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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 9, 2016 2:36am-4:00am MDT

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>> coast are likely to see more of this as the drenching rainstorm continue for a second day. there will be heavy thunderstorms from the florida panhandle down to tampa with spotty storms eending up into the carolinas and across to florida's atlantic coast. some communities may see as much as a foot of rain. the family of a muslim teen arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school last year is suing.
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of bias against muslims. ahmed muhammad, then 14, was suspended for three days. the case made national headlines, and muhammad was even invited to the white house. still, the family says the incident forced them to leave the united states. school officials deny any wrong doing. to the olympics and what will be a big day. gymnastics and swimming. on monday there were 14 gold medals handed out, two of them to the united states. the u.s. in a tie with china. five gold medals. the lead in the overall count now running six ahead of the chinese, and japan and russia tied for third with ten. for team usa, much of the focus was in the pool. jim ryan recaps day three. >> reporter: michael phelps was back in the water for his signature event, the 200-meter butterfly. but the greatest competitive swimmer was off his game in the semifinal event coming in second to the competitor from hungary.
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add to his all-time record, 23 olympic medals. the latest swimming superstar, katie ledecky, had an off night. finishing second to sweden. she's considered a shoe-in for more than olympic gold. missy franklin, star of the london games, making her rio debut. ryan murphy grabbed a gold. connor dwyer settled for bronze. in the final, it was lilly king getting cold. david podia and steel johnson captured the silver in synchronized diving. serena williams was back on the court after she and her sister lost their first doubles match ever at the olympics on sunday. the 22-time grand slam and reigning olympic champion advanced in singles played. in men's gymnastics, the u.s. team could only manage a fifth place finish. the japanese team won gold. the u.s. men's basketball team
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jim ryan, abc news, rio de janeiro, brazil. no one is ever more proud of an olympic athlete than their parents. except maybe a grandparent. >> look at this young lady here. that's american swimmer ryan lochte's grandma with her own olympic torch. she couldn't go to rio, so he tweeted out this video of her. carrying the torch around her nursing home. the 11-time medal winner is in the pool for the first time today in the 200-meter individual medley. he has like brand new platinum hair? i don't know what color to describe it. >> okay. lochte still coming out trying to make fashion statements at the olympics? >> yes, but grandmother is doing her own statement. >> is that construction paper? i love that. they even a whole parade following her. >> an entourage, yes, look at that. >> that's great.
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michael phelps in the pool, as well. the ladies -- >> and gymnastics. >> yes. >> looking forward to that. coming up, a rare view of some of the most isolated territory in the world. access we've never been allowed before. we'll get a bird's eye view as the country's leadership gives us the first tv interview in more than a decade. and the growing sleeper threat on america's highways. a startling report showing how many people are driving drowsy. you can nd us on facebook at and our twitter. and then instagram with insta stories. look to the top of instagram. i
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okay. here's an accelerated look at tropical storm javier. this is the view from the beach in mexico. the wind and the rain is sweeping through the baja news came that the death toll from hurricane earl on the other coast last week is up to 45. five bodies were recovered from weekend mudslides. in san francisco, people got sick after eating gummy bears laced with marijuana at a party. six ranged in age from 6 to 18. they suffered from rapid heart rates, high blood pressure and confusion among other symptoms. authorities are trying to determine the source of the candy.
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new federal regulations kicked in today. retailers now have to check i.d. for anyone who looks under 27. the new laws also require fda approval for ecigarettes and vaping products. younger americans are at risk for a growing problem that's creating a deadly danger on highways across the country. drowsy driving. >> a new study released by aaa shows drowsy driving is responsible for thousands of deaths each year, and more than $100 billion in damage. here's gio benitez. >> reporter: a startling look at the road. you remember this fedex truck weaving, a sleepy driver at the wheel, and watch as it slams into a car, losing control. in that new report, teens and young adults are now to blame for more than half the crashes. alex knoll nodded off on a dark road and woke up when his pickup truck flipped over. >> the dashboard was in my lap. the steering wheel was between my legs.
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>> reporter: nearly 84 million fatigued americans drive every day. last year alone, 5,000 people killed. companies like volvo offering technology to catch drowsy drivers with automatic brakes. >> trusting it. no brakes. no brakes. [ alarm ] wow. and now experts say the increase in teen drowsy driving is due to digital obsession. while the problem is new, the solutions are old. you can go ahead and turn that radio on while driving. open your window fresh air in, or stop while you are on those long draws. abc news, new york. >> it is pretty frightening if you're up and driving 18 or hours or so is apparently the equivalent of .05 blood alcohol content. >> we pay attention to dui and dwi, but people forget how dangerous drowsy driving can be.
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raise awareness about that. >> causes a lot of accidents. coming up, it's one of the biggest questions to come out of the summer olympics. what exactly is cupping? >> it's everywhere. >> michael phelps swears by it as do a number of competitors who say it works, and is it safe? first, a rare sight. never allowed before, we're getting our first glimpse of some of the most isolated territory in the world. you're watching "world news now."
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now to one of the most isolated and mysterious countries on earth. actually few people get to see this country. >> that's right, but this morning we're getting a rare view from high above and inside north korea as well as an extremely rare tv interview with a top government official. we're "up all nightline" with abc's bob woodruff. >> reporter: i'm about to fly over some of the most isolated territory in the world, north korea. first time anybody has been able to go up in a helicopter over the city at least in terms of journalists. time to go. most airlines avoid this air space. despite the growing tension between the u.s. and north korea, we got access never allowed before. of course, we were not allowed to fly outside the city to see missile launchers or labor camps, but from up here, this cash-poor nation seems to be in the middle of a construction
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ground, too, at least in this part of pyongyang. just a few years ago we had to leave our cell phones with north korean authorities when we arrived. this time, people talking on cell phones and gleaming new buses whizzed by. the rhetoric the same hard line, particularly when asked about the sanctions the u.s. placed on north korean leadership last month. >> translator: the unitestates crossed a red line in relations with the prk. korea's top officials gave us their first u.s. tv interview in more than a decade. >> translator: so we regard it as the declaration of war. >> reporter: that tension is palpable two hours south on the demilitarized zone. north korean soldiers on one side face down american and south korean troops on the other. has it gotten worse in the last month or so in terms of communication? >> translator: there's no diplomatic contact now and no
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getting worse and worse. >> reporter: and just last week north korea conducted the latest missile tests. but back in the capital, the is no sign of war. families enjoying the summer and making memories much like their counterparts in the u.s. for "nightline," woodruff in pyongyang. >> i've been to the demilitarized zone there. you go through strict restrictions before where you have to give them your passport. you go through an intense part where you go through the soldiers where there's an intense standoff. then you go to a gift shop where there's trinkets that say you survived the dmz. it's the weirdest thing. >> like it's a joke. >> it's the weirdest contrast of things. >> strange. all right, coming up, the most terrifying game face so far at the olympics. and the restaurant that's offering free meals each time
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time now for "the mix." we start with an interesting discovery. these two guys elliot fuller and jason franklin were canoeing in wisconsin, and they came across a beaver dam. they start to look around, and they see a leg sticking out of body. instead, it turns out it was a prosthetic leg. >> okay. not weird. >> this is not the half of it. they get the bright idea to search the web to see if anybody has put an ad out for a lost leg. >> because that's what you do. >> and they find a craigslist ad, believe it or not.
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reward. the guys give him his leg, they get $50. the beaver stole his leg. >> now there's an apb out for the beaver. >> he did say it was chewed up a little bit, but he's happy to have it back. this is probably the best thing to come out of the olympics so far. last night the cameras found michael phelps before his semifinal heat there just backstage with the angriest of faces there because another athlete, an australian athlete, he was warming up in front of him. the internet thought this is the next crying jordan. this guy made him into a possessed swimmer. and then this one really captured it. the exact sort of laser stare that michael phelps was giving. >> if looks could kill. >> exactly. and then i guess this is from
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character. >> a little bit. maybe he's upset because we don't get any free pizza for every gold medal, otherwise he would have had a lot of free pizza. i say that because there's a restaurant chain in australia that's offering that. when australia wins gold, you can get yourself free food as long as the meal is under $1 completely free. all you have to do is sign up for the restaurant's sort of, you know, they call it their customer list. here's the thing. you don't get a free meal for every gold medal. you get a free meal for every day they win gold. even though they've won four medals, only one day of free food. >> and have there been many takers? >> no. just one a day. >> so far just one person. >> just one person. maybe they don't like free pizza there. >> i guess not. one person in.
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this morning on this morning on "world news now" three young girls thrown from a ferris wheel. we have the latest on the accident now highlighting issues with summer safety. donald trump losing support from officials within his own for trump due to concerns over national security. this has he rolls out his tax plan. a man allegedly trying to set fire to a building using a molotov cocktail. he get burned when his apparent plan backfires. and leslie jones has sweet revenge after tweeting at the olympic games in trio. she has a network gig. we have more in "the skinny" on
3:01 am
news now." >> she used to tweet "the bachelorette," as well. >> that's one of the reasons she had to return to twitter she said. >> we appreciate it. she's fun. >> good morning. i'm diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. we're going to start on a serious turn here and get to our top story. a ferris wheel accident at a county fair in eastern tennessee. three girls in the hospital after they fell 30 to 45 feet to the ground when their basket tipped over. >> all three were conscious and the oldest is 16. other passengers had to be rescued from their baskets by firefighters. it's not clear if this was a malfunction or operator error. inspectors will check the ferris wheel later this morning. meanwhile, investigators are starting to piece together how a 10-year-old boy was killed on a water slide. police say caleb swab died of a neck injury while riding the tallest water slide in the world.
3:02 am
injuries, but the boy's body was not in the raft at the bottom of the slide. all riders on verruckt must be 4.5-feet tall, and the three riders in a raft have to weigh at least a total of 400 pounds. >> the schlitterbauhn park reopens tomorrow but not that water slide. we'll move to politics. donald trump facing fresh opposition from within his own party. >> senator susan collins of maine says she cannot vote for trump, calling him unworthy of being president. she slammed his controversial comments on everyonero mccain to the parents of a fallen soldier and cited his inability to admit error or apologize. >> all of this a "washington post" op-ed this morning. she follows a similar critique of republicans depicting trump as reckless. all of this shadowing a rollout of trump's economic plan. more on that from karen travers.
3:03 am
>> i want to jump-start america. >> reporter: he unveiled his economic vision in detroit mostly focusing on tax cuts. >> these reforms will offer the biggest tax revolution since the reagan tax reform. >> reporter: there were few details of how he would do that and no mention of spending cuts. his speech interrupted more than a dozen times by protesters. he didn't take the bait. instead, sticking to script. ? hillary clinton campaigning in battleground florida. >> we are not interested in economic plans that only help the top 1 %. it's time we helped everybody else in america get ahead and stay ahead. [ cheers ] >> reporter: her post convention bounce continues. she's up eight points in the latest abc news/"washington post" poll. and her support among women is at its highest level yet. two-thirds of americans say trump has the wrong temperament to be president. almost has many say he's
3:04 am
push by some republicans to get another candidate. evan mcmullen, a 40-year-old former cia agent announcing he's running as an independen independent--- independent third-party candidate. >> i don't want either donald trump or hillary clinton to be president. neither one of them are acceptable for americans. >> reporter: and another sign of revolt in the gop. 50 top republican national security officials writing a letter saying donald trump does not have the character, values, or experience to be president. they also say he would put the nation's security at risk. >> all right. that's karen travers for us. florida officials meanwhile have confirmed a new case of zika bringing the total number of patients in the state to 17. the cases in palm beach county. the infected person recently traveled to miami or the miami area where other cases were recently discovered. officials still believe active
3:05 am
one square mile. authorities in two states baffled this morning investigating the death of a second jogger. this time in massachusetts. vanessa marcotte was last seen sunday afternoon while visiting family outside of boston. police say she may have been set on fire after a sexual assault. her body was later discovered in the woods about a half a mile from her mother's home. about a week ago another woman was murdered while jogging in queens. delta has a warning for flyers today -- expect more delays and cancelations. the airline is slowly recovering from a power outage that caused a travel nightmare for thousands of passengers. more than 870 fights for cancelled on monday. >> reporter: delta, the country's second largest airline and its passengers, grounded.
3:06 am
>> reporter: a computer meltdown that delayed more than one-third of the airline's 6,000 flights for a short time there was not one delta flight in the air over the u.s. and not just here. lines forming as delta's entire computer system worldwide went down. leaving jets from newark to london stuck at the gate. >> i was like oh no. we're headed out and we might not have anywhere to go. >> reporter: some passengers sleeping on the floor. frustrating delays. >> i tried to call delta. they told me i'd have a three-hour hold. >> reporter: a power outage that shut down computers. passenger kiosks stopped working. the ceo took to twitter. >> i apologize for the challenges this has created for you. >> reporter: computers. we rely on them for everything. >> a good things until it goes bad, right? >> reporter: just last month, it was southwest that suffered a computer glitch leading to a cancelation of 2,300 flights.
3:07 am
surveillance video from this kentucky coal country caught two men trying to set fire to a barber shop and hair salon. the second molotov cocktail caught fire. he runs away. the wrong thing to do. your clothes are on fire which everybody knows. police are still looking for the suspects. >> stop, drop and roll. >> i'm sure they'll be able to find them. in south carolina, an incredible love story comes to a remarkable end. married for 63 years. he was a korean war veteran. she was a musician. they had children together, and they weathered life's ups and downs. she suffered from alzheimer's disease, and he had prostate cancer. they died within 20 minutes of each other. >> it's like the notebook. >> i didn't know the ending.
3:08 am
so we've seen this a few times -- celebrities who don't like to have their picture taken. sometimes they'll grab the camera or phone. we have a new brazen incident of this. check out this dolphin. this is at a seaworld in orlando. the dolphin grabs an ipad that a visitor was using. drops it right in the water. >> so the ipad owner seems very unhappy as she fishes it out of the water. it appears the dolphins are laughing at her. we don't know why the dolphin grabbed the ipad, i'm thinking it's the pink case? >> maybe he wanted to play pokemon go. >> could be. that's hilarious. i don't think that ipad is usable after that. >> i don't think so. the teeth probably don't work so well on the touchpad either. coming up, the big question so far out of the olympic games in rio. what are those purple marks on
3:09 am
gymnasts? why he had them put there on purpose and what he and a growing number of athletes say they do to help their performance. and later in "the skinny," first he was l'il bow wow, then just bow wow as he grew up. now he's going by shod. he's retiring from music and he's not even 30. okay, first, here's a look at today's forecast. ? "w "world news now" weather
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very good. >> we clearly don't know how to do the samba. a for effort. >> it would be better with a couple of drinks. >> maybe that's all we need. >> yes. >> let's head to rio. even though we can't dance like they do, and take a look at competition. basketball for a long time hasn't been too competitive for the united states. the men and the women have played a total of four games. the average margin, 51 points. >> it's been close. the latest victim, venezuela. the game was tied after the first quarter. carmelo anthony and friends pulled away. 113-69 was the final. on the women's side, team usa kept rolling. huge win over spain. 40-point victory there. 103-63. we're also doing well in other sports. in the pool, as well. take a look, record-breaking
3:14 am
setting an olympic mark as he won the 100-meter backstroke. then lilly king set an olympic record. the 19-year-old took home the gold in the 100-meter breaststroke urging out her opponent a day after calling the russian out for doping issues. >> and the medal count, the u.s. is in first place with a total of 19. china is second with 13. we're tied for gold. japan and russia are tied for third with ten. tale's in -- italy's in fifth place with nine. >> speaking of the leader boards -- >> we should update. portugal, zero. belize, zero. >> we're keeping the faith. meanwhile, keeping the faith for michael phelps.
3:15 am
what are they? abc is on the case. >> reporter: all eyes on michael phelps winning that 19th gold, but many noticed something else, those large purple circles, bruises, actually, on his right shoulder and right there on his back. posting photos of himself of his last practice before rio and holding his son. he says it's part of his treatment, a treatment called cupping. they place heated glass cups on the skin, suppose increase blood flow and reduces soreness. phelps is such a believer in it, he featured in his recent under arm our ad. he's not the only one using the technique. a gymnast posted himself with the cupping bruises which can take two weeks to heal. while many athletes here believe that cupping helps speed the healing process for overworked muscles, science has yet to prove any
3:16 am
ploo pla seatbe-- placebo or no, these athletes are convinced it's giving them the extra push they need. >> all right. whatever works. >> yeah. we should try it before we anchor a newscast. all right, when we come back, leslie jones gets the last laugh on twitter. what she'll be doing at the olympics. and wait until you hear what snoop dogg and martha stewart are cooking up. "the skinny" is next. >> practice our samba. "world new
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3:18 am
? ? skinny so skinny ? time now for "the skinny" starting with a comeback for leslie jones. >> it was just last month, remember, that the "ghostbusters" star almost quit twitter over a series of racist and abusive tweets. >> now her live tweeting of the summerly that the network invited her to join their team in rio to cover the events. >> and these weren't just any tweets. they included video of her in lively reactions and words of support to team usa. >> it comes on the heels of one of her youngest fans, age 9, sending her a note of encouragement. >> he wrote, "they're just jealous. you're a ghostbuster, and they're not."
3:19 am
out saying,"i'll put thaton my board at work." >> that's nice. someone who could use some words of encouragement this morning is fifth harmony's singer. >> she says she is leaving twitter over a rash of racial cyber-bullying, as well. before logging off she tweeted a statement about her departure saying i'm not the first black female celebrity to deal with this, and i'm sure i won't be the last. >> she praised twitter for their ic after she posted it, her band members spoke out in support, and fans spoke out with hash tags, #istandwithnormani. >> maybe she'll be back. >> yeah. next, scott eastwood opens up about starring in one of taylor swift's videos. >> the 30-year-old son of clint eastwood and star of "suicide squad" told "people" magazine that none of his agents wanted him to do it.
3:20 am
apparently, quote, why would you want to be a taylor swift's boy toy, and he said, why the hell not? >> i would agree. in her "wildest dreams" video, he plays an aloof movie star on the set of a fictitious movie set in africa. swift falls for him. they make love on their mosquito net canopy bed, and they break up. >> they have to. it's a swift song. >> it's basically like her lifestyle. >> they don't end in happy endings. >> no. >> so shortly after shooting the video he said not only is she a rock star, but someone i'm proud to call a friend. ? perhaps she filled one of those blank spaces? >> many. you mean of starbucks lovers? speaking of stars, lin-manuel miranda delighted disney fans.
3:21 am
appreciation for some of disney's other soundtracks, literally. >> he took over the instagram asking fans to name the songs and he voiced some of disney's most iconic soundtracks. >> he was joined by dwayne johnson. ? no one fights like gaston ? ? in a wrestling match nobody bites like gaston ? ? >> wow. okay. moana is set to hit theaters the 23rd, the day before thanksgiving. >> how can you not sing along? >> i can't compete with the rock and lin-manuel miranda. >> stay with us. we have more "the skinny" ahead. >> it is your lucky day. bow wow, you remember him? well, forget about him. he's saying bye-bye to that career.
3:22 am
hall of famer. f-famer.
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? ? >> there had to ? skinny so skinny ? there had to have been one. welcome back to our bonus round of "the skinny" with brie larson making her directorial debut. >> according to reporter," the actress is set to be at the helm of the quirky independent comedy, unicorn store. >> it tells the story of a woman who after moving back in with her parents receives a mysterious invitation to a store that will test her idea of what it means to grow up. in other words, it's a millennial fantasy. >> she will not only direct but produce it.n the film and help she's not exactly new to the back side of the camera.
3:26 am
co-directed the short film "the arm" which won a prize at sundance in 2012. >> this is what we were trying to figure out. we have a celebrity retirement announcement. brace yourselves. >> it was way back in 2000 when 13-year-old chad moss, remember him? released his first album as l'il bow wow. >> he was cute. >> yeah. he was. and now at the ripe age of 29, the rapper formerly known as bow wow announce the rap career, and that his upcoming album will be his last. >> he posted the album will be executive produced by his uncle, snoop dogg, and himself. his only rights since it was snoop who first brought him to the game. >> moss says that it's a blessing to have made millions and be able to retire before 30. his post-retirement plans include a focus on acting and hosting, and he says he's producing two tv shows this
3:27 am
tour so we can jam out to all the hits. you know, that curtis blow remake. >> there was a time when i knew some of his stuff. there was a time. >> okay. this weekend, snoop dogg has another project that involves an unlikely partner, or is it? >> he will be co-hosting a cooking show with martha stewart on vh-1 that will feature them preparing a dinner for their friends. it will be called "martha and snoop's dinner party." >> stewart says it will exemplify the country's fascinating with america's fascination with dining. >> it won't be the first collaboration between the two. they appeared together on the pyramid earlier this year. and they sat together at the comedy central roast of justin
3:28 am
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3:30 am
good morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> and good morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm diane macedo. here are some of the top headlines this morning on "world news now." donald trump is facing a gop revolt. a republican senator and 50 republican national security experts say trump won't get their votes, calling him reckless and unfit to be president. we'll have a full report coming up. three girls injured after county fair in tennessee. the cause of this latest accident is not known. it appears the injuries are not life threatening. in california hundreds of firefighters are battling a fast moving wildfire in the san bernardino mountains. by land and by air. the so-called pilot fire has burned more than 6,000 acres and more than 5,000 homes being evacuated. and on the west coast,
3:31 am
they are bracing for a second system after hurricane earl left dozens dead. those are some of the top stories on this tuesday, august 9th. from abc news, this is "world news now." we begin this half hour with donald trump facing a round of political hurdles as he tries to shift gears to the economy. >> shortly after trump unveiled his economic plan, a group of prominent republicans announced that they're not voting for him. senator susan collins weighed in separatelyba temperament and judgment in an op- op-ed. as his poll numbers continue to slide, trump could now lose votes to a new candidate who just joined the race. more now from tom llamas. [ applause ] >> reporter: in a rare moment, donald trump, who never backs down from a fight, let protesters interrupt him at least a dozen times, never losing his cool.
3:32 am
far more energy and spirit. i will say that. >> reporter: trump once encouraged his supporters to take on people disrupting his rallies. >> knock the crap out of him. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. >> reporter: but in detroit, trump shed that label to focus on the economy. >> i want to jump-start america, and it can be done. and it won't even be that hard. >> reporter: trump revealing that under his plan, child care expenses won't be taxed, and he'll simplify the tax code by having three brackets. >> 12%, 25%, and 33%. for many american workers, their tax rate will be zero. >> reporter: hillary clinton saying she'll be a small ss president. slamming trump's proposals. >> they tried to make his old, tired ideas sound new. >> reporter: for her part, clinton standing by a promise she told david. >> you have said it's your goal not to raise taxes on families
3:33 am
promise as you stand here? >> that is a pledge i'm making. >> a promise? >> i made it in 2008. yes. it was the same one that president obama made. >> reporter: and now trump may have more than clinton to worry about. >> i do believe he's a fraud and a con man. >> reporter: a former cia operative, evan mcmullin, launching an independent bid for the white house. mcmullin who recently worked on policy in the house of representatives is being helped by republicans unhappy with trump. what do you say to republicans to support trump who say a vote for you is a vote for hillary clinton? >> he was already losing badly. he's alienated part of the population. donald trump cannot win. he is ensuring that hillary clinton win the white house. >> reporter: in what appears to be a break with the rest of the bush family who have all signaled their concerns with trump, one of jeb bush's sons telling republicans they have to back trump.
3:34 am
bitter pill to swallow. you get back up, and you help the man out who won, and you make sure to stop hillary clinton. >> reporter: donald trump responding to a letter from 50 national security officials saying he would be the most reckless president in american people. trump calling them part of the failed washington elite who have made this world a more dangerous place. abc news, new york. the schlitterbauhn water park is closed again today as investigators start to piece together what led to sunday's fatal accident. officials say caleb schwab died from a neck injury. eyewitnesss say the 10-year-old's body arrived at the end of the water slide separately from the raft he was originally in. we still don't know how the accident happened. the other two passengers in the raft, women not related to the boy, suffered only minor injuries. this is the first fatal accident at that park. entertainer tyler perry is offering to cover the funeral expenses for the twin georgia girls that died
3:35 am
their father was drunk when he left the 15-month-old girls in his car. north is charged with two counts of voluntary manslaughter and reckless conduct. for the first time the girl's mother is sharing her heartbreak over the tragedy. she's trying to be strong as she makes funeral arrangements. >> i was with them every day. the one day i left. i just want to tell them i'm sorry. >> well, ellis added that thursday was the first time she left the little girls alone with their dad. and get this -- she was always overprotective after losing another daughter in 2014. the leader of the second city hit by a nuclear weapon is calling for a world without them. today marks 71 years since the atoming bombing of nagasaki, japan. the u.s. attacked three days after world war ii.
3:36 am
realize a world without nuclear weapons. and japan's emperor is indicating he wants to give up his throne. in a video message, the 82-year-old cited his age and declining health. he's concerned it could have an impact if he stays in power. the emperor took over the throne in 1999. his oldest son is next in line. some business news. walmart is increasing the stake in online sales. the retailer buying e-commerce startup it fends off the challenge posed by jet's founder is joining walmart at least for the next two years. it will operate separately from walmart. the company is paying more than $3 billion for jet which launched last year. and there's another black eye for airbnb. a silicon valley woman claims her home was trashed by a renter including water damage from a bathtub that was left running on the second floor. the repairs. cost $10,000.
3:37 am
renter was shooting porn videos in her house. airbnb says it's removed the renter from its system. an election season not easy for any candidate no matter how young or old. >> this has been an interesting election season. take james tufts, the four-year-old's reign as mayor of dorsett, minnesota, population 22, is right now in jeopardy. he swept into office last year with a platform of being nice, and no poopy talk. he's facing a challenge of a young lady nearly half his age. james is ready for a tough fight. >> i'm kind of afraid and not kind of afraid. >> reporter: why are you kind of afraid? >> because if she does win, then i'm pretty much kind of not going to be mayor anymore. >> yeah. i agree. so just to be clear, james is
3:38 am
>> he actually bought his way into office. his name was drawn during a food festival out of a ballot bucket. each entry cost $1. i smell a scandal. >> he took office last year. his then-6-year-old brother was his advisor. it was a family sort of affair. >> robert served two terms of mayor when he was 3 d 4. they have a >> that young lady looks ambitious. >> watch out, james. coming up, the stories behind the story at the olympic games in rio. why the team to beat this year is a bunch of superstars. the u.s. women's gymnastics, and why is it the men's team doesn't get the same attention? and bringing the taste of rio home to you. we'll check out a brazilian dish in our "onsome nikk insomn"
3:39 am
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that's not for pain, just for sleep. ? we're entering day four now of the summer olympic games in rio. america is leading the pack in medal count with 19 totaan five gold medals. >> usa. behind all the star power that we've been seeing is a long and uphill road paved with sweat and in some cases tears. >> reporter: the team to beat at the olympics, the superstars of the u.s. women's gymnastics team. >> go, usa! >> we have big responsibilities
3:43 am
simone biles made her landing on the rio stage leading team usa to an unheard of ten-point lead in the competition. 2012's double gold medalist, aly raisman showing her steady hand and feet on the balance beam. [ applause ] trying to prove they're more than just muscle, the men's team took their shot at the team gold. after not having an olympic gold medalist since 2004, i caught up with the team three months ago at the training center in colorado springs. look at that technique. at the time they were still a bunch of 16 athletes fighting for just five spots. >> almost. >> that was just about it. you had three more inches this way you'd be good. >> reporter: the youngest was 19. the oldest 30. all of them craving olympic glory. you could say the pressure is on the guys unlike their
3:44 am
five golds and are favored to win again this year. what do you think your chances are at rio? >> i think we have incredible chance. we have depth. they're not only pushing themselves to get on the team but pushing us to be better. >> reporter: one of the alternates this year is a 2012 bronze medalist in the all around. you're the guy, the only guy in this gym right now who has won an olympic medal. how much pressure is on you right now? any pressure. it's a completely clean slate. >> reporter: but he did not originally make the first cut of the olympic team. he only made it when a teammate tore his acl during a dismount in training last month. >> got to catch the bar! >> reporter: making the most of his second chance at olympic glory, but in the team competition, it just wasn't to be. the u.s. men putting up a valiant effort but falling short
3:45 am
as for me, the only road to rio is with a press pass. >> pick your left leg up and -- that's all i want to see you do. >> reporter: what they do effortlessly leaves me awed and a little winded. let's try that one again. >> yes. there you go. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm matt gutman. >> matt is hoping to have additional kids, so he wasn't trying to own it. >> the men game in fifth yesterday. but tonight the women compete. very excited to see that. >> it will be fun. check it out and then check us out. coming up, bringing a taste of brazil home to you. >> this morning, a tasty recipe for stuffed crabs. it's coming up in our "insomniac kitchen." you're watching "world news now." "insoiac kitchen." you're watching "world news
3:46 am
3:47 am
3:48 am
i like it. >> it's how i get my play list for every week. i look forward to tuesday morning. like who was that? good song. okay, so while millions absorb the sights and sounds of brazil, watching the summer olympic games, this morning we're focusing on the taste of brazil. >> now, want to try some stuffed crabs? >> sure. >> we are joined in the "insomniac kitchen." summer olympics are finally here. for those of us not lucky enough to be in rio, we'll bring rio to you. this is chef martin pepper corn who is the director of culinary experiences at the grand hyatt. you're going to show us a dish everyone at home can make to make them feel like they're at the olympics. >> we're making a crab shell and coconut milk. >> sounds amazing.
3:49 am
you opened a new hyatt in rio de janeiro, a brazilian restaurant. this is one of the specialties there. >> yes. we're going to start with onions and garlic, some tomatoes. very important, some crab. >> this is very brazilian. >> and the oil. it's palm oil. that gives a special flavor and also gives it a little color. and then whole wheat flour. got to make it a little healthy. put it in a crab shell, and then we use panko bread crumbs and parmesan cheese. >> let's get started. >> put in oil. >> garlic. >> yep. mix in onions. you're doing awesome. tomatoes. >> real crab meat. no imitation. >> then add coconut milk. >> is there a trick to buying crab? do you look for the chunky guy,
3:50 am
>> i look for the live ones. >> the live ones. >> i like to use fresh products, and crab should be live. a little parsley. a little chives. you're doing a good job. then the oil. when you see at that crab meat starts flaking out, that means it's ready for the flour. so the flour thickens it up a little bit. now we're going to let it set for about 15 minutes to cool. then we fill the crab shells with it. >> we have it in the shell and add toppings. >> yes. now we take the bread crumbs. >> can you possibly put too many bread crumbs? >> leave some room for the cheese. >> sorry. >> parmesan cheese, and then put it in the oven.
3:51 am
>> a grand finale. we have to try our crab shell. ? >> isn't that good? >> it's so good. chef, thank you so much. for all of you who want to try to make this, our recipe is on cheers. go, usa! >> no, no, austria. >> usa -- no, brazil. >> hyatt. >> cheers. >> austria? >> no portugal or belize? >> all three of our athletes performing in judo and track and field? >> with the crab they don't talk about the dangers of these things. you can get into trouble with crabs as we saw in brazil. >> you saw the video earlier with a crab that stole a knife.
3:52 am
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3:55 am
? that's like the modern day brazilian song. >> i like it. >> cool. so u.s. history has been made at the summer olympic games. >> we're talking about the first american muslim woman to wear the hijab, the traditional muslim head covering. >> muslim women generally don't have many options when it comes to sporting wear. abc talk today to one enterprising young woman who's trying to change that. >> reporter: she dazzles with each thrust, but it's what's behind the mask that put her in the history books as soon as she walked in the opening ceremony. as a practicing muslim, fencing was the perfect fit for the young muslim native.
3:56 am
have long sleeves and pants. and with fencing was a unique opportunity for me to be covered and fit in with my teammates. >> reporter: even though many other female competitors wear the head cover, it's not allowed in all sports. fiba doesn't allow head coverings. it temporarily relaxed the ban two years ago and could have a full reversal later this month, but not in time >> i'm currently not playing because fiba does not allow me a hijab in basketball. >> reporter: they are pushing for fiba to lift the ban. there are more than 90,000 signatures. >> the struggle is real. i still cannot play. >> reporter: the struggle was real for this new yorker. she couldn't find a head covering that stayed in place and kept her comfortable while she ran. >> i've worn it for a number of years.
3:57 am
didn't carry active wear hijabs. >> reporter: so she launched a line. >> i was trying to solve a problem for myself. when i reached to family and friends to gauge if it was a problem other women faced, i realized there was a huge market for it. >> it looks nice. allie has examples. >> that's right. these are not her designs. these are purchased from a british department store. that's where i could find them. >> right they're not available at your big box stores. that's what she is trying to change. these are made of spandex and nylon. inof a swim wear material. >> so it's meant to be flexible so if you're doing activities, it's moving with you. >> exactly. interesting. >> and lots of colors. >> yeah. >> they look cool. >> yeah. >> well trailblazing women.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, ferris wheel fall. three young passengers thrown from the ride tumbling from near the top. witnesses describing the horrifying scene as the investigation gets under way overnight. donald trump and hillary clinton spar over economic policies as prominent republican security experts say trump would be a, quote, reckless president. meanwhile, there is a new name entering the race. we're live in washington. and a bumbling arson suspect trying to burn down a barber shop but catching himself on fire. and check out this seaworld surprise when a girl tries to get a close-up of a dolphin. i guess the dolphin prefers selfies. >> i guess. a good tuesday morning to you all.


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