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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 8, 2016 4:00am-4:27am MDT

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makiews in america this riding the world's tallest water ide. we have new details now about the victim and the 17-story ride at's raised safe queions in the past. losing ground, dond trump steppingp his attacks on hillclinton as pol slsw him in a summer p. the republicanstl aling wi theallout of a nu lay t s economic policy. we're live in waington. brki, a people from theihomes.rcing ussandbagging under way as e sunshine stateeaittrical down flooding. and lden boychael phelpsit againaking home his 19th gold medal. leading team usao vi plus majorps involving
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amusement park accident that killed young boy. s the n of state lawmaker and died riding theerruckt water ride in kans city. verruckt means insane and that's what it meant to symbolize. ide is 168 feetall and fficia aren't saying how caleb died, t the pa wl beed again today as the vestigion tsernd way.more now f. >> reporter: authorities investigating what went tragly wrong at popukaas city water pa. >> ohoughtaye difficult time. during thi >> reporter: abc news learning the 10-year-old of nsas state representative scott schwabied while riding
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he at hlittewater park. their child that's my ild's to 'm sure they thought was safe. en opened two years o, many raised questions about its safety especially after watching these early saty tests showing sandbag flng off the slide. the ride's opening delayed at least ree times while the pk reworked iadding seat belts sangty. ty had tests that failed an it down and rebuild a portion of the rid quite possibly this incident i not going be a result of a chanical issue, more possibly f human error. >> reporter: alex perez, abc news, kansas city. wre going to the race for tse. donald trump shifting his focus to the economy today after more than a week mired in personal feuds, as well as slumping pol numbers. >> as hillary clinton gains ound, trump is looking to mend nch the republican
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we get the latest now from abc's ma.ggie maggie, good morni. ndis and diane.mornin donald tmp is trying to reverse his downward spira by taking his campaign on the offensive, attack iing hillary clinton,his fellow republinscand laying out s plans for our economy. donald trump refocuses today with a poly spcheet the detroit econom club that he says will help americans. he's also endorsing speaker paul ryan and john mccainor re-election, something he refused to do last week so hold-outs withinhe gop are coming around. mmissioner and son of jeb bush it's time to put the party first. as the gop scrambles to unit hillary cltocontinues to make gains. anbcews/"washington post poll shows t former first lady exteing her lead by eight points. adding to his trole, commade about adir putin. formercting cia directo
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right, he simply hrd putin complint him. he then responde complimenting him. he never thought that he might be be pling. >> rr:eporteet trustwortness remains a lem for both noesmine. clinton's running mate says r administration would be more transparent. >> the bottom line is this, she made a mistake and she said over and over again, i made a mistake i'moing to fix it, a >> reporte clinton, meantime, says she not takinr d. in an e-mail to supporrsshe saysrump could still win if he ters.s enough to convince and like trump she giving a speech in detroit on the economy is ty. kendis and diane. >> all right, that's mage or ru us in washington, maggie, thank you. >>les movenow to some breaking news in southern
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their thble habued 1,500cres in a matter of eight hours. hundreds of fireghters on the scene with zero containment burning about m eilesast near of silver wood lake. residents along florida's gulf coast are bcing for flooding avrahein is forecast from pensacola to tampa ofcials are handing out sandbags. some could see 1 to 3 ch each day this week and all that could even come within an hour or two makinasg flflooding even more likely. stm,he systems anyway will the way up to teese valley and the carolinas. likely throut the regibufuweather can be expected more tthe north. let's t noto t olympics and american swimmer michael g to his already crowded mel >>f he c fom for it. phelps now has 19 olympic gold medals.
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thisnow phelps' 23rd overall dal. >> he's gog need room. united states rs gold in rio came from a member ofheomen's team 19-year-old katie ledeckbroke her n rlrerd as she took the 40eeyl ledecky knock nearly two secondofher maxt iher sight night'200-meter freestyle taking place then. and there was a stunner in the te competiti, venus and rena williams are out first ersistersdir the doubleon and felln straight set to a duo from thezech repubc. this loss esndhe william sist 15-match olympic winning streak. well, the red, white and ue h lot of gold going look at the col unt, the united states ads with 12, china inecond with eight, italy and japan tied with n, and as f as als are concerned the u.s. and cna and australia all tied with ree apiece. stea arming
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> d the growing rder mysty a woman who was killed whi out jogging, the emotional new plea frerom h mother. >>plus, crs country flight rced to la after a passeer tried topen the cabin door. he what investigators are
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> hundreds of protesters gathered in chicago two days related to theolshooting of teenager. the videos show poliotg ce s at the stolen jaguar tt -y18r-oldaul o'neal was driving. en'neal veerininto a police cruer crashing headn but there's no video of the
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investigating. veatiging. suay's prostteeful. the governme h a war morning aut dangers ofrowsy drivin new report concludes drivingwhio ousands of dtheachear and racking up more than $100 expedrsang hasn't reached t attention of dr unken o dacteriving partly b dauseiagnosing the problem is me ict. walmart ce a major asition r $3 billion. ceo of jet.c to lead walmart's online divisn ior at least two years. walmart is hing to become more competitive with amazon, which o les last year. thaverage price foa -sve reg this morning is $2 not bad. that, by t way, 13 cents less than a monthgo and almost a half dollar sshais tim e ye ago.
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highest, sou cara,in thewe. lo>r at the mies this weekend. the latest s movie set record for an aupening critics, and there w a big drop-o after the fst day. uide squad" took in $135 ason bourne"as dtant second wit23 million. mupening weend, and "bad moms" ha14 mill. when we me bac ra pkiu ght ll it, tt ended th a rare ur -- >> can we get a clnup in ale two? whaen >> check o this waterfalln a mall. we'll tell y w for wer backin sufferers, relief oftenhere..... here... a new option.ay, ther's
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to the mall ttry
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bru thel slaying of a new city ka vetrano who wr a n st wk d nereturned home. r fatha rered reghr.he first timer parents.from her grief-ske for thr work andray cleamess r hter's kille >> the wlentirwo piece of filthha >> police sathey don't bieve vetrano knew her killer. hundreds gathered fo funera, and there's w a $10,000 rewardor any information leadg ton arrest. overseas forme olyian afcan jailfter b treeinged the hospital for wrist injuries th former tra star told ficials he was inj wn he fell out of
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pistius is serving sea sentence fa nk udent whoas playingokemon the c attron. a popular tstouri 20-year-olds calvin ril game ne frcisco's po are now collecting otage from the surveil area. authories say the suspect didt y attempt to rob him. they say they have no motive for airlines cliharged with t assault afte rage incident. the eaold ger was taken down by a fellow passenger after witnesses say he attacked a flight tried topen thcan door. police say the man appeared to be impaired. the flighteading from tampa to angeles was forc to make an emergency landing in phnix. a parking fail turned out to be a pretty expensive mistas ta. the driver of that mercedes-be ro aadttemed to parallel
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458. that ferris for about $300,000. yocaat crash drew ite a bit of attenon the driver of the ferrarwa ovhearyi'sthhe dumbest thing i've er seen >> the driver was probay hyrventilating after seeing th. >> i n ferri oer was laughing when the pasteveraleeks, alex rodriguez, w hell,e bowed to the inevitable yesterday.nkeesluggee >> he will stillpa be and another 27 f mext year. oh, man. >> b hutaves the game ur short of 700 home ns.>>his is a. i lovehigame, ani love
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be a sal adviser to the yanks, and theyear-old rodriguez is free ign to s with another team for the rest the season, although that's unkely. >> pceadviser there for the yas. > >>and another 40 something player did reach a milestone yesterday. >> ourends at espn have th details. >> good morning, america. i'm john. that's kevin. we're here to talk abo sports. specifically baseball ana guy who had 3,000 hits, t k a while to get there. >> just sone onday but, righvet, 3r thcourse -- actually more than that because helayed in japan to star things out, buwe get to here and now fromuny. 's andhat's oer the w and that is a triple as jo said that is the 3,000th hit in his mar league ceefirst player born in reach that milestone. he had 1,278 hits in nine years in japan before coming to major league baseba. congrations. the hall of fa
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nceledunplayable field conditions. th r the probl, bad paint job, logo at midfield zone had a similro.blem players d exesse some safety concerns and spite the be effort of the ground crew, they were scrubbing and wa shovelincoy field ready, and so they said, mas for the footbl. >> big weekend in canton, no ga. >> big punch to the gut. i mean, ame t >> i'm wityou. grand very impornt game llut mas ood the ople of america like the foba. >>hudahen th preseason gi r nderson, i'm conn >> all right, fella, thyooric w weg dance utine that rierne br
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ask ur doctor t't for you. okay, stting this monday mog "psernin," it's exciting enough to win yo now try if that med is gold. >> pretty eat moment and first olpic champion and she uerstands exactly how it feels because she whe 52-kilogram judoinal last nikosovo's not only first olympics win there and thise icountry's actually first olympics since declaring independence from serbia eight years ago. >> very cool and she cheered up there. and when yostart your day second, elevator, i suppose
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>> so that rhthe you see, that's juan martin del potro, he's a tennis star trapped in saw, membe of the country's ou handba tm,hehe had to play his olympic matgach ainst the world number one, novak okovic, but must have been luck yi. del potro won the upset there, he's moving on to round two. >> the secret, get stuck ian elevator before the game. leroy ack ofewer leroy passedway last week at the age of 55. and as you might expect, the local paper ran an obituary for him except they then ran another obituary for him, one right over thother. now, the nicknames are different there. the photos are the same. sten to what else. >> one says that he's survived e other says hs survived by of had his girlfriend.
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>> so apparently the wte-ups were submitted to the per by the wife and the girlfriend. >> leroy is in, just the game. all rit, so something old, something new, something borrowed and apparently something she never saw coming. >> aro in texas surprised his bri with an epic weing dance. they broke out their best moves in a four-song mh-up capping off the five-minute rfpemance with "marry you" by bruno mars. g? a pocket full of cae sh w can blow ? and she sais.gir? >> no pay is complete without a good can-can. >>, hunter says that he wanted to do somethingunny and special for his bride. >> mission accomplished. she thought it was hilarious couldn't stop laughing. the video now has more than 20 million views.
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top stories on thimond, the wod's tallest water slide is closed while investigators look into how a 10-year-old boy was killed on the ride. ni o the re to be ncerns forced dewo years ago. if you're flying on delta today, you might want to check for days. the airline is hincomputer issues tweeting overnight its systems are down. pictures on socialedia long lines of people waitingt e eck-in counters. gulf coast are bracing for hvy rain andg. somere could see 15 inches of rain this a front remains over t region through thursday a lookingt today's weatr, the entire soh will see hvy rain while it will be aifea day in the northe there will be some scattered rain across the rest of the country. and finally from us this rning, a new weapon fo identity thies preying on thousands of unspectin victim s. >>he tfound a new way spe your personal infoation and gety
4:28 am
abc's laur lyster explains >> reporter: a growing threat right in the lmf your hand. identy thieves hijacki yne >> my frthw their phonesen wer't working. >a markle cald thr a fake i.d fled store clerd and took ovethcotsr ac buying tee brand-n iphones e. over 2,600 cases in nuis year on uddo tthre f growing? >> y don't realledo pra eaal in order to iokeour credit her change a ser card, the yond helose t
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l e audulent charge or n e thieac number. canre, ah. orepr:o protecyose expe pne caier anup a special pass code .i.n. numb inas an tra of curi for your lyste angeles. >> that's tough becse passwordhoneocusedn eping a t this o ive hackinyour.ccou>> o, they're becoming even re bold. mas you that much more vulnerable because in some cases you don't know it's happening and take out other accounts an ly find out when you get the bill. that's what's making news in america. do check us out at
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tracking breaki news. re having a systems outage and al >> and it's ev more hectic than usual. >>eporter: the iing group of passengers with de check-in counters here at dia. all ttdelays they are experiencing are caused by a computer outage announced by the airline thismorning. it's affected flights worldwide scheduled for this moin we know that flights that are awaiting to leave, they are currently delayed and flights that are already en route are operating normally. check the status of your flight


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