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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  August 9, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm MDT

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f0 a man speaks out to denver 7 about another attack on the 16th street mall that took a chunk of his ear off. broncos gearing up for their preseason opener thursday. quarterback? delta continues to recover after a system outaae grounded flights yesterday. what you need to know if you're traveling today. we start with breaking news at 11:00. a person working at an industrial plant in denver has died after being trapped in one of the machines. >> police and fir fire officials returned to 44th avenue in denver this morning. denver7's amanda del castillo is ttere now live. >> reporter: i'm at kkp coil coaters in denver where we're
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just after 7:00 this morning. fire officials say the worker was pronounced dead on scene. other kbp employees made their way back into the building at 10:00 and were sent back home for the rest of the day. right now denver police are continuing what they're calling an industrial accident death investigation. it's unclear what type of ma inside of. initial reports were calling it an aluminum splitter. i made a call to the company here, and they aren't confirming what type of machine that was. i also made a call to the national coil coders association, and they're not familiar with a splitter, but rather a slitter. we're still working to confirm which machine the worker got trapped into. again, one worker died this
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coaters. live in denver, amanda del castillo, denver 7. also breaking, pilots with frontier airlines are anggy and filed a complaint saying airlines owe them unpaid raises they were promised. >> let's go to denver 7's sally mamdooh with all the details. >> reporter: the pilot association filed a complaint against frontier asking for the pilots took a pay cut in help the airlines at the time. nowwthe company is back on its feet, but according to the complaint, it has not honored the agreement. the company reportedly also declined to provide financial information supporting their claim there was a challenging economic environment and the
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provide them to provide financial relief at the time. live in the newsroom, sally mamdooh, denver 7. it is now 85 degrees outside. it is only 11:00. >> we got a few hours to warm up, right? we should be by 3:00 in the low to mid-90s. will be hot and dry. live look from our viera wireless at the airport, 10 miles east of it, we're under a we'll warm into the upper 80s, expecting a high of 93 by 3:00. there is a slim chance you can get a break from some of the heat if we get a few thunnerstorms this afternoon. but it's a slight chance. you're going to find it stays pretty dry. pueblo and lamar upper 90s this afternoon. 70s and 80s for our mountains. it is hot state-wide. by midafternoon we'll start to see a few storms developing. you'll luck out in the mountains.
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also with some lightning. slight risk we could get a few severe storms to the northeast. here's your first alert we have a nice cooldown on the seven- day. lisa, thank you. a nearly seven-hour standoff has ended after a man barricaded himself inside a home in longmont with guns. police say 26-year-old ethan gonzalez was wanted for a felony warrant and was inside a swat was called out to that same house last month where he surrendered peacefully. today a federal judge will decide whether to cut the prison sentence for former
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this will be his first public appearance since entering prison. it's happened again, another attack on denver's 16th street mall, this time in broad daylight. >> why do you want people to know what happened to you? >> because it happens, it happens a lot basically. been happening too much. >> he says his attacker stole his debit card and some of marijuana. police are looking into this. last week we talked with police to see what is being done about the violence there and now we're discussing it with new denver council president albus brooks. he says they have resources in play, but have other options. he thinks getting people jobs is the answer. >> economy is the pipeline for
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start doing for some of these folks who are young and fallen on bad luck, but need some direction. >> he also says making sure denver has enouuh police officers on the street is a top priority. more trouble for people with delta flights today. delays and cancellations have spilled into a second day. more than 300 flighhs expected to be canceled today nation- wide. and delays on other than 200 hours yesterday. hundreds of thousands of passengers were stranded. the airline is offering refunds to passengers on canceled or significantly delayed flights. commerce city police are asking for your help finding a robbery suspect who tied up a store clerk and held her at gun. we broke this to you yesterday. it happened at this romantix on
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surveillance video. the woman in this video stole from a church with a drink in her hand. you can see her stumble into the baptist church at 1st and emerald in broomfield. she grabs a laptop, latino -- hat and takes off. this happened saturday night. police are hoping this video leads to an arrest. a teenager from westminster is home this morning after going missing for nearly a full day. we brought this story as breaking n park and never came home. she tells police the dog got off the leash and she went to look for it. she says she hurt her ankle and then got lost. yesterday she was found inside a hair salon in superior. -?her dog still has not been found. more than a year after joe keller disappeared while jogging in southern colorado, dna tests have confirmed the remains found last month are in fact those of the teen from
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after falling off a cliff. tragedy in pueblo. two children and their baby- sitter rown in a pool at a it's not really clear what happened exactly. all police will tell us is a 17- year-old was watching the two sisters, only 3 and 5 years old, when all three drowned in that community pool. the pool has no lifeguard. there's a woman driving on i-25 when recorded thhs distracted driver. you can see a woman right there not only does she up, but she's sitting on her phone texting. troopers say the driver is clearly breaking the law, but the other driver recording it is not the solution they say. >> people get very agitated when they see cameras of any kind, especially like a cell phone camera. people get defensive and it could turn into a road rage situation. >> troopers say you should just call csp and report it. statistics show texting while driving is six times more
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driving drunk. to your voice your vote, another poll that is good news for hillary clinton. she is at 50% now. donald trump at 37% according to the latest survey. you can see gary johnson at 7%. green party candidate, jill stein at 2%. clinton spoke in florida last night and a surprising guest was in the audience. the father of the pulse nightclub shooting was sitting behind clinton there. he spoke to affiliate in palm beach. >> clinton is good for united states. it's important for united states of america, especially the election, i was invited by democratic party. >> meantime, trump made an appearance in detroit, laying out his plan for the biggest tax cuts since reagan. he says the plan will jump start the economy. >> when i am president, we will start winning again, big
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rate for most americans, simplify the tax code and make childcare fully tax beductble. apparents offtwo americans killed in an attack in benghazi are suing hillary clinton saying she was responsible for the death of their children, saying she was negligent and reckless using her private e-mail and that server and compromised american security. broncos are going their final practice before their first preseason game thursday. there's one looming big question. who will be the quarteeback? >> we're expecting to learn the starter for the chicago game anyway today. jason gruenauer is live in dove valley with the latest on the situation. >> reporter: will it be trevor siemian or mark sanchez?
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is here. who is leading this competition? >> mark sanchez took all the number one reps today. it appears from talking to broncos' players that he'll get the first shot at it, followed by trevor siemian. not sure how long, and could mean they switch in game two. now everything is setting up for mark sanchez to get the first opportunity. but the final decision likely made in an hour or so. >> reporter: coaah said everyone will play in this first game. >> absolutely. they don't have a quarterback yet. so at this point in sanchez starts, trevor would likely get the same number of reps in the second team, but paxton will ?lay a half, quarter and a half. everyone is going to play. the expectation today is mark sanchez will run with the first
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offseason, the race is so close that they haven't decided to declare a winner yet. >> reporter: we expect to hear from coach kubiak around noon and we'll bring it to you. live at ove valley for troy, i'm jason, back to you. >> then it may change every week after that. >> who knows what's going to happen? >> could keep the competition on its toes, too. today we're learning more % about how a 10-year-old died riding on the world's tallest water slide over the weekend. another fun filled day after a group of girls falls out of a ferris wheel.
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f0 developing now, a texas infant has died after being born with bigger defects linked to a disease, they're learning the mother apparently did not know she had the doctors sayyshe contracted it while in latin america. >> this was a travel associated death, and again, a very difficult time for both the mother and the family as you can imagine. it's really important that we remind ourselves if we travel to a zika infected area, including a pocket in miami, we are taking all the precautions
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there is a travel related case, there is no zika risk in texas. in the u.s. there have been more than 1800 people diagnosed with zika. more than 400 of which were pregnant women. right now police in tennessee are trying to figure out why three children fell from a ferris wheel at the fair. >> witnesses say the basket they were in appeared to get caught on the wheel when it was making its circle. the basket tipped over. and the children fell 30 to 40 feet. the three children are expected it's tragic death of a little boy at a kansas city water park. officials say 10-year-old caleb schwab died of a traumatic neckkinjury after he fell out of the tube. the ride goes up to 60 miles per hour. he is the son of state representttive mike schwab. its opening was delayed three times because of technical
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closed through the investigation. remember the exas teenager who was arrested last year over a clock he made? he's now joining his parents in niling a lawsuit. ahmed mohamed who was 14 at the time, was arrested and questioned hours over a clock after a teacher thought it was a bomb. he was cleared of all charges, but still suspended from school. his family's lawyer says that rights. he said it's changed his life president and meet all these great people, but then again, the reality of it is 've lost a lot of things. i lost my creativity, before i used to love building things and now i can't. there's nothing i can do. >> after the incident, he said he was forced to move overseas because of threats against his family. the family is now suing the school's principal, school
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goes around comes around? check out this video. a mmn in kentucky caught on video attempting to torch a barbershop, but lights himself on fire. you see him get doused with a back splash of the fluid. but he pours another bottle of ?luid by the shop. as of this morning, he has not been caught. it is 1:18. we can take a live look outside maybe while we wait for miss lisa. >> come on over. my turn? it's hot out there. temperatures now anywhere from about 85 to 90 degrees. you're going to find 90s both today and tomorrow. we should be in the 80s by friday. maybeeupper 70s to end the week. a little bit cooler the end of it. slight chance of a few storms
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area, skies are starting to cloud up a bit. a few storms and showers likely there by early afternoon. futurecast is going to show a little activity between about 12:00 and 2:30, mainly west of denver. then we'll get a few of those storms moving east. the threat for severe weather today pretty low. you're going to find one or two of those storms potentially turning stronger. early tomorrow morning, 7:00, we're under a mostly sunny sky. clear through again midday. then we've go thunderstorms by the afternoon and early evening. heavier rain expectee down across southern colorado by wednesday night into thursday. we'll be pulling up a little bit more tropical moisture. through the san louis valley a change. the risk for severe weather today, it's a marginal risk. it covers parts of northeastern colorado, just east of denver, closer to greeley, sterling,
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low, mid-90s right now. we're expecting highs around 93 in denver by 3:00. a mild night. early tomorrow morning more mid- to upper 60s. then we heat up just as fast tomorrow afternoon. fort collins today at 93. greeley 95. we've got aurora at 92 this afternoon. state-wide closer to 100 near pueblo and lamar. in grand unction we're at 91. today and tomorrow low, mid- 90s. a few late-day storms each afternoon this ek chance as we get into the end of the week for pockets of heavier rain, storms are likkly. and we're expecting highs near 80 on friday. might even see neighborhoods in the upper 70s. a cooler end to the week. a lot of kids going back to school this week. but it's going to feel a lot like summer, especially the first of next week. 80s expecttd this weekend. and then 90 on monday. this is a pretty typical pattern for us in august. thank you, lisa.
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their preseason opener thursday, but they're still keeppng fans number one in their hearts. coming up, denver 7 helping one kid's dream come true.
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breaking now, we are just learning a judge has imposed the same 14-year prison sentence on former illinois governor rod blagojevich. prosecutoos asked the judge to blagojevich said today he regrets the mistakes he made in the past. he went to jail in 2012, convicted for trying to change an appointment to president ?bama's old u.s. senate seat for campaign cash. get your resumes ready. mile high stadium is having a job fair, it runs until 2:00 this afternoon. a variety of positions are up for grabs.
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positions. as the broncos prepare for their first preseason game this week, they're still keeping the fans on their minds. >> one boy got to meet the broncos yesterday at camp. the 14-year-old has cerebral palsy and recently spent 17 days at children's hospital. his mom asked denver 7's lionel they brought him and his family to dove valley. as work continues on the csu stadium in fort collins, we're learning about its upcoming features. it will have a new belgium porch made after the beer made in fort collins. it will be on the north end of the stadium, similar to the roof deck at coors field. he may have a change of
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football, but former broncos' quarterback tim tebow is actively pursuing a career in professional baseball. yes, folks, this is not a joke. he plans to hold a worrout for % major league baseball teams to scout him later this month. >> he apparently hasn't played football since he was in high school. he'll be 29 years old sunday. he's also told espn even though he's chasing a career in baseball, he will still fulfill his broadcasting obligations to the network. >> a lot of talk on twitter a lot of people excited, some people going huh? >> michael jordan tried it. >> maybe this will be better. >> give him a shot. hillary clinton now in a dooble digit lead over trump, and trump revealing his new economic plans. the family of the woman killed during bolder's ironman
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welcome back. an investigation underway after a worker at a denver industrial plant dies. >> the employee somehow got trapped in one of the machines. this happened on 44th avenue, and it's wherr we find denver 7's amanda del castillo who has the latest. >> reporter: it was just after 7:00 this morning that a worker% here at kbp coil coaters was trapped inside of a machine and died. fireeofficials say the worker was pronounced dead at the scene and other employees made
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building just before 10:00 this morning. according to one worker, they were sent home for the day. the company's web site says the company is "one of north america's largest independent buyer and suppliers of steel coil." denver police are conducting what they call an industrial accident investigation. it's unclear the machine the employee was stuck in. a report says it was an we called to confirm that with the company and they were unable to do that. we called the national coil coaters association and said they weren't familiar with the machine,,splitter, rather a slitter. we're still waiting on that confirmation. again, one worker is dead here in denver. reporting in denver, i'm amanda del castillo, denver 7. snow in our forecast. several months down the line. now it's 88 degrees already.
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>> ou just freaked out a lot of people. i didn't send my kids to school with anyone warm. >> i'm not ready for that, not quite yet. hot out there now. live look near peetz, and it's beautiful. had fog to the north and ii's cleared out. a few storms popping up in southwestern colorado. we'll see a little more % activity in theenext 30 to 45 minutes. so far along i-25 it's dry, and it's hot. expecting mid- to upper 80s by noon today. that pushes us to around 93 degrees for a high by 3:00. and there is going be a slight chance for a few thunderstorms this afternoon with 90 by 6:00. hot today, hot tomorrow. much cooler weather by thursday and friday. i've got details on that. here's your first alert we could also see a better chance for heavier rain. details in a few minutes. thanks. new information on the woman killed during the ironman
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not safe and someone needs to be held accountable. michelle walters rode outside of the cone and collided with a truck there. this was during her first ironman race. her parents told denver 7 offcamera they don't think highway 36 is a good place for a race. race organizers aren't saying if they'll change the course next year. this man is in trouble for hurting his wife. 3 deputies in mesa county say lawrence tifton poured gas on burning his wife's arms and leg. it happened sunday night after the couple had an argument. this woman will spend 10 days behind bars on child abuse charges. police say she left her kids, ages 3 and 5 home in september and a fire broke out. both had to be taken to the hospital. close call for the estes
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when it crashed. all on board are okay. they were able to get to a boat to get them to the nearest town. a judge says this man, richard darling is unfit to stand trial for murder. authorities believe he shot a homeless man last halloween and cut him up and hit his remains on fire. he'll be in a mental health fali can be reevaluated. it is now 11:33. turning to your voice, your vote, donald trump tries to reset his campaign after polls show clinton with a growing lead. >> clinton has a couple of problems of her own. >> reporter: an unusual controversy brewing for hillary clinton. at a rally south of orlando last night, clinton kept up her attacks on donald trump. >> he gave a speech in detroit
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right behind her, that man with the mustache and red hat, that's the father of orlando nightclub shooter omar matin. clinton did not acknowledge him, but did mention thh june attack. >> we will be with you interview rebuild -- as you rebuild your lives. >> reporter: how did he get a prime spot? the clinton campaign aid it was a 3,000 person the doors open to the public. this individual wasn't invited as a guest. and the campaign was unaware of his attendance until after the event. nbc station wptv spoke to him after the rally. he said he's supporting clinton. >> clinton is ood for the united states, versus donald trump. >> reporter: with another poll showing clinton's lead growing, trump is facing more backlash from republicans. senator susan collins of maiie
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republican in november. she writes "mr. trump lacks the temperament, self-discipline and judgment and that letter from republlcan officials, trump says -- come november you'll be asked to shell out more money to pay "the denver post" says schools in our state want nearly $4 billion worth of ballot measures to pay for new technology and more staff. that would shatter the record they requested 8 years ago. independent voters could be able to vote in primary elections. petitions for proposals were submitted last night to the secretary of state. they will allow independents to vote in republican or democratic primaries without changing their party
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would be on the november ballot. a denver 7 investigation helped lead to an aurora school's investigation. >> the schooll spent almost $19,000 investigating. back in june denver 7 helped uncover discrepancies in his resume, including fake degrees and military accolades he didn't receive. the district's investigation confirmed what we reported, but because nelson is an elected representative he can not be fired. >> we wanted to know why district spenttthe money investiiating. we were told -- , f0 the classmates of this young man are coming together to help his family cope with his death. cole died last month after an elderly driver accidently hit him.
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mcwilliams park and sold artwork. all the money will go to a project honoring cole's legacy. >> our family has been honestly blown away by all, not just the love, but the incredibility creative talent. like todaa these guys are selling artwork they've spent the last week making tirelessly. >> cole's mom says supporters have already raised $40,000 through the gofundme page. president albus brooks presides over his first meeting. he underwent two surgeries to remove a 15-pound tumor. doctors say he is ancer free. while he waa out his fellow council members elected him as president. hearing the news he says gave him a boost in the hospital. >> so awesome to go through that kind of near death kind of experience and say i get to go back and live my purpose and my
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encouraged by the messages and flowers from denver residents. these bronze wings are getting attention. they're one of nine new sculptures on display. this is called wings over mexico in commons park. the artist hopes it generates peace and reflection. >> what do you think when you see the wings? >> freedom. >> for religious, angelic. >> angel, ys hard thing to come by nowadays. >> the wings will be around until the end of september. >> really pretty. we are just two days away from the start of preseason broncos football. there are a lot of people who are really excited. of course, a lot of people want to know who will be the quarterback? >> we're expecting to fine the answer -- find the answer some time today. denver7's jason gruenauer is live at dove valley.
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all broncos' fans minds. who will be the quarterback of the denver broncos? we may have an answer. we will have an answer, rather, to that question at least for week one of the preseason within just the next few minutes or so. coach gary kubiak is expected % to make that announcement today after practice. will it be mark sanchez or trevor siemian? according to our broncos insider troy renck, he spoke to some players and they expect it to be sanchez to with the ones at that game thursday. then trevor will play. -?then we'll go from there. at this point the week one starter against carolina, which is now less than a monday away, is still open. it depends how sanchez will play. then we go on from there. stay with denver 7. we'll have that announcement as soon as coach kubiak makes it.
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was made some fun for fans, a big concert on opening night, one republic, and dirks -?berkeley. i'll be theee, who will be the starting quarterback up the we'll tell you coming up. for now, reporting at dove valley. i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. it's going to be exciting no matter who it is. than under scrutiny, is the self-driving mode on some tesla models safe? one man says it may have saved his life. >> are smoking marijuana on a regular basis? we break down the latest numbers. >> they may have a bad rep, but there's a new study that says
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self-driving car may have save a man's life. josh nealy said his car drove him to he is recovering this morning. new data may indicate a cultural shift when it comes to marijuana. the number of adults who smoke pot has nearly doubled in the past three years in the u.s. 13% of adults currently smoke the drug, while 43% say they have tried it. about a third of those who regularly use marijuana reported addiction symptoms. the report also says the increase may be because more states are willing to legalize
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maine, arizona, nevada are all voting on marijuana legislation this november. snoop dogg and martha stewart will cohost a cooking show on vh 1 this fall. it will feature the two stars preparing a meal for their celebrity friends. i pitthed the idea calling it dog stew. % they didn't go for it. this will not be the first collaboration. they first teamed up in 2008 as they appeared toth episode of martha stewart living. hulu was a great place to turn for free television. the key word here, was. now you'll have to pay to access their content.. the compansays it plans to work on more original programming. the faa has a way to make flights run on time. hire more air traffic controllers. they're looking to hire 1400 people. they would participate in a 13
11:45 am
faa academy in oklahoma city. during training workers can make $29,000 a year once they completeed the training. that goes up to $38,000. you can apply on the faa's web site. you have until monday. the number of air tracker controllers hit a 27-year low last year. the ad reputation of video games may be unfair. a new study found teens who were regular gamers scored higher in math, reading and scie exam. teenswho check facebook or text every day tend to do lower in math. the results don't mean playing games cause the higher scores, though. they could be just that kids are looking for a challenge and don't find it on social media. but they find it instead with video games. >> the hand/eyeecoordination -- this would be me playing a
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it's crazy. nice start. thunderstorms this afternoon. e- likely it will be sunny in spots. beautiful shot, this coming in from joy jones in grand lake. that iss ne happy rescue dogs. today clear skies as well. live from our viera wireless camera at the airport, it is sunny. lots of blue skies and temperatures that are now in the upper 80s to near 90. we're expecting highs in the low to mid-90s this afternoon, whic evening. you're going to find by 7:00 we're at 86. overnight upper 60s, with a few clouds. partly cloudy ttnight. pueblo, lamar, 90s, upper 90s there. we have fort collins at 93. and 70s aad 80s primarily for the central mountains. as you get closer in you can see estes park at 82. evergreen 85. and in highlands ranch today 94 degrees. so it is one of the hottest days on our seven-day forecast. also one of the driest.
11:47 am
thunderstorms by about 3:00 to 3 4:00. there is still a chancc that these are going to roll east and we'll see a few pop up, maybe a little bit stronger, that's mainly going to be east of i-25, east of denver, closer to greeley, sterling, akron. it's going to be very isolated severe weather if we see it. early tomorrow sunshine. and then tomorrow afternoon we get a little more cloud cover and another round of afternoon, late afternoon, early evening thunderstorms. that risk for today's severe in green. it's a marginal risk. likely with some of these stronger storms it would be gustier wind and larger hail. we'll watch for that. also some llghtning closer to town. today, tomorrow, chance for a few late-day storms. again, two of the hottest days this week. by thursday we'll be tracking another cold front. here's your aler that temperatures, first alert that temps aren'ttthat cool. still in the upper 80s. but by friday we'll likely see upper 70s to low 80s.
11:48 am
well, as we end the week. heading into the weekend, sunshine returns more. it will be hotter. by sunday 87. and about 90 early next week. next couple of weeks we have a lot of kids heading back to -?school. but it still feels like summer. kind of plays with youu mind a little bit. >> it will cool off one day. >> then we'll want the heat again. american swimmers made a splash yesterday at the olympic games. >> three days under u.s. is in first place, 19 medals overall. abc's jim ryan has a recap. >> reporter: michael phelps was back in the water for his signature event, the 200-meter butterfly. but the greatest competitive swimmer was off his game in the semi-final coming in second. they'll face off in the final tonight. the newest u.s. swimming
11:49 am
second in the freestyle to sweden. but she is considered a shoe in for more olympic gold. ryan murphy grabbed the men's gold in the back stroke final. in the breast stroke, lilly king. david pa dayia and steel johnson carpeted the silver in serena williams back on the court, after she and venus lost sunday. advancing to the third round in singles play. in men's gymnastic, the men's team only managed a 5th place finish. japanese team won goal. u.s. men's basketball team had no trouble with venezuela, 113- 69.
11:50 am
walsh jennings took -- won. >> every four years you fall in love with the sports again, and meanwhile the athletes have been working their tails off. >> tonight is women's gymnastics. a lot of people who will be >> will be good. %- a lot of people in colorado love to love on that you are fur -- their furry friends. there's a
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> playing sports, hanging out with friends, but one preteen helps the homeless. she's run a lemonade stand since she was 6 years old, and has raised $16,000. she donates all the money to a californna homeless community. they said she felt it wasn't fair some people didn't get to go home to a place and hopes it will help more people from going on the streets.
11:54 am
america. colorado springs is named number seven. the friendliest pet city was orlando, florida. denver came in at number 34. aurora also named on the list, but it was dropped down to number 66. this may or may not surprise you, but new york was named the least pet friendly city in america. they were based on pet budgets, and outdoor pet friendliness. >> when my manhattan, i swear every other apartment, all had a giant dog. there are more dogs in that city. >> i wonder how many of them have been trained to go in a litter box. that's common if you live in a highrise. >> true. nice day. tomorrow if you're getting the kids ready to school tomorrow or thinking about it, it will be a lot like today. 70s early on at the bus stop tomorrow morning. a few storms possible. highs still in the low to mid-% 90s on wednesday. then we get a cooldown.
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chance for a few storms and highs in the upper 70s to near 80.
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>> announcer: nothing says "summer" like a cookout with the fresh flavors of the season, so we're firing things up and grilling the garden. mario's getting the party started with a cool new spin on a crispy classic that'll have you shouting "radicchi-oh, yeah, baby!" then michael's giving you the lowdown on how to turn your garden goodies into tasty treats. plus, one man is changing the way his community eats, at a time. >> it's an apple tree. see the apples? >> announcer: get ready to get your grill on, right now, here on "the chew." ? [ cheers and applause ] >> good afternoon and welcome to "the chew." thank you, guys, thank you so much. now that summer is upon us, it's time to relish in all the season has to offer.


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