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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  August 8, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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too small children and their babysitter drowned. the dangers you need to know about. aurora school smith $19,000 to investigate the school meeber. it's a story will only see here tonight. were breaking down that big bill. is another attack in downtown denver. this time and broad daylight.>> jennifer kovaleski spoke to victim. he says he's lucky to be alive. >> all you have to do is look at this photo. he says someone hit him over the head with a skateboard. it sliced part of his ear off causing serious injury. one of the latest attacks on the 16th st., mall. >> it happens a lot. from violent type attacks to
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broad daylight. these videosbring serious questions about the safety of the 16th st., mall. >> i am lucky i am alive. >> reporter: and avid skateboarder, he says he was taking a break in commons park and someone hit him from behind with a skateboard. >> the sandpaper, is shocked my ear. >> i have never been hurt this back. stroke he says he snapped this photo before he blacked out. you can see that part of his -?ear is missing. >> i don't remember much. >> reporter: says the guy who hit him took off with his debit card and marijuana.>> i am surprised that there was no copper around at that moment. it makes me wonder how safe you are.
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get a good look at the guy who hit him. he believed he may been homeless and on drugs. >> denvers mayor has a plan and so does the police chief. tonight were asking the new city council president what he is planning on doing ? we uncover discrepancy in a school board members resume and now we are asking why the denver $19,000 to a car that same information. >> i will direct them to conduct a comprehensive review. >> reporter: the district aforesaid to a private investigator and received this invoice for $17,000. they reviewed his work history
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on july 2, reviewing all channel 7 news report, part of a $460 bill that day. $60 for screenshots. $80 for a preliminary draft letter. on july 7 him the district was charged for research. nelson claimed to have graduated from northwest nazarene. in june we confirmed in this diploma. we asked aurora pubbic schools why is been almost $19,000 to verify information we reported on about a board member that cannot be fire. they say, media reports alerted us that part of his biography may have been falsified that compelled us to verify all of the claims made in his
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the verification of this information is of great interest to our staff and community. >> reporter: once the stool district started reviewing his resume, his screen presence change. who would steal from a church ? if you know over a police would like to hear om steals a laptop. checking procedures for denver police can determine if officers are profiling. now officers much collect info on people that they start -- stop. chief robert white says this is in response to all of the nationwide shootings that have
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hopefully it shows we're not doing profiling.>> data collection and results could be back is early as the end of the year. to the growth of their babysitter drowned in a pool in pop-up year police say the 17- year-old was the one watching the sisters. the girls were three and five years old. were trying to get answers about what happened. adam hammond finding out with can be done to avoid a tragedy like this. >> reporter: summertime fun can you're not careful. almost 400 children die every year in drowning accidents. >> the most important thing to do when you come to the pool with young ones is to keep your eyes open. the other important factor is communication.>> following the
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>> reporter: ashlynnhunt is a lifeguard at east whirlpool assessed taking care of two children at the pool can be difficult.>> if there is someone who has more skills was swimming with them they can keep up with them. there are boundaries at some kids cross. >> reporter: if you are babysitting and unaware of the swimming abilities you should as worse one test per zip we do swim test to ensure that gives a water safe. if they want to swim deeper water, we require them to swim at 25 of back swim. >> water safety is very important you ver kkow when you would need it. learning to swim at a young age is one of the things that you
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-- more than a year after he disappeared jogging, dna tests came back. they say that he fell ofof a cliff. the plug that's what the dog got off police. and then she got lost. she was having a hair salon in superior. the doctors office down. new information tonight, the parents of a woman killed during an ironman competition say the group is not safe. her parents told denver7 off- camera they do not think highway 6 is a good place for our praise. and race organizers are not
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this was made by in artist. it will be donated to a gofundme page. this is so far $40,000 has been raised. ?>> is the paaticles get ready for the first preseason game, they are not forgetting what's most important. >> were talking about the fans. and lionel bienvenu joins us now. one young man's wish came true today could be forgotten by tomorrow. what happened off of the field after practice, that will last a lifetime. one colorado family, matthew stanwood got to meet the broncos. he has terrible policy. -?and has had surgeries on his legs.
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if i can help matthew meet his favorite player, von miller. i went on twitter and facebook on the air here at denver7. and the broncos made it happen today. bring in the family from fountain to dove valley. matthew is a huge sports fan. he says this is a moment he will never fooget.>> how are you feeling right now quite >> pretty awesome actually. and he brought over some of his buddies. as my mother was saying, i think it was all because of yo what a great day for you. it was a pleasure meeting you. >> his mother back there was so emotional seeing his face in history come true.
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hospital. and his family has a gofundme page.>> that is great. extra police patrols don't be doing the trick of the 16th st., mall. we found that with the new city council president has with ideas. tragedy in the kansas city water park. we find out what led up to the death of a young boy. why do so many people in denver taking their picture with these wings ?
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denver police commander. tony lopez honored by city council. he is the commander in charge of the 16th st., mall. he will oversee officees at dia instead. his son tony lopez junior was there tonight. and he was shot in the line of duty last year. cancer into surgeries later his first meeting. he was candid with us about his battle and challenges for the city. >> reporter: talk about incredible strength, albus brooks back at work for weeks after having this 15 pound tumor removed from his body. he is ready to get back to work.
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>> reporter: racket work is still recovering. albus brooks shares new ideas exploring every option to improve the image of the 16th st., mall. >> were trying to seek is there a pipeline to jobs and drop trainings. >> reporter: last week another vicious attack caught on camera. and the man who attacked him with a pi explained he was defending himself. >> right now, we are at the crux of theetravelers and folks coming through to the city. >> reporter: says all of the resources are not in place yet. they are still waiting for private still security. they first told you about difficulty and staffing denver police and the mall. >> were still making sure that we are catching up on getting
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the council is super supportive of more officers on the street. >> reporter: one of many goals as albus brooks makes his term as president. they go for this chance chance at life. nd a second %- >> is so awesome to go through that near-death experience and say, i get to go back and have another purpose. >> reporter: tells us today that he is just all of the support. he received the messages, cardand flowers from constituents that he doesn't even know. he has such a positive attitude he started off tonight's meeting with the picture to commemorate the moment. new details tonight in the death of a little boy in a water park. caleb swap fell out of the two that he was riding on.
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it goes about 60 mi./h. the part plans to reopen on monday. but the ride will remain close. and safety for the estes park police chief. he was in this plane in alaska when it crashhd. he was coming back from a fishing trrp. everyone is okay. tens of passengers were stranded today because of comppter problems. southwest airlines had a similar problem a couple of weeks ago. with all of the recent merger some of the old computers cannot keep up with the workloads. chances are given out exploring around the mile high city. >> we know for sure that many of you have discovered this unusual sculpture. we set mark stuart to find out
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>> reporter: very hard to miss. these massive bronze wings. they are the entryway to confluence park. people are standing here but as we saw today the taking lots of pictures too. as people walk, run and by, these wings are staying put. an invitation to snap a picture with some aerial assistance behind you. >> you have to take a picture. it's an invitation to take a picture. >> reporter: these wings are the correction of jorge marie. named the wings of mexico. this is one of nine sculptures across denver. it allows you to be part of the portrait. >> what do you think when you see the wings ? >> he is representing his feelings for religion it is
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>> reporter: public art generates public comment. and that is what's happening here in confluence park. >> liberty. >> reporter: says art is the universal language that that unites us as human beings. he hopes here it will generate more reflective and peaceful societies. >> it's very nice. >> reporter: the wings will be here until the end of september. then, they will fly away so to speak. if you are a big fan f public art, more is to come. the city has a big vision to put more art in places such as parks and open public spaces. live downtown, mark stuart. and for denver a pretty nice day to be downtown. by late afternoon looking to that used to think you might
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up here. this is sterling looking north at the same storm boiling up into the atmosphere. the west. very dramatic as the storm came in. it has been a rough evening in the northeast corner. storm activity still continues. this is life stuff. look at all of the lightning up there. conditions on the northeast corner of the state. this is what were looking at on radar. storm activity continues that way. and a warning in effect until 10:45 pm. this thing is dumping very heavy rain. and lighting up the sky. not here in denver it is quite. 73 downtown 74 at the airport. winds are from the south southwest at 10 mi./h. the high today was 91 degrees. a little above the normal of 89 but shy of the all-time record of 105.
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we have a frrnt across the northeast part of the state. hot and dry weather coming in from the southwest. as the front moved up to the north and forces the thunderstorm to be off to the north and east of both. it will be quite by don. up in the sterling area it will be 40 in battle. there will still be a few storms going in the mountains about midday. it will be hot. 93 in denver, 94 for greeley. expect them choose to be in the upper 90s in the southeastern part of the state. tonight is partly cloudy. tomorrow the high temperature is expecced to get to 93.
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in the afternoon. a couple of gusty thunderstorms possible. wednesday about the same story. mostly sunny skies, t temperatures only a few gusty understory.. the next weather front coming in the form of a cold front comes in on friday. it passes by friday and cooler weather showers and storms likely. 3 in the first saturday a few storms, sunday it looks like it will be our bright spot. mostly sunny skies dirges around monday. this is amazing. the lightning going on in the
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bill resorts is is family to canada. they will spend over 1 billion to -- dollars to buy whistler ski area. of fort collins original will have its name on part of the new csu stadium. this is what the new belgian imports look like at the end of the stadium. the brewery paid over $1 million to get that naming right. i am tran eight. we show to von miller doing great things after practice.
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welcome to seven sports 3 extra. they total broncos training sure. -- training camp. gary kubiak says trevor simeon, and mark sanchez are here is troy blank from the valley. >> reporter: those seeking clarity on the quarterback competition, no such luck. gary kubiak released the first chart today. we talked with trevor simeon today about his opportunity. >> you have goals for these
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believe you can win the job ? >> yes to answer your question i think i can answer -- i think i can win the job. i need to stay within myself. >> reporter: mark sanchez brings up something that trevor simeon does not. that is experience. he is playing to the media that when all three quarterbacks talk and what was going on with interception to attack the defense and figure out where to place the ball. and they've been making good place up there. that is good for us to see. and good for us to learn from. >> reporter: a welcome sight for broncos fans and players
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aqib talib was back on the field today. he would not discuss the indent where he was shot in the leg. >> i have learned from the ricky's to john elway. although welcome back to dave. there was a bunch of love. >> reporter: that's a wrap from dove valley. tomorrow the broncos get ready for the first preseason game. ranges and rockies at coors field. number 30 this season. rockies up 2-0. the shift was on. he chases this one down barehanded. bounces it to mark reynolds. that was sweet.
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the bullpen smells like the corpse flower. rangers win it, 4-3. another devastating loss for the rockies. low to mid 90s tuesday and wednesday and mainly drive. a storm to finish the week.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- david spade -- ozzy and jack osbourne -- "the baby bachelorette," the boys tell all -- and music from the strokes, with cleto and the cletones. and now, what'd you miss -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. glad you're here.


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