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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 8, 2016 7:00am-8:31am MDT

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> odningericeaking nas we co or grounds delta air line flights fr tvelersed t for urs. what i dthese systems worldwide. ater park. a 10-year-old kied goingn the tallest waterslide in the world. the rk evacuated and speaking out about thencident as investigators tryo determine what wenon donald trump tries to get backn track. the abc ws poll shows real trouble for him as he launches a new attack on hillary clinton. >> hones iy, don't think she's all there. >> will his big eech revealing his plan for theurmy around the race today? and pure gol americsma meerizing in rio, katie ledecky breaking h own world reco as michael phelps
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>> and team usa dominating on >> the bi've seehen do it. >> now, simone leading the charge for glory >> hi, i'm simone biles, good morning, ame >> can she become the first woman ever to win five gold ve in rio fol e ics? acon. and good morning, america. . amwihe latest from the ld da. olympics including the moment is immer maki qui a statement about the russian doping scandal. >> yeah, a lot to get into. t first that breaking news, delta flights grounded worldwide overnight. some frustrated travelers sharing these photos of some long lines rig ndelta now saying, there you see it
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abc's david kerley is rn national airport with the late. good morning, david. >> reporter: george, ten of thousands of passeer are . this is just a dc's reagan national airport. delta sayin it's a p problem. the good news it's starting to come back. ing t land.ethe air is boarding passes. we hea from one passengerhat was told overnight from the passenger they were going nowhere.ur operation control ilant a compurs are down af u've been trying to call andd desk or anything, it looks everybody is in the same boat. >> reporter: delta says in a statement mp impacted flightsnd is advisi travelers to check the stus of their flight
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rriers that have been hit by couter shuowns a year ago unid ha 5,000 ights fected. lt nth sout canceled 2,3ligh fthis looksike lot worse, is mornings monday, and noel jets are taking off around the globe. >> yeah, and, david, i think most of us asse ere's some kindf failsafe mechanismn place but this is affecting every flig all over the world. how could that b >> reporter: yeah, delta is not happenith ed weir couter at system buthiation is critical to pilots. ey need to know weather data, p carrying, dispatchs have to know weights.all these things a mp a system goes down, u're not flng. >> ripple effects evywhere. david kerley, thanks vermu. cident at a popular water pa. a 10-year-old boy killed in kaw
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the park closed this morngs investigators try to detne at went g. abc's alex perez is in kansas city wh th od morning to you, alex. >> reporter: good morning, la. it was a beaul day here at the park. packed witfamilies when something went terribly wrong. this morning, authorities investiginatwhat went tragically wrong at is popular kansas city water park. >> the mother was screaming, he's not moving. that's my boy. >> reporte abc news learning10r state representative scott hwab died whilriding what's known as t tallest water slide in the world here at the schlitterbahn war rkab tli overght since the day caleb was born he brought abundant joy to our family. wereomforted knowing he believed in our savior jes and they are forev together we will sem e hianotheday. >> it still brought tears to my
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lost their child that's my chd's age that i'm sure they felt was safe. >> reportehis morning while the city grieves investigators are remaining tight-lipped not releasing any details of what happened sunday the kansas pa. >> our thoughts and prayers are with the family during this difficult time. >> reporter: this is what the ride called verruckt, german for inne, looks like from the top standing at 168 feet high it's taller than the atue of liberty and plummets its thrill seekers a jaw-droppi 17 stors in just seconds. tubers hitting speeds of nearly 70 miles per hour. commercials for the ride even asking the question -- >> are you insane? >> reporter:he slide req a minimum height of 54 inches and two to three riders haveo bt of at least 400 pounds. the rid ago, sliders had to be at least 14 years of age. that has since changed but before it opened many raised qu
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cily after wching these early safety tests showing sandbag dummieflying off the slide. the ride's opening delayed a least three times while the park reworked it, adding seatelts and safety netting. >> quite possibly this incident not going to a result of a mechanical issue, more possibly a result of an human error. >> reporter: and the park will be closed today as a team of instigators works to figure out whatxactly what went wrong here. george. >> thanks, ale we're joined now president and the o of the nation safety council, deborah hersman.or joings. accident.uestion rseby this the company had taken many sps to put in safety msus before the ride opened. but what kind of questions are you asking rightow? what's on top of your mind? >> you know, i think first really is to let that investigation play out. it good that they've closed the park but we really want to understand what happened here and giving officials the time they need to do the investigation thoroughly and
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theadded seat belts. they added safety nettin they had weight emts so, is this more likely human error? >> you know, i think it's too ea happened. very tragic event he. people come to par, water parks, ament parks hoping to have fun but they certainl expect a safe ride and so we nt everyone goes to aark th that they don't try to loosen up the retsinnd dinitely if you're going to a water park makeure you know how to swim. ms with wer parks across the y?untr >> you kno toonews is we they're so rare bu dse injuriesbut they'r infrequent. we know that some of the places that can be really dangerous in summertime are around water so making sure that when you're
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to make sure that you've got a close eye, closeand ou yr children. we see se injuries occur in pools every ar and we see people die because of drowning. but certainly some serious injuries can occur on places humans are involved or whether it's equipnt, you really wt to be careful. we see head, neck and back injuries on slides. >> this ride was called insane. are park operators taking these too far? >> you know, i think, you know, the question really is, is the ride se? an td ifhe ride is safe, wwant to make surehat yoeverne who rides the ride is fe. and so, taking the precautns that we need, if there are changes that need to be made i'm sure that this park will be looking closy at that. but timate there's also some responsibility for local and state thies to take look at it, as ll as the
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>> so lots of questions to be answered but, boy, our hearts go out to that family. >> absolutely. it's so important to think about those things she said. we're going to moven now to the race for the white house and donald ump struggling to get back on track after a tough our new poll sho hillary clinton with an eight-poinlead as trump steps up his attack. abc's tom llas track ainll for us.orning, tom. >> r morning to you. donald trump and hillary clint will be showcasing different econom phis week as trump is using clinton's own words agains this morning, some wonder i trump's campaign is ng unhinged, the republican nom lobbing that same attack on hiary ton. >> shes a totally nged unbalanc l there. >> reporter: trump szing on this stateme clinton made about her truthfulness discussing her eail server.
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ll try to clarify. >> reporter: therumpampaign poing this video on social media portraying clinton as a may havsht-rcuited it. >> reporter: and trump having a >> she tk a short-circuit in e brain anshe's got problems.i an, we had real ppl, this would be a real proem for her. but i think th the people of this country don w that is going to short-circuit here. not as your president. >> reporter: trump's new attacks come on the heels of new that show m in a summep. our abc news/"washington post" poll showing many voters worried about trump. two-thirds say he has the wrong temperament. almost as many say he's unqualified and unustworthy. a point former cia director mike morellade on "this week" in regards to trump's relationship
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putin. >> from mr. ump's perspective, right, he simply heard putin complint him. he then responded by complimenting him. he never thought that he might be being played. >> reporter: trump firing back on twitter calling morell, a man who has made some serious bad calls and a total clinton flunky. and today in detroit trump will unveil his econoc plan. and we hava here are some highghts. trumps want to repeal and replace obamacare d limit taxation of business, all businesses to 15% and stop all payments using tax dollars to the u.n. gbal wainprograms and also exclude child care expenses from taxation. now, the clinton campaign is already calling this trumponomics saying if he wins, you lose. >> thanks very much. let's bring this to matt dowd.
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of a hole right now, but what he's trying today, an economic speech, biggest issue focused on jobs and trying to consolidate republicans with a lot of ideas that have been rublican orthodoxy for a long time. >> yeah, i mean, i think he's much better arguing on the ground of the economic situation in the country today instead of this argument around the if i were donald trump i would not get in an argument about in the course of this race. it's not a g very good for him in this. 's muc equivalent of m ry58 sterday which was an amazing al record, in order to break is pattern, he's going to have to hit it out of the park. >> out of the park and one o do it. e question is, can he stay on message for a consistent series of days and weeks? at the same time, you're sayin you know, as we look at our poll, there isn eight-point lead for hillary clinton in our ab"washington post" poll in bothheour-way race and you're paying attention to the
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green party candidate and gary johnson, the libertarian candidate can actually have an impact. >> yeah, i think, unlike years past, you know, where the ird or fourth party dwindle as they get closer to ection day i actually think they're going to rise as we get closer election day. i think because of the dissatisfaction as we see in the abc poll with both major party candidates and the fact they're both unliked andhereoth distrusted means there's an their support. the questi, george, is can they g enough support to g in that debate, that first debate in september? i think it's unlikely but that' to beat which is 15%. >> it worked for ross perot back in 1996. -- 1992. finally, hillary clinton stepped in it again over the weekend with those new comments out the mail server. how does she hold on, consolidate this lead she now has? >> don't go on the air. i think the best thing that she has ne in the course of this is let donald trump occupy the
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consistently made mistakes and as she'speared her poll numbers rise and that is actually pretty consistent over the lastht eig years. as she goes off the media platform her numbers rise so if i were her cede it to donald trump and let him do what he doing. >> go to the states. local media strategy, matt dowd, thanks very much. >> never a dull moment. me thing in rio wher america's olympians are hitting their stride taking home two gold medals in sctacular fashion and showing no signs of sling down. amy e in rio with all e latest. good morning, amy. >> hey, good morning, lara. and george, team usa going for go a, guess what, breaki pool a on the balance beam and st gettingta.'re >>henistl win go! >> reporter:he u.s. men's swim am strucgold sunni miael phelps, the most decorated olympian of all time,
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with this win phel h n earned his 19th gold medal and 23rd orall medal in e olympic mes. phelps' teammate ryan held overcome with emotion on podium. the olympic veteran no stranger aroundhe gold medal newbie and also shining b american katie ledecky winni goe 400-meter freestyle crushing her competition. in the pool. >> katie ledecky smashes her own world record. >> reporter: favored to win broke breaking the world record anating her closest competitor by five seconds. only 15 when she won gold at the london games and is now being called the female phelps. other american stars alsmaking waves inude four-time gold medalist dana vollmer, the self-proaimed mother on a
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year and took bronze in th 100-meter butterfly. coing home bronze ithe 100-meter breaststroke. and the women's gymnastics team decked out in sts and stripes qualification round.vents at the on the bars, the vault, the beam and the floor. ending the night in first place and simone biles making her much anticipated olympics debut led the charge. stding at just 4'8", the with the biggest scores. even showcasing her signature ve, the biles. and on the tennis courts, serena and venus willia lost their first round match in the doubles competition. >> a shocker in rio. >> reporter: but serena won earlier in the day beating her australian opponenin straight sets. now the four-time gold medalist playing later again today on
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>> all right, and a big mome in the pool, take a look at russian swimmer yulia efimova. with a number one finger wave. take a lk at u.s. swimmelily king's reaction as she beat her time and king basically calling out efimova for being caught occupy in the russian drug cheating scandal. a lot wonder why she's been allowed to compete. but guess what, it is on and the guys. >> oh, i cant stop watching, amy. u are so lucky to be there. great job. want to get to jesse palmer now with a look at wherehings stand in the olympic medal count. give it to us. >> i can't stop watching either. e rio olympics and today some t real opportunity force the u.s. to bring home even more medals including, of course, gold. right now america's in the lead with 1me, cluding three goal, five silver, rounding out
7:18 am
with seven apiece. but big day today, all eyes on michael phelps as he competes in his first individual competition. we saw him, of coue, add to hirecord medalally last night with a win in the team relay but you're also going to wanteye out u.s. men's gymnastics team, the final today looking to do what they could noto in 2012 in london and that is bring home a lara, george. >>. >> we'ngo watch fo at
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we have the latest on that murder mystery here in new york. that jogger killed on a run. her parents are now speaking out. they've got a message for the killer stilln the loose this morng. >> > new trouble for oscar pistorius in prison, the form he olpian rushed to the hostal for injuries to his wrists. did heurt himsel what his brother is saying about what his brother is saying about it this morn it really helped! but it came with some baggage: opioid-induced constipation oic. sooo awkward... fomovantik?k! vatik! opioids block pain signals. t n also block activy in the boweusing constipation. movantik is specifically degnsioric. do notake movantik if you have a bowel bloage or a history of them. serious side effects may include a tear in your stomach or teinine. and can also include symptoms of opid withdrawal. commone sideffects include stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea, gas, vomiting,
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lta rlines is working to get back to normal after a computer power outage grounded flights around the world this morning. the ground stop has been lifted but limited depaures are resuming. passengers still should expect long delays and cancellation are not showing accurate information, so if it sayson time, doesn't mean it is. be sure you double-check. theris waiver for those affecte> this mony we are expecting warmer and drier conditions ross the state. this morning we to activity acro the western slope and places e high country. cloudy along the plains but we ha a risk for severe weather
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thundetorms, strongest of which re possible easof the i-25 corridor th afternoon. expect sun ands ouds throughout the morning, temperatures creeping into the
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. unfortunately this is the eastbound 270. platte river causing extra the heavy traffic therall e way across commerce city. i-70 and 25 are a better option. lostop ando traffic, at least a half ur to the denver tech center from downtown
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welcome bk to "gma." that's a look at reagan national airport. massive lines after a worldwide delta computer outage overnight. there are some reports the system may be coming back online. we'll stay on this all morning long. a major city recovering from a deadly blast at a hospital overseas. at least 5y a suicide bomb i pakist responsibility. also this morning donald trump hoping to turn t tides around. launching new attacks on hillary clinton as he faces tough poll numbers. >> major economic speech coming up from trump today. amy, live in rio this morning. she is leading our olympic coverage and the women's gymnastics team, amy, what a story. >> oh, so incredible. the ladiesle out the competition in team qualifying
7:29 am
the incomparable simone biles leading that charge in the search for a second straight u.s. team gold coming up we'll talk to former ompian and member of the gold winning 1996 team dinique dawes. so much more from rio but we'll send it back to you, lara. looking forward to that. we want to start with the latest on that murder mystery here in new york. the family of 30-yr-old jogger killed while running last week now speaking out. her mother blasting the kille who is still on the loose. abc's linsey das from queens with more on the investigation. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, lara. just one day after laying their 30-year-old daughterarina to re both parents spoke publiy but the mother had some especially blistering words to stress her point she started off by taking o her sunglasses and telling everyone to look in her eyes as she could address the man directlyhat she called a coward.
7:30 am
forever. >> reporter: a mother's unbridled pain and anguish on fulldilay. >> soon we're going to have a face to the piece of garbage that you are. >> reporter: on sunday afternoon kathy vetrano shared this -- >> the whole entire world knows what a pathetic, piece of filth you are. >> reporter: these words are the first we've heard from veano's family since the 30-year-old was found dead less than a week ago. her body discovered just 15 feet away from a trail that she and her father ranea ny every day but back pain forced him tstay at home the afternoon she was killed. the retired firefighter now has a message of his own for the attacker. >> justice will be served. >>eporter: on friday detectives discovered a sneaker
7:31 am
scene and sent them in for fingerprints odna evidence, ing meanwhile, vetrano's devastated parents laid their daughter to rest saturday. funeral.eds gathered for the es even actor donnie wahlberg took a moment to remember herriting on twitter've met thousands of amazing new yorkers while filming "blue bloods." none were as kind as karina vean so many peop saturday's funeral service so ey had to set u speakers outside where people were standing. anyone with information will now get a $10,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. >> linsey, thank you very much. joining usen sior legal analyst sunny hostin. sunny, obvusly family so angry. investigation. hurt t >> there is no question it helps thenvestigation because this energizes t onl t
7:32 am
community. this is a plea f justice. this is a plea for hp so we may get more tips bng called in. i think everyone that saw that reallyed tat that fily and thought i want justior karina too and that's why people dohe conferences. theyant pir gef puicly. sort of a call t action. have your hea -- ime justk for the family now what'snext? instigation? >>well, ty don't have many some adence and tre testing that now. rember, this was a particularly uesome, gruesome crime. we're talking aboutomeone tha off of a jogging path, possibly sexually assaulted. r tee were broken scrapes leg. grue s sensecaus ofha p confere perhaps wll be getting in many more tips. i think perhaps if there's a dna
7:33 am
crime like this, this is not the first time. so let's hope this is someone that may be in a dna database. >> her mother and father said karina was such a fighter and she fought so there be a lead right there. >> there might be. i also want to mention this, looking forward to a possible trial, this kind of press confence helpsec bause every potential juror, you would imagine, now knows about this case, has seen this press conference and will want justice for a lg process for this family but hopefully justice for karina. >> absolutely. hopefully jusce for rina, sunny, thank you so much. >> o. thank you. w move ono new trouble for oscar pistorius. the former paralympic champ shed to the hospital after injuring his wrists in prison where he is serving sometime for his girlfriend's murder and lama hasan has the latest. good morning, lama. >> reporter: good morning to you, well, oscar pistorius i back in his jail cell recovering
7:34 am
minor wounds to his wrists. so what happened to pistorius? according to him it was an accident. he fell in his jail cell and injured himself threw there are some who believe he may have been trying to take his own life. one of the most famousormer olympians in the world, oscar pistorius is fighting back denying claims he was trying to coit suicide. saying he had fallen after losing his balance on his stumps and slipping in his jail cel bu running a differe story suggesting it was a suicide attempt that he was bleeding heavily claiming there we razor blades found in his cell afr the incident. with reports of an inmate describing hisounds as, quote, definitely self-inflicted. his brother karl categorically denying these tweeting i know that there are reports saying that he tried to injure himself, sensational.pletely untrue and all other crazy and unreliable
7:35 am
helipped in his cellnd injured himself, nothing serious. and the hosl h treated at releasing this short stemt, "e kgosi in. amp ampuruii correctional centre treated him but further sent him to kalafo hpital for treatment.hiarervingix years for murdering his girlfriend reevateka. battling this ve appeal again arguing thecewa quk nien wheoscar's brother hammering home it was jusn accident and nothing more urging people not to believe those media reports sang he himself nt te hibrr in his cell sunda sang he wa dng w a i good spirits. george. >> okay, lama, thanks very much. now oveo lara. >> thank you,george. coming up on the big board, camera controversy over a fatal poce shooting in chicago.
7:36 am
officer's body camera. and a-rod says goodye. the yankee slugger announcing hisretirement. quit. estion is was he forced to renee zellwegerrein speculation about her appearance. we'll talk about it all coming up on our big board in two minutes. ? starcks? small-batch cold brecoffee. in stores now. strike! sfx: "boop" ? complete pair of eyeglasses, 1 year replacementarranty, $38
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welcome back. r team of insiders standing by for live on this morning's top sties. sunny hostin our senior legal analyst is back this controversial police shooting, they leased nine videos of the shooting. but one crucial video is missing, tha was on theicer who was on the scene. apparently it was not turned on. that's what the police are sang right now but that has led to some to charge a cover-up. >> that's right and everybody is talking abo a cover-up because nine videos released. some from dh cam but the most important would have been the body camerarom the bodyam c
7:39 am
shot paul o'neal in the back and so this was supposed to be sort an air of tranarency for the chicago police department plagued by charges of racism and now you have this pilot program with by camerasha should have been very helpful but now helpful because a lot of the behavior, quite frankly, that was caught is very shocking you see officers cursing at a fatally wounded enager. after the shooting and you also see officers, quite frankly, pointing to theody camer telling the other officers to turn them off. this has led not to the transparency into theood ingsn t community but, in fact to more distrust between the trust and the africa righ quite the opposite so basedn jt said what those tape have shown, could the shting berg. >> i tnk it's ver possible
7:40 am
aran i think it'slsompntnd the supreme court has held that fleeing felon in the back. so lookingt a that, it possib that we could criminal charges smming from this case. >> yeah, we'll follow this. sunny, thank you very much >> youbet. > mov on to a league ment tough for ale rodriguez. conferen, tearfully announcing he will play his last game on friday. take a look. >> i love this game. and i love this team. andoday i'm saying good-bye to both. i never thought i could play for 22 years. at 18 i just wanted to make the
7:41 am
>> so a lot of questions given that he's upset. was this his decision? have t.j. holmes with us. good morning, make of so abrupt midseason retirement? >> well, it's what we've come to expect fm alex rodriguez, right. simple and it's not this time at all either. no we can cl this a remerent. but or you can he was going t released. that mht be the t there. turns out the yankees another direction and get dook future.want to get better when you hav a 41-yr-old on your books making 20 plus million a year who's batti batting .200 he is not in the plan so they were probably going is season anyway. the end of but that wouldn' have been very ceremo aou just would he parted ways but thisay they brought an offer to him and said, we'll let you do this and keep your salary, and eve the salary you're owed nexteason and you can s on as an adviser so he'sssentially
7:42 am
away. but everybo gets to save face here a little bi he had a tough relationship with the yankees over the past few years and repaired thato a great degree bhiuts way on friday it'll be his last game and riding t bench for the past month or so if you haven't been payingse attention so he said that was embarrassing for him. >> everything about alex is complicated. look at the stat you've g three mvps, 14 all-star team, fourth on the all-time hom r list, but, of cour tse,he scandal season-long suspension for the steroid use. of the most pile gh it. lahrizingthletes but also one of the greatest inbaseball, probably, as well. it'll take some people forget some of the bad it'll takeim and depends what he does once he walks away from the game to see how people remember him. >> let's move on. renee zellwege slamming tabloids firing back at speculation she hadic surgery. she wrote it's not anyone's
7:43 am
decision to alter my face, have surgery on my eyes. let's talk t her friend larry t former "people" magazine editor in chief. this has bn swirling around for some time she a new movie coming out in september. anothe bridget jones movie and herself. kicked up by renee >> tse pictures emerge of her new a cameut in fall of 2014 and had nothing to say at that time. i think the idea behind th you hit on it is the ov and over at press junkets and own red carpets d you have plastic surgery is something neither she or the studio does. she answered it once. whenever they have a question she can say i answered thisne in my essay in "the huffiton post" and tt will be the end ofit. a preemive strike to stop a barrage of questions. the end of it.them that will be is tet end of it. >> people will decide.
7:44 am
she had plastic surgy. the photographs speak for themselves "tew york times" a story. she mentis it in her essay and left the world of tabloids bledntomainstream mediand that would have been fair for people to say -- to ocour athe qution. this is a way to nip it inhe t bud. >> nice choice of words with the "nip." there are other celebrities who are taking sort of a different approach. i want to point out orlando bloom, justin bieber both caught with their pants down, if you will. shot on vacation and don't seem is this a movement sort of i'm going to live my life and if i get caught, i get caught. >> if, you know,eing on a paddleboard naked is your thing i guesshat's how you live your life so, you know, i guess you coul come to expect it. you know, i don't know where the bieber photos looks like it was seone he was with so, you know, it's up to them, i suppose. >> d they get caught? >> the picture of orlando, he's
7:45 am
>> he is -- well said. that's almost as g as the word "nip." paddling away there. >> thank you. thank you, t.j., thank you, sunny. grt to see you all. anguish at the olympics.nutes. it not just the athletes feeling the pressure it's their families. what made this olympic husband react like this. lfer. my patsoriic arthritis caused joint pain. just like my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and i s rried about joint damage. ainfr ra. can be a sign of existing t joindamage... that could only get rse. he prescribed enbrel to help enbrel may lower your ability to fight inctions. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosr cancers, nervous system and blood diers, and allergic reactions have system tell your doctor if you've been someplace where fungal infections are common
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heart failure,r ha persistent... fever, bruisin beding, or paleness. don't start enbrel if you have ion like the flu. joint pain and damage... can go side by side. ask how enbrel can help reevlijn and help stojoint damage. enbrel, the mber one rheumatologi-pribed biologic. hey nice game today. thanks. juicy fruit? sure i'll try a piec.... juicy fruit. so sweet you can't help but che good is in every blue diamond almond. good is a catalyst,
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get ur good going. proud spsor of the. us swim team don't let dust and allergens get beautiful moments.fe's flonase gives you more complete allergy relief. most allergy pills ctrol one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is gater than one. flonase changes everything. ? back now with something else everyone is watching at th so many famies on the edg of their seats cheering on their loved ones andhear passionate about it. back to amy in rio. amy. >> know, so much fun t watch. this has to be actually one of th most unforgettable moments in rio. you have to check out t sband hungarian swimmer katinka hoss, absolutely going crazy in the stands there he is ashe rac for gold and apparently he does this every time she competes but you know
7:48 am
katinka won shattering the wld record and you can see his reacon there and the cple posting this picture on instagram flashing her new bling. congratulationso her. but guess what, he's not the only passionate family memr in the an. you may remember aly raisman's parents watching her. well ty are back at it again. last night they were cringing and shifting with every move as their dghter hit the uneven bars but can you imagine as a parent watching your lovedone, watchingour kids like, they n barely l proud ando exced and congratulations to everyone who did so well last night. we evennow phelps' mom very animated in the stands too. i love those lee jackson shots. they're so great to watch. >> absolutely, absolutely. it is -- it's hard to watch your at the olympics. >> twis. ting >> amy, thank you. we'll checkn with you again soon. but first when we come back lindsay lohan is in a stunning new interview accusing her fiance of abuse. the pictures caught on camach
7:49 am
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7:52 am
welcome back to "gma." a hot one across dallas, texas,
7:53 am
7:54 am
girl is fighting for her life after falling 75 feet om helen hunt falls whilshe was hikingith her family in colorado springs. firefighters h to rescue her and she is in serious condition. sky vers getting more than they bargained for after a part of their plane caught fire, forcing the pilot to with one engine on the nway. officials from out of the blue sky diving say possibly a bird used the plane tocatch fire. it was just under 3,000 feet in elevation, 9,000 feet below the normal diving range, but all divers made a safe dive out of the plane. . 7:56. monsoon moisture is starting to
7:55 am
right now in downtown denver, 69 degrees, same at the with winds out of the west northhest at 10 miles an hour. satellite and radar, we are still seeing unsettled weather moving in through the southwest, picking up moisture acrossthe high country, western slope and even off the north eastern plains, a loof cloud cover. but the front range is staying mostly dry and partly sunny right now. we have the risk for seeing thunderstorms really across the stat evening. east of i-25 will have the strongest storms possible. and it is going to be hotter than what we have seen recently, onrange per 80s to low 90s. to school, august 8th, already seeing those kids heading back. aurora, grades 6 through 12 going backas well.
7:56 am
denver. we'll have a mix of sun and clouds throughout the morng hours, overnight lows staying in the 60s. mondaytuesday and wednesday, we're in the ? ? ? isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience.
7:57 am
easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah.
7:58 am
good morni, ngerica. it's 8:00 a.m. summer tragedy at a war rk. a 10-year-old killed on the e is noclosr sle in the we have new details on the investigation. and lindsay lohan's painful secret. the st breaking her silence saying her fnce was abusive. e tsghama her message abt gettif dangerous relationships and and we' live in rio. our high-flying gymnasts making thr 2016 debut. team usa blowing away the competition. the charg >> we ow we have big responsibilities ahead of us and wee just super excited. >> three-time olpianin domique dawes here to break down the competition. t the "g" gamebegin. a huge performance right he in times uantre cry stars dan +
7:59 am
>> both: good morning, america ? big or go home ? good morerica. great monday here in tes squa signs.t all those usa olympics.excitement over the great toave paula and jesse here withs thisorndng a loto talk about in rio. t havebeil . geor over the american chicago, s,hi city. but amy is tre in rio. amy. >>eslume what, team usa bing records, taking home gold and they are just gting started. team usa has already bught in 12 medals so far, 8 in swimming alone. michael phelps doing it again as
8:00 am
serena williams on the court eliminated after their first round. but now all eyes on team usa's gymnasts flying high aiming for time in a row.for the second olympic medalist dominique dawes joining us to break it dn and that wait to see those gymnasts. >> cant wait for that we also have dave zinczenko here to help you lose weight with your favorite smoothies, everything under 300 guys. >> that's great. >> gat advice and the morning rundown from paula. >> something affecting a lot of people, the breaking news at airports around the world. delta air lines had to ground its flights thisning because of a computer system failure that the airline says began in atlanta and was caused by a power outage. the computer systems are now coming back online, but cancellations arexpected throughout the day. delta is now waiving fees for passengs who want to reschedule flights through friday. and the other big story this morning, the tragic death of a young boy at water park in
8:01 am
state lawmaker died while riding the world's tallest water slide, which is nearly 170 feet high, and alex perez has mo on the safety questions raised in the past. alex. >> reporter: good morning, paula. you can see just how steep that slide is behind me here. the park was packed with falies when something nt tragically wrong. the son of kansas state representative scott schwab, 10-year-old caleb, died while di the verruckt ride billed the world's largest water slide. now, the slide is the statue of liberty and plummets 17 stories in seconds and the ride opened two years ago, but that opening was delayed because of questions about its safety. early tests showed sandbag mmies flying off the slide. as a result, officials added e park will be closed today as authorities work to figure out what exactly went wrong here. paula. >> such a tragedy. alex, thank you. and police in san francisco are trying to identify the gunman who murdered a colleg
8:02 am
20-year-old calvin riley was shot near fisherman's wharf. police say there's no apparent motive. family and frien say it was a random attack. investigators areoping that video from nearby surveillance cameras will provide some clues in the search for a suspect. and in politics donald trump is outlining his plan for the economy during a speech in detroit today.he is proposing the biggest tax cut since the reagan he also wants to make all child care expenses tax deductible. hillary clinton, meantime, new ll shows her with a nd our 23-point lead over trump among women. and at the olympics, amy just mentioned it, 14 more gold medals will be handed out in rio today. michael phelps winning his 19th gold of his historic career as and he said he thought his heart was going to explode because he 19-year-old katie ledecky, she grabbed america's first swimming
8:03 am
freestyl so, everybody, let's take a lo at the medal count, the u.s. leads with 12 including 3 gold, china is in second place with 8 medals. there was a stunnein women's tennis, can't believe this one, venus and serena -- i know. >> -- upset by the czech team in the first round doubles match and the tennis player from argentina who got stuck inside an elevator in rio for 40 that is juan martin del potro, the world, novak djokovic. o. a little trivia, what song is this invoking by aerosmh, he was trapped in an elevator, tennis, love in an elevator, guys. ? crazy crazy for you baby ? no? >> no, not that one.
8:04 am
>> i like our medal count. >>ob probably would have gotten it if we would have let m come out from the weather wall. >> my head is wrapped up in "florence foster jenkins." >> the only song that came to my mind, the hamster wheel spinning slowly. >> "pop news" time. >> yeah. right out of the gate, unfortunately. >> a little "pop"? >> and i'm nervous to do this sitting beside -- you're the queen of "pop news." >> i'm not the queen of "pop news." it's just kind of "pop." it's ns. >> all right, all ght, well, i'm going to stop singing. i'm going to start talking and begin with the "suicide squad" oving at when it comes to the box office, the squad is in it to harley quinn it. the viis snatching up an estimated $131 million in north american ticket sales over the weekend setting the record for august movie openings. "guardianse galaxy" debuting at 94 million bucks so good start for margot robbie. >> will smith was veryxcited. >> oh, yeah. action-packed cast. all-star cast. >> yes.
8:05 am
>> jesse, you're doing a good job so far. likehat yeah, we put that in. moving along, i got another superhero story for you, brie larson being marvel-ourechinhen starring in "captain marvel" and you seehe readine classic comic book twti ch and developnt." d thtot e.
8:06 am
th anksgiving. long. ave to for too >> gaston my favorite disney characr all time. >>ant to try? as you e ve got bicepto h, wow.ow., one "pop news." monday morning >> wow. >>nd we got to wrap bo it, soinallyf ve is forever, then watch this groom surprise reading dance lifetime of hilarious memories. along with his six ris his new
8:07 am
and, githoime. ? >> one, two, three four. ? the boys getting loosehere even dab on the dance this mash-up actually was viewed 21 milli times so far and not a single dry eye in the house. oh, yeah, a little bit of that. that's right and just setting a >> and the rockettes too. >> yes, absotely. >> that's so great. they will never forget that and l never forget you. >> yeah, you better rget that that was not good so here'shat's coming up on the "g moru. me to walk and talk. lindy lohan is speaking out about her relaip a fight with hernc fiae was caught on camera. smoothies.also got zero belly dave zinczenko is here. than you, brothe with recipes to help you slim down. i could least three o these.
8:08 am
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8:12 am
? welcome back. here's lindsay lohan with her billionaire fiance now breaking her silence in a new interview opening up abouthe relationshipolwing a physical altercation during her 30th birthday weekend. abc's paula faris has all the details.
8:13 am
>> hey there, lara, and, you know, in this latest incident lohan's fiance chases her, grabs her roughly from behind then twists her arm behind her back. this after recently accusing him of trying to strangle and kill her. this morning, the headline making photos raising big concerns about lindsayoh and her russian fiance egor tarabasov. the photos capturing them in a fight on a beach in greece. the "mean girls" star who turned 30 at the beginning ofuly was vacationing in mykonos when tneas caughon camera. >> she accused egor of taking her mobile phone because she couldn'tind her mobile phone had her handbagth en she tried to ke a grab at his and ended up throwing his out of the jeep. it landed in either the sand or the sea. and he went for her. >> reporter: reportekati nicholl spe th the former child star in italy. lohan saying saying there have been so many lies printed about me recently. i've kept quiet for so long but now i'm scared of what egor might doo me and myself.
8:14 am
time. that's the problem. but this timsomee w.hey'd been and he attacked her. of course, we'll never know the full story. the only people that know what really happened are the two people in that room that night. >> you can't strangle a woman constaeat the[ bleep ] out of h it's okay. >> reporter: police eventually responded to the incident. no one was arrested. lohan who first shot to fame after starring in "the parent trap" moveto london inart to live a quieter life after stintn rehab and jail. she said. "all i wanted was to get married and settleown and always wanted ur ks and egor and i talked about having a family." >> she says thtat she's become a strong woman and she didn't want to l the people who looked up to h down and she didn't want to let her fans down. >> disturbing photos. during the interview she was reportedly still wearing her engagement ring, lara, contemplating the future of what has at times been a very volatile relationship. >> yeah, volatile, indeed.
8:15 am
when we come back, all eyes are on america gymnastics team and simone biles, of course, going for the gold in rio. we'll have more coming up on "gma." ? the eye of the champion ? ?ooooks like those braids aren't easy to tie. ? nope. ? a "how do i retire at 50" side. ?
8:16 am
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8:19 am
that overpoweringtart for the women's gymnastics team building on that gold medal performance four ago. former medalist dominique dawes here to talk about it but first matt gutman in rio for all the action. good morning, matt. >> reporter: he good morning, george. to say that the u.s. women dominated in qualifying would be an understatement. they came in first, second and third. the teams anchored by a human rocket that we know is simone biles and get this, she hasn't lost a competiti years. >> she is a 4'8" -- >> reporter: this morning the smallest american gymnastas made mer gargantuan landing on rio's world stage. at human sprin known as simone biles leading the american women's gymnastics team in team qualifying sunday dominating china and russia. the team includes two veterans,
8:20 am
2012ondon gam winning gold in the iividual all around going on to land her very own lifetime movie and reality show. and current team captain ally raisman at 22 now back on olympic turf after trading in her floor exercises in london for theballroom floor on "dancing with the stars." rounding out the team, two more newcomers, 16-year-old laurie hernandez and 19-year-old so kocian but every sine ey olympic arena will be on biles. >> today s'she bes gymst t world. >> rorr: t19-yeaold already a three-timeor champion. >> we know w b responsibilitieshead of u a we're just sup excite>> t u.en the team competion. so the biggest question is right now, what do we call them?inhe y were known as the fierce five s
8:21 am
the only thing we know for sure they're vying for gold tomorrow in that sta b me. ou'll workingn that ckname. dominique dawes joins us now veteran of the magazine enough u.s. seven team in 1997. the wom coming off that spectacular performance in 2012. the bar is high. >> it isery high. i don't know if the girls are feeling the pressure because f those who watches the prelims theyre ten point asead of their nearest little bit of pressure but their themselves so teausa i versus themselves. >> seems like they're having fun with it. >> iet simone biles f the first time at ompic ts and otave the- youknow, rymnast me th gate to e bars is up which wh is self and she wasea r
8:22 am
rsit sheom fear factors mental blos evnd then b ibu gott herisromndling the pressure if feels any ater well. >> i imagine it must be so much you were a trail blar for african-american women in mnastics and she is now blazing a new trail, as well. >> definitely bl trail. wa the firsticrican to compete inhe '92 olympics along ymolpic game die abd diane durham was amazing and would have been nk and nk competitiontigs we wh mary lou retton so a gymnast like diane paved the way for me and i pave the way for simone.
8:23 am
give them. >> i always say have fun. they truly do love what they're doing. those five girls out there, though there's only four or three that are competing they look like they're loving what they're doing so always have a paion for whatou're doing and remember, even though you turn pro or start to make money in the sport, don't treat it like a job, don't treat it like a business. you goto make sure you still have the love of the s i truly hope that simone biles continues to have the love of the sport even while she begins to make a significant amount o money after winning the gold and all around gold. >> thanks for coming back in. >> hanks for having me. >> to rob. hey, george, great crowd out here. we are patriotic, excited about the olympics. these guys came from live free or die, how great is your summer going. >> pretty well. >> you want t u.s. to bring in big gold, don't you? >> denily. >> love that ouit. >> beautiful day in new york city. it'soing to be kind of rainy
8:24 am
. good monday morning. we are pking up some showers right now in parts of the state. we'll continue to see temperatures rise in the upper 80s and low 90s, a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day and passing coming up, dave zinczenko is here with some great summer smoothies that are healthy t.
8:25 am
today the larimer county healthdepartment is spraying for mosquitoes. last week the first confirmed human case of west nile in fort coins was located. starting today, you can no longer vape unless you're over 18. across the u.s., new regulations are in placee cigarettes. anyone selling the product is now required to ask for id. before now there were no laws stopping e-cigarettes or hookah tobacco from being sold to minors. we are seeing activity moving in from the southwest across the state. we'll continue to see showers die down throughout the morng hours but we are anticipating thunderstorms across the state, just a slight risk for much of
8:26 am
east of i-25. we are seeing lot of monsoon moisture moving out of the state, drier and warmer air moving in. highs today across the front range,enver 90 degrees and highlands ranch and castle rock, thii is your first alert that kids are back in schl ttday so be aware of that. aurora, grades 6 through 12 are also back in school. 89 our expected high there, 70s in the foothills and upper 80s in the eastern plai. ?onight tomorrow we're back in the 90s
8:27 am
. we are dealing with some issues around town. there's been an accident reported on the rampon i-70 bound, seeing a loof backup across 270 both
8:28 am
pretty much monday morning
8:29 am
>> i'll have a tow waitingor you. >> hugh grant, tnk y for cong. it's a pleasur to meet you a cited. you'll love the film. jenk ands theaters this er friday coming upr st with us. it gets a little crazy.ames wit
8:30 am
8:31 am
8:32 am
>>itre inspsong take it away ? i aml ee? ? oh i am a swift wind ping the cou i am ver down in the lley ?
8:33 am
if anybody asks you who i am just stand up tall look 'em in the face and say ? ? i'mhat arin the sky i'm that mountain peak up high? ? hey i made it i'm the world's greatest ? ? i'm that little bit of hope wh mback's against the worleatest?? aesmm? i am a giant am an oh i am a on ? ? down in the jungle i am the people ?and ? oh i am a helping hand
8:34 am
? if anybody asks you who i am just stand up tall ? ? look 'em in the face and say ? ? yeah i'm that star up in the sky i'm that mountain peak up high ? ? hey i made it i'm the world's greatest ? ? i'm that little bit of hope when my back's against the ropes ? ? i can feel it i'm the world's greatest ? ? in the ring of life i will reign ? ? and the world will notice a king oh yeah ? ? when all is darkest i'll shine a t i nell shi light ? ? and mirrors of success reflec in me oh ? i'm that star up in the sky ? i'm that mountain peak up high hey i made it ?
8:35 am
? i'm that little bit of hope when my back's against the rope ? thastar up in the skyt ? i'at mouain peak up hi? h yes i did ? i'm the world's greatest i'm that little bit of hope ? ? when my back's against the ropes ? h i'm that star in the sky high ?'m that mounta pk up ? yes i am i'm the world'tegr? when mba ainst the f hope ropes ? ? i can feel it
8:39 am
that was so much fun. tell us about this second album bssed. >> a couple months ago i guess it was and we're so proud of thisngan. feels so good to have a new body of work and get on the road and play a few new singles. top five on the country music >> excellent >> that is awesome. so obviously we're all in the you guys, if you were olympians what would you comtepen, dan? >> oh, my goodness. >> that's ridiculous. i would have to say swimming. i el like swimming is always a big deal. >> you have the swimmer hair. >> i wisi h . >> doesn't and how a you, shay? p. i'd justrt ghthe i'd try to go to baskeall. my boy jimmyutler lang.,yeah, i. >> looking at thma eam mpic basketball team right
8:40 am
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