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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  August 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MDT

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falls. it happed while s s hiki with her family colorado sin. firefighters say they had to do a high-angle get her out. serious condition. more breaking news now. family is thankg firefights toght for savingnd do from a burning home. this happened a fewours a on west floyavenue. fifighters got theire under quickly. grse fire. devoping sragedy at the boulder ironmen. a cyclist kied and hit by aar. live fishing the race.athlete liz? . >>repoer: michellete walrs never had a chance to cross the finish lin night hefeow haened.s are wondering what hoping to acmplish
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ttha dream c short for from the cook, nevada, she w on theion ot hon. traffic with anread off thwiones for racers. that stretch her bike and a car collided. >> the firstap l, there w a lo of cones a o cars and it anne. >>poer onook, walters is par the greater o trail runners. fifth ironman, the first boulder. he said out of all five of his races, three were close to traffic. today a driver honked at him
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going.>>porter: thosatetes crossihe t finishe linissing one of their own hoping the person -- it scares you. >>report: definitely scary. scene and tald withremained on vestators. we did reach out boulder iroan, but no one wanted to calm on camera. th say theyre and sehe condolences to beprepared for rd closures use of the inm some roads aren't opening until eeslo ar broadway to7thd for a full le nver 7 app. >> when the school year starts for tomoow morningth special edatio sdents would
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mark, the diri will be outsourcing the drive and the move is cooceg for some pa these parents learned about this school starts.she day before tsources transpon rare arod corado. the parents we spo with s transportation shoun't urbeced for the detect's mostensitive studentlks soe knows what expect. >> e back t school night. >> wrk with shoim what it'soing to be like, who h going to be wh. >>reporter: ecoming aew high hoscolde is tough be carson isn't your 14-year-old. one ofn is autistic. the things that rll helps him is consistenndcy a rhythm of a pattern or -- soe's aware what's going to happen every da
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be picked up a privater >> have a pup and consisttwing h ple and coming back with the same is key to helpinhim have a good expeence in school. >>reporter: we reached outo a douglas coun school spokespersonho said ouourcintransportati isn of the ordinary in colorado. theistrict sayst actuall cos them more to ct out but quotet's a necessity d t the nationalhortage of bus iv and a in ridership dcsd. shedoesn't tnk special ed students should be paying the price. >> the national soo of transportationssiaocon says all dvers ppblic orrite mu meat meet theam
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schous in th sta. site tt it cld cunsoverthousands of dols county i't o of them. be a lot more traffic tomorrow morning. douglas couy suspect the only hool distric starting tomorrow.h 12th graders aturora are picki the school year. for a list of i n't believees, go to talking at the of school. ight. already. e summer went by like a think.we have scattered showers they will dryp by te bus stop time is arriving tomorrow morning. we have scattered showers movingos acrs wrn colora aor frontge we've had light to derate rainfallrom denvernth. a few mod showers line upo the west and these are coming o way
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lit rain moving through centalenni. we'veee nothing se weather butghnis pops well. the 70s r now. and wel talk morouthe% week of schooforeca and first woeek ftorecas cin in jus ffwks. ater par i ksas city. a 10-year boy-old wasilledafr it war park. elide advertised whileestigations continu ca moment for a plane ser de aircraft hrgency situation. the goo news ishe
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enough. tells ued.wan to walking through the mall tar t e he woke up at walletthis isne of the handl of violent attacks this t the mall. was viewed by mli a guy attackedeoplwith a pvc pe. crime has gone dnrom last
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doee peopl se there. >> ppl wt to g and hav fun and hang out can't do that anymore becauseple like that isuining it. >>reporter: police have been working ha and iased patrols along the mal they have hired additioity help police patro t area. twoenehind barsfter deadly shooting with fir deg murder. th four people overnight a the mobile home park o sheridan. two people chanswere me disney king soe this summer's alligator attackhat killed the they'r-old boy. building a stone wall where the gator got a hold of the boy p.
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d ropes following his death the republican nominee is zeroing in on trump's this week. >>reporter: trump digging a new line of >> the people of this country
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republicans li kasich. fang stron d fore muslim pents n person soldi. >> aro-clinterck releasing and featuring amothere to howrump treatedhe kahn family..3 >> i felt such a sense of >> she was standing there. had nothing >> i wouldo trum what feels like, the sense of emptine only losing a canring. >>rert: trustworthiness still a problem r both nomine. clinton is trying to nvce americans that she could with more transparent. >> she made a miske and shesaidd going to fix it and i apologize. meanwhile a highlandsanch
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something posite.r into today chael sexton and 50 oersdecoratm ldiers at fort logan national ceme it was about norings differens and sharing the same love foo our country. today special honors for ate trooper kill in a drunk driving crash last year. people ingl douas county went o to the fair to lea messages for her and her family. patrol called it a rose 500 res were donated r the event. . the next time denver police stop you, they may be taking note of your race. and thousands of bs swarm a walmart parking lot so how did this so the white house approves a first of its kind drone program to medical
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. anges on the way of if denver police stop you. e tfirs time the department will start collecting information about your race. this com after complaints of lack of accountability ithe
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that's accord to go the denver r denver post. e west colfaxs district wasso paintg tersections on west colfax near for ri today. -- perry thousds of people for zedo ended up in the hospil.two 24 oveosed on this laced police are tryinhighly to figur outho laced the ndy. rit now mosquitos are a big concern in partsf colorado stting tomorrow. the county departmen is sprayin. last week the first c human casn
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seeing swarms of bees that's what happened at a walma in oklahoma. and wee talkin about a few bees here. >> the beekeeper sai each he can havep to 22,000 bs. and at the te they were three hivehe counted. and she said that they were abo half full at that time. so anywhere from 30,000-plus bees. >> 30,000ees. the fire department rusdo the ene with the bs buzzi around area. three people were hospitalized after being stung. two of them a in serious condition. officialsthink this happened who ekeepers were making a transfer from one to another. a small island in maryland isaking htory. the white house has approved a drone delivery program ging people stfaer accs to medine. it's
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this is the mean reason why thet theseew drones. very late bs or uers atori infection that nosis 't have a wearmacy on smithand. can make the delivery and delive the micine even the boats aren't cls thi m an area whe it's alreadyo come. if all gs accordintolans the first flight could be late year or early 2017. new scandal and weather problems take over the summe olympi in rio. some of op athletes are in action today abc jim ryan is in rio with more. dot worry. there aren't too many spoilers.a ping scandal at the olympics. the track and
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video surfaced of h offering to protect athletes. >> their medals over morals itt me. >>reporter: forget their d water. evts were cancelled after w ripped through the of banners andenng williams down.eep serena >> she w the best ie e seen, and i could only hope ige. the 22 time grand slam champion nning her opening mat today. venus was snned in a first rod loss on saturday but she
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stics team is ting to alify for the team aad didual competition the women's basketbl team is killing the competition. 121-56. the action is hting up in the pool. imming accept sags has a silver medal and hit the water while qualiing for the 400 free style. ryan and dav nor the backstroke, the 1 meter stril relay team. jim ryan , abc news. the uniteddstates is sitting inirst place with 12 tot including three gold, five silver and four bronze. the i still a fire alert near the colorado wyoming
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to5, acres. it's 28% coaid. officials say the fire activity is growing hang.e warm weather we've take a look at these pipuss slides causing problemsn highway 145. roads are closed between saw p placville. rightow they're alternating one lane of traffic on 145. crazy pictures there.right. ation in sthwestern with the monso moisture day afteda the saturatedround can't take it. scattered showers moving throu denver metro area. looking from the roof top now, iprety out the it's going tom up more into nex week. and we willti cnue to have those nice mild nights into the evenings.
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our direction in denver i-25 corridor in from the west. also have showers into the northwesrn part of our state as well. 90 degrees afternoon high today. overnight lows in the upper night and tonight we suld be in the low 60s. overnight lowsill be in the 60s for tonig as we go through the next few hours. afternoon highs wille upper 80s a l 90sternoon. also for our cool forecast we'll h upper 8 for the afternoon high en though a lot ofre going, a few . if you're headed the pool, 'lhave a few scattered thunderstorms into the afternoon but not my. most of the shower activity will be i wyoming and northern colooado even though we still have a chan in denver. tonight, scattered showers moving through the deer area, mostly on the south sod of town. light to moderate rainfall.
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we'll continue to see this aread tomorrow, pretty quiet throughhe afteoon hours for the front range and plains. development to southwestern codo. week's worth of rainfall we've been experiencing. into tomorrow afternoon, it's really few and far between on wt thunderstorms. as y see for tonit's overnight low, low 60 ptl cloudy skies with a sl cightnc for scattered showers and tomorrow afternoons, uppe80s, 9ow0s, few scattered showers as wellnd 80s and 90s for the front rake. cooler up into the hills aas you see here and 80s and 90s fort collins at 89 drees.
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on. 60s and 7 for the mountains. forecast, highs to get on the warm side here tuesday and wednesday as the sun comes out, the moisture gets cut off. a storm systemomg in for thursday and friday. those highsro t the low to mid 8 d we'll say the 80s for the xt weekend with sunny skies. out there now we have a few sprinks of rain here on the southhside of town and little scattered showers happening tonight. if you go to school tomorroworning and dre early in the morning, it doesn't look bad at all. it'll be quiet. supposed to happen in september. at least tt's what happened when i was young 60 years ago. > all right. 60. what could soon replace your inhaler. more than four decadee of volunteering.
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(vo) maybe it was here, when you hit 300,000 miles. or here, when you walked away without a scratch. maybe it was the day your baby came home. or maybe the day you realized your baby was t a baby anymore. every subaru is built to earn your trust. because we know what youe t.
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. >>you can no longer vape le you're over 18. ne selling the products ll be required to ask for i dishgs. if a customer looks to be under the age of 27. weren't any this could be revolutionary for asthma sufferers. this is a game changing pill that wld replace the inhaler.sults of a new trial saying the drug can cut lung inflammation. rticipants say it was life changing. have you heard the latest bu arounddthe mile high city?
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abstract expressionism and it's athe art museum. and we're helping visitors learn all about it. >> there was a art movement in the 40s and 50s. you've heard of theen but there we equally ay women and you never heard of them. >>. >>reporter: their paintings can fascate but few people saw these th female artists were not kno. >> what doesn't appeal the you in bof those? . >>rerter: the exhibit the gathering of these wks by outstanding female ais together at one time. >> this is on both coasts. grace hardigan was new york.
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it than adosa who hasevo lifetime to art appreciation. ars.has volunteered for 46 >> she has a knowlge of the denver artuseum's pernent cleks anes our viz tors of all ages on her tours. >> stimula, it's challenging, keeps your md on the trs.ou meet nice people >>reporter: barbara hed hospital. >> probably the most interesting wonderful ac it's been my life. >> she painted this,he couldn't paint it close up because she couldn't see what she was doing. sohe got a ladder and a brush on pole -- imagine that. . >>reporter: here's a surprise for you. for all your years of volunteering, denver 7 the inpendent insurance agents of collrado want to honor you as a
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congrats for l your yearsfuty here. >> i wondered why you we just sitting >> the exhibites through september 25th. the nominate someone as a ho, go to our community section on o web site. up next we've got seven tre's a lot going on tonight. firs tt,s is m kind of vending machi.
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our son caleb was born with a rarform of cystic fibrosis.
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but then a new medication was invented that not only treated the symp o fibrosis, but targeted the disease the only problem was is that it wasn't approved to be used in the united states. but michael bennet changed that. working with rublicans, to get medicine and trtmts approved quicker. caleb just celebrated 5 y. he doesn't have to ink about his disease every day. l nnetave me a future with myon. i'm able t in the future l nnetave me gettinmarried, graduating from college. reams i'm able t in the future that we hoped for, but now i see them as a reality. i feel very fortunate to have somedy representing us that cares so much.
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. check ut. forget waiting for delivery. check out this vending machine pizza. this is on the campus of cincinti's xavier university. it to comeut. this would be so dangerous for me. freshman 50? >> 100. i would be eating that dinner. >> let's take a look at the seven-day forecast. afternoon highs in the upper 80s tomorrow and 90 for a couple of days and the sun out and cnc for rain again on thursday and friday a our temperatures get back into the 80s again. >> looking good.
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woody page, 7 sport era talking br and training camp. who is therting quarterback for the preseas game in chicago? >> history w made ? ? ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ? ? hush my darling... ? ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] ? hush my darling... ?


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