mild, grand junction at 72. aspen 60 degrees currently. in downtown denver 62 as well. we do have a dense fo advisory. this has been in effect all
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10:00. sof you are driving this morning in the next ur or so, just be aware that fog can be very dense in places, less than so if you're drivg, just leave that extra distance and practice caution. we will graduay see clearing as we head throughout the afternoon. this is what we can expect over the next 24 hours. we'll see the sun come back out. across the denver metro area today. a slight 10 to 20% chance of seeing those isolat storms once again.. but i'll sh futurecast and exactly when the thank you. ck coming up in 9:32. middle of a big battle just to get her son's body home to colorado from syria. our partners at the denver post spoke to susan shirley, the ther of levi shirley. he's the va man who joined curdish forces after he wa unable to join the u.s. marines. shirley is working with the state department to get his body transferred to the i u.s.
9:33 am
and cost 7 grand. a go fund me page has been set up to help with costs. hillary clinton is beefing up her campaign in colorado. the democratic presidential nominee is opening up two new offices our state, one of them in brighton, that will work alonside congressional candidate morg carroll's campaign a the other in lakewood. meantime, a brand new abc poll shows hillary clinton leading donald trump by 8 po within her wn party. ort %- >> meanwhile, trump out with a new line of attacks. a bc's kevin dwyer is out on the campaign trail. >> overnight in new hampshire, donald trump recalling his first big political victory. >> the lastime i was here we won right? we won. bbg win. >> and attacking his democratic ponent who he trails by 8
9:34 am
>> unstable hillary clinton,, and u saw that. did you saw that where she basically short circuited? >> trump is zeroing in on clinton's explanation for why she twice wrongly implied that the fbi director said she'd been truthful with the american public about her e-mail. >> i may have hort circuited 3 itand for that i will try to clary because i think, yo know, chris wallace and i were probably talking paseach other. >> she used the term short circuited. the people of this couny going to short circuit up here. okay? >> trump ttying to turn the page on a week of distraction, controversy,nd sliding poll numbers. his supporters are unfazed. >> who cares aboupolls. donald trump's the man. he knows what he's doing. >> our new abc news poll shows clinton coolnsatg support
9:35 am
parents of a fallen american soldier including disappointment from a majority of republicans. back here at me, the colorado springs police department is delaying the launch of its body camera program over data storage issues we're being told. out the cameras last month, but according to the colorado springs gazette, 65 officers won't begin using e ameras until septembe in an effort to improve relationships between police, a youth group organized a special event in denver where officers and kidd talked about recent violence and terms with police and how it's impacted them -- - it's impacted them. parker police also spent me time yesterday working together with children in thei community. they took part in several activities at o'brien park including kickball and a movie in an effort to mend the relationship between the police and the people they serve. new this morning, the city of loveland says they will make
9:36 am
public. 's all in an effort to allow the public to see what their elected officials are sending. according to the city clerk, before this people could make an appointment to go through the e-mails that were available. almost all of us do it, we stay tied to our phone. i think i'm addicted to it a little bit, but here's the thing. more people are doing it, and it's becoming that addiction. denner 7's lisa gonzalez explains how one university is helping students addicted to their screens. >> we're not sayiig that everyone who's glued to you or someone close to you begins to notice that this screen is interfering with your life, that's when you may be addicted. >> i've seen peoe who have had gaming addictions so bad they don't come out of their room for three days. >> while most of us spend hours staring at a screen, the e habit can become a problem. daniel conroy heads the university of colorado boulder collegiate recovery center. he's seeing an increasing amount of students admit they're addicted to media.
9:37 am
offers a support group specifically to help battle screen addiction. >>a lot of time people mistake it for how often somebody is usg in. that's not necessarily thee indicatiin. the real indication is how much it's interfering with your relationships and how much it's keeping you aw from other ings you want to do. >> conroy says recovery takes time and anmeworking through other underlyingocial issues. >> most of the tiie people with this sort of media or screen addiction are seeking some other form of connection, and they'rgetting those needs met in tt way face go face interaction. >> cony says it's only the most extremecases people had to completely -- from their screens. when they were born their families didn't know if they would survive, but now they are marking milestones. nearly 400 former nicu babies and their families celebrated
9:38 am
kaiser permanente hosts this event every year. >> there are indeed peop struggling in these counties, even though we're one of the richest counties in lorado. >> as it turns out, ere's a place in douglas county where you can go shopping, aal il helping others. >> and today once the fog burns off, we're expecting partly
9:39 am
9:40 am
welcome back, 9:40 on this sunday morning, and we are being blanketed in the fog morning. dense fog advisory in effect until about 10 a.m., so we'll continue to keep an eye on that for you, but for the most part slight chance of orms this afternoon and evening. but eric, it's a nice day to go to the mountainss this is ooe of the best kept shopping seets in all of douglas county. place where you can, one, save money, but also help others at the me time. >> o of the store's workers is a 7 everyday hero. denver 7 anchor mitch jelniker
9:41 am
50% off sale? >> the sign reads shop today and give hopeetomorrow. >> we're a nonprofit that was started almost 32 years ago. >> and to think the douglas albert task force started in a garage. >>ast year we probably served almost 16,000 people. >> the treasures thrift shop, inside the de task force in castle rock is home to some great bargains, and all the money made here stays here to help people who in douglas and albert counties. >> we have a food bank, a thrift store. we help with emergency rent and utility assistance. >> i cannot belie, it usually doesn't look like thii. store is tended to by volunteer joann styy. >> i just always enjoyed it so much. >> joann has given her time here for more than 20 years. >> well, i live really lose, so i might come four or five times a week. real, this is incredible.
9:42 am
linens sections look. >> this is the biggest mess i ever saw. >> joann knows that making the sections attractive to yers helps the d. e. ta force help more people. it just makes you feellgood all over. >> oh, dear. >> yes, oh, dear they fool you comi in today on a day that's not normal for you for this. denver 7 and trusted chce, the independent insuraace agents of colorado wanted to recognize you as hero for your 20-plus ars giving your time here. >> yeah. >> congratulations. nice work,. >> so well deserved. the douglas albert task force is on pa street in castle rock. to nominate someone as a 7 everyday hero you can go to and click on the community section. starting in a few ys, you'll be able to legally collect rain water at your home. it's bin illegal for -- been
9:43 am
you can only have two barrels that total 110-gallons. now let the rainfall. fill those things up. >> we're not pecting a ton of rainfall today. it's all beenmonsoonal moisture but it hasn't really hit. >> well, the southwescolorado ?t hit when it got past the ?ountains. >> and then northeast colorrdo, springs just drenched but just depends here you are in the state. very, very unsettl. we'll ntinue to look for that today, but for the most part we do have a slight chance for seeing passing storms. i'll show you the just a sec. right now this is a look at our radar and satellite. much of co moving to the east. m system areas of morning fog are around. just be aware of that. if you're driving, slht chance for storms tonight. if you missed the 90s they are back nt week. watching and warnings right now. we have this dense fog advisory. still could see areas of patchy fog through the morning
9:44 am
about a quarter mile or less sox so if you are out on the roads make se you leave plenty of space and practice caution. this is a live view right now. a lot of fog across the eastern there. not much so to see autiful start to our day in the highcountry. we're seeing very mild temperatures, slight chance for afternoon thunderstorms in the mountains. here's our view fr our tower -?cam, downtown denver right no only 65 degrees under a loof that 63 out at the airport, and humidity still very high. 93% as of right now. but highs for today, a little warmer than what we saw yesterday. grand junction at . we'll continue to see the upper 70s in places like aspen and gunnison. yesterday we were in the 60s and 70s. today back in the 80s. 85 in denver, pueblo expecting a high near 90 today. we do have a riik for some severe weather later on this afternoon into the early evening hours. all the areas encompassed in
9:45 am
the biggest threat with those storms would be heavy rain. taking you through the futurecast hour by hour. by noontime we are expecting to see most clr conditions. a lot of sunshineas we head day. very cloudy across the northeastern plains. places like julesburg. we'll start to see activity in the afternoon in the mountains making its way on to the foothills. a lot of it will stay south of i-70. but the denver metro area, we have a slight chance for seeing some storms but very isolated and sc stronger activity movi down to theouth, cclorado springs and then down to the southeastern corner of the state by tonight. tomorrow morning we'll wake up to mostly clear conditions and tonight 62 degrees. a slight chance for those % passing storms, thenpartly cloudy. tomorrow we'll wake p to a lot more sunshine, not really worried about fog for tomorrow as much, but warm again. high pressure is what's going to keep us a little bit warmer and drier over the next few days. today our first alert weather
9:46 am
unsettled weather pattern. % monday, tuesday, wednesday we're back in the 90 mostly sunny, we'll continue to storms monday and tuesy of afternoon. by wedneeday looking hot, looking dry, temperatures in the low 90s and then next week cooler air will mo into the seeing some weather, but 83 or degrees by next weekend. >> it's nice. 90s are back. we knew that was coming. first day ofcompetition at the summer olympic games in brazil. >> elizabeth hur has a games. >> swimming super star katie ladicki anchored the 4 by 100- meter fr style relay. she was outstanding as sual. ladecki is favooed to win goll in her three individual events. venus williams took to the court and struggled against belgium's kristin. in a huge upset the belgian evailed. in soccer the u.s. women beat
9:47 am
was perfect for team america. had an easy time d bykevin durant and carmelo anthony. the americans charge toward a third straight gold medal with a 119-62 she cking of the chinese team. in men's beach volleyball, team usa's jacob yid and casey patterson were victorious over the team from qatar. they claimed the win 2 nonn at 40gib is the oldest player in the competition. the women's beach volleyball, it was kari walsh jennings and ril ross versus the australians. as expted the american duo victorious olympic tragedy for jimmies sameer syed. he suffered a severe break below his llft knee while llnding after a vault.
9:48 am
stretcher. team usa claims its first medal and it is gold for teenager virginia thrasher who won the 10-meter air rifle. vollmer advances in the 100- meter butterfly and syrian refugee swimmer winning her heat in the 100-meter butterfly. elizabeth hur, abc news new york. >> that story was begging for some musito pump you up, wasn't it? >> i exciting in themselves. >>hat's a good answer. >> if you want to adopt a pet, u've got a chance, here
9:49 am
9:50 am
welcome back. we're with tony from foothills animal shelter with pickles. pickles is an older guy but he needs a new home. >> he's a 10-year-old pomeranian mix, and he's a great, great guy. this is the third event i've
9:51 am
sweetheart. he's a real sweetteart. so today wre going to talk about taking animals on a hike, taking dogs on a hike. >> a i'm sure pickles probably wouldn't be the hhking type. >> right, i woulput him in a backpack and just have him take a lile trip with you. >> he'd like that. >> seriously, when you do take a dog on a hike, thhre are a few things that you should know. most parks are requiring a foot abst leash. a non-retractable leash. the retractable leash gets caught in brush and so forth and could have dame to the dog. also, we're going to have to talk abt dog's poop. make sure you bring lots of op bags because dog poop doesn't decompose the same way wild animal poop decomposes. so you don't want it to get into t water system because it can contaminate the water. and then also make sure that
9:52 am
and especially rabies shots are up to date because you never know if the animal's going to encounter another animal. >> right. water, water's really important. make sure you have lots of water. you don't want the dog to become dehydrated, but also use the water to put on the pads of their feet, and also on their bellies, and thatprevents them from getting dehydrated. and the last thing is, there are certn dogs like pugs thht have flat noses. they have a so be awarof that if you take 3 a dog like a pug on a hike. really make sure you build up to the hi. so if your dog has been not very active, take the dog, you know, every day for a walk and increase the length that you walk with the dog. >> that's a good point. i have a pug, marv. he doesn't hike. we tried it once on my mother-
9:53 am
wife's family. went aut00 feet, and he ran back to the house. >> you do the hiking right. >> iyod like toknow more about piles or any other animals call (303)278-7575. >> pickles is absolutely precious and i think a backpack is probably the best bet for him on a hike. coming up this is an incredible shot, definitely not one you'll see every day. we'll show you this guy with a lot of ill.
9:54 am
9:55 am
here's a look at some of our top stories this morning, a building that houses garbage trucks goes p inflames in parker last night. fire crews say someone driving by saw smoke coming from the roof of e building. when south metro fireegot there, they say they found a garbage truck still on fire. not clear what caus it. a highlands rah man is so offended by trump's comments to the parents of a muslim army captain killed in iraq, he's organizing a special event this
9:56 am
logan cemetery to place flowers on the graves of a muslim soldier. if he can't find one he'll place the flowers on the grave of someone different from m. plus the risk of west nile virus is at an all time high. test results are back, the outlook not good, especially in weld county. the vector index that is a key lculation that determines the risk for human infection, more than three times higher than what's consideeed a great riik. and we are on top of breaking news in adams county just after midnight, two now dead. investigatorssay they have identified and arrested two suspects. >> wnow know 24-year-old brandon carr and 25-year-old rojelio herrara are facing they're confident these are the only two suects. it'sot lear if the suspects kn unfolded. before we , we had to show you this video, drew max, watch this.
9:57 am
made hey, it woed. this trick shot his latest snt standing on top of a hotel draining that shot from a roof 250 feet away from the basket. one more time. >> and yep. >> that's an odd noise for that. >> it works, okay it works. >> it's amazing. 250 feet away. >> pretty awesome. how's the weather? >> well, we are dealing with fog in the metro area, a lot of the front range, but we'll continue to see grual clearing throughout the afternoon. temperatures today warr in the mid to upper 80s. the next seven days we are going to be warming backinto the 90s. 89 is our normal for this time of the year, bu90 degrees come monday. >> we sure hope you had a great weekend. thanks for joining us. we'll be back re next week as well and 'll be here at 5:00
9:58 am
10:00 am
. (music open) . (applause) joel osteeintro: well god bless you! it's a joy to be with you. if you're ever i our be a part of one of our services. i promise you we'll make you feel right at home. i ke to start with something funny. i heard about this man. he was sitting on an airplane next to a beautiful single lady. they struck up a conversation and he asked her what kind of men she liked. she said, "well, i like native american men with their high cheek bones and golden tanned skin. plus, i like jewish men. they're so brilliant


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