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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  August 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm MDT

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an at-risk aurora teenager is found he walked away from school. live now, marshall, how did he just walk out. >> i'm trying to get answers from the school district on that. the 15-year-old left school before the first bell. when he left sccool, first thing this morning, surveillance cameras captured an image of him leaving and that's what they were working with. he's developmentally disabled and olice told me he walked other school they're thinking he might know where home was. but just in the last 30-45 minute, he's been found and is safe they're trying to get answers from the school district, how
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did he miss a class or being watched? or was this just a window of time when he hadn't reached that first class yet and walked away? >> he's safe, he's okay. we have more breaking news. the missing autistic teenager from westminister has been found safe she was at a hair salon. the great clips manager says the girl walked in and asked for a haircut. when the girl told the manager manager recognized her from the picture on the news and called 9-1-1. >> it makes me happy because i would want someone to do the same thing for me, having a kid something could have happened to her. >> the manager says that alice's dog was not with her. the dog and alice went missing together. more eaking news, brace
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hitting northbound near 136th, that's where we spotted a 3-car accident. look at that truck on the side. we have more on this. >> and we're at i-25 and 144th avenue and traffic is backed up as far as we can see. police have two lanes shut down and one on thesouthbound shut down also due to debris from the accident. it started between two cars. traffic was slowing down at this intersection and one car driving in the center lane rear ended another. that semitruck hit the car and almost went over the cement divider and caused this traffic mess you're looking at now. all three people involved in the accident were transported to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. one was a mother and toddler in
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it's amazing nobody
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a as as as it's going to an officer 10
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they should be out there patrolling the neighborhoods. >> reporter: they're modeling like other cities but they admit there's a lot of work to be done before they can hit the streets wwth the effort. >> we need to do it in a way that is effective, productive and something that could be managed within our budget. >> reporter: chief white says ii it goes the way he thinks it will, that it will be successful and hoping for otters across the state. police are looking for an armed robber who held up a store clerk at an adult store. it happened at romantics a man pointed a gun at the clerk and made off with the cash. he was wearing a surgical mask and rubber gloves an arrest after a man set
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his wife was still inside. he spread the gas while they were arguing. she has serious burns to her arms and legs. tte police chief is counting his blessings after a plane crash in alaska he was coming back from his fishing trip and the plane crashed into trees they were way out there and had to find another plane. they had tootake a boat 50 miles to the next town. summer is coming to a close. it was backkto school for some kids today. the first school district in the douglas county. art classes, %- we were at gold rush as the denver broncos lucky charm welcomed back the little kids. thursday it's cherry creek students going back to school.
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today, students who need a little help this year got to pick up school supplies this is thanks to the action center the supply continues through saturday. they were smiling. happy to go back to school, i'm sure. hundreds of jobs in denver up for grabs. where you can check out the list of jobs available. donald the answers. delta airline passengers stiil feeling the frustration tonight. investigators are searching for answers after a 10-year-old dies going down a water park slide. school may be starting, but summer temperatures are not finished. ?irst alert, your full seven- day
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girl is recovering fter falling 77 feet from helen hunt falls she was hiking with her family when she tripped. investigators trying to figure out how a 10-year-old boy died going down the world's tallest water slide. he is a son of a kansas state lawmaker. park officials say for now they
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it happened. some witnesses are talking. >> what it sounded like to us, the harness on the front of the car on the slide was not working all day long. >> officials say that the rides are inspected every day. it will stay closed until safety ?nspections are done. a flight to boston, it's my first day on the job in boston. and so, it look like i'm not going to get there they moved my flight back from 8:50 now to 12:something departure. >> what a frustrating day at the atlanta hub. a massive computer glitch grounding flights here at dia an all over the world. there are cancellations and delta is waiving fees for anyone who had tickets today.
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it won't be that hard. >> donald trump unveils his plan. reform since reagan. st tax %- he wants to limit taxes to 15%. this comes as trump is down in a new washington post poll. hillary clinton extend by 10 points and 2/3 say that tr has the wrong temperment. we have a new candidate today, evan, a 40-year-old former cia agent and staffer announced he is running he tells news that america deserves bettee than trump or clinton and offers a conservative voice. rick scott says there's another nontravel related case
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cases in florida. 50 are pregnant women. senator marco rubio says he opposes abortions including those infected with zika. he says he believes all human life is worthy of protection of the law. ?>> --mosquitoes are a big concern here. zika. they are spraying in fort collins the first human case was found there. denver's largest open space is open. it covers 200-acres at the airport. they have access to these trails they connect trails in commerce city. the goal was to have nature reclaim that care. >> you're going to see maybe
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red-tail hawks you can see deer and you have views of the rocky mountains >> they will continue to make improvements throughout next year. they are debuting new technology. they can now go keyless. they say it's fitting for a world class hotel to have the latest tech mile high stadium tomorrow until 2:00 p.m. you can apply for jobs like security screener during broncos games. the jobs pay between 9- $10 per hour. here is the view looking back to the east over the ccty this afternoon as the storm clouds moved through. they just had a glancing blow and had winds and a sprinkle of rain. it's a slightly different angle looking at the storm.
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down the the south and into douglas and el paso, it did dump some heavy rain down portions of southeast. there's the line from limon down toward pueblo. in the denver area, it's quieter. we have mostly sunny skies, not a threat to the west. this is the current view from our camera on top of the buildi west, 90 at dia. look at the humidity. dry air and winds out of the south, southwest at 8 miles per hour. high temperature today was 90 64. it's an old record set in 1878 although we reached that about 3 other times we have a warm ront just moved through the denver area.
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humidity is higher. to the southwest, dryer air % coming in for the next day or two. tonight, the threat of thunderstorm activity is along the front. there's one cell coming through at 6:00. that dies out as it moves over. we get through the i-25 evening dry and pleasant. not so if yoo're out on the pllins through 9:00. some strong to severe storms. by midnight, just exiting towards the burlington area. quiet conditions with lows down to 60 in denver. 58 degrees at greeley and 40 up at leadville. not completely dry, there will be a few thunderstorms ?eveloping and a slight chance on the eastern plains basically about a 10% chance of any one particular spot getting rain. it's hotter. 93 here. front range should be upper
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the mountains. tonight, the storm threat is to the east. partly cloudy, nice night. hotter tomorrow, rain chances low. partly cloudy in the afternoon a high of 93. about the same story for wednesday. low 90s, mostly sunny. thursday, the next weather system comes in the form of a cold front. friday is the first alert weather day as the storms push through. the coolest day and over mid- to upper 80s on sunday. i'm going to put this time, the bright spot on sunday. i did something for you last night. there was this beautiful lightning show. take some video and show the news i got you 48 seconds of my thumb. just did no one any good. >> at least he's not showing it
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broncos camp. no indication of who the starting quarterback is. a touching moment.
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day 11 of broncos training camp. 9 slashes today. nine have cone number ones,
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nothing. neither guy, that comes in preseason game action that starts in chicago. he will name a starter for the game tomorrow but no one has head a move to the front yet. >> mark and trevor continue to split reps with the first group and he's behind those guys just think we did it at runningback, right guard, nothing new. >> i'm not whenever the coach is ready to decide, it's his call. we have to keep competing. >> we are competing and getting better every day. you can see a noticeable difference in how they're looking at things. we're improving and it's exciting. >> reporter: also today, a key to lead.
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still under investigation. but as of today, still not answering questions about what happened. he was asked if the gunshot wound was self-inflicted >> the situation is still under review. we have to respect that process i'm not going to talk about that i feel great. i felt good on the field. >> i don't want to put a number on it, from what i did today, i felt good. we have >> and the great scene after practice today. they got a chance to meet the broncoses matthew has cerebral palsy. his mom contacted me on social media asking if i could help matthew meet his favorite player. i did a story on denver 7 and vaughn contaated the family and brought them in. we'll have more at 6:00.
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happen. >> that's what it is about. the credit oes to the broncos for making it happen. i don't think they know what depth means there's no depth yet to it. >> it's like this. you have to go, it's vertical, horizontal. there's something wrong here. find out more tomorrow. >> thank you for joining us.
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our son caleb was born with a rare form of cystic fibrosis. it means every day mucus builds up on his lungs, making it very hard for caleb to breathe. doctors told us that caleb's life expectancy was about 35 years of age. but then a new medication was invented that not only treated the symptoms of cystic fibrosis, but targeted the disease. the only problem was is that it wasn't approved to be used in the united states. but michael bennet changed that. working with republicans, michael bennet wrote a law to get medicine and treatments approved quicker.
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sn't have to think about his disease every day. as a mom, michael bennet gave me a future with my son. i'm able to see him in the future getting married, graduating from college. those were dreams that we hoped for, but now i see them as a reality. i feel very fortunate to have somebody representing us that cares so much. i'm michael bennet,
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tonight, the travel chaos. the computer meltdown leaving thousands of passengers stranded. delta canceling hundreds of flights. also tonight, what we have now learned about the tragedy at the water park. after a 10-year-old boy was killed on the world's tallest water slide, right here in the u.s. new trouble for trump? the new poll out tonight, just as donald trump reveals his new tax plan. and this evening, the new letter. 50 republican officials now warning that donald trump would be, in their words, the most reckless president in american history. the jogger discovered dead, the second young woman in less than a week. and tonight, the new warning. and the american athletes take the lead in rio. michael phelps winning gold. tears from his teammate, ryan held. the stunner for the williams sisters. and for phelps, practice and something else.


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