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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  August 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:59pm MDT

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sticker on the back. also eang, a bicyclists was killed during the cycling portion of the bolder iron man. >> thitragedy on a day that is supposed to be about personal achvement. these athletes train for where bicyclistsare just learned about what happened. the road was on to traffic at portion that was coned off for bicyclists and that's where the accident happened. the accident remains under investigation but i spoke to clists who tell me that area
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location with all the bicyclists in the area. and iron man did not want to speak on camera but they said in a statement that their though a pyers are with the family and are cooperating with police. the 16th street are ll not under a good light right first video of a man attacked people with a pvc surfaced this summer. th later this video was uncovered llowing a violent fight in the mall. one lakewood man says enough with the violence and once you see his injuries you will
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>> reporter: he doesn't remember much, just waking up here. >> i got my bones broken for less than $20. i have a fracture in my lower jaw. >> reporter: this man prefers not to be identified after being attacked near the 16th mall. his last memory is lking ward the capital after a night out with friends. >> it could have be worse. >> reporter:hen it all we black. >> juswoke up in the hospital the next morning. >> ror taking him to the hospital. this is ju one of a handfuu of violent attackon the th street mall this year. you may member this cell phone video viewed millions this summer showing a man armed with a pvc pipe attacking people near the mall. then this video of a man being beaten. >> shame, a real shame. >> reporter: police report that
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compared to last year. although police are increasing patrols there, for this man it may not be enough. >> i just think that it's very unsafe. and how people think it'sokay night. peoplein the middle of >> reporter: now with several fractures in his face. his message asking for safety isn't for police. but for evyone who goes to the mall. >> i would just like to see better attitudes in people because this is supposed to be one of the friendliest states. >> reporter: he'sshoping that police will be able to use surveiance video from the many camrys around the mall to catch whoever was responsible. later this month. should begin >> brenda, our denver seven investigators broke down the
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699 arrests. 134 of them happened in july. now during the same time st that's a 20% drop when you s. compare those numbers. another area the city is trying to make safer is the colfax business district. they hopthe art will draw more attention to the crosswalks and make the area >> it's a sual reminder. i mean already th people slowing down. you see people asking questions. and u see really more attention tohis area that's usuay a pass through that creates a dangerous situatio with quick moving vehicles. >> this was an attempt of many to improve colfax.
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stacdonaldson. it feels more like fall out there. >> it es. and we're not done with that yet we have scattered showers moving in across the state. it depends on where you are and what you're getting. sunsne versus thunderstorms activity. we have heavier showers toward colorado spring. and to t west of denver and so far cloud cer if you were up ear in the morning. a lot of fog if you were out and about. stronger thunderstorms here divide. keep in mind that we will still have thunderstorms activity we will have a ssing showers here in denver but with the rest of the night and at the workweek holds. fothr first time in 14 ye denver police will begin collecting racial information about the people they come in contact with. the move comes after a number of complaints about a lack of accountability. that's ccording to our partners at the denver post. chief robert white says recent
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informed the depprtment will start colle of the year. developing on denver 7, two men have been arsted accused of shooting and killing two people in adams un brandon karr and rogio heredia are both charged with murder. they shot four people at the berkeley village mobile home park. this is off nevada. people in douglas county went out to the county fair to leave messages for jamie jerkevich and her family. state patrol called it a rose for a rose. they placed messages on thee roses and layed it out on a patr car where hephoto was displayed. >> jamie worked for both the lostate patrol.
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pay our last respects to her and her family. the retirearmy colonel who hit and killed jersevich pled guulty. these words created quite a fire storm for trump. >> if you look at his wife she was standing there. she had nothing to say. shpre obably -- maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to sa decided to fight fire with feelings. we first told you about michael sexton last night at 10:00. he encouraged people no matter what their background to fight with wos of encouragement. >> we can' or at least not one person can decorate every head stone. >> reporter: the event was about honoring someone who may different from you but
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country. >> those are people that they give the ultimate sacrifice to defend the united states of america. >> reporter: ashraf raheem isa muslim america who says that our strength comes from times like these. people who notphored were -- -- who were honored different eligions and backgrounds. she wants tohow that even in a small way she can be part of the solution and not the oblem. the 12-year-old and heparents spt the morning combing through the cemetery who seemed
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>> deticorang the head stones of those whwere decorated. clinton is up eight points with gains among women and consolidating support in her own party. trump on the other hand still publicans. > the kenyan track and fid was sent home after video surfed of him promising to protect cheating athletes. new fall out from russia, now all russian athletes are banned. we'll have aupdate on the tion a little later.
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parker has serious damage that needs repair. south meo fire says a vehicle inside the ilding caught fire late last night. someone driving by saw smoke aney called 91 the building belongs a garbage truck company nobo inside was hurt. well no honey needed here. up outside an okkahoma wal-mart sending shoppers running. then the creative way renters are making quick cash to afford sky high rents ann the nonprofit helping and pokemon go has done it again. the life saving discovery one
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f0 it was an early and tough moinfoatetes in boulr. several roads are still closed because of the event.. while many may be reopening later tonighsome will stay
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like arapaho from broadway to 17th. and 13th strret from canyon boulevard toarapahoe. we will have the on when the roads will open on our website. and plan uryo commute around i70. i70 will close ccnyon. three people were taken to the hospital following a massive bee escape in oklahoma city. emergeecy responders say 30,000 bees escapeded from three lives stung three adults. g lot d the person selling the hives was meeting a buyer in the parking lot when the insects escaped. beekeepers collected all of those bees. that must have takesome time. another escape but this one
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these five kittens were dropped f oftside an animal shelter in a box. but the kittens escaped. a pokemon go players happened to wander to the parking lot while playing the gandme a called # 11 when he heard the alarm. the shelter says if it wasn't for that pokemon go fan the kitten may never have been found. >> several people have posted on our facebook page that we should consider naming emth something related to pokemon go, we will thinabout that. >> it's amazing what you when you leave your house. shelter officials say the cats are six to 8 weeks oll. >>according to our partrs at the lady camera, two boulder professors set a blue line as an unusual boundary on the city's west side separating e open space from the city 57 years ago. but now some homes sit st
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a november city measure would 3 clarify where that line actually lays. the number of people rescued in colorado is rising. that's a 32% increase from 2013 when there were 1,250 rescues. the cost for emergency crews and equipment can really add up. the state is asking u to buy a three dollar card before exploring jennifer condele ski explains how cards work. >> we're seeing a really large increase in tourism. those folks don't even know this card exists. >> reporter: we t that to the test. do you have a search and resc card. >> i doonot. >> not a single person we talked to had one. >> do you know what that is? >> i assume it's a card for searching and rescuing.
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purpose is. >>hey're absolutely critical. there's no funding in t state that funds them to do this operation. it costs $3. lasta year and goes a long way toward supporting volunteer rescue teams like the one who sad this hiker. >> i just need your iver's license. >> reporter: we got ours at the denver cpa office. >> for someone to come get you, this will save you. >> reporter: if a lost hiker doesn't have a cozar car the local sheriff which means it has to come out of their local budget. >> it doesn't mean you won't be rescued.. if something happens this get you. team will come and it's the to help ofetfsthat cost. >> reporr: it's a sm investment that could one day help save your life. >> we have to thinabout how are we going toyou know get
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heaven forbid. >> that was jennifer coveleski reporting. now you ould know that the card is not insurance. fishing license you've already paid for search and rescue costs. let's head over to stacy. stacy i ink i'm going to try to hike my first 14. and hopefully i won't need searching. i have only driven to the top of them. people have always aske have you hiked. no i've only driven. partly cloudy skies across the metto area. not much in the waof showers we've definitely seen that. up toward sterling, partly cloudy skies. still a loof moture in the state. the skies are looking a little ominous as we have a storm moving on by. it'll be warmer into ne week.
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if you've been out and abouin the evenings they've been really nice. into the afternoon we're slowly but surely warming the things up. as this monsoon moisture uts down, it will allow our teeratures to go higher. expect the heat to go onnas we go to the beginning of this week. scattered showers down toward colorado springs and into the south western part of the state. some showers now just coming into north western colodo. kind of a zoom around here. in denver we don't have showers to our southwest, stronger storms just near colorado springs. and up toward georgetown if you're traveling along i70 to the west you will run into rain and down south toward castle rock. we've also got lightning and a little bit of no severe thunderstorms warnings in effect right now. down into south western colorado just north of
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which is normal for this time 3 of year. 89 iouaverage afternoon high. in 1980. the record set back now as we go through this evening will have those once again comfortable temperates overnight. we'll drop from the 70to the 0thentomorrow upper 80s and low 90s for our aaea. if you're headed to tte pool. i know those pool days are getting shorter as we're getting school starting. 89degrees. it'll be warmer with a few scattered thunderstorms into the afternoon. chanccs for storms here along really goes farther north toward cheyenne and into sterling. tomorrow, things will start to clear out by7:30 and then l havecloud cover perhap some fog up into north eastern colorado. rain out west toward grand junction. by the time we get into 100, it moves into eagle, aspen d
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time we hit the the evening hours -frpl tomorrow it' be y skies. upper 80s low 90s if for our area. we'll have 80s for the eastern plains. 60s ans for thmountains and 90s for the next couple of days. esday, tte warmer air movi in. sunshine sticking around and another cold front moving through. thursday and friday with highs in the mid-80s. so it cools it right back down again. >> just in time for the weekend. if you rent in colorado you know it is costly to live here.
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it's no secret colorado is one of the top places to live. all you have to do is look at how much it costs to live here. as more people move here the rent continues to rise. many fies are struggling to come up with the difference. denver7 reporter lance hernandez talked to one
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it. >> reporter: it's called the nt party. the host invites guests, friends or neighbors and mid- way through the party passes around a hat seeking donations. the guests contribute whatever th can. >> for emergency rent assistance when people are paying one of their paycheck toward that housing expense they're just one emergency away from experiencing homelessness. reporter: steve ketaman is the director at neighbor to a progm to help homeowners with rent. >> people with fewer resources are often squished out of the market which is definitely what we're seeing along the entire front range. >> neighbor toneighbor rental assistance. year in there's a need for 40,000 more. that's why they're sponsoring rent parties. this wom is a beneficiary. >> i know it's helping a ton of people. i just wish there were more
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becausthere's a huge need. >> renters whreceive the help a becca a single mom wrote thanks to all the received from neighbor to neighbor my kids d i are not in the street. in fort collins, lance hernandez, denver denver 7 following t breaking stories. one of a deatat the iron man boulder. what invest investigators say happed rio olympics leing to even more bans for russia. >> i'm lionel nieves we have a lot to talk about. denver's nascar team going for victory until a ash on the
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we're on top of eang news, an amber alert has been issued r prnantaurora mother andthree kids. authorities aroking for nikki mori right now. she threattned to hurt herself and her children. they believe she's driving a gold chrysler pacifica with
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sticker inthe back. > investigators identified the victim as michelle lters from nebraska. walters was hit along u.s.36 near broad way. the driver stayed on scene. two men ha been arrested in connection with a deadly shootingt this mobile home park. people were shot at the berkeley village mobile home park. this and man upset over donnld trump's words toward a muslim veteran's parents issfighting back with generosity. and another violent attack
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enough. brendalise gonzalez is out near the mall and she spoke to the victim who says he was attacked after a nit with his friends. >> he remember the attack. he just remembers waking up at the hospit. now he has a ok jaw ong other injuries to his ce. he says paramedics told hi they couldn't find his wallet or cell only way he knows he must have -?been robbed. turns out all he d was $20 in he's now stuck with medical bills and weeks of recovery. % this is st one of many attacks. you may remember this video of a man attacking people with a
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be done. >> there's people who just want to go for the views, have fun and hang out. you can't do that anymore because people like that just ruin it. >> police have alrey started increasing patrols here the denver downtown denver partnership has also hired police patrolthis area. o help that should begin later thhs month. reporting live in denver, brendaliss down the numbers from the denver police. so far this year there's been 699 arrests on the th street mall. 138 of them happened in july. tk urg -- during the same time last year there was 165. that's a 33% drop. the goal to draw more
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slowing do. wn people stopping to look. vehicles going slower. it really highlights the area. and draws attention to it. wherbefore it was nothing significant. it was a pass through. >> now this was all part of an -?ongoing fort to improve the colfax corridor. officials made similar primements the corridor. i'm stacy donaldson. a lot of moisture the atmosphere across colorado. some of it in the rainfall, some of it in the way of fog earlyin the morning. but right now our shop from e right now nothing showing up. we are expecting isolated showers for the front range and the plains for tonight. we still have the phropb soon
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southwes we're going to shut off al this moisture. for thtime being we have showers heading west and they're heading this direction. we have the latest. new doping scandals are the canyon track and field coach is now under investigation after to protect athletee after cheati. >> >> their medals over morality disgusting. it is a story sure to bring some of us to tears.
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now to a very touching story out of pennsylvania. a woman's father who was murdered 10 years before her wedding still taking part of her special day. >> i'm st so thankful that my d could be with us here in spirit. and a piece of his physical being as well at was very special for us. >> reporter: you see julie specen's father was an organ
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arthur thomas to see if he would take part of her special day. >> i can't imagine a greater honor. >>eporter: thomas traveled 350 miles from new jersey to pennsylvania just to walk her down the aisle. quite the story stacy. we have partly cloudy skies out there now. d expect showers to me through e range. through e range. we'll narrator: 2010. short-sited budget cuts in washington thatened to close the colorado facility e nation's response to insect-spread diseases. but chael bennet steps in to keep the lab open. six yes later... reporter: the global fight against zika begins here, at the cdc's research center in fort collins. narrator: now michael bennet's working to make sure we continue to lead the fight against ka, for locodo and america. i'm michael bennet
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i'm stacy donaldson. sctered showers headed our diren. we're starting to see them rolling off the hills with cloud cover from our rooftops 3 into the mountains throughout our evening. out toward liman we have a storm passing by. we have heavy rainfall and storm. we'll haveenice mild nights ahead for our area. temperatures at this point are in the 80s but we have the rainfall still coming in from the southwest. as you heard for the next few days this is all monsoon moisture. this is monsoon season. normally affecting the four corners ea. moisture streaming across not only colorado but arizona, utah, new mexico, everybody getting in on the thderstorms
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ey've come toward denver they've fallen apart. there's just been a little too much cool air or stability. at this point we do have showerjust off to the northwest. if you're headed out i70 to georgetown. there's some storm that is have understorms and hail. and just th northwest of colorado springs, and of course down into the south wester around telluridehey've had a lot of rain in thh la few da. right around normal for this time of year. 58 was our low. as we've been warming things up over the last few days, tting into the 70s to 80s right where we should be this time of year for our summertime. our ovnight lows will be in the mid-60s. we'll have 80s again tomorrow afternoon. if you're aded to the pool, i
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ys before the seasonnis over. it looks like we'll ve chances for the storms here then that shif well to the north here. we may have a few thunderstorms into northern colorado and isolated storms here into denver but it's a slight ance tomorrow. everything clearing out, calming down. we'll have another batch of rain come in late tomorrow morning. you're up by e sun unti 11:30 you have scattered showers our west. as theor rain will move this direction and we'll have some shows down into south western colorado as well. really qetg down in the overnight. so tonight, 62 for o overnight low. d then highs right around 90 degrees torrow afternoon. it'll be another warm one but definitely where weshould be this time year. afternoon high 99 r grand junction. on the seven day forecast, w stay warm for a fedays as the sun comes out tuesday, wednesday.
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moisture. otr cold front comes through thsd. thursday and friday g our first alert weather day. s and we stay in the 80s in thugh next week. next weekend will be very similar to what we've had this weekend. >> very pleasant. >> yeah. >> big day in sports. >> what a day today in colorado sports. broncos had the day off but we'll talk about the week ahead and the first preseason game thursday in chicago. history made at coors today. ichiro with the blast off of right. and denver's racing team
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welcome to 7 sports extra. oh my gosh do we have a show for you. we have denver's nascar team adding a second car and going for the win today only to be crashed ouin the final turn. you have to see this.
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don't ll out in shock and surprise if it's mark sanchez starting things off. he's going to bethe starter but that could change in the next month fobe the first regular season ga. sanchez sttying calm, cool and not worrying about every single rep in practice. not worried about every intercepon in practice. he can't play scared. th's his attitude practice. >> there's thin line between trying too hard and puttintoo ch pressure on the play. u have to just go play. remember before every snap tak a deep breath. >> there you go. ituation. broncos offense ill insearch of a leader to fill the void left by peyton manning. whoever is the quarterback automatically becomes a leader.
5:48 pm
nchez the quiet man trevor simi they have contrasting perfects but kubiak told it doesn't maer, be yourself and e guys will follow. >> there's quiet quarterbacks that look quiet in the field. t in the huddle they're a little smirkey and they have ways to get guys going. we see it in the locker room and out ma is a bit of an energy bunny bouncing everywhere. >> dt is planning to step into that leadership role. he said he plans tobe a leader on offense by example. do what i do not what i say. >> they say as u yoget old yo fall off.
5:49 pm
than yodid. i'm going to go full speed every chance i get hopefully the guys will go hard every play we go. i know i have to be a leader but i'm not the one that speaks a lot. i feel that once you get in the meeting room coaches say th's the way you should practice. once they see that that's what we will do. >> few days of practice. troy rank and the newest woody page, that's a dream team. troy and woody here tonight. st see tv. let's go to coors field, john greg got lit up. john carlos stanton. oh my add a couple more. john out to right.
5:50 pm
his first 13 games in the majors. wow. then arrenadwith a hit shot. he blasted one. second homer of the day for number three crush. we have a game 8-6. we witness baseball history that's ichiro. career hit number 3,000 for him. the 30th member of the 3k club. made it easy on his teammates right out of the third base dug out. rockies fans standing o. future hall of famer, rocky ayers rockies lost this game 10-7 the final. now at watkins glen. maatin truexx jr. in second behind denny hamlin. martin is going to make his move. 3 what in tarnation. the checkered flag snatched from the jaws of victory. martin got it together and finished eighth. the he chased keselowski,
5:51 pm
ng beside with bump. truexx stayed cool, stayed brad took ownership of this big mistake. >> i was hit, it's myfault whenever you run into the back of somebodyy i thought the 11 was running low. i thought the seven was going to come inside and rough up the 11. i wanted to be in the cross over. at the last minute out when i was already committed. >> he saiddit was his fault. i said i already knew that. i just wanted him to know i wasn't happy after the ce. as far as the rest of it it's not a big deal. it's hard racing, road course. going for the win at the d.en well unveiling the new ive hour energy 77 car before today's race. denver's team adding that second car for 2017. 20-year-old eric jones will be
5:52 pm
furniture store owner is turning this te into something to be reconned with in nascar. it's exciting times foo nascar and racing fans in colorado. history made on the golf course today as well. final ride of the travelers championship. furick shot a 68. 'sthat a new record. just missed a 57 on 18. he finished finished fifth. russell knox was the wier and tomorr's nfl preseason game cancelled. sed the g onpaint in the zones anthe middle of the field it's like tar and taffy outhere.
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scattered shower storms making it through the front range. as you see here wehave more coming in from the southwest so they're headed this directio be prepared for a little there's that one little cell popping outot rd pena boulevard. but here in denver we've really seen those clouds starng to build in. farther to the south and into colorado springs. a pretty good storm as well. out i70 toward georgetown and we have rain and lightning and hail as well. as we go over the new few days we will y it out. thennother frontwith storms and we'll be back down in the 80s before you know it. >> a lot of green on that map.
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